Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pre 9/11 Viewpoint Again Fails America

Time and time again the Democrats want to return America to the 9/10 mindset. The Democrats are whining because they are being taken to task for their failures to keep America safe. Two brazen attacks on America in the last two months and the Democrats can not figure out why Americans are questioning their National Security policies. New York Representative Eric Massa whined on the Ed Schultz show that Former Vice President Cheney's comments were unwarranted and challenged Cheney to a debate.

The current administration has failed America and I welcome any debate with any Democrat. Average Americans could debate Mr. Massa and clean his clock. All that is required is basic knowledge of the events that have occurred over the last two months. First an Islamic terrorist of Arab descent went to work one morning and killed 13 soldiers and military members. Another 30 were wounded. Yet the liberals in the administration and the media could not bring themselves to condemn the attack as a terrorist attack. The administration, democrats, and liberal press couldn't bring themselves to admit that an Islamic terrorist attacked America on home soil for the first time since 9/11. Instead the liberals attempted to hide the facts out of fear of racial and ethnic profiling. This attack was caused by the democrats, liberals, and media attempting to be "Politically Correct". The press spun this attack as "an isolated incident". The act of a singular mad man out of touch with reality.

Next there was the attack on Christmas day. The democrat water boys of the liberal press refused to even identify the terrorist because of his Muslim name. Janet Napolitano claimed the "system worked" when in fact the system was a catastrophic failure. Obama for his part came out as said "this is an isolated incident", when in fact it was a well planned attack that would have had catastrophic results if not for the brave and heroic Americans on board the fateful flight. The problem isn't that America's airport security system failed in this case. No the problem was a case of intelligence agencies not talking to each other. Our intelligence communities and State department had the information required to place this terrorist on a no fly list. Instead the State department placed a note in his file to further investigate during a Visa renewal process at a later date.

Both the Ft. Hood incident and Panty bomber incident have commonality. First just because the democrats and Obama say these are "isolated cases" doesn't make that true. On the contrary, both of these incidents were planned by Muslim Cleric Anwar Awlaki. Second both individuals were of the Islamic faith. No matter how much the head in the sand liberal want to defend the dangerous religion it won't change that the religion itself is a failed institution. Third there are more terrorists on their way to America. The British have been tracking individuals from their country that are currently training in Yemen. The Panty bomber also made such a claim. Yet the water boys from the press want to claim both the Ft. Hood terrorist and the panty terrorist had psychological problems.

The Democrats have been busy blaming Bush for these debacles. Funny how Bush kept us safe with zero attacks on American Soil for 7 years. Obama has one in his first year. Obama and his meaningless "America Apologizes" speeches has done nothing except embolden our enemies. Iran is more boisterous than ever and has passed yet another Obama deadline. Terrorist have started attacking on American soil again. Obama is busy attempting to close our base in Cuba. The justice department is busy bringing the 9/11 mastermind to US soil for a criminal trial. The media and Obama are busy claiming "isolated incidences". Senator Chris Dodd is busy killing Aviation security in the name of earmarks for his pet projects. Janet Napolitano is busy claiming the system worked.

The problem with Democrats is that they have a pre 9/11 mindset. The Democrats believe everything is isolated and a few criminal trials under the American justice system will stop the attacks. The Democrats believe they can round up the planners and masterminds of individual attacks and that will stop the terrorists. Unfortunately the war is with a fanatical religion. At the core is a religion that preaches hatred, war, and death to non believers. The terrorists are not a small isolated group. The terrorists are a movement with millions of followers. I personally challenge Eric Massa to a debate. His 9/10 mindset would be easy to belittle and poke holes in. The Democrats appear weak on National security because they are weak. The Democrats have been a miserable failure when it comes to keeping America safe.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ignoring the obvious about Obama

On Christmas day 2009, a Muslim terrorist, recruited, trained, and equipped by al Qaeda boards a flight in Amsterdam headed to Detroit, and attempts to murder almost 300 people by detonating an explosive in mid-air. Only dumb luck and quick action by passengers saved Northwaest flight 253 from going down in flames.

Yet Obama, in full denial mode and despite all evidence to the contrary, would have us believe that this was the act of an "isloated extremist". In his dreams. Can the President of the United States possibly be this ignorant? The answer is no, although his head of Homeland Security could be the poster child for dangerously ignorant human beings. Obama chooses to believe that his bowing, boot-licking, apologist foreign policy strategy will neutralize radical Muslims, make them like us and prevent terror attacks. Obviously this plan is not working, but Obama is unwilling to recognize that fact.

