Friday, January 29, 2010

Beware Of the "Hair of the Dog" Advice

The Keynesian economists (Paul Krugman) have been begging the Democrats enact even larger spending bills. The liberals are of the mistaken belief that more government spending will revive a stumbling economy. Economics 101 shows that increases government spending can and will stimulate an economy. The problem with the economics 101 theory is that the main assumption is a deficit neutral norm. We have not been a deficit neutral economy for decades. Deficit spending is what got us into the economic dire straits to begin with. Spending more right now will only hasten the impending bankruptcy.

The national deficit is over $12 trillion dollars. As a country we are in way over our head. The deficit is nearly as large as the entire economy. As a country our treasury takes in $2 trillion dollars per year, yet we owe 6 times that amount. An individual that approaches owes 3-4 times their annual income would be perilously close to bankruptcy. Our government is pushing 6 times their annual income and the idiot Keynesian economists are begging for more. The problem is not that our country taxes too little. The problem is our government spends too much.

The liberals and democrats would like people to believe that tax cuts starve the treasury. This is an outright lie and the liberals know it. Reducing taxes actually increased the treasury revenues. In 2007, the year the recession started, our treasury brought in record hauls to the government coffers. The liberals love to say the deficits under Bush were simply because of his "unpaid for tax cuts on the rich". That isn't true because even with the tax cuts Bush enacted the treasury took in records amounts of money. We don't need higher taxes that will stifle investment and hiring. Leave the tax rates alone and bring the financial house in line with what revenues are available.

No one is capable of spending twice as much as we take in year after year. That is what our government is doing and expects us to do even more. In 2009, our government took in receipts of $2.105 trillion dollars, the government spent $3.522 trillion. Next year is on track for similar results. In fact the CBO estimates trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. Over government has placed us in a position we won't ever be able to repair. Lunatics on the left are pushing even harder for more deficit spending.

Our financial house is out of order. The perpetual deficits are crushing the country. Deficit spending is what caused this recession. Yet Obama and the democrats want even more. Americans as individuals owed too much. Whether it was on mortgages, automobiles, or credit cards many Americans were in hoc above their means to ever repay. When the defaults started so did the financial crash. Obama and the democrats love to blame those evil bankers. While I may agree to some extent the bankers helped push us as individuals over the edge, I also believe our "keep up with the Joneses" philosophy buried us in debt. Our government is doing the same thing. We are in over our heads and their are only two ways out. One is to declare bankruptcy and default on the national debt. The other is to reduce spending and reduce it now. Either way American is in for the most painful of times. Better we recognize that now and suffer for our sins today than wait for tomorrow. The pain and suffering will only be worse the longer the deficit spending continues. Beware of the advice from those that suggest "the hair of the dog" remedy, that will only make it worse than it already is.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Joe Klein: Americans are Dumb

Joe Klein just completed an American hit piece on his Swampland Blog. In the lunatic mind of one of the pathetic pawns Americans should be grateful for the wasteful stimulus plan enacted by Obama. Americans should be thankful for the "trickle up" economics Obama enacted. In Klein own words Americans are to dumb to thrive.

Klein praises the failed stimulus package for providing 60-80 per month "extra" money we have in our pockets because of the tax cut on 95% of Americans. I find this little comment as ridiculous. What 95% of Americans id he talking about? Unemployment is at 10% and when added to those that quit looking for work it is closer to 20%. What math is Klein using? In my mind it is difficult to provide 95% of the people a tax cut when 10% have no job to tax. This $288 billion would have been better spent on creating jobs for the 17.6% Of Americans searching desperately for their next paycheck so they can pay their bills and grow the economy.

The next point made by Klein is the $275 Billion provided to states in the form of grants and loans. Klein hails this as paying for teachers and jailers. The problem with this argument is the States would not have laid off the teachers or jailers but rather perhaps not provided them a raise. That's right folks the States took the money to fill in budget gaps in order to give raises. Another problem with this argument is that the States have the capability of borrowing money also. The could have placed municipal bonds on the market to keep afloat. Finally the States could have trimmed their bloated budgets cutting bureaucracy and Red tape.

Finally, Klein says the rest of the money hasn't been released yet because well those "shovel ready" jobs don't exist. This money is supposed to go into programs that fit the liberal green agenda. The stimulus is supposed to fund unproven green technology. I guess those bridges that are in need of repair so they don't collapse just aren't really ready to be fixed. I guess in order to be ready for Obama jobs the bridges actually have to collapse and dump the riders into the river before they are shovel ready.

I must wonder who's dumb? The Americans who are out of work seeking promised jobs or the idiot pathetic pawns who will carry Obama's water no matter how rank the water is. Well Joe Klein it is you who is the idiot. No matter how much explaining Obama does his "jobs, Jobs, Jobs," bill has not done the job we were promised. Please Joe go read the news on the housing sales for last month. Please tell me how well off America is with this stimulus bill and then please talk to my children and explain to them why it was such a good idea to spend their future on trickle up economics.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Liberals Just Can't Believe America is Center Right

In the wake of the Massachusetts election the liberals are spewing their screed in editorials across the nation. The liberals are imploring Obama to move even further to the left. Many are making up fats as they go along or drawing conclusions based in fantasy rather than reality. A Hofsta Professor bases his screed on Republican control for the last thirty years. Even though for 18 of those 30 years Democrats were in control of Congress. That is 60% of the time that Democrats controlled congress, yet liberals blame the Republicans for the nations ills. The liberal screed may move Obama even further to the left (if its even possible), but that will only hasten the demise of the democratic party.

Bottom line is what ails America is a two party system where the political parties have stolen America from the people. Ever since 2000 the pathetic pawns have pushed the idea that America was divided and America was polarized. Polarization is what happens when the politicians become beholden to special interest and strive to win election at 50% +1. Read these two articles and see the hatred being spewed by the liberals.

How to Squander the Presidency in One Year (Hofstra Professor David Michael Green)

After the Massachusetts Massacre (NYT Frank Rich)

Liberal hatred for our country will not fix the problems that ail the nation. We are a representative government. Our representatives are supposed to represent us you know the we the people part of the constitution. They are not supposed to be beholden to the special interest representing their political party. Liberals need to get over Massachusetts and come together with middle America and fight for candidates that will represent them and not just a party.

McCain & Clinton were right: Obama not ready

As Team Obama furiously rewrites the speech for Wednesday's State of the Union address, many people are beginning to realize that Hillary and John were right: Obama lacks the competence to effectively govern this nation.

With unemployment rising to somewhere around ten percent over the last year, Obama focused on health care instead of jobs, until Tuesday night. He trusted Pelosi and Reid to craft a health care bill, then carried out a series of back-room bribes to unions and politicians to ensure the bill would get passed. Until Tuesday.

In the aftermath of Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts on Tuesday, Obama was forced to face the fact that his tainted, corrupt health care effort is hugely unpopular with most Americans, and is rapidly diminishing the credibility of his presidency. January has not been kind to Obama, on his one year anniversary of taking power, it is evident that the man is unfocused, disorganized, and out of touch with Americans. After a year, Obama appears to be a man who is overwhelmed not only by the position, but by events.

Obama is often awkward and confused when responding to major events. His delayed response to the foiled terrorist attack on Northwest flight 253 over Detroit was laughable. After sending Janet Napolitano and Robert Gibbs out to insist that the "system worked well", Obama was forced to back track and admit the obvious; the system failed. His reaction to the terrorist attack on Fort Hood that killed 14 people was just as incoherent. Within hours of the massacre it was known that the killer was a radical Islamist, but Obama urged the nation not to jump to conclusions. OK, but it was perfectly acceptable when Obama jumped to (the wrong) conclusion when his buddy in Cambridge was arrested. That event was followed by the Monty Python-like Beer Summit, which only reenforced the fact that Obama truly is a clown.

