Monday, December 26, 2011

Pay to Play

Have the democrats no shame? On the heels of Rod Blagojevich attempting to sell Obama's vacated senate seat, we are informed that Obama takes care of his friends in a quid pro qou effort. Harry Reid shamelessly lies about who exactly is making over $1 million dollars, and Senator Charles Schumer gets his brother in law a US district Judgeship in New Jersey. All of these examples are nothing more than shameless paying off political donors and friends or in Schumer's case relatives of friends.

According to the Washington Post, the Obama administration was rife with politics in providing guaranteed loans to Solyndra. In fact, Obama wasn't satisfied with providing his political ally and big bundler with just a half billion dollars in loans but wanted to give another half billion loan. We all know that Solyndra has filed for Bankruptcy. We all know that even before the first guaranteed loan went out the door, the administration knew full well that Solyndra was not going to remain solvent no matter how much we gave then. This is politics at its finest. Pay off political allies and donors and forget about what is right for the American people. Obama is not the President of the United States, he is the President for the 52% that voted for him. Obama could care less about the other 48%. In fact he is willing to forsake another 2% as long as he is able to garner his 50% plus 1 vote.

Another story out today has the brother in law of Democrat Charles Schumer getting a Judgeship in New Jersey. Quite po this is nothing more than Obama giving a job to the Schumer family to get him to continue being the vocal Obama cheerleader and assisting in NJ Senator Lautenberg keeping his seat in his next election with the full support of Schumer. Again this is nothing more than paying off friends for their support. Again this administration and the Democrats in general are not interested in what is in the best interest of the country but rather what is in the best interest of the Democratic party.

Finally, Harry Reid shamelessly lied about who exactly is making over $1 million dollars. In fact the Democrats, Obama, Reid, and the pathetic pawns in the media are busy fueling a class warfare campaign to get Obama reelected. Reid's little surtax on the "rich" will only generate $11 billion in revenue. While this $11 billion would be helpful if it went towards paying down the debt, it will only go to fund more government giveaways. In fact confiscating all the income of those making over $1 million would bring the deficit to 0. This is the great lie the democrats tell in order to keep power.

Power is what this is all about. It is pay to play politics. It is taking care of those that have the means to keep the Democrats in power. The Obama campaign rhetoric is not about helping America. Obama is worried because his policies have failed America and his failed policies are the reason he is under water in approval rating. I said back in 2008 that Obama did not represent a change of anything more that which corrupt elitist were going to reap the benefits of governmental largesse. I would have thought the Democrats would have learned the pay to play is not helping America. Obviously it is all Obama and the Democrats know.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Republicans Self Destructing

The Republican party is self destructing right before our eyes. Instead of carrying the message and placing the President and the Democrats on the the defensive, the republicans are giving the message away and acting irresponsible. There is currently a lack of leadership within the republican party. America needs leadership right now and yet the elitist ranks seem devoid of the leadership qualities necessary to run our country.

Obama is a behind the scenes take credit for successes and shift blame for failures kind of leader. In other words not a leader at all but rather an opportunistic follower. Obama has not lead on any issue. Obama's foreign policy is a disaster whether it is alienating our allies or not having the experience to recognize that Mubarak was far better for American National Security than the Muslim Brotherhood or the salafists. Obama decided to follow the french and British lead and take out Gadaffi in Libya and yet allow Bashar Assad stand in Syria. The Russians took Hillary and Obama's "reset" button and test fired nuclear missiles. Finally, Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Hillary, and the rest all claim they didn't know about the ATF gun running program named "Fast and furious". Domestically, Obama watched from the sidelines as the Democrats pushed a failed $787 billion dollar stimulus program. Obama stood the sidelines and watched the democrats takeover American health care with a bill that no one knows what is in it. Our economy is in the tank and all Obama can come up with is another mini stimulus just like his first big failure.

Yet with all of these issues Obama is rising in the approval polls. The Democrats were able to gain the popular support for starving the Social Security trust fund of revenue's. Instead of strengthening social security Democrats have weakened the fund. Rather than secure the safety net, Obama has managed to run it into the ground. Class warfare is currently working in the Democrats favor as the Republicans dropped the ball and look like they are unwilling to raise taxes on the rich yet allow tax increases on the middle class. I'm not sure how that happened but it is ridiculous. The Democrats are winning today but will scalp the middle class tomorrow when even larger tax increases are required to keep America bobbing along the economic bottom. Boehner and McConnell looked incompetent in December turning what should have been a victory into defeat.

Now we find that those with Presidential aspirations couldn't even run a campaign properly. Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Santorum didn't even get on the ballot in Virginia. The absence of these candidates from the ballot in as important of State as Virginia leaves me shaking my head. Virginia is going to be a must win State for the Republican nominee and yet the only Republicans gaining access to the ballot were Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. If the field can't run a campaign right, how do we trust them to run the Presidency. The Republicans are devoid of leadership at a time when our country needs leadership the most. I certainly hope the nominee is fairly well selected by the end of January so the Republican party is able to show its candidate from a leadership perspective because if the Republicans can't show they are better than this Obama will be able to finish running America into the ground.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thirteen Days

The Iowa caucuses will be held in thirteen days. Two weeks from today the candidates will be either rushing to New Hampshire to capture the momentum from the night before or considering dropping their campaign and endorsing one of the other candidates. After Iowa I fully expect one or two of the candidates to bow out to consider their options. The remaining candidates will rush to New Hampshire in hopes of building even more momentum. My hope is that the Republicans can come to the realization they need to rally behind one candidate and do it sooner rather than later. Romney has said he expects the nomination process to be drawn out. I for one thing that is a bad mistake. While a drawn out nomination process seemed to work for the democrats in 2008, we must remember that was another time and the conditions on the ground today are not what they were in 2008.

In 2008, Hillary and Obama could afford a long drawn out nomination process. The republicans did not stand a chance of winning without a major mistake by whomever they selected. They could afford to debate on who they liked the best because they were going to win hands down. All the Republicans could hope for is to keep the margins close enough to have something to build on. The problem with a long drawn out process this year is that the election is not a foregone conclusion and in fact the republican will probably start the general election off behind.

Another difference is the Democrats in Congress controlled agenda. The democrats were focused on nothing but winning the next election. The Republicans this year are only in control of the house and they are not setting the agenda. The Republicans are allowing themselves to be outmaneuvered by the President and the Democrats in the Senate. The Republican establishment is not unified with the party faithful. The Republicans are not playing politics in a way that will win them the hearts and minds of the American electorate. In short the Republicans are not disciplined.

The republicans are in dire need of selecting their candidate early, no later than super Tuesday. The establishment republicans need some leadership and the candidate can help set their agenda. Maybe then, the Republicans can set their agenda and make the side line President actually start having to come up with an actual agenda instead of more of the same failed policies of the past three years. Remember we have 13 days until Iowa, we need to start selecting the right candidate and giving him or her all of our backing and support. The only focus of the Republican party should be on beating President Obama in 2012. Stop the infighting and stop playing politics. Any of the Republicans can beat Obama. We just need to figure the one that will keep Obama on the defensive and make him run on his first term and his vision against the Republican vision. We just need the standard bearer to project the vision and sooner is better than later.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Party Before Representation

The problem with our career politicians is that the party leadership will strong arm the party members to place the Party before the representation of the people they are to represent. For the most part this is a Demcorat party philosophy; for they know a majority of America does not follow their ideology. This becomes apparant in the Demcoratic leadership where it is always politics before the people; party before the electorate.

We can go back to Nancy Pelosi who risked her Speakership and the Democratic majoprity in the House for an ill conceived Health Care plan. We can just listen to Obama as he placed the party before the people in his line pertaining to health care was condescending towards the electorate. Obama spoke of voting for the the health care bill and taking the issue up in Congress and then let the elections play out as they will. We can listent o Senator Schumer who says "“In a nutshell, this is what is responsible for the dysfunction in Congress. If Speaker Boehner were fully in charge, we wouldn’t constantly see this kind of brinksmanship, but he doesn’t have control of his troops in the House.”“In a nutshell, this is what is responsible for the dysfunction in Congress. If Speaker Boehner were fully in charge, we wouldn’t constantly see this kind of brinksmanship, but he doesn’t have control of his troops in the House.”in a nutshell, this is what is responsible for for the dysfunction in Congress. If Speaker Boehnerwere fully in charge, we wouldn't constantly see this kind of brinksmanship, but he doesn't have control of his troopsin the House."

