Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Is Colin Powell Speaking About Republican Politics?

In 2008, Colin Powell decided that for no other reason than race he would endorse Obama for President. Powell once well respected in Bush circles sold out to a left wing ideologue when he endorsed Obama and in the process lost any voice to those moderates and conservative voters. His voice on Republican politics is ridiculous and today's example is pathetic. Why on earth would he think his left wing talking points masked as coming from a so called moderate republican matter to anyone other than the media lap dogs.

Powell is not in the know any longer when it comes to Republican politics.
Powell is not connected enough to understand the state of the American electorate. So today's appearance on ABC's "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" has no meaning except that it validates that the pathetic pawns in the media will do anything to get their man reelected. See saying that the tea party is unwilling to compromise and that the American public will not go for the no compromise candidate will fall on deaf ears. This is Obama's talking point no matter how false and untrue it is. See Pat Toomey, a tea party candidate did compromise and provided Obama and the Democrats a way out of their "just do nothing and blame Republicans" mantra by providing the tax revenue increase the left needed to make a compromise. By revamping the tax code and making it fairer, tax revenues would have increased. This is what Obama and the Democrats claim all they want. Tax revenue increases for spending reductions. The problem is that had the Democrats compromised they would no longer be able to lay blame on the Republicans. The democrats would no longer just be able to do absolutely nothing.

See Obama and his three word chants like "we can't wait" has to wait until the election. There is no way the economy is going to improve enough to give him a chance to run on his own record so he has to be able to blame someone. Of course blaming someone else is all Obama has ever done. For all of his talk Obama has never taken ownership of anything including his own failed policies. Instead we get the likes of Colin Powell who sold out for race a long time ago. Maybe if Powell had been honest and informed the public that the Senate Democrats are sitting on 22 house passed jobs bills, or that the Democrat led Senate hasn't passed a budget in over two years, perhaps then he could have spoken of his great compromising philosophy. We all know Powell will compromise his principles for his race. Now his words ring hollow. They are more empty Obama rhetoric and talking points.

Hey Mr. Powell wasn't it Obama who wouldn't compromise on health care? Wasn't it Obama who told the Republicans "I won" and "elections have consequences". Wasn't it Obama who wouldn't even listen to his own commission? Isn't the Democrats who turned down every offer the Republicans made? Isn't it the Democrats who sit on every house bill without bringing them to the floor for a vote? Isn't it the Democrats who are always saying no while offering no ideas of their own? The Demcorats in the Senate act like they are in the minority. Let me tell you the Democrats will again be the minority party in all of Congress. I know Obama must go if we are to save our country but with the pathetic pawns in media fawning over their failed President, I'm not sure how close they can make the election. At any rate the worst case scenario is going to be that Obama will be a lame duck President that will either veto a lot of bills or will have to compromise with Republicans. Additionally, the Republicans will be in no compromising mood after Obama runs the most negative campaign ever. Sorry Mr. Powell, you are not a spokesman for Republicans, we don't need you entering into our primary race. Just sit on the sidelines and vote your race, the republicans neither want nor need you and your vote.

Paul Krugman is no Intellectual

Please Mr. Krugman, I thought you were an economist and not a liar. You are making the wrong argument and then using numbers to lie in order to make your argument. Here is the truth on the surge in spending by Obama. In 2008, the last full Bush year as President we spent $2.9 trillion dollars. In 2001, the just completed fiscal year under Obama we spent $3.83 trillion. That Mr. Krugman is in fact a 24% expansion of government in three years.

A 24 % expansion of government in a time when inflation has been almost non-existent is a surge. In fact, Krugman and his ilk were imploring Obama to spend more to ward off deflation. In a time when we don’t give cost of living increases to our senior citizens because there was not an increase in costs (inflation) we expand government 24%. How does the intellectual left like Krugman not call this an expansion. There is no doubt the cost of government increased. It is plainly laid out in bottom line figures. Now Mr. Krugman wants to get all intellectual and use government spending as a percentage of GDP to plead his case that Obama didn’t have a surge in spending. Why not use straight forward bottom line figures? Let me tell you Krugman can’t use simple numbers, simply because it doesn’t allow him to lie for the far left administration. It took a far left liberal to break the bank on trillion dollar deficits. It takes a liar to try to make it seem insignificant. Mr. Krugman until you have a rational explanation of how a 24% increase in spending over three years is not an expansion of government, please sit on the sidelines and keep your lying mouth shut. Numbers don’t lie, people do and that is what you are doing Mr. Krugman.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Sign of the Times

Here is a sign that says it all. A sign that shows what is wrong with the Ocuppiers and the liberal establishment. See Occupiers you are not entitled to a job. See liberals you are not entitled to your tax and spend philosophies. See what happens when you kill the job producers you have no jobs.