More infuriating is Obama's insistence that terrorists be afforded the same civil rights and legal protections as American citizens. It is criminal that Obama and his Attorney General have decided to try 9/11 planner KSM and his terrorists buddies in a federal court located at Ground Zero. They are more concerned about protecting the rights of these terrorists, than they are about protecting the lives of Americans. Manhattan will become a terror magnet if this trial is carried out there, and thousands of citizens will be placed in unnnecessary danger, but Obama and his cast of clowns don't care. This is another instance that shows just how far removed the Obama administration is from reality. If New York is struck by a terror attack during the trial, Obama should face impeachment. At the very least, Holder will resign, and the administration will lose all legitimacy and any chance at reelection.

Deprived of health care success, Obama will likely shift to blame Bush mode during his State of the Union address, but after a year that excuse is weak at best. The more he uses that excuse, the more incompetent he appears. After a year it has become obvious that Hillary, McCain, and even Biden were right; Obama has no business occupying the White House. I just hope this country can survive the tsunami of idiots Obama has brought with him, and correct the situation in 2012.


The Number of The Day Is 3

Today's number of the day is three. Why do I say that? Well it seems Obama sent three administration representatives to three different news shows and the three surrogates came prepared with three different numbers on the number of jobs the stimulus plan created or saved. David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Robert Gibbs are no ordinary surrogates either. Axelrod is the "Senior Advisor to the President", Jarrett is the "Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison", and Gibbs is the "Whitehouse Press Secretary".

Each of these three are Whitehouse insiders. They are supposed to know what is happening in the Whitehouse. One would think the messiah would at least be able to train his political henchmen to spew the same talking points or at least have the same numbers. Instead Axelrod claimed Obama and his stimulus farce created or saved over 2 million jobs. Jarrett was very conservative and just said "thousands and thousands" while Gibbs said 1.5 million jobs. Of course none of these insiders even attempted to prove their rosy numbers. The reason being there is no possible way of counting jobs created or saved in a tangible way. The Whitehouse can only rely upon some mythical formula and anecdotal evidence. There is no way to actually know and the honesty challenged President prefers not to be held accountable.

All I can say is the proof is in the pudding. The economy has continuously shed jobs since Obama has been in office. Unemployment is currently at 10% and people are leaving the job market at over 600,000 people per month. Bottom line is these three people on three different shows, with three different bogus numbers show just how inept this administration is. America deserves better than the career politicians in Washington. We need politicians the represent America and not their political party. We need a President that can lead a country rather than a President the believes he is smarter than the people he represents.

Deficit: Can't Be Fixed Within

Next week our government plans on raising the debt limit ceiling another $1.9 trillion dollars. This increase in the debt limit ceiling is required because the government can't get its fiscal house in order. Somehow the government believes that the only way to get out of debt is to go further into debt. This failed philosophy has been tried over and over again with individuals across the nation. What makes the government believe they will be able to accomplish the impossible. The bottom line is the government can not fix its own appetite for spending and nothing the government doe will do anything but push us closer to the edge of disaster through bankruptcy.

The Obama administration squandered all of its political capital on the failed health care reform fiasco. Instead of focusing on what is important to Americans the administration decided to push a radical agenda. The pathetic pawns in the media are attempting to hi-jack the storyline and change the theme from one of failure to one of triumph. The pathetic pawns in a slight of hand tell us to not look beyond the successes of this administration. The pathetic pawns claim Obama averted a depression and keep claiming the economy is improving. However, the facts tell a much different story. The original $700 billion dollar TARP out the financials allowing the banks to keep their heads above water and that was passed pre-Obama. The Obama stimulus was supposed to create jobs and increase employment through shovel ready jobs. Instead for all the money spent on "saving and Creating" jobs we the people received nothing except government handouts for pet liberal constituencies.

My fear is Obama will move full speed ahead with his disastrous policies. Sure he will attempt to blame Bush for all that ails America, but it is high time he take ownership for his failures. Since Scott Brown sent shock waves through the liberal establishment on 19 JAN 201o, Obama has been out masquerading as a populist. This is another slight of hand. Obama the elitist is trying to tell America how he feels their pain. Obama is telling Americans he understands their anger. The problem is Obama is a liberal, liberals can't call themselves liberals and still have credibility so the liberals hide under the term "progressive". Now as the Obama administration has shown its ineptness the pathetic pawns are attempting to allow Obama and the liberals hide under another hi-jacked term: Populist. The problem is the liberals in this country are not progressive nor populist. They are elitist, naive idealists, and Utopian dreamers. Bottom line the liberals, progressives, populists, or whatever the elitist decide to call themselves tomorrow can not fix the underlying problems with the economy.

The administration announced another gimmick plan to show just how much he gets what Americans want. The gimmick plan is establishing a "bi-partisan" deficit task force made up of Democrats and Republicans. A government commission. This is like having the fox guarding the hen house decide how keep the predators out. The 18 member panel is supposed to make recommendations on spending cuts and tax increases to fix what ails the spendthrift government. What this really means is the panel will be charged with recommending tax increases. There is no way a spendthrift government will reduce any spending other than perhaps a token cut here and there. The commission won't be charged with finding tax cuts that would spur economic growth instead tax increases. Obama's plan is to get the commission to propose tax increases so that when he breaks his promise of no tax increases he can blame the commission to keep his hands clean.

The bottom line here is it is the job of the President to outline a budget. It is the job of Congress to pass a budget through appropriations bills. Now instead of actually doing their job the administration will outsource his responsibility. What is needed is a balanced budget amendment. What is needed is a hard ceiling on American debt. What is needed is a fiscally responsible government. The pathetic pawns in the media may push the idea that debt isn't necessarily bad in tough times but as I wrote before perpetual debt will crush the economy. America will crumble under the weight of ever increasing debt if we do not get our fiscal house in order.

The Democrats blame Bush for the debt he placed upon American. They love to point out that Clinton was responsible for a budget surplus. While I am no fan of Clinton I will give credit where credit is due. Clinton did balance the budget. Clinton was forced to balance the budget by the Republican led Congress. Both deserve credit. The problem now is that the balanced budget was a house of cards. While at the time there appeared to be a surplus the reality is all that happened is the government did not drain the social security lockbox. Instead of replacing all of the money for future social security payments with T Bills and IOU's, we were able to keep some of the monies in the lockbox. The balanced budget in the late 1990's was a charade.

The spendthrift government is incapable of being fiscally responsible. The government has too many pet projects to fund and too many lobbyists and organized constituents to please. Both parties are guilty. Whether it be corporations, small businesses, defense contractors, trial lawyers, unions, or environmentalists, both parties are beholden to their big campaign contributors and both parties are out of touch with the people in this country. America will continue down the path of destruction until we the people take the country back. We the people must demand a balanced budget. We the people must demand an end to lobbyists. We the people must demand an end to the special interests. We the people must demand our government listen to us. Neither party in American politics understand real Americans. Both political Party's are owned by the special interests. Middle America must start electing people that represent our objectives. We must elect true representation and quite electing representatives of the Party establishment and special interests.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can't Lead? Change The Rules!

The President's highest priority on his agenda is a hostile takeover of health care. While health care is not the American people's highest priority, there is broad support for giving health care in our country a tuneup. In some ways Obama, Democrats, and the liberals have the right idea, they all understand a majority of Americans favor changes in the health insurance industry. However, what Obama, Democrats, and liberals do not understand is that Americans want a tuneup and not an overhaul. Most Americans understand government is not the answer.

The Democrats have lost any chance of sweeping health care legislation this year. When Scott Brown won the Massachusetts vacant Senate seat by running as the 41st vote against health care the democrats were sunk. After Brown won the Democrats could no longer rule by brute force. No longer could Obama, Pelosi, and Reid be the bully in the room. Now the gang of three have to lead. They have to reach out and actually work with all members of Congress to give our health care system the tuneup the American people desire. However, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are incapable of leading.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have been busy the past few days, weeks, and months, railing against the filibuster. This trio of incompetence know the system for they have used it well when they were in a minority just 4 years before. Yet rather than work within the system and lead as they promised this trio of elitists shut down debate. Obama trumpeted "I won", and "the time for talking is over". Pelosi derided Americans as being fringe elements, terrorists, and nazi's for opposing her bully approach. Pelosi said "Elections have consequences". Reid rather than wait for his committees to finish their bi-partisan bill took over the bill wrote elements behind closed doors and ruined any possibility of obtaining broad support for health care reform.