Schumer and the Democratic party are responsible for the brinksmanship. It is the Democrats who always place the party before the people. Obama delayed 20,000 jobs simply because he doesn't want to make the party faithful upset by allowing the keystone pipeline to get off the ground. Obama famously said if the bill passing an extension of payroll tax cuts contained keystone language, he would veto the bill. Obama's comment was politics and party over what is right and popular with the American people. It is the Senate Democrats that will not pass a budget, the senate democrats who refuse to take up any House passed bill pertaining to job creation. It is the Democrats that are constantly taking America to the brink of disaster while offering no new ideas; just the same old tax and spend screed for failed generations in the past. It is the Democrats that are constantly speaking of control rather than speaking of their constituents. It is the Democrats that constantly place their ideals, their politics, their party before the American people. Right now as it is election year, Obama and the Democrats are scheming of another messsage to sell the AMerican people. It is the Democrats turning negative and turning to class warfare. It is the Democrats who have done nothing but spend frivilously over the past 6 years. It is the Democrats that demonize the American electorate as stupid and uninformed for not following their failed policies. It is the Demcrats placing their party before the people. We can no longer have a Representative form of Government when the Democrats insist on control rather than insisting on the will of the people.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Too Big To Fail

There are corporations and financial institutions that have become so large that if they were to fail the ruinous effect on the American economy will lead to the fall of the world sole super power. Banks are not the only corporations that are too big to fail but so to are the Big three Auto makers and the Nations utility companies. Yet as we all have become too aware the Obama industry has done nothing to stop the too big to fail phenomenon. Rather than break up the big banks, Obama decided to regulate them more. Once the lawyers and accountants figure out how to get around the regulation (and believe me they will), then our institutions that are too big to fail will again run wild knowing that even if they risk everything the government will bail them out because of the drain a failure will cause on the economy. This leads me to believe that our government has become to big to fix what ails America.

This recession is not cyclical in nature but rather structural in nature. We have bled jobs from our industrial base for years. We are more efficient at providing services than we are at producing goods. The disparity between the rich and the poor is not due to less taxes being paid by the rich but rather because the only place to make that kind of money requires high tech services. Financial, Health, accounting, and the law. Building products is far cheaper overseas. The masses in the middle have been squeezed out. Unions have made it impossible to compete. In this light we can see that only the educated and elite will be enabled to make a living. The unskilled labor force will continue providing service industry products that the top of the pyramid will refuse to use. See the rich are not going to the fast food industry, therefore the money will never be made in those companies. Until we break up the monopolies and allow the free market forces control who makes it and who fails we are doomed to follow a decline in America. Our entire system will continue to decline until there is more competition and less government interference.

Our government is too big to be of any assistance. Everything our government is focused on right now is meant to keep the poor poor. Providing handouts is not the answer. Sure it appears that the American left has a heart, has compassion, but that is only for so long as the poor stay poor and keep there head just above water. Government handouts make lazy people lazier. Make unemployed people even more unemployable. Make the governed even more dependent on government. So while it is true that some of our corporations are too big to fail our government has become too big to fix the structural problems we face which will make our government too big to save.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Great Day for Republicans

today was a great day for Republicans. First they got their Defense budget through. Second Paul Ryan announced his bi partisan medicare plan and finally the Republican candidates for President all looked very strong and electable. Republicans shined in ever facet of politics today.

What makes the the day better is the Republicans are able to turn Obama's message around on him. It is Obama that is threatening a veto and the Democrats in the Senate that are refusing to vote on a tax cut for the middle class. Obama who is raiding the Social Security trust fund by forcing payments that we are not collecting in FICA taxes. Yet the Republicans have been able to put together a Jobs bill that will keep in place the middle class tax cut and create jobs at the same time. This exposes Obama for what we already knew he was; an empty suit. Obama has been campaigning on creating jobs and the evil republicans who won't let him. It is Obama that has created the class warfare. All these anti American activities by Obama are part of his political campaign. Yet he threatens to veto a tax cut for the middle class and a jobs bill that is minimally going to create 20,000 jobs and bring $6.5 billion of economic activity.

Next Paul Ryan has been able to refine a medicare plan that will bring real reform to the failing program in coordination with Senator Wyden. A bi partisan bill that of course the uncompromising President has already came out against, even without knowing the details of what it is proposed to do. Obama has to be able to keep his "Republicans want to kill grandma" meme going or he risks losing Seniors in large droves just like he is already losing losing the millenials.

Finally, the Republican debate tonight showed that the Republicans can not really do anything wrong no matter which candidate they chose to represent them. From Newt to Santorum, from Romney to Bachmann, from Perry to Paul, and even Huntsman they all looked strong and capable. Every candidate stayed within the issues and attacked Obama more than the Republicans on stage. Sure there were a few attacks but mainly over political or policy belief differences. We all knew the candidates were not exactly alike and agree on everything. I would have to say Newt did no damage and Romney probaly won the night. Perry did a great job and Bachmann solidify her voting block. Paul is out of the mainstream Republican party with Iran but he has economics down pat. I am unsure right now of whom to support in the primary. If the election were held today I would lean towards Newt. The good thing for me is that after tonight I think all the Republicans looked strong and I will definitely and enthusiastically vote for any of these candidates. It may well yet turn into a banner year for Republicans with a mandate to boot.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tax and Spend; Tax and Spend Some More

The Democrats are absolutely ridiculous with their tax and spend philosophy. All we have heard is how the evil Republicans just won't relent. Propose a Social Security killing payroll tax cut off set by even larger tax increases on the so called rich. Want more education spending raise more taxes on the so called rich. Want more spending on green energy tax the so called rich. That is all this President and the democrats know; tax and spend.

In July the President and his enablers in the US Senate brought our country to the brink of default by demanding an unlimited debt ceiling. The only proposal for decreasing the deficit forwarded by the Democrats was a tax the rich proposal. The Presidnet of course frames this as fairness. Of course the President has never seen a non defense related program he disliked. Every government program that is not related to defense has some value to someone, cutting it would be like taking food from a baby. The democrats have gutted social security on this President's watch and are doing nothing but claim everything would be all right if only the evil republicans would increase taxes on the rich.

I say no more tax increases, no more payroll tax gimmicks, no more revenue for the federal government until the Democrats are serious about cutting governmnet spending. Government spending should be limited to between 15 and 20% of GDP. Start off as a target of 17.5% and when the next recession comes increase spending to no more than 20% and when and if the next boom comes reduce that spending to 15%. Right now our government is opeerating at almost 24% of GDP. That is too mch governmnet and not enough private spending. The governmnet does not add to demand. Government spending is a drain on the economy. The bureaucrats continue getting in the way and taking money from others to foolishly spend on companies that are doomed to bankruptcy. Get out of the way of entreprenuers and the economy will boom. Stay with the government knows best philosophy of the Democrast and we are doomed to the dust heap of history.

We have to get serious about our budget deficits. We can't expect to continue promising benefits today on money borrowed from the future. This wimpy syndrome of taking a burger today for payment tomorrow has to stop. Tomorrow never comes for even as the bills come due all we do is borrow more or print more. The US dollar is in the tank because of our monetary policy and democratic policy of buying friends. The elitist always want to give other peoples money away all the way sheltering and hiding their own. Is it any wonder why the best people to ask for charity are conservatives? We need to get real and vote out evry democrat possible. The tax and spend philosophy is ruining my grandchildren's future.

How Did they Do?

Last night ABC and Yahoo moderated a debate between Republican nominee hopefuls. As usual Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos didn't disappoint the liberal establishment. Seems every question was designed to get the Republican hopefuls to attack the GOP front runner. At any rate below is how I feel each candidate did and what it did to their chances in Iowa and the Primary season in order of best to worst night.

Newt Gingrich did a great job in the debate. Many of the questions opened Gingrich up to attacks. I thought Newt did a good job of parrying their attacks and even counter punched well. Gingrich was able to get in a memorable line when he stated the Mitt Romney would have been a career politician had it not been for losing to Ted Kennedy in 1994. I also thought he got in a good line of attack on Michele Bachmann when he told her she needed to have details and facts. Overall Newt did a good job defending his ideas and came across as in command of the facts. There is no doubt Newt is the best debater in the Republican field.

Michele Bachman did a good job last night. She went on the attack and landed a few jabs on Newt and Romney. Her Newt Romney line was a good line as it made the point that they both are similar and will be more pragmatic than an ideologue. I also think this point reduced Mitt to second tier behind Newt. I think Michele helped herself in Iowa and may get a bit of a bounce. She needs to take top three in Iowa in order to leverage an administration job and it appeared she was saying if not her than Newt would be the next best pick. I think she did a good job and shows sh is the attack dog in the pack.

Rick Perry did pretty good in the debate. I thought he could have done a better job with the question regarding when the last time he had to make sacrifices. The question was a plea to understand how an elitist could understand or feel the pain of the country if they never been in the same shoes as middle America is under currently. I thought he got a jab in on Mitt Romney and seemed to get under Mitt's skin. I didn't think he was able to take the stage as he wasn't asked that many questions and didn't have that many opportunities to go on the attack.

Ron Paul did his usual lines. I don't think he helped his campaign at all. My thoughts on Ron Paul is that he is too hands off. Less government is not the same as no government. Also Ron Paul as usual comes across as too isolationist. Isolationism is not the right foreign policy for the worlds only super power. I like his thoughts on the Federal Reserve but he needs to move beyond that. I don't think he hurt his campaign last night but I don't think he helped it either.

Mitt Romney did not have a god night. His on stage wager of $10,000 shows his elitism. An average American wouldn't dream of such nonsense. This in line with his answer to the "when was the last time you sacrificed" question shows just how elitist Romney is. I understand he created jobs in the private sector and understand he has command of economics, but does he understand the plight of the American middle Class? I also thought that Newt was able to attack Romney and Romney did a poor job counter punching. When Mitt to take a jab both Perry and Gingrich parried and counterpunched well. Mitt did not do anything to raise his position and may have lost ground to Gingrich. Romney needs to take a solid second in Iowa or risk losing New Hampshire. Romney needs to win and win comfortably in New Hampshire to have any chance at the nomination.

