Monday, January 31, 2011

Lost and Found: One NY Idiot (Schumer)

America must help out the state of New York. Their villiage idiot has been found.

Can you get a load of this clown? This is a disgrace to everyone that resides in America. Sorry Senator Schumer but the three branches of government are not the House, the Senate, and the President. The three branches of our Government are the Legislative (House and Senate), the Executive (President), and the Judiciary (Supremes). Any third grader could tell you that, as well as any legal immigrant seeking to become an American citizen. So this is representative of our government? This is representative of Democratic party leadership? No wonder the Democrats jammed through their unconstitutional version of healthcare. They don't even know the most basic part of our form of government let alone the nuances.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Call Obama's Bluff

The republicans need to call Obama's bluff. During the State of the Union address Obama spoke of spending the country even further into oblivion with the same old initiatives he campaigned on in 2008, infrastructure, clean energy, transportation, and education. We have all seen where that got us, another $3 trillion in debt with very little tangible evidenced it moved us further. Obama also brought out his scalpel, promising to cut programs that are not working and reduce spending. Again this is just recycled rhetoric and empty promises. Call the bluff, make Obama submit a budget that produces real cuts and reduces the deficit without gimmicks and increased taxes.

When republicans took over the house in 1994, they allowed Bill Clinton to triangulate. Instead of forcing Clinton to do something, the republicans started down the path of instituting there vision of change and tried to jam everything down the President's throat. The people did not like the unilateral changes and rebuked the republicans by voting Clinton in for a second term. The republicnas can not sit around and float ideas that the Democrats will demogogue. The republicans can't allow Obama to sit back and offer nothing and then follow the polls. Instead of floating the road map being developed by Paul Ryan force the President to get off the sidelines and make his own reccomendations. Force the debate and take the debate to Obama. Make Obama make the first move by making him submit his budget and going through the budget. Point out the increased taxes, point out the increased expenditures, and point out the unacceptably small cuts in programs he will propose. Point out that Obama is not into getting our country back on track but rather in promoting his liberal base ideology. Use Obama's own words against him, allow Harry Reid an earmark or two and then see if this Presidnet really means what he says or is he full of hot air. Prove to the American people with facts rather than rhetoric that Obama will never reduce expenditures but only increase the tax burden.

The republicans started off on the right track. They started in the house by voting for a repeal of Obamacare. They passed a house bill stating the constitution must be cited for future bills. Now is the time to move forward, move from words and empty promises towards real reform of our government. The republicans should not be leading the way towards austerity. The republicans are not the ones that should be initiating the nations dialog, that is for the Presdient to do. Make the President forward initiatives, point out the inherent flaws and then have a vigorous debate.

Obama is a master at sitting the sidelines and taking credit for the good and passing blame on the bad. The democrats paid the price of carrying Obama's water. Obama mainly sat the sidelines and the democrats in Congress took the blame for the failed stimulus. Democrats in Congress took the blame for the health care fiasco. Democrats in Congress took the blame for the failed economy. Democrats in Congress took the blame for our exploding debt. Obama is enjoying a bounce in the polls because he blamed the process, blamed Bush, blamed the right, and blamed the American people for his failures and only took credit for the initiatives that are popular.

That is what Obama intends to do over the next two years. Obama will delegate painful austerity cuts on the republicans. Obama will then campaign against them pointing out the flaws. Obama will never do anything more than talk in lofty rhetoric and continue to blame the republicans. I say call the bluff. Wait for Obama to make a move. Make Obama submit a budget. When that budget doesn't offer anything more than an explosion of debt take it to the American people. Make Obama defend his position and then offer your alternatives. Remember Bill Clinton took credit for the so called budget surplus and Bill CLinton took credit for welfare reform. Both of these initiatives were republicans ideas that were forced down Clinton's throat and he was able to capitalize on republican ideas. Don't let Obama do the same thing.