Now this trio of bully's and the pathetic pawns are calling the Republicans obstructionists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the course of the last year, Republicans have not used the filibuster to stop anything the Democrats pushed forward. Let me say that again, there has not been a Republican filibuster against Obama's priorities, not one. Yet the left who had a filibuster proof Senate and a 78 seat majority in the house couldn't agree amongst themselves. Reid had to bribe Democrats in his caucus, Pelosi had to bully her caucus, and Obama sat on the sidelines. This trio of socialists didn't lead, couldn't lead, and refused to lead. No that they can no longer just bully their own party and have been forced to at least bring Republicans into the discussion they want to change the rules.

The entire left including the Democratic water carriers in the media are demanding changes in the filibuster rule. Just like Massachusetts the Democrats want to game the system. Remember when John Kerry was running for President? Senator Ted Kennedy lead an effort to have Massachusetts change a law so Mitt Romney a Republican could not name a replacement for Kerry had he won the Presidency. Fast forward 5 years an the Democrats again changed the rules, this time to allow the Democrats to name a replacement for Ted Kennedy. Unable to lead, the democrats just change the rules.

Senator Tom Harkin is now pushing a bill to change the Senate rules on filibuster. The democrat party leaders have not been able to bully the American public and force their socialism down our throats. Instead of leading and working for the American people this bill is designed to thwart the will of the people. The Democrats and the left complain that nothing of substance can get through Congress with out a super majority. The underlying meaning is that one party must have at least 60 members in their caucus to overcome the filibuster and pass legislation. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Every administration has been able to pass major legislation of some sort. Reagan made sweeping changes in the economy and never enjoyed a super majority of Republicans. Bill Clinton passed major legislation regarding our social network and welfare while the Republicnas were in charge of Congress. So while it is true bills must overcome the filibuster it is disingenuous to make believe one party must have a super majority to overcome the filibuster. The left ideals go against the majority of America so they want to make changes so it is easier to bully their crap through Congress.

The Democrats have a long history of changing the filibuster rule. In 1917 the Democrast made the cloture rule requiring 67 Senators to overcome debate. Although, the constitution said individual Senators had enough power to derail legislation. The Democrats said it was ridiculous that an individual Senator could hold up legislation and changed the rules. In 1975, again the Democrats found it difficult to force their will on America and changed the rules reducing the cloture rules to 60 Senators to overcome a filibuster. Now again the Democrast want to lower the bar simply because their agenda is unpopular and they need to bar lower to pass their own garbage even though they had a super majority until last Tuesday.

Instead of leading the Democrats would rather bully. Typical of the competition averse Democrats instead of trying harder to win over the detractors the democrats will just change the rules. Funny how the Democrats used the filibuster for 6 years against Bush but now they want to change the rules when Obama is in office. The filibuster must remain in place. We must have a way for the minority party to have a voice. A majority of Americans are against the liberal agenda of the Obama, Pelosi, Reid triad but because they have a majority in Congress the triad feels it is their right to force their will upon the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Congressional leaders and government representatives have a responsibility to lead but have no right to go against their constituents.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Elitist

The Obama administration, democrats, and liberals are licking their wounds after the spectacular defeat suffered in Massachusetts this week. Instead of reanalyzing their elitist attitudes Obama masquerades as a populist. Obama is a progressive and liberal. Obama quite simply is an elitist. In Obama's heart of hearts he truly believes his press clippings. Obama is in love with himself and believes he is smarter and more intelligent than anyone else. Obama won the presidential election by claiming a populist theme. In reality it was a sham.

In the debates, Obama ridiculed McCain for outlining a health reform bill that taxed health care plans. Obama in fact wouldn't even allow McCain to explain the plan. Obama said he would never tax health insurance plans. Low and behold once elected Obama backed a plan to tax health insurance plan. Obama ridiculed McCain for his proposal to place a cap on spending to rein in deficits. Obama said across the board cuts were unneeded and that he would take a scalpel and surgically remove waste. Once elected Obama increased spending, tripled the already record deficit in one year and pushed for and signed a stimulus bill to create "jobs, jobs, jobs" We were promised 3.6 million jobs would be saved or created. Instead we got millions of of jobs lost and destroyed. Obama his liberal agenda would keep unemployment under 8%. Toay unemploy,ment stands at 10%and will rise significantly in the short term. The stimulus that promised main street jobs instead produced pork projects that could not account for actual jobs. Instead once the ridiculous job creation or saved model was exposed as a fraud, the answer came to rid us of accountability and just claim as many jobs being created or saved as the administration desired.

Obama took his eye off the economic ball. After throwing almost a trillion dollars at the pork laden bill called stimulus he left the economy alone. Rather than focus on the economy for the people Obama turned to his liberal and socialist agenda. Obama demanded a health care bill by August. The health care bill he proposed was nothing more than a government takeover of 17% of our nations economy. Obama appealed to mainstreet and promised cheaper and better healthcare, when in reality he demanded a bill that would create another government entitlement program that would spiral our ountry towards bankruptcy. Obama went to Copenhagen to push his socialist agenda on the environment. Obama did this knowing full well global warming hysteria proved to be a fraud.

Obama has proven that he believes he can conceal his elitist view. Obama is an idealist who lives in a make believe world. Obama's agenda is a Utopian agenda that can never exist. The liberal mindset and talking points that appeal to the heart come up short on balance and reality. When a liberal says "what if it was your child denied health care, would you be so against the reform?" Of course everyone desires a perfect world. Everyone desires a Utopia of some sort. But most people live in the real world and understand balance is necessary. Obama promises the world as if the all mighty dollar is limitless. In reality, everything is finite including the dollar. Obama masquerades as a populist. He claims to be fighting for the people. In reality Obama is pushing a progressive (read liberal) agenda in search of the socialist dream. In the real world, main street Americans are in search of the American dream. The dream of the next generation having a better life than the current generation. Americans want to have their basics needs fully satisfied with enough left over to meet higher level wants and desires. Obama populist rhetoric promises that we can have everything, all of our wants and desires fulfilled. On main street we realize this is fantasy. However, to the elitist thats the way it should be.

The reason Obama seems to be caught in his lies and awful lot is because he is an elitist. His agenda is far to the left of main street America that he has to attempt to appeal to mainstreet by portraying himself as fighting for the middle class. Obama lectures us on sacrifice as he lavishes himself in luxury all the while claiming to be fighting for the people. Now the people have spoken. As Nancy Pelosi says "elections have consequences". The people ensured Obama would not be able to jam his liberal policies down America's throat. Obama response is to hit the campaign trail appealing to the people with his lofty rhetoric to hide his true elitist plan to socialize our country. Obama ridiculed "Joe the Plumber" because he doesn't understand middle America. Right now Obama simply can't believe his policies have been rejected. Obama in his narrow view now believes a little campaign smoke and mirrors will hide his elitist agenda. Let me tell you folks Obama is an elitist in populist clothing. Put another way you can take an elitist out of the luxury and down on mainstreet but you can never make him just another main street American. Obama doesn't really believe the peasants have anything to offer. Obama the elitist believes he is smarter than everyone else.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama Blames Bush For Coakley Loss

Obama just can't admit his administration and Democrats in Congress overreached with health care. Instead of focusing on the economy and the 10% unemployment rate Obama and the Democrats CHOSE, let me say that again CHOSE to rush into health care reform. America realizes that it was irresponsible of Obama to IGNORE the greatest concern to Americans instead of focusing on what was important to the people. Americans are out of work and instead of creating jobs the administration threw handouts to the unemployed through expanded unemployment benefits. The administration took it on faith that the recession would turn around all by itself. The administration assumed the economy would turn around and in fact have been telling us the economy has turned a corner since April. Remember all of those "green shoots". By assuming the economy would correct itself the administration chose to advance its own socialist agenda. In that why Obama felt he would be able to take credit for the economy because he added stimulus to the economy and take credit with his party base by enacting the leftist dream of socializing America.

