Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who's Politicizing Trayvon Martin?

Yesterday, Stephanie Cutter from the Obama campaign,decided it was time to accuse the Republicans of politicizing Trayvon Martin's death. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only ones playing politics with the death of a 17 year child is Obama and the democrats. This is an outrage that an Obama spokesman could be on television spouting outright lies. Sanford, Florida, is a powder keg waiting to go off, Obama weighed in in his narcississtic way and she has the nerve to accuse Republicans of politiciizing the issue while defending Obama as issuing a heartfelt statement.

Here are the facts; The New Black Panther party issued a "wanted dead or alive" poster on George Zimmerman. Jesse Jackson called it "Blacks are Under attack", Obama said " if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon, Al Sharpton is running around crying racisim, Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL), went on the house floor yesterday sporting a grey hoodie, Spike Lee retweeted an adress of where he thought George Zimmerman lived. Now what do all of these people have in common? That's right people, they are all liberals associated with the Democratic party and support Obama. The people trying to make political hay from this issue are the democrats. I don't see the black race baiters out there trying to calm the situation in Sanford, FL. Nope these very same people are out there inciting riots and hailing violence. I don't here them out there saying "hey look, lets let the investigation happen and see where it leads". No way it doesn't play into the racial political lines.

I can't believe Obama hasn't come out and told his supporters to stop playing political games. Instead he sends his spokesman out to blame the Republicnas for politicizing the issue. I guess we need a new name for POTUS. Obama is CLOTUS, or chief liar of the United States. Stop politicizing the tragic death of a 17 year old. Let the facts come out as they may.

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Corrine Brown

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Stephanie Cutter

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obamacare: History in the Making

Today the Supreme Court will take up the issue of Obamacare and specifically the individual mandate. History is about to be made for at question is wheter the Supreme Court will strike down a President's signature achievement or will the allow Obamacare to stand and take away the rights of the people. For me, I believe the rights of the people far outweigh the Office of the Presidency. America is bigger then the President and not the other way around.

Sure I have heard the arguments that the Supreme Court are unelected. That of course is by design. The Supreme Court is an equal part of Government and not subservient to the President. I have also heard the argument that everyone uses health care so everyone must carry insurance. Let me remind folks that at one time people paid cash for their doctor's visits. Sometimes health care was provided in a barter system as the poor didn't have the means of which to pay. The Doctor didn't just cast the poor aside, he cared for them and allowed people to pay what they could afford. Now we have insurance to help defray some of the costs. Insurance that we choose to have or not. Obamacare mandates that we carry insurance. The fundamental problem is that insurance does not provide health care. Sure people will visit the emergency room and will have to be seen by a Doctor. My thoughts are with or without insurance people should be seen. The question becomes how to pay for the health care provided.

My thoughts are that individuals should be paying for the services rendered. The poor can be subsidized and in many cases they already are. What we don't need is for government to mandate an insurance monopoly. By forcing Americans to purchase a product and then mandating what that product entails is nothing more than a loss of freedom. No this is not the same as car insurance. We only need car insurance if we choose to register a car. We don't even need insurance if we don't register the car. I can drive any registered vehicle out there and not have to purchase insurance as long as the car is not registered to me. If I drive a friends car, his insurance will cover me for borrowing his vehicle. Additionally, if an American chooses not to have a car or a driver's license there is no need to purchase insurance. We only need insurance to have the priviledge of owning our own car.

Now I have been paying for health insurance for over thirty years. Very rarely have I used the insurance, but it was always there just in case something catastrophic were to occur. I could have paid cash for every doctor's visit I ever made. However becasue of the unknown, I choose to have insurance to cover the unexpected. Not everyone feels the same way. Some may feel that they can afford to pay on a per visit manner. Maybe once they are older responsiblty may change and they may desire to have insurance to cover later life health issues but when they are young they simply have to many other necessities to pay for. The young do not start out making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

What will happen if the Supreme Court either defers the issue until an individual is punished through a tax in the individual mandate or upholds the individual mandate as constitutional, we as Americans will be giving up our freedoms to ever choose again. While Justice Sonia Sotomayor scoffed at the idea that if the government could force an individual to purchase health insurance, what's to stop the government from mandating individuals to purchase broccoli, the idea that the government can force us to purchase a product is real in this case. If this mandate is upheld what is to stop the government from mandating we purchase a GM Volt? Afterall, there is a National Interest in ensuring GM remains viable and the volt is one product that would help the car manufacturer, which in turn will help commerce and the economy. If precedent is made and this law mandate is upheld there is no stopping our government. There will be no means of harnessing the power of Washington. If the Supreme Court doesn't do the right thing we will have lost our freedom forever. This is truly a historic moment; the decision of the Supreme Court will make history. Either we will allow a President to have his signature moment or we will remain a free country. A country for the people by the people. My question is as follows: Will we allow the government to be the Matrix or will we stop the government in its tracks? Our freedom lies at the feet of the Supreme Court.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Senate DEMS Showboat; Neglect Their Actual Jobs

