Wednesday, September 8, 2010

America's Soul

The President whined in Milwaukee on Monday that he “was being talked about like a dog” by his political opponents. The narcissistic President and is sycophantic pathetic pawns in the media are bewildered that the President and the Democrats are being cast aside. Neither the Democrats nor the pathetic pawns understand why the President and his minions are not receiving more credit for his legislative victories. Both lament that the economy is not their fault; that it was the Bush administration and the republicans that “drove the car in the ditch”. The Obama administration and democrats mid-term election themes seem to be entirely based on anti Bush rhetoric, the economy is growing albeit slowly, and the democrats will return the country to fiscal responsibility.

Bottom line is that the Democrats have nothing positive to run on. The Democrats have controlled Congress since 2007. The legislative agenda pushed by Obama and passed by the democrats is largely unpopular with the American public. The democrats blew a perfect opportunity to relegate the Republicans to permanent minority status; out in the wilderness with very little to offer. However instead of focusing on the economy that was in the ditch since late 2007, the democrats set out on a path take care of their special interests; namely their union buddies. Obama and the democrats threw away $787 billion dollars for so-called shovel ready jobs. Instead of creating or saving 3.5 million jobs due to the shovel ready jobs, Obama sent the money to conduct research on such things as the effects of cocaine on monkeys and to sign makers to promote the propaganda that was his stimulus plan. After throwing money away in the name of stimulus and ignoring the economy, Obama set out on a liberal agenda; ignoring the will of the people. Obama’s mandate was not the liberal agenda. Obama’s mandate was to change the way Washington operated. Many Americans voted for what they believed to be a post partisan President; a moderate that would work across party lines in order to accomplish the people’s business. The promise of hope in moving Americans past the racial discord of the past and into a new post racial America where Americans looked beyond race is what the people believed they were voting for; that was the mandate. Had Obama focused his attention on the economy in his first year and got us moving in the right direction, instead of expecting the economy to fix itself, the legislative victories would had made him the folk hero everyone expected.

Instead we are about to have our third election cycle in row that becomes a wave election. The Republicans are poised to make inroads in the Democrats majority in both the House and the Senate if not take the outright majority. The wave elections will continue until one of the parties wins the soul of America. The silent majority has been attempting to send the legislative branch and executive branch a message since 2006. It seems that message is not being heard and the voting public will continue with the wave elections until one party or the other wins over the soul of America. Whichever party listens and hears the people first will be the ultimate winner and win the right to govern this great country. We don’t want to hear Obama whining about the way he is talked about or hear Obama blame Bush when it is him that is behind the wheel. Americans understand Bush was President when the economy tanked, the 2008 election changed leadership in Washington. What Americans want is way path forward; a plan to get us out of the mess both parties had a hand in creating. The huge deficits facing America are the fault of Obama and the Democrats and not the Republicans or Bush.

We all can agree that the power of the purse belongs with Congress. Whoever controls Congress sets the appropriations and establishes how our tax payer dollars are spent. So I conducted a little research to find out who exactly is responsible for our massive and growing debt. The question is was is the Republicans that created the large deficits or the Democrats. What I found was astounding. The President is lying through his teeth blaming Republicans. It is the Democrats in Congress that included Obama that have created the large deficits, not the Republicans or Bush. Looking at the numbers I went back through the 12 years of a Republican led Congress. In 12 years or Republican majorities in the House and Senate (I will even give the Democrats 2001 through 2003 when the Democrats under Tom Dashle controlled the Senate) and found that between 1995 and 2006 the Republicans ran a total of $1.248 trillion dollars of deficit spending or on average $104 billion dollars per year. This all changed in 2007. Once the Democrats took control over the purse strings, the deficits have totaled $3.719 trillion dollars in 4 years or on average $930 billion dollars per year. Please let this all sink in; the Democrats managed to run three times the deficits in a third of the time and Obama has the audacity to blame the Republicans?