Now here is what is wrong with the American left and the ocupiers screaming to receive something for absolutely nothing. See no one is entitled to a job. No one is entitled to make a living wage. No one is entitled to make any money whatsoever and no one is entitled to receive something simply because they attended a college or university. See when all a liberal can do is tax the job producers more they simply just stop creating jobs. When a business can no longer afford to keep hiring they simply stop. When a business can not afford to keep those already employed they simply layoff people or fire them. See the job creators need a reason to continue producing and creating jobs. This comes at a cost. Owners, CEOs, and investors have to be able to make a return on their investments. When a normal profit is unable to be obtained businesses stop hiring people.

Now I wish I had thought of this type of campaign. This is what more businesses should be displaying. Get the facts out there. Under the liberal entitlement programs businesses like this are unable to expand. The taxes are choking off investment in the future. Those that feel entitled to a high paying job rather earning that high paying job are the reason businesses like this are refusing to jire until the direction of the country changes. Let there be no doubt, the problem with the labor market is the liberal establishment and entitlement generation.

I have some advice for the entitlement genration. This advice was given to me during a leadership class by an inspirational speaker. The advice is this: Always remember that all any employer owes a worker is the previously worked hours. The employer does not owe you a job tomorrow. Work tomorrow is earned by working hard today. See in order to have meaningful employment we must give everything we have to produce for the business. Once we are no longer productive the company doesn't owe us anymore than the hours we previously worked. Sorry liberals but no one is entitled to a job and this is a sign of the times. Liberal elitists and entitlement freeloaders are choking off American productivity. Get over it, take a bath, and get a job.

Immigration Reform

We need immigration reform, without it we are doomed to paying even more in taxes to provide for those that are here illegally. Now the left doesn't like it when we address illegal aliens as being illegal. Sorry liberals but Republicans are not anti immigrant but rather anti illegal immigrant. There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. We need to address the problem because it is a National Security issue. The question is what do we do about it.

The Republicans for the most part want to round up the illegals and have them all deported. The republicans want to build a fence and keep the illegals out. The republicans do not want to relent and it makes them appear to be uncompromising and anti immigrant. This hard line stance will not work either. However, there is a compromise.

We need to seal off our southern border. This may cost some dollars up front but it will protect not only from the illegal. This will have those that have no real ties to America to leave. Then and only then do we deal with those that have ties in this country. I want to be compassionate and show that yes even a lawful society can have a heart. I am sure there are some that have been here for a number of years and have integrated into American life. I don't want to be punishing those that did nothing wrong. Now should we institute the DREAM Act? I'm not sure that is entirely appropriate as written. If we are going to allow the children of illegals to stay here we should provide them with an opportunity to atone for the mistakes of their parents. We should allow them to serve in the military and then and only then should we allow a chance at citizenship. For the parents who came here illegally, they should never be allowed to obtain citizenship. Maybe we can allow them to stay here on a special visa. If they commit a crime then they should be automatically deported. It has to be a special visa and not a permanent visa. There has to be a way to get rid of those that are unwilling to abide by ours laws.

We can not just expect to deport 12 million people. We have to compromise and fix the illegal immigration problem. Both the left and right have legitimate concerns. We must secure our borders. The we must address those that are here illegally rationally and fairly. We need to adress this issue and both sides need to compromise and stop politicizing the issue. This is about national security and not about politics.

Obama: America's Biggest Failure

Let's face it America, Obama is our biggest failure. In 2008, Obama was elected on a promise of hope and change. Obama was the anti Bush. We were tired of wars and our economy was a complete mess. Obama made many lofty promises and many bought into his snake oil. America didn't know the man they were electing. The media in their rush to fix their mistakes in both the 2000 and 2004 election engaged in journalistic oversight and refused to vet their candidate of choice. America had a fawning press push their chosen one and many took the press at their word and voted for an unknown.