The free markets took a cool approach to an Obama government. As the government pushed for increased expenses on those that create the jobs, the job creators and investors kept more of their money out of the pipeline. Instead of investing in the future of the companies, these job producers settled on eking out an existence. The government kept telling the job producers the government was going take more of their hard earned dollars to give away to someone else. The wealth redistribution would only be fair. Someone forgot to inform Obama that life isn't fair. All anyone can ask for is the opportunity to succeed. Instead of providing opportunity Obama felt it better to give away free government goodies to his coalition.

Now as everything has backfired on Obama what does he do? Does Obama take the blame for a crushing defeat? Does Obama blame the Democratic Party? Nope not Obama. Somehow even when a Democrat loses an election Obama feels it necessary to blame his predecessor. Thats right folks Coakley lost and Obama somehow blames Bush while being interviewed on ABC. When will Obama take ownership of his office? Obama is 1/4 of the way through his term and here he sits still blaming Bush. You have got to be kidding me.

Mainstreet America Won the Battle Of MA

Last night represents but one battle in the fight for America. The American electorate is angry at all politicians and we are just now beginning to see that anger at the polls. However, the political pundits are missing the message Americans are sending. American politics has devolved into an endless blame game. Our politicians are always fully prepared to compete in the politics of personal destruction. All we have to do is analyze what happened in Massachusetts and we will see both the best and worst of American politics. However, the message Americans are sending is being drowned out by the political spin meisters. Typical of the two party system, the politico’s are making this a either or proposition rather than heeding the message of finding middle ground.

Americans sent a message last night. That message is falling on deaf ears in the political arena. The fourth rail of politics is missing the point. The pathetic pawns are analyzing last night results and stating there was a referendum on Obama and the Democrats. I would offer last night was a referendum on American politics and the political status quo. Americans want the politicians to represent the people rather than ideology. Americans have a deep seated will to control government rather than being controlled by the government. Last night’s election was a referendum on politics as usual. All too often the national parties pander to their base rather than to the middle. Instead of governing for the 60 % in the middle the political establishment governs for the 20% fringe elements of their parties.

The pathetic pawns have repeated told Americans how divided we are as a nation. We have become a country of Democrats or republicans, liberal or conservative, or left or right. Very rarely is anything so simple to boil down. Every issue has at least two sides but in all likelihood many more sides. The two party system has made our politics that way. Since 1994 there has been talk in political circles of creating permanent majorities and devising schemes for one party governing. Americans as a whole do not want a one party system. America as a general rule does not have one party control of the government. A divided government is better in the minds of Americans than single party political control. Poll after poll over the past several months has shown Americans are dissatisfied with both political party’s. We can see that from the decline in support of Democrats but no significant increase in support of Republicans.

The pathetic pawns for some reason are not putting 2 and 2 together. The pathetic pawns are so busy carrying water for the Democratic party that instead of seeing the political landscape as an angry with politics as usual electorate the pathetic pawns take solace that their beloved Democratic party isn’t falling below the approval level of the Republicans. The electorate is screaming but the pundits aren’t listening. Senator Scott Brown said it best in his debate, the Senate seat he was running for was not Ted Kennedy’s seat, it was not the Democratic Party seat, but rather it was and is the peoples seat.

In the end I am all but sure the politicos on both sides will make last night’s election appear to be something it is not. The politicos on one side will hail this as a victory for the Republicans. The Republicans will see this victory and trumpet the comeback of the party from the ash pile. They will portray this as a referendum on the Democrats and health care. When in reality it was the people taking their country back from the politics of usual. When Scott Brown remains true to his word and pushes for legislation for the good of his constituents the Republicans will begin calling him a RINO. Right now Scott Brown represents a vote against the health care reform monstrosity so he is good. When he votes more liberal then the party ideology the conservatives will rebel even against the savior of the day. The Democrats will spin this as a poor candidate who run a poor campaign. They will slowly begin to brush this off as an anomaly and push ahead with their partisan agenda. The pundits will push the election as a referendum on the Democrats when in reality it was a referendum on the status quo.

Scott Brown run as a republican but campaigned as an independent. Scott Brown needs to legislate from the same position he campaigned from. He represents the people from Massachusetts. As long as Scott Brown maintains his loyalty to the people of his state rather than the political establishment he will become a fine Senator. We need more candidates that will place the people before the party. In reality that is what America was saying. The country is fed up with politicians who run campaigns from the middle of their electorate and then legislate from their ideology. The message from last night is simple if you are an incumbent and been playing partisan politics you will find yourself out of a job. Martha Coakley run as a political insider. She ran as if just because she was a Democrat she had a divine right to the Senate seat last occupied by Ted Kennedy. Americans do not want political insiders anymore. The tea party movement is all about the middle of America standing up and taking their country back. While both Political parties are framing the tea party movement to their own liking the facts are the movement is representative of main street and not the elitists. The tea party movement is populist in nature.

I know the so called progressives believe they are populist in nature. However nothing could be further from the truth. The progressives of today are the liberals of yesterday under a different name. The populists of today come in the form of a tea party rebellion and act more like the Teddy Roosevelt bull moose party then the liberals. The tea party movement must not allow itself to be hijacked by the Republican party. It must present ideals that come from middle America and vote for the candidate rather than the party. We as a country will never be on the right track until the cesspool in Washington is cleaned up. Last night should be telling the country middle America has found its voice and middle America will petition and protests loudly as the fringes of both parties have been doing for the past two decades. Last night was but one battle won by middle America. Middle America must not lose its focus and win the war against the political system that governs for the party rather than the nation. Our politicians are governing from the perspective of 50% +1 rather than the good of the whole. Anything to win election next time to save the establishment. Middle America must unite and stay united to take the government back from the elitists.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama: One Year Later

Obama is 25% through his term as President and yet one year after his election he still blames everything on the previous administration. Obama refuses to take ownership of the economy. Obama refuses to take ownership of rising fuel prices. Obama refuses to listen to the American people. Many of the pathetic pawns in the liberal media have been carrying Obama's water and even have the audacity to compare the Big Zero to Ronald Reagan.

The problem with the analysis and comparison to Reagan is that while Reagan appealed to the People, Obama appeals to his political party. There is no doubt that both Reagan and Obama had a recession upon entering office. The fact is that both Reagan and Obama took the oath of office without knowing the depth of the recession they were facing. That however, is where the similarities end. Reagan pushed for tax cuts to spur economic growth. Obama pushed higher taxes and deficit spending to spur economic growth. Reagan appealed to the people with optimism; a new growth, a new dawn in America. Reagan refused to dwell on his predecessor, instead he preferred to move the country forward. In fact the economy did grow and by 1984 Reagan was one of the most popular Presidents ever. Obama on the other hand refused to listen to the people. Instead he jammed a failed stimulus package through Congress. The failed package was full of pork for pet Democrat projects and light on benefits for the people. Obama constantly blames his predecessor at every turn. In fact he did it again yesterday and Obama has been President for a year now. Obama refuses to listen to the people, instead preferring to listen to his dwindling base and driving the majority of Americans against his policies.

Reagan never had the luxury of having a majority in the house let alone a 60-40 (177 out of 435) split. Reagan never came close to a super majority in the senate. Reagan was forced to work with the Congress from the middle. Reagan would appeal to the American public to garner support and forced the politicians to follow what the people wanted and supported rather than what the political party's wanted and supported. Reagan while a conservative governed from the middle. Obama on the other hand refuses to listen to the will of the people. The bribes and behind the scenes health care reform is a perfect example. Obama isn't appealing to the people he is appealing to his union base. The unions will not have to live with the Obama care taxes. That will be for the rest of the people. On Fox today there was an interesting dialog that shows the socialistic tendencies of the Democratic Party. Rep. Allyson Schwartz believes because the unions negotiated a deal for health benefits in the auto industry that they should be exempt while the individuals that negotiate for themselves in walmart should be forced to pay a tax. Whatever happened to individual freedom in our country. The bottom line folks is that Obama is Liberal before god, Democrat before the people, and himself ahead of the individual.