So let me get this straight. Obama is against the Bush tax cuts from 2001. A look back at the deficits recorded did see an increase immediately following the Bush tax cuts as expected in 2002 through 2004. However, once the tax cuts filtered through the economy the deficits were again declining from 2005 through 2007, with 2007 bringing record revenue from the taxpayers. Yet in one short year after the Democrats took over Congress the deficits shot through the roof. So it is not the wars our Nation is fighting, it is not the Bush tax cuts, it is not the Republicans in Congress, nope it is the Democrats that just can’t get enough of our hard earned dollars. It is no wonder then that democrats are having such a hard time this election cycle. The democrats are really the ones that have driven us in the ditch and don’t know how to get us out. It was the Obama administration dropping the ball on the economy, hoping it just fixed itself, while pushing his liberal agenda that has kept us in the ditch. Bottom line is the democrats are in trouble because they do not have a positive message to run on. Americans have tired of Obama’s whining and blaming Bush. Americans are tired of mortgaging our children’s future while receiving nothing in return except for more government intrusion in their lives. Americans are tired of trickle up economics. Americans are tired of a government that refuses to listen to the wisdom of the people. Americans want someone, anyone that will capture the American soul and return America to the prosperous nation it has the potential to be. America wants a leader that will capture her soul.

Friday, September 3, 2010

When Science Becomes Religion

No two things could be more polar opposite in their foundations than science and religion. Science requires empirical data to support the hypothesis and theories. On the other hand religion requires a blind faith. Science searches for answers and promotes ideas based in fact. The facts in science can be backed up with data. Religion uses anecdotal evidence as its proof. Nothing is actually proof in religion and in fact science often goes about attempting to use science to prove or more likely disprove long held religious beliefs and blind faiths. But what happens when science becomes a religion?

All we need to do is look James Lee. Lee became consumed by his environmental beliefs. Lee took maters into his own hands and became an ECO-Terrorist after viewing "An Inconvenient Truth" and reading "My Ishmael". Lee made the environment and Global Warming his religion. I know the media only believes Lee may have taken this too far, but I believe as I believe most Americans believe that he not only took the false religion too far but that he also terroized the community. This is not just a small isolated incident of a madman but rather a cult like feeding frenzy created by the liberals and their new found religion. Any time empirical data is manipulated and changed to meet the hypothesis rather than allow the data to speak for itself is nothing more than having blind faith in ones beliefs.

When science becomes religion like it has to the ECO terrorists then science losses its credibility. Religion and Science can co-exist but we can not allow empirical science be relegated to blind faith. Scientists know this and should be speaking out against those that would manipulate the data to fit their beliefs. Just like Hurricane Earl moving up the Eastern Seaboard. Yesterday another global warming fanatic said this was caused by global warming. This even though Earl lost steam just as would have been expected. In fact it is only a category 1 storm now as it moves north over cooloer water. Yet yesterday the global warming fanatic claimed it would strengthen and as global warming took greeater effect the hurricanes would become more fierce and more common up the Eastern Seaboard. What happened to empirical data? Why try to shoe horn events to make the case even when the empirical data says otherwise? Our science will not be worth anything as long as it attempts to become a religion expecting the people to blindly follow.

Americans Awaken; Hear Them Roar

Americans are just beginning to stir from a long slumber and they don't like what they are seeing. As more and more Americans open their eyes and rub the sleep away they are seeing an out of control government being fueled by the pathetic pawns of the media complex. The pathetic pawns in the media and the ruling elites are bewildered with some even calling the American people "spoiled Brats". While the pathetic pawns may believe we are throwing a temper tantrum, it is the pathetic pawns and the liberal left that is whining and not the American people. The American people are the ones taking the role of the stern parent and it is the left in American that is whining that our demands are too high. Perhaps Eugene Robinson should have renamed his article "The spoiled sibling lashes out at the responsible parents".

Political analysts, pollsters, and election handicappers, are all providing grim news for the liberal elites. Americans taking on the role of the responsible parent is about to take the keys to the family car away from the Demcorats and force the Presidnet back to the training wheels. The President, Democrats, liberals, and the pathetic pawns have consistently ignored the lectures from the American electorate. The establishment failed to listen or even consider following the rules and restrictions that we the people placed upon them. We instructed the liberal elites to focus on the economy. We told the liberal elites we did not like their health care plan. We told the liberals we liked the Arizona law on enforcing immigration laws. We told the liberals not to allow the Mosque at ground zero. The liberals did not listen. Like any adolescent, the liberals mouthed the words the parents wanted to hear, but then did what they wanted anyway.

