Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup: Culture of Corruption

Americans will never back soccer as a big National sport until the corruption is taken out of the game. The referees have too much influence and as the results come in from the world cup it appears instead of “may the best team win” the sport is “may the referees choose the winners”. Sometimes a referee can make the wrong calls. Missing a call is usually considered part of any game, but all out changing the outcome of any game is unacceptable. In most referee schools the first thing taught is that the referee’s should be invisible to the game. The game is about the players and not themselves.

Like many Americans, I was not happy when a goal by the US Striker Maurice Edu was disallowed. Video evidence shows if anything a foul should have been called on the Slovenians. This call could have caused the US not to advance through the group around. I wouldn’t harp on this call other than it is part of a theme in this world cup. Missed calls happen and if this was the only poor call but it wasn’t. The very next game in which the US was involved Clint Dempsey. Dempsey scored a goal that was disallowed for being offsides against Algeria. Again the evidence shows Dempsey was on sides and the goal should have been allowed. Again mistakes happen but two blown calls in two games against the US. However, it wasn’t only the US that had poor officiating.

Yesterday, the English were robbed of a goal. The goal would have tied the game and changed the entire complexion of the game. Instead due to the English having to press to get the equalizer the game became a rout. This should not have been the way the game ended. The English did score a valid goal the ball clearly passed the goal lines and both the Referee and the assistant missed the call? Then again in the Argentina game there was a goal allowed that should never have been. Argentina was clearly offsides yet the referee allowed the goal. The Mexican team was playing well to that point but after the goal they fell apart. Goals are disheartening to a team. When the officials make these horrendous calls that change the outcome of the game it becomes obvious the officials are playing favorites.

The US was never expected to be able to make it to the Finals. The US team has a reputation of being decent but not quite international caliber. In hindsight it appears the referees simply were against the US and did not want them to advance. The US had to be better than most teams just to make the knockout round. Then the last two bad calls yesterday went against the underdog. These bad calls changed the outcome of the game. It seems to me that there is a reason why the previous world cup winners have come from either South America or Europe; the referees are making certain no underdog has a chance. The underdogs have to be better than the competition and overcome not just their opponents but also the referees. The bottom line is international soccer will never become part of the American tradition unless the corruption by referees is taken out of the game.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're Not Bluffing!

I have some news for you Mr. Obama, we, the American people, are not bluffing. We want a responsible government that stays within their budget. We don't want tax increases that stifle business, we want the government to cut out spending. We the people understand the problem and it is not that we are taxed too little, no, its a government that spends too much. We are not bluffing when we say we want less government spending.

In Obama press conference at the Toronto G20 Summit, Obama whined that we had structural long term debt problems that were there before he took office. I wonder if he noticed that the structural problems he stated (medicare, medicade, social security) we caused by an out of control liberal agenda? These programs were always a pyramid scheme and even a shell game. The so-called lock boxes that contain the surpluses achieved by taxing the baby boomers simply is not there. Although the lock boxes are full, they are not full of money. Instead we have the great liberal scheme and gimmick. The democrats promised to keep the lock boxes and not waste the trust funds. Yet the lock boxes are only filled with IOU's.

This year the Social Security Administration has run in the red. The SSA will have to dip into the IOU box and the government will have to borrow more money to pay off their promises to the American people. The President can't fix any of these liberal Utopian ideas without going back on their promise and reducing benefits. The trust is being dipped into 7 years earlier than the Democrats expected. The Democrats spent and spent in the bountiful years and no that the monies are getting less and less there is no money to be had without further increases in taxes or reducing benefits. Remember the surpluses under Clinton? They were not really surpluses. Rather under Clinton we just didn't spend all of the intake from Social Security.

You talk a lot Mr. President but if you were really serious about deficit reduction you would not have gone to the G20 begging other countries to spend, spend, and then spend some more. There is a reason the rest of the G20 rejected your agenda. The reason is the borrowing has to stop. Europe and the US are so far in debt there is no way to ever pay all of our obligations. Worse yet there are even fewer countries willing or even able to take on more debt from insolvent Nations. Get serious Mr. President. Try spending less. Stop with the Health Care reform until we can actually afford it. Stop with the economy killing energy bill. Stop trying to take over the financial institutions. If you want to spend money on jobs find somewhere to pay for it. Perhaps if you were actually serious someone might believe you. See you said in a debate during your campaign that we needed a scalpel and not a cap on spending. Yet today you told the reporter that you have now proposed caps spending. We don't believe you Mr. President, but believe us we are not bluffing.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

