Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smoke Screens

The pro death party in America is inciting riots in American streets. The radical socialists have initiated lies to incite the riots in an attempt to change the American attitude towards their hostile takeover of the American economy. The cries of racism were the Pro-Death Party’s plan all along. Push the racism and violence themes until Americans forget the Congress forsaking the will of the people. This is classic bait and switch. The President, the Democrats, and the liberals lost the debate to the American people so now they have to change the subject. The vicious lies told by the pro death party are meant to distract so the President has an opportunity to pull of his illusionary trick. The President and his faithful legions have crashed democracy in America, now they have to hide the evidence behind a cloud of cries of racism.

Congress rammed a bill through Congress just to appease their base. “Get something through, anything through and all will be fine come November” was the cry of the liberals. “We can fix the horrendous pro death bill later” was the inside dialog. The so-called pro-life Democrats showed their true colors, they have no principles on which to stand. The Stupak alliance was nothing more than a veil of secrecy covering the faces of the Pro-Death Party. Stupak and his merry-men sold out America for a simple Executive Order that will be rescinded in short order and wasn’t intended have teethe or to accomplish anything to begin with. The left knew and understood they were going over the cliff so they knew they had to have some cover. Behind closed doors the Pro Death party schemed away and dreamed up a meme of racism to cover their tracks.

John Lewis, the Congressman that marched through the streets and fought for civil rights became the lightning rod the left needed to hide their shameful antics. John Lewis they screamed will be the poster child for racism. What better person to become the face of racism the civil rights leader. John Lewis was called upon to push forward the lies of chanting racial epithets. The only problem is the American left forgot that we are in the age of You-Tube and that every step of the way was recorded. In the 10 days since the cries of racism began and the claims of protestors hurling racial slurs the left has yet to come up with any evidence whatsoever. Jesse Jackson Jr. videotaped the entire march and yet there is no evidence that the racial slurs ever happened. I guess the left forgot to plant their phony person in the crowd that or they couldn’t find any really willing to hurl the slurs in public. At any rate the left has no evidence that the chants of racial slurs ever happened.

The pathetic pawns run with the story without the evidence to back them up. The pathetic pawns are still pushing the violence and racial slurs even though it was the Republican Head Quarters in Virginia that had two bricks thrown through the windows. The pathetic pawns are writing the stories of violence on the right even though it was the left that vandalized the Tea Party buses in Nevada. It is the pathetic pawns describing violence when it was Republican Eric Cantor who had the death threats and not a pro death democrat.
In the end the racism meme is made up. The Pro Death Democrats need a strawman in which to attack to take the attention away from their Socialist plans. Is there any doubt that the President carefully orchestrated his “unannounced” trip to Afghanistan ala George Bush? Is there any doubt the race baiters in this country use the very voting bloc they claim to be helping? Is there any doubt the pathetic pawns are willing accomplices to the raping of America? The hype over nonexistent violence and racism is an illusion created by the Pro Death Party to hide their true intentions. The Pro Death Democrats will continue to operate under the cover of darkness so long as they believe they can pull off their illusions.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Immediate Benefits????

I thought we were supposed to see immediate benefits in this health care plan? A friend of mine has a daughter that recently turned 21. On her 21st birthday the daughter had to obtain her own health care policy. Being the good citizen that I am, I informed my friend that the health reform bill just passed and that the daughter should be able to be placed back on her employer provided health insurance policy until age 26. I also informed my friend that I wasn't positive if the benefit of having children on parents policies took effect immediately or within 6 months. However, I told her she should call the insurer.

My friend did call the insurer and the insurer said that provision didn't apply to her policy and that her daughter would have to have her own policy. The insurer didn't say "the provision had not yet taken effect'. The insurer only said that provision didn't apply.

I wonder did the administration lie to us? Is the provision to allow our children to remain on parents policies until age 26 unwritten? Did the President tell a bald faced lie in his push towards the most unpopular bill in American history? I am all but certain that this provision was one of the provisions that supposedly takes effect within the next 6 months. Someone is lying. Either the Democrats forgot to place that provision in the bill or the insurer is lying. Who is going to come clean?

The Left and the Lies They Tell

On Sunday, Democrats claimed racial slurs were aimed at anti American Congressmen. The Pro death party was enroute to vote on the Anti American bill, also known as health care. Democrats made the claim the racial slurs were hurled at them. One Congress man claimed he was spit upon. Today the President decided to use these claims to raise funds.

The left knows these claims were false. The media now knows the claims were false and yet still pushes the President's agenda. The President and the American left are attempting two things with their outright lies. First they are inciting riots and violence. For some reason the left wants to see angry people in the streets protesting the illegal acts of the Democratic Party. Second while fanning the flames of hatred they are attempting to capitalize by raising funds. The Democrats stand on Tv and claim the Republicans should denounce the violence by claiming it was the Republicans that fueled the fires. I am sorry my friends but the Democrats lied to get the violence started. They started the lies knowing full well the fawning media would broadcast even in the absence of evidence. Yes it was all faked. The spitting incident was a man shouting with his hands forming a megaphone. Nothing intentional as the Democrats and the media portray it as. The racial slurs were not picked by even one video out of thousands that were present.

