Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Independent Investigation Is In Order

There needs to be an independent investigation into the Sestak affair. Sestak stated that Obama offered him a job in the administration if he would quit seeking the Democrat nomination for the Senate. After months, the absent political pawns started asking questions. The administration was caught red handed offering what amounts to a bribe. The President refused to say much about the Sestak bribe during his press conference but after speaking to Sestak's brother and campaign manager in addition to speaking with Bill Clinton lo and behold it wasn't the Whitehouse that offered Sestak a job but rather Bill Clinton. By the way it was some low tier unpaid job and not as speculated the SECNAV.

I'm not so sure these are the fats. Awful funny how as this story broke and it became understood that it wasn't just going away that the administration was able to come up with Bill Clinton as a scapegoat with some non paying committee work. The chances of the deal that was proposed happened as the administration has indicated is slim and none. There is no way that America should have to "just take the administrations word". The Department of Justice has been politicized by this administration and I wouldn't believe anything they said either. An independent counsel needs to be empaneled and let the chips fall where they may.

Nothing But Excuses From Obama

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster is spewing millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The environmental and economical impact will be felt for years. Yet all we hear out of the Obama administration is a pointing finger of blame, while the pathetic pawns in the media find excuses for the administration.

The response by this administration has been nothing short of ridiculous. First there was no response for 12 days. Then finally there was a response from the administration but it was one of excuses. The Department of Homeland Security didn't even know the military had resources that could have contained the spill. Instead of calling experts together to hash out ideas for plugging the leak this administration immediately started to point fingers. First they pointed fingers at British Petroleum. Now they are calling this "Bush's Second Katrina". The problem is that will plenty of time for finding blame after the rig stops spewing its toxins into the Ocean. We do not require a lecture on who is to blame. What we need is action.

The President had to be shamed into even visiting the area. Of course the President is enraged. His golf game is being interrupted. Obama probably understands that another picture of him golfing while the oil continues to dump into the Gulf would probably leave his approval rating in Jimmy Carter ranges. Obama is proving that is nothing more than a mouthpiece. A great reader of others words. Obama needs to stop laying blame, stop with the excuses, and start doing what is expected of Government. Here is a clue we don't think Government should be mandating health insurance for everyone but we do expect the government to protect our shores. We expect government to Secure our country against all enemies and right now the enemy is the oil spewing from the Deepwater Horizon. The Louisiana Governor had to stop waiting for Government approval and move forward with building sand bars around the coast to stop the oil from inundating the fragile marshes. Where is Obama, well he is on vacation. The pathetic pawns are covering for him by telling us that the President has more to worry about than an oil spill. I think we understand that there is much to running our great country but that is no excuse for the lack of response from Obama. The oil rig explosion is not obama's fault. However, the lack of a response is Obama's fault and Obama's fault alone. It takes more than words to to clean up after an oil spill. Stop the excuses, stop laying blame, get off the golf course and start paying attention to the Gulf.

Monday, May 24, 2010

We the People Need a Blunt Instrument

Fiscal restraint is not in the Democrats vocabulary. During the 2008 election campaign Obama ridiculed McCain for proposing an across the board freeze on spending. Obama said a scalpel was needed and not a hammer. So now after, 16 months of proliferate spending Obama finally requests his scalpel. The problem is that now instead of a hammer we need a larger blunt instrument. In less than two years, Obama will have borrowed approximately $3 trillion dollars, his scalpel won't amount to a hill of beans.

Under Obama's version of the line item veto he could cut lines and send those lines back to congress for a another vote. This little gimmick may sound like a great idea. The main problem is that while Obama is cutting a million here or there he is raising spending by trillions at a time. The 1% scapel will do not to bring spending and debt under control. Right now we need a Congress that will establish a budget within the realm of reality and stick with it. Instead of the wimpy philosophy of gladly paying tomorrow for a burger today we need a Congress that spend no more than it takes in.

We have a mountain of debt coming due with social security and medicare starting to spend the IOU's in the empty lock boxes. Social Security will for the first time be forced into cashing in their IOU's to pay out benefits this year. Obama has zero ideas that cost less than a trillion dollars give or take a few billion. This year alone Obama will almost spend twice as much as we take in revenue. Don't give Obama the gimmick scalpel, Republicans need to demand Democrats outline their budget (which they refused to do because they don't want the real deficit numbers to be revealed before the we the people vote in November) and then demand or at least make them vote individually for every dollar in forecasted deficit spending. We the people need a blunt instrument to bludgeon the deficit down to size, not a gimmicky scalpel to use as another head fake.

