Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buying Votes

Really? Obama is busy running around the country in an attempt to purchase votes. I think we have found exactly what the President is good at. Obama sems to be pretty good with three word slogans. "Yes we can", Winning the future", Pass this bill, we can't wait, and one other thing; spend other peoples money buying the votes of jkey constituencies.

Remember the woman that said she was happy to vote for Obama because he would pay her mortgage? Well he certainly has attempted to force banks to allow deadbeats stay in houses they can not afford. Now here is another example of how Obama tries to spend on a key constituency; he wants to forgive student loans. One thing we as a country should not do is allow people to go back on their word. No one forced these students to take out the loans. The students are fully aware that these are loans that must be repaid. Maybe instead of making me pay for other people's education the President should unilaterally force the schools to reduce their fees? Instead fees for schools has risen at an alarming rate under Obama. Pay more and debt forgiveness are a recipe for disaster.

This is how Obama buys votes. The universities love being able to raise rates on students. Now the students just have to wink an nod to get the loans paid off. The liberal universities get to keep more of the tax payer monies and the students get an indoctrination to the socialist lifestyle. Obama is teaching life lessons like "don't worry about your word, we will forgive" or how about "its not your fault" or the evil wall street can pay for everything the deadbeats want and desire.

I must wonder who is being greedy? Is it really wall street? You know the ones that bet their own money on the future? You know the investors that keep the economoy running. Or is it the liberal's that are greedy. Envious of the wall street money, feeling entitled to the same stuff as those that take risks. This is not about fairness but rather a jealous rage of the greedy deadbeats who always want something for nothing. Come on luiberals get some skin in the game. Stop being envious of others. The grass is not usually greener on the other side and your policies will necessarily lead to the destruction of wealth and the fall of a nation. All Obama is doing is buying votes. Lets face it Newtons classical laws fit the bill here: trickle up economics can't possibly ever work. Can't go against gravity you know, just ask Newton.

Occupy Washington

There are protests going on around the country. America's frustration with high unemployment, an anemic economy, and endless bailouts are boiling over. Now some of the protestors are undoubtedly Marxist and come from the give me something for nothing crowd, but the message is clear; America is off its rails. I don't know when we started to derail, it has been a long slog to get to where we currently sit. The American left would have you believe this is all the fault of Republicans and blame the entire fiasco on Bush. The American right would have one believe Obama stepped on the gas and drove us further into the ditch. I would venture a guess that the current problems started much earlier. Our country is well overdue for a divisive struggle.

Our country is more divided know than it has been since the civil war. Our Governmnet has failed to work for the people. The government now works for the special interests and feels beholden only to the party. Race relations have been set back 150 years. The constitution has been discarded and trampled upon. The economy is in tatters and the government can't bridge the disparate views. We have the pro growth pro business right versus the Pro public pro government left. No more moderates whatsoever they have been gerrymandered out of existence. The census map redrawing has ensured that the districts save the parties. Sure they lines sometimes back fire but people like Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have almost zero chance of ever being removed without major scandals. They can both be as polarizing as they want because they almost can't lose their seats. Neither has to worry about really representing their constituents or doing what is right for the country. Both can be uncompromising and neither has to budge.

We need a government that works and I can assure everyone that our government is broken. I would feel more comfortable with a total unknown for President than any of the politicians or celebrities. The personalities in charge of our country are not from the people. They have power and influence. Many are rich and don't really understand what we are going through on mainstreet. Sure both parties will use anecdotal evidence to support their myoptic view but they just don't get it. They can talk to the people all they want but unless the politicians are forced to walk in our shoes they will never know.

The OWS crowd is busy blaming wall street for their woes. The OWS people want wall street to give them something for doing absolutely nothing. I say they are frustrated and know something is wrong. We all need to come together and take our country back. Obama is a clueless bafoon from the other side of the tracks. The Republican candidates are all from the other side of the tracks. Why not forget about the career politicians that have become household nmaes. Instead of protesting Wall Street lets protest those that empowered wall street. We need to be protesting Washington.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America Needs Newt

America is facing dire circumstances and we need a President that understands how to get things done in Washington and understands what is meant by "We the People". In my opinion the best candidate is Newt. Newt is the only candidate that has avoided outright attacks on other potential nominees. Newt is the one that is constantly pointing out the liberal bent displayed by the insulting media at the debates. It is Newt that has the potential to destroy Obama in eloquence, substance and style in the Presidential debates. It is Newt that is the true conservative.

