Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snowe has a Point

Olympia Snowe has a very good point. There is great dysfunction in American politics.

“I made the decision not to run for reelection in the United States Senate and to pursue other opportunities outside the Senate, where perhaps I could give voice to the frustrations that exist with the political system here in Washington, where it’s dysfunction and the political paralysis has overtaken the environment to the detriment of this country,” Snowe continued, blaming both parties for the “dysfunction.”

The Senate has not passed a budget going on three years. We have had nothing but perpetual campaigns since 2000. Obama's signature legislation is unpopular, unconstitutional, and as partisan as it gets. Republicans for their part won't yield on their tax pledges. Refuse to even come to the table to discuss an appropriate tax reform method. Our jobless rate is declining only because people have given up hope of finding jobs. Gasoline prices are a burden to all families and yet we can't agree on an energy policy that both corrects the long term issue and short term necessities. Snowe is a moderate and sometimes I agree with her and sometimes I don't. On this I agree, our government is dysfunctional and it is the fault of both party's.

Why Should We Pay for the Woman to Have Sex???

College Coed Susan Fluke says contraception should be free for all women. In her claim it costs $160 a month to have birth control and that is too high of a price for women to pay in order to have sex whenever they want without being punished with pregnancy. My question is why should I have to pay for her to have sex? After all only one other person enjoys it when she has sex and in all likelihood it won't be me or you. I don't ask for the tax payer to pay for my vices, why in the world would I pay for hers?

This whole contraception mess is Obama's way of pandering to women. Obama wanted this fight to solidify his support among women. Obama needs women in large numbers to be reelected and by pushing his abortion views onto the public and calling it a contraception bill he is able to claim it is about a woman's health. I would say contraception and abortion have less to do with a woman's health and more to do with a woman's wanton ways.

Sexual intercourse is a basic need for human survival. In order for humans to exist, women and men need to have sex to produce off spring. Without off spring there is no human race. So now we have Obama forcing us to pay for sex, whether we are involved or not. There is no reason why the tax payer should be paying for women or men for that matter to kill off their offspring. If women and men want to kill off their off spring than they should pay for it plain and simple. If the woman can't afford the contraception then why not have the man they are so madly in love with that they have sex, pay for the contraception? This mess is Obama's way of pandering to women to win their support in the November election. Are women really that cheap? If they are then Rush is right, women are nothing but prostitutes. After all they do want to be paid for having sex.

Obama Still In Trouble

Don't believe the hype from the left or the confidence from Obama. The fact remains that Obama is still in trouble and his reelection remains in much doubt. When the unemployment numbers started to improve, Obama and his media propagandists starting portraying Obama as almost inevitable. The media started going as far as to state the Republicans are blowing this election cycle. Yet using history as the model, Obama is in big trouble.

Incumbent Presidential candidates heading into primary season that have not yet solidified their own base behind them have lost. Take every election from 1968 forward and we can see the incumbents that had trouble with their base in the primary season have lost. In 1968 there was no incumbent. The incumbent party however was in a state of disarray. Robert Kennedy was assassinated leaving the anti war movement backing McGovern and the establishment backing Humphrey. The riots in 1968 all but ensured a defeat for the Democrats. The base never came together and Humprhey was unable to move towards the center. In 1972, Nixon had his base solidified while McGovern was running for the nomination. McGovern was not the establishment choice but won grassroots democrats. It took time for McGovern to solidify the base. Nixon on the other hand had the power of the Presidency and was able to move to the center and stay there. Nixon having his base solidly behind him coasted to reelection. In 1976, the aftermath of the Nixon resignation was still at play. Ford had to spend time solidifying the base after Reagan had decided to run in a primary against the incumbent. With the country trying to heal itself after Vietnam and Watergate scandal Ford spent precious time solidifying the base while the Democrats and Jimmy Carter played the middle and ran a change campaign. By 1980, America had become fed up with Carter. Ted Kennedy ran the spoiler in the primary against Carter. Carter couldn't hold onto his base and had to spend precious time during the convention trying to heal the wounds and splits within the party. Reagan won big. In 1984 Reagan had a solid base behind him and he was able to run from the center, There was no primary challengers and the party backed Reagan as did the rest of the country. Mondale didn't stand a chance even as he selected the first female running mate. With the good times of Reagan being passed on to Bush the elder, the base of the Republican party was behind Bush during the Primary. Bush was able to run for the middle of the electorate while Dukakis had to again heal his own party. 1992 was a year of discontent in the Republican party. The tax increases signed into law turned the party against Bush. Bush was challenged in the primary by Buchanan and eventually Ross Perot was able to stake out a claim in the middle. Clinton came in and won the contest with less a majority of the votes. So even as the Democrats were in disarray the Republicans were even worse, with Perot ensuring Bush would be unable to get to the middle of the electorate. In 1996, Dole had to solidify the Republicans. Dole was the establishment choice but not the grassroots choice. Clinton by 1996 had made his triangulation strategy a success, Clinton stayed in the middle and won the election. The 2000 race was very strange. Bush ended up winning against the incumbent party. The country had soured of the Clinton scandals and the country was indeed split between the two party candidates. In 2004, Bush was able to run from the middle. The Democrats was splintered and a weak John Kerry emerged. Kerry had to solidify his base and couldn't make up the ground required to take out an incumbent. In 2008, we had another change election very much like 1976. The country was tired of war and the Bush administration. The Democrats were unified in their hatred of Bush and it wouldn't have mattered who won the nomination the Democrats were going to vote lock step for the nominee. Obama was able to run his nuanced pragmatic campaign from the middle. Obama won in a landslide.

This brings us tot he current race. Now Obama is not being primaried so that is good for the incumbent. The issue is that Obama through action is still trying to solidify his base. The democrats are not happy with Obama's environmental record. In response Obama turned down the keystone project to appeal to the environmentalists. Obama is weaker when it comes to those under 30. In response Obama hails education investments and backs the Occupy movements. Obama was weaker against women. In response Obama picks a fight with Catholics and mandates contraception free for all with no religious exceptions. These three examples are proof Obama doesn't have his base solidly behind him. Obama by this point should be in general election and not running for his base. If Obama has to continue running to solidify his base rather than run towards the middle with his nuances and pragmatism, he will lose. As soon as the Republican is selected, the nominee will secure his base and start for the middle. If Obama hasn't already staked out the middle ground by the time the Republicans have made a choice, he may not get there. The longer Obama stays under 50% in his approval ratings the harder it will be for him to win a majority. Regardless of the pundits Obama is still in a lot of trouble, even if he is the odds on favorite.

Pelosi Confidence Unwarranted

Despite the recent hype from Nancy Pelosi and the DNCC the Democrats are still in trouble for their planned takeover of the House. We heard the same hype in 2010 and we all know how that worked out. Pelosi is blowing smoke hoping to keep the money rolling in in hopes of pulling what now looks like a huge upset. But what would one expect a minority leader to say?

First for Pelosi and her claim of confidence at the possible takeover of the House. Let me remind everyone that in Spring of 2010, Pelosi was saying there was no way possible the Democrats would lose the House and yet it was a landslide. Even the left wing pundits were slow accept an impending defeat for Democrats in 2010. Sure, the left claimed they would take loses but never did they publicly state a possibility, even a remote one, that Republicans had a prayer of taking the House. We all know how that worked out. Also it was apparent the Democrats would lose in 2010 as they were significantly behind in the Generic Republican versus the generic Democrat question in the polls. Now the Democrats and Republicans are roughly running even, with the Democrats slightly ahead, according to the Real Clear Politics average. That close favors Republicans not the Democrats. Whenever the Democrats did extremely well they were trouncing Republicans by double digits in the generic polls. The Democrats had modest gains when the split favored Democrats by 5-10%. However, republicans did modestly well when they trailed by 5% or less to having slight favoring. When they were up over 5% in the generic polls, the Republicans trounced the Democrats. With the current split being less than 1% in favor of Democrats, I would say Republicans will hold their own in the House races. Right now the Republicans are still lining up behind one of four candidates for President. here is a split in the party and with that split will come uncertainty in Republicans. Once the nominee is selected and starts laying out an agenda people will have to chose what vision is closer to their own, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, or a Republican alternative. Bottom line is that this is way to early to be making predictions for the House and Senate. A Presidential Nominee must be selected first and once that happens we shall see. Let me tell you though that unless the Democrats vastly improve in the eyes of the electorate they will be taking another drubbing in November.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romney Wins The Night And Probably More

Romney just won both Arizona and Michigan tonight. In Arizona, Romney almost broke the 50% barrier. In Michigan the race was much closer but a win nonetheless. In the end I think tonight went a long way towards selecting the Republican nominee. I no longer see Santorum as having any chance for an upset. Santorum's last line of defense is Ohio. Santorum is currently up in Ohio but tonight should provide Romney with enough momentum to keep Ohio close if not win. Gingrich has a bigger chance of capturing some momentum but that relies on winning Georgia and Tennessee, while Santorum must win Ohio.

