Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yes Hillary, It Does Matter

Yes Hillary it does matter what your response is to the question of whether or not the attack on our consulate in Benghazi was the result of a terror attack or a video. If you have to wonder why then ask why was it so important to get out in front of the story and start planting the seeds that this was not a terror attack? The question is important because 4 Americans have lost their lives. This certainly does not appear to be a spontaneous protest gone awry. Certainly all indications are that it was a terror attack. Certainly the lie that it was the result of some video was important at the time to hide the fact that it was your office Hillary the ignored email traffic from the Ambassador requesting more security. It was your office Hillary, that appears to have been incompetent and unaware of the situation. Unaware and yet you had forewarning of the attack. That is what really galls me Hillary. There was advance warning of this attack and the President still sent out his minions to lie to the American public. That is why it is so important that you answer the question Hillary. You are part of a cover-up. The people paying attention know you ignored pleas from the Ambassador. We know there was a forewarning. We know that security was outsourced. We also know that when Susan Rice went on Meet The Press she was lying through her teeth. Your adoring propagandists in the media may think it made your indignant fist pounding rhetoric may look tough, but where was your indignation when Susan Rice lied and you knew it was a lie? Where was the indignation when you knew there were unanswered security requests from Benghazi? Where is your indignation when you found out that the Obama appeasement doctrine isn't working? See you got tough Hillary with the bullies of the Republican party, to bad you aren't so tough with the enemies of America. Yes Hillary the answer does matter. The left may hail you as a hero. In reality you are part of the coverup that you along with the administration hopes just goes away. This is how your husband reacted with every scandal. Just deny or use smoke and mirrors to divert attention until the heat dies down, then become indignant. You are pond scum Hillary. You are still a liar hiding out acting a moderate. Sooner or later the Benghazi story will be told. The cover up is why it matters Hillary. Had the administration not tried to push a false narrative then you wouldn't have mattered. However, thus far the only punishment for anyone over this affair was the poor lad who is in jail for "probation violations". The movie guy is being punished while "ye of I take full responsibility" have let no heads roll.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Side Effects

In medicine, patients are often concerned with the side effects of the medicine being prescribed. In politics generally, and Obamacare specifically, not many cared about the side effects of a bill no one read before passing it into law. Universities and the people they hire were all cheering about passing a healthcare law. However now it seems some are complaining about the side effects they didn't care about until it affected their own pocket book. This is almost too funny. An Adjunct Professor in Ohio has his hours cut so the university doesn't have to pay for adjunct professor's healthcare. The Adjunct Professor is whining he can't afford his own insurance. I don't feel sorry for this useful idiot whatsoever. This is what he voted for. Funny how it is always so popular to fund and pay for things we want, as long as we are paying with other peoples money. Want government intervention in college loans, great idea as long as the rich are paying their fair share. Want illegals going to college paying in state tuition, great idea as long as the rich pay their fair share. See everything a liberal wants and pushes on others is some great societal need and they are willing to pay for it as long as it is someone else who ups the money. Stop whining Mr. Part time worker, this is what you voted for,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Left Wing Propaganda Machine

There was a time I believed the Media complex was being used by the liberal left. So I started calling them pathetic pawns. I have to say I was so wrong. The media complex are not the pawns I believed. They are not being used. They have become the propaganda machine of the left. The media does not employ reporters, journalists, or writers. The media complex hires and promotes loud mouthed liberal hacks that follow their liberal leaders around tongues wagging. Where is the proof one may ask? All we have to do is look at the press and some of the things they have done recently. There is of course Politifact lie of the year. In an effort to save their messiah the media complex decided they had to declare Mitt Romney's ad a big lie. The ad concerned Chrysler building Jeeps in China, which would rob Ohio of jobs. The President lied through his teeth. The media complex sensing trouble for their messiah picked up the message and stated boldly the ad was a pants on fire ad being run by a desperate man. The ad turned out to be true yet the media complex refuses to apologize. The lie of the year was politifact itself. See the lie may very well have turned the battle in a couple of States. Mainly Ohio but it could have bled over into Michigan and Pennsylvania. The big lie was the media complex desperate;y saving their liberal leader. The of course there was Candy Crowley acting like Joseph Goebbels while "moderating a debabte". Crowley sensing her liberal hero was taking it on the chin over Benghazi, came to the President's aid and stated a untruth so loud and firm that she had the whole viewing audience wondering if Romney really was lying. The problem here was Crowley was lying, Crowley wasn't moderating anything, Crowley was pushing a one sided debate and would interject to save the one she was so infatuated with. Now we have David Gregory and the stunt he pulled on National Television. That was all show and propaganda. See if it was sincere, like the true journalist of the past, Gregory would have proudly stood up to be taken off the set in handcuffs. Gregory if he truly believed the principle he claimed would have also been willing to accept the consequences of his actions. Instead he whined to anyone that would listen including the family friend that just happened to be the Washington D.C Attorney General. Rather than accept responsibility, Gregory proved that there is a war going on in this country, a war where the liberal elitists are above the law and the common man is held to the higher standards. Then there is the Washington Post pundit, stating that for Obama to cement his legacy, he must go for the throat and destroy the republican party. I guess violence is good when it is being committed by a liberal. Violence is only bad when it is committed by a person in which a liberal disagrees. See when Representative Giffords was shot the media shamelessly blamed all of the violence on the right. When it was shown that the left also displayed violence, the propaganda machine didn't back off they just stated "yea, but the right was worse." Now with the Newtown shooting, we have a President exploiting children but the media complex sensing the NRA ad may shine a negative light on the hypocrisy of the President, declares the President's children to be off limits. This even though the President is using children as props to push what he has always intended to do and that is to take away rights. We have a media that claims the left is moderate and the right is extreme. Nothing wrong with trillion dollar annual deficits as long as the liberals are the ones running up the tab. Where is the journalists that should be pointing out Obama's hypocrisy of not voting for the debt ceiling increase in 2006 but now claiming the republicans are irresponsible not to increase the debt ceiling. In fact Nina Totenberg, another one the Joseph Goebbels high, came to Obama's defense saying that was then and Obama's vote wouldn't have mattered anyway. Wow, so Obama grandstanding was fine when it was a republican President that required an increase, but not so fine when the Republicans try to hold the liberals responsible. Listen people, the left will not stop until the common man is completely under the control of the elitist. The propaganda machine has hitched its wagon to the American left. It will act in unison with the left just like the propaganda machine run by Goebbels. The propagandist used to hide the hatred of the right. That is no longer true. Ever since the propagandists were caught attempting to influence the 2000 election, they knew their ruse was up. Dan Rather and his fraudulent attempt to influence another election 2004 just was another step towards total propaganda. Finally, it was Campbell Brown in 2008, that proudly stated that Journalist shouldn't have to be balanced as long as the journalist knew the facts. That was a dangerous statement when the common man had placed so much trust into the propagandists. Believe me there is a war going on in America and it is class warfare. The elitists on the left are attempting to control the common man. The want to control what we eat, what we purchase, what we can do with private property, what we can say and when we can pray. The elitists on the left have a deep seated desire to control the daily routines of the common man. The left is destroying the middle class. They don't want the typical three class society of the rich, the poor, and the middle classes. Nope they want a ruling elite class and a working class. The ruling elitists will control everything the working class does. Much like the mindless society in the Matrix, the left wants the government to control everything. Today a journalist wrote that the government should take away her right to bears arms. She had a personal story that at one time made her think about purchasing a gun. In the end however, she didn't purchase a gun and is willing to give her right up. I am fine with that. She should have that right take it from her. But she has no right to speak for me. I will never give up my rights. The Propagandists can claim they are not advocating for the taking away of a right all they want. It is just another lie that only a Goebbels like propagandist could push.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Idiot Left