The Senate democrats havn't done their primary job in over 1000 days. Yet today, Senator Charles Shumer decided to announce that the Democrats in the Senate would be show boating on tax day. Rather than chose to submit a budget that would cut deficits and reduce the burden the Democrats are placing on my Grandchildren, they instead will have a "symbolic" vote on increasing taxes. This is an outrage and the Democrats should be punished for trying showmanship rather than actually do their jobs.

According to Fareed Zakaria, the US currently has a more progressive income tax than even Europe. That's right folks, our so called rich, you know the ones Schumer want to raise taxes on with his symbolic vote, already pay a higher percentage in income taxes than their brethren in Europe. Yet the rich are the ones required to also invest in our economy in order to get it moving.

What a shame that the Democrats would shirk their responsibility and have a vote that they know will fail. Most voters understand the Democrats are for higher taxes and higher spending. We don't need a showboat vote on the "Buffet rule" to prove that the Democrats will never find a cut they can stomach nor a tax they don't like. Rather than go around wasting time, why won't the Democrast propose something in the form of a budget? The Democrats have been busy over the last week complaining about Paul Ryan's budget propposal. Yet Paul Ryan's plan is the only one in Congress. The Democrat leadership in the Senate has failed to even attempt to do their primary job. The senate democrats need to start focusing on the issues at hand. We need jobs, we need a reduction in deficit spending, we need budget cuts, what we don't need is a showboat vote on a tax that currently has no chance of being implemented. We need the Democrats to actually do their jobs and stop passing the blame on Republicans. The Republicans are at least doing their part in proposing something for a budget.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jon Corzine: Hero on the Left; A common Thief

Jon Corzine is a hero on the left. Corzinze resigned from the Senate so the left would keep the Statehouse in New Jersey after a Democratic Scandal. Corzine was hailed by Joe Biden as someone who Biden seeks economic advice from. Obama provided time and support during Corzine's failed Re-election campaign. Now we find out he is also a thief and a liar. See Corzine knowingly stole consumer money to pay off his overdraft on his JP Morgan account. Corzinze ordered at least $200 million dollars be sent to cover his overdraft. This is called stealing and he knew he wasn't supposed to do it. By doing it anyway, he showed a distinct disregard for the laws of our country. However, not bad enough that his mismanagement of his own firm sent it to bankruptcy, Corzine also lied in testimony before Congress. Seems the Democrats have such little respect for the laws of the Country and the rules in Congress that he believes he has the right to lie, cheat and steal. Typical behavior of the leftward politico's "all is good as long as it is other people's money they are spending.

Trayvon Martin: A Lesson On Civic Responsibility

Tragically, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. This was a senseless death, the result of a confrontation with a neighborhood watch. No charges were brought against the hispanic neighborhood watchman. George Zimmerman by engaging in his civic duty, is now the poster child for race relations in this country. Louis Farrakhan has issued a tweet stating oon there would be soon an answer through the law of retaliation. The Presidnet belives incredibly the issue is about him as he remarked that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon. Jesse Jackson is out there spouting that "blacks are under attack". The New Black Panter Party has "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters out for George Zimmerman. All of these race baiters are out there making an issue of race and somehow incredulously the media is blaming Rush and the Koch brothers for the violence.

To me all of these folks are missing the point. The point is this was a senseless death. George Zimmerman called the police and reported a suspicious individual. From eye witness accounts George was screaming for help. We are not sure who initiated the confrontation. Was it Trayvon feeling he was being watched for no reason or was it George who thought he had a burglar he was watching. This we are not sure. The police did not charge Zimmerman because at least initially it appears there is no contrary evidence to George's story that Trayvon confronted him and George defended himself. This appears to be a tragedy caused by the race baiters in this country and no one else.