Romney is not my first choice and in all likelihood will not secure my Primary vote. In the general, Romney will have my vote safe an secure. Romney is right, we can not afford another four years of an Obama administration that is not constrained by another election. An Obama win in November will be the fall of a Nation. Romney is not a candidate without flaws. Yet he shines in comparison to the current White House occupant. Without something big coming out, Romney will be the nominee. It is time to start uniting behind the candidate a majority of Republicans will have selected. It is time to unleash our chosen candidate on Obama. It is time to stop the infighting and start placing Obama on the defensive.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Turn Around Is Fair Play

Remember when the Democrats were running in 2006 and 2006? Right, when the left was all up in arms over a rogue administration. The Democrats were screaming that dissent was a good thing even as they were warned that their rhetoric provided aid and comfort to the enemy. Remember when Harry Reid threatened to shut down the government over the surge in Iraq? Remember when the left placed ads in the NYT portraying "General Betrayus"? Remember when Reid said this war is lost? Remember when Hillary spoke eloquently of how dissent is at the root of Patriotism? Well now the shoe is on the other foot.

Obama's military committed a heinous crime in the eyes of the Islamic infidels. It was a simple mistake by soldiers more concerned about bringing peace to a war torn country than checking the trash for sensitive items that should not have been burned. Obama has been criticized for apologizing to Afghanistan. The left is defending Obama's position. Hillary has been particularly strong spoken and stated "dissent from the right is not helpful". I wonder where she was when Bush could have used some support when the left was busy slinging unhelpful dissent towards an administration leading a war effort?

Now I am not here to say Obama was wrong in offering an apology. Perhaps an apology was in order, after all, we were desecrating religious material. However, Obama was warned in the past that his apologies for American were unwarranted and not helpful. Obama was warned in previous apologies that America is made to appear weak when the President was busy scurrying around apologizing for every fault America had whether real, perceived, or not. Now we see where the apologies have gotten us. Obama singlehandedly is losing all of the gains we made these last few years in Afghanistan. Obama may have just lost the Afghanistan war. It may be near impossible now to get the Afghans to see the power of democracy over the despotic tribal rule the Afghans know. Perhaps a little dissent is good after all.

See Bush was berated by the left and the Republicans were banished to the wilderness for a couple of years. The dissent against Bush created a change in Washington political leaders but the dissent didn't change the fact that Iraq was not a lost war. The left dissent did not change the fact that the surge in Iraq worked out better than anyone could have imagined. Bush's plans worked regardless of the political dissent hurled at a wartime President. Contrast that with what all of Obama's apologies have done. Iran is more belligerent than ever. Egypt is in the hands of radical Islamists. Putin laughs at us. The Chinese have us bowing to them. The Saudi's have us begging for more oil. So Bush succeeded in spite of dissent. Obama has succeeded in creating dissent. Sorry Hillary but turn around is fair play and in this case Obama's apologies make us look weak and in all likelihood will lose us the war in Afghanistan. Obama's foreign policy is a disaster, now it is time to send the democrats to the wilderness for a couple of years.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obama's Blame Game

The Obama administration is light on taking responsibility and heavy on passing on blame. Obama is currently fundraising and politicizing the high pump prices we are paying, yet takes no responsibility for his own energy policies. Obama always takes credit when the unemployment numbers go down, yet blames others when there is any set back. Obama blames others for the increasing wage gap between the rich and poor, yet refuses to take responsibility for having placed the most people ever onto the food stamp program. Obama blames Wall Street for the housing mess yet, refuses to take responsibility for his lawsuits forcing the financial institutions to make riskier and riskier loans. Obama will only take credit for the popular and the good, whether or not he is responsible for them or not. The question is how long will Obama's followers and adoring media lapdogs continue allowing Obama to play the blame game?

There is a funny thing about history: We can't change what happened. Blaming others doesn't do anything to fix the problem. America is in dire need of leadership and this President refuses to take ownership or responsibility. Obama is about to blow through $2.1 trillion dollars worth of debt in 14 months. Yet, he blames the trillion dollar deficits on Republicans. Obama promised to cut the annual budget deficit in half during his first term, yet he blames Bush because the recession was even deeper than he anticipated. Obama must have forgotten he was in the Senate voting on budget appropriations all throughout Bush's second term. Obama speaks of balance between cuts and tax increases yet only proposes tax increases. Obama is the most spend thrift President we have ever seen and blaming others is not taking us forward.

Gasoline prices have doubled at the pump since Obama took office. Prices today are higher then they were at this time in 2008, yet Obama blamed Bush in 2008, and now blames the Koch brothers. Gasoline pump prices have not been below $3.00 a gallon in over a year. Obama mocks Republicans for the desire to have $2.00 gasoline, yet takes no responsibility for the approaching $4.00 gasoline. Obama blames the rich oil men yet refuses to approve the Keystone project. Obama blames Iran for the recent spike in prices, yet refuses to allow more drilling in ANWR. Obama takes credit for the increase in oil production stateside, even though the increase in production were approved under Bush. Obama blames BP for oil spills yet, takes no responsibility for his illegal moratorium. Obama blames everyone else yet refuses to take responsibility for failed investments in company's like Solyndra. Obama is full of blame for the ever increasing gasoline prices and yet offers such awesome solutions such as inflating your tires and investing in Algae.

Obama is fond of taking credit for Osama and Libya yet refuses to take responsibility for Egypt and Syria. Egypt blackmailed this President to continue sending millions of dollars in aid or threatened to void the Israeli peace treaty. Obama blames Bush for isolating our enemies yet refuses to take responsibility for an increasingly belligerent Iran. Obama blamed poor relations with Syria on Bush for not engaging them, yet refuses to take responsibility for the thousands that have died under the Syrian regime cracking down on protestors. If the Syrian Shiite regime goes down to the Sunni majority, will Obama take credit for the impending Al Queda regime?

The bottom line is Obama passes the blame on everyone else. Nothing is ever this President's fault. Everything is in the too hard to do box and yet Obama wants another term? Please tell me why he deserves another chance. Obama and the Democrats have controlled the agenda in Washington since 2007. (Yes 2007, because Bush was a lame duck and the Republicans decimated in the 2006 mid term elections). Obama and the democrats held a filibuster proof majority for Obama's first two years of his administration and yet still takes no responsibility for where we are economically. In six years of Democrat control of the Washington agenda we have seen a death spiral in debt, a tripling of fuel prices, an explosion of dependency on government, an ever rising homeless issue, an ever widening income gap, and an ever increasing hostility towards Americans world wide. Yet rather than lead, Obama insists on blaming others and begging for another term. Why? In six years, the Democrats have done nothing to reverse the trends of the previous six Bush years. Six years of Democrat rule is more than enough. We need leadership and it isn't coming from the left. All we'll get from the left is another four years of blaming others for their own failed policies.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

From The Smartest President Ever We Get....Algae???

In 2008, the American people we inundated by Obama's adoring faithful in the press with accounts of how smart Obama was. Yet with gasoline prices doubling under his watch what do we get? Let me tell you, the American people get ridiculed because they would like to utilize our own Natural Resources and we get the answer to our thirst for oil. That answer according to the smartest guy in any room is algae.

This would be hilarious if it wasn't true. Obama, Mr, Smart Guy, tells us how algae is going to save the day. Just a little investment and algae could replace almost 17% of our oil requirements. No need for further drilling, just allow Obama to takeover land mass the equivalent of South Carolina and 25% of our irrigation capabilities and walla we have oil. The problems with algae was even written in the study Obama was quoting from:

It would take acreage equivalent to the area of South Carolina to generate that much oil
It takes 350 gallons of water for every one gallon of oil you produce
Meeting that water requirement would take 25% of our irrigation capacity
It takes even more water than that unless you use lakefront and oceanfront real estate

I would have expected such grandiose schemes from and eighth grade science project not from the President of the United States. Especially a President that is supposedly Mr. Cool under pressure, and the smartest in any room. I know lately the media is busy pushing that the gasoline prices are beyond the Presidents control, even though in the summer of 2008 the high prices were laid upon the feet of President Bush by the same media pawns. I'm sorry but the steep rise of the price of Gasoline under Obama's watch are almost entirely his fault. Obama is not an "all of the above" energy policy agent, He is an anything accept oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Coal, well anything but what we currently have developed. Obama is throwing spitballs trying to find something that sticks. Obama long ago run out of ideas for this country. It is high time we find a "less smart" more capable President. I would much rather have a rational and prudent President, than some one who thinks like an eighth grader.

The Real Extremists

America has heard the 2012 campaign talking points from the democrats and its that the Republicans are extremists. Yet most of the republican ideas are mainstream supply side economics and plans that help not just the short term but also the long term. Obama's "let's invest in Algae technology" over lets drill our own oil and run a pipeline with our Canadian neighbors is what is extreme. Obama's own Treasury Secretary admitted, the administration is out of ideas and has no intention of fixing the issues.