The left claims that intellectuals and scientists reside in the liberal sphere. It is the left that is open minded. It is the left that is smart and deep thinking. Yet here are a couple of examples of the left showing that they really are nothing more than low information, shallow thinking, self centered brats. First lets go to the Hollywood sphere of liberal thinking. Lacking any background in history, Danny Glover claimed that the right to bear arms was guaranteed “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.” Nothing could be further from the truth. It came into being because it is a right that was enjoyed by English citizens since 1688. See Many of the original colonists were English. They wanted the same rights that would enjoy had they been living in their homeland instead of on a colony. The right to bear arms is fundamental for a Democracy. The right to bear arms is the only thing standing between a government of the people, by the people, and a government of the elitist by the tyrants. Danny Glover, is showing nothing more than his lack of having an open mind, he is self centered, and displays a distinct lack of deep thinking beyond the layer of liberal talking points. Danny Glover is from the idiot left and a self centered brat. Next here is a Daily Kos Liberal, self centered idiot. This is what KOS says: "...Freedom to marry? Freedom from gun violence? Freedom to receive quality health care? Of course not. These conservatives claim to love America, but what they really love is their asshole America, one that's designed to favor the wealthy, male, powerful and white...". Here is what I will say about these whines from the likes of the idiots at KOS: Marriage is a religious rite, but what you are advocating for isn't really the religious rite, what you really want is acceptance. You want freedom from "gun violence"? I'd say you do, this is about choices, move somewhere an live the life of a hermit, for if you choose to live in the cement jungles, you are also choosing to live next to people and it takes a person to commit a violent act. You want the freedom to quality health care? I'd say we had the best health care int he world. But it's not the freedom to obtain quality health care that the left really wants. What the left wants is the freedom take other peoples money to pay for their self centered freedoms. The left really wants the freedom to tell people what to do so the left can have their utopia. Only the arguments of the left make any sense. Any other argument goes against their utopian view. So here is really what Kos Said in his statement: The left wants freedom from religion, freedom from responsibility, freedom from living with the consequences of ones choices, and the freedom to take what others have earned. See everything the left does is self centered and self serving. The left wants a government run utopia. The left believes people are inherently bad, therefore punish the masses for the transgressions of a few. The left wants to have the freedom to be irresponsible. Then they want a government that will ensure there are no consequences for the irresponsible actions. Remember it was Obama that said one of the reasons he believes abortions should be unlimited is because "he didn't want his daughters punished by pregnancy". The left will be the downfall of the Nation. The left is destroying any sense of moral right and wrongs, the left is destroying the rule of law as the laws only apply to to common man and not the ruling elite (David Gregory). The left is destroying an sense of responsibility, sense of right and wrong. The left is destroying the values, beliefs, and morals, that have made our Nation the envy of the world. The Left claims to be intellectuals, but really the left is made up of petulant children that have a temper tantrum everytime they don't get their way.