The Democrats feign outrage at the protests. The Democrats say they can't believe the violence. What else would they expect? The Democrats went against the wishes of the American people and passed a partisan bill taking over 17% of the American economy. This was against the will of the people. The Democrats knew their bill was not only unpopular but absolutely opposed by the majority. The Representatives forgot they were Representatives of the People and now they look dumbfounded that they are being protested.

I am beginning to smell a rat here folks. The Democrats lied about the racial slurs, the Democrats are inciting violence, and the Democrats are fundraising on the violence. All of this grandstanding for financial gain. The left is full of lies and rather than report the American media sits the sidelines and cheers them on.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hypocritical Left

After passing health care reform is there any doubt who the party of hypocrites is? The so-called party of "choice" just took away the choice of every American. The Democrats pursue abortion at any cost and portray it as "choice". Planned Parenthood has a meme it pushes of "Its my body". Yet when it comes to health care it is not the body of the person. We are now all under the control of Government.

That's right folks the government is telling you what to do with your body. Every American now has to have Health Insurance. The price of being born is an insurance bill. So we don't have a choice over what we do with our bodies when it comes to a Socialist experiment yet we are supposed to believe in the rights of an individual to abort a baby. Obama is all for having choice for his daughters when it comes to having sex. Obama is all for his daughters not accepting the responsibilities and consequences of their choices. Yet we as the "not smart enough" voter have no choice in purchasing insurance.

The No Choice party, was never about providing choice. As Bart "sellout" Stupak said abortion was always about death. See it costs to much money to have babies, it is much easier and cheaper to promote a pro-death agenda and abort the innocent. Abort the ones who have no choice in being conceived. Yet when a responsible mother decides to accept responsibility the baby again has no choice. The democrats will groan about the death penalty for the guilty. Yet these same Democrats are in favor a pro death agenda when it comes to babies. How can the Democrats rationalize a pro death agenda and call it "choice" yet take away our individual freedom and not allow a "choice". The whole left is nothing but a hypocritical bunch infatuated with the killing of innocence and the taking of individual freedom.

Implement the Health Care Bill Immediately

One sure fire way to keep this debate going and kill the Democrat's plan is to have companies implement the bill immediately. Drop every employer provided health care plan pay the $750 and tell the Government to have at it. Businesses can kill the bill before it even has a chance to be implemented. The unions will demand the repeal when they learn their employees no longer have employer provided health benefits. The Government has no possible way to pay for this should employers opt to pay the fine and drop the insurance.

Sure the unions would strike, but hey the economy is already down what's a few more unemployed. Businesses that are the backbone of the economy should just shut their doors. Close down and stop ordering inventory and supplies. What is needed in America is a tax revolt. Stop offering services, close your doors, and generate no taxable income. We the people have a chance and can shut the government down.

I know this goes against the business philosophy. But just think what businesses could do to the economy in just a week or two. Boycott the government and show the Democrats that tyranny will never take root in this great country. Make a date and rally your fellow small businesses. Shut down for a week especially right around tax day. Bring the economy to its knees in a concerted and planned event. Just close your doors and have a tax holiday until the government backs down and submits to the will of the people.

The economy is already frail. On the verge of collapse, all that is needed is a simple catalyst. If every conservative owned small business in America were to shut their doors for just a week or maybe two how long do you believe the Democrats could last? No politician would survive the wreckage that they themselves created. Just implement the bill.

Again just drop the employer provided benefits and drop them as soon as the bill is signed. Let the unions strike and take it to the courts. Lock the doors and offer the jobs to non union unemployed. The way the economy is right now many would be more than willing to cross the picket lines. Break the unions and break the tyranny. Wake the people up and show them the error of the Democrats way. Don't get violent, don't call names, just stand up and lock the doors to any employee demanding employer health care. Pay the $750 fine per employee and bring the government around to the line of thinking of the people.

The Enemy At The Gate

Now is the time for the entire Republican base to come together. America needs the deficit hawks, the social conservatives, and the Foreign Policy hawks to come together as one. The three legged stool that is the Republican base cannot stand on two legs. Our country is in trouble and we need true leadership. The base must come together and unite against the tyranny that just took over America. Sure we all can have our petty differences. We can fight amongst ourselves like any family we just can’t fight in public.

Fight our wars in the primary’s and then unite behind whomever wins. Take Arizona Senate for instance, there is a primary between John McCain and J.D. Hayworth. No matter which of these gentlemen you support just remember that we must support whomever wins. Conservatives can be mad at the Maverick of the Senate for his occasional straying from the party line. We can blame McCain for not running a better Presidential campaign. However, should he win his primary the entire Republican base must turn up and vote even if you have to plug your nose while doing it. Stop blaming McCain for the Presidential campaign, hell even Reagan would have lost in 2008, things were tough for any Republican. No matter who wins in Florida, whether it is Rubio or Crist, Republicans must unite against our common enemy. The Democrats have shown they have no principles. Republicans must stand for their principles but they have to have the numbers to lead.

