Wednesday, September 8, 2010

America's Soul

The President whined in Milwaukee on Monday that he “was being talked about like a dog” by his political opponents. The narcissistic President and is sycophantic pathetic pawns in the media are bewildered that the President and the Democrats are being cast aside. Neither the Democrats nor the pathetic pawns understand why the President and his minions are not receiving more credit for his legislative victories. Both lament that the economy is not their fault; that it was the Bush administration and the republicans that “drove the car in the ditch”. The Obama administration and democrats mid-term election themes seem to be entirely based on anti Bush rhetoric, the economy is growing albeit slowly, and the democrats will return the country to fiscal responsibility.

Bottom line is that the Democrats have nothing positive to run on. The Democrats have controlled Congress since 2007. The legislative agenda pushed by Obama and passed by the democrats is largely unpopular with the American public. The democrats blew a perfect opportunity to relegate the Republicans to permanent minority status; out in the wilderness with very little to offer. However instead of focusing on the economy that was in the ditch since late 2007, the democrats set out on a path take care of their special interests; namely their union buddies. Obama and the democrats threw away $787 billion dollars for so-called shovel ready jobs. Instead of creating or saving 3.5 million jobs due to the shovel ready jobs, Obama sent the money to conduct research on such things as the effects of cocaine on monkeys and to sign makers to promote the propaganda that was his stimulus plan. After throwing money away in the name of stimulus and ignoring the economy, Obama set out on a liberal agenda; ignoring the will of the people. Obama’s mandate was not the liberal agenda. Obama’s mandate was to change the way Washington operated. Many Americans voted for what they believed to be a post partisan President; a moderate that would work across party lines in order to accomplish the people’s business. The promise of hope in moving Americans past the racial discord of the past and into a new post racial America where Americans looked beyond race is what the people believed they were voting for; that was the mandate. Had Obama focused his attention on the economy in his first year and got us moving in the right direction, instead of expecting the economy to fix itself, the legislative victories would had made him the folk hero everyone expected.

Instead we are about to have our third election cycle in row that becomes a wave election. The Republicans are poised to make inroads in the Democrats majority in both the House and the Senate if not take the outright majority. The wave elections will continue until one of the parties wins the soul of America. The silent majority has been attempting to send the legislative branch and executive branch a message since 2006. It seems that message is not being heard and the voting public will continue with the wave elections until one party or the other wins over the soul of America. Whichever party listens and hears the people first will be the ultimate winner and win the right to govern this great country. We don’t want to hear Obama whining about the way he is talked about or hear Obama blame Bush when it is him that is behind the wheel. Americans understand Bush was President when the economy tanked, the 2008 election changed leadership in Washington. What Americans want is way path forward; a plan to get us out of the mess both parties had a hand in creating. The huge deficits facing America are the fault of Obama and the Democrats and not the Republicans or Bush.

We all can agree that the power of the purse belongs with Congress. Whoever controls Congress sets the appropriations and establishes how our tax payer dollars are spent. So I conducted a little research to find out who exactly is responsible for our massive and growing debt. The question is was is the Republicans that created the large deficits or the Democrats. What I found was astounding. The President is lying through his teeth blaming Republicans. It is the Democrats in Congress that included Obama that have created the large deficits, not the Republicans or Bush. Looking at the numbers I went back through the 12 years of a Republican led Congress. In 12 years or Republican majorities in the House and Senate (I will even give the Democrats 2001 through 2003 when the Democrats under Tom Dashle controlled the Senate) and found that between 1995 and 2006 the Republicans ran a total of $1.248 trillion dollars of deficit spending or on average $104 billion dollars per year. This all changed in 2007. Once the Democrats took control over the purse strings, the deficits have totaled $3.719 trillion dollars in 4 years or on average $930 billion dollars per year. Please let this all sink in; the Democrats managed to run three times the deficits in a third of the time and Obama has the audacity to blame the Republicans?

So let me get this straight. Obama is against the Bush tax cuts from 2001. A look back at the deficits recorded did see an increase immediately following the Bush tax cuts as expected in 2002 through 2004. However, once the tax cuts filtered through the economy the deficits were again declining from 2005 through 2007, with 2007 bringing record revenue from the taxpayers. Yet in one short year after the Democrats took over Congress the deficits shot through the roof. So it is not the wars our Nation is fighting, it is not the Bush tax cuts, it is not the Republicans in Congress, nope it is the Democrats that just can’t get enough of our hard earned dollars. It is no wonder then that democrats are having such a hard time this election cycle. The democrats are really the ones that have driven us in the ditch and don’t know how to get us out. It was the Obama administration dropping the ball on the economy, hoping it just fixed itself, while pushing his liberal agenda that has kept us in the ditch. Bottom line is the democrats are in trouble because they do not have a positive message to run on. Americans have tired of Obama’s whining and blaming Bush. Americans are tired of mortgaging our children’s future while receiving nothing in return except for more government intrusion in their lives. Americans are tired of trickle up economics. Americans are tired of a government that refuses to listen to the wisdom of the people. Americans want someone, anyone that will capture the American soul and return America to the prosperous nation it has the potential to be. America wants a leader that will capture her soul.

Friday, September 3, 2010

When Science Becomes Religion

No two things could be more polar opposite in their foundations than science and religion. Science requires empirical data to support the hypothesis and theories. On the other hand religion requires a blind faith. Science searches for answers and promotes ideas based in fact. The facts in science can be backed up with data. Religion uses anecdotal evidence as its proof. Nothing is actually proof in religion and in fact science often goes about attempting to use science to prove or more likely disprove long held religious beliefs and blind faiths. But what happens when science becomes a religion?

All we need to do is look James Lee. Lee became consumed by his environmental beliefs. Lee took maters into his own hands and became an ECO-Terrorist after viewing "An Inconvenient Truth" and reading "My Ishmael". Lee made the environment and Global Warming his religion. I know the media only believes Lee may have taken this too far, but I believe as I believe most Americans believe that he not only took the false religion too far but that he also terroized the community. This is not just a small isolated incident of a madman but rather a cult like feeding frenzy created by the liberals and their new found religion. Any time empirical data is manipulated and changed to meet the hypothesis rather than allow the data to speak for itself is nothing more than having blind faith in ones beliefs.

When science becomes religion like it has to the ECO terrorists then science losses its credibility. Religion and Science can co-exist but we can not allow empirical science be relegated to blind faith. Scientists know this and should be speaking out against those that would manipulate the data to fit their beliefs. Just like Hurricane Earl moving up the Eastern Seaboard. Yesterday another global warming fanatic said this was caused by global warming. This even though Earl lost steam just as would have been expected. In fact it is only a category 1 storm now as it moves north over cooloer water. Yet yesterday the global warming fanatic claimed it would strengthen and as global warming took greeater effect the hurricanes would become more fierce and more common up the Eastern Seaboard. What happened to empirical data? Why try to shoe horn events to make the case even when the empirical data says otherwise? Our science will not be worth anything as long as it attempts to become a religion expecting the people to blindly follow.

Americans Awaken; Hear Them Roar

Americans are just beginning to stir from a long slumber and they don't like what they are seeing. As more and more Americans open their eyes and rub the sleep away they are seeing an out of control government being fueled by the pathetic pawns of the media complex. The pathetic pawns in the media and the ruling elites are bewildered with some even calling the American people "spoiled Brats". While the pathetic pawns may believe we are throwing a temper tantrum, it is the pathetic pawns and the liberal left that is whining and not the American people. The American people are the ones taking the role of the stern parent and it is the left in American that is whining that our demands are too high. Perhaps Eugene Robinson should have renamed his article "The spoiled sibling lashes out at the responsible parents".

Political analysts, pollsters, and election handicappers, are all providing grim news for the liberal elites. Americans taking on the role of the responsible parent is about to take the keys to the family car away from the Demcorats and force the Presidnet back to the training wheels. The President, Democrats, liberals, and the pathetic pawns have consistently ignored the lectures from the American electorate. The establishment failed to listen or even consider following the rules and restrictions that we the people placed upon them. We instructed the liberal elites to focus on the economy. We told the liberal elites we did not like their health care plan. We told the liberals we liked the Arizona law on enforcing immigration laws. We told the liberals not to allow the Mosque at ground zero. The liberals did not listen. Like any adolescent, the liberals mouthed the words the parents wanted to hear, but then did what they wanted anyway.

Going into the last 90 days of the 2008 Presidential election cycle Obama and McCain were in a dead heat. When the economy tanked later in the fall, Obama was able to strike a populisdt message that resonated with the people. Obama was able to win by a 7 point margin. Instead of reading that mandate as a verdict oin the economy, Obama and trhe liberals read that as a verdict on their agenda. They didn't listen to the American people but rather went about their merry way to socializing America.

America wanted a focus on the economy. What they got was a bailout of the unions and liberal special interests. Instead of a $787 billion stimulus of the economy, we got spending on an auto bailout that protected the unions and money spent on studying the effects of cocaine on monkeys. Obama and the liberals believing that the economy would fix itself, then fixated on taking over America's health care system. For over nine months, in the face of fierce opposition, Obama pushed the liberal dream. Obama did not listen to the American people. Democrats did not seek bi partisan support. Instead they forced a plan that we had to pass in order to find out what was in it.