Not being George Bush got Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, not taking the terrorist threat seriously will only get Americans killed. The question here is not when will the president get serious about combating terrorism, but whether he is even capable of it. Obama still resides in some never-never land where America is not only the primary threat to world peace, but is also the root cause of all terrorist activities. Until this man embraces reality, Americans are in great danger indeed.

Despite Obama's long standing grudge against all things George Bush, the flight 253 incident, and the delayed/ridiculous reaction of his administration is all Obama. Janet Napolitano, Obama's choice to head Homeland Security, was laughable at best when stating that "the system worked". She recanted those idiotic words a day later when she was forced to admit that the system did not work. Damage control will most likely cost the deranged Napolitano her job.

Why does Barack Hussein Obama refuse to stand up and acknowledge the threat from radical Islam? We can no longer afford to ignore the obvious.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Its 3:00 a.m Where's Obama?

Yet another 3:00 am moment and Obama is no where to be found. Iran is in udder self destruct mode and the President refuses to get off the Golf course. The streets in Tehran are a river of blood. Protesters have taken to the streets and are being shoot down by the brutal Iranian regime. At least 15 people are dead including a Mousavi relative. Many rebelling Iranian citizens have been carted off to the notorious Evin prison. But the only thing that could possibly get our President off the golf course is a minor accident involving a minor child of a friend.

Obama was too busy over the weekend to respond to two major National Security crisis. First there was yet another failure in security as a terrorist threatened to set off an explosion to bring an aircraft down over Detroit. The terrorist has an American visa and the State Department had two opportunities to revoke the visa. The State Department failed to adhere to policy and failed to follow up on potentially damning information. Additionally, the planners of the attack were previous guests at Gitmo. Next came the mass protests in Iran. Iranians took the the streets to protest the brutal regime and were shot dead. Assassins took out an opposition leaders relative. The violent crackdown came on Ashura. Ashura is a holiday where violence is forbidden. Yet the brutal regime fired weapons into a crowd killing at least 15 protesters. Yet our President remains on the golf course presumably practicing for the celebrity challenge or the Bob Hope Classic.

One must wonder why Boy Wonder is sitting these crisis out. We must wonder what happened to the eloquent one that was going to bring "Hope and Change" around the world. Obama took the time to come off his beloved golf course when a family friend and an injured child. A few cuts requiring stitches and a bruised ego made Obama jump. Yet when National Security calls Obama sits the sidelines waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Days passed before obama had anything to say about the attempted terrorist attack, and days have passed since the Iran protests began again. What took so long for Obama to come up with a weak and ineffective statement? The answer my friends is that Obama waited for Angela Merkel to shame him into a statement. Obama would have waited even longer if she had not first come out against the brutal regime. Obama would have waited until he knew which direction the revolt in Iran was going to move. If in a week it looked like the protesters may force the regime to make changes or perhaps even fall, Obama would have jumped on his horse and claimed victory against tyranny. However, if the regime cracked down and stamped out the revolt, then Obama could save face for his one on one dialog with the regime.

Obama has blown a historic opportunity. Obama could have come out months ago and supported the protests in Iran. Obama could have come out stronger when the protests began a few days ago. Obama could have brought support to the protesters and when the regime fell America would have looked upon as a great savior. Much like the Albanians look at us for bringing down tyranny in the Balkans. Instead Obama was weak and ineffective, ensuring that even should the protests bring down the regime, the new leaders will look upon the US with disgust for sitting the sidelines. Supporting the Protesters would not have changed one thing in the grand scheme had the regime managed to stay in power and stamp out the revolt. The current Iranian government has no intention of playing nice. They are not going to give into pressure and only desire delays to finish developing their nuclear dreams. Its 3:00 am and the President of the United States is AWOL.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Administration Fails To Keep America Safe

Janet Napolitano spoke today and said the "system worked as it should have". The administration is out of touch and can't be taken seriously. The Department of Homeland Security says the terrorists are supposed to gain access to our planes. DHS says not only are the terrorists supposed to get on our planes but they are supposed to get on our planes with highly explosive material with the intent to bring down the plane. The Secretary of DHS should resign her position immediately.

This administration has failed in its most basic function. The government mission is to defend America from all enemies. In this case the Secretary of DHS is dismissing the seriousness of security flaws. The administration says there was not enough evidence to connect the dots. Yet the British denied the suspect a student visa because they believed the school he claimed to be attending was fake. The terrorist suspects own father called the US and told DHS officials of the concerns he had concerning the religious beliefs of his own son. The failure to act on information is what caused 9/11. The failure to act on information is what caused this terrorist act. The Secretary of DHS may believe her security measures worked as intended. However her short sighted belief only worked because the explosive material failed to detonate and because of brave Americans that were passengers on the aircraft.