Please get off you wallets and support the RNC, RNCC, and the RSC. They are in need. I know many are upset with the National committees, but now is the time for action and support. We must put away our differences and come together to heal the fabric that is America. Stop the name calling and start working an alternative agenda. Run an election not on overturning health care but on balancing the budget and paying down our spiraling debt. When Corporations start having better credit then the United States it is time to worry. Run a campaign on giving the government of the people back to the people. Our government was stolen from us yesterday and yes the Presidents Ambassador to the Black Community Mr. Al Sharpton came out and told the American people Obama was indeed a Socialist. Republican leaders need to use this against the President. The next time Wolf Blitzer asks is you think Obama is a Socialist just tell Wolf that it is the opinion of one of Obama’s own Ambassador that says it’s so.

Use the Democrats own words against them. Tell the American people that it is the President that relegated the American people to the sidelines by saying the only time we matter is on election day, then just play the tape as he said there was no room to compromise, there was no room to start over as the people demanded, and he was going to use the process to circumvent the system and then wait for the election. The Republican leaders must stand up and talk to middle America. Middle America must unite against the Socialists that are now in charge. We the people are losing right now and we must unite or allow the sun to set on the America we all love, support, and defend.

Unite Republican’s and throw the bums out. Leaders take the high road but always use the Democrats own words against them. Grass roots supporters send your money, volunteer, campaign, do whatever it takes to ensure a Republican wins in every district that was carried by either John McCain or George Bush. Reach out then and ensure we win where they didn’t believe Republicans could. Go to the North East and make the Democrats spend money defended turf that believed was safe. I can’t stress this enough get over our internal squabbles and defeat the enemy. Trust me the enemy is at the gate.

America Struck Out

The Health Care vote resulted in the American people and reality striking out. Obama came out and said this is what change looks like. Al Sharpton came out and said the American people overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected Obama. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done everything behind closed doors and cut so many backroom deals that America may not ever know the full scope of corruption in the Democratic Party.

The President and the rest of the Democrats are nothing more than idealistic children that have no idea of what life is all about. They have idealistic Utopian dreams of everyone being “equal” when in reality life just isn’t fair. Instead of offering equal opportunity the Democrats mandate “fairness” for the few against the many. The Democrats are stealing individual freedom in the name of fairness and equality. The Democrats are stealing what makes America the envy of the world in order to promote a nanny state. The elitists believe they know what is good for America. The elitists believe Americans aren’t smart enough to make the right decisions. The Democrats are not based in reality. Today Paul Krugman says “Fear struck out”, in reality it was the American people that struck out.

The President himself dismissed the American public during his so called health care summit. The President at the end told the American people it didn’t matter what they thought they would receive their voice on election day. It is hard for me to believe that the rabid media just allowed this dismissive behavior go unchallenged. The President totally dismissed the entire public at large when he told the Republicans that he was going the route of the backdoor for his glorious Socialist ideas and Americans could vote on election day. The pathetic pawns had a duty to have this point clarified. We have a representative Democracy in America. That should mean that our Representative’s vote the will of their constituents and not their own will. Many of the Democrats sold out their vote to save a failed President. They sold their vote and they sold their constituents.

This amazes me that the pathetic pawns do not take the President to task. The pathetic pawns are in this to promote their own selfish and elitist ideals. The President doesn’t care about Americans he only cares about the party and the politics. Obama and the Democrats only want the power to dictate and this is why they went against the public and forced their will upon us. This Health Care bill was never about America but rather about the Democratic Party ideology. The Health Care fiasco destroyed Democracy in America. The people no longer own their Government. The Government owns the people. All we have left is our vote. After we vote the politicians are free to vote their party ideals and forget the people until next election day.

The pathetic pawns were correct in claiming it was a historic day yesterday. It was a historic day in that the two political party system have officially taken over the government. Yesterday proved that the American people can only speak on election day. The Democrats stole 17% of the American economy and will officially make the citizenry rely upon government. The innovatedness of the American people has died. Government has been the ruin of all great civilizations. Our forefathers developed a form of government to ensure our government never took over the lives of the citizenry. Yesterday that was stolen. No longer does the voice of the American people matter unless it is election day. What our politicians did yesterday was treasonous. The Democrats placed the fate of the Presidency, the fate of the party, and the fate of their special interests ahead of the people. Sorry, Mr. President, you are not America and America does not like your change. Sorry Mr. Krugman it wasn’t fear that struck out it was the American people.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Over, No One Won and Americans Lost

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress succeeded in pushing their failed Health Care bill through Congress. However, the President nor the Democrats won and all Americans have lost. The lack of transparency and the deals that had to be cut to push this bill forward will eventually come to light and shine a light on just how corrupt the Democrats have been during the debate or lack thereof during this process.

The Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, and all the other Connecticut special deals are still in the bill. The Washington insiders have gained in the short term while the American public will have to pay for these deals. Everyone knows this was a bad bill. The problem is Obama used up his political capital in getting this debacle to the finish line and couldn't even think of trying it again. Bart Stupak sold his soul and his constituents for the sake of his party. The individual mandates remained and the dishonest politicians will try hiding from their contentious vote. The only people that will tout this bill will be Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the water carrying media. Watch for the next week all we will hear from the propaganda media elites is how great Pelosi was at bringing and holding her caucus in line. They will explain how Obama sold the public with his last minute appeals. The media will begin selling this bill as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We will be left holding the bill. Once the benefits kick in for this bill tax revenues will decline and benefits that were promised will disappear into thin air because we won't be able to pay for it. The media will portray this as a historic vote. They will of course be right but for the wrong reasons. The media will push the meme of how great this is for America and how awesome the President is at making this become reality. That of course isn't the historic event. The historic event is that the Democrats sold out America along partisan lines. Please Mr. President explain how you are not going to be a lame duck starting now? The Presidents days are now numbered. There is no way he will be able to overcome the partisan divide. The Democrats have officially lost the country.