The health care act is as unpopular today as it was when it passed. Amercians are now just beginning to feel the effects of the overreaching liberal dream. Our health insurance premiums are on the rise and medical facilities are beginning to close their doors. Americans for the first time are realizing rationed health care. Instead of realizing promised stabilization of costs (bending the cost curve) we are experiencing a rise in premiums. The Democrats didn't reads their bill. To paraphrase Senator Conrad who quipped "do you think people want me to waste my time reading a bill filled with legislative language? Thats what we pay staffers for". Sorry Sneator but yes we do expect our legislators to read legislation. Maybe we pay to much for your staff. Having staffers does not relieve you of your responsibility. Immediately following the health care debacle, Obama began a run on immigration reform.

Instead of focusing on the economy as he promised during his first State of the Union Address, Obama fixated on destroying the State of Arizona. Arizona passed a law enforcing what is already Federal law and Obama decided it was a good idea to sue the State. Instead of unifying the country Obama decided it was a good idea to single out one of the United States. Obama and his State Department (led by Hillary Clinton) singled out Arizona for Human Rights abuses to the United Nations. Obama ignores real human rights abuses like the stoning of women in the middle east but castigates one of our States for simply enforcing laws that are already on the books.

So Obama the Muslim Appeaser decides that it is not good enough to simply apologize tot he world for America he also decides to weigh in on the Mosque at Ground Zero. Americans again overwhelmingly are against the Moque being built in the shadows of Ground Zero. Instead of following Gov Patterson's lead, Obama decided he would go against the people and use a false argument to support the mosque. Gov Patterson appealed to the developer and attempted to persuade the developer to relocate the mosque to a more suitable area. The developer outright refused. Obama attempted to create a false constitutional crisis in order to get his way. However, their is nothing unconstitutional about zoning laws. This is not about freedom of religion. This is all about the liberal left apologizing to those that attacked America.

So Mr. Robinson, it is not the American people who are throwing the temper tantrum. It is not the American people that are spoiled brats. No, it is the liberal elites and the liberal establishment that are throwing the temper tantrum. See the snobbish liberals just don't understands that Americans govern themselves. We don't like our wisdom and judgement to be questioned. We are a representative form of government. It was Obama himself that brought this on. Remember this gem?

See Obama took the elitist attitude that the will of the people doesn't matter accept for election day (2:55-3:05 see the shrug of the shoulders? See the relegsation of the people to only making a difference on election day?). Well elections do matter. The American people will keep voting until their voices are heard. We will keep taking the keys away and give themn to someone else until our representatives in Government start representing the people again. How ironic that the liberals see no issue with placing a tax cheat in charge of the Internal Revenue Service (read Tim Geithner). How about having the tax evader and low income rent abuser Charles Rangel writing our tax bills. Sorry, Eugene but it is the liberal left who are the sibling throwing the temper tantrum. Americans are awakening and taking responsibility for their government. The people are the parents. Please take your snobbish attitude, your whining rhetoric, and yoiur pathetic opinion somewhere else. Americans have awakened; Hear them roar.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Man Shrouded In Mystery

President Barack Obama is the ultimate mystery man. There doesn't seem to be any definitive record of who he is or where he came from. There has not been one person from Harvard, not one roommate from his college days, and not one childhood friend that has stood up and claimed he knew Obama. Yet, Obama has the audacity to complain that a large minority of Americans don't believe he was born in American and many believe Obama to be a Muslim.

Barack Obama has it in his power to place these rumors to rest. The way to put a rumor to rest is to show proof to the contrary and not allowing the rumor to fester. Instead of producing statements and documents proving the rumors false, Obama never comes out and denounces his Muslim faith nor does he produce the documents of his live birth. Notice yesterday in his interview with Brian Williams:

Notice the bait and switch. The context of the question revolved around Obama's religion and Obama answers it by saying he couldn't walk around with his birth certificate. Obama could have taken the opportunity to say hey look I'm a Christian. Sure many would have scoffed at the idea but at least Obama would have been definitive. Instead of meeting the rumor head on Obama changed the subject. To my knowledge no one has ever heard Obama denounce his Muslim faith. However, we have heard Obama claim his Muslim faith:

Obama always talks around the subject. Never claiming to be an outright Muslim, yet never claiming to be a Christian either. Obama always allows those around him to put words in his mouth in order to be able to parse the words later. I for one could care less what faith Obama follows. What concerns me is that Obama is not being true to himself or whatever if any faith he follows. Tough to be honest with the AMerican people when he can't even be honest with himself.

Now the birth certificate is even easier. All Obama has to do is produce his long form original birth certificate. Why that is so hard for him to do is beyond me. Obama doesn't want to walk around with it taped to his forehead but he won't even produce it so that the rumor can die a quick and painful death. Most of the so-called birthers would leave it alone if everything on the long form was redacted except for Barack's name and the hospital's name. Instead Obama shows a short form that proves nothing and produces a newspaper clipping. Obama has gone to great lengths to perpetuate the rumor and conspiracy theories regarding his citizenship. My guess is Obama's long form would show he was not born in a hospital but rather at home in the presence of a mid-wife. Nothing wrong with that except that it would fuel the fire that perhaps he was not born in Hawaii and was registered late.

Know the pathetic pawns would have one believe it was ridiculous that Obama's mother would have forseen the future President and therefore had no reason to document an American birth. However, the motive did not have to be so complicated and ridiculous. Illegal Aliens today seek documents allowing them to stay in this country. American citizenship opens many doors in this country. Seems to me if Obama wasn't born here that there was motive to hide an illegal immigrant and plant paperwork to make him a citizen. Why won't Obama just produce the documents? The answer may be because he is hiding something on the long form that he does not want anyone to know about. It may be something as simple as being born in the presence of a mid wife, it may be something embarrassing, who knows, all we know is Obama won't produce any documents that would show definitive proof.

While we are at it, why doesn't Obama produce any documents? We have never seen anything written by Obama other than his carefully scripted autobiographies. We have seen not one document authored by Obama in the Harvard Law review. We have not seen one opinion written by Obama concerning the constitution even though he was a Constitutional scholar. We have not seen his dissertation. We have not seen how his education was financed. In fact we have not really seen anything concerning Obama prior to his Community Organizer days.

Perhaps if the pathetic pawns had done their job and vetted Obama, Americans would not be questioning Obama's faith, place of birth, or political leanings. Instead of portraying Obama as the messiah, if the pathetic pawns had just done a little homework, then these rumors would just die down. Instead the pathetic pawns keep asking Obama the questions, Obama keeps dancing around the issues with his answers, and Americans are left in the dark to formulate their rumors. A man shrouded in mystery is subject to the rumors inspired by secrecy. For a man that preached transparency on the campaign trail, he certainly doesn't open up anything in his past.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Go Forward or Backup

Most Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. According to averages at Real Clear Politics, 61.3% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Yet, Obama believes he has struck the right chord by using his "the Republicans drove us into this ditch, are we willing to hand the Republicans the keys back?" The lines Obama uses around this theme are catchy and make his rich liberal donors laugh, but is it a winning line. In order to assess the predicament and make the appropriate decisions to get us out of the ditch an analysis of how a car gets out of the ditch is necessary.

One can argue that it was the Democrats that drove us into the ditch in the first place. First of all, the economy was on the rise in 2005 and 2006 leading up to the wave election cycle of 2006. Democrats didn't win that wave election on domestic policy. Democrats won that election on foreign policy. The Democrats, aided by the pathetic pawns in the media, hammered Bush on the foreign wars and especially Iraq. Both Iraq and and the largely forgotten war in Afghanistan were going badly and popular support for the wars declined precipitously. Bush made his bed with the foreign wars and was unwilling to move back and reassess. The Democrats took over Congress in the fall of 2006 and the rest is history. Finally, realizing that the public would not support an endless war, Bush backed up and changed policies. Bush relented and finally followed the advice of military leaders and provided the troop surge that changed the direction of Iraq. While, Bush was busy with foreign policy the democrats began dismantling the American economy. The enactment of pet projects, like increasing minimum wage requirements, began eroding the American economy. While Bush was attempting to gain traction in foreign policy the Democrats sat at home and enacted job killing legislation. It was the democrats that screamed at the top of their lungs that the economy wasn't nearly as good as the numbers showed. Liberals went as far as to even claim that an increase in GDP showed the economy was actually contracting. But alas, Bush was President and has to take the blame for the economy that failed.

So the economy did eventually collapse under Bush watch. Obama, can and does say that it was Bush that drove the car in the ditch. However, in the 19 months since Obama was inaugurated, the economy has yet to recover. In fact, the economy is moving sideways at best and backwards into a double dip recession at worst. When America turned the keys to the car over to the Obama administration what did Obama do? I can tell you he stepped on the gas pedal; full speed ahead with the liberal agenda being pushed forward since 2006. The problem is that pushing forward is not he way to get the car out of the ditch.