The lack of concern shown by the President (who has yet to address the issue), and his administration is alarming. The administration response has been ineffective and seems to be more concerned with covering up their own failures then correcting the obvious flaws in their system. This administration is weak and would rather Americans accept that we will be attacked again and again, than to come out strong and denounce the failures of their National Security Strategy. This administration has failed to keep America safe and it will only get worse. Obama should be requiring Janet Napolitano's resignation, her security did not work as intended unless it was her intention to allow known terrorists on our planes with explosive material.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Obama Legacy: The Dependent Society

The American Socialist movement is in the house. Today will be remembered in history as the day America died. The Democrats in the federal government have voted against their constituents and passed a partisan bill aimed at destroying everything in America that made her the envy of the world. The Senate passed a bill that will soak the rich and redistribute their wealth on the lazy and illegal aliens. Never before in the History of the United States Senate has one party passed landmark legislation with no support from the minority party. Roosevelt passed landmark legislation in during the Great Depression with bi partisan support. Johnson and the Great society age passed civil rights and other landmark legislation in the 1960’s again with bi partisan support. However, Obama couldn’t muster any bi partisan support for his debacle in health care.

Today’s formality proves just how unprincipled our politicians have become. Today the mask has fallen from the face of the pathetic pawns in the media. Senator’s Nelson, Dodd, Lincoln, and others sold out their principles (if they ever had any) for ear marks and bribes. In the case of Nelson his constituents overwhelmingly disapprove (over 60%) of the Senate bill. Yet for $100 million dollars Nelson sold his vote over his own objections to abortion language and over rode the majority of his constituents. In the case of the pathetic pawns they are spinning this as a great hard fought victory. Yet it was not a great victory and it was only fought within the Democratic Party. From 1994 to 2006, every bill in Congress was passed “largely along partisan lines” according to the pathetic pawns. Now a bill that passed entirely along partisan lines is hailed as a major victory for the democrats.

This is no victory for America. The bill for this debacle will become due and payable in the future. The Democrats managed to push the benefits down the road until 2013 or 2014 but we have the “privilege” of paying for it almost immediately. The true costs associated with this bill will remain unknown until well after the next Presidential election. Yesterday the Congressional Budget Office recognized and admitted their estimate was wrong. The CBO stated the bill will cost us billions of dollars not covered. This is not budget neutral and the double accounting gimmicks will send our country into bankruptcy.

We already know that previous liberal pyramid schemes are bankrupting our country. Social Security is broke and will begin running in the red soon. The so called “lock box” in empty. As the baby boomers begin to retire ( the recession is causing the acceleration of these retirements) the drain on the social security empty chest will grow. There is also no money to pay our medicare commitments. Both Social Security and Medicare are set to begin running in the red over the next five years. Now the Democrats have decided to add another pyramid scheme with health care. Passing legislation with double accounting mechanisms and faulty logic is a disaster waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, governmental safety nets should be in place to assist those that are less fortunate. There should be programs in place to teach those less fortunate to become productive members of society. America should ensure a level playing field where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. However, providing handouts to people and expecting nothing in return does nothing except promote laziness in society. We need reforms in health care. Being denied coverage for pre existing conditions isn’t the right thing to do. Government should help with that. Being denied coverage after the fact isn’t right either. Malpractice liability and tort reform is also required. However, we should not be mandating people purchase anything. The federal government has no business telling me I have to purchase health insurance. Now that the government believes they can tell me I have to purchase health insurance, what is to stop them from telling me I have purchase a car from either Chrysler or GM. For that matter what is to stop the government from forcing Americans to purchase anything the ruling elite find to fit their perfect utopian ideals? Everyone needs a windmill to generate their own electricity. Everyone needs to purchase solar panels. Everyone needs to purchase vegetarian meals.