We all know Mitt Romney. He represents the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. He is the establishment pick because "its his turn". He is a northeast republican that may have good business sense but lousy conservative ideals. Romney reminds me of the used car salesman that will tell me anything to close the deal. He instituted healthcare for all in MA and it is a miserable failure. Rather than admit his mistake, Romney believes in it. Romney is a wall street insider that will be exploited in the general. There is enough angst in the country regarding the economy without placing a wall street professional in charge of the economy. The wall street occupiers would have a field day. The media is busy all but annoiting Mitt as the nominee. They are salivating at the opportunity to destroy him in the general by allowing Obama to become a populist by exploiting Mitt's wall street insider status.

Cain is an unknown. I'm not sure he is ready to be president. 9-9-9 sounds great as a slogan but it doesn't resonate as a strong path the economic freedom. The plan consist of a National Sales tax that the American left will continually exploit. It is the left that can't tighten their belts and always want to increase taxes. The Dems will always use the "just a .5% increase in the sales tax will allow another child to live the dream of having a free education" line or some other save grandma or the poor line. We will never reduce the deficit in this manner. We need to balance the budget in the first term of the next President. I am tired of candidates always going out into the next election before they can balance a budget. It used to be a five year plan no it is becoming a ten year plan. Cain does have an intriguing story; one of rags to riches. The issue I have is he seems a little over his head and that is one of my main complaints against Obama. Cain may be a good candidate for the VP slot or at least a cabinet post like treasury.

Perry seems like another slick willy. I don't trust him. He comes across as a cowboy with the "aw shucks" charm. Texas is a large state and Perry has done a great job running it. I'm sure Perry is conservative but I am turned off by the birth certificate issue. I'm tired of that controversy. Sure, I believe Obama is hiding something, I don't know what but at this point it doesn't matter. Obama has a record of failure over the last 3 years. Exploit the failures we know instead of the skeletons we don't. I don't care about his Harvard grades; his failures in leadership, his failures in policy, and his failures in the economy tell me all I need to know. Obama is a failure that just isn't too smart. Sure he may be able to fool people with big ambiguous words but there is no substance behind the words. So once Perry went along those lines, I lost a lot of faith. I like his new tax policy but frankly it appears he took a page from Newt, who is proposing something similar.

Paul is just to much out of mainstream America. I agree with him on some views but his isolationist policies will ruin America. We are the worlds super power. If we pull back, some one new will take up that mantle. I have pride in my country, why would I want some other country to lead?

Newt is a conservative. Newt engineered the Congressional takeover in 1994. Newt understnads what it takes to win a debate and get things through a hostile foe. Obama is busy dismantling the contract with America. Newt can bring that back and balance the budget yet again. It was Newt's budget that brought us near solvency. While the Republicans took a major hit on shutting the government down under Newt's watch but it did lead to welfare reform and balanced budgets.

Our country is at the precipice. We need a leader that bring us back to prosperity. Newt's tax reform plan will bring money into the government cofers. I believe the reason Newt is receiving better or more press is because he truly is the candidate in this race the Democrats fear the most.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Choose Carefully

It's primary season and the one thing everyone must remember is to chose their candidate carefully. The Republican party has many candidates and the media would like to make the choice for the voters. The media is busy pushing the meme that Romney is in the lead or the presumptive nominee. Be very careful of who the media pushes for the nomination. Republicans need to make their own choice.

I'm not saying Romney shouldn't be the nomination. Maybe he is the best choice. Romney has the business experience and executive experience the current President lacks. Romney does have an economic plan that is specific and detailed. Romney may not be the choice of social conservatives but he does have appeal to the fiscal conservatives. Romney is not my first choice and I do not plan on voting for him in the primary but if he is the nominee chosen by the Republicans and not the media than will support.

I would like to see the candidates stop attacking each other. The country is a mess. The liberal left is busy supporting those that would love to see our country go down the path to socialism. Attack the President and attack the left but don't forget to put forth your plans to fix the economy and our standing around the world. I will amke my choices based upon what the candidates place forward as a plan. I don't want finger pointing. I don't want to make a choice as the lesser of evils. I don't want to support the candidate that the media props up only to be destroyed in the general.