Rick Santorum did not have a good night either. He tried to take the stage a couple of times piping in when general rhetorical questions were asked. However, it seems he is fighting mainly with Bachmann rather than fighting for the nomination. Maybe Santorum knows his campaign is sunk and he is applying for an administration job. Rick didn't come across as Presidential.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rebuild America

The news has been grim lately regarding the health of the American economy. Our government is at a standstill. The left won't compromise and won't allow any measure pass that would take away the only message Obama has to run on; a do nothing Congress. The right for its part has been inept allowing the tax and spend liberals to claim they are for tax reductions on the middle class. America is run by the elitists from both sides of the isle and we the people have no recourse but to accept whatever the latest elitist view is claimed. This needs to change and change soon or there will be no America. The heart land of the country is not heard. Take the tea party and the occupiers and hear what they are really saying. While these a two very different groups in both what they believe and how they protest their government it doesn't change the fact that their message is similar. Middle America has to fend for themselves or the elitists will leave us nothing but the crumbs.

The is little doubt left that America needs to get the money out of politics. Instead of allowing Obama to raise somewhere near $1 billion dollars to run for elected office we should force him to do the job he was elected to do. Insted of allowing wall street and K street to continue pumping millions of dollars into their prefferred candidates lets rid our country of the special interest and corporate money in our political elections. With as much money as is currently required to run for office all we get are rich politicians that are beholden to their special interest groups rather than the American people. Lets not allow the elitists to provide the money that allows our great country to be ruled rather than led. Make all campaigns publicly funded. Force network stations provide fair and equal time to all candidates. There has to be a vialble way to get the money out of the campaigns.

Once the money is out of the elections, Americans need to believe in candidates that are of main street and not wall street. Believe me, Warren Buffet, Geoff Immelt, and Jon Corzine do not know what middle class Americans are feeling. Donald Trump and Mitt Romney haven't felt what the middle class feels. They don't understand that when middle America goes bankrupt the banks don't feel sorry for them and turn around and provide more money for them to try to make it in another endeavor. Who is more likely to feel the pain of the working poor and middle class, your neighbor or Nancy Pelosi? Why do we continue to insist that we need a candidate with elitist credentials? Why do we insist that our candidates a intelligent as based upon an Ivy league education? We do we complain about the rich 1% and then turn around and keep electing them into our government to lead us?

Never before have I believed that the vast middle of America was capable of being Presdiential. However, over the last couple of decades, I have changed my mind. Our career politicians only have elitist ideas that never work. I haven't seen a president with principles and conviction since Ronald Reagan. I have sen Presidents cheat on their spouses, lie to the American people, start wars, ignore the economy, make enemies of our allies and bring political correctness to the level of a third grader not being able to tell a teacher they are cute without being removed from school for sexual harrassment. The elitists have made a mockery of our country. A common middle class citizen from the middle class could do no worse. Our politicians are leaving our country in ruins. Unless we the people take our government back from the elitists we are doomed to follow the great powers of the past into the dust bin of history. The elitists have failed us. We need a President and politicians that come from the grand middle of America. We have a government of the people why wouldn't our leaders be peers just like our jury panels? Want to rebuild America? Get rid of the elitists that are our career politicians. Follow through and vote out the incumbent politicans. Clean house and place middle America back in charge.

The Democrats are Out of Ideas

The President decided that rather than except that he is nothing more then a second Jimmy Carter administration desperately sun that the Republicans are the party of no. The problem is that it is the President and Democrats that are the party of no. The Democrats are out of ideas and nearly out of time. The President has been pushing more of the same failed stimulus ideas he pressed in 2009. America has rejected his ideas for stimulus, yet he offers more of the same. Obama claims his riding of the Social Security lock box is a tax cut, yet there is no way for us to be able to gain those dollars back into the government coffers even though the Democrats have made promises to keep the pyramid scheme going indefinitely. Obama, like Pelosi believe extending unemployment benefits create jobs. Obama and the democrats believe the so called rich are a bottomless pit of money to be confiscated.

SO the reality is that the economy is in dire straights. While Obama claims the economy is improving and he has been busy cleaning up Bush's mess, the truth is the last three Quarters of GDP are .7%, 1.1 % and 2.0 % growth. This year will come in at less than 2% growth for the year and Obama claims this as an improvement? Our economy hasn't grown enough to come close to keeping up with Obama's spending increases. Obama points to the 8.6% unemployment rate as an improvement without mentioning that the decline in unemployed is more because 315,000 people left the workforce. Obama's job created numbers of 120,000 last month didn't even keep up with population increases of work age people. Obama's stimulus ideas have failed.

Now the President likes to talk about fairness, balance, and compromise. Yet who is saying NO? Who is threatening to make the veto? Who is stomping around like a child who didn't get their way. Who is throwing the temper tantrum? Obama won't compromise. Obama is all about Obama. Any idea he has is supposedly balanced and fair. The reality is his ideas are far left failures. The Republicans passed a bill that would give Obama his precious reduction in social security taxes but would also create jobs in construction. The bill would be paid for by extending Obama's freeze on pay for federal employees. Yet Obama threatens a veto. We must ask why Obama is so uncompromising. The reason is Obama couldn't possibly have a Congress that gets something done. Obama couldn't stand it if the Congress wasn't stalled. Obama wouldn't have anything to run on if the Senate actually brought bills forward and forced the President to use his veto. See it is the Democrats that are uncompromising. The Democrast in the Senate that won't come up with new ideas but also won't allow votes on Republican ideas. The party of no, the party of no ideas, the party of no compromise is the Democrats led by Obama.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

National Popular Vote a Bad Idea

The initiative to allocate State electoral votes based on the National vote is a bad idea. The National popular vote initiatives will reduce the power of the States. It will take the election totally away from the citizens and place elections squarely in the hands of the special interests. Rather than have Presidential candidates visit individual states where the individual voters are located, candidates will be enabled to visit only the highly populated States like California, Texas, New York, and Florida. Instead of there being at least some battleground States where the candidates have to present themselves we would only see the candidates on TV as they visited the most populus States.

National Popular vote is a dream of the liberal left to reduce the impact of the smaller less populated States. The liberal elite will always attempt to find ways to keep power int he hands of the elitists. These initiatives will further erode the power of the individiual states which in turn will reduce the power of the individual. The National Popular vote is a bad idea fromt he party known for Governmental power grabs. Don't fall for the twisted logic; vote against any National Popular vote initiative. Any alternative should allocate by congressional district with the two electors voting by State popular vote. Similar to Nebraska and Maine. Please remember these initiatives spawned out of the left losing the 2000 election to Bush, even after the pathetic pawns in the media attempted to give Al Gore the election victory by calling Florida incorrectly even as the polls remianed open in Florida.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Clip Board President

President Obama is beginning to remind me of the clip board carrying second string Quarterback. You know the one that sits on the sidelines all year in a baseball cap that receives the same super bowl ring that the rest of the team receives. You know the player that rarely if ever gets his game day jersey dirty. The Obama presidency has been much the same. Obama has done very little except sit on the sidelines, come in at the end of the game during mop up time and taking credit for the work of others.

This is exactly what happened when the Democrats jammed health care down our throats. He sat by as the democrats twisted arms and bought off Democratic Congressmen and Senators, then once all the votes were cast and a democratic victory assured Obama comes in and taunts the Republicans. This is what happened with his economy. Except this time the mop duty is not out of victory but out of defeat. Obama is only in the game because the Democrats are out of ideas and out of time. Here comes Obama blaming others but trying to put points on the board to make the final score look respectable.

Many of the pathetic pawns in the MSM say this is leadership. They claim that Obama is super smart and has a behind the scenes leadership style. The republicans have called this what it is; "President Present". Obama is never around when ideas are needed. Obama is either on vacation, on the court, or on the links. As America was facing a downgrade in our credit rating Obama decided it was best to go on vacation and dream up talking points to be able to push his failures on to others, in others words making points at the end of the game trying to make it a much closer game then the score otherwise indicates. Sorry liberal establishment but sitting the sidelines and carrying a clipboard containing the plays that a true leader is calling in the huddle, is not leadership. No way, don't fall for a second rate quarterback that would rather keep his uniform clean then come to the game and lead to victory. Obama was out of ideas in his first 90 days. Once he signed his stimulus plan and moved on to health care, Obama was out of ideas.

Rather than understanding the defense or in this case the the structural economic issues, Obama took his eye off the economy and focused on his receiver. In Obama's case his receiver was his Union constituents waiting to catch more government money. Obama claims its the evil Republicans that haven't lifted a finger, yet the democrats controlled the house by overwhelming numbers and a filibuster proof Senate that refused to pass a budget. Obama claims a do nothing Congress yet Obama's only signed laws amount to an unsuccessful stimulus and an unpopular health care bill. The economy is stagnate and Obama still sits on the sidelines.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Is Colin Powell Speaking About Republican Politics?