See when the rce baiters use this example of violence directed towards Blacks and ignore the violence associated with Blaacks we have an issue. Where is Jesse, Obama, Farrakhan, and Sharpton speaking out against the Black on trial for robbing and killing two British tourists in Florida? See there is a stereotype in this country. It may be wrong but when violent behavior by Blacks is ignored because it is inconvenient or would provide credecne to the steretype that Balcks commit crimes, well then we are missing the issue at hand. Pushing race relations from the myoptic viewpoint of the race baiters will never work. If we want better race relations we need to speak out about everything related to race relations. When Balcks committ violent crimes the race baiters need to speak out and tell their listeners that violent behavior shines a poor light on everyone.

Only by having credibility on race will we be enabled to move away from race baiting and towards a harmonious society. Even the media had to get on board with the race baiting. Not only was George Zimmerman a hispanic, he was a white hispanic according to the media. These reports are about making race an issue where really race should never had been an issue. This is a tragedy. An investigation must be conducted to get all of the facts. I think we will find that this had very little to do with the races of Trayvon or George and more to do with a society unable to get past its poor race relations. We need leaders that speak out against all violent crime wheter when it comes to the races. We need people to break the stereo types not people that use the stereotypes to push a onesided agenda. The left perpetuates the stereo types to scream about injustices but forget that sometimes racial profiling maybe accurate. In order to get past this dilema we must have leaders that change the stereo type. The leaders must speak out for and against injustices that occur and change the stereotype. The problem is if the left didn't see a rcist behind every tree, if the left didn't have the stereotype to hype, then race relations would be fine and they would be out of a job. What should be taken from this tragedy is that leaders have a civic responsibilty to break down the stereotypes and not build them up. We should be taking the lesson of civic responsibility and not a lesson of race baiting. This was a senseless death, there is no need to make this about race relations as it has very little to do with race. Trayvon was a stranger in aneighborhood. Trayvon was acting suspicious in the eyes of the Neighborhood watch. Where is the race issue?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama's Pipeline To Nowhere

President Obama was in Cushing Oklahoma yesterday pushing the building of the southern half of the keystone pipeline. Obama heralded the efforts to build the southern half of the pipeline as proof he has a comprehensive energy plan. Yet the truth of the matter is that Obama had nothing to do with the southern half of the pipeline. The southern half of the pipeline was not Obama's initiative. The southern half of the pipeline did not require Obama's approval. Simply put Obama is taking credit for somebody else's work. Yet the real story here is not that the southern half is being constructed.

The real story is that none of the southern half of the pipeline matters. The southern half is a pipeline to nowhere unless it connects to the northern half that Obama is bloicking. The southern half is nothing more than a blight along the highway unless it is connected to the Canadien oil fields in the north. Both the northern half and southern half need to be built in order to move the resources to the refineries. Leave to Obama to half step a project and only build the half that doesn't matter and won't do anything to reduce the burden we all have at the pump. This truly is a pipeline to nowhere. It is a waste and Obama wants to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. Obama is a half wit.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Coming Battle

The upcoming battle for the hearts and minds of the American electorate is about to begin in earnest. We are now within 8 months of the election and the battleground on which the election will be fought have largely been drawn barring any major unknown happening. This election will be a referendum on Obama and his record. This election will be about leadership and direction. The election will be about where we are at currently, what direction we are moving in, and what direction we the people want the country to go.

Obama has been busy attempting to solidify his base. Everything from the "green energy" policies, to contraception arguments have been implemented and started by the President to shift the focus from his dismal failure of a record and onto buying votes. These iniitiatives are designed to keep Obama's base in line. The canceling of Keystone, the rising gasoline prices, and the "evil oilman" rhetoric are being pushed a a method to distract from the reality that gasoline prices have doubled under his President. This blame someone else game is all Obama can do. Obama has no credibility when it comes to his failures with solar companies like Solyndra. Obama has poured billions of dollars down the drain and then slowed the permit process for new sources of oil and energy. Obama needs woman as well as his Environmentalist vote. That is the reason for his contraceptive initiative just now coming out. Obama needed a wedge issue to take the people's mind off the dismal economic outlook for America. Obama is again trying to divide Americans to buy a few more votes. Having a religious exemption from providing "free contraception" is a no brainer. Dividing America on the issue is nothing more than ruse to shield Obaam from where the real battle lines.

The real battle lines in this election will be th economy where for three years Obama has touted how the economy was turning the corner. The 8.3 % unemployment rate is not going to get Obama elected. The rising gasoline prices will also be a defining issue. Should gasoline prices continue climbing as it appears they will, the economy will suffer. There is a point in time where companies will begin shifting rising costs onto the consumer. Watch for the second quarter and third Quarter GDP results. The final battle line will be the ever increasing deficit. Our government spends way to much of our money. Reducing the amount of proposed increases in expenditures is not a cut; it is a slowing of growth. We need to have an adult conversation about stopping the growth of the budget altogether and start reducing the expenditures. These are the battle lines on which the battle will be fought,the economy, the deficit, and energy policy.