It is not extreme to curb spending. What is extreme is to run annual deficits at a trillion dollar clip. In three years Obama has never run a deficit of less than a trillion dollars. Obama is on pace to blow $2.1 trillion dollars in 15 months or less. Geithner is going to have use "extreme" measures to get Obama through this election with the debt ceiling. Right now Geithner is projecting the debt ceiling to be reached between the end of the fiscal year and the end of the calendar year. The media lapdogs are reaching out to economists that say Geithner will be able to stretch the debt ceiling into FEB '13 by implementing accounting gimmicks and stop paying into retirement funds for federal employees. The issue isn't the accounting gimmickery or the stopping of paying into retirement, its that Obama promised to cut the budget deficit in half his first term and rather than balance a budget, Obama succeeded in becoming the first President ever to run trillion dollar deficits every year he has been in office.

Obama is fond of using the 99% versus 1% populist tone. Yet what is extremist is that Obama has stated and believes in "trickle up" economics. Nancy Pelosi says food stamps and unemployment checks are more stimulative and add more to the economy than anything else the government can do. Obama claims everyone "needs to have skin in the game" and speaks of "tax fairness", yet 49% of the people pay no income taxes. That is extremist. Where is the fairness and who has "skin in the game" when almost half the people in this country pay nothing in income taxes? A simple fact is Obama has become the food stamp President. More people are on food stamps today than ever before. All Obama has done is make the poor poorer. Obama's own economic policies have created very few real jobs and our labor participation rate are the lowest they have been in a generation. Obama has created a whole new desperate class. A class of people that when extended unemployment benefits run out, they run to the Social Security Administration to file disability claims. This desperate class will continue draining the Social Security disability fund even if the economy turns around. This desperate class of people is Obama's new dependent class that he plans to have continue voting for the party of entitlements rather than the party of opportunity.

Obama and his enablers in the media claim he has an "all of the above" energy plan. Yet Obama ridicules the call for drilling our own. Obama kills the keystone project that would partner with our northern neighbor bringing more jobs into our country and reducing the cost of gasoline in our country. Obama and his media propagandists want to claim it is not Obama's fault we are again approaching $4 per gallon of gas. Pelosi wants to blame it on wall street. Yet it is Obama that according to the judicial branch, illegally shut down oil drilling and permits with his moratorium in the gulf. It was the democrats that voted down the ANWR project last week. Obama's answer to higher gasoline prices? Algae, thats right algae. This falls right in line with Obama's "keep your tires inflated" as a means of reducing gasoline consumption to lower prices. Bottom line is Obama believes higher gasoline prices will force us to consume less. Obama doesn't care that our economy will fall apart. Obama and his enablers on the left ridicule the Republicans of looking back for the answers for the future, but it is Obama that wants to literally take us back to a time before oil and the combustion engine.

The real extremists are the Obama and the democrats. They have run out of ideas. Keynesian economics is a failure. The economy is about to shut down due to Obama's energy policies. The labor force will continue to shrink and even more people will become dependent on Government. Obama will ensure the wage gap between the rich and the poor continue to widen. We will be back to horse and buggy days soon. No wonder Obama wants to take away our guns, because when American society breaks apart and we return to the wild west days, where the rich get richer and the poor get shot, the democrats will lose their voting base.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Disappearing Workforce

The pathetic pawns in the media have been hailing the turnaround in unemployment numbers. The unemployment rate is currently 8.3%, down significantly over the last few months. The jobs numbers haven't been enough to explain the unexpected good news. The numbers have been good in as much as there is a dwindling workforce. We haven't seen this low of a labor participation rate since the early eighties. The low participation rate in the early eighties is attributable to a recession but more importantly to a time when less households had multiple breadwinners. Throughout the nineties and the turn of the century many households had dual incomes to make ends meet. In fact having dual income earners became almost a necessity just to get by. Yet the numbers on the participation rate keep getting worse. Where has the workforce gone?

The answer is partially revealed in a New York Post Column today. It seems the unemployed are waiting for their extended unemployment checks and benefits to run out and then they file for disability. The number of people on disability is 10.5 million people or 5.3% of the population between 25 and 64. This is an 18% increase since the recession and many of these people will continue on disability even after jobs return. After all why work when there is free money to be had. The justification is mental illness probably associated with stress because of joblessness. Mental stress is understandable, but where are the pathetic pawns highlighting the failure of this administration to address joblessness and the economy? After all Obama through a trillion dollars at the problem and then ignored it for almost three years. Now because its election year Obama is busy blaming the Republicans.

We are failing as a country and offering free benefits is going to become an issue as people find there is no other way out. Instead of welfare as we used to know it, now we welfare in the form of disability insurance that will crush the economy just as the other entitlement programs the government runs. Want to find the missing labor force? Just go to the local Social Security Administration office and watch the disability claims come in for curious claims of mental stress. Some of the claims are likely necessary. However, it is a shame the pathetic pawns continue carrying Obama's water while the workforce continues to decline and disability claims continue to rise.

Michigan, Ohio, Super Tuesday, and a Brokered Convention

The state of the nomination process is such that after super Tuesday we will know which way the wind is blowing and whether or not there is a candidate Republican and the Nation can rally around or the Republicans are on collision course with a brokered convention where anything can happen. Here is where I feel the race is at currently and what needs to happen for each candidate to remain a viable candidate.

Mitt Romney can not lose in Michigan. Even a close victory will be a victory and probably enough to keep the establishment Republicans from becoming overly skittish and bail on his campaign. A lose though no matter how close will be devastating. No longer will Mitt be able to claim inevitability or electability. The establishment will be on the search for a candidate that is a proven winner and be able to rally the base while at the same time appeal to the moderates and independents. Mitt does have the money and may be able to push forward but he will be a wounded candidate that will no longer be a viable candidate in November. If Mitt loses in Michigan the base will not rally behind him and if the conservatives sit this election out Mitt will become a landslide loser. Now it may be the case that currently Mitt has the best chance of beating Obama. Mitt has the appeal of independents and moderates. If Mitt can just win Michigan it may collapse the support for Santorum. Let there be no doubt Mitt needs to hang on and win Michigan. Mitt has 9 days to gain the upper hand, his work is cut out for him.

Rick Santorum needs to win in Ohio to remain viable. Santorum should be able to keep it close in Michigan and if he does Ohio should not become an issue for him to win. However, should Santorum slip up and lose Ohio there is no viable path for him as his money will dry up and he will have no where left to run. Michigan would go a long way in ensuring Santorum remains the front runner in Ohio but any major gaffes or big loses in Michigan, Washington, and Arizona could well spell the end for Santorum. Everyone expects Santorum to lose Arizona but Santorum just needs to keep Romney under 50% and a close win in Michigan or even a close loss will keep Ohio in play for Santorum. Ohio is Santorum's last stand, he either wins here or he is done for this campaign season.

Newt Gingrich needs to have a good super Tuesday. In all likelihood he needs to win two and probably three states in order to remain a viable candidate. Gingrich needs to win his home State of Georgia and Tennessee. Additionally, Gingrich probably needs to win Oklahoma. If Gingrich is a viable candidate he has to win his home State and regionalize the race. Gingrich has to win the South and West and have Romney winning Ohio and elsewhere to have a path to the nomination. Right now it is not looking good for Gingrich at all, he needs to come up big on Super Tuesday and not being on the ballot in Virginia is not helping his cause. A loss in Georgia or Tennessee will be the end of the Gingrich Campaign.

Ron Paul probably has no viable path for the nomination except through a brokered Convention and then even receiving the nod is slim at best. Paul's greatest weapon is remain in the race and win delegates. Paul can be a kingmaker or at least ensure he has a place at the convention table as the Republican platform is being built. Paul needs some delegates to steer the platform towards the libertarian side of the party. There are still caucus states left on the calendar and Paul needs to keep winning delegates in these events.

Now I do not believe a brokered convention is going to happen. However, it is still very much in play. In order to remain a viable option a lot of things must happen between now and the MAR 7, the day after super Tuesday. First Santorum needs to win in Michigan and Ohio. Second, Gingrich must win Georgia and Tennessee. The race must become a three way regional race with Santorum winning the Midwest, Romney the North East and West Coast and Gingrich winning the South. If Gingrich can not win the South it will quickly become a two man race between Santorum and Romney. Romney only loses if he should somehow find a way to lose Michigan and is unable to get any momentum for super Tuesday. I don't see the stars aligning right now for a brokered convention but it is still a viable path as long as Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney remain with viable paths and keep receiving money. Three weeks and we should know exactly where the nomination is headed.

President Downgrade Miscalculated???

