Friday, September 28, 2012

So Romney is Losing?

There has been an awful lot of scrutiny on the Presidential polls lately. So much so that everyone is already proclaiming that not only is Romney losing but that he is losing so badly it may be near impossible to catch up and win this election. All I can say is hogwash. Romney may very well be losing at this point even though I personally doubt it. It may be that Obama is expanding his lead in the swing states. My question is So what? The election is still 39 days away. Romney has an eternity in politics to turn things in his favor and only he has the message that will sway voters. Obama can't possibly run on the real issues. The Middle East is in flames and we yet again were attacked by terrorists with Obama at the helm. Sure Obama wants to blame a video trailer for the violence but that is a lie. Obama and his propagandists in the media know this attack was a massive security failure that should have been anticipated. The Islamic terror network love to attack on symbolic days. This was planned and Obama's take that this was spawned out of a protest against a movie is simply a lie meant to keep his inflated foreign policy credentials high. The media rather than report on the failure tried to blame Romney by claiming his 47% remark was such a huge issue it overshadowed the murder of 4 people including an Ambassador. Really? Come on media, not even John Kerry is buying the President's excuses but you decide that some off the cuff remark (that's true by the way) given during a Republican fundraiser took priority over the debacle that is Libya. This failure in foreign policy will help turn Purple Virginia Red this go around. The Northern Virginia Suburbs are filled with Defense and State Department personnel that will not stand for the false narrative that America is better respected around the world than it was 4 years ago. The large military vote will go away from Obama in Virginia. Obama was able to peel some of these voters away from McCain four years ago. They were tired of an endless war and they were tired of Bush. This time they will return to the Republicans in droves. I can't believe the polls are saying Obama will win both Florida and Ohio by larger majorities than he did last time. Economically Ohio is as bad as parts of the rest of the country. However, it isn't a booming economy either. Obama has serious problems in Ohio including the coal industry workers who are out of work or will be shortly. Think they are going to vote for the man that is intent on destroying their job? Sure the auto industry will vote for Obama but in larger numbers than last time? I find it funny that a Cleveland resident is spouting the great "Obama Phone", she received free from Obama. I have news for her, it came from hard working Americans and is not free. Obviously she is part of the 47% that don't pay taxes and will vote for Obama simply because he won't make her work to pay for goodies. Florida? Really? Romney took away the one issue Obama had in Florida. Mediscare is not working. Why? Well because Obama is raiding Medicare to jump start his unpopular Obamacare. Will both these States be close? Probably but to think Romney is losing both of them by large margins is wishful thinking. Romney is also doing better than expected in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. Win one of them and Romney wins by a landslide. Obama can not lose either of those States and win the election. Obama is spending money in Maryland (probably for those in Southern PA). This must have been a fairly large ad buy as it is on all the time. Wonder why the massive ad buy if all was going so great for the Obama campaign. So the poll say Obama is winning. Who cares? There is evidence the polls are skewed but again who cares? Romney being behind should invigorate the Republican base and any voter that is Republican to show up. We know that another Obama term will be disastrous for the country. American can not afford the Socialist in Chief. So we should be motivated to get out and vote. Talk to our neighbors that aren't sold on Romney. Don't bash Romney get out and help him. Obama is winning should be a rally cry for every right leaning voter in America. Get with the program, if Romney loses, America will lose. We will go over the fiscal cliff and make Greece look like a model state. I don't believe the push an agenda media polls but they can be used to Romney's advantage. There is no way the electorate is even more left Democratic than it was four years ago with the energy of change flowing. This will be the down fall of the media polls. My belief is the media knows Obama is losing. Their own polls tell them so. Come the end of election the polls will change dramatically in Romney's favor similar to what the polls did in 1980 for Reagan. No one really believes one line in a debate swung an electorate by 15-20 points in a week. Nope Reagan was winning all along, the media just didn't want it to be as bad as it really was. Same here folks but let's not focus on the skewed results, let's focus on rallying for Romney.

Friday, September 21, 2012

MSNBC Factually Lies

Thomas Roberts of MSNBC factually lied today and then stated the lie was factually correct. Really? In November 2006, the Democrats won both Houses of Congress. Harry Reid was Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. During the 2008 election, Democrats increased their number in both Houses. Thomas Roberts is correct in that there were several races that had to be determined in early 2009. That however did not change the fact that the Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress in early JAN 2009 and the Presidency as of 20 JAN. The Republicans did not come into power until JAN 2011 after the mid term elections were held in NOV 2010. According to the calendar Mr. Roberts that is a full two years. Now I think what Roberts is referring to is the filibuster proof Senate, which was only for a few months. But it doesn't take a filibuster proof Senate to have control, it only takes 51 Senators or 50 +the VP. So Mr. Roberts you are a liar. You know this was a lie and you stated it as fact. Your facts are wrong, no wonder the people that watch MSNBC are so misinformed and factually deficient. With bogus lies being spread who is to know.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Media Pawns

