Friday, October 11, 2013

Someone Needs to Resign

I am outraged that the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff have been silent on the fact that this administration decided to use soldiers as political pawns. This administration decided that they would refuse to pay out the death benefit to our fallen soldiers families. It was a decision made entirely out of politics. It is wrong to DEFAULT on our soldiers. We promised we had their back and would take care of their families. Yet, the Admirals and Generals (General's Dempsey, Odierno, Amos, Welsh, and Grass, along with Admirals Winnefeld and Greenert) have been hiding from the public eye. Not one word from any of the military men (I'd call them leaders but there have decided to leave their soldiers behind on the battlefield and that is despicable and not leadership) that should have made a stand. Not one word from GEN Dempsey, does he even care? Not one word from any of these men can only mean they agree with the politics. So while it is treasonous in my opinion these men show they have no honor and no integrity. All of the Generals and Admirals should have taken a stand and stood up to the administration. Are they just following orders? I mean I hope not because that excuse went through the trapdoor in 1945 during the Nuremburg trials. There is no reason or excuse for these men to ignore the fallen soldiers. How will these Generals and Admirals ever look at another soldier in the eye again? Every soldier should turn their back on these clowns who have done nothing to take care of the fallen. These Generals and Admirals have decided to allow their soldiers to become nothing more than the administrations political pawns. These Generals and Admirals should be ashamed to say they wear the same uniform as the fallen. One might ask what I would have done. Well I would have immediately told the President to get this fixed. If that didn't work, I would have called a news conference, read my resignation, and walk off the podium. These men are supposed to be principled. GEN Shinseki openly clashed with President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. Yet the current JCS personnel stood by silently. These clowns should be forced to resign now. I am left to wonder: is the Solider creed nothing but a punchline for some sick joke. Here is one last thought to ponder: How can these clowns ever ask the soldiers to live up to the army values if they themselves do not?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hostages and Human Shields

The President Obama and his merry Democrats have been fond of stating the Republicans have taken the American people hostage. Yet, upon further review it would appear the President and the Democrats are using children as human shields. Is one any better than the other? I mean if it is wrong to take hostages wouldn't it also be an issue with the use of human shields? I am in agreement that the Republicans should not have allowed the fight over Obamacare to shut down the government. The Republicans if they wanted to fight should have begun passing their Appropriations bills. Each appropriation bill could have stripped Obamacare funding and let there bew a debate over that but at least the Appropriations bill would have been passsed as is the law of the land. This whole continuing resolution battle is nothing more than kabuki theater. It is a shame that the republicans didn't do their job and pass all 13 individual appropriations bills before the end of the FY. The republicans are wrong in this fight period. They need to get back to debating the budget and not Obamacare specifically. The Republicans hold no right to hold Americans hostage. I am also in agreement the demcrats are wrong not to engage in negotiations and debate. Smiply staing that is is my way or the highway is pure hog wash. I heard today someone stating that the Demcorats control 2/3's of government and therefdore should get their way. Unfortunately, each party controls about half of government. The Court titls slightly to the right, the excutive is left, and Congress is split. Those are the facts. The House does in fact have the right under the law of the land to state what they will and won't fund. See all appropriation bills will originate in the House. So no, democrats you do not have the right to sit on the sidelines and refuse to negotiate. Now though what is really appalling is the hypocrisy on the left. The party that rules on emotion and claims to care about grandma and the children like their own certainly has shown their true colors. Harry Reid stated "why would we do that" when asked if he would pass the NIH spending bill if it would save just one child. Now the media jumped to Reid's aid and pushed hard to say of course Reid cares about children that he was only stating he wanted everything in Government funded. However, Reid tried to equate 1100 Government employees with sick children. That is flat out wrong. So also is the fact that Obama would shut down the Amber alert system but continue paying overtime and for fixes to his failed Obamacare exchange system. Isn't Obama and his merry democrats using children as human sheilds to "make it hurt". See the Amber alert system helps locate misssing children and helps communities keep their children safe from predators. Yet this adminstration would rather keep Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" website up and running. It takes a truly sick and deranged person to use children as human shiled and political props. The Democrats can no longer reasonably state their are the caring party when it is Obama and the Demcorats that are doing everything they can to make the children hurt. I am disgusted with both political parties and will probably vote for write in Candidates for all federally elected office. My write in votes will go to my friends and family. People that I know to be interested in taking care of their friends and neighbors. We need to stop voting for the politicians that make politics their career and start voting for the reluctant politican that would serve the people. Our political party's have ruined this great country and we the people need to make the changes necessary to hold the politically corrupt accountable. The taking of hostages and holding children as human shields are sick and disgusting methods used by elitists more interestd in power than the people they represent.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It Is Too Late to Turn Back

The American voter needs to strike back. The problem with government is that no one is governing. The only thing happening is that both party's play political football with the lives of Americans. Rather then lead and govern as they were elected, the politicians only care about themselves and the next election. The Democrats were intent on closing government down because they believe Republicans will get the blame and they will then be swept back into power the last two years of Obama's reign. The Republicans want the shutdown to prove they really are against Obamacare and not into meaningless votes. What this all means is that neither party can afford to back down. Each party must receive something or risk losing their base. The American voters need to have their voices heard. Keep the government closed maybe we won't have to default on OCT 17. The country is still taking in tax dollars but should be having a hard time spending if the government is really shutdown. Close even more of the government. You know what would happen? If we only kept minimum required to pay our bills, then maybe we wouldn't need these clowns in Washington DC and we the people could take our government back. We the people could have representation again. We could essentially start governing again and stop all of the political infighting. All the politicians do now is play politics. All you have to do is figure out when the last time an appropriation bill passed both houses and was signed by the President? When was the last time all 13 bills were passed as separate appropriations bills? When was the last time an appropriation bill was passed by the start of the fiscal year? Finally when was the last time all 13 appropriation bills were passed into law by the start of the fiscal year? The answer to these questions really explain why the politicians can't govern. There is no budget, there is no way to direct priorities, no way to direct investments. This is no way to run a country and we must get rid of the politicians and elect leaders. Maybe reluctant leaders. Maybe people like the American voter. People that understand what it is their friends and neighbors need from government rather than what the politicians need from the people. Maybe we need to make them part time legislators again, they already take off more time then any other American and still refuse to do their job. I believe it is too late for either party to turn back. We need to take action and by that I mean run the bums out of DC. Start by visiting America's parks. The government may say the parks are closed but the government doesn't own the parks; we the people own the parks. Take back our country and demand our politicians go home and stay their.