The bottom line folks is that Obama is no Reagan. Reagan fought for all the people while Obama fights for the people that support his socialist ideals. Reagan was a true populist while Obama is nothing more than a partisan hack. Today the Democrats are scrambling. Many polls are showing the real possibility that the democrats may lose their super majority. Obama, instead of appealing to all Americans, appeals to his base in an attempt to ram an unpopular bill through Congress. There is a reason why the Democrats lost in 1994 and appear to be losing in 2010. The reason is the Democrats are attempting to make America nothing more than another European style failed Socialism. America is a center right country and the Obama lurch to the left is sitting well. Obama may survive the fallout just as Clinton did in 1994, but his cronies in the Congress are committing political suicide. Obama one year later is nothing more than a failed politician. He may give himself a solid B+ but America is not providing Obama a pass.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will Lieberman Endorse Brown?????

The rumor of the day is that Joe Lieberman may endorse Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. That will become the question of the day. Should Lieberman do the unthinkable and endorse Scott Brown, the left will go insane. They will rail against Lieberman and demand his head on a platter. The left will demand the Democrats remove him from their caucus. I am not sure how true it may be that Lieberman endorses Brown. The rumor may be a vicious rumor giving Republicans hope.

The implications of a Lieberman endorsement are huge for the Democratic Party. A Lieberman endorsement would signify the end of health care reform in its current form. Lieberman must be considering becoming the 41st vote against health care reform. There is no way he would endorse Scot Brown and yet have an inclination to vote for the Obamacare debacle. The Democrats and loony left will be out for blood if Lieberman endorses Brown. Lieberman would not survive the Democratic backlash and would be removed forcing Lieberman either to be truly independent on a lonely island in the halls of the Senate or he would be forced to change caucus affiliation and become a pseudo Republican.

I welcome Lieberman and his endorsement if that is what he chooses. A Lieberman endorsement may or may not put Brown over the top. I don't think it matters if Brown wins or loses in the event of a Lieberman endorsement. The reason for optimism is simple a Lieberman endorsement of Brown will kill the health care reform bill as we currently know it. Go Joe Go. America needs more politicians that place America and her citizens ahead of political party's.

The Party Of Cheats

Ed Schultz a liberal radio personality for the left forwarded a despicable idea to win the Senate seat for the Democratic party; Shultz says he would vote 10 times, yes he did say he would cheat to win the election for the Democratic Party.

Ed Shultz has been approached by the Democratic Party to run for the seat being vaated by Byron Dorgan. Ed Schultz said the idea was intriguing and refused to rule a run for the Senate out. Now Schultz encourages cheating for Coakley in an effort to steal another seat and thwart the will of the people. To liberals and the Democratic Party the people do not matter. In the minds of liberals and Democrats it is perfectly acceptable to cheat the people as long as their party wins.

The talking heads like Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olberman are for the elitists rather than the people. The elitists truly believe they are smarter than the average American and that they should be allowed to push their will on America regardless of what we as Americans know is right. All I can say is remember the "shot heard round the world" Enjoy the video courtesy Michelle Malkin and remember only the elitists and thugs will cheat, go out and vote for Scott Brown and end the tyranny of the Democrats who long ago placed the ideals of the party ahead of the country.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Bank Tax Scheme

The Obama administration is attempting to tap into populist anger with a scheme to tax the banks. Headlines are reading "we want our money back". Obama with comments like "I am the only thing between you and the people with pitchforks."The so called progressives believe in the scheme to tax banks to get their money back. Unfortunately this is just another hairbrained scheme pushed forward by a President long on rhetoric and fearmongering but short on ideas and plans.

The bank tax is a scheme to trump up populist anger. The populists are frothing at the mouth with anger over the annual trillion dollar deficits Obama has requested. The populists will not research the underlying problems while they are seething with anger. Unfortunately the populists will lash out and support anything they believe will punish the big awful banks and corporations. The shortsightedness of the punishment and revenge meme will do nothing to curtail the trillion deficits and may make the economy even worse.

The proposed tax will force banks that did not require a bailout to payback funds taken by banks and corporations that were bailed out. Rather than force the companies just to pay back the funds the took in bailout cash Obama comes up with a scheme that sounds good on the campaign stump but doesn't really accomplish anything. The Obama plan is really a shell game that will cost the taxpayers even mor emoney in fees and interest rates and cost the country jobs. This scheme may sound like a good idea to those foaming at the mouth. However, how will the banks pay this tax i the real question.

Banks will do two things. First they will increase fees and interest rates on the consumers. The cost of banking for the average person will multiply greatly. Rates on Credit cards and fees for doing normal day to day banking business have already increased as banks are in the mist of crawling out from under bad debt. Now this tax scheme will only force banks to further increase fees to generate revenue just to pay taxes. In effect the consumers will be paying the tax to themselves. That all sounds good, unfortunately the tax payers won't be receiving the benefit as Obama and the Democrats will just take the tax and spend it somewhere else. So while the banks are being taxed, the populist anger will be fed, and the government will be able to spend even more money on pet projects.

The second thing banks will do is hold down hiring. Beyond the populist belief that businesses are in business for the people and in business to provide jobs nothing could be further from the truth. Businesses are in business for one reason and one reason only and that is to make profits. When businesses stop making profits they close their doors and go out of business. One doesn't require a Harvard education to understand that. The first thing a business does when costs increase is scale back costs. Labor is always the easiest and most cost effective way to reduce the cost of doing business. Increasing taxes, reducing bonuses, and reducing profits for any business does not promote economic growth, in fact these measures stifle growth.

The bank tax is a scheme to appease an angry mob of liberal progressives. This scheme will do nothing for them and in fact will make things worse for them. However, the short sighted progressive will feel better that they exacted revenge and worry about the unintended consequences later. This scheme may in the short term make the liberals feel better but in the long run this scheme will only prolong their economic misery. One final comment, even the Europeans (who Obama wants America to emulate) are against the great Obama bank tax scheme.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama Transparency Just Another Lie

Obama promised he would hold negotiations over health care on C-Span. That way Americans could really see who it was the was negotiating for the people and who was negotiating against the people. As everyone now knows that was just another lie. Obama took the negotiations behind the scenes and kept C-Span out of the negotiations.

Instead of transparency Obama negotiated deals behind the scenes under the cover of darkness. Obama secretly negotiated a bad deal with Pharma. Then when the deal was uncovered as a pay to play deal Obama attempted to hide from his secret negotiations. The Democrats in Congress were not happy that Obama hamstringed them. In the end Obama needed Pharma on his side and the money they promised to advertise their support of his reforms and he didn't care as long as the deal was done and he could hide from his secret negotiation.

Then Obama did some arm twisting behind the scenes and negotiated the Ben Nelson deal to get the vote that would push the bill across the finish line. It didn't matter to Obama that the bill gave Nelson and his State a bribe to buy his vote. It didn't matter to Obama that 49 States would have to pay for health care but Nelson's would be exempt. Nope Obama was negotiating behind the scenes and left Nelson to take the heat for his bribe.

Now we find that Obama again made a secret deal. I am sure Pelosi and Reid will be taking the heat. In all likelihood it will Reid that ultimately take the hit as he is not only vulnerable but will probably be announcing his retirement in the next month or so. What is the deal? Well it is a deal to buy off the Unions. The Unions of course will be expempt from the taxes in his plan. Now most Americans will bear the brunt of the tax increases and Obama has secured the money from Unions for years to come.