Washington Just Isn't Listening

The President nor the Democrats in Congress are listening to the American people. The House is about to embark on a march over the cliff with all of their unprincipled partisan members. Instead of taking a step back and realizing is a back burner issue when compared to 9.7 unemployment and impending disaster in the housing market the Democrats have decided to make their last stand today for health care. We must ask ourselves how in the world do they think they can benefit by ignoring the cries of the people.

The scheme is to have health care pass and then fade into the background. The Democrats will press onward with their radical agenda including cap and trade, card check, and immigration. These votes will be easier for the Democrats and harder for the Republicans. The scheme is to relegate the Republicans to the sidelines and hide their woeful conduct in the health care debate. The hope is that the economy naturally recovers and they Democrats are able to hold off the Republicans and remain in power after the 2010 elections.

The whole premise of the Democrats is Americans will forget about health care once it passes. They feel we as Americans will forget the shenanigans and forget all of the awful parts of this bill. That is why they have pushed back the painful aspects of their policy until after 2012. The only parts that get initiated now are popular provisions that could have passed in a bi-partisan manner. Instead the Democrats hid their true agenda and by the time 2014 hits it will be way to late to correct the bill. The Democrats will have succeeded in thwarting the will of the people and force everyone to continuously fix a health care law that should have never been passed. The hope is the people will forget. Just like the people forgot that it was the failed Democrat policies that ruined our financial system.

However, Americans are weary and now understand that they voted in a radical agenda. The people now understand that the failed stimulus did nothing for the economy except spend America into oblivion. When America finds out that the social security lock box is really empty the Democrats are in trouble. When America finds the Medicare bill is coming due and their are no funds to pay the Democrats are in trouble. When the Democrats have to continuously fix their bill with new taxes and new deathly cuts to promised benefits, the Democrats are in trouble.

The spin is always "shouldn't everyone have health care?" or "if it was your mother that sick wouldn't you want her to be cared for?". These are rhetorical questions and they are not grounded in reality. The answer of course is yes in theory. In reality the answer is yes within the constraints of available resources. Right now the available resources are not there to pay for these debacles. Social Security is cashing in the IOU's in the lock box. Medicare will have nothing left in 6 short years. We are already paying for 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. None of these issues is being resolved by further indebtedness. Bottom line is America can not afford the Utopian Ideals of the Democratic party.

There is a way to avoid this. Today the moderate Democrats need to vote on principle. Vote for the American people and vote this health care takeover bill down. Then after voting the bill down vote out the liberal speaker. Work with the Republicans and get them to vote for one of the Moderate Democrats as Speaker. Then set an agenda for America. Set out and really fix what ails Health care in America. Work bills from the center outward until there is a consensus that can pass with bi-partisan support. Be Statesman like Moderates and take our country back. There is no reason to follow the liberals off the cliff. Take charge and do what is right. Americans are tired of the two political party's dividing the Nation. When the Party leadership starts out from the Center of their party and works out to get to a 50% +1 vote that is the problem. Work from the moderates outward and bills will more easily pass and Americans will see the responsivness of government.

Stop letting the Special interests own your votes. Stop allowing the party bases rule your vote. Vote your principles, vote for your constituents, and vote for your country. Voting your conscious instead of your party and you will be liberated. There is still time own your vote. Don't be a lemming and follow the Democratic Leadership off the cliff. Your liberal leadership have nothing to worry about., They will be voted in office until the cows come home. They may be in the minority after November but they will have a job. The moderates will be left holding the bag wondering what might have been.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pass The Fix Before The Bill?????

Tomorrow the House will be voting on the destruction of the American economy with the so-called Health Reform Bill. The House is planning on voting for the "reconciliation" bill before passing the Senate Bill. I have a simple question.

If the House passes a bill that changes the Senate language why doesn't that bill have to go back to the Senate to be debated? The House certainly can't pass a bill fixing a bill that doesn't exist yet. So shouldn't the fix have to go back into the Senate. The House would have at some point have voted to change the Senate bill before it became law or for that matter a bill.

Procedurally, the first bill must be written into law before any fixes can be voted on. If the Senate bill isn't passed in the House first doesn't that mean the House will have changed the wording in the Senate bill forcing it back into the Senate for a vote? If the "reconciliation" bill passes first then the Republicans should have an avenue to pursue a filibuster as the House isn't voting on budgetary fixes but rather voting on a new bill all together. They can't vote for fixes before the bill is agreed to first. Go ahead Nancy scheme this bill through. Take it to the courts Republicans the scheme's are anti Democracy, anti-American, and may be flat out illegal.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obamacare Dead If Slaughter Rule Used

The Slaughter rule is questionable regarding the constitution. In fat Pelosi already took the issue in Court in 2005. Pelosi lost then so she believes she has the right to use this scheme again when it benefits her. The President doesn't care about anyone but himself and believes in whatever means necessary. The problem for Obama is that if the Slaughter rule is used the Supreme Court may not find in his favor.