From the best I can tell the pathetic pawns in the media are claiming the meme that Obama is moving to the middle with moderate proposals. The pathetic pawns are allowing Obama to speak in generalities rahter than specific proposals. The pathetic pawns are waiting for the republicnas to make the firt move so they can hand Obama his moderate victories. Make Obama do the heavy lifting for the first time in his life. Make Obama do something rather than vote present and ride the pine. Call his bluff and when he can't come up with the goods castigate his empty promises and then push ahead with the republicnas ideals.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Odd Lack Of Documentation

The year started off good with the new Governor of New Mexico once and for all pledging to dispel all rumors of Obama's birth. As the search began Governor Abercrombie started in good faith to find the long form birth certificate. Abercrombie than stated that he had seen the documents in the archives but never was able to state he had in fact seen the long form birth certificate. In the end Abercrombie came out and said he was barred by state law from releasing Obama's long form birth certificate.

From the beginning circa 2008 of this search for Obama's birth records we the people learned that Obama's birth certifcate could not be released without Obama's permission. Yet in 2011, Abercrombie promises to find and produce a birth certificate only to find out he can't really produce the certificate for public consumption. It seems very fishy that Abercrombie would announce to the world that he was going to once and for all close the book on the Obama natural born citizen question by producing the birth records, and after exhaustive search simple says that by Hawaii law he can't produce the document. This bears a couple of questions "Why won't Obama himself dispel the rumors?" and What is Obaam hiding that he refuses to put this behind him?"

First of all, don't buy into the twisted logic of Obama's ardent supporters. The Obamabots will always say it is ridiculous to believe Obama wasn't born in America because his mother would have had to of known he would one day be President. That logic by itself is ridiculous. Does the left really believe that the only reason to have a birth certificate stating a child was born in the US is to become President? We all know by the immigration debate and the debate over the anchor babies having natural born status that there are many reasons for being an American citizen at birth besides being president. Being a citizen of the US brings benefits to the citizen. The birth certificate provides documentation required to obtain work, attend schools, enter the military, and receive social benfits. Remember it was the 1960's. It was more important to be a citizen than an immigrant. There are many reasons why Stanley Dunham may have desired her first born son to have an American birth certificate and none of her reasons even coming close to her son being eligible for the Presidency.

Now I am not sure whether or not Obama was born in the US. If I had to guess, I would probably side with yes he was born in Hawaii. However, there is some evidence that Obama may not have been born in the US. Stanley Dunhams travels around the time of Obama's birth seem to be questionable. There is rumor that she may have been in Kenya just prior to the birth. Lets assume there is a long form birth certificate in the archives. What does it say? Does it say Obama wasn't really born in a hospital? Obama has claimed to be born in a hospital. Maybe the document says Obaam was born at home under the care of a mid wife. Home child bearing in the presence of a mid wife was more prevalent in the 1960's than it is today. If the long form doesn't show ahospital but rather he was born at home might there not be further questions? Yes, there would be more questions if the document said Obama was born at home in the presence of a mid wife. See Obama claimed to have been born in a hospital. He claimed to have seen his birth certificate and stated the Hospital he was born in. If this is found to be false, what will that tell the American people?

But lets assume Obama could produce the birth certificate and it also stated Obama was born in a hospital. Why else might Obama be withholding the document? Could it be that Obama scammed the government for some kind of scholarship as a foreign citizen? Did Obama claim something for college that required he be a foreigner? Did Obama use his credentials as being an Indonesian for something? Why, why, why, is the question of the day? Why is Obama hiding all of his past documents? Why is Obama hiding his birth certificate? Why is Abercrombie hiding behind the state law? This especially in light of promising to put this issue to bed.

I don't know why Obama is hiding his citizenship documentation. I showed minew at every request. I needed it to enter the military. I needed it to apply for passports. I need it to now obtain a drivers license. I have no problem whipping out the document and providing proof of who I am. Yet our President refuses to show his? Bottom line is Obama is hiding something. Abercrombie instead of helping Obama, just opened a can worms that simply should not be allowed to close. Here is a video of an interview from a hollywood reporter that claims Abercrombie has stated that there is no long form birth certificate. Now I don't source the accuracy of the video and am only using it to prove my point. Why in the world won't Obama just place this issue to rest?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Is the Mandate For Car Insurance?