Misspent Priorities

Another day and there is another $165 billion bailout proposal to another Democrat special interest group. Instead of worrying about paying back the $13 Trillion we are already in debt, Senator Bob Casey (D) from Pennsylvania has proposed the ridiculous bailout package for unions.

Unions are just another organization driven by corporate greed. Unions are just as responsible for the collapse of the auto industry as are the corporate board members. The greed by unions is unreal. Just last week, unions pledged to spend $100 million to support the Democrats and now we see the Democrats are paying them back with $165 billion taxpayer dollars. This is despicable behavior.

Obama does a head fake and claims to want to reign in government spending, yet the democrats including Obama are more than happy proposes ridiculous spending on unions. Perhaps if unions bailed themselves out instead on spending money on politicians the kickbacks wouldn't be necessary. Unions quit being about workers a long time ago. Unions have transitioned into nothing more than political henchmen for the political elite in the Democrat party. I have four words for the Democrats "Quit spending our money".

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inciting Riots and Pointing Fingers is Un-American

I have news for the elitist dolts in the media; President Obama's actions are UnAmerican. Any time an American President incites riots and points the finger of blame for failures on others that is not the American way. We are a Nation of winners, a Nation that believes in coming together for a common cause; a Nation that stands alone in the world promoting Liberty and Freedom. We are not a Nation of thugs; we are not a Nation for the elitists by the elitists. Rand Paul is absolutely correct; Obama's actions surrounding the BP oil rig disaster are unAmerican.

Twelve days after the BP disaster the administration finally paid some attention to the disaster in the first place. The Department of Homeland defense didn't even know a sister cabinet member had tools to assist in containing the oil leak. To this day the administration has done nothing except demand investigations for the cause. This administration has done nothing point the finger at BP and tell the American people they will hold BP accountable. My question is who is keeping this administration accountable. Instead of offering assistance and containing the damage this administration points the finger of blame. Right now it doesn't matter what happened. Right now it doesn't matter who is to blame. Right now it doesn't matter who is accountable. What matters is containing the spill and keeping the oil from destroying our fragile ecosystems around the beaches and marshes. Pointing the finger of blame is not bringing Americans together in a common cause. Instead of uniting together and bringing forth American ingenuity and will power, this Administration instead divided the Nation along political lines.

Instead of paying attention to the Floods in Tennessee the President decided it was better to incite riots surrounding the Arizona immigration enforcement law and another failed bill aimed at destroying our financial sector. Obama is personally responsible for inciting riots in and around Arizona and in Maryland on private property. Obama himself allowed a foreign leader trash an American State in the Rose garden while he sat idly by. Obama is responsible for the very law he portends to disagree with. It is Obama's own anti immigration policies that necessitated the Arizona law to enforce our Federal Laws.

It is words that Obama uses like when he was caught aiding and abetting the financial bonuses while they were being bailed out. Obama and his administration knew about these bonuses and agreed they would be paid until the middle of America became outraged. Obama then used a little misdirection and claimed he was the only thing standing between the executives and people with pitchforks. Comments like this enabled his SEIU thugs to feel they were a protected class in this administration. SEIU now busses in thugs to riot on Private property.

Obama your words and actions have empowered the thugs at you favorite labor unions to believe they are above the law and can destroy private property. I have news the point Rand Paul was making are right on target, Inciting riots and pointing the finger of blame is un-American.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Illiterate Left

The left refuses o read the Arizona law and yet they scream racism and demand a boycott of the State. Instead of using their high priced private education to read the bill and develop a well thought out debate of the points, the left uses lies to trash the residents of Arizona. Perhaps the left forgets: Elections have consequences. Isn't that what the left said in regards to passing an unpopular health care bill through Congress?

I have no idea why the left refuses to read. My only conclusion is that the high priced Ivy league schools didn't teach actually reading in their curriculum. While the people of this country that can't afford the Ivy elite we have to learn to read in public schools. What good is the Harvard education if a graduate can't read 20 pages. No one in this administration admits to having read the bill and yet the administration allowed the leader from south of the border to rebuke Arizona. The left in the joint session of Congress stood and gave a standing ovation to Calderone even though his own Anti-Immigration laws are more restrictive than our own. Not only does the left refuse to read but now they are refusing to do their job.