Americagot what she deserved. America voted for an unvetted candidate. America allowed the media to commit journalistic heresy. America never demanded a hard look at Obama and what we received is far different than a intellectural Presdient we were promised. Obama constantly blames everyone else for his problems. He blamed Bush for the economy. He blamed racism for the health care debacle. He blamed Isreal for the Middle East mess. He blames Republicans for the massive spending spree. He has called Americans soft and lazy. He has stated that we just don't understand what it is he is doing for America. It was all him doing the heavy lifting while everyone else stood on the sidelines sucking up the slurpees. Little did we know that it was Obama's lack of intellect, lack of lack of leadership, lack of pride and patriotism, lack of communication, lack of empathy that would ruin this country. Obama lacks every skill and attribute that is necesary to govern.

Now Obama is busy blaming the economy on the Republican House. Never does Obama mention that it is the Democrats that have refused to compromise. It is the Democrats that refused to accept revenue increases in exchange for needed entitlement reforms. It is Obama who punted on the Keystone project costing America 200,000 jobs. It was Obama that led America to its first ever credit downgrade. it was Obama that introduced America to trillion dollar deficits. It was Obama that introduced America to 2% GDP growth recoveries. It was Obama that created the Student loan bubble. It was Obama that led to increased insurance premiums. It was Obama that lead to collapse of Solydra. It was Obama that is responsible for the jobless recovery. Yet as the President has shown himself to be a failure, we find ourselves listening to a President blame everybody else. Maybe the President should look into the mirror and reassess his position. If Obama had any common decency he would immediately state that he is declining to run for a second term for the sake of the nation.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupiers: America's Freeloaders

Finally, we are beginning to figure out what the Occupy Wall Street protests were all about and it isn't pretty. The movement that has captured the left is nothing more than a movement of freeloaders. It is the entitlement generation believing they are entitled to other peoples money. They protest wall street for making profits but in all likelihood if their own liberal arts degrees could land them a lucrative wall street job they would take it and run all the way to the banks they rebel against.

The moment has come for rallying behind a demand. What we find is a demand to forgive student debt. Debt that was voluntarily agreed upon. There was a time in this country when one's word was a bond. A sacred trust between two people. Now it seems that word is only good until the one side gets what it wants. The young liberal educated demand debt forgiveness. See they were promised by the liberal elite that once they received a degree they would be set for life. The problem is that these students didn't obtain a degree with tangible skills. Instead they fell into the liberal arts programs that don't qualify them for much more than becoming the local librarian.

Newt was right in telling these freeloaders to take a bath and get a job. Mika is wrong with her hateful screed this morning. These occupiers feel they should again receive something for nothing. Debt forgiveness because they borrowed more than their degrees are worth. The occupiers made the mistakes and now they and their cheerleaders in the oval office and the liberal elitist media want a do-over. Forgive these miscreants their debt so they suck the government teat some more. Forgive the entitlement generation of responsibility so they can continue living off someone else. No more hard work just moan and groan and occupy a public park. Face it America, this is the culture cultivated by the liberal left. A culture steeped in irresponsibility. Just give the freeloaders more chances. In Obama's words "don't punish them for their mistakes". Just give the freeloaders everything they want. Take the money from the successful so the liberal elite may bring more entitlement generation votes to the table.

The occupiers need to be protesting the liberal elite. This includes the university chancellors, professors, counselors, and politicians. It was the American liberal establishment that made the promises. It is the occupiers who made the promises. It was the entitlement generation that made promises. Get over it, take a bath, cut your hair, take the ear rings out of your lips and noses, then go interview for a job. Pay off your debts. You know the debts you agreed to pay for when you signed your name. Quit occupying the parks. Stop being a freeloader and start becoming productive members of society.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Crony Corruption

I find it ironic that the very organizations and people that are supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests are also the biggest perpetrators in scalping those they claim to support. Here is an example of a labor organization taking advantage of the poor in need. SEIU claims the parents of two children triken with cerebal palsy are public employees so they can skim off the top of state paid medicare benefits.

I find this tactic to be perverse and nothing more than a Democratic payoff to the unions for their financial support. See it was the Democrat led state wide government that authorizes the union to claim that parents are considered caregivers and thus state employees just so they can deduct union dues from needed medicare payments. It doesn't matter that the family could use the extra money in their pockets while under duress in very trying times. Nope, to the union all that matters is that they receive their cut. It doesn't matter that the parents do not wish to be part of the union, nope, the state automatically deducts union dues from the payment that is due to the parents. Now these parents have no real other benefits to belonging to this union. All they get out of the deal is lower medicare payments. In fact the union is taking away fees for absolutely no value added.