Going into the last 90 days of the 2008 Presidential election cycle Obama and McCain were in a dead heat. When the economy tanked later in the fall, Obama was able to strike a populisdt message that resonated with the people. Obama was able to win by a 7 point margin. Instead of reading that mandate as a verdict oin the economy, Obama and trhe liberals read that as a verdict on their agenda. They didn't listen to the American people but rather went about their merry way to socializing America.

America wanted a focus on the economy. What they got was a bailout of the unions and liberal special interests. Instead of a $787 billion stimulus of the economy, we got spending on an auto bailout that protected the unions and money spent on studying the effects of cocaine on monkeys. Obama and the liberals believing that the economy would fix itself, then fixated on taking over America's health care system. For over nine months, in the face of fierce opposition, Obama pushed the liberal dream. Obama did not listen to the American people. Democrats did not seek bi partisan support. Instead they forced a plan that we had to pass in order to find out what was in it.

The health care act is as unpopular today as it was when it passed. Amercians are now just beginning to feel the effects of the overreaching liberal dream. Our health insurance premiums are on the rise and medical facilities are beginning to close their doors. Americans for the first time are realizing rationed health care. Instead of realizing promised stabilization of costs (bending the cost curve) we are experiencing a rise in premiums. The Democrats didn't reads their bill. To paraphrase Senator Conrad who quipped "do you think people want me to waste my time reading a bill filled with legislative language? Thats what we pay staffers for". Sorry Sneator but yes we do expect our legislators to read legislation. Maybe we pay to much for your staff. Having staffers does not relieve you of your responsibility. Immediately following the health care debacle, Obama began a run on immigration reform.

Instead of focusing on the economy as he promised during his first State of the Union Address, Obama fixated on destroying the State of Arizona. Arizona passed a law enforcing what is already Federal law and Obama decided it was a good idea to sue the State. Instead of unifying the country Obama decided it was a good idea to single out one of the United States. Obama and his State Department (led by Hillary Clinton) singled out Arizona for Human Rights abuses to the United Nations. Obama ignores real human rights abuses like the stoning of women in the middle east but castigates one of our States for simply enforcing laws that are already on the books.

So Obama the Muslim Appeaser decides that it is not good enough to simply apologize tot he world for America he also decides to weigh in on the Mosque at Ground Zero. Americans again overwhelmingly are against the Moque being built in the shadows of Ground Zero. Instead of following Gov Patterson's lead, Obama decided he would go against the people and use a false argument to support the mosque. Gov Patterson appealed to the developer and attempted to persuade the developer to relocate the mosque to a more suitable area. The developer outright refused. Obama attempted to create a false constitutional crisis in order to get his way. However, their is nothing unconstitutional about zoning laws. This is not about freedom of religion. This is all about the liberal left apologizing to those that attacked America.

So Mr. Robinson, it is not the American people who are throwing the temper tantrum. It is not the American people that are spoiled brats. No, it is the liberal elites and the liberal establishment that are throwing the temper tantrum. See the snobbish liberals just don't understands that Americans govern themselves. We don't like our wisdom and judgement to be questioned. We are a representative form of government. It was Obama himself that brought this on. Remember this gem?

See Obama took the elitist attitude that the will of the people doesn't matter accept for election day (2:55-3:05 see the shrug of the shoulders? See the relegsation of the people to only making a difference on election day?). Well elections do matter. The American people will keep voting until their voices are heard. We will keep taking the keys away and give themn to someone else until our representatives in Government start representing the people again. How ironic that the liberals see no issue with placing a tax cheat in charge of the Internal Revenue Service (read Tim Geithner). How about having the tax evader and low income rent abuser Charles Rangel writing our tax bills. Sorry, Eugene but it is the liberal left who are the sibling throwing the temper tantrum. Americans are awakening and taking responsibility for their government. The people are the parents. Please take your snobbish attitude, your whining rhetoric, and yoiur pathetic opinion somewhere else. Americans have awakened; Hear them roar.