The State of Arizona passed a simple law designed to enforce the Federal statutes regarding immigration. Now the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( John Morton) refuses to do his job. I'm sure that Obama instructed Morton to refuse and will throw him under the bus if the heat is too hot. If ICE refuses to do their job why are we the taxpayers funding them? Morton must resign as he is a disgrace to ICE, The office of the President, and to the United States of America. I don't know how he can get up in the mornings and look at himself in the mirror. John Morton you are a disgusting traitor to your country.

The left needs to grow up and return to school. Maybe if they went to a public school they would learn to read. Being illiterate is correctable with real educations. Going through life faking it is disgraceful. Passing judgment without any facts is un-American.

Read the Arizona Law here. We know the elitists are illiterate but at least us public education graduates can prove we are not illiterate.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Democrats: Anti-American

After yesterday and today there is no doubt that the American left hates their country. Yesterday the President of Mexico chastised America while our President sat silent. Today Calderone attacked America and the Democrats stood and gave him a standing ovation. Instead of standing up for America the left allows foreign leaders attack our country on our own soil.

The American left has shown their true colors. They are a traitorous bunch that have forsaken their family for a few Latino votes. In an effort to control the Latino vote in the upcoming mid term elections the Democrats gave a standing ovation to a thug that encourages his people to enter America illegally, while cracking down on illegals in his own country. The behavior of the Democratic leadership from the President on down is nothing if not a high crime against this country.

Whether you agree or disagree with the law in Arizona is no reason to allow a foreign country to attack the laws of this country. Let me explain this another way. Let us assume a family of 50 brother and sisters. We all know there will be sibling rivalries and disagreements among the 50 brother and sisters. At times the siblings may come to blows and attack each. However, in the end, if someone else attacks our sibling we are all family and come to each others defense. That is what siblings do. They defend each other even while they may have disagreements amongst themselves.

When Calderone attacked Arizona it was an attack on the United States. We are the United States of America all of the time. We don't kick our siblings off the Island because we disagree with something. We haven't kicked California out of the United States for being a public welfare recipient and we shouldn't kick Arizona out either. We fought a civil war to keep South Carolina from seceding yet the Democrats whoop and holler and cheer on a Foreign President attacking one of the States. The actions of the Democrats yesterday and today show they are truly Anti-America.

Obama is Sending The World Into the Second Dark Age

When the Roman Empire began to collapse, the cultural center of the world crumbled and created a vacuum of cultural, intellectual, and military power. This vacuum of power enabled the birth of the Islamic religion. Islam spread outward from the Arabic cultural center of Mecca to the Chinese border in the east to the European Atlantic Coast in the west. Civilization should have learned its history lesson. The fall of the Roman empire left a vacuum and spawned a religion based upon intolerance of other faiths and ideas. The economic collapse of Western Europe that coincided with the Fall of the Roman empire led to the Dark Ages.

The Dark ages were a time of little cultural, philosophical, and intellectual advances. The world stagnated for a thousand years. The birth of Islam and its spread to throughout the near East, the Middle East, and Southwestern Europe was brought about because there was no cultural center and no world power. The so called civilized world was helpless against the spread of hatred against thy neighbor. The tribal infighting distracted Europe as the Muslim hordes forced their religion of hate upon the conquered.

Today, we are seeing some of the very same factors that contributed to the fall of Rome. The world super power is being led by the ultimate appeaser. America is presided over by a man that hates America, a man that will sell his country out for the sole purpose of being "liked" around the world. Instead of leading a super power and changing the world for the better, Obama has forsaken American power and ingenuity to appease the world's tyrants. Obama is systematically dismantling the American way of life. He is sapping the strength and will from the American people. Instead of promoting entrepreneurship, Obama instead practices redistribution of wealth. Instead of rewarding ingenuity, Obama rewards inability. Obama's chief initiative will necessarily wreak havoc on the entire health care industry. As Obama, saps the system for money it will come with a price tag. That price tag will come in the form of limiting funding for research and development. There will be no advances in medical technology or medical breakthroughs as there will be no money for it. I have been in the hospitals of countries that have instituted Socialized medicine. Let me tell you it isn't pretty. European hospitals have the look of 1950's American hospitals. The only medical improvements in Europe come from American ingenuity because their system has no money for medical advancement.