Anyone that has ever driven into a ditch can tell you that stepping on the gas and pushing forward only makes things worse. Stepping on the gas moves one further into the ditch. One must use a series of steps, including backing up, in order to get back onto the main road. So while Obama is right when he says the car was already in the ditch when he became President, he is wrong when he equates it to going backwards and saying why would you give the keys back to the people who put us in the ditch in the first place. Any General will tell you that sometimes retreat is preferable tot he frontal assault that is going badly. Sometimes you have to take a step back and reassess in order to change the outcome. It is the Democrats that had the keys to the economy when it derailed and Obama never took the keys away. Instead Obama declared full speed ahead with the government takeover of our individual liberties and responsibilities. I would much rather have the economy of 2005 and 2006 then the economy of today. Prior to the liberal takeover of our country jobs were being produced, housing sales and prices were on the rise, and incomes were increasing. To me that is far preferable to the conditions of today, where the housing market is in collapse, labor hours and incomes are decreasing, unemployment is on the rise, and potential workers are so discouraged as to leave the market entirely.

If the elections of 2009, and the early and more recent primary elections are indications, Americans understand how to get the car out of the ditch. The status quo is no longer acceptable. Newcomers to the political arena are winning elections and the elitist politicians are being voted out in droves. A new crop of politicians that listen to their constituents is required to get us out of the ditch. We need to backup, reassess, and return to being the prosperous country that we once were. Our voices are being heard but the elitists are not listening. The citizens of this great country are on the verge of taking the keys away from all of the politicians that drove us in the ditch.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Has Obama Jumped the Shark???

The Presidents poll numbers are tanking and as the mid-terms approach many Democrats are running away from the President. Sitting at around a 45% approval rating has the President and many political pundits wondering what went wrong. The President and the pathetic pawns in the media are questioning what might be happening. The media is dumbfounded that such an ambitious and intelligent President could be so unpopular with the American public. Many pundits are touting the Presidents so-called legislative victories and wonder how with all of the victories in the legislative process the President could be held in such low esteem in the eyes of the public. The questions surrounding the approval of the Presidnet lead on to ask Has Obama Jumped the Shark?

The answer of course is not yet known. If the election were held today it would be a Republican Presidnet saying "Elections have consequences" and not Obama. Luckily for Obama his election is two and a half years down the road. The one thing that is certain is that in order for Obama to regain his popularity and to have a chance in a future election he must change his ways. Obama is viewed as being out of touch and running an incoherent administration. The blame Bush mantra is falling on deaf ears as the American public has already placed the blame on Bush and provided Obama with a golden opportunity. Obama rather than seizing the moment and taking advantage of the opportunity failed in recognizing the most important general rule of politics; "It's the economy stupid". In Obama's haste to reshape America into his Socialistic dreams Obama ignored the economy and fattened the pockets of his special interests. Instead of focusing on jobs, Obama focused on a costly health care bill for almost an entire year.

The mid-terms are fast approaching and this election will have its consequences. November is shaping up to be the third wave election in a row. The American people are speaking but the President and the Democrats are not listening. Over 60% of the people are against the Health Care reform and want it repealed. The American people realize the stimulus package was an utter failure. The American people are against the Ground Zero Mosque being built on hallowed ground. The American people are against the Arizona lawsuit. The American people are against amnesty for illegal immigrants that have broken our Nations laws. Obama and the Democrats are on the wrong side of every major issue facing the country.

While it is true that if the economy would turn around the Presidents approval rating will improve. However, an improving economy may not be enough to save this administration. Unless Obama and the Democrats change their ways and come in line to the American lines of thought then Obama is doomed. Had Obama focused on the economy and then worked on his initiatives after the economy rebounded his accomplishments would not be quite so unpopular. However, Obama rammed his special interest agenda through Congress and ignored the will of the people. Obama is always quick with the sacastic metaphors, but he is very shallow and disconnected with real Americans.

As long as Obama constantly relegates the people to the sidelines except for election day his numbers will continue to decline and yes he will have indeed jumped the shark. The Presidency is not about Obama. The Presidency is about America and her people. The Presidency is bigger than Obama and overshadows him. Until Obama understands these facts his popularity will continue to decline. Obama must come to the realization that the Presidency is not a ceremonious post that allows him to be a celebrity. The presidnecy is about leadership. America is on the wrong path. We are headed down the path of destroying ourselves. I believe in America and believe America will be prosperous again. Unfortunately, it appears the sun is setting on a once great nation. In order to make the sun rise again on the worlds greatest democracy we need a leader that focuses on the immediate needs of the nation. Today those needs are economic needs. Americans need jobs. It is Obama the is obstructing the will of the people and not the Republicans that are attempting to make the President realize that thus far he is an utter failure, looking at a historic defeat in the mid terms. Time will tell if the President has jumped the shark. One thing is for certain, Americans are hurting and Obama is jet setting. Do the pundits really have to wonder why Americans are not worshipping the messiah of the pathetic pawns?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Constitution and the NYC Mosque

The controversy over the building of a mosque near ground zero has nothing to do with the 1st Constitutional amendment. Here is what the 1st amendment says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

No one is making any law towards the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion. No where in the first amendment does it say anything about zoning regulations or building requirements. No one is saying Islam can't be practiced in NYC. In fact no one is saying a mosque can't be built in lower Manhattan. All that is being said is that there is a compelling reason not to allow the building of a mosque overlooking Ground Zero. Governor Patterson is on the right track. The Governor is willing to negotiate a new site for the mosque rather than two blocks from ground zero. The President is wrong there is no right to build a mosque just anywhere. This is not a constitutional issue at all and it is morally wrong.

There is an easy way to avert an impending disaster. In the name of public good the Governor should use his power of eminent domain. The Governor is doing the right thing in negotiating. Patterson now just needs to follow through and go the route of eminent domain as long as the developers are unwilling to negotiate.
Under eminent domain the property may be taken either for government use or by delegation to third parties who will devote it to public or civic use or, in some cases, economic development.

This particular building should taken from the developer and be turned into something of public use. The is a public safety issue for both the followers of Islam who would attend daily prayer in the mosque and also the residents of the city. The president is on the wrong side of this. The Presidents words and actions are inciting violence. There is no doubt that if the developer moves forward and begins building the mosque there will be violence. We wouldn't allow James Earl Ray to be buried next to Martin Luther King Jr. so why should we allow a mosque to be built in the shadow of Ground Zero? Obama is wrong and for a Constitutional Scholar he isn't too smart.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rangel Must Resign

The only deal involving Charles Rangel must include an immediate resignation. Rangel is about to go on trial in the house for ethics violations. Rangel never denies he is ethically challenged. His only excuse is that everyone does the same things. This my friends is no excuse.

The excuse that everyone else does is not an appropriate excuse. The left has come to Rangel's defense and insist the ethics charges are not as bad as they seem. The left and the pathetic pawns in media sugest there is racial motivations involved. The pathetic pawns keep bringing up all the "good things" Rangel has done. In the minds of the liberal elite ethics violations are fine as long as it comes from a loyal servant of the people. Never mind that while Rangel was writing higher taxes for Americans he himself was neglecting to pay his due share. Don't worry that while there are homeless people in the city of New York that Rangel rented not 1 but 4 low income housing units in the city. Never mind that Rangel didn't disclose lobbyist paid for junkets. No turn a blind eye because Rangel has a history of looking out for the little guy. Just because Rangel evaded taxes is no reason to call him ethically challenged.

Last month when the charges were announced, Rangel and the Democrats on the ethics panel entered into negotiations to resolve the issue before a trial could be brought forth. Don't worry that Rangel was only talking to the Democrats on the committee. It is certainly not unethical for a charged Congressman trying to cut a deal with his own party rather than the board as a whole. The media is portraying this as rae related. After all it is only Rangel and Waters (both African Americans) that have been referred to trial. It has to be all about race.

Now it seems Rangel wants to blame Republicans for his trial. Seems he signed a plea deal before the charges were referred. It was only those darned Republicans that caused this to go to a trial. Rangel could have easily cut a deal with the American people. All he had to do is admit his ethics problems and resign not just his chairmanship but also his seat in the House. Instead he would rather take a slap on the wrist and continue bilking Americans out of their hard earned money. The trial is no one's fault but Charlie Rangel's. The only person that didn't pay Rangel's taxes was Rangel. The only person renting 4 housing units designed for low income people for Rangel was Rangel himself. The only person that didn't disclose Rangel's financial dealing were Rangel. See this is all about Rangel and the ethics violations he committed. It is not about what others have done. It is not about the Republicans. It is only about Rangel.

The excuses from the pathetic pawns in the media and Rangel sound like a teenager excusing themselves for missing curfew. After all everyone else misses curfew why shouldn't they themselves. Pelosi is right when she says the swamp needs to be drained. Pelosi needs to start by cleaning her own house. Rangel must go and the only deal that should be cut is for Rangel to admit his wrongdoing and resign his seat in the House. No more adolescent excuses all Rangel has to do is resign. Reprimand should not be an option, Rangel wrote tax policy and then evaded his own taxes anything short of immediate resignation just opens emboldens the ethically challenged politicians.

