Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fake Pain

The Obama administration is becoming indignant with the answers surrounding sequestration. Jay Carney stood at the podium today and declared "i told you so". Then Jay proceeded to say it was because the cuts had to be painful. There was no other way to implement because of the way the bill was written. Well let me tell you, this administration is lying. First of all, the government agencies knew the law for almost 18 months before they were implemented, yet they failed to plan for them. In fact government agencies were directed by "senior leadership" specifically, not to plan for them. See these agency heads (especially DoD) never believed these cuts would remain in place. So senior leadership in DoD (yes this includes the General Officers) made the conscious decision to employ "hope" as a strategy. That's right, they hoped Congress would change the law and spare them. Rather than plan for the worst as we are taught, the government plans on hope. The government makes decisions made entirely on money. That is why the government can never be cut and only the rate of growth can be slowed. See in the government agencies are rewarded for spending all of their money appropriated and rewarded even more if they can spend money that some other agency had. If an agency spends all of its money it will receive more next year. There is no benefit to find efficiencies because if they don't spend the money that was appropriated they might get less next year. That is the problem with the government. I am tired of hearing how the government can't be run like a business. That is a load of crap. Yes the government could run more like a business. All that needs to happen is to change leadership. Rather than have leaders that preach the right terminology, employ leaders that will enforce the right approaches. The current government leaders use the right business buzz words but do not really know what those terms mean. I am tired of senior leaders sitting around not making decisions while they continue to waste taxpayer dollars. This all the while blaming the politicians for the problems. Yes we have problems with the politics, but the senior leaders in the government are incapable of making a decision. They refuse to make a decision and allow their indecions to make decision for them and then react to the consequences. This is all fake pain that could be avoided.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Right To Be Free

The attack on Boston yesterday should serve notice to those that are more than willing to give up some of their freedoms for a little bit of temporary security. See the government is not capable of providing protection, safety, and security all of the time. The scene in Boston was horrific and the attackers need to be brought to justice. The problem is protecting our streets from the terrorists should have been a priority, yet the only priority of this government is to protect the liberal interest groups. See for the past few months our government both State and Federal has been focused on taking away our rights as citizens to protect our selves. Our government has been busy chastising Americans into giving up our freedoms in the name of security all the while someone or some group was planning on attacking asporting event. The left is all about individual freedom when it comes to a right or freedom they agree with but are more than willing to give up other peoples right and freedoms if they disagree. So where is the safety and security our government has promised? Please liberals tell me again why I have to give of my right to self protection when the govenrment is obviously incapable of protecting us. I am not blaming the govenrment for the failure to protect the Boston Marathon. In all likelihood there was no way to provide 100% security, However, I do blame the government for attempting to take away my constitutional rights to provide my own security when the government can not provide me with security. Our streets are dangerous and taking away guns just because liberals fear them is not going to change that. In the case of terrorism, this administration will insist on punishing a few individuals rather than whole, but when it comes to American rights this administration punishes the citizenry as a whole rahter than the individual culprits. This adminstration says leave the protection of the citizenry to the police yet look at Boston yesterday and ask yourself, Do you feel safe and secure with government alone protecting us? If a terrorist (domestic or international) is capable of building bombs in the apartment next door and planting them at a major sporting event, do you really believe you are safe and secure? Do you really believe taking away my rights is going to make you safer? Let there be no doubt that we are under attack because we are a free nation. There are rogue states that understand terrorist attacks will bring about calls for less freedom for the sake of security, that is why terrorists strike. The best advice is to carry on with our day to day business and punish those that would attempt to hurt our way of life. Don't give in to terrorism, yet we are still thinking we should give up even more individual freedom for the sake of security. Again the left has it exactly backwards. The events of yesterday should strengthen our resolve to be free, yet I have no doubt there will be talk of again reducing our own rights to freedom in the aftermath of yesterday.