Obama has pilfered away America's Military strength. Iran and North Korea will have nuclear weapons before Obama leaves office if they don't already have them. North Korea knew they could attack South Korea unprovoked because the US would do nothing except run the the UN security council. Islamic fundamentalist are planning attacks against America because they know Obama will sit the sidelines and blame America if we are attacked. There have been two recent brazen attacks by the Taliban on American bases in Afghanistan have gone unpunished. In fact this administration wants to enter appeasement dialog with the Taliban. Additionally, this administration wants to enter into dialog with another terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Obama already squandered away our missile defense system to defend our NATO allies to appease Russia, now he is forsaking another American ally in Israel.

Our economy is a train wreck waiting to happen. The European Union is learning quickly about accepting massive debt and high private unemployment. Rather learn lessons from a collapsing Europe Obama is doubling down at warp speed. The trillion dollar annual deficits under Obama will make the American economy implode under the weight of her debt. Obama is not redistributing wealth he is destroying wealth. The $13 trillion national debt is already impossible to pay. By the time Obama leaves office we will be over 100% debt to GDP.

As the world's sole super power falls and declines over the next few years we will leave not only a military power vacuum but also a cultural and intellectual vacuum. Obama is leading America into decline and we may never be able to recover. We won't recover if Obama has anything to say about it. America will become nothing but a bit player in world affairs. I only wonder what will lead us to the second renaissance. What will rise up to fill the vacuum? Will another fanatical religion rise or will the Islamic fundamentalist realize their dream of converting the world to their hateful religion?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blumenthal: Fantasy Man

All I can say is that Richard Blumenthal (D) Connecticut is disgusting. The Connecticut Attorney General has been making the claim that he was in Vietnam when indeed he never stepped foot in the theatre. Through his speaking engagements and campaign speeches Blumenthal has been alluding that he indeed was a Veteran of a Foreign War and allowed the media and voters believe that he was an American hero that was spat upon when he redeployed home. Blumenthal intentionally parsed his words to deceive his constituents until he himself began to believe his deception and lies. Yes an intentional attempt to deceive is lying no matter how the lie is rationalized.

I don’t want to take anything away from Blumenthal’s service to his country in trying times. It is a fact that Blumenthal did serve in the Marine Corps Reserves in the 1970’s. However, there is a difference between serving in the military during time of war and serving your country inside a war zone. Even one of his fellow supporters (Chris Shays) explained how he watched in horror as Blumenthal kept adding onto the story of service through the years. Blumenthal at first intentionally parsed enough words that unless specifically inquired with regards to being in country, he could use plausible deniability and claim his remarks were taken out of context. However, as time went on Blumenthal became bolder with his remarks until it became clear to a listener that he was claiming to be veteran that fought in a war zone instead of veteran that served during time of war. Blumenthal not only allowed the claims to go unchecked he also added fuel to the fire. Blumenthal is a desperate politician that can’t stand on his own merits.

Blumenthal had to intentionally deceive millions of voters in order to gain some modicum of credibility on Veterans issues. There is no doubt Blumenthal championed veteran causes. The problem isn’t that Blumenthal served his country honorably. No the problem is that Blumenthal build a character around visions of grandeur and didn’t expect to get caught. Blumenthal was being lawyerly and parsing words to create a false image of himself. The problem is that Blumenthal began to believe in his fantasy and forgot about the reality.

Blumenthal has shown his true character. Blumenthal is a man of no principles. He will be nothing more than another rubber stamp of approval on the Obama Socialist agenda. A man that has no principles will fall for anything. A man with no principles will say anything to retain power. Blumenthal is nothing but a liar. Instead of being a man that will fix what is broken in Washington, Blumenthal will become a part of what is the problem. If Blumenthal was a man he would withdraw his name from consideration of the Connecticut Senate vacancy. If Blumenthal was a man of principle he would step down as Attorney General. Blumenthal is a fictional man build on lies. Blumenthal is shallow and should not be considered as Senatorial material.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Human Rights Apology

The Obama administration is selling America out on Human Rights issues. Obama’s State Department on its own decided to bring up the Arizona Immigration bill as an example American Human Rights abuses. The Justice Department hasn’t even read the Arizona bill which in all likelihood means the State Department hasn’t either, yet the administration uses the bill as an example of abuse.