Obama can attempt to buy all the votes he wants. But lets be clear, the republicans have been in a massive battle over the nomination and yet Obama still can't get his approval rating any where near 50%. Obama needs to be worried about his reelction chances. His ratings are low and even as republicans battle each other Obama doesn't have any traction. Incumbent Presidents that win reelection have momentum start building in the primary season. As long as Obama has to keep presuring his base to vote for him then Obama is sunk. Once the Republicans finally select their nominee and it appears to be close now, the focus will change from defeating another Republican to defeating Obama. The middle is crucial and whichever candidates can appeal to middle America will prevail. Romney is closer to the middle than Obama. Obama currently has much further to move to get to the center than the likely republican nominee. The battle lines are drawn and I feel good about my primary concern of defeating Obama at any cost.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Media Misunderstanding

There seems to be a media complex misunderstanding of the super Tuesday result last night. Don't be fooled by the left. The pathetic pawns in the media know this was a resounding victory for Mitt Romney. Santorum won Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Nothing wrong with those victories and it goes to show that Santorum has a strong following of supporters. The problem is that Romney Won six times last night and won big states like Ohio and Virginia. Now to be honest Ohio was close and Romney did not blow away Santorum. However, Ohio is not exactly a bell weather Republican State. Ohio is diverse and plays well into the message of Santorum. Ohio is a neighboring State to Pennsylvania, the home State of Santorum. Ohio is part of the so called rust belt with many blue collar workers, the same type of blue collar "Reagan Democrats" that Santorum appeals to. Also remember Bush won Ohio in 2004 against John Kerry because of the christian conservative vote from rural Ohio. The media complex wants a food fight between Republicans as they believe the longer this goes on the more Obama can solidify his base and turn to the center before the nomination is even over.

The issue witht he pathetic pawn theory is that Romney made a dramatic comeback in the State of Ohio. Two weeks ago with Santorum coming off sweeping non binding caucus wins, he was up double digits in Ohio ovr Romney. Once Romney was able to fend off Santorum in Michigan, the lead in Ohio diminished and Romney was able to come back and take a tough State for Moderate Republican to win in a Republican primary. Romney did quite well for himslef and essentially has now closed the deal. There are too many winner take all contests for the other to contend with. In the winner take all contests it won't matter if the race is close or not, a loss will be a loss and Romney looks to be on the right side of the ledger in most of the contests.

Don't believe what the media wants to portray. The pathetic pawns know they have a weak candidate in Obama. Obama has a poor record, a record of failure to run on. The pathetic pawns are pushing for an election of "our guy is bad, but yours is unknown and weak". For the pathetic pawns this will become a contest of weakness, an election about staying with the incometent we know versus the one we don't. Obama is the one with the weak hand. It is Obama that can't get his approval rating up above the magical 50%. it is Obama that has to interrrupt the super Tuesday news cycle in order to remain relevant. Obama must grandstand in order to diminish his opponent. If the opponent is dimisnished, Obama stands no chance as his reord is abysmal. The media is pushing a meme that they will portray as being a misunderstood reading of the electorate if their candidate should lose. Let there be no doubt the media has gone all in for Obama and the democrats regardless of the condition of the country we love.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Obama's Bait and Switch

Obama's energy policies have been a disaster. Stephen Chu, Obama's Energy secretary, even said that lowering the price of gasoline at the pump is not part of the plan. Obama blamed Bush for the high prices in 2008, but now that Bush is no longer around to blame, Obama must find a new person to blame. Rather than develop a comprehensive energy plan to help provide short term assistance while meeting longer term goals, Obama insists on making the pain at the pump part of his plan to reduce the amount of gasoline required. See if Obama can cause people enough pain than maybe they will sink all of their money into the Chevy Volt.

Obama is busy going around the country saying we need to stop the $ 4 billion subsidy that Big Oil enjoys. Now that may be true and perhaps we should wean the oil companies from the government teat. Yet, Obama's reduction of subsidies does nothing to help the problem at hand. Obama would just spend this $4 billion in other boondoggles like Solyndra. The price at the pump is not higher because of these subsidies and cutting these subsidies would under the best of circumstances would keep gasoline prices flat and worse case scenario cause the prices to increase even further as American Oil companies would have to charge even more to make a profit. Spending money on alternatives is great, but Obama is spending money to return favors to his campaign contributors. Over a billion dollars have been lost by the American taxpayer on crony companies that are going bankrupt at an alarming rate. Solyndra is but the tip of the ice berg.