The left loves to use car insurance as there example of why the government can force people to buy an insurance product. Please someone tell where the individual mandate to buy car insurance has been enacted. As far as I know it is only mandatory to have car insurance if one has a car. Car insurance isn't needed to get a drivers license. Nope car insurance is only needed to register a car. So there is no individual mandate to have car insurance. There is however a car mandate. Every car in order to be registered must be insured.

So how is this the same as having health insurance mandatory? Being born no constitutes a liability to purchase a specific product. Instead of having the freedom to make individual and family decisions the idiot left will decide how we can spend our hard earned dollars. Is this what the unemployed left doe all day? Do they sit back and think of ways of redistributing more productive members of society's wealth? Bill Maher believes it is mandatory to have car insurance but not mandatory to by a car. Many left leaning idiots are buying into the analogy to product the individual mandate. Sorry but car insurance is a mandate on cars while the health insurance mandate is a mandate on individuals. Try again Bill but your analogy is comparing apples to oranges and only left leaning loons will believe you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Too Lazy to Check, Too Stupid to Care

Little Green Footballs is factually incorrect. LGF decided to use the polifact website to smear Michelle Malkin. Too bad Charles was to lazy to check and too stupid to care. Why one might ask? Well because what Michelle said is factually correct while Polifact was wrong. Charles in his zest to impeach the right didn't bother himself to do anything other than push the left wing meme. Here are some facts.

First of all Michelle Malkin thought and opined that she believed the Obama administration had something to do with the T-Shirts provided at the Tucson memorial service. The Obama administration denied the allegation of politicizing the event and Polifact took the administration at its word. However, it seems the slogan on the shirt was taken directly from Obama's 2008 campaign arm Organizing for Obama. Just a little checking and miraculously there seems to be a connection. Of course the zealots on LGF will ask where the proof is that the administration was involved. The left will refuse to admit that Obama politicized the event and made it more of a pep rally than a memorial service. The left did the same thing at the Paul Wellstone memorial service just a short eight years ago. The left can't help themselves, they politicize everything and then blame everyone else for the woes.

The slogan coming from Obama's campaign arm shows a direct connection between the administration and the tacky and inappropriate T-shirt campaign style memorial service, at least by a preponderance of the evidence. Now I tried to let Charles know that his storyline was incorrect but of course he blocked my account just because I disagreed with him and some of the zealots on his site the other day. Really though it doesn't matter, the left wing zealots are out for blood and will outright lie to save their meme that a left wing lunatic was really lead to atrocities by the right. Too bad youi didn't bother to check Charles because many others have.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

True Colors

The pathetic pawns of the left wing rags have really shown their true colors. Since Saturday the pathetic pawns set out to do two things: (1) demonize Sarah Palin for sighting in on Congressional districts that were takeover targets including Giffoeds district and (2) make this into a Oklahoma City moment for Obama. Both had to respond to the media. Palin had to defend herself against the baseless attacks, while Obama just had to act Presidential. Today the media said Obama won. I would say the pundits and liberal media missed the point of both responses.

First, Obama just had to act Presidential. The media had already provided him with a perch. There glorified Obama and wrote praising words for the President. The media all but wrote what Obama had to say in order to soothe a Nations feelings. Obama did a good job of not politicizing his remarks at the memorial service. Obama did act Presidential and had a perch to deliver a speech that denounced hate rhetoric. Not hard for anyone really. It is Obama's job to bring the country together after a National tragedy. While the press is raising Obama to lofty levels for his excellent prose at the memorial service, they also compare that to the defense Palin made of herself.

Palin had a much different task to complete. Obama's was to provide healing words while being praised by the media. Palin had to defend herself against baseless attacks by the media. Palin did a good job of defending herself and told the media to stop the blood libel. Yes the media used the blood of the victims to fraudulently attack Palin and other conservative personalities. Palin was placed in a no win situation. Had she come out wioth healing words, the media would have portrayed that as an admission of at least some guilt. Palin came out defensively and called the media on there baseless and fear filled fraudulent and libelous claims. Palin did an excellent job of defending herself and turning the blame onto the pathetic pawns.