In 2008, Colin Powell decided that for no other reason than race he would endorse Obama for President. Powell once well respected in Bush circles sold out to a left wing ideologue when he endorsed Obama and in the process lost any voice to those moderates and conservative voters. His voice on Republican politics is ridiculous and today's example is pathetic. Why on earth would he think his left wing talking points masked as coming from a so called moderate republican matter to anyone other than the media lap dogs.

Powell is not in the know any longer when it comes to Republican politics.
Powell is not connected enough to understand the state of the American electorate. So today's appearance on ABC's "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" has no meaning except that it validates that the pathetic pawns in the media will do anything to get their man reelected. See saying that the tea party is unwilling to compromise and that the American public will not go for the no compromise candidate will fall on deaf ears. This is Obama's talking point no matter how false and untrue it is. See Pat Toomey, a tea party candidate did compromise and provided Obama and the Democrats a way out of their "just do nothing and blame Republicans" mantra by providing the tax revenue increase the left needed to make a compromise. By revamping the tax code and making it fairer, tax revenues would have increased. This is what Obama and the Democrats claim all they want. Tax revenue increases for spending reductions. The problem is that had the Democrats compromised they would no longer be able to lay blame on the Republicans. The democrats would no longer just be able to do absolutely nothing.

See Obama and his three word chants like "we can't wait" has to wait until the election. There is no way the economy is going to improve enough to give him a chance to run on his own record so he has to be able to blame someone. Of course blaming someone else is all Obama has ever done. For all of his talk Obama has never taken ownership of anything including his own failed policies. Instead we get the likes of Colin Powell who sold out for race a long time ago. Maybe if Powell had been honest and informed the public that the Senate Democrats are sitting on 22 house passed jobs bills, or that the Democrat led Senate hasn't passed a budget in over two years, perhaps then he could have spoken of his great compromising philosophy. We all know Powell will compromise his principles for his race. Now his words ring hollow. They are more empty Obama rhetoric and talking points.

Hey Mr. Powell wasn't it Obama who wouldn't compromise on health care? Wasn't it Obama who told the Republicans "I won" and "elections have consequences". Wasn't it Obama who wouldn't even listen to his own commission? Isn't the Democrats who turned down every offer the Republicans made? Isn't it the Democrats who sit on every house bill without bringing them to the floor for a vote? Isn't it the Democrats who are always saying no while offering no ideas of their own? The Demcorats in the Senate act like they are in the minority. Let me tell you the Democrats will again be the minority party in all of Congress. I know Obama must go if we are to save our country but with the pathetic pawns in media fawning over their failed President, I'm not sure how close they can make the election. At any rate the worst case scenario is going to be that Obama will be a lame duck President that will either veto a lot of bills or will have to compromise with Republicans. Additionally, the Republicans will be in no compromising mood after Obama runs the most negative campaign ever. Sorry Mr. Powell, you are not a spokesman for Republicans, we don't need you entering into our primary race. Just sit on the sidelines and vote your race, the republicans neither want nor need you and your vote.

Paul Krugman is no Intellectual

Please Mr. Krugman, I thought you were an economist and not a liar. You are making the wrong argument and then using numbers to lie in order to make your argument. Here is the truth on the surge in spending by Obama. In 2008, the last full Bush year as President we spent $2.9 trillion dollars. In 2001, the just completed fiscal year under Obama we spent $3.83 trillion. That Mr. Krugman is in fact a 24% expansion of government in three years.

A 24 % expansion of government in a time when inflation has been almost non-existent is a surge. In fact, Krugman and his ilk were imploring Obama to spend more to ward off deflation. In a time when we don’t give cost of living increases to our senior citizens because there was not an increase in costs (inflation) we expand government 24%. How does the intellectual left like Krugman not call this an expansion. There is no doubt the cost of government increased. It is plainly laid out in bottom line figures. Now Mr. Krugman wants to get all intellectual and use government spending as a percentage of GDP to plead his case that Obama didn’t have a surge in spending. Why not use straight forward bottom line figures? Let me tell you Krugman can’t use simple numbers, simply because it doesn’t allow him to lie for the far left administration. It took a far left liberal to break the bank on trillion dollar deficits. It takes a liar to try to make it seem insignificant. Mr. Krugman until you have a rational explanation of how a 24% increase in spending over three years is not an expansion of government, please sit on the sidelines and keep your lying mouth shut. Numbers don’t lie, people do and that is what you are doing Mr. Krugman.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Sign of the Times

Here is a sign that says it all. A sign that shows what is wrong with the Ocuppiers and the liberal establishment. See Occupiers you are not entitled to a job. See liberals you are not entitled to your tax and spend philosophies. See what happens when you kill the job producers you have no jobs.

Now here is what is wrong with the American left and the ocupiers screaming to receive something for absolutely nothing. See no one is entitled to a job. No one is entitled to make a living wage. No one is entitled to make any money whatsoever and no one is entitled to receive something simply because they attended a college or university. See when all a liberal can do is tax the job producers more they simply just stop creating jobs. When a business can no longer afford to keep hiring they simply stop. When a business can not afford to keep those already employed they simply layoff people or fire them. See the job creators need a reason to continue producing and creating jobs. This comes at a cost. Owners, CEOs, and investors have to be able to make a return on their investments. When a normal profit is unable to be obtained businesses stop hiring people.

Now I wish I had thought of this type of campaign. This is what more businesses should be displaying. Get the facts out there. Under the liberal entitlement programs businesses like this are unable to expand. The taxes are choking off investment in the future. Those that feel entitled to a high paying job rather earning that high paying job are the reason businesses like this are refusing to jire until the direction of the country changes. Let there be no doubt, the problem with the labor market is the liberal establishment and entitlement generation.

I have some advice for the entitlement genration. This advice was given to me during a leadership class by an inspirational speaker. The advice is this: Always remember that all any employer owes a worker is the previously worked hours. The employer does not owe you a job tomorrow. Work tomorrow is earned by working hard today. See in order to have meaningful employment we must give everything we have to produce for the business. Once we are no longer productive the company doesn't owe us anymore than the hours we previously worked. Sorry liberals but no one is entitled to a job and this is a sign of the times. Liberal elitists and entitlement freeloaders are choking off American productivity. Get over it, take a bath, and get a job.

Immigration Reform

We need immigration reform, without it we are doomed to paying even more in taxes to provide for those that are here illegally. Now the left doesn't like it when we address illegal aliens as being illegal. Sorry liberals but Republicans are not anti immigrant but rather anti illegal immigrant. There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. We need to address the problem because it is a National Security issue. The question is what do we do about it.

The Republicans for the most part want to round up the illegals and have them all deported. The republicans want to build a fence and keep the illegals out. The republicans do not want to relent and it makes them appear to be uncompromising and anti immigrant. This hard line stance will not work either. However, there is a compromise.

We need to seal off our southern border. This may cost some dollars up front but it will protect not only from the illegal. This will have those that have no real ties to America to leave. Then and only then do we deal with those that have ties in this country. I want to be compassionate and show that yes even a lawful society can have a heart. I am sure there are some that have been here for a number of years and have integrated into American life. I don't want to be punishing those that did nothing wrong. Now should we institute the DREAM Act? I'm not sure that is entirely appropriate as written. If we are going to allow the children of illegals to stay here we should provide them with an opportunity to atone for the mistakes of their parents. We should allow them to serve in the military and then and only then should we allow a chance at citizenship. For the parents who came here illegally, they should never be allowed to obtain citizenship. Maybe we can allow them to stay here on a special visa. If they commit a crime then they should be automatically deported. It has to be a special visa and not a permanent visa. There has to be a way to get rid of those that are unwilling to abide by ours laws.

We can not just expect to deport 12 million people. We have to compromise and fix the illegal immigration problem. Both the left and right have legitimate concerns. We must secure our borders. The we must address those that are here illegally rationally and fairly. We need to adress this issue and both sides need to compromise and stop politicizing the issue. This is about national security and not about politics.

Obama: America's Biggest Failure

Let's face it America, Obama is our biggest failure. In 2008, Obama was elected on a promise of hope and change. Obama was the anti Bush. We were tired of wars and our economy was a complete mess. Obama made many lofty promises and many bought into his snake oil. America didn't know the man they were electing. The media in their rush to fix their mistakes in both the 2000 and 2004 election engaged in journalistic oversight and refused to vet their candidate of choice. America had a fawning press push their chosen one and many took the press at their word and voted for an unknown.

Americagot what she deserved. America voted for an unvetted candidate. America allowed the media to commit journalistic heresy. America never demanded a hard look at Obama and what we received is far different than a intellectural Presdient we were promised. Obama constantly blames everyone else for his problems. He blamed Bush for the economy. He blamed racism for the health care debacle. He blamed Isreal for the Middle East mess. He blames Republicans for the massive spending spree. He has called Americans soft and lazy. He has stated that we just don't understand what it is he is doing for America. It was all him doing the heavy lifting while everyone else stood on the sidelines sucking up the slurpees. Little did we know that it was Obama's lack of intellect, lack of lack of leadership, lack of pride and patriotism, lack of communication, lack of empathy that would ruin this country. Obama lacks every skill and attribute that is necesary to govern.