The Sequestration Hill

Sequestration is the hill upon which the Republicans must plant their flag. Republicans have lost every battle of brinksmanship. Any threat of Government shutdown or fiscal calamity will result in blame going to the party perceived to have caused it. Sequestration has barely even been talked about. It doesn't raise taxes on anyone and 80% of the people understand the government spends too much. Defense spending was supposed to be the poison pill that would get republicans to back off any demands in entitlement spending cuts. However the truth of the matter is this: Defense agencies have grown to new heights because of fighting two wars. Findings $500 billion in spending cuts over 10 years should be very hard at all. If an agency came into existence because of the war, would it make sense that organization could be scaled back to keep core functions and capabilities but yet not a resource hog? Certainly there are responsible cuts that should be made and can be made without really hurting our National Security. So why wouldn't the republicans force the cuts to entitlement programs? This is the real poison pill. It was the Democrats who agreed to the entitlement cuts because they were certain Republicans wouldn't allow the defense cuts. It is the American people that understand we must cut spending. We have a law on the books that can't be claimed as something Bush did. Democrats and Republicans agreed. The is the Obama Sequestration not the Bush tax cut. It is Obama that told the American public during the debates that the cuts called for in sequestration would never happen. Obama's statement should become :the biggest lie of the year". There is really no other hill upon which to gain the spending cuts that must happen. Brinksmanship with the American line of credit isn't getting the Republican party anywhere. I believe the smart think was done yesterday. Pass a House Resolution and extend the credit limit to a date, and tax day seems an appropriate date. State that in order to get another increase in the debt limit it has to be included in the budget. Yes make the debt ceiling a part of the budget and then the idiot left will no longer be able claim it is a separate issue that should be considered separate. That is simply not true. Use Obama's own words against him. This promise of not allowing us to go into default and only asking for a budget that is required by law is a battle Republicans can win and lead the idiot left to the Sequestration hill. Republicans must explain that responsible cuts can and will be made to defense. The throw the entitlement programs to the left and have the Democrats what they will do to meet the sequestration mandated cuts. Watch them squirm and wiggle. See they have no plan what so ever to meet these cuts. The idiot left just believe the Republicans are so pro defense that they would never have the stones to make these cuts. If Republicans are to remain a National Party, they must plant their flag on the sequestration hill. They must win this battle. Republicans lost on taxes and had them raised, Republicans are losing the debt ceiling battle and have no other choice but to allow the increase. These are guaranteed cuts. They are the law of the land. There is no need to refight these battles. Never will there be another opportunity to gain cuts in entitlement spending that is so easy. This is a battle Democrats must defend. They will have a difficult time demonizing the entitlement spending cuts if the Republicans are willing to cut defense spending. Plant the flag on that hill right now Republicans. Don't even think of negotiating. Make Obama and the Democrats understand that you are willing to make those cuts in defense and state that without a better plan that is what will have to be done.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Liberals are framing the gun debate around the question of need. Liberty has nothing to do with need should be the rallying cry. There are many things people do not "need" but have simply because they want to. People don't need season tickets to their favorite sports team but they have them. People don't need have abortions. People don't need to assemble. People don't need to speak their minds. People don't need to have many of the rights that we enjoy. The question is not one of need, it is about liberty. It is about what should never be taken away simply because a few don't believe it is necessary. Is an assault weapon necessary or needed? Maybe, maybe not, is it necessary to have abortions? Is necessary to be able to burn the American flag? Obama and Biden are lying when they say the consensus is we must to something. Who is this consensus made with? Certainly not the American people where a majority oppose any more gun restrictions. This is a battle between the left elite and the common man. The elites don't believe guns are that important. The elites don't see their surroundings. They feel fairly safe in their concrete jungles and would feel even safer if there were no guns. The elites do not travel much outside of their comfort zone. They don't understand that much of anything outside their concrete jungle. The elites would not survive a year on main street. The common man wants to have rights. The common man wants to have their liberties. The left claims our founders weren't thinking of AK-47's when the wrote the constitution, that is true but they did at least explicitly protect the right to bears arms. The founders I am sure did not write the constitution with abortion in mind either but certainly somewhere it must have been implied. The bill of rights should be sacred to us. Can they be changed? Yes, do it the right way, get two thirds of Congress and 3/4 of the states to repeal the second amendment. Do it through the constitution. Stop exploiting our children for political gain.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adult Conversations