Last August our credit rating was lowered by the Standard and Poor's rating firm. Obama of course blamed the discourse on the Republicans and didn't take a lick of blame for the debt crisis we are facing in this country. Obama ultimately buffaloed the Republicans into believing he would get serious when it comes to the budget deficits. In return for an immediate increase in the debt limit, Obama promised a debt commission and automatic budget cuts aimed at getting both sides to come to an agreement. This debt commission was set up for failure from the beginning. There was no way the Republicans and Democrats that were named to the commission were ever going to be able to come to an agreement. Both sides selected ideologues for this commission knowing that if they couldn't agree that there was no way democrats would allow the medicare cuts and the republicans allow the defense cuts to be too large as to turn off their base. Obama gamed the system so that he could have his debt limit increase and would not have to worry about the deficit until he was at least a lame duck, when he would be enabled to demagogue the situation with no fear of reprisal. However, it seems he miscalculated.

Obama received his $2.1 trillion increase int he debt limit but it may not make it through the election cycle. Seems now that maybe the President will burn through $2.1 trillion in less than 14 or 15 months placing the debt limit front and center just before the election. In the event that Obama spends $2.1 trillion in addition to all of the revenue he takes in over what will amount to be 15 months, we as a country will be sunk. A $16.6 trillion debt on the books without even counting our unfunded liabilities will be taking America where the Greeks have already gone. Deficit spending in access of 100% of GDP will make it impossible to grow out of our problem. Having another downgrade in our credit rating will only compound the issue. As the costs associated with borrowing money increase so will the interest on existing debt. We will quickly spiral out of control.

Obama is busy attempting to buy enough votes to stay on as President. My question is why does he want to be President? Obama has done nothing to fix the economy. All Obama has done is spend us into oblivion by borrowing almost as much in four years as Bush did in eight. Obama is only focusing on the economy for the first time in three years because his poll numbers are weak. Obama talks about investing in the future but has not laid out what his vision for America is exactly. We can surmise from his actions that Obama sees an America that is unable to feed the, unable to protect the elderly, and unable to provide defense against our enemies. Obama is slowly ensuring anarchy ensues in his quest for an egalitarian utopia that does not really exist beyond the dreams of the left wing ideologues.

Obama is directly responsible for the first downgrade in the US credit rating and is cruising towards another. All Obama did was spend money we do not have. Obama calculated a number that would ensure another debt limit increase was either one of the last things he does as President or the first thing he accomplishes as a lame duck President. Obama tried to ensure that someone else would be to blame for his willful disregard of other people's money and the American way of life. now I am sure the Tax cheat from Treasury will do everything he can to game the system to ensure the $2.1 trillion makes it past November. The tax cheat will stop contributing to retirement benefits or other such accounting gimmicks to get Obama through. The problem is an out of control spend thrift that has run out of ideas. Obama may have miscalculated more than just the debt limit he requires. Let's hope that he miscalculated the mood of the American people and he becomes one of those waiting in the unemployment lines.

The Enemy Is Within The Gates

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

The above quote is attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero Circa 58 BC in a speech given to the Roman Senate. This quote has so much meaning in what is happening today within our government. The recent debate on the abortifacient mandate is a prime example of how our politicians "speak in accents familiar to his victims". The left says this is about women's health, women's right's, and family. Yet it is an assault on our right to religious freedom. Obama has stated that he believes the church stops at the doors of the house of worship. Religion doesn't extend past the doors of the church and therefore forcing Catholic Hospitals and Universities to purchase products that violate their conscience is not an issue. See to Obama, the St. Joseph Hospital for Children is not a religious organization but just another hospital. This assault on religion is a example of how Obama and his enablers on the left are implementing their war against America.

America was founded on the fundamental principles of individual freedom and liberties. The left has steadily been taking away freedom and rights from individuals and making the State the owner of the rights and freedoms. Bush was ridiculed by the left because of his faith based initiatives. Yet the left hails the individual mandate in Obama's health care takeover. Obama has divided America with his populist rhetoric. It used to be everyone had dreams of making it big, Obama is pushing not to provide opportunity but to take from the rich to give to the poor. Rhetoric is the accent Obama uses to speak to victims. The left is famous for using anecdotal evidence and parading around individuals when it suits their cause. Yet once their cause is under government control the left forgets its victims.

Take Cindy Sheehan for example. Ms. Sheehan was a media darling protesting the Iraq war after her son died in combat. The left paraded her around and allowed her to speak and constantly used her to spread anti war sentiment. Yet once Bush was vanquished and public opinion turned against Bush, the left no longer had a need for Ms. Sheehan and cast her away. See the Democrats won Congress in 2006 and followed that up with expanding their majorities and winning the White house in 2008. Sheehan was the useful idiot, only popular when she was undermining a Republican but no longer necessary when the left got their liberal dream for a President. As Obama's mask slips we can see the for all of his rhetoric, all of his "nuances" and pragmatism is nothing more than the mask of an elitist that believes he knows what is best for individuals rather than the individuals themselves. It is Obama spreading the hate and discontent. It is Obama that ridiculed the tea Party activists as racist and insincere, yet wraps his arms around the Occupy movement.

The Occupy movement will again become part of Obama's useful idiots. Obama will attempt to buy their votes by initiating ideas that appeals to this segment of the electorate at the expense of the rest of the country. Obama has forsaken the good of the country with the keystone decision to keep his extremist base satisfied. Obama will continue dividing the country and taking away the individual freedoms for as long as he is President. The Fast and Furious fiasco was nothing more than a scheme to limit the individual right to bear arms. There hasn't been one policy proposed by Obama that is for the greater good of American citizens. Every policy implemented by Obama has been to weaken American Exceptionalism. Obama's policies have taken away freedoms and liberties from the individuals and given them to the federal government. We should all be very afraid. When the DNC Chair says its not the job of religious sectors to define what is good for the people and that is the job of government we should all be outraged. We are about to lose our country to a group of elitists that want to dictate to individuals what is good for them.

We can llok at everything from liberal education to the minimum wage to the dependency on social welfare and entitlement programs. None of these is there to help the greater good but make individuals dependent on the State for their very survival. Education in America is sorely lacking. Yet school teachers find it more important to teach kindergarteners sex education while our reading, writing, and arithmetic, scores continue to decline. Through our liberal laws we keep raising the age of responsibility rather than really hold anyone responsible. We wouldn't want Obama's daughters punished because they decided to have unprotected sex. We wouldn't want homeowners responsible for the debt documents they sign we'll just bail them out. We wouldn't want our children to learn responsibility by working and saving, we'll just raise the minimum wage so employers won't take the risk of hiring adolescents when the pay is in line with what an adult would take to make ends meet. We wouldn't want to teach financial responsibility to high school students so we'll just make a law whereas no one under 18 can obtain a loan without a parent to co-sign.

In 2008, we elected an enemy of American ideals. His snake oil slogan of "hope and change" spoke to the supposed victims. Once in office Obama went down the path of taking away the very freedoms he swore to defend. Let us not make the same mistake again, Obama is the enemy within and we may not be able to recover if he has another four years to destroy our way of life. It took Obama two and a half years to even think about the economy. Do you think he will care about the unemployment rate after he is a lame duck?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Federal Workers are not the Problem

As the recession lingers there are more complaints about the compensation received by federal workers. The claim is the average federal employee makes twice what the average American makes when pay and benefits are combined. The way some are complaining one would think the federal employees have a say in how much they are receiving in compensation. Federal employees have no say in how much they receive in pay or other benefits. The fact of the matter is federal employees have become a punching bag. Those claiming disparity between public and private workers use generalities. They use averages but the comparison is apples and oranges. The equivalent of CEO's in the federal government make no where near what their equivalent CEO in private industry. The work place in the government is not a microcosm of American labor. Simply put the jobs are not distributed the same way. In order to make the claim some are making one would have to look at job description by job description. In my opinion if one were to look at the number of lawyers, auditors, and doctors required one would see a strike difference in the numbers when compared to the private workplace. The generalizations and comparisons of averages simply don't pass the sniff test. I think if one was to include the military in the calculations the federal compensation for employees would be lowered closer to the private workplace. Yet, those on the right crying about federal employees dare not speak ill of the military so they conveniently leave out a very large segment of the federal workplace.

Federal workers do not have a strong union. The federal government is basically a right to work organization. The federal government does not automatically deduct union dues and many belong to the bargaining unit without ever becoming union members. Compensation is not negotiable and unions have no say in the matter. Compensation comes in the form of proposals and legislation. The harping on federal employees like they have a strong union that is bankrupting the country is not true.