When The People No Longer Matter

The founding documents of America are rich in their thoughtfulness and wisdom. Our government was developed with the belief of freedom and liberty for all. Read the words of Thomas Jefferson. He said all men are equal and have inalienable rights. The constitution begins with the simple and effective phrase:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Our country was founded on the principle of "the people" not only participating in their government but becoming the government. The wisdom of our founding fathers lies in the fact that the developed the constitution based upon self governance. However, career politicians have become elitists that rule rather than govern. career politicians have come to believe that it is they that know what is best for the country and not the people. The career politicians have taken our country away from the people and decided to give the country to themselves.

The main issue is the two party system in America. The career politicians place their party ahead of the people. Instead of the politicians representing the people, they represent their party. Is there any wonder nothing beneficial ever gets accomplished. Is there any wonder that America has become a country for the extremes rather than the middle? Obama once said "thats what elections are for". This one statement by the President shows the disdain that career politicians like Obama have for the people of this country. Obama himself relegated he people to the sidelines. Instead of governing Obama wants to rule. Instead of promoting the general welfare of the people, Obama promotes himself. We have many issues in our country but the career politicians are not listening to the people.

Last summer, the pathetic pawns of the media were aghast that "we the people" showed up at our representatives townhalls and called them out. The pathetic pawns pushed the meme that "we the people" should respect the politicians. I have news for the pathetic pawns, the politicians are employed by us, "we the people". It is the politicians that should respect us not the other way around. The politicians serve at the convenience of the people. "We the people" should be held in reverence not the other way around. "We the People" should not be dismissed except for election day. Our government should be responsive to our needs and not just responsive to the needs of the politicians. Our career politicians have become elitists that are attempting to fulfill a higher level personal need. Our politicians believe they are above us and should be dictating what we need and desire. Our career politicians are pathetic clowns searching for inner salvation at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve.

All we have to do is look around us. The American people were adamantly against the health care proposal, yet the career politicians rammed it through against our will. We attended townhalls but were dismissed as angry mobs. We protested on capitol but were lied about and called racists. We begged and pleaded with our government, but we were ignored. Our politicians were even bribed to accept a government takeover we did not want. In Missouri last week, Proposition C passed and the state outlawed the individual mandate. Senator Claire McCaskill said in one breath the people have been heard. Yet in the next breath she said the vote didn't really matter.

In California, the people spoke and passed proposition 8. The people of California wanted marriage defined as between a man and a woman. An activist judge struck it down as being unconstitutional. I have a problem with that. It can't be unconstitutional when voted on by the people. This was not a law passed by the legislature that must pass constitutional muster. No this was passed by the people, the owner of the document. The people make the rules and can change the constitution as written. It is the will of the people, not the will of the courts. The courts in California provided the right for homosexuals to marry, when the people took that right away, an activist judge cried foul and said once given a right can not be taken away without due process. Unfortunately their was due process. That due process was in the form of a constitutional amendment to the California constitution defining marriage.

In Arizona, the people have spoken. Arizonians want the law of the land enforced. Instead of yielding to the will of the people, Obama had his justice department sue Arizona. Another activist judge decided to strike down the meat of the law. Arizona did not change federal law, they just voted in a law that would enforce our immigration laws. Obama says it is an anti immigration law. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a law to uphold the law of the land. In a lawful society we must obey and enforce the laws. The Arizona law is a pro immigration law meant to protect legal immigrants and residents against those that are in the country illegally. The people of this country want our borders protected.

We the people want the government to promote domestic tranquility. Is it promoting domestic tranquility by allowing a mosque to be built in the shadows of round zero? The people of New York City are against the mosque being built. Yet the city government is going against the will of the people and allowing the mosque to be built. Many activist supporters are claiming the right to religious freedom as why we should allow the mosque to be built. This is a weak argument. No one is stopping the practice of religion. There are plenty of Mosque's in the city in which to practice their religion. Claiming first amendment freedom of religion here is like claiming freedom of speech when someone wants to place a KKK museum next to Martin Luther King Jr.s gravesite.

We are a Nation today that has seen it better days. Our career politicians have become elitists that have taken our government away from us and made it their own. We have become a country that is ruled by the elitists rather governed by the people. We are on a path of unsustainable debts. We are on the path of moral decline. We are on a path towards destruction. Our government is not providing for a common defense of the people as evidenced by the invasion along our southern border. Our government is not promoting domestic tranquility as evidenced by our career politicians lying about racial epithets being tossed around. Our prosperity and strength rely on the will of the people and the individual freedom and liberty afforded us in our constitution. As we can plainly see, we will begin to fall like all other great civilizations when the people no longer matter.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Paul Krugman An Economist?

Paul Krugman claims to be an economists, in reality Krugman knows nothing about economics not even economics 101. In Today's Keynesian screed Krugman seems to be saying that all tax cuts reduce revenue.

But the budget office has done no such thing. At Mr. Ryan’s request, it produced an estimate of the budget effects of his proposed spending cuts — period. It didn’t address the revenue losses from his tax cuts.

However, any economist will be able to explain how tax increases reduce the amount of revenue taken in by the government over time while lowering taxes will increase revenue taken in over time. The reason is really basic in the principles of economics. All one has to do is read any economics book about how businesses set the prices of their goods. Set the price to high and sales will decrease and the company loses revenue. The same is true of taxes. When the rates of taxes are too high revenue decreases. We can see this with our government.

Take California for example. California boasts some of the highest taxes in the land and yet they are on the verge of bankruptcy. The same can be said of New York and New Jersey. Does anyone see the trend? The states with the highest rates of taxation are also the sates with the largest budget deficits. In 2007, our country took in more revenue than ever before. Our deficits as a nation were on the decline yet Krugman along with the lunatic left push the meme that higher taxes will solve what ails America. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama and the left have pushed their Keynesian policies for the last 4 years. In the last 18 Months Obama took a almost $500 billion deficit and turned it in to $1.5 trillion dollar deficits. The problem is not that we tax to little. Our government spends to much. For example why in the world would the government spend stimulus dollars on a study of the effects of cocaine on monkeys? How many jobs did that save or create? Today's unemployment numbers show not only a decline in jobs, but also a steady stream of prospective job seekers leaving the workforce. The 9.5% unemployment rate may have been static this month but only because the job losses last month, under the Obama and Krugman economic strategies, was outnumbered by the hard working Americans leaving the workforce.

Mr. Krugman has written in the past that deficits are good. Government spending raises output. The basic premise may or may not be true. What is true is that perpetual debt increases are bad for the economy. Running annual deficits at 10% of GDP is unsustainable. We need to get our fiscal house in order and raising taxes on "The rich" is not going to create or save any jobs. There is a reason businesses are sitting on $1.8 trillion dollars. The reason is uncertainty and taxes. When the government increases taxes on the job producers what we get is less jobs, higher unemployment, lower tax revenues, and a shrinking economy. Mr. Krugman you are no economist. Mr. Krugman, you are an idiot that wouldn't know a Keynesian crisis if it hit you in the nose.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Obama Nuance......

Today we learn that Obama did know of the release of the Lockerbie Bomber. According to "The Australian" the Obama administration found a "compassionate release" preferable to keeping al Megrahi in a Libyan Jail. Yet Obama said he was surprised at the release and all Americans were disappointed.

“I think all of us here in the United States were surprised, disappointed and angry about the release of the Lockerbie bomber,” the president said, speaking in a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron. “We welcome any additional information that will give us insights and better understanding on why the decision was made.”

Read more:

To most people Obama's remarks are an outright lie. I am sure the pathetic pawns will spin this as nuance if they even bother to report this. Why didn't the president just tell the Scottish that we did not wish to have the bomber released. Instead Obama just said well if you don't keep him in Scotland then just release him. This negotiation was done under the cover of darkness as usual for this administration.

THE US government secretly advised Scottish ministers it would be "far preferable" to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya.

Then Obama has the nerve to say:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday welcomed the congressional investigation into any role BP may have played in the release of the only man, a Libyan, convicted of the 1988 airline bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, an inquiry that could reveal whether the embattled oil giant lobbied for the bomber’s release to win drilling rights in Libya.

Obama knew all along and then feigns anger at BP and the Scots. It seems that BP may not have been involved at all but Obama and his administration was.

The Scottish government was "never, at any point" lobbied by oil giant BP to release convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, according to a letter sent late Wednesday by Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry.

Obama lied to the American people. Intentionally misleading is dishonest and the same as lying. The American people deserve to know exactly why Obama deemed it appropriate to say as long as the bomber was being moved Scotland should just release him. I believe an investigation is in order to determine why Obama felt it necessary to mislead the American people. The highly politicized Obama Department of Justice wants to show how great our justice is by trying KSM in New York City by civilian courts. I must wonder is that so Obama can negotiate with terrorist for the release of KSM at a later date? Perhaps Obama will offer KSM a full presidential pardon after his conviction? This isn't nuance. It is another lie from the appeasement Administration.