All of these deals have been negotiated behind closed doors. We find now that the ones negotiating for the people are actually locked out of the room. The ones negotiating against Americans are the very same politicians that promised open and fair negotiations. What a crock these DEMs have become. Obama promises what the masses want to hear but in actions Obama does as he pleases. The pathetic pawns in the media call this pragmatism. Real Americans calls this blatant lies. I wonder if the anger in the American Electorate will finally really throw out all of the career politicians and their backroom deals. The politicians have stolen America from the people. The people must stand up and take America back. We must send the elitists a message that it is the people that own the government and the the other way around. The message Americans need to send is that without the people there is no need for government. Government exists because of the people not in spite of the people.

Coakley Really is trying to Throw The Election

Martha Coakley is really trying to throw her special election. It wasn't bad enough that she took for granted she had the win in the bag and took a six day vacation less than a month before the election. No Martha had to then go out and spit upon the Red Sox Nation and ridicule Scott Brown for being being at Fenway shaking hands in the cold while she sat in the comfort of her home because of her connection. Yet dumping on the Red Sox faithful was not even enough. No Coakley had to then dis the Catholics and told them they should be finding other work instead of working in emergency rooms. Yet dissing the Catholics wasn't enough. No coakley had to show just how ignorant she really is by saying Curt Shilling the Red Sox hero, he who shed his blood making his sox truly red was really a Yankee fan.

Coakley is an out of touch elitist. Coakley doesn't know her state. Coakley alienates huges segments of the electorate in her state. Coakley believes in the bottom of her heart that the seat should be hers simply because she has a "D" following her name. She didn't believe she should have to campaign. The Democratic machine including the DNCC had to come to her rescue. The Democratic machine has tried everything from running against Bush to running against Sarah Palin. None of this to any avail. Scott Brown hit the nail on the head when he said it was the people's seat. The elitists have told everyone this is Teddy Kennedy's seat. Brown made the people realize it was indeed their seat and they could elect whomever they desired and it doesn't necessarily be a Democrat.

Obamacare On Life Support

Obamacare is in all likelihood on life support. I say this regardless of the outcome of the Massachusetts special election. Whether Scott Brown wins or loses at this point may just be irrelevant. Regardless of the spin produced by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, their efforts to crush out the spirit of the American people may have been stopped dead in their tracks. The polls are showing the shattering of the Obama agenda. The Democratic caucus is fractured and the health care bill has ruined the Democratic Party for years to come.

That a Republican is within shouting distance of a Democrat in Massachusetts is sending shockwaves through the Democratic party. Just today another Blue Dog Democrat chose the retire rather than be humiliated route. Congressman Vic Snyder (D) from Little Rock won't be seeking re-election following a host of other Blue Dogs that have members jumping parties as Parker Griffith has or retiring as Brian Baird has. The odds of the Democrats holding an effective governing majority in the house is in peril. Passing health care may be the nail in the coffin the sends Pelosi back to being a nobody. The writing is on the wall. Every Democrat understands that passin health care means they will lose massive numbers next November. Scott Brown polling ahead of Coakley has moderates Democrats worrying they are on the chopping block. The moderates understand they are endangered species should they take the bribes and give Obama his shallow victory.

Obama going for broke in his bid to socialize American health care. Obama has doubled down and even said he would prefer the 2010 elections be a debate about healthcare. The recent polls show this is a losing proposition. Less than 40% of the public support Obama in his takeover plan. Should Democrats polls 40% nationwide they will lose over 100 members in the house and America will then have something "historic" and "unprecedented". The liberals are heeding Bill Clinton's message that Demcorats lost in 1994 because they failed to pass health care reform. The Democrats actually believe their popularity will go up once they stuff their health care garbage down the American electorate's throats. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Democrats are lying to themselves. This is a bad bill and the Democrats know it. Scott Brown is making them aware.

Obama won by a 26% margin in Massachusetts. Even if the polls are all wrong, Coakley won't win by double digits. A betting man or woman would probably win any wager that gives brown five points. Coakley probably can't draw more than 52% of the vote at this time. So why is Obama going to Massachusetts? Probably because the Democrats in Massachusetts have told Obama that she is up at least 5 points and they are trying to get the margins to double digits. My take is that this is a tossup right now and if momentum continues Obama may only be able to keep Brown's margin down to under five points. The truth is Obama is not showing up until Sunday. This is really late and only provides for two days to stop the Coakley slow bleed.

Obamacare is on life support let there be no doubt. In my opinion all Brown has to do is keep this race under 5 points. Even if he loses if it is under five points Obamacare probably unravels. The strongest instinct a human has is the instinct to survive. This special election becoming a true race will have moderates running for the hills and seeking ways to survive. Jettisoning the health care bill before them may be the way to survive. Obama knows what is at stake. Again my guess is he believes Coakly is up at least five points and he hopes his presence increases that margin to 10 points. Obama is desperate to shore up the queasy moderates to bring them in line. Anything less than a 10 point Coakley win and the moderates will be turning off the life support on Obama care.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Filibuster: Tool Of The Minority Party

The Democrats led by Senator Tom Harkin would like to lower the bar for controversial legislation and end filibusters on a graduated scale. Now I am no fan of the minority using the filibuster to fatally kill every form of legislation. The Democrats employed the filibuster at every turn from 2001-2006. Needed reform such as saving Social Security and Medicare/medicaid was filibustered by the Democrats and today both Social Security and Medicare are shelling out more than the programs take in on a monthly basis. Judges are routinely filibustered delaying our court systems. Now the Democrats who for years while in the minority used the tactic to stop legislation dead in its tracks would like to have it stopped. I must wonder if this will be written in such a way that only the Democratic party may take advantage of changing the filibuster system.

American's need only research the Democrats in MA to see why I question their motives for changing the filibuster requirements. When John Kerry was running for resident in 2004, Senator Ted Kennedy led a fight in his home state to change a law on how the state filled an open Senate seat. In order to ensure a Republican could not use an open seat to fill at his prerogative, the MA legislature (at Kennedy's behest) wrote a law that limited the State to having to wait for a special election. The Governor was stripped of his authority to replace an open seat with Senator of his choice. However, when a seat was open in MA for Senator Kennedy following his death, the same Democrats simply changed the law because they couldn't wait for the special election with a democrat in the governorship. The twisted mindset of the liberals is amazing. The Democrats and Liberals are all for limiting the powers of the Republicans when they are in power but expanding government rule when the Democrats are in power.

As I said I would have no issue with changing the filibuster rules. However, the Democrats are being disingenuous. We as a country can not allow the Democrats to change rules just because it allows one sided debate on important issues. As long as both parties play partisan politics the filibuster must remain as it is. The government has become a government for the two political parties and not for the people. Both political parties are guilty. Instead of writing legislation in committee with bi-partisan support, the legislation is written only with the majority opinion. All too often rhetoric such as "I Won", "We Won", or "elections have consequences" become the meme of the day. When politicians use this type of rhetoric it is not saying Americans won, the people, or this is what the people want. No it is all about the party affiliations. The party in power is all about staying in power and govern with their minority bases in mind.

Here is what happens. Both parties run a nomination for elected office. During the primaries candidates from both parties pander to the bases. After receiving the nomination candidates move towards the center with rhetoric. The candidate that receives the vote of the moderates wins. After the election the candidates move back to their political bases and forget the moderates. Our politicians place party above the people and the party before the country. Until both party's in this country start governing from the political center for the good of the country instead of the good of their bases the filibuster must remain unchanged.

Just look at the health care debate. The country and the people are overwhelmingly against the proposed legislation. Yet the Democrats are going against the will of the people and pressing forward. In a country where the will of the people should become before all else the Democrats simply want to lower the bar to ram anything their political arty wants to enforce. The Democrats have 60 Senators in their caucus and still are having a hard time keeping them together.