Now that the government has proven they can pass bills taking away individuals rights and freedoms there is nothing left for the citizenry to do. America will no longer be the envy of the world. Instead it will become a failed Despotic State. The Socialists believe in the rights of the society first and foremost, damn individual freedom. America used to raise future generations to become independent thinkers. We have always been an inventive society led by innovative thinkers. The left is stealing American ingenuity and will relegate us to the trash bin of history. Like other great societies through history America will crumble. What was the great experiment in self determination will become the world’s greatest socialist failure. While the left hails “It takes a village to raise a child” I am of the belief it takes individual freedom to build the village. The new America the democrats intend for is a dependent society. A society where the individual depends on government to meet their every need. A society maintained by the ruling elite, a society doomed to failure, a dependent society with no incentive to progress.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Threading the Needle

This morning an announcement was made that Senator Ben Nelson sold his soul, his state, and the country for a few measly dollars. Instead of standing on principle or standing by the voters in Nebraska, Nelson decided that he would allow Senator Harry Reid thread the needle. The sun is now setting on America and the American dream.

Poll after poll shows America is against this particular bill. It is a bad bill where no one wins and America loses. The government and the democrats now own the impending bankruptcy of our country. We will become a a two class society like any other despotic form of government. We will have the ruling elite in charge of rationing our health care and we will have a working class sent to the death house as soon as they are no longer able to benefit the ruling class.

Americans all understand the need to fix what is wrong with the health care in our country. This should have been an honest debate with ideas from across the country. A debate of ideas that would have been a cross section of the country. Instead what we received was a partisan bill intended to rob America of its very soul. The partisan bill is unpopular even within the ruling party. Even the leaders of the Democratic Party have resigned themselves to the fact that they are only passing something to say they passed a bill. Even the Democratic party leadership knows this is a bad bill. Yet they will pass it forward for political reasons.

Our two party system has failed America. Our forefathers envisioned a country that represented the country. The two party system has robbed us of that representation. We have become a country where the ruling party makes the rules up as they go along and where the majority party passes ideological bills intended for the base of their parties. The sun is setting on the ideals that have made America great. When this debacle does finally pass America will go bankrupt. The costs will increase to the point where the government won't be able to print money fast enough to keep afloat. The promised reduction in costs will never be realized. Just look to history. Has any government program every come in under budget and on time. Where is the so called peace dividend? What happened to social security and Medicare and medicaid? All of these programs are set to start running in the red within the next decade. A government can only squeeze so much blood from the taxpayers before there is no more. Within a decade of this bill taking effect, America will have become a failed state.

Threading the needle will only result in a faster paced journey to destruction. America needs an internal debate that throws the two party system out with the red ink. The partisan bickering of grown men and women is sickening. Our politicians have stolen the country from its citizenry. This is all done for the next election and not for the good of the people. Good luck my fellow Americans, we are going to need all the luck we can get if we are to survive in the future. We need a new dawn in America; but we have received a death sentence. Our only chance of reprieve is to throw out the bums and start following the constitution of the United States.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Is Bankrupt Not America

Barack Obama is the one that is bankrupt and not America. Obama is bankrupt of ideas and worse bankrupt morally. Obama has no shame, no humility, and no honor. A day after Obama claimed that a health care bill is required to stave off an American bankruptcy where is the American President? With the urgency suggested by his comments yesterday he should be in Washington forging the way ahead for health care reform. Perhaps Obama is traversing the country rallying support for the health care reform bill. No not Obama, he is not in America fighting for the health care bill he believes will stave off bankruptcy. Obama wails against inaction one day and travels off to Copenhagen on yet another boondoggle. Instead of fighting for America, Obama has decided it far more important to sell America out.

In light of the data manipulation global warming fanatics Obama should have called in his science advisor and demanded answers. Instead Obama shrugged off the cheating scientists and said "the science is settled". Obama had the perfect opportunity to stay home and work a bi-partisan solution to our health care issues. After all health care will bankrupt America, and global warming is a fraud. Instead Obama like any religious fanatic decided to attend the global warming summit to fore a deal based on fraudulent data.

Morally, this president should be leading a country on the brink of bankruptcy, instead he his pushing us closer to the edge. Obama's trillion dollar spending spree on anything based in liberal propaganda is what is responsible for bankrupting this country. Remember the stimulus package that was supposed to create and save 3.5 million jobs? Well over 5 million jobs have been lost or destroyed since that trillion dollar debacle. Now the Congress wants to spend even more in the name of jobs. So while our economy is destroying jobs Obama believes it prudent to go to another liberal left religious think tank to push for global warming funds. Instead of making a new dawn in America, Obama has decided to tap in the remaining nails into the American coffin. The spend happy Obama doesn't seem to understand he recorded record debt in his first year. And not just any record, no Obama shattered the previous record by at least 300 %. America is not bankrupt and we will again see morning in America. It is Obama that is bankrupt and devoid of humanity.