It's The Policies Stupid

Over the past couple of weeks the media pathetic pawns have been wondering why the Presidents popularity has been tumbling into the abyss. The pathetic pawns tout how many bills he has signed into law. The Pawns have been carrying Obama's water for so long they no longer recognize unpopular policy when the evidence is right in front of them. Obama's approval is falling due to unpopular policy and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

The Obama stimulus has been an udder failure. Obama tripled the annual national debt in his first year. The administration has been claiming the green shoots of recovery since April 2009. Now a full 15 months later the economy is still spinning its wheels. Those green shoots in the spring of 2009 have turned into the burned look of dormancy. The stimulus wasn't exactly popular with the American public but we supported it as a way to turn the corner. We were promised unemployment would stay under 8%. Now Obama is on the wrong side of unemployment figures as unemployment stands at 9.5%. Further there is even worst news. Unemployment would be much higher if not for the millions of workers that have given up hope and simply left the work force. Obama's mortgage help faied on two fronts. First the mortgage bailout didn't do anything for those that needed a helping hand. A person that was current on their mortgage but hurting financially couldn't be helped. Instead those that were incapable of paying their mortgage was helped which has only prolonged the agony. Remember the cash for clunkers? This program simply moved sales from the future into the now. This program did nothing except to add future inflation. How about the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers? Again all this did was reduce the value of our homes by $8,000. Future sales were pushed into the now. May, June, and July have been horrendous months for the housing industry. Foreclosures are up and house prices are down. Obama's help with mortgages has caused deflation. Obama's Keynesian tinkering has delayed the recovery.

Obama then moved on to Health care. For over one year the Democrats ignored the economy in favor of health care reform. The bill did have a few popular provisions but the overall bill was opposed by a majority of Americans. Instead of working a compromise, Obama jammed his bill through Congress through political maneuvering. The Pathetic Pawns promised the Democrats that it wasn't the bill that was unpopular but rather the process. Now after Months after passage the health care bill is just as unpopular. The beliefs buy the political elite that the bill wasn't explained to the American people is false. The problem is the American people weren't buying. The American people are not stupid but it sure seems the pathetic pawns and the Democrats are stupid.

Obama then moved on to promoting race baiting. The mid terms election are looking like another wave election. Instead of pushing his failed policies the administration instead resorted to "blaming Bush" and using race as a wedge issue. Race relations have been set back more than a generation. The Sherrod story now circulating is a perfect example. Let there be no doubt that Sherrod's comments were taken out of context. Yet again let there be no doubt that Sherrod is still a racist. CNN is all over Andrew Breitbart for taking comments out of context. Where was CNN when Dan Rather submitted forged documents. Why no outcry from CNN when Rather tried to explain away his forgeries and fake documents as "the premise of the story is still true". Same thing with Sherrod, Breitbart's premise is still true, she was a racist and from her comments on network News shows she still harbors racist views even if she did finally help the poor white farmer. The pathetic Pawns are missing the larger story. Race relations in this country are going backwards. Instead of a post racial President that looks beyond the color of skin, we have a President that looks at everything through the color of skin. Just like the Cambridge incident or just like the dismissal of the New Black Panther Party charges even after the government won its case. Instead of the Pathetic pawns looking into the facts surrounding the whistle blower comments the Pawns instead recite the administration talking points.

The administration decided to sue Arizona for political gain. The American people overwhelming support Arizona and defending our homeland borders, yet the pathetic pawns and Obama go against the public and sue a state that is only doing the job of the federal government. Arizona is taking the law in their own hands not because the are racist and not because the Federal Government is incapable of doing its job, no, Arizona is doing the work of the Federal Government because the government refuses to do its sworn duty.

Sure Obama has been able to cram many unpopular bills through Congress. Americans are giving credit where credit is due. We don't like the bills and we feel our government is on the wrong track. Obama is failing in his policies and not failing in getting ill advised policies through Congress. The pathetic Pawns may walk around in a haze with tingles up their legs whenever Obama talks all they want, the fact is the people see the policies for what they are and we don't like them. Its not how many laws a president signs but rather the laws themselves. Obama has wroked hard but so have the day laborers in Arizona. We don't want the day laborers in the oval office and right now we don't want Obama there either.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Failure of Epic Proportions

Journalism in America is dead. The pathetic pawns formerly known as the main stream media is currently a miserable failure. Yesterday, Shirley Sherrod of the US Department of Agriculture was forced to resign due to a phrase in a speech containing racist language. The Obama administration and the NAACP both threw her under the bus without all of the facts. In their haste they listen to part of a story missing the larger context of the speech.

The speech as provided by was cut to only show the comments leading up to a big surprise ending. Yes it seems Ms. Sherrod was at one time a racist. Seems she was a bit perturbed that she had to help a "white" farmer when so many black farmers needed her help at the government trough. Yet, this "white" farmer washer "come to Jesus" moment, the point of where she realized her racist views had no place in her work. The pathetic pawns not only missed the initial story but they missed the bigger story. There was a media blackout regarding the initial story. The Obama administration afraid to be seen as the racists that they are decided that rather then provide fodder to the right blogosphere forced Sherrod to resign. The pathetic pawns in an effort to shield the inept administration didn't report the initial issue and didn't investigate either. The pathetic pawns in an effort to protect their chosen President forgot to do their job. How very ironic that the pathetic pawns in their haste to hide any bad new coverage of their chosen President were the main reason Obama made a hasty judgment and bad decision.

The original story of racism still stands. There is no doubt Sherrod was and probably still is a racist. Her comments even taken in context prove at a minimum she was a racist. Sherrod took her racism to the workplace and by her own admission she didn't do all she could have done to help the farmer. In the end everything worked out. However, there is an even bigger story the media is missing. This story was provided as an attempt to show how the NAACP is quick to accuse conservatives as racist but leave their own alone. The NAACP was quick to promote the story of racism with the tea party activists taking many comments out of context and even pushed proven false narratives. This blatant racism by the NAACP is the larger story.

The story behind the racist NAACP has now open racial wounds that run deep. The left has decided they will run the 2010 mid terms as a referendum on race. Behind every tree lies a conservative racist is the left's battle cry. This whole Sherrod story proves the pathetic pawns have been neglect in their jobs. Instead of informing Americans of what is happening around the country, the pathetic pawns decided to follow the advice a Campbell Brown and present the news as their liberal views tell them is the news. Instead of objectivity, the pathetic pawns decided they were the propaganda machine for the left and went on the attack against Conservatives. The pathetic pawns are as guilty of dividing this country as much as the Obama administration. Both the issue with Sherrod's comments and the bigger picture of rampant racism by certain elements of black culture are a journalistic failure of epic proportions. As I have said in previous posts the election of Obama was going to set race relations in America back 100 years. Little did I know that it would come to light so quickly.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Did the Dream Die?

Racial rhetoric is on the rise. From reading the recent headlines one would have to believe that behind every tree is hiding a racist. Everything from the Reverend Jesse Jackson outrageously claiming the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers considered Lebron James a slave, to Eric Holder claiming Arizona SB 1070 is a racist and anti-immigrant bill and everything in between is about racism. Instead of being the “post racial” President we were promised, Obama is the most racist President we have ever had. Instead of leading America to the promised land of equality for all, what Obama is presiding over is the reshaping of America into a revengeful society, where long since past social transgressions are paid in full through a program called “Social Justice”. I must wonder if that is what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. meant by “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

In Obama’s world of Social Justice the flailing arms of government are looking at everything through the prism of race. The DOJ has been accused of having a directive in place to drop civil rights cases that involve “white plaintiffs and black defendants”. Rather than judge the merits of the case through a justice system that is to be blind, Eric Holder is judging the cases based on the color of skin rather than the merits of the case and the character of the person. To Obama and his liberal cronies color is a determining factor in all that they do. Holder came out against Arizona because of some perceived “social injustice towards the brown man”. This even though the Arizona bill expressly prohibits racial profiling and only enforces current federal law. Rather than work to change our immigration laws, Obama would rather interject race into the battle and claim racism than prosecute crimes committed against society.

Yesterday was appalling. The NAACP proclaimed the tea party activists to be racists, this even though as we search for participants and analyze racial makeup we find that the participants come from all walks of life. The racial makeup is remarkably close to the makeup of the country as a whole. To the “post racial President, the NAACP, and the liberal lapdogs in the media, the African Americans that stand up for middle America are nothing more than “Uncle Tom’s”. What a shame it is in our country that instead of equal opportunity for all, we have a President that is all about making up for past transgressions by placing minorities above the law in the name of social justice.

America will never be able to unite and realize the dream of Martin Luther King Jr until the “social justice” doctrine is thrown out with the rest of the trash. Social Justice is not the same as “every man is created equal”. We all have unalienable rights, which includes whites as well as blacks, reds, yellows, browns, pinks, blues, and purples. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans will never be realized until everybody decides to live the dream King had. We must all wake up and look only at a person’s character rather than through the prism of race. Until Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and the other race baiters stop the racial prejudice disguised as “Social Justice” we are doomed to never realize the dream of an American hero. Race baiting is racism disguised as a cry for equality and justice.