AFL-CIO Economist vs Neil Cavuto

The Chief economist for the AFL-CIO resorts to profanity during an interview with Neil Cavuto. Ron Blackwell says Americans should not buy into the hysterics of deficit worries. Blackwell obfuscates when pressed on the fictitious "jobs created or saved" by the almost $1 trillion stimulus Obama has already wasted. Blackwell takes the lame Democratic line by blaming Bush for the deficit and the economy. Blackwell then resorts to profanity when called on his bogus Keynesian economics.

Blackwell is right, Americans are worried about jobs. The problem is that Blackwell and his AFL-CIO unions are not about created new jobs. Unions have never been about the creation of jobs. Unions are about protecting their current workers and destroy future jobs. Union labor is far more expensive to hire than non union labor. Please Mr. Blackwell, explain to the American people how many jobs your union has destroyed. Please explain how many corporations and industries your unions or unions like yours have destroyed. Please Mr. Blackwell, explain to the American people how many jobs have been shipped overseas due to the union demands.

More at Hot Air

Now when pressed on his non answers Ron Blackwell resorts to profanity. You know who is losing the debate. Anytime a debater loses their temper and resorts to profanity they have lost. Ron Blackwell, I have a word of advice, quit talking about jobs until you or your union finds a way to actually create jobs instead of destroying jobs.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's Unprecedented Disaster

The Obama administration is creating an unprecedented disaster in the Gulf. Instead of doing everything possible to prevent oil from reaching our shores, the administration is stopping efforts to dredge and built artificial sand berms intended to soak up the oil and stop the oil from reaching the fragile ecosystem along the gulf shores and in the marshes where sea animals bed their young. (More at Hot Air.) Instead of making recommendations and allowing the dredging activities to continue while new and better plans are drafted, the administration just shut them down. Sounds eerily similar to shutting down the barges last week because the Federal government wasn't sure they had life vests on the barges. Again instead of trying to avert the impending disaster the Obama administration is simply allowing it to destroy the Gulf coast.

Obama still has not lifted the Jones act which would allow foreign ships come in to provide assistance. Obama still hasn't gotten enough boom into the Gulf. Obama still hasn't done anything to contain the damage that is happening. Instead Obama is focused on blaming others, worrying about killing the Gulf economy with a moratorium that has already been deemed illegal, and claiming to be all over the issue. Seems to me the only thing Obama is all over is the local links.

Obama's response has been negligent and borderline criminal. Instead of leading Obama is politicizing the issue. It is high time this President get off the links and into the office. We need a leader that ensures all necessary resources are focused on keeping the oil off our shores. there is time enough for passing blame after the oil leak is stopped and the oil is contained off our shores. Stopping efforts by the local governments to protect their people is not the way to conduct business. Obama and his criminal left cronies scream for regulating everything, but here is an example where regulation is not helping. In fact, stopping efforts because it may endanger an area is ludicrous in light of the fact that the entire area may be destroyed. Obama is creating this unprecedented disaster and has no clue what to do.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Obama administration is showing a knack for failing to lead and govern. A Americans we need to take a step back and look at the perils facing our Nation. We must face the reality that Obama and the Democrats in Congress are incapable of governing. Both the President and the current Congress have done nothing but imperil our way of life. The Chicago politics employed by the rudderless government is slowly coming to light. The pathetic pawns are coming around realizing that Obama is not a leader and the Democratic Utopian ideals are nothing but a dream. Everything from the Gulf oil spill disaster, to the economy, to the war in Afghanistan, to our relations with allies are going horrible wrong.

On Sunday, Rahm Emanuel ridiculed Tony Hayward for being in attendance of a boat race involving a yacht that he owns while ignoring Obama drinking beer at baseball game and walking the greens of a golf course. The real problem is not Hayward, who was relieved of his Oil spill duties by BP earlier in the week, but rather the real problem is Obama who said “ I will not rest” until the Oil spill disaster is under control. Emanuel the inept is trying to portray a hapless CEO that had been relieved of his duties as rich, Republican, and out of touch. But the reality is that Hayward was relieved and no longer had any connection with correcting the spill or cleaning up his mess. Obama on the other hand claimed he would not rest. Obama said the buck stops with him. Then after saying the words, Obama immediately went drinking at the ball park and out for a round of golf. Obama has done nothing to contain the spill. Obama still has not waived the Jones act. Obama still is turning away the experts that can assist in containing the spill. Even Obama’s moratorium on the oil spill has been lifted by the courts. So what has Obama done except bully a private company into a $20 billion fund for cleaning up. Last week Obama gave his “rudderless” speech that failed in every way.