Now Obama is busy blaming the economy on the Republican House. Never does Obama mention that it is the Democrats that have refused to compromise. It is the Democrats that refused to accept revenue increases in exchange for needed entitlement reforms. It is Obama who punted on the Keystone project costing America 200,000 jobs. It was Obama that led America to its first ever credit downgrade. it was Obama that introduced America to trillion dollar deficits. It was Obama that introduced America to 2% GDP growth recoveries. It was Obama that created the Student loan bubble. It was Obama that led to increased insurance premiums. It was Obama that lead to collapse of Solydra. It was Obama that is responsible for the jobless recovery. Yet as the President has shown himself to be a failure, we find ourselves listening to a President blame everybody else. Maybe the President should look into the mirror and reassess his position. If Obama had any common decency he would immediately state that he is declining to run for a second term for the sake of the nation.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupiers: America's Freeloaders

Finally, we are beginning to figure out what the Occupy Wall Street protests were all about and it isn't pretty. The movement that has captured the left is nothing more than a movement of freeloaders. It is the entitlement generation believing they are entitled to other peoples money. They protest wall street for making profits but in all likelihood if their own liberal arts degrees could land them a lucrative wall street job they would take it and run all the way to the banks they rebel against.

The moment has come for rallying behind a demand. What we find is a demand to forgive student debt. Debt that was voluntarily agreed upon. There was a time in this country when one's word was a bond. A sacred trust between two people. Now it seems that word is only good until the one side gets what it wants. The young liberal educated demand debt forgiveness. See they were promised by the liberal elite that once they received a degree they would be set for life. The problem is that these students didn't obtain a degree with tangible skills. Instead they fell into the liberal arts programs that don't qualify them for much more than becoming the local librarian.

Newt was right in telling these freeloaders to take a bath and get a job. Mika is wrong with her hateful screed this morning. These occupiers feel they should again receive something for nothing. Debt forgiveness because they borrowed more than their degrees are worth. The occupiers made the mistakes and now they and their cheerleaders in the oval office and the liberal elitist media want a do-over. Forgive these miscreants their debt so they suck the government teat some more. Forgive the entitlement generation of responsibility so they can continue living off someone else. No more hard work just moan and groan and occupy a public park. Face it America, this is the culture cultivated by the liberal left. A culture steeped in irresponsibility. Just give the freeloaders more chances. In Obama's words "don't punish them for their mistakes". Just give the freeloaders everything they want. Take the money from the successful so the liberal elite may bring more entitlement generation votes to the table.

The occupiers need to be protesting the liberal elite. This includes the university chancellors, professors, counselors, and politicians. It was the American liberal establishment that made the promises. It is the occupiers who made the promises. It was the entitlement generation that made promises. Get over it, take a bath, cut your hair, take the ear rings out of your lips and noses, then go interview for a job. Pay off your debts. You know the debts you agreed to pay for when you signed your name. Quit occupying the parks. Stop being a freeloader and start becoming productive members of society.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Crony Corruption

I find it ironic that the very organizations and people that are supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests are also the biggest perpetrators in scalping those they claim to support. Here is an example of a labor organization taking advantage of the poor in need. SEIU claims the parents of two children triken with cerebal palsy are public employees so they can skim off the top of state paid medicare benefits.

I find this tactic to be perverse and nothing more than a Democratic payoff to the unions for their financial support. See it was the Democrat led state wide government that authorizes the union to claim that parents are considered caregivers and thus state employees just so they can deduct union dues from needed medicare payments. It doesn't matter that the family could use the extra money in their pockets while under duress in very trying times. Nope, to the union all that matters is that they receive their cut. It doesn't matter that the parents do not wish to be part of the union, nope, the state automatically deducts union dues from the payment that is due to the parents. Now these parents have no real other benefits to belonging to this union. All they get out of the deal is lower medicare payments. In fact the union is taking away fees for absolutely no value added.

This is nothing more than crony corruption. It is a union payoff for campaign support. This taxpayer funded payoff hides this under the guise of union membership but alas it is nothing more than a bribe. Is it any wonder why the state of Michigan is in a steady state of decline? Is there any wonder why businesses do not want to relocate to such a decided corrupt state? This is just another example of the left paying off their buddies for support.

I find it difficult to see what is more corrupt the evil Corporations and bankers or the unions and professional left. At least the corporations and banks acknowledge they are in the business of turning profits and making money and not in the business of creating jobs. The Corporations and banks are at least honest in their goals. On the other hand, Unions and the political left claim to be for the little man. They claim to be for the poor. Yet in case after case it is proven they are exploiting the poor for a greater share of political power. They claim to be populists yet do nothing for the poor and needy except to rob them blind. Bureaucratic programs are designed to give just enough to keep the poor in line for future minimal payouts. They left preys on the poor by offering minimal value for free while never lifting a hand to actually move them up in class level. The programs are designed to keep the Unions and professional left content in their elitist minds that they are doing something good. Yet the same programs hide the fact that the unions and professional left are a bunch of hypocrites. Even Michael Moore has a hard time admitting he is part of the top 1% that is really unwilling to give up his fortune made by creating class warfare.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dems Incapable Of Governing

The Dems on the deficit reduction committee walked away yesterday. That's right they just walked away. The Republicans had just backed away from their pledge of no new taxes and offered up $300 billion in tax increases. Instead of considering the offer the Dems dismissed it out of hand and didn't even bother with a counter offer. All Americans have to understand that the DEMs never had any intention of bargaining in good faith. The DEMs never intended on making a bi partisan deal. The Dems are only focused on keeping their power.

The economy has been in the tank for almost 4 years, what follows are the facts concerning our government during this entire economic nightmare. The Democrats held the Congress from JAN 2007 through JAN 2011. The DEMs immediately come into power and begin campaigning for the 2008 Presidential election. The dems did nothing except bash Bush for running the country in the ground. After 7 years of the Media bashing Bush the DEMs took another 11 months to tank the economy. The economy officially went into recesiion DEC 2007. This led to an orator becoming President. The Orator had no substance behind his words. The orator was an ideologue masked behind eloquent words and a fawning media. In JAN 2009, the great orator came into office promising that the unemployment rate would not rise above 8% if only we followed the democrat lead and spent almost $1 trillion dollars. The DEMS then forgot about the economy and moved on to health care. They jammed a bill down our throats without even reading what was in it because in the words of Nancy Pelosi "We have to pass the bill to see what's in it". After health care the President went on to Cap and trade and Immigration reform. Two additional agenda items that had nothing to do with the economy. Then because they were worried about losing power the DEMS decided they wouldn't even do their job and pass a budget for 2010. To this day the Senate has not passed a budget. That is the Democrat led Senate that is unable to do its job. The Democrats lost the House any way and the economy has been bobbing along a false bottom. In SEP of this year over two and a half years into his Presdiency Obama decided to introduce yet another dose of his previously failed stimulus package. More spending on many of the same programs that haven;t worked. Much of the spending was simply extending government payments to the unemployed and under employed. While this is hailed as stimulus spending all that spending does is keep the status qou because we were already spending that money. Now the DEMs walk away from a deficit committee. Why? In my opinion its because the DEMs are afraid.

The Republicans outsmarted the brainy left. Instead of sticking to their pledge not to raise taxes the Republicans compromised knowing the DEMs would never compromise. The whole Bi-partisan and balanced approach speech the President made were false just like all of his words. The Presidnet wants to win election based on a do nothing Congress. Yet it was him and his party that did nothing. Even now with a compromise on the table the DEMS walk away. It is the Republicans in the house that have passed a budget, passed 15 bills to get the economy moving, and compromised on raising taxes. It is the dEms that haven't the intestinal fortitude to pass a budget, the DEMS who won't pass a jobs bill, the DEMS who are unwilling to compromise. The bottom line is the DEMs are incapable of governing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buying Votes

Really? Obama is busy running around the country in an attempt to purchase votes. I think we have found exactly what the President is good at. Obama sems to be pretty good with three word slogans. "Yes we can", Winning the future", Pass this bill, we can't wait, and one other thing; spend other peoples money buying the votes of jkey constituencies.

Remember the woman that said she was happy to vote for Obama because he would pay her mortgage? Well he certainly has attempted to force banks to allow deadbeats stay in houses they can not afford. Now here is another example of how Obama tries to spend on a key constituency; he wants to forgive student loans. One thing we as a country should not do is allow people to go back on their word. No one forced these students to take out the loans. The students are fully aware that these are loans that must be repaid. Maybe instead of making me pay for other people's education the President should unilaterally force the schools to reduce their fees? Instead fees for schools has risen at an alarming rate under Obama. Pay more and debt forgiveness are a recipe for disaster.

This is how Obama buys votes. The universities love being able to raise rates on students. Now the students just have to wink an nod to get the loans paid off. The liberal universities get to keep more of the tax payer monies and the students get an indoctrination to the socialist lifestyle. Obama is teaching life lessons like "don't worry about your word, we will forgive" or how about "its not your fault" or the evil wall street can pay for everything the deadbeats want and desire.