We are going backwards in this country with our race relations. By not pursuing justice that a civil society requires we are opening the door to treating others different due to the color of their skin. By definition that is not equality or justice for all. Elevating someone based on the color of their skin is just as bad as keeping someone down based upon the same criteria. Racism is racism no matter how it is disguised. Racism is racism no matter how it is rationalized. The fringe elements will always have racists no matter the color of skin and cuts in every direction. Until we realize that racism has no place in a civil society no matter how it is disguised, the dream will have died along with King.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Punish The Masses vs Punish the Wrong Doers

The main difference between liberals and conservatives is that the liberals believe in the right of the State while conservatives believe in the right of the individual. This fact can be see in the way the left in our country writes the laws and the way the right in our country write the laws. In San Francisco, the board of supervisors will make the final determination on a law to ban "pets" in the city.

Instead of enforcing the rule of law and punishing individuals that abandon and abuse animals, the left punishes all of society for the sins of the few. The right would rather a law that punishes the wrong doer. Instead of banning pets the right would strengthen punishment. Individuals would have their freedom as long as they followed the rule of law. The left however doesn't like holding individuals responsible. Instead they would rather punish the nameless "people".

The left does this with most of their laws. Look at Chicago, instead of punishing criminals that use guns in commission of crimes, the city instead banned all handguns in the city. When the Chicago law was struck down, the mayor of Chicago whined and instead of toughening the punishment on individuals committing crimes with guns decided it was better to ban the sales of guns in the city and then say the guns have to remain in the owners house. In my belief this will eventually also be struck down because it is clear in the constitution that "the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed". The supreme court has already ruled there is an individual right in the constitution. Banning the sale of guns definitely "Infringes" on that right.

Another example is the the provision in Obamacare mandating everyone purchases health insurance. Instead of holding individuals responsible this bill takes away the rights and freedoms of the individual. The left is against individual, rights, freedoms, and responsibility. The left believes in communal living and the rights of the community but America was not founded on the rights of the community. America is based on individual rights and freedoms.

The liberal philosophy is only rewards irresponsible people. their philosophy encourages illegal activity and protects criminals. Banning pets takes away the rights of responsible individuals and places them into a position of breaking the law to be able to fulfill one of their hierarchical needs. Banning guns only ensures the law abiding individuals can not protect themselves while the criminals thrive. Banning goods and services never work. America tried a national ban on alcohol at one time and guess what? It had to be repealed and created the gangster life and the roaring "20s".

Please liberals stop making laws that benefit the lawless at the expense of the individual. Punish the individual wrongdoers, you know the ones that actually commit crimes, and leave the responsible Americans alone. It doesn't take a village to raise our children, it takes two individuals. Stop encouraging illegal behavior and start rewarding the law abiding citizens of this great country.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Highly Politicized Department of Justice

The current Department of Justice has absolutely been politicized by the Obama administration. Two recent cases make the point. The first case involves voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party and the other is the lawsuit filed against Arizona. The voter intimidation case was dropped to protect two black thugs who stood in front of a polling place in black uniforms and jack boots, one of the thugs was brandishing a weapon. The Arizona lawsuit is against the people of Arizona because of Arizona SB 1070. This bill makes it a state crime to live in Arizona illegally.

The President of the United States has sworn an oath to enforce the laws of the country. In both of these cases the laws of the land were not being enforced. Voter intimidation and voter fraud are illegal. The thugs in Philadelphia were brandishing weapons and intimidating voters and election workers. The real reason the thugs were camped out was to ensure the election observers did not object to people voting fraudulently. The thugs were ACORN's enforcer. Instead of backing the law of the land Obama and his Justice Department dropped the case. According to former Justice employees Holder instructed the Civil Rights Division to drop all cases involving blacks infringing upon the rights of white voters. Instead of upholding our laws Obama has decided that in his "Social Justice" theory African Americans should be provided special protection from breaking laws because of the color of their skin and past injustice. Imagine if two skinheads were standing if front of a polling place brandishing weapons. Do you think "hate crimes" may be invoked? Everyone from the pathetic pawns in the media, to Congress, to the President would be screaming racism and vow to protect the citizenry of thuggery. Yet Obama lets his "pals" flaunt the law. Read more at Hot Air

In Arizona a bill was passed that only authorizes local law enforcement to help enforce current immigration law. Arizona did not change Federal Law all they did was say local law enforcement could ask for identification and proof of legal status if they were stopped for breaking a law and there is suspicion that perhaps they may be in our country illegally. Local enforcement of immigration laws is only enforced as a secondary issue. No one is to be stopped simply because there is suspicion of illegal immigrant status. Instead of enforcing the laws of the land Obama has decided to go after a State that wrote a law enforcing Federal law. There are cities that have written sanctuary laws that are in direct violation of Federal law but Obama instead of going after illegal activity goes after executives that enforce the laws of the land.

I have news for Obama: you can't pick and choose which laws you enforce. It is not your job to pick and choose. Sure you may have priorities but you can't ignore laws you disagree with. If you want to change the laws you disagree with then persuade Congress to change it. The President is the Chief Executive charged with enforcing our laws. Congress is charged with making the Laws and the courts charged with interpreting the laws. It is outrageous that Obama has politicized the Justice Department. Obama was one of the ringleaders charging that Bush politicized Justice. But what Obama is doing to politicize Justice is unconscionable. To Obama, blacks cannot discriminate. Blacks cannot intimidate voters. Blacks are held to a lower standard. Yet States cannot provide assistance because it may make the Department of Justice actually do its job. Perhaps Obama could step up and have Justie drop this lawsuit. The money that is to be wasted in a frivolous lawsuit may be better spent extending unemployment benefits for the people looking for work in Obama's woeful economy. Or Obama should spend the money that is about to be wasted on actually protecting our borders and actually doing his job of enforcing our Nations Laws.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Obama Depression

Obama's lack of interest in the American Economy has hurled us towards the brink of disaster. Early in Obama's Presidency an ill-conceived stimulus package crossed his desk. The young President hailed this bill and claimed the bill would keep unemployment under 8% by "creating or saving" 3.5 million jobs. For the next year Obama ignored the economy while claiming credit for the economic expansion. In April 2009, Obama spoke of the green shoots of growth. In JUL 2010, it was reported that over the reporting period the economy shed 125,000 jobs and 652,000 left the workforce.

One Obama signed the stimulus bill he took his eye off the economy. After all, in every recession since the great depression the economy rebounded all by itself and the President at the time reaped the benefit. There was no reason to focus on the economy and Obama would bask in the sun claiming his $1 trillion dollar bailout saved the economy. Obama followed the advice of his Chief of Staff and didn't allow a crisis to go to waste. Obama moved on after the stimulus passed. Obama had decided he was going to socialize American Health Care.

For the next year all Obama and the Democrats did was pass a partisan and unpopular health care bill. In the words of Nancy Pelosi the bill would have to be passed so we could find out what is in it. What we find out is that the bill will force rationing and waiting lines in our Emergency rooms. What we found out is that more people will lose what they currently have then will be able to keep it. What we found out is that a bill shrouded in secrecy expose every American to having less in health care then we now currently enjoy. While the Congress debated Obama dithered. We never heard another word correcting the course of the economy until the President's State of the Union address.

The President promised a pivot towards jobs. Instead we got a head fake while the President jammed his partisan bill through Congress. The President then moved on towards his energy bill. This is another bill that will kill American jobs and force even more companies to move off shore. The President hailed British Petroleum and bought into the Beyond Petroleum pitch by the oil company. It was the Obama administration that failed to properly inspect the deepwater Horizon oil rig. It was the Obama administration that was disengaged from the oil spill disaster. It is the Obama administration that allowed the oil to reach our beaches and decimate the Gulf Coast economies. While the oil spilled Obama was busy. Though Obama was busy it was not with a faltering economy, no, it was over the Arizona immigration law that only enforces Federal Law.

Last week the Congress went on vacation leaving 1.3 million Americans without unemployment benefits. Paul Krugman calls the Republicans heartless for not allowing passage of the unemployment bill. The problem is the heartless Democrats that wouldn't even try to find a way to pay for the bill. The Republicans weren't even demanding a fully paid for bill. In fact the bill would have passed if only the Senate had taken unspent stimulus dollars and paid for half of the proposed bill. I wonder who is really heartless: The party that is attempting to save us from ourselves, or the party that went on vacation without extending unemployment for political reasons? Sorry Nancy but unemployment checks are not responsible for job creation. It is the Democrats that are heartless not the Republicans who are trying to save our country from the liberal special interest party.