Then there is the economy. Obama thru almost $ 1 trillion at the economy and then took his eye towards socializing the country through unconstitutional health care mandates. Health care reform was a short sighted Utopian idea that will bankrupt the country. Yet health care reform took priority over the economy. In May, the number of purchased existing homes declined 2.2%. Unemployment is still at 9.7% and may rise even higher. Over a year ago Obama stated there were green shoots of growth. Still today the bitter green shoot clinger is claiming he saved the economy. The outlook on the economy today is worse than it was 6 months ago but the President is claiming success. A recent poll showed that increasingly Obama is taking the blame for the economy. The blame Bush meme isn’t working like it once did. Overall, 47% still blame Bush but what the pathetic pawns are trying to bury is that 45% are blaming Obama. I expect Obama will increasingly take the blame and by the first week of August Obama will take the majority of the blame. The signs of weakness in the economy will become evident with the 3rd Quarter report on GDP. The Congress even now refuses to complete their most basic of constitutional duties. Steny Hoyer just said that not only won’t the Democrats pass a budget but they won’t even try to come up with an outline. The Dmeocrats are punting their most basic function.

Then there is the foreign policy. GEN Stanley McChrystal and his staff crucified the inept administration. Yes the General and his staff were wrong and undermined the civilian authority over the military. Ordinarily our military would not undermine the Commander in Chief but when faith is lost and leadership absent the military leaders will lead. They will pick up the reigns and lead when the country is devoid of civilian leadership. Obama has lost the faith of his commanders, he has lost the battle of morale in the military, in short Obama’s lack of leadership has our military running amok. GEN McChrystal was wrong but his behavior is expected in the absence of a leader in the Oval Office.

Then Obama’s actions against one of our true ally’s in the Middle East are deplorable. Sitting the sidelines while Turkey flexes its muscle against our ally is despicable. Obama should have came out against Turkey’s actions and stated that NATO is at risk if Turkey didn’t stop being so irresponsible. Instead weak kneed Obama sided with Turkey and Hamas and told the world that Israel’s blockade was unsustainable. Instead of siding with our ally Obama sided with the terrorists.

Anyone can see that Obama is rudderless. Even Obama’s speech the other night on national TV showed how devoid of intelligence the administration truly is. Carter had his “malaise speech” and now Obama has had his “rudderless speech”. Wake up America and throw the inept Democrats out of Washington. Wake up and place Obama on the sidelines until we can vote in a leader to the Presidency.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Superhero Needed; Leadership Required

What a difference a couple of years make. During the 2008 campaign America was finally getting a President that would make the waters recede. We were getting the person the world had been waiting for. Now we see that even Obama says there "are limits to my powers." Paul Starobin whined incessantly yesterday that Obama is not superman. Even Obama said he can't fix the oil spill issue all by himself. Obama can't swim down and cap the opil rig nor can he "suck the oil up with a straw". Obama and the pathetic pawns built Obama into the messiah, not the American public. The problem is that Americans don't need their Presidents to be superheros; but we do require them to have some modicum of leadership.

Americans understand that the expertise to cap the oil rig does not lie with government solutions. We understand the President can't swim down to cap the well all by his lonesome. We understand that Obama can't suck up the oil through a straw. However, we do expect that Obama provides leadership and direction. Threatening to kick some ass is not leadership. It is difficult to be begging for solutions from the very people one is seeking to ass kick. The contrived moment where Obama tried to feign emotion was obvious. The statement Obama made didn't even make sense. How is it that the only reason he is talking to the experts is so he can kick their ass? Instead of entering into a dialog to resolve the situation, Obama instead enters a dialog so he can kick the ass of the experts that could provide a solution. Even when offered potential solutions, Obama summarily dismisses them. Obama said he would fire the CEO of BP if he could for his flippant remarks. DOes the same apply to Obama? Can we fire him for his flippant and snarky comments?