Lets make a choice based upon the best ideas, not the best attacks. I don't want the perfect candidate I want a leader and a visionary. I want a plan and I want to make my choice not have the media make it for me. Watch the media for whom they are portraying as the leader at any given time right now is the candidate they think stands the best chance to lose against Obama. The media is not the Republicans friend. The media is the enemy of this country as much as the liberal left. It is the media stoking the flames of revolution with their sickening talk. It is the likes of Jesse Jackson Jr and Chris Matthews fueling the hatred for our country. The something for nothing crowd is supported by the left wing of our country. The same left wing that supports class warfare. The same left wing that supports the communist party and the communist labor union leaders.

Let there be no doubt that I will support the Republican nominee no matter who it becomes. I will do it gleefully because I want this country to be great again. The left is busy destroying everything America stands for while we attack each other. It is time to stop sniping at each and rise above the fray. The candidate with the best plan that avoids attacking a fellow Republican prospect will receive my vote regardless of who the media tells me to vote for. In the end the entire nase must turn out regardless. We must vote the left down so that our country may prosper again, our children are depending on us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Class Warfare: Risk Takers versus Freeloaders

I am sickened that the President of the United States has decided to start a class war with the only aim of getting reelcted. Obama started a war between those that take risk to further themselves and those that want to freeload off the hard work of others. Here is a video example of what the Occupy Wall Street protestors really want:

Now think about that. The freeloader wants the rich to throw him a bone and pay for his tuition. One might ask themselves why? Well only because that is what he wants. Now on to some fascinating facts on what is fair

The Top 1% Owns 40% of the Nation's Wealth:

But did you also know the top 1% pays over 38% of the income tax burden in this country. That seems almost fair to me. In fact the top 1% were over 40% of the tax burden in 2007. 2007 also represented a record amount of revenue in the federal cofers. Since then the Democrats drove us into a recession (Depression?) and businesses are sitting on cash rather than invest. Maybe if the democrats provided incentive to invest the rich would again pay their fair share. Additionally the bottom 50% only pay 2.7 % of the tax burden. Yet idiots like the kid in the video think they are entitled to more even though he represents the bottom 50% and their 2.7% share of fairness.

The Top 1% Take Home 24% of National Income:

Yet again the top 1% pays 40% of the income tax burden on only a 24% share of the National Income. I wonder who is paying their fair share? This liberal argument, that the rich are not paying their fair share seems to be falling apart on their own facts.

The Top 1% of Americans Have Only 5% of the Nation's Personal Debt:

Well that makes sense. The top 1% has 40% of the tax burden and stays out of debt. Maybe if the bottom 99% didn't try to keep up with the top 1% they wouldn't have leveraged out everything they own. It is the bottom 99% that used their homes as ATM machines and ran on debt. The top 1% ran risks and worked hard and didn't borrow money to buy things they could not afford.

The class warfare argument that Obama started doesn't hold water when placed under the microscope, the rich do pay their fair share. The bottom 50% don't pay their fair share. The top is sitting on cash waiting for a reason to invest in America again. Incentivize the rich to invest and maybe the 99% will be enabled to pay their own way. Stop the freeloading, take responsibility, and realize the American dream. For once 50% plus 1 have no skin in the game this country is sunk.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Put Your Money Up Libs!

I challenge the liberals in this country to put their money where their mouths are. Tell us how much you think is fair for the 1.7 million households that make over $250,000 annually. Tell us how much of the deficit should be on their backs. DO you think they can make a one time payment to the US government for debt reduction only. Could Warren Buffet afford $20 or $30 million? How about George Clooney? How about the professional athletes? How about the Obama's and Gore's? All that needs to happen is for the liberals to come off some money. There are 1.7 million households that make over $250,000. If they would make a one time donation to the government for an average of $6.8 million each, the rest of us could pay the rest of the debt off this year. Tell us how much the liberals are ready to donate and then so everyone has skin in the game, those of us earning less than $250,000 split the remaining balance of our National debt and we would save instantly $450 billion in interest payments.

I'm willing to pay my share, I'd be willing to donate twice my household income to pay off the national debt. All I ask in return is that we balance our budget year after year from here on out. We cut the programs that do not work. We reform programs that are unsustainable. We stop giving away other people's money for votes. We start being responsible. How about the LIBs are you in?