Entrepreneurs are sitting on $1.8 trillion dollars of stimulus. They are looking for the right investments. These entrepreneurs will continue sitting the sidelines until there is a signal of direction from the government. These entrepreneurs want to invest in America. The problem is right now we have a President intent on destroying the American economy as we know it. All Obama needs to do to get this $1.8 trillion stimulus injected into the economy is focus on the economy instead of the liberal grab bag of governmental handouts. Until then America will continue towards the impending depression and it will be Obama's depression not Bush's.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Reid Refuses To Provide Unemployment Extension

Harry Reid and the Democrats refused to extend unemployment benefits to 1.3 million unemployed workers. Instead of compromising and using unused funds from the failed stimulus package, Reid decided it was more important to play politics and take a vacation. The is the same Harry Reid that said it was a good day in America when the economy shed 36,000 jobs. This is the same Harry Reid that defended the failed stimulus bill and said it would keep the unemployment rate under 8%. We all know how accurate the prognosticator Reid has been with all of his predictions.

Let there be no doubt the failure to pass an extension of unemployment benefits is a failure of the Democrats. It was the Democrats that passed the "Pay Go" act and then immediately ignored the bill. The Republicans were even willing to compromise on the "Pay Go" if only the Democrats tap into unused failed stimulus dollars. Enough Republicans would have voted with Reid if only he was willing pay for half of the bill with unused stimulus money.

One day after Nancy Pelosi stated that Unemployment checks were the fastest way to create jobs the Democrats refused to play ball. Here is what Senator Dick Durbin (D) had to say "We've never done it," Durbin said. "And it is counterintuitive that to stop a recession we have to take spending away from one area and put it into another. We need to put money into the economy.". So let me get this straight; with unemployment standing at 9.5% and another month with 125,000 jobs lost Durbin's excuse is that it has never been done before? Durbin must not agree with Nancy that unemployment checks are the fastest way to create jobs?

We all know that it is the Democrats that are the party of "no". Everything is either their way or the highway. Democrats have been quick to say "elections have consequences". Obama once told the Republicans to get on board because in Obama's own words "I won". So while the Congress is on vacation, the unemployed get to suffer yet again.

I am not a fan of 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Normally, the unemployment benefit runs out after 26 weeks. There is a reason for the 6 month cut off. After 6 months out of the workplace potential employee has lost skills necessary to be competitive in the workplace. Many of the workers on extended unemployment will never have a job again. Unemployment checks do not create jobs and spending money on extended benefits takes money away from private investors and private capital. It is the private capital that creates new jobs.

After today's bad news on the economy and the failure of Democrats to extend unemployment checks I have but one question "How are trickle up economics working out?"

Democrats: The Party of Arrogant and Ignorant Elitists

Here is a video H/T Battleground States on why America is fed up with the Democrats. This video shows the arrogance of a political party drunk with power.

BLS: Cooking The Books????

Is the Obama administration cooking the unemployment books? In today’s report just out the official unemployment rate dropped from 9.7% to 9.5%. The economy shed 125,000 jobs last month yet the unemployment rate dropped. The reasoning behind the drop is that 652,000 people left the workforce. We would then have expected the U-6 underemployment report to indicate a rise in underemployment. However, according to the government that rate also dropped from 16.6% to 16.5%.

There seems to be some explaining to do. How could both rates drop when there was a loss of jobs, a population increase, and a loss in people looking for work? Today’s report is suspect and leads me to believe that the administration is cooking the books. One would expect the numbers to increase in either the unemployment rate or the under employment rate with a loss of 125,000 jobs, 301,000 decrease in household employment, and 652,000 in job seekers. This report out today is dismal and unlike the President I don’t see an improving job market. There is more to this story then the inept President is letting on. I disagree with Obama, we are not headed in the right direction. His stimulus plan failed America and now his administration appears to be cooking the books as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported numbers do not add up.

Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup: Culture of Corruption

Americans will never back soccer as a big National sport until the corruption is taken out of the game. The referees have too much influence and as the results come in from the world cup it appears instead of “may the best team win” the sport is “may the referees choose the winners”. Sometimes a referee can make the wrong calls. Missing a call is usually considered part of any game, but all out changing the outcome of any game is unacceptable. In most referee schools the first thing taught is that the referee’s should be invisible to the game. The game is about the players and not themselves.

Like many Americans, I was not happy when a goal by the US Striker Maurice Edu was disallowed. Video evidence shows if anything a foul should have been called on the Slovenians. This call could have caused the US not to advance through the group around. I wouldn’t harp on this call other than it is part of a theme in this world cup. Missed calls happen and if this was the only poor call but it wasn’t. The very next game in which the US was involved Clint Dempsey. Dempsey scored a goal that was disallowed for being offsides against Algeria. Again the evidence shows Dempsey was on sides and the goal should have been allowed. Again mistakes happen but two blown calls in two games against the US. However, it wasn’t only the US that had poor officiating.

Yesterday, the English were robbed of a goal. The goal would have tied the game and changed the entire complexion of the game. Instead due to the English having to press to get the equalizer the game became a rout. This should not have been the way the game ended. The English did score a valid goal the ball clearly passed the goal lines and both the Referee and the assistant missed the call? Then again in the Argentina game there was a goal allowed that should never have been. Argentina was clearly offsides yet the referee allowed the goal. The Mexican team was playing well to that point but after the goal they fell apart. Goals are disheartening to a team. When the officials make these horrendous calls that change the outcome of the game it becomes obvious the officials are playing favorites.

The US was never expected to be able to make it to the Finals. The US team has a reputation of being decent but not quite international caliber. In hindsight it appears the referees simply were against the US and did not want them to advance. The US had to be better than most teams just to make the knockout round. Then the last two bad calls yesterday went against the underdog. These bad calls changed the outcome of the game. It seems to me that there is a reason why the previous world cup winners have come from either South America or Europe; the referees are making certain no underdog has a chance. The underdogs have to be better than the competition and overcome not just their opponents but also the referees. The bottom line is international soccer will never become part of the American tradition unless the corruption by referees is taken out of the game.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're Not Bluffing!

I have some news for you Mr. Obama, we, the American people, are not bluffing. We want a responsible government that stays within their budget. We don't want tax increases that stifle business, we want the government to cut out spending. We the people understand the problem and it is not that we are taxed too little, no, its a government that spends too much. We are not bluffing when we say we want less government spending.

In Obama press conference at the Toronto G20 Summit, Obama whined that we had structural long term debt problems that were there before he took office. I wonder if he noticed that the structural problems he stated (medicare, medicade, social security) we caused by an out of control liberal agenda? These programs were always a pyramid scheme and even a shell game. The so-called lock boxes that contain the surpluses achieved by taxing the baby boomers simply is not there. Although the lock boxes are full, they are not full of money. Instead we have the great liberal scheme and gimmick. The democrats promised to keep the lock boxes and not waste the trust funds. Yet the lock boxes are only filled with IOU's.

This year the Social Security Administration has run in the red. The SSA will have to dip into the IOU box and the government will have to borrow more money to pay off their promises to the American people. The President can't fix any of these liberal Utopian ideas without going back on their promise and reducing benefits. The trust is being dipped into 7 years earlier than the Democrats expected. The Democrats spent and spent in the bountiful years and no that the monies are getting less and less there is no money to be had without further increases in taxes or reducing benefits. Remember the surpluses under Clinton? They were not really surpluses. Rather under Clinton we just didn't spend all of the intake from Social Security.

You talk a lot Mr. President but if you were really serious about deficit reduction you would not have gone to the G20 begging other countries to spend, spend, and then spend some more. There is a reason the rest of the G20 rejected your agenda. The reason is the borrowing has to stop. Europe and the US are so far in debt there is no way to ever pay all of our obligations. Worse yet there are even fewer countries willing or even able to take on more debt from insolvent Nations. Get serious Mr. President. Try spending less. Stop with the Health Care reform until we can actually afford it. Stop with the economy killing energy bill. Stop trying to take over the financial institutions. If you want to spend money on jobs find somewhere to pay for it. Perhaps if you were actually serious someone might believe you. See you said in a debate during your campaign that we needed a scalpel and not a cap on spending. Yet today you told the reporter that you have now proposed caps spending. We don't believe you Mr. President, but believe us we are not bluffing.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

AFL-CIO Economist vs Neil Cavuto

The Chief economist for the AFL-CIO resorts to profanity during an interview with Neil Cavuto. Ron Blackwell says Americans should not buy into the hysterics of deficit worries. Blackwell obfuscates when pressed on the fictitious "jobs created or saved" by the almost $1 trillion stimulus Obama has already wasted. Blackwell takes the lame Democratic line by blaming Bush for the deficit and the economy. Blackwell then resorts to profanity when called on his bogus Keynesian economics.

Blackwell is right, Americans are worried about jobs. The problem is that Blackwell and his AFL-CIO unions are not about created new jobs. Unions have never been about the creation of jobs. Unions are about protecting their current workers and destroy future jobs. Union labor is far more expensive to hire than non union labor. Please Mr. Blackwell, explain to the American people how many jobs your union has destroyed. Please explain how many corporations and industries your unions or unions like yours have destroyed. Please Mr. Blackwell, explain to the American people how many jobs have been shipped overseas due to the union demands.