A week ago it was reported that PACKGEN would be able to deliver miles upon miles of boom to the government to fend of the impending disaster. PACKGEN said the only problem is that no one would come pick the boom up. Then a week later Obama's lead official Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen was still clueless that the boom was available and more could be ordered on short notice. PACKGEN notified the government 4 weeks ago that their plant in Maine had boom immediately available. It made the news headlines last week. Yet Obama's lead still has no idea.

The Dutch early on in the diaster offered to provide their dike building expertise. Obama and his administration said "Thanks, but no thanks." The administration told the Dutch that the spill was under control. Instead of inviting the Dutch as a potential preventitive measure Obama summarily dismissed the Dutch. In fact, the pathetic pawns barely even reported on the offer of assistance and when we found out the Dutch offered the pathetic pawns dismissed the reports and proclaimed that it would have violated some National law against foreign flag ships capturing and removing oil. In state of emergency, Obama turned down a country that is obviously experts in coastal management, while the pathetic pawns passed it off as being against the law.

Americans do not expect Obama to be a superhero. What we expect, demand, and require of our Presdients is leadership. We expect Obama to marshal all available resources to avert or at least minimize disasters. Instead of marshalling resources Obama set out to find who was to be blamed. Instead of providing direction and leadership on the oil spill, Obama fouind it more important to slam Arizona's Immigration law; a law Obama bashed without even reading or understanding the law. We need to face the facts. Obama is not a leader. Obama is a disaster. Obama is destroying American credibility around the world. Instead of making the waters recede, we have a President that is turning the waters from blue to black. To the defenders of Obama, let me say the response to this disaster is ten times worse than Katrina ever was. No America does not need a Superhero, but leadership is required.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Riddance To the White House Bigot

Today Helen Thomas the senior white House correspondent retired. I think retirement is to good for her as she should have been outright fired. There is no room for bigotry in our White House, and Helen Thomas is a bigot. Good riddance and farewell Helen your prejudice towards the Jewish people is your downfall. Your legacy will forever and always be that of a bigot.

The pathetic pawns were busy today spinning for Helen. The pawns were telling us that this one small incident of sending the Jewish people back to Germany and Poland (where by the way the Jewish people were being exterminated), should not diminish what she has accomplished. That is wrong, we should as a country be appalled that this bigot was ever allowed in the Whitehouse to begin with. Helen has lived a public lie for years. Her hypocritical liberal bias makes all of her writings suspect. We should believe nothing she ever wrote because it was surely tainted with the blood of hatred.

My question is where was the Presidential reaction to the appalling prejudice shown by Helen Thomas? Why did it take an entire weekend before mouthpiece Gibbs finally said something? I can tell you it is because the administration like the pathetic pawns see nothing wrong with bigotry as long as it is coming from the mouths liberal elitists. The administration hates the Jewish people as much as Helen Thomas. Again the administration sat on the sidelines until Helen Thomas decided she would retire rather be fired. The administration should have immediately came out said Helen Thomas was no longer welcome amongst the White House Press Corps. Instead they let the weekend pass to see what the public sentiment would be and when Helen decided the heat was too much the administration finally said something.

Helen Thomas is no hero. I didn't see the pathetic pawns come to the aid of Howard Cossel. The pathetic pawns didn't come to defend "Jimmy the Greek". yet just because Helen Thomas is a liberal elitist they want us to forget that she was an outright bigot. Let me tell you she is no better than NAZI's. Thomas found someone to blame for the Middle East woes and she pointed the finger of blame towards the Jewish people. I don't care what she may have done in her life. Life is about choices and those choices have consequences. Helen Thomas decided to be a bigot and now she has to suffer the consequences.

Obama The School House Punk

While Obama sat idle and allowed the Gulf oil spill to decimate the Gulf Coast the media begged him to become angry. James Carville begged Obama to do something. Spike Lee told Obama to get angry. After 48 days all Obama could come up with is a school yard bully speech. You know the speech, the "I am going to kick your ass speech". This is really Presidential. Instead of doing something rather than point the finger of blame, Obama whines “I was down there a month, before most of these talking heads were even paying attention to the Gulf, a month ago I was meeting fisherman down there standing in the rain talking about what a potential crisis this was going to be.” Sorry but the disaster started 48 days ago, by the President's own admission it took him almost 3 weeks to visit the Gulf even though he knew the impending disaster was going to be terrible. Obama sat on the sidelines and did nothing.