I must wonder who is being greedy? Is it really wall street? You know the ones that bet their own money on the future? You know the investors that keep the economoy running. Or is it the liberal's that are greedy. Envious of the wall street money, feeling entitled to the same stuff as those that take risks. This is not about fairness but rather a jealous rage of the greedy deadbeats who always want something for nothing. Come on luiberals get some skin in the game. Stop being envious of others. The grass is not usually greener on the other side and your policies will necessarily lead to the destruction of wealth and the fall of a nation. All Obama is doing is buying votes. Lets face it Newtons classical laws fit the bill here: trickle up economics can't possibly ever work. Can't go against gravity you know, just ask Newton.

Occupy Washington

There are protests going on around the country. America's frustration with high unemployment, an anemic economy, and endless bailouts are boiling over. Now some of the protestors are undoubtedly Marxist and come from the give me something for nothing crowd, but the message is clear; America is off its rails. I don't know when we started to derail, it has been a long slog to get to where we currently sit. The American left would have you believe this is all the fault of Republicans and blame the entire fiasco on Bush. The American right would have one believe Obama stepped on the gas and drove us further into the ditch. I would venture a guess that the current problems started much earlier. Our country is well overdue for a divisive struggle.

Our country is more divided know than it has been since the civil war. Our Governmnet has failed to work for the people. The government now works for the special interests and feels beholden only to the party. Race relations have been set back 150 years. The constitution has been discarded and trampled upon. The economy is in tatters and the government can't bridge the disparate views. We have the pro growth pro business right versus the Pro public pro government left. No more moderates whatsoever they have been gerrymandered out of existence. The census map redrawing has ensured that the districts save the parties. Sure they lines sometimes back fire but people like Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have almost zero chance of ever being removed without major scandals. They can both be as polarizing as they want because they almost can't lose their seats. Neither has to worry about really representing their constituents or doing what is right for the country. Both can be uncompromising and neither has to budge.

We need a government that works and I can assure everyone that our government is broken. I would feel more comfortable with a total unknown for President than any of the politicians or celebrities. The personalities in charge of our country are not from the people. They have power and influence. Many are rich and don't really understand what we are going through on mainstreet. Sure both parties will use anecdotal evidence to support their myoptic view but they just don't get it. They can talk to the people all they want but unless the politicians are forced to walk in our shoes they will never know.

The OWS crowd is busy blaming wall street for their woes. The OWS people want wall street to give them something for doing absolutely nothing. I say they are frustrated and know something is wrong. We all need to come together and take our country back. Obama is a clueless bafoon from the other side of the tracks. The Republican candidates are all from the other side of the tracks. Why not forget about the career politicians that have become household nmaes. Instead of protesting Wall Street lets protest those that empowered wall street. We need to be protesting Washington.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America Needs Newt

America is facing dire circumstances and we need a President that understands how to get things done in Washington and understands what is meant by "We the People". In my opinion the best candidate is Newt. Newt is the only candidate that has avoided outright attacks on other potential nominees. Newt is the one that is constantly pointing out the liberal bent displayed by the insulting media at the debates. It is Newt that has the potential to destroy Obama in eloquence, substance and style in the Presidential debates. It is Newt that is the true conservative.

We all know Mitt Romney. He represents the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. He is the establishment pick because "its his turn". He is a northeast republican that may have good business sense but lousy conservative ideals. Romney reminds me of the used car salesman that will tell me anything to close the deal. He instituted healthcare for all in MA and it is a miserable failure. Rather than admit his mistake, Romney believes in it. Romney is a wall street insider that will be exploited in the general. There is enough angst in the country regarding the economy without placing a wall street professional in charge of the economy. The wall street occupiers would have a field day. The media is busy all but annoiting Mitt as the nominee. They are salivating at the opportunity to destroy him in the general by allowing Obama to become a populist by exploiting Mitt's wall street insider status.

Cain is an unknown. I'm not sure he is ready to be president. 9-9-9 sounds great as a slogan but it doesn't resonate as a strong path the economic freedom. The plan consist of a National Sales tax that the American left will continually exploit. It is the left that can't tighten their belts and always want to increase taxes. The Dems will always use the "just a .5% increase in the sales tax will allow another child to live the dream of having a free education" line or some other save grandma or the poor line. We will never reduce the deficit in this manner. We need to balance the budget in the first term of the next President. I am tired of candidates always going out into the next election before they can balance a budget. It used to be a five year plan no it is becoming a ten year plan. Cain does have an intriguing story; one of rags to riches. The issue I have is he seems a little over his head and that is one of my main complaints against Obama. Cain may be a good candidate for the VP slot or at least a cabinet post like treasury.

Perry seems like another slick willy. I don't trust him. He comes across as a cowboy with the "aw shucks" charm. Texas is a large state and Perry has done a great job running it. I'm sure Perry is conservative but I am turned off by the birth certificate issue. I'm tired of that controversy. Sure, I believe Obama is hiding something, I don't know what but at this point it doesn't matter. Obama has a record of failure over the last 3 years. Exploit the failures we know instead of the skeletons we don't. I don't care about his Harvard grades; his failures in leadership, his failures in policy, and his failures in the economy tell me all I need to know. Obama is a failure that just isn't too smart. Sure he may be able to fool people with big ambiguous words but there is no substance behind the words. So once Perry went along those lines, I lost a lot of faith. I like his new tax policy but frankly it appears he took a page from Newt, who is proposing something similar.

Paul is just to much out of mainstream America. I agree with him on some views but his isolationist policies will ruin America. We are the worlds super power. If we pull back, some one new will take up that mantle. I have pride in my country, why would I want some other country to lead?

Newt is a conservative. Newt engineered the Congressional takeover in 1994. Newt understnads what it takes to win a debate and get things through a hostile foe. Obama is busy dismantling the contract with America. Newt can bring that back and balance the budget yet again. It was Newt's budget that brought us near solvency. While the Republicans took a major hit on shutting the government down under Newt's watch but it did lead to welfare reform and balanced budgets.

Our country is at the precipice. We need a leader that bring us back to prosperity. Newt's tax reform plan will bring money into the government cofers. I believe the reason Newt is receiving better or more press is because he truly is the candidate in this race the Democrats fear the most.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Choose Carefully

It's primary season and the one thing everyone must remember is to chose their candidate carefully. The Republican party has many candidates and the media would like to make the choice for the voters. The media is busy pushing the meme that Romney is in the lead or the presumptive nominee. Be very careful of who the media pushes for the nomination. Republicans need to make their own choice.

I'm not saying Romney shouldn't be the nomination. Maybe he is the best choice. Romney has the business experience and executive experience the current President lacks. Romney does have an economic plan that is specific and detailed. Romney may not be the choice of social conservatives but he does have appeal to the fiscal conservatives. Romney is not my first choice and I do not plan on voting for him in the primary but if he is the nominee chosen by the Republicans and not the media than will support.

I would like to see the candidates stop attacking each other. The country is a mess. The liberal left is busy supporting those that would love to see our country go down the path to socialism. Attack the President and attack the left but don't forget to put forth your plans to fix the economy and our standing around the world. I will amke my choices based upon what the candidates place forward as a plan. I don't want finger pointing. I don't want to make a choice as the lesser of evils. I don't want to support the candidate that the media props up only to be destroyed in the general.

Lets make a choice based upon the best ideas, not the best attacks. I don't want the perfect candidate I want a leader and a visionary. I want a plan and I want to make my choice not have the media make it for me. Watch the media for whom they are portraying as the leader at any given time right now is the candidate they think stands the best chance to lose against Obama. The media is not the Republicans friend. The media is the enemy of this country as much as the liberal left. It is the media stoking the flames of revolution with their sickening talk. It is the likes of Jesse Jackson Jr and Chris Matthews fueling the hatred for our country. The something for nothing crowd is supported by the left wing of our country. The same left wing that supports class warfare. The same left wing that supports the communist party and the communist labor union leaders.

Let there be no doubt that I will support the Republican nominee no matter who it becomes. I will do it gleefully because I want this country to be great again. The left is busy destroying everything America stands for while we attack each other. It is time to stop sniping at each and rise above the fray. The candidate with the best plan that avoids attacking a fellow Republican prospect will receive my vote regardless of who the media tells me to vote for. In the end the entire nase must turn out regardless. We must vote the left down so that our country may prosper again, our children are depending on us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Class Warfare: Risk Takers versus Freeloaders

I am sickened that the President of the United States has decided to start a class war with the only aim of getting reelcted. Obama started a war between those that take risk to further themselves and those that want to freeload off the hard work of others. Here is a video example of what the Occupy Wall Street protestors really want:

Now think about that. The freeloader wants the rich to throw him a bone and pay for his tuition. One might ask themselves why? Well only because that is what he wants. Now on to some fascinating facts on what is fair

The Top 1% Owns 40% of the Nation's Wealth:

But did you also know the top 1% pays over 38% of the income tax burden in this country. That seems almost fair to me. In fact the top 1% were over 40% of the tax burden in 2007. 2007 also represented a record amount of revenue in the federal cofers. Since then the Democrats drove us into a recession (Depression?) and businesses are sitting on cash rather than invest. Maybe if the democrats provided incentive to invest the rich would again pay their fair share. Additionally the bottom 50% only pay 2.7 % of the tax burden. Yet idiots like the kid in the video think they are entitled to more even though he represents the bottom 50% and their 2.7% share of fairness.