This all goes back to the original ruling. The Court did not find in Pelosi's favor but clearly left the door open and clearly had issues with the deem and pass rules. Now enter the 2010 State of the Union Address. Obama broke with protocol and scolded the justices in an inappropriate forum. Obama made a spectacle of the Court in front of millions in a forum where the Justices could not defend themselves. The court like the country leans to the right. For the most part this court rules in favor of the people. I wouldn't be too sure this court would not see the shenanigans used by the Democrats in the form of the Slaughter rule and reconciliation would be seen kindly by a Court to begin with. The country is against this bill. The bill can pass no other way (if it is used). The courts would see a rule by fiat which would crumble a democracy of any kind (representative democracy or true democracy).

Then there is the nasty issue of individual mandate. I believe the individual mandates also violate the Constitution. Many liberals compare health insurance to Automobile insurance. This is ridiculous. Auto insurance and health insurance are apples and oranges. Auto insurance is only mandated for those that have a desire to own and register an automobile. In order to have the privilege of owning, registering, and driving a car it must be insured. In other words there is a choice. Just go into any major city and ask how many residents have auto insurance. I'll bet my next years salary that you will finds 100's of thousands in a major city that do not have auto insurance. Why one might ask? The answer is simple they don't own automobiles, don't have driver's licenses, and don't drive. Health insurance on the other hand is mandated and the only requirement is that one must be born alive. That is hardly a choice.

For the same reason, abortion is about Freedom of Choice so is Health insurance. The Government has no business telling an individual what the individual must use their money for. Sure the government could take the money in the form of taxes but then it must also provide a service. No service, no money. In the end, this bill may not pass Constitutional muster.

Obama the Big Zero did himself no favors by alienated the enforcer of the Law of the land. There is already a lawsuit prepared if the Slaughter rule is used. I am sure a lawsuit is prepared should the bill pass with individual mandates. The bill is unconstitutional and may not survive the year. I believe in the end Obama Care is dead, the Democrats just won't admit it.

Obama Is Damaged Goods

The President is begging for votes for his failed Health Reform bill because he believes his Presidency hangs in the balance. I have news for the President; your presidency is already ruined regardless of the outcome. In the end should the President be able to bribe enough Congressmen to pass his miserable bill Americans will remember in seven short months when they go to the polls. Obama is right, we will vote.

Sure the Democrats may be marginally more motivated to vote after this debacle passes and the gains Republicans will make may not be able to overcome the huge Democratic Party advantage. The problem isn't the 2010 elections for the President. In the end, what will matter is the State of the economy. My feeling is the narcissistic President will see passage of his grand scheme to Socialize America as acceptance towards his radical policies. The President will lose the Republicans and nothing has a chance of passing for the rest of the year or for that matter the rest of his term. There is no doubt Republicans pick up seats in both chambers in 2010. The President has blown all of his political capital on a scheme and a gimmick. Obama will be unable to muster the troops for anymore tough votes and he will have officially lost his own Party. In the grand scheme of things it would be better for the President to lick his wounds and pray for defeat of his bill.

Should his bill fail to pass in the House sure enough the Democrats are doomed in 2010. However, they will have an avenue to recover. After an embarrasing defeat in November the President will have no other choice than to move to the middle. Health Care failure would be a blessing in disguise for the President. There is no doubt the American people are turning on Obama. Not only is the Health Care bill under water by large margins but Obama is also under water in his own approval ratings.

Obama is about to send his Presidency over the Falls with no chance of escape. Democrats will lose big in 2010 the only thing left to be decided is by how much. Pass this fiasco and Obama will lose the Presidency in 2012. Obama will have no chance because he will have alienated both a political party in decline and a political party on the rise. The partisan divide will be immense. Instead of being seen as the "Hope and Change" President he will be seen as the President that bankrupted the Nation.

Should Obamacare fail, the President may be able to save his own legacy. The President would have a new opportunity to govern from the middle instead of from his base. No matter what happens with the upcoming vote Obama will be damaged goods as far as any Democrat is concerned that is in a tight re-election bid. The President is damaged goods and I would venture a guess that Obama isn't smart enough to figure that out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid: At best Unethical

In 2006 and 2008, The Democrats ran a National campaign of being "the most ethical Congress ever". However, today Obama stood and hailed that Americans don't care about process. The so called "Slaughter rule" is seriously being considered as a way of passing a law without actually voting on that law. When Obama was pressed on this issue he claimed "the Republicans used it". This excuse is nothing short of laughable.

The Slaughter rule is unethical. Our Government has the responsibility to do what is right. Our President, and Congressional officials are elected to represent the people of the United States. They are not elected to represent themselves or their Party's but rather they voting constituency. Right now because Pelosi can not get the votes to provide an up or down vote to pass the Senate version of the bill. The House wants to have changes to the bill. However, the Democrats in the House can not make changes to the bill without sending back to the Senate for another vote. So instead of compromising with the republicans or listening to the American people, Nancy Pelosi and Louise Slaughter are writing a rule in an amended bill "reconciliation bill" to pass the Senate bill. This rule is intended to circumvent the actually voting on unpopular bill. This is wrong. There is no way the Democrats can rationalize their unethical behavior. The Democrats including the President point fingers at the Republicans and say they did it in the past.