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So let me get this straight. The President whines how it was raining down there when he went to visit. Obama whines because he is taking hits for his non response. Then he says he is only talking to BP so he knows whose ass to kick. I just can't believe a President would sit for an interview to be aired on National TV and threaten to kick the ass of the smart guys. Let me tell you this is not very grown up, nor is it acting like an adult. I'm sure that the press will give Obama his street cred for beginning to get mad. But is this Presidential? It sounds more like the school yard punk that is embarrassed and instead of addressing the situation like an adult he resorts to his schoolyard punk persona and threatens to kick the ass of the people that potentially are going to bail his ass out.

According to the pathetic pawns Obama is supposed to be intellectual. I never thought of school yard punks as intellectuals. Obama's words are the words of someone who has run out of anything intelligent to say. They are the words of a punk that isn't getting his way. They are the words of a loser. Hope is not a strategy and change is not a plan. Like every school house punk that is foaming at the mouth, Obama's words don't even make sense. Obama says he is only talking to the smart guys so he can kick their ass. Does that really make sense? I am embarrassed to even call this punk the President. Obama should resign the Presidency, we don't need some school yard punk that is devoid of ideas in charge of Nuclear weapons.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obama Incompetence

There was a time back in 2008 when Obama boasted that his campaign was proof that he could handle disasters just like what are happening today in the Gulf. Today it has become obvious that Obama is incompetent. Obama's first response to the spill came twelve days after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. One of Obama's first responses was "Plug the Damn Hole". Obama focused all of his resources on passing blame onto the oil companies.

Instead of focusing on keeping the oil slick from reaching our shores Obama instead sat on the sidelines and watched. While the media is currently busy saying this is representative of the "calm, cool, and collected" demeanor of Obama's style, the oil continued to pollute the Gulf. I feel sorry for the pathetic pawns, I really do. Instead of seeing that Obama sits the sidelines due to incompetence they see it as being calm ad cool. Obama has a history of sitting the sidelines on everything that is tough. Obama sat on the sidelines as the Congress formulated and debated the failed stimulus package. Obama sat on the sidelines while sausage was being made in the health care debacle. Obama has been on the sidelines as the economy struggled and now appears on the verge of a double dip recession. When will the pathetic pawns wake up and realize that Obama is not a leader. Obama does not have the skills or experience to solve our Nations problems. Obama ridiculed Palin for lacking executive experience and hailed his own and offered proof of his campaign size. What we found out is that Obama can speak the words of speechwriters from a teleprompter but not much else.

The pathetic pawns are still drunk on the Obama Kool-Aid. The pathetic pawns just can't believe that such a smart, intelligent, and oratory genius could be such a failure. Right now the pathetic pawns are busy trying to bash the "drill baby, drill crowd. The pawns are busy blaming the oil industry and the Bush administration. The pawns are begging Obama to show some emotion. Right now the problem has been lain open. Obama is not smart, intelligent, or an oratory genius. No Obama is showing his true self in this disaster as with all previous disasters. Obama is incompetent.

I must wonder if along with being incompetent that Obama secretly wanted the oil wash upon our shores. Instead of defending obama's incompetence perhaps the pawns should investigate Obama's motives. There is no doubt Obama's "Cap and Trade" energy initiative was dying in committee. Perhaps Obama wanted used this disaster and didn't allow it to go to waste. Obama knew early on that the disaster would be horrendous. Yet Obama didn't energize the Nations resources to avert the disaster. It seems the pathetic pawns have their work cut out for them. It is their job to dig in and find out if Obama is truly incompetent or an evil Chicago thug that intends to politicize the impending ecological disaster. In all likelihood it is a combination of both. We have an ill equipped president that will politicize everything. I have no doubts Obama is incompetent, nor do I have any doubts that Obama is a partisan political hack.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Government Largesse

The pundits in the main stream media are absolutely pathetic. In an attempt to make the President appear more competent than he really is, the pathetic pawns are making the oil spill catastrophe and government responsibility about big government versus small government. Nothing could be further from the truth, the oil spill and the response the people are looking for has nothing to do with big government or small government. The lack of leadership has everything to do with the role of government. The role of our government is not to take over 1/6 of the economy in a power grab. No, the role of government is to protect, serve, and defend the people.