The media is displaying their pawn cards. Knowing full well that Obama's Middle East policy is an unmitigated disaster the media is pushing hard that the story is about Mitt Romney's "gaffe" and an anti-Islamic video. Neither is correct and the media should be ashamed of themselves. We have public officials that need to resign including Susan Rice. Rice is lying when she says the attack in Libya was about a video. The attack in Benghazi was coordinated. How else to explain storming an embassy with RPG's? What does she expect us to believe that the spontaneous protesters decided "oh a protest let me grab my RPG? How ridiculous. This attack was an act of war. It was an attack on our sovereignty. It was coordinated and used the violent protest in Cairo to cover their tracks. There was warning at least three days prior to the attack. There is evidence that the attack back in August before the video was released. There is the curious diplomatic response that referenced the movie and apologized for the movie and the media would have us believe this was released prior to the attacks. Really? Then why isn't the media investigated why the embassy thought it so important to reference this movie if the embassy didn't either know of an attack or suspect an attack? I thought journalists were supposed to be curious? Seems they all believe in what CNN's Brown stated 4 years ago "A journalist shouldn't have to report both sides as long as they know what they are saying is true". Of course reporters must really believe the lying administration because that is how they report everything. Whatever this administration says is fact. No curiosity, no investigating, just report as fact. Well this is just wrong. The media knows this is damaging to Obama. So they will do anything but investigate and report. Our media pawns are content making this about anything other than the failed policies of this administration. Even Der Spiegel out of Germany knows this is damaging to the President that wants to believe he is the foreign policy President. The Pawns in the media need to start doing their jobs. They want to interject themselves into American politics but refuse to be objective. If the media refuses to be objective then they must go. I don't want the Governmental press releases to go unchallenged. That is why the press is supposed to be important, but if they refuse to do their jobs then they are even less important than that nagging dust mite. The media pawns are no longer relevant and I would say they haven't been since 2000, the year the media went all in trying to swing an election to their favored candidate.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama Fails; Blame's America

The Obama administration has failed in Middle East foreign policy. These protests on attacks on American sovereignity in Cairo and Benghazi were planned and coordinated, yet the administration insists it because of American's exercising their right to free speech. The pathetic pawns in the media went as far as to attack Romney for even putting a statement out. Even though as it turns out he was right and even the slow responding administration agreed once Obama woke from his much needed sleep. Let there be no doubt, these attacks and subsequent protests ar4e the direct result of Obama's apologetic tone of appeasement. Obama has made America appear weak. Even Clinton sent a strong message to our enemies the last time our embassies came under attack. What has been the response of this administration? To investigate the producer of an anti-Islam movie for possible probation violations. And don't forget, Obama has blamed an American pastor for funding a movie and went as far as to dispatch his Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff GEN Dempsey to ask the pastor to withdraw his support for the movie. So while our embassy's burn, Obama blames America. We are learning now that these attacks were planned back in August before anything about this movie was known. There is no way these attacks and protests were spontaneous because of outrage over the movie. Obama though doesn't recognize this though. Obama wants to appease the Islamic world in hopes they leave us alone. Hey, Obama, the left may believe one person or a handful of people were responsible for the original 9/11 attacks. Obama, you may have taken Osama out but they attacks continue. This should lead everyone to understand it is the religion and not America. The religion is the religion of "submission". The religion is not tolerant of other religions or even other points of view. These recent attacks on America's sovereignty, disguised as out of outrage from a movie, should teach the American left that this religion is absolutely about submission to their way of life. The Islamic religion does not want to live in piece and will never allow tolerance as long as there are other religious beliefs. The Islamic religion does not allow for people to live together side by side regardless of the religious beliefs. These attacks are all about attacking "infidels" and has nothing to do with a movie whatsoever. Get over it on the American left, we will not have peace with the Islamists because we appease them. Peace will not come until we are under the control of the Islamic religion. Women give it up, Saria will ensure you are second class citizens incapable of leading your own life because you will have no rights. Obama has brought this on himself. It was his apologies and the apologies of his administration that have emboldened our enemies to attack. Obama apologized around the world. The Cairo embassy released an apologetic note either just before or just after the attacks. To the pathetic pawns the timing means everything, to me it means nothing. To the pathetic pawns it was released before the attacks. I believe if the diplomatic note was released before the attack, it is even worse than if it were done after. See from the note apologizing for America over a movie anticipated that there would be protests and yet we did nothing to beef up security. We allowed the embassy to be taken from us and a foreign flag flown above our sovereignity. The embassy wouldn't even allow the Marine contingent to carry live ammunition. See if this statement was released prior to the attacks and we knew the attacks were coming, and still did nothing, then this would be far worse than if the apology came out after the attacks. At least if it came out after the attacks, i9t would have been a response. Instead we have not had a response from this administration. Worse, this administration, once they realized the apology would not sit well with the public, came out against the statement just like Romney. Romney led with a response, Obama led with more campaign fund raisers. Where is our pathetic pawns in the media? Well trying desperately to cover up the events concerning the atrtacks and building up their messiah through attacks on the challenger.