Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pelosi: Vote Against The People

Today Nancy Pelosi implored her fellow Democrats to vote against the people. Pelosi claims that is why the Representatives were sent to Washington. The Representatives were sent to Congress to represent the radical and liberal viewpoint of the Speaker and the party. Obviously the Speaker and the President have both forgotten about the constitution of the United States.

"We the People of the United States" begins the constitution. Obviously the great liberal education forgot to teach the left that "we the people" means the citizens of the United States and not the ruling elitists. Sorry Mr. President that is not what elections are for. Elections are to elect representatives. These representatives are supposed to represent the views of the constituents not the views of a Socialist dictator and a rogue Speaker. Democrats may have a voting majority in the House and in the Senate but it is still the Representative and Senator to represent the views of the people. The Democrats have forgotten that a majority in congress makes it easier to establish an agenda. The Majority in Congress has a responsibility to find the compromises that will push forward a law that represents the will of the people and not the will of the political party.

The Democrats do not represent their political party they represent the people. This health care bill is opposed by a majority of Americans. A majority of Americans would like the Democrats to start over and bring all Americans into the process. Americans don't like back room deals. Americans do not like one sided affairs. Americans are screaming and the liberal left is ignoring.

Passing health care should be easy now that finally after months of secret sweetheart deals the President finally outlined a plan. Everyone agrees some type of health reform is needed. The basic principles are believed in by both sides of the aisle. Now why don't everyone sit down together and hammer out a bill that meets in the middle. The middle that can have at least a majority of Americans support. It is the Democrats that have refused to work in a bi-partisan way for the American people. It is the Democrats that are beholden to their special interest groups. The unions are pushing for this type of bill. The trial lawyers are against Tort reform. Read the hand writing on the wall, the Democrats are only pushing their takeover of 17% of the American economy to make a society dependent on government.

Should the Democrats succeed in ramming through this bill they will succeed in bankrupting our country. Not only will we be bankrupt financially but as a country bankrupt morally and ethically. Using reconciliation for this bill will effectively end the way business is conducted in our government. Their will never ever be minority views heard ever again. The political parties would have succeeded in taking the government away from the people. Only the Democrats could devise a way to destroy a Nation. The people have spoken. We want our Congress to fix a broken economy. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi threw almost $1 trillion dollars out the door and then turned their back on the economy in pursuit of their agenda and not the people's agenda. Go ahead Nancy vote against the people. The sooner we become bankrupt the sooner we can start over from the mess you have created.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Health Summit Ruse

President Obama held his health summit and like his State of the Union it was nothing but smoke and mirrors a ruse to deceive the American people. Instead of promoting a bi-partisan health care bill Obama and the democrats went into the summit with their minds already made up. The Democrats have intended to shut the Republicans out of the debate from the start and decided on JAN 20 they were going the reconciliation route. Obama feigned a "pivot" towards jobs during his State of the Union but that was nothing more than political cover for his Democrat cronies to work under the cover of darkness to plot the deception of the American people.

Obama made threats during his closing comments yesterday. Obama said he would consider Republican ideas but didn't believe they could come together and would move ahead against the will of the people. Obama had this plan to move ahead with reconciliation all along but just had to deceive Americans into believing he is trying. Already just one day later Pelosi is pushing forward and next week Obama plans to announce his way forward through reconciliation.

Obama hopes to blame the partisan bickering on Republicans. That was his intention all along. This ruse can not work though. Obama didn't even follow through with his pledge to allow the congress to attempt to work out differences. Instead he immediately went into reconciliation mode. Obama said if after a few days or weeks or a month or maybe 6 weeks if health care reform wasn't moving forward then he would push reconciliation. That lasted less than 24 hours and he is already pushing the unpopular health bill before the house and senate.

The reason for pushing reconciliation so soon is because the summit was a democratic failure. The Republicans showed up and had insightful and intelligent plans. Democrats showed up with emotional anecdotes. Republicans knew what was in not only the house and senate plans but also Obama's hastily put together expansion of the senate plan. In fact the Republicans knew what was in all of the plans including Obama's own better than Obama or any other Democrat. Obama failed to move the football forward on third and inches. Now it is 4th and a mile as the summit did nothing but place another nail in the coffin.

Democrats should be fair warned. The American people are very against the Democratic plan. After months of developing plans under the cover of darkness Obama plans to use 7.5 hours of transparency to cover his tracks. Sorry Obama but this will not work. The American people want you to focus on the economy as you promised during the State of the Union. They are against health care at this time. Move forward with your reconciliation scheme at your own peril. The health care summit ruse fooled no one but yourself and the delusional left.

Health Care Reform Shouldn't Be Complicated

In an effort to make himself appear really smart President belittled the Republicans and stated the Health Care reform is complicated. My thought is this: Health care is complicated only because the Democrats and the President want to have a government bureaucracy between individuals and their doctors. Health care reform is only complicated because the Democrats and the President want to make elitist decisions for the masses and thus deny Americans individual freedoms. In short health care reform is complicated because the Democrats and the Presidents want it to be complicated.

I found it interesting yesterday that the Democrats came to the negotiation armed with emotional anecdotes and didn't comprehend what exactly they pushed through as Bills. The President scolded Senator Alexander about having facts straight but it was the President who had the facts wrong. The party of self proclaimed intelligence played on emotions. The party of self proclaimed education and science had to resort to talking points and anecdotes (often dishonestly just ask Senator Harkin). The Democrats had no facts and looked to the President to save their behinds. There was no bi-partisanship as the President has taken sides long ago. The Republicans surprised the inept President yesterday.