The President has no right to exploit children for political gain. Just because he disagrees with the right to bear arms and believes his values are common sense values does not mean the rest of America believes the same. Just because the liberal circles have consensus that something should be dome about the right to bear arms does not mean we have a broad consensus. See if there was such broad consensus gun restrictions would be easy to pass. Funny thing to me is that the liberals that live in the city want to ban guns because of the violence in big cities. Maybe we should ban cities. Maybe we should ban people from gathering in groups of more than 3 people. See really people are the problem. Gathering in groups is a problem. Liberals want to ban inanimate objects but the problem is human behavior. Banning living in close proximity of each other would alleviate the problem with mass murders. Banning groups of more than three may would alleviate the same issue. So why is it that because of the bad behavior of a few we would punish the masses? Why is it that human behavior is a problem so the liberal answer is to take away the toys? The liberal race to the bottom concerning the Newtown massacre is appalling. Everything from a non citizen telling Americans that have lived and breathed the defense of the constitution that we should only be afforded the rights liberals want us to have. David Gregory played fast and lose with the DC law on the books. I wonder if he understands the crisis he started? For let me tell you, should I ever get arrested in Washington Dc for having a 30 round banana clip, I will use the David Gregory defense. See David Gregory didn't claim ignorance. David Gregory flaunted the law like a petulant child. Na na nanna look at me I am breaking the law as a point against a right he doesn't agree with. The Attorney General used his discretion in not prosecuting. See, the AG general said he didn't believe Gregory intended any harm. The was no intent to use the prop in an illegal manner. Well, let me tell you I have no intent to do anything illegal so when I happen to be breaking the speed limit law, I am going to demand it be thrown out because there was no intent? The problem with David Gregory is he broke the law to push his liberal viewpoint, yet refused to follow through on principle and accepting the punishment due for the crime. Rather than stand for principle the left leaning blowhard knew his family friend Attorney General would never prosecute such a respected liberal figure. The handling of the Gregory case shows there is no shame on the left. The laws only apply to the commoner and not the elitists. So either DC throws out there gun magazine ban because it is unenforceable or prove the elitists only care about themselves. Today the petulant children of the left tried to have an adult discussion using children as props. That is not the forum for adult conversations. Obama used the children to shield himself, to hide from his unpopular viewpoint. This is appalling. Stand up Obama and tell me why it is better that only criminals and tyrants are armed when the commoner is the one that requires protection from the thieves and tyrants. Obama tried to say we only have the right to bear arms as it applies to the right to assembly or the right to religion. That is not how the constitution is written but then lets look into his comment further. Somewhere in the constitution, it must protect the right to have an abortion. Roe V. Wade says so. So doesn't Obama's same rule apply? The right to an abortion can only be exercised as it applies to the freedom of religion? So if one has religious convictions then why would I have to pay for Sandra Fluke to have an abortion? To pay for her to have sex? To pay for her contraception? See the Obama logic and commonsense only work when the consensus is in regards to his beliefs and values. Leave the guns alone. Do I need an assault rifle today? Nope probably not. However, I can not tell what tomorrow will bring, nor what the next week of month may bring. I never know when an assault rifle may come in handy to protect my property, my home, and my rights. Does every woman that has an abortion really need an abortion? I was all for "commonsense" laws to protect the right to bears arms and yet promote responsibility. Up until very recently I could live with requiring, some type of registration. I could live with training requirements to be met before purchasing a gun. But the irresponsible left proved why that was just bad ideas with bad intent. See the press outed names and addresses of gun owners. The journalist were irresponsible and placed every resident in the two "outed" counties in jeopardy. Both the homes with and without guns. The homes with guns because people desiring to steal guns can now watch homes and figure out how to steal the guns from the law abiding. And the homes without because they become the soft targets of crime. The outing of the guns owners was nothing short of cowardly. The press may believe they are being cute but they are dangerous and need to be taught a lesson.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Debt Ceiling

It is amazing that Ben Bernanke believes the debt ceiling has no real purpose. It is appalling that Obama equates the ceiling as an inability to pay for bills rather than what it is which is an inability to rack up even more bills. From the sound of things the republicans are going to cave and Obama will have gotten his increase in spending cap in exchange for exactly nothing. Many on the right are about to capitulate and are saying maybe the next fight is the one. Sorry friends but Republicans must stand up right now. Any increase in the ceiling must come with concrete reductions in spending. Republicans are going to take the blame anyway. So they must not give in. Our country can not afford an open checkbook to spending. We need to make sure of a couple of things: 1. Spending actually be reduced, no not just reductions in projected growth, but hard cuts to current spending. 2. We must always include any future debt ceiling increase in to the budget. Any debt ceiling increase must be accompanied by a plan to reduce spending on a path to a balanced budget. The American people must see how much debt we have and are continually incurring. These numbers must be plastered on the TV sets. Republicans are behind on the debate because everyone on the left is certain the republicans will cave in. The Democrats are playing chicken and don't believe the republicans are willing to stand up for principle. It is time for the republicans to stop worrying about elections and power. They need to be worried about saving a Nation. This game of chicken is easy to play. Tell Obama, no more discussions on the debt ceiling. Congress controls the purse strings. That being said take away the discretion of the Treasury and provide an outline of what will get paid and what will not. Layout that yes, Social Security is mandated and will be paid. Obama Phones will be discontinued. 10 % of DoD payroll will be furloughed per month, 100% of Planned Parenthood funding will cease. No student loans will be processed staring next week. The list goes on and on. Obama is winning the argument because he is saying what he won't fund ie...Social Security. Stop letting him play you guys for the fools. Stand up and tell Obama, no more negotiations. You are no longer authorized to incur future bills beyond monthly cash flows. No need for a 100% government shut down. Just stop funding the EPA, the NLRB, Obamacare. Take the taxes for Obamacare but spend them on bills we have already incurred. Do not let the Democrats continue incurring debt right to the limit. Make them curb spending today in anticipation of not getting a debt ceiling increase. Institute rolling furloughs starting next week. No Government employee is exempt with the exception of military and civilians deployed in Afghanistan. Everywhere the rolling furloughs should be planned for. Come up with a number 20 % of federal employees per month? Do it close the government partially down. Show that there is a responsible way of having a smaller government operate. Play Obama's game of chicken. Have a plan start passing laws in the house instituting ways to pay for government without a ceiling and dare Obama not to sit down and discuss his plan. If the debate stays on the terms that we "must pay our bills" Republicans will lose. If the debate moves to "what future spending can we afford" Republicans may still lose but at least they have a chance to win and they would have stood for principle.