Americans do not desire a government that provides hand outs and government giveaways. Instead Americans desire a responsive government that will provide a hand up in time of need. Comparing government largesse in social programs to the need for government responsiveness during national crisis is a false comparison. The difference in that in time of National crisis the people want a government that provides a hand up from despair. We don’t want another “Government Program” but rather a responsiveness that energizes the nation and all of our resources to overcome accidents such as the oil spill or natural disasters in the case of Katrina.

There is a huge difference between providing a person a fish and teaching a person to fish. People are competitive by nature and only want the opportunity to succeed. Government handouts and socialized programs are intentionally written to keep the poor people poor and make the middle class poorer. Government elitists that feel the need to nurture the people instead of allowing people the opportunity to live their own lives are the root cause of what ails us as a Nation. The lack of leadership and lack of a response to the oil disaster just goes to show how inept the elitists are. One can clearly see that even though the government conducts exercises to develop skills in such things as containing and cleaning up after oil spills that the elitists really don’t have any ideas of how a government is supposed to act in an emergency. The liberal elitists are good at pointing out what ails society. The liberal elitists are good at spouting rhetoric about how great a Utopian society would be. The problem is that is not reality. Reality in America is that we want a responsive government. A government that provides a helping hand in time of crisis. We don’t want the government to make decisions for us. We don’t want an intrusive government. We don’t want to send our paychecks sent to Washington only to see them wasted on programs designed to keep people dependent on government.

Bottom line is Obama doesn’t have any ideas other than expanding government through entitlement social programs. Instead of coming to the aid of the people in time of need Obama would rather pour American hard earned dollars down the drain of bureaucracy. We all know BP should be focused on stopping the oil from leaking. However, to allow Obama to escape unscathed with his non response is unconscionable. Obama should have called in all of his resources and assisted with the spreading of dispersants, skimming oil from the top, burning oil, filling sandbags, and calling volunteers. We are a Nation that has overcome adversity in the past and we are a nation of overcoming in the future, we need a responsive government not a over-bloated government that feeds off its own largesse.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pundits Cry: Woe Be Me for the President

The Pathetic pawns in the liberal media are missing the point entirely when it comes to the oil spill non response from the Obama administration. The pathetic pawns are worried for their chosen one because of Obama's lack of coherent leadership. Instead on focusing on what the government could be doing to avert a catastrophic disaster they pathetic pawns focus one what the government can't do to avert the impending disaster. Rather than focus on cleaning up, laying booms, burning the top, dropping dispersant, and skimming the oil while the oil slick was still off shore, the pathetic pawns come to the aid of a flailing President by asking the rhetorical question "what do we expect?" Then the pathetic pawns lay out the things the government doesn't have the technology to do for instance "stopping the leak".

Thus far Obama's response has been one of laying blame. The first administration response didn't come until 12 days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Obama then pointed the finger of blame at British Petroleum. Then Obama had to be shamed into interrupting his "vacation" so he could actually see first hand the damage being done along the Louisiana coast. Now Obama is sending his Attorney General to Louisiana to investigate crimes that may have been committed. The Department of Homeland Security didn't even know the military had vessels that could assist in laying dispersant until after it was too late to prevent the slick from reaching the coast.

My advice to the pathetic pawns is to call Obama out on his non response. Stop worrying that Obama can't stop the leak. Stopping the leak is best left in the hands of the oil industry. Start investigating what the President should have done to avert the impending disaster. Instead of allowing the inept President to "say" all hand are on deck make him prove it. Where is the call for volunteers to to clean up the coast? Where is the military that could be burning the excess oil? Where is the Coast Guard who could be skimming the oil? Where is the EPA who should be directing clean up efforts? Where is the Department of Homeland Security who could be directing dropping dispersant?

Obama didn't respond until it was too late. There is no way now to contain the spill. The spill could have been contained had Obama looked for solutions the Government could assist with instead of focusing on blame and the tasks the government wasn't equipped to deal with. I know for a fact that the EPA and military have training classes and scenarios for just this sort of disaster. The clean up efforts and containing the spill are the focus of the training scenarios. Instead of breaking out the containment manuals Obama miscalculated the extent of the spill and attempted to politicize the situation for personal gain. This miscalculation, lack of leadership, and pure ineptness will result in a disaster that could have been averted or at least minimized. Please stop with the "woe be me" what could the President have done. The President should have led rather than point fingers. The President should not have taken ownership of the situation when it appeared the "top kill" experiment was working only to push the ownership back on British Petroleum when Top kill ultimately failed.