The Republicans have used similar rules, in my opinion it was wrong then and it is wrong now. It is unethical, the ends do not justify the means. This Slaughter rule is nothing more than the Democrats forcing their will on the American people. The Democrats have not listened to their constituencies. The American public is overwhelming against the House bill, the Senate bill, and the Reconciliation bill. The Democrats were not sent to Congress to pass laws by fiat, they were sent there under a "hope and change" mantra. America wanted a change in Washington, Americans only succeeded in changing which unethical politician was in charge of corrupting our government.

I say the Democrats are at best unethical. I believe what they are considering is unconstitutional. They are breaking the law. We do not allow politicians to make the rules up as they go along. We the people have a voice in government everyday not only election day. The President displayed contempt for the American people when he said he would demand reconciliation because that is what elections are for. This little comment showed Obama's and the Democrats true colors. They do not care what the American people think today because it is not an election day. Simply put Obama does not believe we have a voice except on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Right now instead of listening to the American public Obama summoned his largest special interest group into his office. The CBO leaked an estimate that didn't meet reconciliation criteria. Obama needs the labor unions to swallow losing their high priced health plans. Obama cares more about his special interest groups than he does the American people. Obama has the audacity to criticize the Supreme court ruling about corporations having a voice in American politics yet when it comes to his largest corporation (Unions) he sells out the American people. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are unethical hypocrites in the worst way.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where's Obama?? Pelosi is leaning against an up or down vote

Where is the President? For the last week o two the President has been out campaigning for his failed health care bill. In many if not all of his speeches Obama is demanding an up or down vote. Yet remains silent and on the sidelines while Pelosi and the House Democrat leadership propose passing the senate bill by fiat.

The Slaughter rule proposed by Pelosi is to "politically" protect Democrats. Pelosi understands that Americans are openly hostile in their contempt for both the original House bill and the Senate bill. Instead of heeding the direction of the "people" of the United States, Pelosi and the Democrats are intent on the government takeover of Health Care and "Slaughtering" Democracy in America.

Pelosi does not have the votes, that's why "no one wants to vote on the Senate bill". Pelosi knows that it will be more palatable to wavering Democrats who wouldn't have to vote on the Senate bill to begin with. The Democrats could blame Obama "fix" and claim they didn't really vote for the bribes, kickbacks, and ugly partisanship. The Democrats know both their bill and the Senate bill can not pass on the merits. Pelosi, Reid and Obama also know the Obama fix couldn't pass on its merits. The Democrats have been working on this hostile takeover for 15 months and still can't produce a bi-partisan plan that can pass both the House and the Senate in a normal process. The Democrats are resorting to gimmicks, tricks, and lies to ram through version of Socialism on America.

The President and his mouth piece Robert Gibbs are remaining silent on the Slaughter rule. Instead of enforcing Obama's own demand for an up or down vote Obama is allowing Pelosi to "deem" a bill passed. By definition this is a rule by fiat, a rule that when you have no other means become a dictator. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. This inept and arrogant Democrat Party are destroying a Nation. As I said yesterday, this will ruin Democracy forever in our country. No matter which party is in power our government will be run for the Political Party's by the Political Party's. The people are no longer represented. Our paid for Representatives are only representing their Party.

To paraphrase the President "the people" only have a voice during elections. After all the campaign lies are over and "we the people" vote for whomever we believe to be the lesser of two evils, "we the people" are no longer relevant. All that matter after the election is which Party controls which governing body. Our government was supposed to have "checks and balances" to avoid what we are now seeing happen. However, when the executive and legislative Branches are colluding to destroy the Nation what is left to stop them? The Democrats are proving they are incapable of promoting Democracy. Step up Mr. President, you have been clamoring for an up or down vote, now is the time to demand an up or down vote and not rule by fiat.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Slaughter Consequences

The Huffington Post blogger Ryan Grim reported today that Pelosi was seriously considering using the Slaughter rule. Should the Democrats use the Slaughter rule there will be serious consequences; the worst of which is an end to the American Democracy as we know it.

First we must explain the slaughter rule. What is being proposed is that instead of voting on the Senate bill unchanged in an up or down vote, Slaughter will write a rule that stipulates if the changes to the Senate bill proposed by the House pass then so does the original bill. There will be no up or down vote on the Senate bill. Obama again is breaking his word with the American people. Obama called for a Health Care summit to listen to the best proposals from both parties so Health care would pass. Instead of a President working for the American people, what we got was a Committee Chairman discounting Republican ideas followed by an ultimatum: Pass my bill or we will use reconciliation to bypass the Republicans". For the last week Obama has been traveling around the US clamoring for an up o down vote. Yet the House can't pass Health Care reform on an up or down vote so they are attempting an end around the constitution. Instead of voting the Senate bill up or down the Democrats will invent a rule passing a bill without a vote.