Monday, January 14, 2013

We Must Pay Ours Bills

The President today said we must pay our bills. Obama is correct in that we wouldn't go to a resturant, eat all we want, and than not pay the bill. However as usual that is not the proper framing of the issue. What the republicans are saying is that we have no more money, therefore we shouldn't be in the resturant in the first place. See the debt ceiling is about increasing debt limit. It is not about paying for debt already incurred but for debt not yet incurred. See President Obama wants to continue going to the candy store and purchase lots of goodies even though he knows we have no more money. Obama is greedy and wants everything today in exchange of a promise to repay later. Every month we asa country take in tax receipts. In the event, the country can not borrow any more funds than we only have so much we can spend. That of course would be enough to repay for the expenses already incurred just not everything we want to incurr in the future. We would have more than enough to cover the indebtedness and interest on that debt. Ie we could pay our bill. What we couldn't pay for are the payouts today in exchange for tomorrow's promises. Get over it Obama, we are running out of options. The government is not being held hostage. We have runaway spending. You knew about this problem and have done nothing to prevent it from happening. We need to stop kicking the can down the road. We have reached our credit limit. Responsible people never borrow to their limit. We gave you a 2.1 trillion increase in debt limit less than 2 years ago. You blew through that and show no remorse. This is not, let me repeat, this is not for stuff we already purchased, this debt limit is for future spending, spending that the country needs Congress to evaluate ands assess as to what is needed. Your spending has been reckless Mr. President. The Republicans are turning off the faucets. You have wasted enough already. We no longer want you to go out to the fancy resturants. it is time you stayed at home and ate some leftovers.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

What to Ban

As long as the media is into banning things why shouldn't we have a discussion on banning political parties? Our two party political system is broken and broken badly. The two main political parties have ceased the power away from the people. Politicians are more inclined to write and pass legislation along ideological political party lines than it is by the will of the people. It is the career politicians that have ignored their constituents and relegated the people to the sidelines with the exception on campaign trails and election day. The President once said he was going to ram his health care ideas through Congress with or without Republican support. Obama stated that is what elections are for. See Obama didn't care what the public wanted he would let future elections figure that out. The people do not matter to the career politicians who only really care about the people during the campaigns and elections. Now we have a Senate unwilling to take unpopular votes. Reid doesn't want to discuss the debt ceiling in a "common sense" manner so he is begging Obama just to ignore republicans. Republicans made a fiasco of the fiscal cliff by not negotiating a "balanced" approach. So insistent were the republicans on not raising taxes that not only were taxes raised but no cuts to spending were enacted at all. So much for balance. The Senate won't pass a budget because the only poll tested words they can use is balanced approach to fixing the deficit. The democrats will refuse to cut spending but know that is unpopular with the American public. It was funny that Obama and Democrats said here is the tax increase we want, know you mean republicans figure out the cuts you want. See the shift? The Democrats went with what was popular in the polls "tax the rich" but refused the cuts the public knows a necessary but doesn't want to see go away. We will never fix what ails the American economy as long as their are career politicians in charge of our government. As long as politicians only want to be in government for life, it is impossible to change a course. See government entitlements and even defense spending is popular. "free stuff" always is. Americans knows they need the government to reign in spending but they also want the free stuff. America knows the problem and it needs the politicians to give us our medicine straight up. The problem is the political parties protect ideology and forsake common sense to kick the can down the road. We are meandering through while our government officials are only worried about their next cause so they can win an election. The big problems are always pushed off. The political parties push party lines, the parties won't compromise, the politicians want their job and so we have a dis-functioning government looking to control the lives of the people. The career politicians don't care about anything more than their job. It is supposed to be a representative government. Our politicians are supposed to represent us, instead they represent their party ideals. The first thing that should be banned in this country are political party's. They have become a special interest group made up of smaller special interest groups. The leaders of the special interest groups rule this country for their special interest groups and not the common person on the street. This is to the detriment of representative government.

Who's Extreme?

