Monday, February 11, 2013


Listen America, don't be fooled by the Obaama and Nancy rhetoric. We do have a spending problem and it won't be fixed simply by saying it isn't so. Like any addiction, we must first admit that we have a problem. Our economy has been in the tank since late 2007, isn't 5 years an awful long time to be waiting for a recovery? Obama can talk all he wants on Tuesday about how awful and draconian the sequestation cuts are presumed. The problem isn't sequestation though. The problem is the unwillingness of the left to admit we have a spending problem. Seriously, the Republicans should not be entertaining any additional tax schemes to take sequestation off the board. Obama enacted his tax increase on the rich as well as the middle class in January. Obama received a remporary increase in the debt ceiling. Now Obama wants even more concessions on sequestation. The Republicans can not fold. Is sequestation the best hand in the world? Certainly not but it is the winning hand right now. The left will use the propaganda machine use their bullhorns to demonize republicans but that will happen no matter what the Republicans do. Stadn firm and the crashing economy will be the Republicans fault, capitulate and the media will portray it as another loss from a party bankrupt of ideas. The left will not cease in their cry for more taxes until they figure out there is no more of other people's money to be had. As long as Republicans keep giving in the left will keep on taking without compromise. Obama received his tax increases on 77% people already. Now he has to be forced to either find budget cuts to match sequestation or live with his own idea. See it was not the evil republicans that dreamed up sequestation. It was Obama's idea. Obama is playing chicken and winning right now. See Obama doesn't believe republicans will allow defense cuts. The problem is defense needs to have a haircut. Iraq has been shut down for over a year and yet the DoD budget is still increasing. No one can tell me that there are not cuts to be gained from reducing our footprint in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the defense cts will be tough this year as there are 6 months left in the year to take big reduction in funding. It will be tough but only becasue DoD never thought it would come to sequestation so they never even had a contingency plan in place. DoD has had over a year to figure out what happens with sequestation. Instead of planning Dod went full speed ahead. Sequesttion is a necessary evil. Republicans need to tell Obama that sequestation is about spending cuts period. Tell Obama that there will be a time to discuss tax reform but this is not the forum. Tax reform is important but should revenue neutral. Like I said, Obama already enacted his tax increase on the working class and the rich. Funny I was reading the left's interpretation of the CBO concerning deficit reduction and how that is dragging on the economy. Funny thing is though the left believes that is because of spending reductions, when in reality the drag is because of tax increases. This is what happens when you use terms to distract. See "deficit reduction" must mean cuts in spending. "Affordable health care" must mean that healtch care costs will be reduced or at least neutral. That none of these is reality doesnt matter to the left. It is about distraction and implying rather than truthfulness and accuracy. Stop playing around an force Obama to the table of spending reductions without further tax increases. Once Republicans give away all of the taxes there will be nothing left to use as leverage for tax reform, which means tax rates will necessarily go up. I don't like or care for sequestation. However, as long as the left refuses to admit they have a spending problem then the Republicans have to move forward with Obama's plan. Obama planned this but didn't believe it would actually be seriously considered. Well the time is now for serious consideration. Washington is broke, this is an opportunity to take short term criticism for long term gain. Save the tax reform for when we get to entitlement reform. That or we will again be taxed at higher rates to pay for an entitlement the left will refuse to reform.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Incurious Media

The media has an agenda and it is not to search out for answers. The media has become an incurious bunch; a lazy bunch that takes at face value anything that supports their own myopic view. The media is a sheltered bunch rarely leaving the confines of the cement jungles. The conservatives, republicans, and the right, need to understand this fact. The media will never be on the side of the right. The reality they live in is confined by the urban walls in which they live. The media types believe they are refined because they have culture, because they have fine dining and theater. They have heard about the soup kitchens and maybe even visited one or two, but they know nothing about what it is really like. The right needs to start calling out the incurious. Newt Gingrich, for all of his faults, had this right, press the media. Call their objectivity into question. Call the one-sided beliefs into questions. When the media asks someone on the right to defend themselves against "common sense" laws don't fight with facts and figures, answer the question with a questions like "common sense to whom? You?" All to often the right has to defend their beliefs while the left has the opportunity to espouse their beliefs. This will not change, this is the reality of the media. They are by nature liberal. They are truly interested in "human interest" stories. They like anecdotes and use anecdotal evidence as proof. Liberals are ruled by emotion and the media types are no different. The media does not understand rational thought processes let alone logical thought processes. They only understand their environment in the cement jungles where they feel secure. They do not understand, nor do they care to understand, why people prefer not to live elbow to elbow with their neighbor. The love to visit the pristine wilderness, but would not dare to live in the wilderness. See the left of which the media exist, does not really understand why people would not prefer the urban centers where the culture and civilization exists. Why would one really want anything else other than the concrete jungles. That is why, we must fight the left and the media at every turn. There is no need to coddle to the media in hopes of getting a good press narrative. That will never happen. Every time the leftward media comes to interview someone on the right, they go in with preconceived notions and will conduct the interview from their point of view. Now don't get me wrong they will attack from both sides but will never really budge from what it is they truly believe. The media has become an expert at manipulation. Just look at the last election. It should have been an election about the economy, yet the left knew their favored candidate couldn't win on the economy so they made it about social issues and class warfare. They manipulated the low information voters. This will never change. So why fight with facts when the left will make up their own facts with emotion filled anecdotes? Instead the right needs to become indignant with the media just like Newt did. Instead of allowing Candi Crowley to interject herself in the debates, Romney should have become indignant with her for her lies. The worst thing that could have happened was Romney would lose the election. Well guess what he did lose. The time to start calling out the media at every turn is now. We can not allow the media to set the narrative. Get out in front of them and attack them and their beliefs like they do the beliefs held by the right. The media is incurious and will not investigate. Their minds are made up, which makes it the right time to attack the messenger. The media does not like being defensive so make them defensive, maybe just maybe, more will realize they are not objective and start to at least make an attempt to present both sides of the arguments.