Now this is not to say that reform could not be made to reduce some of the compensation federal employees have. Reforms could be made, reforms that compared job by job to the private work place so people are compensated similarly in both the public and private work places. Under Obama there has been an explosion of people at the very top of the federal workplace. Some of these Czars and special offices created by Obama should probably be reduced. The government has added numbers to the ranks and perhaps some personnel cuts need to be made. I'm not saying federal workers do not have to make sacrifices, they will. The issue is the comparisons are making federal workers look like they are reaping some huge benefits while the case is probably federal workers are compensated similarly to their private counterparts. The budget wars should not be about the workers private and public but rather what we want government to do and what we want them to stay out of so we can reduce the budget deficits. Federal civilians have not received cost of living increases in over a year and will not receive one for at least the next year. This passed without any mass protests. The federal workforce took the hit and moved on. The right need to focus on the programs that are bankrupting the country and the workers. The public workforce will decline as programs are scrapped. The federal workers are people just like private workers, focus on the problem and not the symptom.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Reality Check

The left is heralding the idea that a second Obama administration and shift towards the democrats this November. Pelosi is busy proclaiming the democrats will take over the House. Nate Silver and other left leaning propagandists are proclaiming Obama is inevitable and the Republicans are blowing the race. Yet I'm not so sure that the recent uptick in approval ratings is necessarily good news for Obama. I definitely do not agree that Obama has a 60% chance of winning the Presidency. Additionally, I don't see the Democrats retaining control of the Senate. If the latest poll out of MA is any where near the truth, the Democrats have no chance of keeping the Senate.

I'd like a good explanation of how one believes Obama has a 60% chance of winning in November? Obama is currently under 50% in the RCP average of polls. The only polls showing Obama with an above 50% approval are media polls of all or registered voters. Both All people and registered voter polls tend to lean towards the left. Not really a true picture of what is happening on the ground. Obama has a ceiling of approximately 53%. That is the percentage Obama won in 2008. No way Obama could be receive greater than 53% right now, there is not the energy on the left there was in 2008. Obama has been struggling attaining his goal of $1 billion in donations. The Jewish vote is not supportive of the anti-Israel stances. Catholics are unhappy with Obama's unconstitutional abortifacient mandate. The young are flocking towards Ron Paul and blue collar workers are relooking the Republicans. These are the margin voters that are important for Obama to retain to have his coalition remain in tact. With Obama's margins falling, independents searching for a candidate to take us out of the failing economy and ever rising gasoline prices, how in the world is Obama considered to be a 60% favorite to win the election. The Republicans haven't even determined their candidate yet. Obama's rise in the polls is to be expected with the republicans attacking each other rather than the "chosen one".

Congress is looking like another defeat for the Democrats. Right now according to RCP democrats are barely polling better than republicans. Republicans will usually fare better than democrats if they hold the preference between party's to under a 5% advantage for the Democrats. The Senate appears to be even a worse bet. If the recent poll out of MA showing Scott Brown is any near being accurate there is no way the democrats will be able to maintain the Senate. Two republican pick ups are almost gimme's and the Republicans need only a net gain of four. If democrats can't pick up MA there is little if any hope of retaining the Senate.

I certainly understand the feeling things aren't quite going right for republicans right now. The pathetic pawns keep propping up the failed "chosen one". Everything that happens in government right now is a win for Obama no matter what it is. There is a battle going on for the nomination and Obama has been hidden from public view for awhile. Soon enough the republicans will pick the candidate. The nominee will galvanize the base relatively quickly as most republicans understand the number one goal is to defeat Obama before America as we know it is destroyed. Once the camera is clearly focused on the Obama failed economic policies, his approval ratings will again decline. The best democrats can hope for this year is to take an additional 5-10 in the House and keep loses in the Senate to under 5. At best Obama has a 50-50 chance of winning. Not good position for an incumbent running unopposed in the primary with a yet to be determined opponent.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama's War

Newt was one of the first to call attention to Obama's war. Neewt brought to National prominance the war Obama has brought against religion in the US. However Newt is somewhat off key. Obama's religious war is not against all religion, it is against mainly the Christian faith followed closely by the Jewish faith. Obama has done everything in his power to consistently poke Christians in the eyes. This war is more than the pushing of his ideas about abortion and his mandate towards abortifacients and contraceptives on Catholics. Taken one battle at a time the left beats the drumbeat that Obama is not against religion. Taken in the larger context it becomes clear that Obama will do whatever he can to kill the Christian faith. See it was Obama who brought the war to light. Obama made the rule forcing Catholics that provide health care to their employees to purchase and provide products that break with their faith. It was Obama that poked the constitution in the eyes by making a law specifically pertaining to religious beliefs. See the constitution is all about religious freedom of choice and not freedom from religion.

Yet it runs deeper than just one bold instance of Christian hatred. Remember Christmas time? Federal employees were informed that the shall not wish people a Merry Christmas but rather say the mundane "Happy Holidays" refrain. It was also Obama that constantly remembers important Islamic holidays and ensures that he has a messagae prepared to celebrate the islamic holidays while conveniently forgetting about important Christian holidays like Easter. It was Obama who bolstered by a lack of concern became bold in pushing his pro death abortion infatuation. The leftist elitist and politicians have consistently profess their beliefs through their words but their actions against the Christian religion are getting bolder and bolder. We are at the point that everyone must realize that religious freedom is going by the wayside as Obama tramples on the constitution to satisfy his insatiable appetite for war against the Christian faith.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Payroll Tax Cut Is Depleting Social Security

Congress is busy this week debating yet another extension on the payroll taxes we pay. Obama cut it temporarily so he could say he cut taxes on every working American. The left is busy saying that there is provision that says any shortages are made up out of the general fund. The pathetic Pawns are pushing that narrative without really telling the American People the truth.

When looking at an individual that is going under it is easy to pick up on where the downward death spiral began. The death spiral begins when an individual begins to stop paying bills or skips a month or two in hopes of catching up later. That quickly escalates into opening up new lines of credit to pay for bills before the finance companies catch on to what is happening. Once the new lines of credit dry up individuals then borrow against one line of credit to pay against another. All the time reaching maximums on credit limits. Eventually, things spiral out of control and individuals left hopeless file for bankruptcy.

The same thing is happening with Social Security. We already do not receive enough revenue from FICA or OASDI taxes to pay for the current benefits. We lower the taxes as a political gimmick to garner votes which depletes social Security faster than budgeted. Now not only are we increasing the burdens on the Social Security System but we are burdening the general fund as well. See there is no money in the general fund. The US is reaching the maximum we are able to borrow and Obama is playing a shell game with the money. Using the general fund when there is already a deficit is nothing more than shifted which pot of money is lighter. We are shifting the burden to somewhere else but it doesn't fix the issue. The issue is that we are going bankrupt. Even though the left and pathetic pawns are attempting to hide the fact that they have made promises to the public citizens that they are unable to ever pay for. Even if the actual Treasury bonds in the trust funds are being cashed in or not, there is a drain on the credit of the United States. Placing the burden on the general fund which is already running trillion dollar deficit annually is not going to keep Social Security afloat. Instead of pandering to the left with another gimmick on Social Security taxes, try fixing the issue at hand. We are broke Mr. President, stop listening to the enablers on the left. Even your budget increases expenditures for the year, we need real cuts and no, real cuts are not stop in anticipated growth. Your payroll tax cut is depleting Social Security no matter which pot you and your enablers claim is not being hurt. We are closer to bankruptcy today than we ever were before. Borrowing 25-30% of the budget and spending 8-10% of GDP is unsustainable and that is what you budget and spending plan do through eternity. All the left is doing is pushing around the shells hoping that someelse is in power when the chips begin to fall.

Democrat Shameless Lies

The Democrats in the Senate have not passed a budget in over 1000 days, that is almost three years. In 2010, Democrats didn't want to pass a budget because they were about to be drubbed in the mid term elections and didn't want more unpopular votes causing an even greater rift with the public. In 2011, Democrats in the Senate couldn't pass a budget because they were unwilling to compromise. Even though the only bi partisanship was towards a more fiscally conservative plan. The Democrats voted down Obama's plan out of hand and then voted down the House plan. Rather than work out a plan with the Republicans in the Senate so there would be a bi partisan plan, Harry Reid protected Obama and the Democrats. This year, Harry Reid wants to claim he doesn't have to pass a budget because spending limits were already set last August.

We the people of the United States deserve a better media inquiry. We deserve the truth and the media has a responsibility push for the truth rather than the Obama narrative. Candy Crowley was correct in what she asked today. Harry Reid knows the Presidents plan will not pass. This will provide cover for Obama to say "look I provided a plan that would have created two million jobs but the evil Republicans wouldn't compromise and were obstructionists. Even though the Senate led by Democrats won't even make an attempt at passing a budget. The pathetic pawns in the media won't even rebut the obvious lie Jacob Lew made this morning. Lew says budgets can't pass because they will be filibustered and it takes 60 votes. That is not the case and Lew and the White House are fully aware of that. See Obamacare would not have had final passage if it didn't take the budget route. Why? one might ask, well it because Scott Brown would have held the line and filibustered the atrocious health care bill that is more unpopular today than it was when it passed. The Democrats were even considering writing a rule "deeming the legislation passed" so they wouldn't have to actually have a vote. Yet because there were budget items in the bill, it passed the Senate with less than 60 votes and no it couldn't have been filibustered. Lew is lying and Crowley should have publicly called him out on the lies.