Instead of seeing this as having an unpopular bill or a bill that strayed too far from the political center the Democrats simply want to lower the bar. Perhaps had the Democrats invited the Republicans to the table a bill would have emerged with bi partisan support. The Democrats could have picked up 5-10 Republicans easily had the bill discussions included Republicans. Instead the Democrats went alone and are now complaining the bar is too high. The filibuster is the tool of the minority Party and until the party's start governing for the people instead of the Party's the rule must remain unchanged.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gaming the System?

Let me ask a simple question: Are the Democrats throwing the special election in MA? I know this is unthinkable. There is no way the Obama, Congressional Democrats, or the national Democrat leadership would secretly undermine Coakley's bid to win the special election for Ted Kennedy's old seat is there? I know the Democrats in MA are busy saying they will just delay swearing in the Republican if he won but would that be the way to push an unpopular bill through Congress? The probability of the Democratic Party leadership throwing this race seems implausible. Yet let there be no doubt the campaign tactics of Coakley at least give the impression that she has no intention of actually winning this race.

As the heat of the Senate race heated up right after Christmas and into the New Year Coakley decided to take a vacation and allow her opponent to have the airwaves and State all to himself. This type of behavior doesn't happen in any open race. Not this close to the election. One must ask themselves why would she take a vacation at such a critical juncture?

Polls show Coakley ahead comfortably but not out of the woods. Scott Brown is making inroads and the lead is much smaller than it should be at this point. A liberal State like MA knows what it means to have a liberal icon in the Senate. The liberal dream of universal health care lies in the hands of the MA voters. Yet the Democratic National Party really isn't anywhere near this race. I don't see Obama or Biden campaigning for Coakley. Both Obama and Biden campaigned harder for Corzine and Deeds in Governor races than they are at keeping the all mighty 60th vote in the Senate. While I can't imagine the Democrats having the audacity to throw a race to maintain political power, what if they are gaming the system?

I am just saying, the health care debacle is weighing the Democrats down. Health care has already taken its toll on two Democratic Senators that will not be seeking re-election. Both Dodd and Dorgan are responsible for the Senate bill filled with bribes for other Senators. Both have all time low approval ratings and both had little to no chance at re-election. Senator Reid is losing to every Republican running and most of the Republicans are not widely known. Senator Ben Nelson who provided the 60th vote recently is down big in a hypothetical 2012 race. The Cook Report says that the Republicans could indeed win back enough seats in the house to take control. These are but a few reasons why the Democrats may be secretly hoping Coakley loses. One may ask why?

The answer is the democrats know their bill is unpopular. They know they are going to take a major hit in November and may even lose control of the house. The Democrats know they will in all likelihood lose effective control of both the House and the Senate even if they do not lose the outright majority. Their Liberal agenda is over in November and the Democrats will actually have to work from the middle. That means no cap and trade. That means immigration reform is dead on arrival. That mean the global warming scare will remain on the fringes where it belongs. Yet the Democrats also know there is no way to back out of the health care bill as long as there are 60 Senators with a "D" following their names.

So why not throw the race in MA? Should Scott Brown actually win in MA the health care proposal in Congress is dead on arrival. Brown represents a scapegoat. The 41st Republican. If health care was to then fail the Democrats would simply go on the offensive and portray the Republicans as killing health care reform. They could again run on health care reform and maybe minimize their loses in November. The democrats may feel they hold on to effective power in both Congressional houses and give Obama his victory in 2011 so he can campaign on health reform passing. There may be a hope in the Democratic party that losing in MA may not be so bad. Coakley could run again in 2012 and would probably win hands down in a race where Obama was on the top of the ticket. The democrats would have their scapegoat, keeping their base intact. I wouldn't put this past the Democrats.

Right now the Democrats are looking for a way out of health care without taking any blame. The know there are boxed in a corner right now. If they fail to enact health care reform their base will revolt. The Democratic base understands there is no way the Republicans can block this legislation in either chamber. Right now the Democrats in power understand failure under current conditions is entirely their fault in the eyes of their party base voters. Brown represents a scapegoat; A way for Democrats to blow up the legislation and pass the blame to Republicans. The Democrats know they would be able to frame the debate as the party that stopped a sure thing against the party that tried to do something, anything to get the health debate moving forward. The democrats know this is a bad bill and one they will take massive loses for next November. Brown represents a chance for the Democrats to start over. A chance to save themselves and turn their focus on the economy with something left to run on for next year. Coakley represents a long arduous trek to sure defeat in November.

While it may seem far fetched to think the Democrat party would lose this vote intentionally. But don't put anything past them. The Democrats want the power to force their will upon the public. They may be smart enough to understand they may need to take a loss today to better fight tomorrow. The Democrats need this legislation to fail. They just don't know how to do it without losing in MA. As far fetched ad this may be the Democrats may be gaming the system. My suggestion: Should Brown win in 10 days, investigate bribes that may have been given to Coakley to throw the race.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Future is Bleak

The economic future in America is at best bleak. Obama, his cronies, and Democrats in power lost sight of the ball and America is on the cusp of economic failure. For months the public has been fed the line the recession is over and the economy is growing. This spring there were "green shoots" of new growth. This summer the public at large was informed the economy was growing again. This holiday season we were fed the retail sales were better than expected. Yet the unemployment numbers keep getting worse.

The only reason the unemployment did not increase is because another 661,000 Americans left the workforce. They didn't leave the workforce voluntarily, the left the workforce because there are no jobs. Another 85,000 jobs were lost in DEC. While the Obama water carriers and attempting to spin this as a sign the economy is improving, the bottom line is the "jobs" market is still in decline. It doesn't matter that last year we were losing over 600,000 jobs a month and now we are "only losing" 85,000 a month. Nothing has changed the economy is still shedding jobs.

The economy is bleak for two reasons. First the Obama and the Democrats took their eye off the ball. Obama jumped in right away and demanded a trillion dollar stimulus package. The Democrats in Congress complied and developed a stimulus package that was filled with pet pork projects with no ability to save or create meaningful and lasting jobs. Instead the trillion dollars was wasteful spending that did nothing to curtail the economic downturn. The Democrats are still out there claiming we haven't spent enough to get out of the downturn. Paul Krugman is out there claiming the stimulus was too small and more government spending would be the cure. The problem is this throwing away a trillion dollars on pork projects did nothing. I'm not sure how much the American government has spent to bail the economy out but I can assure you it is astronomical. The fed printed more money. There was the original Bush stimulus. There was the TARP. There was the Obama stimulus. The government has spent trillions upon trillions to rescue the economy. Does anyone really believe another trillion dollars is going to yield different results? The stimulus packages are the definition of insanity, just as doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result. No my friends the economy will not be able to recover by spending on wasteful pet projects. The democrats should have focus their attention on the economy rather than waste our time with a health reform debate that the country does not want and cannot afford. Which leads me to the second reason the economy will not recover anytime soon.

Has anyone noticed the price of gasoline? The average price at the pump is $2.665. The average pump price is $.98 higher than a year ago which is over a 60 percent increase from a year ago. While the so called economists would love to have everyone believe this economic downturn is due to the financial trouble caused by the mortgage crisis they ignore that the price of oil is as much to blame as the mortgage defaults. The downturn picked up a head of steam in the summer of 2008 when the price of gasoline skyrocketed to over $4.00 per gallon. This coincided with the spike in unemployment. The price of oil will be the downfall of this economy and will be the factor that creates either a double dip recession/depression or an "L" shaped economy. The dollar is getting weaker as Obama and the Fed spend and print more money than the market can afford. Even if the economy turned up there will be a corresponding increase in the price of gasoline as demand increases. Many expect the price of gasoline to approach three dollars a gallon. Businesses in the commercial sector are having problems paying bills now, higher gas prices in all likelihood will fore even more commercial bankruptcies.