Since 2000, all we have heard from the media, democrats, and liberal left is that the Republicans are extremists unwilling to compromise. The media has been busy pushing themselves as voice of reason, fair and balanced in every way. Obama for his part, demonized Bush, blamed every bad economic stat on Bush and the Republicans, he even went as far as to blame the American people for his problems. So Obama blamed the right, and the complicit media pushed the meme that it is the republicans that are extreme. I must ask who really is extreme? The people that pass a broad budget measure or the people that refuse to pass a budget? Could it be the people that want to reduce federal outlays as well as raise revenues (through tax reform) or the people that raise revenue (through raising tax rates alone) and increase spending? Are we to believe the extremists are those that defend basic rights or the people that would break to law to prove their self-gratifying needs? Do we find it extreme, to want to discuss "commonsense" budget responsibility or the abdication of responsibility? Is it extreme to want a discussions or extreme to propose trillion dollars gimmicks to avoid making tough decisions? In my opinion, the real deal is this: the people that find it extreme to have protect the individual rights and freedoms are not the ones that are extreme. The extremists are those that would abdicate to rights and provide the government the power to dictate. To me this is all about power, competition, and responsibility. The American left, including the media pawns, democrats, liberals, progressives, and anyone else the left may call themselves desire the power to enforce their group will on the sheep, abhor competition, and refuse responsibility. The left will abuse power to get their way and then claim others are extremist. David Gregory, brandished a 30 magazine on his "Meet The Press" show. Gregory saw nothing wrong with this, even though it was obviously against the law. How do we know Gregory knew it was against the law? NBC and Gregory farmed around various government agencies to obtain an ambiguous legal reading on whether it would be permissible to use it as a prop to push his myoptic liberal viewpoint. When the DC Police advised against, NBC and Gregory went to the ATF. Bottom line is Gregory broke the law, knows he broke the law, understood the law before breaking, yet because the American left considers him to be part of the power of Washington, he walks away completely free of any responsibility. In short, Gregory is an extremist, exhibited extremist and criminal behavior, a got away with it all simply because he believed he was and is right in his extremist viewpoint. DC might just as well throw that law off the books now. Why? Well they have now opened themselves up to a huge lawsuit from everyone else that was punished for the same crime? The left never sees how their actions are childish, immature, deceitful and dishonest becauue they believe the end justifies the means. The left also abhors competition. Diane Feinstein says the Senate would work better if their wasn't so much testosterone in the Senate body. Early age city baseball leagues refuse to keep scores because it might make a child feel bad if the lost. The left makes it easier for the parasites of society to obtain their public dole dollars. The EBT reduces the stigma attached with being on the dole is what the left tells us. My opinion we need competition in youth, and we need their to be a stigma to living off the public. Don't get me wrong, there does need to be a safety net for the poor. I don't want anyone living in streets begging for food. But I also don't want the poor living a better life than someone earning $50,000 a year. Certainly we should reward someone for being poor? Rewarding poor performance only begets more poor performance. We need to provide incentives to improve the poor station in life and not simply reward them with increased public assistance because they are poor. We should be developing prograsm designed to provide help and assistance in getting the least productive more productive rather than just a public giveaway. We need to instill at an early age that life is hard, life is not fair, but through hard work and effort, we can all compete as long as the playing field is level and we remain the land of opportunity rather than the land handouts. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Obama set the tone early in his first term. Obama run up trillion dollar deficits every year and somehow blamed Bush for all the spending. Obama blamed the rich yet punished the middle class with his gimmicks. Sandra Fluke wants the taxpayer to pay her to have sex. See she isn't responsible enough to pay her own way, it should be the rich that allow her to have sex anytime she wants while someone protects her from getting pregnant, someone pays for her to exercise her abortion "right" if the taxpayer funded protection doesn't work, and then pays for her hospital bills when all else fails. See no where with Sandra fluke or Obama is there any hint at taking responsibility. We even know have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi telling the President to ignore Congress and raise the debt limit by executive fiat. This is an abdication of responsibility. Reid doesn't want to work in a bi-partisan way. The left hates compromise, it is their way or the highway. To the left freedom is all about the freedom of government to control the citizens. The "Government Knows Best". There are no individual freedoms unless the government says so. Seems the right the left wants to provide the people is the right to be free from responsibility. I don't see how it is extreme to cherish individual rights, what I find extreme is the "end justifies the means" approach and the government knows best paternal method of granting gifts to the people. We are sunk as a Nation unless individuals take back the country, individual take responsibility, and individuals stand up for their own rights.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inappropriate Behavior

So the American left is intent on taking away the right to bears arms because of the carnage caused by a few whackos with guns. Institute "commonsense laws" to take away the right all Americans enjoy. If a bad act by a few warrants the taking away of rights of the many than why not look at other rights where inappropriate behavior injures or harms others? Take for instance the right to a free press. Should we not ban the right to free press if there are bad actors that intentionally do things that are illegal or harm others? Look at David Gregory, who went against what he was advised and illegally brandished a 30 round clip for an assault weapon? Was this not bad behavior? It certainly was illegal whether he was trying to make a point or not. Did it harm anyone? No not really except for honest law abiding citizens that own one and he wants to take that right away. So how about Dan Rather, who presented fraudulent documents to make his case against Bush? This was obviously done to help ensure a Bush defeat in 2004. Now it backfired because he was caught and Bush didn't lose, but this bad act did hurt Bush's image and it was done intentionally. How about Brent Musberger last night? He fawned over Miss Alabama and complained how the "quarterbacks always got the good looking girls?" Should we ban journalism now that we have some bad actors the parade around as journalists? They have an agenda and will destroy anything that gets in the way of their narrative. They harm reputations and destroy people's lives. It was the media that presented the false case in the Atlanta Olympics bombing against Richard Jewell. Mr. Jewell's life was destroyed by the media yet we don't hear the clamoring for restrictions against the free press for the outright lies, poor judgement, and fraudulent activities. We should never ban things simply because we don't agree with them. We tried this before by banning alcohol. It doesn't work. We lost the war on drugs. Why, well simply because a ban on anything only makes people want it even more. I can't believe we are talking about a weapons ban, while at the same time we are talking about lifting the ban on an illicit drug. The left is brow beating us and pushing their own views on the rest of us. I know the times have changed since the constitution was written. We no longer have a frontier where guns are the only thing between human life and the wild beast. Most do not have to hunt to place food on the table. But therein lies the wisdom of our forefathers thinking. See never did they attempt to place in the constitution a right to hunt, but they did place in the constitution the right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. To protect a free state a well regulated militia is necessary and no individual right to bear arms shall be infringed. See we have this right to bear arms in order to pick them up when necessary. The left wants to say we don't require our militia to bring their owns weapons when called upon. That is faulty logic based on thinking today and thinking for tomorrow. See our government is being taken away from the people and given to the political elitists. Our basic rights as citizens are being taken away to be given to the ruling class. When that ruling class goes to far all individuals may very well need to bring their own weapons to fend off the government from taking away the rights of governed in order to preserve the ruling elite. We don't take away the rights of the many because of the transgressions of the few. We make tougher laws against those that infringe upon the rights of others. Tougher sentences, tougher restrictions on individuals who prove themselves irresponsible. If we banned everything that hurts people than we would have nothing. For everything can hurt or harm a human being being for we are fragile. Common sense tells me that citizens with the right to bear arms is in the best interest of the country. It a right, that will keep all enemies both foreign and domestic at bay. If we lose the right to protect ourselves and our property, we will lose our right to be a government of the people by the people. We will no longer have the means in which to keep the ruling elite from the throne of the people.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Free

