Thursday, December 20, 2012

Culture of Violence

In the wake of the massacre at a New Town, CT, elementary school, we the American public are seeing how the left really thinks. The liberals in this country will always blame the little things. For all of their talk and bluster, they are narrow minded and shallow in their way of thinking. The American left scolds law abiding citizens. The American left scolds everyone that feels different than they do. See the American left don't like guns, in the left's mind guns equal violence. The liberals like Don Lemon even cut off people during interviews for pointing out that guns are not synonymous with violence. The liberals are small minded with small ideas. In my opinion, the shooting in CT had more to do with the culture we live in than it does guns. Guns happened to be the tool that was used but was not the cause. We are a culture where the left continuously destroys the moral fabric that is America. The American left hates religion and has set out to destroy it. However, it is religion that teaches us right from wrong. Religion is a tool that keeps the masses within societal norms. The left would ridicule any religious belief not understanding that without some sort of societal moral fabric we become no better than Sodom and Gomorrah. Whether one believes in the bible in the literal sense or not, it is the story that tells the problem. Sodom and Gomorrah were cities devoid of morals. Humankind had become evil and had no sense of right from wrong. The cities partied and the people did exactly what they wanted or desired with no moral compass leading the way. The bible says God destroyed the cities, very well, it is also just as easy to understand the story. Two cities run awry of any common decency, the cities rotted from within due to moral decay. It doesn't take a "great thinker" to understand that we must have a sense of right and wrong in order to live together. Yet our liberal educated genius' have decided to ignore our social failings and moral decay and instead focus on the tool someone used to massacre children at an elementary school. There is no way a liberal would ever blame our entertainment industry, even though Hollywood thrives on movies with violence. All of the box office hits seem to have a predominant theme of violence. Of course the inner city drug business doesn't have anything to do with violence. If a liberal was to admit that the inner city drug trade was a part of our cultural decline would be to admit that their social programs simply don't work.The video game industry couldn't be to blame either, even though, the most popular games are about killing and rampaging. Nope the only thing the shallow thinking left can seem to come up with is guns. Ban guns and then no one has to worry our schools will be safe. Really? I guess a ban on guns would prevent the daily violence that happens in our inner cities. I guess a ban on guns would have prevented the Ft. Hood terrorist. I guess a ban on guns would have prevented the terrorist from flying plane's into the World trade Center twin towers. See we won't stop the violence by banning guns. All a ban on guns does is keep honest people honest. A ban on guns will not prevent the nut cases from killing others. A ban on guns will not keep our streets safe from the thugs. A ban on guns will not fix the moral decay we are experiencing. See the government can't do everything for us. I don't want the liberals destroying the institutions that are necessary for communities to thrive and turn that responsibility over to the bureaucrats. Government is not supposed to take away the rights of the people to protect the few. It is supposed to look at the big picture an ensure laws are supposed to protect all the people or makes the lives of all the people better and not just the isolated few that are the lefts most faithful voters. It is easier for the shallow thinkers on the left to blame a tool rather than a cause. They are emotional and only think for the moment. Liberals claim to be the smart ones but they never have big ideas. The only ideas they have is to allow government to think for them. They are always willing to punish the innocent for the crimes of a few. They would rather blame government inaction rather then blame themselves. The problem is the liberals have destroyed the very institutions designed to keep communities together. Believe me folks the massacre in CT was not because of guns. It was because the liberals have destroyed anything related to morality they can find leading to a culture of violence the inevitably led to the murder of innocents.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Prsident Obama is already breaking his campaign pledge to reduce the deficit in a fair and balanced way. During the campaign, Obama said he wanted to split the tax increases with the spending reductions. Instead Obama presented a plan the proposed increased spending, big tax increases, and insignificant spending reductions. Taking into account the $200 billion in additional spending, Obama proposed $1.6 trillion in increased taxes and a paltry $400 billion in deficit reduction. Obama will still be running trillion dollar deficits and we will continue on the path of bankruptcy. Sure the tax the rich seems like a good policy. Increased taxes may even be necessary to move us away from the deficit crisis we face. The problem is Obama, in typical liberal fashion, can't stop spending other people's money. See liberals must be able to spend us into oblivion whether we can afford it or not. No one could possible be serious about deficit reduction when also proposing increased spending. Also, no one could possible talk about a "fair and balanced" approach when proposing 4:1 tax increases to spending reduction. By the way, in case you didn't know Obama really only proposed "savings" and not real spending reductions. If any of our politicians were serious, they would propose a roll back to the 2008 baseline of spending. No talks shhould continue without rolling back spending (inflation adjusted) to a budget time just before this economic mess started. My question is this: How can anyone be serious about the current baseline when inflation has been in check since 2008, mainly because of the recession, but nonetheless there shouldn't be increased spending when inflation is low. It should be roughly the same. Paul Krugman likes to state that we need more spending by the government. Yet that is what we got under Obama. The baseline spending iincreased every year by about $800 billion dollars. So the first Obama stimulus became permanent spending. This is how the liberals work. They implement emergency spending then just continue that spending into eternity and campaign on more spending and class warfare. I said before, that we need to implement spending reductions. Once our politicians show good faith and reform the entitlement programs along with reducing government spending, then and only then should we have a discussion to increase taxes. Increased taxes should only be approved to reduce the deficit and balance the budget. In no way should the tax increases be allowed first on promises to cutbacks because the cutbacks will never materialize. Under the Obama plan all we will get is increased taxes, increased spending, and increased deficits. Liberals love to bring up the Clinton budget and how it was balanced. However, this would never have happened without a Republican majority. Clinton and the liberals like to take all of the credit but in reality it was both partys. If Obama is serious about working in a bi partisan manner then he needs to also recommend spending reductions. It is not good enough for the Presidnet to say, "I want more taxes and increased spending, now Republicnas it is your turn to come up with the spending reductions." That is not leadership, that is trying to take all the credit and none of the blame. Bottom line we are in this mess becasue of politicians on both sides of the isle. The only way out of the mess is for either both parties to work together or vote these career politicians out of office. President Obama submitted an unrealistic plan. Obama needs to get off the campaign trail and start proposing something that may work.