China is country that doesn’t allow political dissent. Tiananmen square in the not distant past is a prime example of the Chinese abuses. Another example is the ethic abuses towards the Uigher and others in Tibet. The Chinese are cracking down on political dissent and has a recent history of calling in military forces including running tanks through Tiananmen Square. The US relations with China are sour due to this administration meeting with the Dalia Lama and our arms sales to Taiwan. Yet this administration has the audacity to apologize for the Arizona bill that it hasn’t even taken the time to read.

This administration is a joke. The President cracks jokes and makes fun of those he disagrees with. Obama made a crude remark concerning the Special Olympics on Leno. The media gave him a pass. The President chastised the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address and the press hailed Obama as some kind of hero all because of a ruling Obama personally disagreed with. Obama came out swinging against the Cambridge police even though he had zero facts. Obama came out immediately after the Arizona bill passed without even reading it. Obama made illegal immigration a big joke at a black tie affair. Now the administration brings the Arizona Bill up all on its own as an example of American transgressions.

Obama portrays the bill as anti-immigrant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bill simply enforces federal law that is already on the books. This administration will not even investigate before opening their mouth. Obama doesn’t believe in Separation of powers. Obama won’t allow the courts to do their jobs. It is Obama’s way or the highway. I have news for Obama, The President of the United States serves at the convenience of the people of the United States. Obama may desire being a dictator or believe he has the divine right of the monarchy but he does not. Stop apologizing Obama and start getting your facts together before shooting from the hip. Mr. Obama you are looking amateurish and incapable of leading, please grow up before you ruin America for centuries to come.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Misplaced Priorities

The current administration has a few misplaced priorities. While the Gulf was on fire and Tennessee was under water this administration instead decided it was better to attack the State of Arizona. Rather than react to one of the largest oil spills on record, Obama instead pointed the finger of blame. Instead of assisting the people of Tennessee Obama instead found the time to golf. instead of helping keep our people safe and secure Obama decided it was better to incite riots in the streets of Phoenix.

This administration is so intent on destroying Democracy in America that he will point the finger of blame when it suits his agenda. When the Oil rig exploded in the Gulf obama sat be the sidelines and made cries from the bully pulpit to raise the fines that could be levied on the oil companies. Rather than call on the Air Fore and Navy who have equipment to deal with such environmental disasters Obama allowed this to get out of hand. We are no closer to resolving the oil spill than we were a month ago and all Obama can do is say he is doing everything while only pointing the finger at British Petroleum. Instead of averting the disaster and finding out what exactly is going on, Obama instead said it didn't matter how large the spill was as long as BP paid the costs.

In Tennessee, Nashville was under water. A great natural disaster. Yet Obama could not find the time to even tell the residents of Tennessee that America was behind them and would be there for them. Instead of sending FEMA and averting another disaster Obama left the residents of Tennessee to fend for themselves. Keeping Americans safe and secure is the job of the President and our government.

Yet Obama incited riots over enforcement of our immigration laws. The administration has hammered away at Arizona over enforcing Federal Law. Obama whines that it is anti immigration in an effort to pander to the Hispanics. His administration didn't even take the time to read the 17 pages of the bill. Instead of reading and telling America how it could be made better. Obama instead decided to ridicule Arizona without any facts.

The same thing happened in Cambridge when without reading the facts Obama slammed the stupid Police. This is nothing more than misplaced priorities. Instead on focusing on his job, obama instead focuses on his next election. This is about being in power and not being responsible. Obama wants all of the authority and none of the responsibility that goes with it. This is leadership from the rear, which is to say it is not leadership at all.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Give Kagan Her Day

Elena Kagan deserves a hearing in front of the Judiciary committee. Kagan is deserving of a vote on the Senate floor. Sure there will be some that disagree with her liberal viewpoints. There is no doubt that some of her views are controversial. Almost assuredly she is pro gay rights. Again it is true she defended the Harvard reasoning for not allowing military recruiters onto the campus. However, the fact remains that the Senate’s role is to “advise and consent”, and not to defeat and derail.