Americans decided in November they wanted free stuff. They voted to keep their free "Obama phones". They voted to keep free investments in the future coming. They voted for free contraceptives and free health care. When Americans voted they sided with Obama's argument that all could be continued if only we taxed the rich some more. Americans love free stuff. What they don't realize is the old adage "freedom isn't free" and neither is the welfare state. Someone has to pay for the progressive welfare utopia and there simply isn't enough wealth in the country to pay for all this free stuff. We are broke as a country. The so called Social Security trust fund is empty. Even as the lying media scum try to sell the snake oil that the program is solvent until 2031. Really? Then why is it that since 2010, we have had to cash in the IOU's and either added to the deficit or it came out of the general fund? Please, I'd like an explanation from the lying media scum, why is it that we are going further in debt because of Social Security if it is a solvent program? This needs to be answered. See there is no such thing as free chicken. Someone has to pay for it. No matter if it is free abortifacients or free unemployment checks, or free phones. This isn't free. Our "entitlements" are not free either. Yes it is true Americans voted for the free stuff. The problem is those that voted for the free stuff also refuse to pay for anything. They live off the system at the expense of the successful. In a normal world we would call these programs as food for the parasites. Now, I am all for a safety net. But that is what is should be, a safety net and not a way of life. Social Security was never meant to be a replacement for saving for retirement. No one was promised they could live entirely off social security when they decided to retire. No one was promised a life of welfare. Come on people we are paying people to be out of work for almost two years. Let me tell you, if you are out of work for over two years it is going to be rough getting back into the workforce at much more than minimum wage jobs. Forget about the good paying middle class jobs, after being unemployed for so long you have very little marketable knowledge. When a person is out of work for that long, skills are lost. Skills are perishable and if they are not used they are forgotten. So why do we continue to pay unemployment for 99 weeks. Many will not even really think about making an earnest effort until it becomes close to the time they will lose all benefits, after all why give up the free stuff when they don't have to? Forget about becoming a nanny state or a welfare state, we are becoming a nation of parasites. A nation that expects everything and believes it should be free. We refuse to pay anything for our free stuff and only exact revenge on those that have been successful, if only the rich could pay a little more we could get more free stuff. Like any parasite, Americans are killing off their hosts. Soon there will be no rich to feed them, what will we do then?

The Great Tax Heist

Sitting back I am laughing at the gullible progressive ill-informed voter. You know the ones that fell for the "tax the rich" scheme forwarded by Obama. The ones that believed Obama gave them a tax cut in his first term. The same ones that believed Obama would only tax the so called rich. Well, now as these gullible voters find their taxes did in fact increase and they are wondering what happened, they begin complaining. Well all I have to say to the uninformed is that this is what you voted for. First let me tell you, this increase in taxes was in fact necessary. This was a gimmick that robbed from the empty Social Security trust find. See this tax mirage pushed by Obama depleted the coffers of the trust fund. The trust fund run a deficit every year since 2009. Funny though because it wasn't supposed to be running deficits until 2017. The farce of the 2% reduction workers received for 2 years only worsened the problem at hand. My thoughts regarding this tax increase is not really the point though. The point is the uninformed believed Obama cut their taxes in the first term, and believed Obama would only raise taxes on the "rich" in a second term. This is what you voted for, a tax and spend liberal. No career politician will ever vote to really make necessary cuts in spending. That is really unpopular and may hinder their re-election prospects. So what we get is a system in which we hear about proposed cuts and budget slashing and fixing a tax system so it is "fair". The complicit media will push forward with their liberal beliefs that the rich should pay more, while ignoring the increased taxes on the middle class and poor necessary to run their welfare state. The budget cuts are not cuts at all but rather a reduction in the proposed growth of a program. A true cut would mean we would spend less money as a government next year then we spent this year. Instead we will only curb the growth. For example, say the Education Department was due to get a 5% increase in dollars. Now rather than give the department a full 5% increase they will only get a 4% increase. See this isn't a cut, it is a reduction in growth. This is a gimmick that the complicit media will call a cut, all the while knowing it is really an increase. Now over the weekend I read the gas prices are again increasing. The expectation is that yet again they will climb to a high this year around $3.95 a gallon. The complaints will start coming from the very same people that voted for this. The problem with energy prices will only get worse under this President and liberals in general. Already in Maryland, the State in which I live, the taxes at the pump have been increased to pay for road maintenance and upkeep. Now I am all for keeping up with maintenance and upkeep of the roads but the problem is that the only reason Maryland had to increase taxes on gasoline to pay for maintenance and upkeep was because they already spent the intended money for those projects on other things. Does anyone think it will be long before Obama increases gasoline taxes? After all, he constantly talks about "investments in infrastructure". That is code for more spending and more taxation requirements. My belief is energy is being kept at the 3.20-3.95 range for a couple of years to make us immune to these prices. We become accepting of these prices as normal so when in a year or two when the are over $4.00 it won't seem that bad. Remember the goal of liberals is to have "European type" prices. I wouldn't be surprised at all if by the end of Obama's second term gasoline prices are over $5.00 per gallon. This is what you voted for. See the gullible voted for higher taxes, higher spending, higher prices. They may not like the consequences and the liberal media complex will do their best to hide the culprits but the voters voted for this and this is what they are going to get whether they like it or not. I'll be laughing every day when I hear the complaints of the ever increasing tax necessities. It will hit everyone not just the rich. Obama will continue lying and the media will keep pushing these lies, but in the end Obama and his liberal buddies won nothing but a great tax heist victory. Just remember folks this is what you voted for. You voted to be voluntarily robbed.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Second Amendment