These shameless lies and setting up our country for failure is not what we expect of our politicians. Laying the ground work to pass the blame for failure is not what America deserves from its elected leaders. The pathetic pawns want to claim the mantle of "vetting" our candidates, if that's the case they need to stop being one sided. Campbell Brown last election cycle claimed she and the rest of the pathetic pawns should not have to bring up both sides of an argument if the media knew it was false. In fact she became very indignant when she was questioned on her stance. Yet here we are four years later, the pathetic pawns still have not vetted Obama, and they still let his lies go unreported. The democrats are shameless liars. The pathetic pawns are the enablers of the left. We deserve better and we need to send both the Democrats and the pathetic pawns a message in November.

Obama Compromised Transparency

The pathetic pawns are busy this weekend as is the Democratic National Committee spinning the contraception controversy as a compromise. Obama did not compromise, religious health policies still have to provide contraceptives and abortifacients free of charge to the people enrolled in their health care benefits. Changing the cost from a transparent cost as part of the premium has been changed to a hidden cost to the payor. The only compromise by Obama was on his promise to be transparent.

Obama has infringed on the rights of everyone. Obama's stance on forcing his aberrant view points concerning abortion on all Americans. Not satisfied that abortion is already legal, Obama wants abortion to be free. See to Obama pregnancy is a mistake that he doesn't want people punished for. To Obama, pregnancy is not the gift of life but rather an unwanted side effect of having fun. Obama not only believes in abortion, he believes it should be an unregulated free for all. Rather than teach people of the consequences of their actions, Obama would rather provide for people to have mulligans. In the case of forcing religious organizations to provide a benefit in which the religion is against, Obama not only infringed on the rights of just the Catholics or just the religious, he also infringed on the right of every American.

That is the problem with Obama. Constantly Obama has proven through his actions that he alone is judge, jury, and executioner. All we have to do is look at his energy proposals. Obama's EPA is forcing Coal fired plants to close. Rather than have the EPA submit proposed regulations, Obama's thugs in the EPA just make rules that force hardships on every American. Just look at Obama's recent recess appointments. Obama decided when the Senate and Congress was in recess even though the Congress itself stated it was not in recess and was open for business. In fact business was ongoing as his is fully aware or his 2 months payroll tax gimmick would not have been passed as Congress provided "Unanimous Consent" rather than bringing to a floor vote. Just look at the health care law, passed by a budgetary trick rather than a the normal process that could have been filibustered.

Obama's own words speak of his contempt for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Just last week Obama was complaining that the founding fathers set up a system that makes it impossible for him to get everything done he wants to get accomplished. Obama has consistently schemed his way around individual freedoms. Obama is a collectivist. Obama believes in groups having rights not individuals. Obama is fond of taking away individual rights to take care of the rights a few groups that will continue to vote for him.

This controversy over contraception is not about taking care of women as the left would have us believe. It is about taking away religious freedom and individual freedom. The controversy is about government control over our entire lives, rather than a Government providing for the general welfare of society. This is not about religion, it is a war against the American ideals of personal responsibility and individual freedom. The only thing Obama compromised was transparency; the cost of Obama's plan will now just be hidden from view.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Positive Message Please

During the last Presidential election, Obama projected a positive message. Hope and Change was a cutesie campaign chant. The feel good chant mesmerized a faithful following. The right projected negativity. McCain did not inspire. The republican faithful voted against Obama and not for McCain. The negative feelings from the Bush administration, had the right with little hope other than to keep the impending drubbing closer. The right was able to do just that.

Yet, we are entering what should be another campaign season that should yield a positive Republican result. Right now there is a primary fight ongoing that increasingly has gone negative and personal. This can not continue. We know all of the candidates have their failings. We know by now what scars and flaws each candidate left standing has. The negativity has to stop so we can turn to the flawed candidate from the left. The Republican candidates are not flawed but rather battle tested and scarred. Obama is a wall of disasters, the sight in America is one of despair. The faster we get towards a positive message there will be a change. Rather than right leaning blogs editorializing the weakness of Obama, the blogs can editorialize the positives of their chosen candidate. We want a candidate to vote for not candidate that we have to vote against. Let Obama run his negative campaign charged by racism, the right can stay positive and win in a landslide.

Obama's Bump To Be Expected

Obama is rising slightly in the polls. This rise in the polls is bolstering his resolve to send a message to the elitists that America will be a country devoid of individual freedom. Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the constitution and yet he is rising in the polls. The pathetic pawns are busy stating the economy is improving right along with Obama's numbers. Yet the same pathetic pawns are just as busy hiding the fact that this slight bounce in approval ratings are to be expected.

Obama has been busy buying the votes of his base. The Contraception debacle shows just how far Obama is willing to go in order to solidify his own base. Obama ignored the warnings from Catholics. The pathetic pawns are busy attempting to cast this debacle as contrived anger by the Catholics. Yet, they pay no attention to the freedom Obama is taking away from not just the religious but all individuals. The left does not believe in individual freedom. everything they dream of is the rights of the collective. Obama's mandates are designed to take away individual rights and freedom. However, this collectivism panders to his base. The primary season is the time to pander and strengthen the base. When the base is solid the poll numbers are bound to rise.

Another important reason for Obama's rise is the highly negative and personal attack campaigns run by Newt and Mitt. Each has set out to destroy the other and the independents who despise the personal attacks are declining to support either. The negative campaign on one side and the buying of support from Obama are coupled together to increase his numbers in the polls.

Yet another reason for the rise in the polls is Obama is receiving favorable reviews by the pathetic pawns after the State of the Union address. Selling snake oil is what Obama does best. Campaigning during the State of the Union has propped up Obama. But all of this is to be expected.

In the end, as long as the Republicans select their nominee, Obama will again begin to sink in the polls. We have seen an ineffectual President for long enough. Once the nominee is able to propose a republican strategy and begins to build the planks for the republican convention Obama will begin to fall. There is a ceiling on Obama's support and that ceiling isn't high enough to receive a majority of the votes. As good as the democrats and Obama feel, the biggest number that should be talked about is an approval rating under 50%.

Republicans will not sit this one out. Independents are there for the taking. All the republicans need do is attack Obama from a positive agenda. Stay away from the negative campaigns and develop a strong message of unity, responsibility, prosperity, and strength, Obama will wither. All Obama has is class warfare and racism. This is not the positive message Americans want. Americans want to achieve the American dream, they don't want a handout making them dependent on Government for basic survival. Just remember, Obama's little bounce was to be expected in a campaign where the opposition is making negative and personal attacks.

An Establishment Abuse of Power

Public Unions and Wisconsin Democrat Party officials are making a mockery of the election process and abusing establishment power concerning recall elections. The union thugs and their Democratic enablers have no skin in this game of do over elections. Unions have millions of dollars from union membership dues to pursue a change in elections. Democrats who lost because there policies are bankrupting the State are backing these recall petitions as a way to get back power they already lost at the polls. Yet in the end the taxpayers have to keep paying for out of cycle elections just because the establishment special interests and political party power brokers didn't like the outcome of previous elections. This could not have been the intent of the recall law. I'm almost certain the recall law was enacted to ensure if a politician was acting without the will of the people that there was some way of ridding the State of the bad politician. In all liklihood the law was enacted for persons that have lost all credibility with the community they serve, usually because of scandal or ineptitude and notjust because a special interest group disagrees with a specific policy. I can tell you that the Wisconsin Supreme probably has lost the credibility within the community and maybe Prosser needed to have a recall election. However, the recall of Scott Walker and the four republican state sneators this year, in addition to the 9 Senate recall elections last year are not out of politicians losing credibility but out of spite.

These elections that are out of cycle are costing the State millions of dollars that was not budgeted for. Last year the nine recall elections for State Senators cost the state $2.1 million dollars. If this years recall of Scott Walker can't be timed with the Primary elections already scheduled there will yet again be even more cost to the State taxpayer. These elections are not because of grass roots outrage or corpution but just because the Union thugs and their enablers on the left lost a vote. These thugs are attempting to thwart the will of the people by forcing election after election until they are able to change the outcome of the last election. This 2 year old childlike mentality has to stop.

The recall law have to be able to hold the special interest groups accountable. It is obvious this is because the unions are upset that the State will no longer collect union dues from everyone in the collective bargaining unit whether the members in the CBU like it or not. The recall elections are being forced out of spite. The signatures collected are in such numbers as to attempt to overwhelm the election commision so they are unable to investigate whether the signatures represent the true will of the signatories or are fraudulent. In the case of Wisconsin, the left is using every corrupt manner they can to purchase seats in the Senate so they can retake political power. This is not the way America works.