While the Democrats played partisan politics with our national judges the Republicans should not follow suit. Unless there is a compelling reason to fight her nomination then the Republicans should vote their conscience and let the majority of the Senate rule. Take the high road and give her the up or down vote she is entitled to. Give her the hearing that is required by the Constitution. Use the hearing for the intended purpose. Dig into her background and make her answer the tough questions. But in the end give her what she is entitled and that is an up or down floor vote on her nomination.

I was not a fan of the Democrats using the filibuster to defeat President Bush’s judicial nominees and I am not a fan of using the filibuster to defeat Obama’s nominees either. Republicans need to take this opportunity to show that they are capable of Statesmanship and governing. The Republicans need to be tough and ask the questions but unless something is uncovered that would invalidate Kagan as a nominee she should proceed to the Supreme Court bench. Now is not the time to be ideological. Of course Kagan is not an ideal candidate from the Republican perspective but the President holds the right of nominating candidates. The Senate’s role is to advise and consent. We all know the Democrats are incapable of governing or leading. It is the Democrats that are incapable of open honest debate. It is the Democrats that use the filibuster to derail and defeat nominees.

Now should the Republicans find something that she has done the would disqualify her then use the filibuster. Right now there is nothing I have seen or heard that would disqualify her. There are only rumors that she may be a lesbian. So what, who cares, this does not disqualify her. We know she did not allow military recruiters on to the Harvard campus but again this does not disqualify her. There needs to be something tangible that she has done that would make people believe she is incapable of being a Supreme Court Judge. Listen this is not the battle Republicans want to fight. Kagan is replacing a liberal icon on the bench. Her position on the bench will not be any worse than Stevens vote on critical matters. The Court will still be split with many 5-4 decisions being ruled. Kagan will fall into the dissent column in most 5-4 decisions just as Stevens has for the past few years.

Give Kagan her day in front of the Judiciary committee. Ask her the tough question and get a feeling for where she stands on the issues. In the end, vote to proceed and give her a chance on the floor of the Senate. Take the high road and fight another battle tomorrow. I am not a fan of judicial activism, but in the Constitution the President has been provided the powers to select his representation on the bench.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

An American Tragedy

Last week the stock markets spiraled out of control. Stocks were on a roller coaster and no one knew what the end result would be, would the market settle down, or would the market continue its downward decline. At one point on the Thursday the market had lost over 9% of its value. By the end of Thursday the market lost 347 points. not nearly as bad as the nearly 1,000 point slide from earlier in the but nevertheless a turbulent day in the market.

The administration searched endlessly for someone or something to blame. The administration searched high and low for a sabotage culprit or a fat finger. None could be found. The answer to the market crash on Thursday is nothing more than investor reaction to Greece's debt worries. The austerity measures that are being forced upon Greece threaten the stability of the European Union. Sovereign Western countries are beginning to fail due to their Socialist governments overspending. Unlike Paul Krugman, investors realize perpetual and ever increasing national indebtedness is not a good thing. eventually the bill comes due and there are only a couple of ways of dealing with the debt problem.

First nations could default on their promises. in other words sovereign nations could declare bankruptcy. Outright bankruptcy and defaulting on debt is ruinous for Sovereign Nations. A Sovereign nation that is unable to pay its bills is unable to borrow additional funds that it may take to reform their monetary policy and infrastructure. The other way for Sovereign Nations to get out from under a mountain of debt is to print more money. This inflationary measure will allow sovereign nations to purchase their debt back but in the end will ruin their monetary value. the last time that happened the Germans were carrying money in wheelbarrows to the market to buy loaves of bread. Ultimately this led to the rise of a madman intent on finding someone else to blame for the ills of a nation. the madman set Europe ablaze and if not for the strength of the America dollar in resourcing the Russians, or the will of the Russians to defend their homeland, or the will of the American people to defend theirs, the world today would be far different.

Yet, the mass spending but the American government did cause the monetary system of this country to fail. Obama rose to the Presidency by blaming others for the ills facing our Nation. At every turn Obama constructs yet another strawman all the while he pilfers the American treasury. the trillion dollar annual debts are what is causing the turmoil in the markets. Investors have seen what is taking place in Greece and are recognizing that our own monetary system is on the verge of collapse. America needs to get its fiscal house in order. We need to ensure our monetary system has a sound foundation on which to rest. We need to reduce our annual deficit and start paying back the debts we owe. America needs its own austerity program. we are not in this mess because we tax too little. No we are in this mess because we spend too much. We are headed for an American tragedy.