The Top 1% Take Home 24% of National Income:

Yet again the top 1% pays 40% of the income tax burden on only a 24% share of the National Income. I wonder who is paying their fair share? This liberal argument, that the rich are not paying their fair share seems to be falling apart on their own facts.

The Top 1% of Americans Have Only 5% of the Nation's Personal Debt:

Well that makes sense. The top 1% has 40% of the tax burden and stays out of debt. Maybe if the bottom 99% didn't try to keep up with the top 1% they wouldn't have leveraged out everything they own. It is the bottom 99% that used their homes as ATM machines and ran on debt. The top 1% ran risks and worked hard and didn't borrow money to buy things they could not afford.

The class warfare argument that Obama started doesn't hold water when placed under the microscope, the rich do pay their fair share. The bottom 50% don't pay their fair share. The top is sitting on cash waiting for a reason to invest in America again. Incentivize the rich to invest and maybe the 99% will be enabled to pay their own way. Stop the freeloading, take responsibility, and realize the American dream. For once 50% plus 1 have no skin in the game this country is sunk.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Put Your Money Up Libs!

I challenge the liberals in this country to put their money where their mouths are. Tell us how much you think is fair for the 1.7 million households that make over $250,000 annually. Tell us how much of the deficit should be on their backs. DO you think they can make a one time payment to the US government for debt reduction only. Could Warren Buffet afford $20 or $30 million? How about George Clooney? How about the professional athletes? How about the Obama's and Gore's? All that needs to happen is for the liberals to come off some money. There are 1.7 million households that make over $250,000. If they would make a one time donation to the government for an average of $6.8 million each, the rest of us could pay the rest of the debt off this year. Tell us how much the liberals are ready to donate and then so everyone has skin in the game, those of us earning less than $250,000 split the remaining balance of our National debt and we would save instantly $450 billion in interest payments.

I'm willing to pay my share, I'd be willing to donate twice my household income to pay off the national debt. All I ask in return is that we balance our budget year after year from here on out. We cut the programs that do not work. We reform programs that are unsustainable. We stop giving away other people's money for votes. We start being responsible. How about the LIBs are you in?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Typical Obama: More Taxes; More Spending

Obama is nothing but a used car salesman. His story never changes, all we get is more of the same. Obama started with a simple jobs bill with bipartisan goodies that would appeal to both sides. Then just before he submits a plan for jobs he poisons it by saying it is paid for. Really? Then Obama has the audacity to take the low hanging fruit by raising the taxes he has harped on since 2007. Now Obama knows full well that the super comittee almost certainly would have discussed this low hanging fruit during their talks for raising the debt ceiling. Obama rather than wait for that commission decides to play political games by taking those "revenue enhancements" not to pay for reducing debt, nope instead Obama uses the low hanging fruit to pay for even more spending.

This is very typical of Democrats in general and Obama specifically. Instead of placing the jobless in front of the line, Obama places his party and politics in the front. If this is Obama's plan to pay for this jobs bill then Republicans must go their own way and pass their own jobs bills and send it to the Senate. Obama just made sure that his bill couldn't pass, so now is the time to make the Senate Democrats pay for Obama's partisan gamesmanship. Take Obama's bill and strip it of everything that won't make a dent in unemployment (like extending unemployment benefits that only keeps unemployment where it currently stands as it is already in place) and union friendly additional training funds for the union unemployed (Maybe union leaders should have already negotiated this or used their millions upon millions of campaign contributions on training) and send it to the Senate. The DEMs in the senate will reject or ignore the house bill and Obama will then have no one to blame but himself and his fellow Democrats in the Senate. I told everyone in earlier posts that raising taxes would only be spent rather than used to pay down the deficit. More of the same, Tax more, spend more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DEM Strategy: Fear Mongering

The democrat won the race for NY 26 last night. This is a district that the republicans had no business losing. The next couple of days will be interesting as the Democrats claim the victory is a rejection of the Republicans and their plans to balance our bloated federal budget. The Republicans will be busy licking their wounds wondering how the Democrat won and why their message is seemingly being rejected. Of course the truth is not going to be as clear cut as both parties may end up concluding.

First of all, there was a false tea party candidate involved that siphoned votes from the Republican. Jack Davis was a Republican turned Democrat turned will run on any line possible in order to run candidate. He is by no means a Tea party fiscal conservative. He run a poor campaign and seemed only in the race to ensure the Democrat won. His entry in the race seemed to put the pressure on Corwin who ultimately lost the race.

The Democrats then spent large sums of money on a race that in the grand scheme of things is meaningless. The Republican majority in the house was not in jeopardy. Yet the democrats threw the kitchen sink in to the race to obtain what in all likelihood is an about to be eliminated district as New York will lose districts when it redistricts. The Democrats and liberals run scare grandma about medicare ads that were outrageous and very misleading. Instead of telling the American people the truth that the three big entitlement programs are broke, the left will always lie and tell you the system is fine all that is needed is more taxes.

Coming into the 2012 election cycle it is quickly becoming obvious what tactics the Democrats will be using to stay in power. They are going to scare grandma, flash Osama all over the place and promise more spending if the evil Republicans are vanquished. The DEMs have no record to run on. Obamacare is unpopular and in the courts. Activist judges are trying to save Obamacare but in the end, it is my belief that the law is unconstitutional. The Dems didn't have a budget for this year and grumbled when the Republicans demanded miniscule cuts. The Democrats knew their majority was in jeopardy before the last election and refused to raise the debt limit beyond 2011. They knew the Republicans would have to do that unpopular act. Now when the Republicans say more cuts are needed in order to raise the debt limit the DEMS are screaming that a clean bill should be forth coming.

As I look around at the declared candidates for President in 2012, I have come to believe that the only candidate that has a message of truth and honesty with the American public is Tim Pawlenty. For right now he espousing that entitlement programs must be reformed. He even campaigned in Florida yesterday and told his audience that the fact is Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will have to be reformed in order to save the programs for the future. The DEMS have yet to get real or serious about the financial crisis our country is facing. They keep believing in unicorns. Their Utopian philosophy gets in the way of reality. Tax the rich the DEMS plead. They now full well this will not fix what ails our country but the masses of poor that follow politics very little will fall for it every time. The DEMs lie to their own constituents to keep them believing in the unicorns. The DEMs are dreaming that all will be well. The problem is soon there will be more people drawing from Social Security then will be paying in. Everything would have been all right had the DEMs left the money in the Social Security lock box. The problem is that the politicians from both parties spent the money in the lock box and replaced it with interest bearing IOU's.

The program is broke and is just beginning to deplete the IOU's. That means even less in compounded interest received for the IOU's, which in turn means it will be even less then predicted. The Baby Boomers are just starting to retire, the first of which are just now turning 65. When the large influx starts the depletion of the IOU's will accelerate. There will be even less money in the general fund and even higher debt spending. We deserve politicians that are honest with the American people. Not the fear mongering scare tactics the DEMs are intent on using. The Dems are leading us of a cliff and accelerating.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bail Out Worked? Come EJ Get Real

I was in shock when I read the latest OP-ED penned by EJ Dionne. I always knew him and his ilk were sycophants for the President but this mind less drivel penned by Mr. Dionne is just more proof that the media is nothing more than a pathetic pawn of the liberal left. Mr. Dionne uses the bailout of GM as his one shining example of how the government bailouts worked. Of course he whines that this economy busting president isn't getting any credit but if the propaganda machine would just take a step back and do a reality check they would understand why the America public was against and still are against the government bailouts.

No where in the piece does Mr. Dionne mention Chrysler. I wonder why? All he does is heap praise on GM for turning a $3.2 billion profit as Americans go about searching for more energy efficient vehicles. No where does Mr. Dionne mention that this administrations policies have forced gasoline prices to almost double since Obama took office. No wonder Americans are buying fuel efficient cars there aren't many Americans that can afford $4.00 for a gallon of gas. No where does Mr. Dione mention that Americans are turning to GM because Japanese automakers were crippled by a Tsunami followed by a nuclear crisis. Nope all Mr. Dionne does is heap praise on the government bailouts. Do you think Mr. Dionne would dare mention that unemployment is still at 9.0%? How about the year over year decline of 8% in the value of our homes? How about the 28% of mortgages that are underwater? How about the 1.8% GDP last quarter? How about Fannie Mae requesting another $8 billion in bailout dollars ust to remain solvent? Nope nothing of this news in Mr. Dionne's report. Just picks one example that on the surface appears to be a bailout that worked. But even if Mr. Dionne had peeled the onion back just a little he would be able to see that GM is the beneficiary of natural disasters striking their main competitors and the economy destroying policies of the administration he is trying to heap praise upon. Come on EJ get real the bailouts failed and for the most part so has this administration.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tax More Spend More

Gov Martin O'Malley from Maryland is pus an increase of another .12 cents to price of a gallon of gasoline. The push is because the transportation fund is depleted and the roads are in a state of disrepair. O'Malley says businesses like this tax but the people hate it.