This is nothing more than crony corruption. It is a union payoff for campaign support. This taxpayer funded payoff hides this under the guise of union membership but alas it is nothing more than a bribe. Is it any wonder why the state of Michigan is in a steady state of decline? Is there any wonder why businesses do not want to relocate to such a decided corrupt state? This is just another example of the left paying off their buddies for support.

I find it difficult to see what is more corrupt the evil Corporations and bankers or the unions and professional left. At least the corporations and banks acknowledge they are in the business of turning profits and making money and not in the business of creating jobs. The Corporations and banks are at least honest in their goals. On the other hand, Unions and the political left claim to be for the little man. They claim to be for the poor. Yet in case after case it is proven they are exploiting the poor for a greater share of political power. They claim to be populists yet do nothing for the poor and needy except to rob them blind. Bureaucratic programs are designed to give just enough to keep the poor in line for future minimal payouts. They left preys on the poor by offering minimal value for free while never lifting a hand to actually move them up in class level. The programs are designed to keep the Unions and professional left content in their elitist minds that they are doing something good. Yet the same programs hide the fact that the unions and professional left are a bunch of hypocrites. Even Michael Moore has a hard time admitting he is part of the top 1% that is really unwilling to give up his fortune made by creating class warfare.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dems Incapable Of Governing

The Dems on the deficit reduction committee walked away yesterday. That's right they just walked away. The Republicans had just backed away from their pledge of no new taxes and offered up $300 billion in tax increases. Instead of considering the offer the Dems dismissed it out of hand and didn't even bother with a counter offer. All Americans have to understand that the DEMs never had any intention of bargaining in good faith. The DEMs never intended on making a bi partisan deal. The Dems are only focused on keeping their power.

The economy has been in the tank for almost 4 years, what follows are the facts concerning our government during this entire economic nightmare. The Democrats held the Congress from JAN 2007 through JAN 2011. The DEMs immediately come into power and begin campaigning for the 2008 Presidential election. The dems did nothing except bash Bush for running the country in the ground. After 7 years of the Media bashing Bush the DEMs took another 11 months to tank the economy. The economy officially went into recesiion DEC 2007. This led to an orator becoming President. The Orator had no substance behind his words. The orator was an ideologue masked behind eloquent words and a fawning media. In JAN 2009, the great orator came into office promising that the unemployment rate would not rise above 8% if only we followed the democrat lead and spent almost $1 trillion dollars. The DEMS then forgot about the economy and moved on to health care. They jammed a bill down our throats without even reading what was in it because in the words of Nancy Pelosi "We have to pass the bill to see what's in it". After health care the President went on to Cap and trade and Immigration reform. Two additional agenda items that had nothing to do with the economy. Then because they were worried about losing power the DEMS decided they wouldn't even do their job and pass a budget for 2010. To this day the Senate has not passed a budget. That is the Democrat led Senate that is unable to do its job. The Democrats lost the House any way and the economy has been bobbing along a false bottom. In SEP of this year over two and a half years into his Presdiency Obama decided to introduce yet another dose of his previously failed stimulus package. More spending on many of the same programs that haven;t worked. Much of the spending was simply extending government payments to the unemployed and under employed. While this is hailed as stimulus spending all that spending does is keep the status qou because we were already spending that money. Now the DEMs walk away from a deficit committee. Why? In my opinion its because the DEMs are afraid.

The Republicans outsmarted the brainy left. Instead of sticking to their pledge not to raise taxes the Republicans compromised knowing the DEMs would never compromise. The whole Bi-partisan and balanced approach speech the President made were false just like all of his words. The Presidnet wants to win election based on a do nothing Congress. Yet it was him and his party that did nothing. Even now with a compromise on the table the DEMS walk away. It is the Republicans in the house that have passed a budget, passed 15 bills to get the economy moving, and compromised on raising taxes. It is the dEms that haven't the intestinal fortitude to pass a budget, the DEMS who won't pass a jobs bill, the DEMS who are unwilling to compromise. The bottom line is the DEMs are incapable of governing.