The House bill is making changes to the Senate bill. That opens up debate in the Senate and brings back the filibuster. Of course the Democrats can't overcome a filibuster without at least some bi-partisan (read 1) support. What the House is doing is making changes to a Senate bill by doing an end around the Constitution. Simply put a bill in the House cannot, I repeat cannot pass by a rule. It has to be voted on, an up or down vote I thought Obama has been clamoring for.

The Slaughter rule will have dire consequences. Our Democracy will come to an end as we know it. No longer will the majority of Americans have a voice. All that will matter is which political party is in power. Nothing will ever have to be debated again. Rules will just be written that will pass bills without a vote. For instance, next time Republicans are in power they write a rule passing a bill that outlaws abortion and insert the rule into a bill and use reconciliation to pass the bill in the Senate. No need for debate, no need for the constitution just pass every unpopular bill through a rule without having to actually vote for the bill bypass the constitution and we have the law of the land. Laws will only be effective as long as the ruling Party stays in power. After that the new majority will change the previous laws not by voting but by rule.

Bottom line here is the Slaughter rule is all about one political party in America becoming a dictator. Next thing you know they will pass a rule that says there is no need for elections Democrats will be in power forever. The Slaughter rule is no different that what Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. The Democrats are changing the rules so they stay in power. How ironic, Representative Louise Slaughter will write the Slaughter rule which will slaughter the American Democracy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unbelievable: Obama Still Unwilling to Take Ownership

President Obama has been in office for near 30% of his term and still his administration refuses to take ownership of the economy. Today Valerie Jarrett interviewed with Newsweek and blamed the Bush administration for the economy. This is unbelievable. The President promised in the State of the Union to "pivot" towards jobs and the economy. Instead we got another last ditch effort to save the President's unpopular Health Reform.

We are well into our 4th year of Democratic control of Congress. The same Congress where the President was a Senator. In the 3+ years of Democratic control in Congress we have seen our first of many trillion dollar deficits. We have gone from record tax receipts into the government coffers to receiving so little in revenue that we are running monthly deficits. Last April, a month where it is hard to spend more than the government takes in the Obama administration managed just that. We have 9.7% unemployment. The only reason the unemployment rate is under 10% is because the census report came in and made the pool larger. We have the highest foreclosure rate since the great depression. Yet all we hear from the administration is we inherited this mess.

Instead of focusing on jobs, the President focused on the government takeover of health care. Instead of renewed interest in the economy as promised, the President has moved all-in on health care and has started to advance his liberal energy proposal and immigration reform. Right now we need more than words to fix the economy. It has become obvious that this administration is unable and unwilling to set the economy on the path to recovery. America's resiliency will make the economy recover in spite of this administrations best efforts to derail the economy. The question is how long will it take and what will it take for the liberals to realize their Socialist ideals are bankrupting our country.

California is unable to pay its bills. California is on the verge of defaulting on the State's obligations. There is no way California will be able to recover. California has enacted many of the liberal policies Obama's desires for the Nation. Michigan is another State that has been done in by liberal policies and special interests. Michigan has the highest unemployment in the country and no future industry to fill in the gap. The Unions have forced both California and Michigan into the ditch and the Obama administration is pushing the rest of the country along the same path.

To me it is totally unbelievable that after 13 and a half months this administration refuses to take ownership of the economy. It amazes me that this administration is so focused on destroying America that they are missing what is important to America. Had this administration succeeded in turning the economy around and kept unemployment under 8% as promised there is little doubt America would be much further down the path of destruction. I thought Liberals were supposed to be intelligent? Obviously they are not that bright because if they had focused on what is important to Americans they would have been able to solidify their gains and made the permanent majority they so desperately crave. Instead they have dropped the ball and continuously pass the blame onto someone else.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where Is The Pivot Towards Jobs????

Leading up the the President's State of the Union Address the administration floated trial balloons concerning a renewed focus and pivot towards jobs and the economy. The President spoke of a renewed energy and focus on the economy. The Democrats promised action. Instead what we received is a renewed energy on the failed Health Reform takeover and further movement away from jobs and the economy towards radical immigration and energy reform. The President and his minions are not listening to the American people. The President and his minions are out of touch with reality.

Yesterday, Harry Reid said "Today is a big day in America, only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good." What alternate universe does he live in? Since when is a loss of 36,000 jobs really good? I am unsure of what to trust between government numbers. There were huge increases in first time unemployment claims in two of the last three weeks of February, yet there were only 36,000 jobs lost. Unemployment remained unchanged yet the U6 report increased from 16.5% to 16.8%. A statistical event in January brought the unemployment rate down to 9.7 percent.Every January the last census reading are updated, so the bottom line is the pool size changed not the health of the economy. The underlying numbers are of mixed results. Temporary employment has increased. On the other hand, average hours worked per week declined. I know the President and his Democrat minions in Congress would love to be able to make believe they care but they have been telling us since last April all about the "green shoots". Sorry those green shoots have done nothing to grow the economy. I know the cheerleaders in the press are pushing the temporary employment numbers but remain silent on the numbers of hours worked.