America is the Home of the Brave, not the Home of a bunch of crybabies. My hope is that the people in Wisconsin turn out to vote and overwhelmingly turn away the left wing challengers. I also hope that their is a referendum on the ballot asking and demanding that if a special interest group (in this case unions) abuse their power that they are punitively fined at 100 times the cost of the recall elections. Fining the special interest groups in a punative way may make them think twice before trumping up charges and riling up supporters. This lunacy of recall after recall until an election result can be overturned are ridiculous. This is an outrage hereas the special interest groups have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The unions in this case take money without the consent of the members and spend on that money on recall petition drives. Win or lose the elections the unions have been enabled to try and try again until they get better results.There is no way they can lose, even if they spend some money from member dues, it is always in the best interest to keep cronies in office to do their bidding. No wonder American politicians are beholden to the special interest groups, that is where the money is. Stop the lunacy, change the laws, and make the special interest groups pay for their whining. The recall elections is an establishment abuse of power. The recall elections is more ellitist thinking that they know what is best for the people. The special interest groups are buyng results and changing the will of the people.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chief, Arrogant

Thank Goodness we have a constitution. If we didn't have our constitution that has checks and balances in place, who knows where the most arrogant President we have ever had would take this country. I can't even believe Obama had the audacity to say such kinds of things as he spoke to Matt Lauer about this morning. See Obama would rather we lived in a dictatorship so he could jam even more of his failed and unpopular policies down our throats. Its not bad enough that he had to use budget gimmickry to gets his unpopular Health Care law passed, now he wants even more bankruptcy causing laws passed. This is the most arrogant loser America has ever known and to think the idiot left believed this chump is what we were waiting for.

Unemployment and Jobs Reports Bad News Long Term

Obama received some good news on the economy last week. To give the President some credit where credit is due, the jobs front seems to have at least finally bottomed out. The unemployment rate is now 8.3% and there were 240,000 jobs created in January. However, even as these numbers show an improvement, not all is good in the economy.

Unemployment and the jobs reports are always lagging indicators. Increases on the job front only bottom out and begin to increase after the economy as a whole has rebounded. With only a 2.8% increase in GDP last quarter, and a 1.7 % increase in GDP over the last full year, the lagging indicators do not bode well for further strengthening. Even if the unemployment and jobs numbers are entirely accurate (which I doubt), this recovery will be short lived. With numbers like 240,000 jobs and a high 8.3% unemployment rate just coming to life how much longer do we have before the next downturn in the business cycle?

Not all the news in the unemployment and jobs reports was good either. The little noticed 1.2 million people that dropped out of the workforce last month is significant. We now have the lowest labor participation rate in 25 years. Many are retiring early which will be a drain on our economy and further cause stresses on our safety net and entitlement programs. Others are frustrated with the jobs front and have given up the search for jobs as indicated by record numbers of people on food stamps.

Bottom line is Obama is the recipient of good news as far as creating a few jobs and a reduction of the unemployment rate. The bad news is we may already be headed in the wrong direction as the leading indicators of the economy are not the pretty. Much of the gain in the GDP last quarter was in inventory not in sales. We have not addressed the structural problems in the economy as Obama’s policies are directed at the cyclical factors. Just as we turn the corner in the lagging indicators, we may be in for another cyclical downturn. We need to fix the structural problems with the economy and fix them soon. We need to balance the budget. We need an energy policy of “all of the above” including “drill here, drill now”. We need to fix the housing industry and stop the gimmicks. We need the FED to stop the quantitative easing so inflation doesn’t get out of control. We need to fix our unsustainable entitlement programs. We need to fix our structural problems or we will continue to see an economy that never quite reaches the last high water mark before it declines again.

Random Thought: Why I am A Conservative

The left hates competition; they don’t believe it is fair. Out of fairness and equality the left believes that having young children playing some form of baseball shouldn’t keep score because it may hurt a young child’s self esteem. Rather than promote ideas such as “practice makes perfect” the left says “don’t worry, everyone wins because we don’t keep score. Mankind is unable to flourish without competition. Marxist thought doesn’t work because if you take away competition why compete? Why try to better oneself if there is no better outcome? Why become a Doctor, if the Janitor lives just as good? Why pay a mortgage, if someone else will pay it for us? Complacency and the lack of competition is the ruin of every great civilization. The left’s lack of imagination, lack of curiosity, lack of competitive spirit will ruin America. As much as the left would love to there to be no risk of failure in the form of second, third, and fourth chances for all, the fact is that life is not fair. Life will move on and leave the complacent behind in the dust bin of history. Man’s ability to reason is what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and makes us the top of the food chain. Man’s ability to reason is what makes us competitive; take away the competitive spirit; take away the responsibility, and man will become extinct.

Social Security and Negative Cash Flow

The liberals that believe there are no issues with Social Security need to show the rest of us the money. The fact of the matter is Social Security has been running negative cash flow since 2009, a full 8 years earlier than projected. The interest on the treasury bonds has been used to make up for the shortfalls. The treasury bonds are not cash. Interest on the treasury bonds adds to the deficit because we do not have the cash flow in the treasury to pay all of our bills. The fact of the matter is that the treasury bonds are nothing more than interest bearing IOUs. The government didn’t borrow the money from Social Security; the government spent the money and replaced cash with IOUs. The liberals would like to have us believe Social Security is solvent and that all that is needed is for the cap on taxable Social Security earned income to be lifted. Taxing more is not the answer.

Here is the problem in a nutshell. Social Security was supposed to be running a surplus until 2017. That didn’t happen. In fact, we have been running negative since 2009. Obama’s payroll tax decrease is compounding the problem. Instead of the tax being withheld at a 6.1% rate for employers and employees, that tax is now standing at 4.1 %. Social Security does not have a cash flow. We have to borrow money to pay interest, in 2012 interest is estimated to be $114 billion. Instead of the $114 billion be added in treasury, $46 billion will have to be sent out in the form of cash to recipients. Rather than compound and add to the so called lock box, we are dipping in and taking the interest out. Every year we do this prior to 2017, we reduce the number of years the IOU’s last before we have to redeem them and pay for them out of the general fund. The left is dishonest in their attempts to persuade the people Social Security is solvent.

One solution the left always loves is to lift the cap we have on the earned income subject to Social Security taxes. This presents to problems: first, Social Security is supposed to be self sustaining, and second, there are other proposals on the table taxing the rich at even higher rates on the capital gains and income taxes. Yes Social Security is supposed to be self sustaining. The benefits of Social Security max out where the cap is currently set. Making all income subject to this tax without increasing the benefit for that that pay more in simply means the rich are paying more than their fair share of taxes to sustain a program that the liberals spent in other grandiose social engineering programs, like Cowboy Poets society in Nevada. Additionally, the liberals want to tax even further the rich to pay for everything from 46 million people on food stamps, to education, to roads, to bridges to nowhere. Adding even more taxes on the so called rich takes even more money out of the capital investment world. Instead of growing the economy, confiscating money from the rich will shrink the wealth of the country as a whole. I know trickle-down economics is ridiculed by the left, but Obama trickle up economics is a dismal failure.

So liberals, where is the money? Where is the positive cash flow the liberals believe is in the fund? The Social Security lock box is filled with promises. The left continuously clings to the idea that the Treasury bonds make the Social Security trust fund solvent. The left clings to the idea that Social Security is separate from the general fund. The left clings to the idea that the rich have an infinite amount of wealth. However, when we have a budget deficit, a portion of that deficit goes to pay interest on the Social Security promises. When the Treasury bonds begin being redeemed, the general fund will be tapped, not only to pay interest on the remaining Treasury bonds but also the bonds being redeemed. Confiscating 100% of the $1 trillion in estimated wealth of the rich will not even pay for the current estimated deficit of the year. There is no liberal Utopia; the left only wants everyone to be poor. The left doesn’t want a level playing field, their envy of the rich wants to make them poorer. The left wants “equality” rather than competition. Rather than incentivize the productive the left wants to punish.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Health Insurance Is Not Health Care

Obamacare is under constitutional scrutiny. The individual mandate is the problem. The left believes that the individual mandate will stand up under the scrutiny because the constitution says taxes may be collected for the "general welfare" of the people. The left also has been attempting to claim car insurance is mandatory so they don't see the problem with health insurance. Additionally, the left is selling that health insurance is necessary to have health care. The left is delusional in their logic.

Here is the problem with the "general welfare" argument. If Congress can force people to purchase a private good or service in the name of the "general welfare", then what will ever stop the federal government from mandating citizens purchase only General Motors or Chrysler cars? The Government utilized tax payer dollars to purchase a significant share of General Motors and significantly altered the business plan of both GM and Chrysler during forced government mandated bankruptcy proceeding. So we the citizen own a stake in GM, in order for us to have a return on our investment GM must be profitable. It would be good for the "general welfare" of the investor to turn a profit. So again I ask what is stopping the left from forcing us through a law to purchase GM products only? The answer is nothing if the Supreme Court upholds the health insurance mandate. The government would no longer operate by the will of the people, we the people would become subservient to the government. Rather than a representative democracy we would become a socialist State. The government could mandate anything they deemed for the the "general welfare" of the State. Instead of the people being represented, government would be enabled to determine what we think, what we eat, what we purchase, or what we consume. We the people would be at the mercy of the Government elitists. The political establishment would make the rules, and serve the good of the elitists. Certainly that seems eerily similar to Communism as run in China.