The Republicans came to the meet armed with facts and details. The Republicans showed they not only have a plan but a plan that would place America on the path towards health care opportunities for all Americans. The President was correct when he stated there were philosophical differences. The Democrats believe the ruling elite and government bureaucracy should be making decisions for individuals. The Republicans believe individuals should be making those choices along with their doctors and insurers. Yesterday did provide a stark difference between the parties Democrats believe in inefficient bureaucracy based on the rights of the commune while Republicans believe in individual freedom as long as everyone has equal opportunity.

Most Americans understand and would like to have changes made to health care in America. The premise is lower costs, provide greater coverage, and stop denial of coverage for preexisting conditions. These premises do not seem all that difficult or complicated. Lowering cost can be accomplished by rooting out fraud in the medicare and medicaid programs. Enact Tort reform. I understand the Democrats want to bring up heart breaking stories to play on emotions. I understand mistakes in medical profession happen and mistakes have consequences. However, ambulance chasing lawyers like the liberal hero John Edwards made his millions with malpractice lawsuits that played on emotion rather than facts. Allow insurance to be sold nationally. Don't allow States to keep their people in rather let them out to shop around. Using the interstate commerce clause to force States to allow individuals to shop around for insurance will do more to increase competitiveness than using the interstate commerce clause to enforce mandates on the individuals. Finally allow for people to pool. Establishing a pool for individuals without insurance but who want insurance to be pooled with those with preexisting conditions and the young in college who are mandated to have insurance by the universities.

This didn't seem to complicated to me. Seems I could probably write a bill that would be far less expensive, expand coverage by allowing everyone the opportunity and reign in costs. American health care does require changes to improve but there is no need to overhaul the entire system in a complicated incoherent manner. All that is required is a tuneup of the parts. Health care reform ha no business being complicated.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rangel Broke Rules: What Will Pelosi do?

Representative Rangel has been found to have broken the rules of the house by the House Ethics Committee. What will Pelosi do now? Will she force Rangel to step down from the House Ways and Means committee Chairmanship? Will she give a public rebuke of the unethical representative?

The ethics panel found that Rangel knowingly accepted vacations to the Carribean paid for by corporations. This is clearly inappropriate and unethical behavior. Pelosi said she would have the most ethical Congress ever. Seems she should be censuring Rangel and forcing him to step down. The bottom line here is Rangel is unethical and should do the right thing and step down. He is due for a press conference soon. If Rangel doesn't resign or at least step down from the chairmanship of the House Ways and Means committee, then Pelosi should do the right thing and remove him. Will the Democrats keep their word or send the message that it is OK for the Democrats to be unethical but not the Republicans? Rangel must go.

So Much For Bi-Partisanship

The so called health care summit today was nothing but a sham. The President instead of promoting bi partisanship played a game of political theater. The President scolding of Republicans was ridiculous. The President's use of the ultimatum come on board or reconciliation will be used is ridiculous. Instead of listening to the Republicans plans Obama instead promoted the Democratic plan. Obama hailed the Democrats and mocked the Republicans. In the end the President was at a loss and certainly appeared beaten. The summit was nothing more than a forum for Obama campaign for his takeover of 17% of the American economy.

Representative Marcia Blackburn made Obama look like an idiot. Blackburn talked about opening up States borders and allow individuals to purchase health insurance across State lines. Obama said there were not insurance companies clamoring to get in. The problem with Obama's statement was that as Blackburn put it the point was not to open it for insurance companies to get into places like California but rather have individuals in California out. Obama totally missed the point and should have been embarrassed.

Obama is a socialist. Listen to is rhetoric in his summation: Those making over $250,000 and small business owners should be paying more to help the person that cleans the floor. That is pure Marxist thought. Obama believes in income redistribution. Obama believes that the Janitors should have the same pay and benefits as the doctor. Instead of promoting equal opportunity to compete and excel Obama would rather have no competition and equality of pay. The socialist thought process Obama consistently displays is dangerous for America. Why? Well because Obama doesn't believe it as socialist thought. Obama is a leader in believing the ruling elite should be able to impose their will on the public. To Obama the ends justifies the means. I can assure you this is a false posture. The end does not justify the means. Obama's socialist beliefs does not justify his lies that the republicans didn't have a plan. Obama's socialist beliefs is all about class warfare. In Obama's Utopian world there would only be two classes: the ruling elite and common labor. If that isn't socialist thought i don't know what is. Obama's ideas about equality are un-American. Ameria is about competition with every playing on an level playing field. Obama believes equal opportunity really means equal in pay and status. Obama's Utopian world will ruin a Nation. Once the opportunity to excel is taken away why would anyone want to attend 12 years of schooling to become a doctor when they will have the same lifestyle as the high school drop out cleaning the floors?

Obama's socialist ideas will do nothing but create complacency. His beliefs will destroy American innovation and ingenuity. In short Obama will destroy everything that makes America the envy of the world. Instead of individual freedom and individual responsibility Obama will institute Government knows best. Obama was correct about one thing: After today's theater Republicans have no reason to pass Obamacare. The Republicans have no reason to move towards the left. That is what elections are for and come November Obama will have a much harder time passing anything let alone a government takeover of 17% of the economy.

I believe after today the door has closed on Obamacare at least until after the mid-term elections. The Majority whip stated there are not enough votes in the house to pass the Senate bill. The Senate said they can not pass a bill through reconciliation to fix a health care bill that doesn't exist. My advice to Republicans is to continue pressing for tort reform and their ideas to fix health care. The Democrats will not budge. Keep pushing ideas like today and the President will be unable to say Republicans are simply the party of no. Instead the Democrats will labled as the spendthrift do nothing party that they really are.