The pathetic pawns then attacked her for injecting herself into the storylines. I am sorry but it was the media that injected Palin into the storyline. The media attacked Palin for her sight picture map but remained mum to the targets the Moulitsas had 2 years earlier. The media attacked the right and Rush Limbaugh for raising the rhetoric level but forget it was the President himself that said if they bring a knife we bring a gun.

The bottom line is both the President and Palin accomplished what they were forced to do. Obama spoke as the President of a singular Nation. Palin defended herself admirably while under constant attack by the pathetic pawns. Both Obama and Palin have shown that they are better then the pathetic pawns will ever be.

If there ever was a question of which political side the pathetic pawns were on there should be none now. The pathetic pawns have shown their true colors. The pathetic pawns have shown that they are nothing more than left wing cheerleaders. The pathetic pawns just don't have enough inteligence to understand what the American people have been saying. They missed the point of both Palin and Obama in this instance, this missed the message of the 2010 elections, they missed the message of the 2006 and 2008 elections, and they missed the point of the 2000 and 2004 elections. It is high time to shoot the messenger because the pathetic pawns haven't been getting the message out.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Blood Sport

The American left is in hysterics due to one of their own being gunned down by a lone leftist thug. Led by the hypocrite Markos Moulitsas who tweeted "Mission Accomplished, Sarah Palin", effectively declaring the Gifford shooting was her fault because she targeted Giffords district as ripe for taking over in 2010. This tweet even in light of the fact that he himself placed a bullseye on her district in the 2008 primary season begging for a primary challenge against her. Congressman Grijalva is qouted as saying "Whenyou stoke these flames, and you go to public meetings and you scream at the elected officials, you threaten them-you make us expendable you make us part of the cannon fodder.

What an elitist load Grijalva is trying to sell the American people. I have news for Congressman Grijalva; you are expendable. Elected officials are only as good as the next election. Americans do not like elitist representatives like Grijalva talking down to us. Congressman like Grijalva forgot long ago that they are paid servants to the districts. They are not elitists to be idolized. We have the right to peacefully petition our government and its representatives. The American people screamed at public meetings only because left wing radical representatives forgot to listen to their employer. We the people are not in the service of the representatives, no it is the representatives that hold themselves to be better than the people they represent. Representatives like Grijalva have an insatiable ego and they have a desire to be revered. This is disgusting behavior.

Senator Frank Lautenberg says "America must not tolerate . . . inflammatory rhetoric that incites political violence." Yet wasn't America founded on political discord? Doesn't our First Amendment say "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Wasn't it the left that vehemently defended those that would burn the American flag as being a part of free speech. Burning the American flag is a violent act. Yet our left leaning politicians believe that burning the American flag doesn't create violence. The Ameircan left defends the flag burning but now says that inflammatory rhetoric is unacceptable? This is unbelieveable. This is also very hypocritical. The AMerican left prides itself in being political activists. The American left claims the mantle of being for the grassroots. Yet when the silent majority in this country rally around the tea party movement, the American left claim it is out of bounds and attempt to pass laws banning inflammatory language. So the left only agrees with political violence when it is what they believe in?

This is nothing but political blood sport. The left feels they can assail the tea party movement and Palin and the media backs them up. It is a shame that Congresswoman Gifford was shot. This is an act of violence that should not have happened. There is plenty of blame to go around, including the Sheriff who told claimants that they should not file any more criminal complaints against the shooter because it would complicate matters and the shooter was being taken care of by the psych ward. I'm sorry for the loss of life at the hands of a deranged leftiist, but that is no reason to throw the first amanedment out the window or blame Palin for targeting Giffords district, or blame the tea party. The left needs to start listening to the public they serve, stop holding themselves higher than those they serve, begin to take care of those they serve. This is not a political crisis that should be used for poloitical gain. This is not a bloodsport.