The Second amendment to the constitution is an important right and a right everyone should be fighting for and not capitulating. Liberals would have the country believe that violence in this country is the result of guns. I certainy disagree. Guns are not the reason we have violence, violence is caused by people and people alone. All of this gun violence the left talks about happens in places of high population, in the concrete jungles the left calls home. Most violent crimes are committed in cities my friends. Cities where the left insists on keeping the downtrodden down. VIolence caused by drug use, violence caused by targets of opportunity. See the low life criminals know that they are unlikely to meet up against another person with a gun in the city streets. The criminals prey on the weak and feable. There is less in rural areas because there is no such consideration. See the rural areas have guns and lots of them. Criminals are less likely to pick a target likely to have a gun for self defense. Only in the concrete jungles is the violence occurring. The concrete jungles where all the people live. WHy not ban people from living in close proximity to each other? That is just as ridiculous as banning guns. Banning guns is not the answer. The right to bear arms is fundamental and is a part of why we are the America we are. See the right to ber arms was not given so Americans could go hunting. Nope the right to bears arms was becasue the British government over the colonies tried to take guns away to avoid any civil disobedience. The British didn't want to be shot at while they treated the colonialists as subjects. The right to bear arms was important to be able to have an armed citizenry that could and would stand up to tyranny. It provided the means for the populous to defend itself. We as a culture have been raised on the right to self defense. We have the right to defend our self and property. We have the right to protect our populous and our communities. We have the right and responsibility to stand up and defend the rights of our country. The constitution says exactly that. It states explicitly no individual right to bear arms shall be infringed. The constitution explains perfectly why we should be able to have guns, any gun even those the may be used in warfare. WHy? Simply becasue it may become important for the citizenry to again stand up for itself against a tryanny. The first thing a tyrannical government wants to do is take away guns. That way there will be no impediment to the political elite from robbing a country's wealth. Every government that takes away gun rights also has a socialist government. Ever notice that? A paternal style government where the governmneet purports to be the purveyor of all things takes away individuals right such as the right to bear arms. Always remember folks "those that are willing to give up liberties for the sake of safety and security deserve neither." The second amendment was written simply becasue our founders recognized that an armed citizenry was important in the defense of this country. That is still true. We were raised on defending ourselves. Remember life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness area basics tenets of our nation. In order to have these tenets we must also be afforded the opportunity to defend them. I once swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. When the government starts taking away rights becasue the eltists believe the government alone should be the protector will quickly learn they are not protected at all.

The Wrong Path

America has avoided going over the fiscal cliff. Obama got his wish and raisd taxes on the wealthiest amongst us. The libeals in this country have succeeded in class warfare. The main problem is Obama and his liberal cohorts raised taxes and increased spending. What the liberals refuse to tell you is that this is the same old liberal tax and spend philosophy. The liberals won't tell you that taxes were increased on every working American. That's right folks, taxes were raised on all working class Americans. Liberals continue spending money they don't have and just increased the deficit by another 4 trillion dollars over 10 years. The worst thing is that I doubt that will be anywhere close to the total deficit this rotten bill will cause. America is on the wrong path. We are spending money we simply don't have. We are going to make Greece look responsible. See the problem is that everyone believes in America and continues to loan us money. It was always a secure place to stash excess cash. Now though with the liberals spending money irresponsibly, this easy money will eventually lead to higher interest rates and less actual investors. Investors in the American debt have become complacent, they believe America will always overcome and prosper. The problem is that the liberals are attacking wealth. Once that happens the wealthy will stop investing and no one will prosper. The liberals sold America on "free stuff". I can tell everyone nothing is free. Everything has a cost and the cost of taxing the job creators and investors is going to cost jobs and prosperity for evryone. Another issue with the tax the rich philosophy is that none of the increase in revenue will go towards paying down debt. Instead it will be spent like all other dollars. Americans voted for the government to do everything. Americans voted to be provideed for by the government. What America must come to realize is that government wll never be a substitute for family, friends, and religion. The left just doesn't understand that it is family, friends, and religion, that provide the social norms. These three necessities are where our sense of morality come from. But the left doesn't believe in morality. They don't believe in people. They only believe in being given everything for free. We are in trouble as a nation. We are on the wrong path. All taxes do is increase government spending. Never will our debt come down. In all liklihood America will forever be in debt to someone. Sooner or later these blls will come due and we don't have the money to repay. What the liberals are destroying in America have been the downfall of every great civilization. We are losing our moral compass. We have lost our sense of right and wrong. We are headed towards becoming a nation of parasites. A Nation where the people live off the elites. How do you think that is going to work out? We will be given the crumbs and told we have a safety net. There will never be a ladder to get to the next level. The void between the have and have nots will simply be too large to cross. We are becoming a nation of Political elites and the poor minions. A paternal government that "gives free stuff" will eventually take away every freedom we once enjoyed.