The economic future in America is indeed bleak. Obama and the democrats in Congress have lost sight of what will make the economy grow. Obama threw a trillion dollars at the economy and moved on to health care instead of energy. Energy is the unspoken of straw that broke the economies back, yet the democrats are paying no attention to the rising costs. Instead they focus on a ruinous health care bill that will sap even more life out of the economy. Until Obama realizes that wasteful spending is not the answer. Let me give you a plan that would save America: Cut corporate taxes on businesses that produce energy within our shores. Allow companies to drill our oil. Allow companies incentives for extracting oil from shale. Incentivize companies to produce nuclear energy. Focus on creating jobs in the energy industry and the economy will explore and provide Obama and the Democrats the opportunity to diminish our reliance on foreign oil, promote new energy technologies, and save the economy. Until the government understands the problem in the economy will persist until energy costs are reduced and jobs are created.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.....And So It Begins

So begins the raping of America. The architects of the socializing of America intend on ruining America and then run off to the hills to hide. Instead of re-evaluating their short sighted utopian ideals that are against the popular will of the people they represent the ideologue Democrats instead will implement law and then run off to retirement.

Two Democratic Senators in the last two days have decided they cannot possibly win their reelection bids and have decided to retire. These lonely democrats will pass the abominable health care takeover and then retire. Both off the clowns know their socialistic ideas are against mainstream America. They understand they are unpopular along with their ideas. Both these clowns know the veil has slipped and they have been targeted for the corrupt politicians that they are.

Senator Dorgan from North Dakota feigned a bi partisan approach to health care. His approach was to mask the takeover as a bi partisan effort to portray the Republicans as the “party of no”. When the town hall meetings became a public outcry instead of the liberal fawning that was expected the “party of no” concept was tossed out the window. Dorgan then went along and pushed a partisan bill out of his committee with out any support from the minority party whatsoever. What finally emerged from the Democrats was a pork laden bill were America had to repurchase Louisiana and bribe the corn huskers. Now Dorgan after completing his evil deed is going to run away and hide. The dirty work is done.

Senator Dodd is being rejected for his corrupt practices and sweetheart deals. The financial crisis America faces is as much his fault as it is any politician. Between him and Barney Frank forcing financial institutions to make bad loans and personally benefitting from the institutions he protected Dodd has been found to be the poster child for corruption in the Senate. Dodd also will vote for his utopian dream regardless of the will of the people. Dodd will do his part to ruin America and fade off into the sunset his evil deed complete.

Wake up America. When one party announce retirements in droves due to unpopular positions but stick the knife in before they leave that is the ultimate in treason. They Democrats are waving the white flag of surrender all the while their last act will be to bankrupt America. We as a country must stand up now and take our country back before it is too late. There is no doubt that more retirements will follow in the next few weeks as the Democrats move us closer to the point of no return. Are we as a country really going to allow the Democrats to push us over the cliff only to retire on the public dole? As Americans it is our duty to stand up and make our voices heard. Maybe the Tea party activists have the right idea. A national week of strike may be the best medicine. Withholding the output Americans produce will starve the government of its resources required to run the country. Businesses that are against the raping of America should shut their doors for a week. People should stay away from businesses that refuse to close their doors. Stop feeding the government that is intent on taking away the American dream. The dismantling has begun of both the fabric that makes America great and the party that is intent on socializing America. The Party that is ruining America is also bailing out on America.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

He Lies........

Senator Ben Nelson is not only prone to bribery is also a liar. So upset it the Democratic Senator for the heat he is taking for the "Cornhusker Kickback" that he sent a called the South Carolina Attorney General for South Carolina and pleaded with him to "Call Off The Dogs".

In all 13 Attorney's General are considering legal options for the kickbacks provided to a handful of Senators to vote against their constituents in the health Care debate. Instead of standing for principle and standing with the people Senator Nelson represents he sold his vote for $100 million dollars. Now instead of taking the heat for his unprincipled sell out this Senator has the audacity to claim that his kickback was only intended as a "marker". A marker that would be fixed in conference to include every state not just his own. This is hogwash. What happened is that Senator Nelson missed the unintended consequences of his kickback. Nelson never envisioned that a poll after his sellout would show him down 31% in a hypothetical poll for his 2012 reelection bid. Nelson never envisioned the outrage across the Nation and even the outrage in his own State. Only 17% of his constituents back his vote for the horrendous Health bill he was bribed to vote for.

Nelson has no principles and now not only do we know he is prone to kickbacks but that he is also prone to lying. Nelson lies to cover his unprincipled vote. Nelson like all liberals will lie, cheat, and steal to have their own way. The Democratic Party are a bunch of whiners intent on destroying America for a few pennies from the American taxpayer.

Final Deadline Passes: Iran Issues Ultimatum

The Obama administration issued a deadline for Iran to swap its enriched Uranium for Nuclear fuel. This deadline has come and passed and Obama is still playing golf in Hawaii. Iran on the other hand issued a counter proposal in the form of an ultimatum. The Ultimatum is that either the West sells Iran highly enriched Nuclear fuel now or Iran sends much less enriched Uranium out of the country. Either the US and allies capitulate to the demands or Iran promises to set out to enrich its own to higher grade uranium.

So much for diplomacy. Obama promised he would meet Iranian leaders in his first year without pre conditions. A year is almost up and we have absolutely nothing to show for Obama's apology tours or his diplomacy accept a slap down by the Iranians. The Iranians are intent on having enriched Uranium in their country. The Iranians refuse to give up on their plans to have Nuclear technology. The Obama administration has done nothing to curb the despotic regimes of the world to give of their dreams of mass annihilation. We have lost precious time in the battle against tyranny. While Obama is busy golfing the world's dictators are planning America's demise.

Just today, the Administration comes out as says "Hey we no longer believe the 2007 NIE. It took a week after the Christmas terrorist attack before Obama could muster the strength to say "hey Al Qaida has been linked to the attempted bombing" The water carrying pathetic pawns are busy spinning this attack as somehow Bush's fault or worse yet whining that Bush was held to a higher standard. Obama is at a minimum setting America back 50 years. Worse yet he is probably destroying America at its very core. Obama's inaction and failure to pay attention will further embolden our enemies. Obama is weak and as Americans we will be the ones to feel the wrath.

No US combat deaths in Iraq during December

For the first time since the war in Iraq began in 2003, a month passed without a US combat death. The month of December had zero American combat related deaths. Hardly newsworthy to the clowns in the dinosaur media, but only a few years ago each death in Iraq was used by the media elite to bludgeon the Bush administration. Now that Harry Reid, John Murtha, and company have been proven wrong about losing the war, the media, as always, choose to ignore any good news coming out of Iraq.

As long as we suffer through the national disaster known as the Obama presidency, don't expect to hear much news coming out of Iraq or Afghanistan. The media are too busy reporting on Obama's sunglasses and golf games to notice.

Friday, January 1, 2010

In The News

Terrorists Attack In Pakistan At Sporting Event

Sorry Dems; Rush Alive and Well

Hey CNN Keep A Lid On Kathy Griffin

TSA Ends Ludicrous Subpoenas On Leaked Memo

The Rationing Begins

Colorado Lowers Minimum Wage

The Health Care Rationing Begins

Bloomberg reported today that the rationing of health care will begin immediately. The Mayo clinic in Arizona will stop taking medicare patients. No longer will medicare be accepted because the government pays too little. Yet even though the government pays too little medicare is in the red and will likely deplete the trust fund that is already filled with IOU's within the next decade. Part of the Obamacare plan is to squeeze even more savings from an already broken system.

More and more facilities will stop taking government insurance in the future. The government will be forced to either lower their subsidies to the poor under Obamacare or ration the health care everyone receives. Instead of producing a healthy America and extending the life expectancies, Obama care will shorten our life expectancies. We will be rationed in the amount of care we receive and we will go broke trying to fund it.

Where are the savings going to come from? When Clinics such as the Mayo clinic refuse to see medicare patients that can't pay cash for procedures because reimbursements are to little where are patients supposed to turn to? This monstrosity of a bill must not be passed. This example should inform the lunatic left that their dream of government run health is a nightmare. Every country that has tried this in the past has a failed health care system. Yet Obama and the left believe they have the solution. Then tell me why this clinic is refusing to see patients in the government run program?