Liberals also believe that car insurance is mandatory so what the big deal about health insurance. The problem is that car insurance is not mandated and car insurance is not necessarily designed or intended for the policy holders personal property. To understand this one must understand that car insurance is only mandatory to drive a car. Car insurance is not mandated to get a drivers license. Car insurance is not even necessary an individual product. See I could allow a person to borrow my car. The person I borrow the car to can drive it as long as they have a drivers license. My insurance policy would cover my friend in the case of him not having insurance. That don't sound like a mandated insurance purchase to me. Additionally, car insurance is only mandated to cover a third party's property, not the owner of the policy. We are only mandated to cover the personal property of others or the property of the lien holder when the car is utilized as collateral. Car insurance not mandated to cover my expenses, rather it protects the property of others. Health insurance is expected to provide coverage direct;y to the individual, and our government has decided to take the decision away from the individual. Unlike car insurance whereas I have the decision making authority to what I want covered that is personally owned by me (liability only as long as there are no leans), health insurance is designed to pay for my personal expenses yet government is decided what I have to cover. Only dishonest people would push the canard that car insurance mandate is similar to health insurance mandates.

Another favorite of mine is how the left seems to push the idea that health insurance means health care. Nothing could be further from the truth. Health insurance is a product sold to people to cover medical expenses. If I so chose, I could go without insurance and pay cash for my doctor visits. That is what is wonderful about being able to make individual decisions. If I choose not to have insurance and decide that I will pay my own expenses out of pocket, who is the government to say that is illegal and wrong, and force me into additional tax burdens? See as long as I have money to pay for services, I have health care. From experience, I can tell you that had I not had insurance when my son was born, I would have has a hospital bill of $2,800. That was the itemized bill. Yet because I had insurance, the hospital bill was over $5,000. That is an increase of almost 80% charged to the insurance company over and beyond what I would have been liable for had I just paid that out pocket instead of paying for health insurance. See I would have received health care with or without insurance. The only difference is I would have been liable for only what it really costs, whereas the insurance paid the average cost of every child birth not just mine.

This insurance mandate has to be found unconstitutional. The mandate is indefensible. The mandate is only necessary to have the young and healthy subsidize care for higher risk patients. Isn't that what got Ma Bell in trouble in the 1980's? I mean Ma Bel was charging more for local to subsidize long distance calling. This lead to an obstacle to entry for other providers. The government broke up Ma Bell. We need to break this health insurance mandate. Subsidies will in in the form of the individual mandate will lead to obstacles to entry for additional insurance companies. Our government is forming an insurance monopoly.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Equality Under The Law For Hate Crimes

Enforcement of laws petaining to hate crimes just became very obsolete today. The decision by a Philadelphia prosecutor not to seek hate crimes charges in the case of teenagers attacking a taxi driver and a passenger even as both in sworn statements said the attackers spewed racial slurs proves that liberals believe hate crimes are only against minorities. This lack of interest in seeking hate crimes penalties in this case shows that there is no equality under the law when it comes to laws based on racial or ethnic backgrounds.

The prosecutor said that using racial slurs was not enough. In order to pursue hate crimes the suspects would have had to told someone down the street that they were going to seek out someone based on race prior to the criminal act. Is that the same standard that will be used when a white perpatrator is suspected of hate crimes? Will this same prosecutor not seek additional penalties under hate crimes when a white suspect uses racial slurs against a black person?

Laws are intended to protect everyone and not just the few. Our civil rights laws state discrimination based on race is illegal. The civil rights laws do not single out a particular race nor do they single out minority races. Nope they simply state race based discrimination is illegal. If there is not going to be equality under the law then there is no law, our constitution is based on equality. How is it social justice when minorities are not treated the same under our laws? Liberals need to understand that individuals discriminate not races. Believe me there are racists in every race category not just the caucasian race. There are people in all races, religions, and creeds that hate other people. Liberal prosecutrs from the cities in this nation need to start enforcing the laws as writen. The flash mobs of African American youths from Wisconsin attacking Caucasians at the Wisconsin State fair were racists and guilty of hate crimes. The African American youths in the Philadelphia case are racist. Racism in its entirety needs to stop. Until the laws are enforced equally, there is no law to begin with, at least not laws that will pass constitional muster in America. Liberals want fairness and equality yet when it comes to equality under law concerning a minority they ignore this same fairness and equality they claim. Liberals are hypocritical and illogical.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where Is The Energy

The Republican party needs to regroup. Obama has failed America in every way. The economy is sluggish at best with GDP growth under three percent last quarter and unemployment well over eight percent. Millions are so frustrated with the state of the economy that they left the labor force. The CBO is predicting seven percent unemployment for the next five years. Yet, with the economy in the tank and Obama out of ideas, his reelect numbers are not doing as badly as they should. Real Clear Politics still has Obama approval rating under water but not by much.

The Republican field should be doing better. While it is understandable that the Republicans have not yet rallied around one candidate, that is no reason for President to be so high in his approval ratings. Since November, Obama's approval has gained three to five points. Some of that is due to a small bounce from the State of the Union address but not all of the gain. Republicans are losing the message to a President who has to use tax payer dollars to buy votes. Republicans need to get their act together and start messaging their principles better.

Republicans have to be concerned when a Florida primary only had 1.7 million voters this year compared to a terrible Republican election cycle of 2008 had 1.94 million voters. The story is much the same in earlier States where Iowa was roughly steady and New Hampshire had a slight increase. In both Iowa and New Hampshire the primaries were open in an election cycle with an incumbent running unopposed. There doesn't seem to be any energy in the Republican base. That needs to change and quickly.

I hope the Republicans understand that they are losing right now. Rasmussen came out today with poll of party affiliation finding Democrats at a historical low point. They came in under 33% while Republicans came in at 35%. Yet we can't seem to get these people out to vote in the primaries. This campaign against Obama is going to be negative and approval ratings for every politician is bound to decline. The risk of not having energy in the electorate is that we will have the malaise election.

The wild card here in this election is malaise. Obama's intent is to turn the electorate away from the voting booth. Obama knows the Democrats will be unable to match the energy of 2008, so he is attempting to take away everyone's energy so he can win by default. Republicans need to stop attacking each other and point out a positive direction for the country. Republicans will not be able to win a negative campaign. Where is the message or better yet what is the message? We need energy to take advantage of the dwindling numbers of self identified Democrats. We need to lay out a clear message and take away Obama's message of "we may be bad but the other side is worse". We need to win the messaging war and energize the Republican electorate and we need that energy immediately.

Mitt's Minimum Wage

Mitt is going to be a disaster if he becomes President. In his statement regarding having automatic increases in the minimum wage tied to inflation we are again reminded that Mitt is a Northeast Republican. For a candidate pushing his business credentials as the reason to vote for him, he certainly is alienating those in the business of creating jobs. This proposal is absolutely wrong for business. This type of proposal is a job killer not a job creator.

Currently, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Now we all know this is not a living wage, not even close. However, it is decent pay in fact rather generous for what amounts to unskilled burger flipping jobs in fast food. We are talking unskilled labor that most people that are employed by those markets are only there for extra spending cash. The people most hurt by increases in the minimum wage are the young adolescents. Jobs that are made for 16 and 17 year old young students for extra spending money have been taken away from them. The minimum wage is now high enough that young adults in their twenties will take for extra income in a household. Middle aged empty nesters will take that kind of job for something to do now the the kids have moved away. Businesses now having higher direct labor costs will look and hire the more mature young adults or empty nester over a young adolescent that is immature. So the young of robbed of opportunity. The young adolescent's are robbed of the ability to learn responsibility. Small businesses and family businesses will work longer hours and hire even less employees. Any way you look at the minimum wage, the only one's that benefit from higher minimum wage is labor unions and only because their labor rates are often tied to the minimum wage much like credit card interest rates are tied to the prime lending interest rate.

This proposal on minimum wage is anything but a job creator. It may sound good to the labor unions but it is bad for business. This recession started in DEC 2007, according to the experts. Of course this followed a hike in the minimum wage in Jul 2007. The 2007 law also mandated two more increases in 2008 and 2009. Look at our unemployment rate's and look at the problems we are having in the job market even today. The 2007 minimum wage increase has had a negative impact on employment and we are still feeling the effects two and a half years after the last increase.

The minimum wage is an inflation driver. Tying the minimum wage to inflation is like a self licking ice cream cone. As higher labor rate across the board go into effect due to an increase in the minimum wage inflation increases, as inflation increases so does the minimum wage. We need to stop thinking of the minimum wage as a wage for the poor or a living wage. Wages should be negotiated and not mandated. The market system will take care of the wages. If a business offers to little in wages there will be a higher turnover of employees and the business will become unstable. If wages are too high the business will become unprofitable and fail. By placing a minimum wage into effect the risk is it will become too high for businesses to remain competitive, increase inflationary pressures and kill responsibility providing jobs for the young adolescents. Mitt's idea on the minimum wage is not good for Republicans, not good businesses, and not good for the country. I can't believe this idea of the left is being paraded around by a Republican Presidential Nominee candidate.