More at Hot Air

Now when pressed on his non answers Ron Blackwell resorts to profanity. You know who is losing the debate. Anytime a debater loses their temper and resorts to profanity they have lost. Ron Blackwell, I have a word of advice, quit talking about jobs until you or your union finds a way to actually create jobs instead of destroying jobs.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's Unprecedented Disaster

The Obama administration is creating an unprecedented disaster in the Gulf. Instead of doing everything possible to prevent oil from reaching our shores, the administration is stopping efforts to dredge and built artificial sand berms intended to soak up the oil and stop the oil from reaching the fragile ecosystem along the gulf shores and in the marshes where sea animals bed their young. (More at Hot Air.) Instead of making recommendations and allowing the dredging activities to continue while new and better plans are drafted, the administration just shut them down. Sounds eerily similar to shutting down the barges last week because the Federal government wasn't sure they had life vests on the barges. Again instead of trying to avert the impending disaster the Obama administration is simply allowing it to destroy the Gulf coast.

Obama still has not lifted the Jones act which would allow foreign ships come in to provide assistance. Obama still hasn't gotten enough boom into the Gulf. Obama still hasn't done anything to contain the damage that is happening. Instead Obama is focused on blaming others, worrying about killing the Gulf economy with a moratorium that has already been deemed illegal, and claiming to be all over the issue. Seems to me the only thing Obama is all over is the local links.

Obama's response has been negligent and borderline criminal. Instead of leading Obama is politicizing the issue. It is high time this President get off the links and into the office. We need a leader that ensures all necessary resources are focused on keeping the oil off our shores. there is time enough for passing blame after the oil leak is stopped and the oil is contained off our shores. Stopping efforts by the local governments to protect their people is not the way to conduct business. Obama and his criminal left cronies scream for regulating everything, but here is an example where regulation is not helping. In fact, stopping efforts because it may endanger an area is ludicrous in light of the fact that the entire area may be destroyed. Obama is creating this unprecedented disaster and has no clue what to do.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Obama administration is showing a knack for failing to lead and govern. A Americans we need to take a step back and look at the perils facing our Nation. We must face the reality that Obama and the Democrats in Congress are incapable of governing. Both the President and the current Congress have done nothing but imperil our way of life. The Chicago politics employed by the rudderless government is slowly coming to light. The pathetic pawns are coming around realizing that Obama is not a leader and the Democratic Utopian ideals are nothing but a dream. Everything from the Gulf oil spill disaster, to the economy, to the war in Afghanistan, to our relations with allies are going horrible wrong.

On Sunday, Rahm Emanuel ridiculed Tony Hayward for being in attendance of a boat race involving a yacht that he owns while ignoring Obama drinking beer at baseball game and walking the greens of a golf course. The real problem is not Hayward, who was relieved of his Oil spill duties by BP earlier in the week, but rather the real problem is Obama who said “ I will not rest” until the Oil spill disaster is under control. Emanuel the inept is trying to portray a hapless CEO that had been relieved of his duties as rich, Republican, and out of touch. But the reality is that Hayward was relieved and no longer had any connection with correcting the spill or cleaning up his mess. Obama on the other hand claimed he would not rest. Obama said the buck stops with him. Then after saying the words, Obama immediately went drinking at the ball park and out for a round of golf. Obama has done nothing to contain the spill. Obama still has not waived the Jones act. Obama still is turning away the experts that can assist in containing the spill. Even Obama’s moratorium on the oil spill has been lifted by the courts. So what has Obama done except bully a private company into a $20 billion fund for cleaning up. Last week Obama gave his “rudderless” speech that failed in every way.

Then there is the economy. Obama thru almost $ 1 trillion at the economy and then took his eye towards socializing the country through unconstitutional health care mandates. Health care reform was a short sighted Utopian idea that will bankrupt the country. Yet health care reform took priority over the economy. In May, the number of purchased existing homes declined 2.2%. Unemployment is still at 9.7% and may rise even higher. Over a year ago Obama stated there were green shoots of growth. Still today the bitter green shoot clinger is claiming he saved the economy. The outlook on the economy today is worse than it was 6 months ago but the President is claiming success. A recent poll showed that increasingly Obama is taking the blame for the economy. The blame Bush meme isn’t working like it once did. Overall, 47% still blame Bush but what the pathetic pawns are trying to bury is that 45% are blaming Obama. I expect Obama will increasingly take the blame and by the first week of August Obama will take the majority of the blame. The signs of weakness in the economy will become evident with the 3rd Quarter report on GDP. The Congress even now refuses to complete their most basic of constitutional duties. Steny Hoyer just said that not only won’t the Democrats pass a budget but they won’t even try to come up with an outline. The Dmeocrats are punting their most basic function.

Then there is the foreign policy. GEN Stanley McChrystal and his staff crucified the inept administration. Yes the General and his staff were wrong and undermined the civilian authority over the military. Ordinarily our military would not undermine the Commander in Chief but when faith is lost and leadership absent the military leaders will lead. They will pick up the reigns and lead when the country is devoid of civilian leadership. Obama has lost the faith of his commanders, he has lost the battle of morale in the military, in short Obama’s lack of leadership has our military running amok. GEN McChrystal was wrong but his behavior is expected in the absence of a leader in the Oval Office.

Then Obama’s actions against one of our true ally’s in the Middle East are deplorable. Sitting the sidelines while Turkey flexes its muscle against our ally is despicable. Obama should have came out against Turkey’s actions and stated that NATO is at risk if Turkey didn’t stop being so irresponsible. Instead weak kneed Obama sided with Turkey and Hamas and told the world that Israel’s blockade was unsustainable. Instead of siding with our ally Obama sided with the terrorists.

Anyone can see that Obama is rudderless. Even Obama’s speech the other night on national TV showed how devoid of intelligence the administration truly is. Carter had his “malaise speech” and now Obama has had his “rudderless speech”. Wake up America and throw the inept Democrats out of Washington. Wake up and place Obama on the sidelines until we can vote in a leader to the Presidency.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Superhero Needed; Leadership Required

What a difference a couple of years make. During the 2008 campaign America was finally getting a President that would make the waters recede. We were getting the person the world had been waiting for. Now we see that even Obama says there "are limits to my powers." Paul Starobin whined incessantly yesterday that Obama is not superman. Even Obama said he can't fix the oil spill issue all by himself. Obama can't swim down and cap the opil rig nor can he "suck the oil up with a straw". Obama and the pathetic pawns built Obama into the messiah, not the American public. The problem is that Americans don't need their Presidents to be superheros; but we do require them to have some modicum of leadership.

Americans understand that the expertise to cap the oil rig does not lie with government solutions. We understand the President can't swim down to cap the well all by his lonesome. We understand that Obama can't suck up the oil through a straw. However, we do expect that Obama provides leadership and direction. Threatening to kick some ass is not leadership. It is difficult to be begging for solutions from the very people one is seeking to ass kick. The contrived moment where Obama tried to feign emotion was obvious. The statement Obama made didn't even make sense. How is it that the only reason he is talking to the experts is so he can kick their ass? Instead of entering into a dialog to resolve the situation, Obama instead enters a dialog so he can kick the ass of the experts that could provide a solution. Even when offered potential solutions, Obama summarily dismisses them. Obama said he would fire the CEO of BP if he could for his flippant remarks. DOes the same apply to Obama? Can we fire him for his flippant and snarky comments?

A week ago it was reported that PACKGEN would be able to deliver miles upon miles of boom to the government to fend of the impending disaster. PACKGEN said the only problem is that no one would come pick the boom up. Then a week later Obama's lead official Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen was still clueless that the boom was available and more could be ordered on short notice. PACKGEN notified the government 4 weeks ago that their plant in Maine had boom immediately available. It made the news headlines last week. Yet Obama's lead still has no idea.

The Dutch early on in the diaster offered to provide their dike building expertise. Obama and his administration said "Thanks, but no thanks." The administration told the Dutch that the spill was under control. Instead of inviting the Dutch as a potential preventitive measure Obama summarily dismissed the Dutch. In fact, the pathetic pawns barely even reported on the offer of assistance and when we found out the Dutch offered the pathetic pawns dismissed the reports and proclaimed that it would have violated some National law against foreign flag ships capturing and removing oil. In state of emergency, Obama turned down a country that is obviously experts in coastal management, while the pathetic pawns passed it off as being against the law.

Americans do not expect Obama to be a superhero. What we expect, demand, and require of our Presdients is leadership. We expect Obama to marshal all available resources to avert or at least minimize disasters. Instead of marshalling resources Obama set out to find who was to be blamed. Instead of providing direction and leadership on the oil spill, Obama fouind it more important to slam Arizona's Immigration law; a law Obama bashed without even reading or understanding the law. We need to face the facts. Obama is not a leader. Obama is a disaster. Obama is destroying American credibility around the world. Instead of making the waters recede, we have a President that is turning the waters from blue to black. To the defenders of Obama, let me say the response to this disaster is ten times worse than Katrina ever was. No America does not need a Superhero, but leadership is required.