Here is the bottom line. The Obama economy is a disaster. The Obama Health Care reform is a disaster. Obama's liberal policies are a disaster. Obama's pivot to the economy and jobs is all talk and no action. Unemployment will not really decline without further "technical accounting" changes until businesses increase the number of hours worked per week. Temporary workers may continue to be hired which is some good news but real declines in unemployment will only occcur after the number of hours worked increases. The Pivot towards jobs was all talk to turn the attention away from health care so the President and his minions could devise a scheme to run his takeover of health care through Congress against the people's will under the cover of darkness. There was no pivot towards jobs. The President and his minions just stepped on the gas driving us further into the ditch.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care: An Act of Desperation

Obama and the Democrats are in desperation mode. The President is set to unveil his second health care proposal in 10 days. After months of sitting on the sidelines Obama had to unveil some sort of plan ahead of the Faux health care summit. Unable to really have a plan of his own, Obama plagiarized the Senate bill and added a few additional government intervention clauses and submitted it just before the health care ruse. Now after just ten days, Obama revises the plan yet again to be unveiled today.

This is the act of a weak and indecisive leader. Obama has no vision for the future of health care in America, rather he just knows his presidency is failing and he has been unable to get anything through Congress. At the 11th hour the President diminished the Presidency by basically becoming a Committee chairman. Obama brought no ideas to the table. The Health Care summit was designed as a theatrical forum for Obama to criticize the Republicans. High from his pummeling of Republicans during their retreat immediately following the State of the Union, Obama saw an opening where he thought he could go into campaign mode and shove unpopular health care proposals down the throats of unwilling Americans. The Republicans turned the tables and embarrassed the President. Instead of looking Presidential, Obama came across as condescending and out of touch. Republicans understood all three Democratic plans better than Obama and the Democrats who wrote the three plans.

The house bill was a disaster. Democrats brought cheesy anecdotes designed to play on the emotions of Americans. The Republicans brought facts. Obama scolded Senator Alexander about not having the correct facts when it was Obama who had the incorrect facts about his own plan. The House plan has been shut down by Americans. Last summer the Democrats could not conduct any townhalls without hearing how bad the plan from the House was received by the American public. Then the Senate passed their version but not without bribing various Democratic Senators such as Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu. Then the American people came out against the Senate plan. Finally Obama on the verge of failure finally weighs in with an expanded Senate version that has already been rebuked by the American people. At the end of the Health care ruse Obama showed his true colors. Instead of working out compromises as was promised, Obama came out with threats of using reconciliation to pass something.

In the wake of the health care summit and the House being unable to come up with the votes to pass the Senate bill unchanged so the Democrats could radically change a bill with reconciliation, Obama is coming out with yet another plan with hopes of something sticking. This my friends is not Statesmanship. This my friends is not leadership. This my friends is the act of desperation from a President and a Democratic Party bent on destroying the American way.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Thought Health Care Reform Was Important

Here all this time I believed health care reform was important. I thought perhaps President Obama had seen the light and wanted to work out a bi-partisan plan. I believed in my government of the people by the people. The reality is that Obama, Ried, and Pelosi will not be happy until they have ruined a free American society.

There is a Health Reform bill that passed the senate with a "super majority" of support. Read that line again the House is in possession of a bill that has passed the Senate with the support of 60 Senators. Pelosi can not get this passed through the house on a simple majority vote. The Democrats will not allow this bill to pass in its current form. Again the DEMOCRATS will not pass the Health Reform bill with a majority vote. Instead the Democrats know the Senate bill is a bad bill that requires massive changes in order to pass the House by a simple majority. So instead of starting over and working in bi-partisan fashion the Democrats want to blame the Republicans for their failure.

The DEMOCRATS know the "super majority" passed Senate bill will not satisfy their liberal and socialist base. Now instead of inviting Republicans to compromise to make the bill better, the DEMOCRATS are blaming the Republicans for the Presidents failure. Everyone is focused on the filibuster in the Senate. However, it is not the filibuster that is thwarting the Health Reform bill. It is the liberal House that refuses to pass a bill passed by the Senate. All that has to happen is the House pass the bill that is before them.

The reality is everyone knows the Senate bill is a bad bill that needs to be fixed. The Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker rebate are poison pills. In addition the Unions do not want to have their Cadillac plans taxed like the rest of America. The unions won't allow Pelosi to pass the bill. Another Democrat special interest group is thwarting the Democrats. There are many reasons Americans are against this bill. In fact a majority of Americans are against either Obama's late in coming plan, the radical House plan, or the taxpayer giveaway Senate plan. The Democrats can't pass either of these bill in normal fashion. Now the Democrats want the Senate to pass the fixes to a bill that doesn't exist. What are the Senators supposed to fix if their is no bill?

The Health Care Summit ruse was nothing more than political theater to provide cover for the President. The Democrats will use every trick available to overcome their own weakness as leaders. The Democrats are unable to govern or lead. The only thing the Democrats know is how to expand government to take over American lives. The Democrats want to bring government between individuals and their doctor. The Democrats want to bring on class warfare and rid America of the upper and middle class. The Democrats want two classes in America. The Democrats want the ruling elite class and the commoner class.

All this time I thought Health Care Reform was important for America. Alas we find out that the Democrats do not want health reform unless it involves the government taking over 17% of the economy and sending America closer to the brink of economic collapse.