Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DEM Strategy: Fear Mongering

The democrat won the race for NY 26 last night. This is a district that the republicans had no business losing. The next couple of days will be interesting as the Democrats claim the victory is a rejection of the Republicans and their plans to balance our bloated federal budget. The Republicans will be busy licking their wounds wondering how the Democrat won and why their message is seemingly being rejected. Of course the truth is not going to be as clear cut as both parties may end up concluding.

First of all, there was a false tea party candidate involved that siphoned votes from the Republican. Jack Davis was a Republican turned Democrat turned will run on any line possible in order to run candidate. He is by no means a Tea party fiscal conservative. He run a poor campaign and seemed only in the race to ensure the Democrat won. His entry in the race seemed to put the pressure on Corwin who ultimately lost the race.

The Democrats then spent large sums of money on a race that in the grand scheme of things is meaningless. The Republican majority in the house was not in jeopardy. Yet the democrats threw the kitchen sink in to the race to obtain what in all likelihood is an about to be eliminated district as New York will lose districts when it redistricts. The Democrats and liberals run scare grandma about medicare ads that were outrageous and very misleading. Instead of telling the American people the truth that the three big entitlement programs are broke, the left will always lie and tell you the system is fine all that is needed is more taxes.

Coming into the 2012 election cycle it is quickly becoming obvious what tactics the Democrats will be using to stay in power. They are going to scare grandma, flash Osama all over the place and promise more spending if the evil Republicans are vanquished. The DEMs have no record to run on. Obamacare is unpopular and in the courts. Activist judges are trying to save Obamacare but in the end, it is my belief that the law is unconstitutional. The Dems didn't have a budget for this year and grumbled when the Republicans demanded miniscule cuts. The Democrats knew their majority was in jeopardy before the last election and refused to raise the debt limit beyond 2011. They knew the Republicans would have to do that unpopular act. Now when the Republicans say more cuts are needed in order to raise the debt limit the DEMS are screaming that a clean bill should be forth coming.

As I look around at the declared candidates for President in 2012, I have come to believe that the only candidate that has a message of truth and honesty with the American public is Tim Pawlenty. For right now he espousing that entitlement programs must be reformed. He even campaigned in Florida yesterday and told his audience that the fact is Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will have to be reformed in order to save the programs for the future. The DEMS have yet to get real or serious about the financial crisis our country is facing. They keep believing in unicorns. Their Utopian philosophy gets in the way of reality. Tax the rich the DEMS plead. They now full well this will not fix what ails our country but the masses of poor that follow politics very little will fall for it every time. The DEMs lie to their own constituents to keep them believing in the unicorns. The DEMs are dreaming that all will be well. The problem is soon there will be more people drawing from Social Security then will be paying in. Everything would have been all right had the DEMs left the money in the Social Security lock box. The problem is that the politicians from both parties spent the money in the lock box and replaced it with interest bearing IOU's.

The program is broke and is just beginning to deplete the IOU's. That means even less in compounded interest received for the IOU's, which in turn means it will be even less then predicted. The Baby Boomers are just starting to retire, the first of which are just now turning 65. When the large influx starts the depletion of the IOU's will accelerate. There will be even less money in the general fund and even higher debt spending. We deserve politicians that are honest with the American people. Not the fear mongering scare tactics the DEMs are intent on using. The Dems are leading us of a cliff and accelerating.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bail Out Worked? Come EJ Get Real

I was in shock when I read the latest OP-ED penned by EJ Dionne. I always knew him and his ilk were sycophants for the President but this mind less drivel penned by Mr. Dionne is just more proof that the media is nothing more than a pathetic pawn of the liberal left. Mr. Dionne uses the bailout of GM as his one shining example of how the government bailouts worked. Of course he whines that this economy busting president isn't getting any credit but if the propaganda machine would just take a step back and do a reality check they would understand why the America public was against and still are against the government bailouts.

No where in the piece does Mr. Dionne mention Chrysler. I wonder why? All he does is heap praise on GM for turning a $3.2 billion profit as Americans go about searching for more energy efficient vehicles. No where does Mr. Dionne mention that this administrations policies have forced gasoline prices to almost double since Obama took office. No wonder Americans are buying fuel efficient cars there aren't many Americans that can afford $4.00 for a gallon of gas. No where does Mr. Dione mention that Americans are turning to GM because Japanese automakers were crippled by a Tsunami followed by a nuclear crisis. Nope all Mr. Dionne does is heap praise on the government bailouts. Do you think Mr. Dionne would dare mention that unemployment is still at 9.0%? How about the year over year decline of 8% in the value of our homes? How about the 28% of mortgages that are underwater? How about the 1.8% GDP last quarter? How about Fannie Mae requesting another $8 billion in bailout dollars ust to remain solvent? Nope nothing of this news in Mr. Dionne's report. Just picks one example that on the surface appears to be a bailout that worked. But even if Mr. Dionne had peeled the onion back just a little he would be able to see that GM is the beneficiary of natural disasters striking their main competitors and the economy destroying policies of the administration he is trying to heap praise upon. Come on EJ get real the bailouts failed and for the most part so has this administration.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tax More Spend More

Gov Martin O'Malley from Maryland is pus an increase of another .12 cents to price of a gallon of gasoline. The push is because the transportation fund is depleted and the roads are in a state of disrepair. O'Malley says businesses like this tax but the people hate it.

Now I would agree a tax increase may be necessary to keep the transportation infrastructure operating smoothly. We need roads and we need them to be in a constant state of good repair. The problem though is that the liberals spent the transportation fund on other programs. Programs that have nothing to do with transportation but rather liberal programs designed to buy the votes of the poor. So the Governor and other Democrats depleted the fund for their pet projects and now they need to raise taxes on gasoline to pay for the repair of the roads.

This is the liberal point of view on taxes. Taxes can continually be raised. Run out of tax dollars, then raise them. This tax increase proposal in Maryland is ridiculous. Listen to what the governor is saying, look we depleted the transportation fund to pay for social welfare, now our roads are falling apart, so we need more fuel taxes to pay for the road.

This is the same thing that always happens with our tax dollars. The democrats and liberals constantly clamor that we need to raise taxes to pay for something specific like education or transportation or even deficit reduction, then after the taxes are increased even more money is spent on other social programs and we still don't get the specific spending that was sold to us as the reason for the increased taxes.

The politicians understand what we want out of our government. The politicians than starve that program knowing they will be enabled to come back to the well for more. Take in $100 dollars specifically for transportation and the politicians will siphon of .60 cents for other vote getting projects and come back later and claim they need more money to pay for the roads. The tax payer that uses the roads knows they are falling apart and will clamor for them to be fixed. Miraculously the taxes get increased and the roads still don't get fixed. This is the liberal trap. There will never be enough taxes going to our government. The more money they take in the more money the politicians will waste on keeping their power over the people.

The American people must stand up and demand our overfed government gets the deficits in order by reducing spending period. We can not give into any type of tax increase. Tax increases will only get wasted on social welfare and soon the government will be back telling us they need more.