This is a big bait and switch by Obama. Obama is turning attention away from the problem at hand. Obama is busy blaming others for his failed policies. We have not seen prices at the pump under $3.00 a gallon for over a year. Gasoline prices have doubled under Obama. Obama and his entire administration do not want to see prices under $3.00 because that may hinder his ability to launder campaign contributions into crony capitalist paybacks. Sure threaten to kill off the subsidies but really, what does that have to do with the high price of gasoline?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seriously? Just How Low Will the Media Stoop?

Today on Yahoo Finance, two clowns showed just how low the pathetic pawns in the media will stoop to push their failed chosen Presidential candidate. These two clowns must think the American people are idiots. Rather than come out with the truth and inform people that rising gas prices will have a negative effect on the economy, they stated that the high gas prices could be easily absorbed by the economy. Really? That is what the media is going with? Gas prices are higher today than they have ever been at this time of the year. The economy grew last year at under 2% last year. Unemployment is still over 8%. Job creation is under 300,000 per month. Europe is still in a mess. Iran is belligerent as ever. Yet these two clowns proclaim the rising gas prices won't have a dramatic effect on the economy.

First let's take what these pathetic pawns say at face value. Perhaps the balance books are in better shape today than there were in 2008. Perhaps even technology has increased our miles per gallon as people downsized their SUV's and a few more energy efficient cars have been sold. The economy probably won't go into free fall with the rising gas prices but is that really what these clowns are saying? Are they trying to tell people to brace themselves for a fall? No they are trying to say it will be barely noticeable. These clowns are trying to say we have such a robust economy that we will barely even notice. Sorry but the only way we wouldn't really notice is if the economy was growing at 4-5% a year.

Pump prices are on track to break records by peak season. The expectation is for gasoline prices to rise another 60 cents or so a gallon. Did these clowns miss last summer? As the gasoline prices approached $4.00 per gallon the economy almost shut down. Growth was anemic at under 1% a Quarter when the fuel prices rose. People will drive even less as prices rise. This will have a chain reaction as people tighten their belts. Businesses still licking their wounds from the last recession are not in position to bear the brunt of the burden of rising costs. As these costs are passed on to consumers inflation will rise. So not only will the dollar buy less that will cause fuel prices to rise even further. We have seen again and again that there is a point where the gasoline prices can't exceed without shutting the economy down. That point appears to be around $4.00 per gallon.

This mantra from the pathetic pawns is entirely new. In 2008, the media blamed the high fuel costs on Bush and made sure everyone knew that the high prices would doom the economy. The pathetic pawns wanted the economy to fail in 2008 in order to ensure their chosen candidate won. Now 4 years later under similar circumstances these same clowns have changed their tune. Sorry but the pathetic pawns are being dishonest.

I wonder who these clowns think will be unaffected. They make claims about light rail and mass transit. Yet that only helps the liberal elite that live in the concrete jungles. The urban poor may not notice either as they don't have the same necessity to drive that the middle class living in suburbia or rural America does. See these high gasoline prices will only really hurt the middle class. Obama gives hugh incentives for energy efficient cars but the only people that can afford them are in the top 5 % of Americans. The middle class do not live in the concrete jungles. Work is not with in walking distance, and mass transit is limited or doesn't exist. Sure Walmart and UPs may have more fuel efficient vehicles but farmers that produce food don't have more fuel efficient tractors. Sure the elitists can drive their fuel efficient cars to the grocery store, but the store clerks eking out a living have clunkers while earning a gallon of gas per hour. Many of these clerks will have to work 1.5 to 2.0 hours just to pay for the gasoline required for the privilege to have a job. The high price of fuel is going to be a drag on the economy whether these two idiots want you to believe it or not.

This is a cover for the radical ideas of the liberal left. The gasoline prices have doubled under this President and many Americans have adjusted their lifestyles to meet the challenge. The problem is we want to do more than barely make enough to pay for gasoline just to get to work. We want a decent living and not a bare existence. Obama has been an economic disaster. The media is doing its best to hide the fact that their chosen one is really a miserable one. Seriously, the pathetic pawns need a reality check. Believe me you can not get much lower in the eyes of the people than you already are.