Now I would agree a tax increase may be necessary to keep the transportation infrastructure operating smoothly. We need roads and we need them to be in a constant state of good repair. The problem though is that the liberals spent the transportation fund on other programs. Programs that have nothing to do with transportation but rather liberal programs designed to buy the votes of the poor. So the Governor and other Democrats depleted the fund for their pet projects and now they need to raise taxes on gasoline to pay for the repair of the roads.

This is the liberal point of view on taxes. Taxes can continually be raised. Run out of tax dollars, then raise them. This tax increase proposal in Maryland is ridiculous. Listen to what the governor is saying, look we depleted the transportation fund to pay for social welfare, now our roads are falling apart, so we need more fuel taxes to pay for the road.

This is the same thing that always happens with our tax dollars. The democrats and liberals constantly clamor that we need to raise taxes to pay for something specific like education or transportation or even deficit reduction, then after the taxes are increased even more money is spent on other social programs and we still don't get the specific spending that was sold to us as the reason for the increased taxes.

The politicians understand what we want out of our government. The politicians than starve that program knowing they will be enabled to come back to the well for more. Take in $100 dollars specifically for transportation and the politicians will siphon of .60 cents for other vote getting projects and come back later and claim they need more money to pay for the roads. The tax payer that uses the roads knows they are falling apart and will clamor for them to be fixed. Miraculously the taxes get increased and the roads still don't get fixed. This is the liberal trap. There will never be enough taxes going to our government. The more money they take in the more money the politicians will waste on keeping their power over the people.

The American people must stand up and demand our overfed government gets the deficits in order by reducing spending period. We can not give into any type of tax increase. Tax increases will only get wasted on social welfare and soon the government will be back telling us they need more.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Racism: Obama's 2012 Campaign Theme

The pathetic pawns in the media have decided on the theme to push during the 2012 Presidenttial campaign. One would like to believe that the media would be pushing an incumbents record. However, the media has chosen to push the theme of rcism instead.

WHoopi Goldberg and Tavis Smiley are busy pushing the idea that the 2012 Presidential race will be all about racism. Goldberg decided yesterday that she was going to be playing the race card. Instead of pushing the stagnant economy, high gasoline prices, Mideast turbulence, unpopular Obamacare, and a loss of world wide prestige, these race mongerers have decided that Obama's record won't be able to keep him in office another term. These two have decided that no matter how unpopular Obama's policies that it couldn't possibly be his incompetence but rather it must be race. It doesn't matter to them that America elected overcame racism and voted Obama in office once, no if he doesn't get elected again then race must be the reason.

The rest of the media is jumping on the birth certificate controversy as being motivated by race also. To the media why would anyone be asking for Obama's birth certificate if it was anything other than because of his race? It couldn't be that Obama felt he was above the law and didn't have to provide proof of meeting constitutional requirements. It couldn't have been motivated by the lack of transparancy on Obama's part. It couldn't possibly be due to the media not properly vetting their candidate of choice. It couldn't possibly be Obama's disdain for the American public. No it has to be because of racism. Of course little does the media offer the other side of the story, e=which is that John McCain had to go to court to receive a ruling on his constitutional eligibility. No the media uses phrases like "vaguely written natural born citizen" clause.

The bottom line here is the media understands that Obama does not have a record to run on. The economy is expected to grow very little this year into next. The unemployment rate is likely to remain high. Obama's signature piece of legislation is as unpopular as it has ever been. The tea party is a true grassroots American effort to clean up government while the left can only astroturf and send in professional activists to fake being grassroots efforts. The left is in decline and progressive (read liberal left)ideas are being tossed to the curb in favor of reducing the size of government. America is in debt over her head and the economy is sputtering along. Anemic growth is the key word surrounding the economy and Obama couldn't possibly keep blaming Bush for what ails the country. Obama can't run on foreign policy as his incoherent policy has led to civil unrest across the Middleeast. Obama has a bad record so the pathetic pawns have to use the race card in order to attempt to shame America into voting an incompetent President into another term.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reich is Wrong; Debt is the problem not Wages

Today Robert Reich penned a piece for the Huffington Post bemoaning a recession rather than inflation being the biggest challenge facing America. Personally, they are not mutually independent of each other as Mr. Reich would have his readers believe. Telling readers that Wall Street doesn’t understand economics is ridiculous. It is like saying Einstein didn’t understand physics. To Mr. Reich I would say that inflation is the underlying cause of the current recessionary pressures rather than being a separate concern.

Mr. Reich like his progressive liberal readers believe in the “government can fix all that ails America” mantra. In order to keep the economy moving all that is needed is to have the Government spend more money in useless efforts to prop up the economy. Rather than say declining wages are the problem, I would venture a guess that problem is debt. The American government is in debt over $14 trillion or almost 100% of GDP. This by all accounts is unsustainable and places America on the brink of collapse. The Federal Government than leveraged the States by enacting unfunded mandates. States with Liberal governments (California, Michigan, Illinois) are completely leveraged out and have tapped all they can from the taxpayers. The tax payers are tapped out also. Homeowners leveraged their homes by taking the equity and turning it into adult toys to keep up with the neighbors. Now that home prices have fallen there is no place for consumers to turn. No longer are homeowners enabled to spend use their homes as ATM’s, the homes simply are not worth as much as they used to be.

Mr Reich is correct in assessing that consumers are not enabled to spend our way out of the recession. The problem in his analysis is that he blames it on falling incomes. The problem is not the falling incomes, the problem is that Americans were spoiled and were destined to failure because of their spendthrift ways. Americans saved very little and their spendthrift ways borrowed money they simply could not afford to repay without inflation. Americans needed inflated incomes just to keep their heads above water. Now that wages are stagnant and not keeping up with inflation the liberal left, represented by the likes of Mr. Reich, would have you believe that inflation is a good thing and the key to rescue our fledgling economy. If only prices of goods and services rise enough to force employers to increase wages will America be enabled to recover, is a wrong headed approach.

The recession is not the same as the other recessions since the Great Depression. For the most part the other recessions were cyclical in nature. The business cycle will always have its peaks and valleys. The key is to keep the overall trend rising, so the peaks are higher and the valleys shallower. The problem is that this recession was caused due to structural problems. The root cause in my opinion is American debt. The cumulative effect of leveraging every piece of property in the US to the max created bubbles that are now bursting. The problem is now there is no property left in the system to leverage. The last remaining available pool is to further tax incomes which will further erode the buying power of the American consumer.

There is an easy solution to the problem of debt. The American government as well as the States and individuals must again become frugal and clean up their debt problems. We as a country are not going to spend our way to prosperity, there is nothing left to spend, it has all been leveraged away. This is what happens under a system that promotes perpetual debt with ever increasing balances. It is our debt that is causing inflation and stagnating wages. It is our debt that is causing the recession to linger as the economy limps along. It is our debts that are unsustainable and inflation is no way to combat debt.

The American left would have everyone believe that government deficit spending is necessary. The American left believes inflation is good because it makes future payments of present debt less painful. The problem is our indebtedness has created the problem we see today. Fuel prices are rising for multiple reasons. Middle East unrest is part of the problem but so is the liberal lefts viewpoint to allow our own resources to go untapped. However the main reason for the current rise in oil prices is because the dollar is weak. The dollar is weak because the Federal Reserve has artificially kept interest rates low by printing dollars. In other words, inflation is making the value of the dollar much less than it was just yesterday. Along with the increase in the cost of oil, we also have an increase in the cost of food. Food prices are increasing because it cost more money to reap the harvest and also transport the goods from the fields to the processing plants and then to the grocery stores. Finally, wages are stagnating. Wages are stagnant because the American labor force has priced themselves out of the manufacturing competition. Companies are employing more people out of country because the labor costs are less. To me this makes sense, business are in the business to turn profits. However, the left believe businesses should be in the business to create jobs not profits. That philosophy my friends is why the left believes Government is the answer to everything. See if businesses were there to create jobs and could take losses then all would be right in the world.

Again the problem is debt. The debt is the cause of inflationary pressures. Inflation is the problem, we need a strong dollar not a weak dollar. Stagnant wages are a symptom of the debt problem and are not isolated from the effects of inflation. The two are integral problems that are feeding the structural problems we face. America needs to get its fiscal house in order. We must balance our budgets and stop taking on more and more debt. The left is living recessions from the past. The left does not understand ever increasing debt has consumed the ability of the consumer to spend our way out of this recession. Increasing taxes on an already fully leveraged citizenry will only prolong the agony. We must reduce spending now and it must be done in 4 areas. We must reduce Defense spending. NATO has shown to be inept and incapable without US leadership (Libya). Pull out of NATO and reduce the defense budget by the NATO savings ( a significant portion of the defense budget on the order of 25% of the total defense spending). Then tackle Social Security which is out of money. Don’t believe the lies about the money filled lock box. The lock box has no money but is rather filled with more liberal empty promises. Reform medicare and medicade. We need to reduce spending on these programs and we must do it now. The only way to fully recover from this recession and see the day America prospers again is to reduce the debt and keep inflation in check. Hyper inflation is not the right way to go.