Anti-Incumbent Sentiment

Yesterday the anti incumbent sentiment in America was on full display. Utah has decided that three term Senator Bob Bennett should not be in the Senate in the future. Instead Utah will be deciding between two fine Republicans to represent the Republican party in the general election.

Don't cry over Bob Bennett's loss, he went against his principles and help enact the largest spending bill in American history. Mr. Bennett was an enabler of ever rising deficits and pushing us off the tracks. Perhaps the anti incumbent frustration will again elect individuals who will represent their constituents. We need to take our country back from the elitists. This is a start. the establishment candidates are not faring very well this year. Remember Charlie Crist? yeah he lost to Rubio and is now licking his wounds hoping to win as an independent.

Obama Golfs While the Gulf Burns and Tennessee Drowns

Obama is obviously exhausted from all of his non action in the past couple of weeks that he required a day of golfing to relax.

Instead of being on top of the Oil spill in the Gulf, Obama ducked any questions and passed the blame on British petroleum. The administration underestimated the oil spill and did absolutely nothing until the spill was entirely out of control. We are now starting to see "Oil Blobs" show up on the outer Islands of the Gulf Coast states including Louisiana and Alabama.

The streets of Tennessee are under water and yet there has been no response from this President. Instead he found it more important to incite riots with his polished anti-American rhetoric than it was to take care of a State that was under water. This is the most Politically divisive administration our country has ever had. Instead of treating every American equally, the only ones that he caters to are the ones that will vote for him in 2012.

Obama knows Tennessee will vote for the Republican and he has no chance in that State so why should he care that they are under water. It took Obama less than 12 hours to denounce the Arizona law the forces the State officials to enforce federal law, while it took him over 12 days to respond to the oil spill in the Gulf. With the past couple of weeks of destruction caused by this administration, we now have teachers openly advocating for a revolution. La Raza is rallying the troops in favor of illegal immigration while this administrations urges them on ward. We have American children thrown out of school for wearing the American flag on the shirts, while we have a teacher inciting riots at a La Raza rally wrapping himself in a Mexican flag in California being hailed as some kind of hero. What is wrong with us as a country?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twelve Days; Finally a Response

Twelve days ago an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and began dumping millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. It took nine days before Janet Napolitano to realize that the US military had necessary resources to contain the oil spill. Now today 12 long days after the rig began to spill oil, Obama decided to visit the gulf area for the first time. As the oil slick has moved to within nine miles of the Louisiana coast, this President just now decides that perhaps he should console those that are about to be devastated.

Rather than immediately provide the oversight required by law, this administration waited days before assessing the potential damage. Today, Janet Napolitano said "The administration responded all hands on deck from day one,". Really? Then why did the administration allow British Petroleum to lead the effort with zero oversight?. Remember we were told by the government that the spill was 1000 barrels a day. That number had to be revised to 5000 per day. Then there reports that the collapsed piping plugged the hole and very little oil was spilling. While America waited for news the Obama administration sat on their hands and waited for the disaster to become unmanageable before saying or doing anything. I must wonder if the delayed response was for political reasons.

Did the Obama administration miscalculate the disaster, while they waited to ensure some environmental damage was noticed, so that the administration could make a political statement on evils of off shore drilling? Did the administration wait so they could blame the oil industry and appear to be the hero in the cleanup process? Let there be no doubt the administration should have been all over this disaster from the beginning. Instead it took the administration nine days before they realized they had equipment in the Department of Defense that could have helped contain the spill. Instead, they tried to disperse the oil slick which in all likelihood made matters worse. Instead of burning the oil off the surface the administration did little. Now twelve days later the administration wants you to know they are on the job and it is all British Petroleum's fault.

I have news for Obama and his administration. It doesn't matter who's fault it is right now. The oil spill happened. We need a response and everyone must work together as a team to clean this mess up. We can worry about laying blame later right now we need leader not someone that will pin blame and pass the buck. By not responding appropriately this oil slick is about to ruin the entire Gulf Coast. This non-response by the administration is worse than Katrina ever was.