Friday, November 27, 2009

The Delusional Left

Late last year President Elect Obama implored the Congress to have a stimulus bill ready for his inauguration. The incoming Obama administration sold America that it was necessary for the creation or saving of jobs. The Congress went to work immediately and drafted a bill. The final bill went to the Presidents desk where it sat over a long weekend. On 17 FEB 09, the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act went into effect.

We were told at the time that the money was necessary to keep unemployment under 8%. Obama sold the wasteful spending as being an investment in "shovel ready" projects and would result in 3.5 million jobs being saved or created. We were told that Americans needed an extension on unemployment benefits. We were told that the banks required a bailout because they were to big to fail. We were told the auto industry required a bailout to save the industry and jobs. We were told it was all about "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,". The bill of goods we were sold failed to produce anything more than anecdotal evidence of any jobs being saved or created. The truth is we have no idea what the net gain is for the hundreds of billions spent in the name of creating or saving jobs. Again the real question should be how many jobs did this stimulus destroy?

Now the Congress is busy creating another bill intended to create jobs. The liberal left is happily signing on to trickle up economics. Their delusional belief that laundering money through public means will stimulate the economy. Julianne Malveaux and Paul Krug need to explain just how their delusional plans work. Obama needs to explain why we should go even further in debt to create jobs when that was already supposed to have been done. The stimulus failure hasn't lived up to its billing. Now democrats believe taking even more money out of the private economy and running it through the bureaucratic laundering machine will create jobs that the private can't produce now. Please someone explain this logic. The last time we did something as absurd as this America had to enter into the second world war.

Liberals are hailing the Works Progress Administration as a success that pulled us from the Great Depression. The truth is that once we started the WPA we could not get out of spending on the program. Every time Roosevelt attempted to bring down deficits and take public dollars away from programs like the WPA the economy faltered. The great depression caused the second world war. Out of the second world war emerged the western economies. The liberal policies were a failure 80 years ago and they are a failure today.

What America truly requires is an investment in America. Cut taxes on businesses and cut spending by the government. Stop attempting to take over health care. Stop the cap and trade global warming hoax. We need to reduce spending not increase spending. As I said before deficit spending can provide a shot in the arm. However, the Liberal left is proposing perpetual deficit spending that that will cause America to crumble beneath liberal debt. More wasteful spending is not the answer. The liberals had a chance and squandered the opportunity. What makes anyone believe the liberal will do any better this time around? We are already rewarding people by extending unemployment benefits to almost two years. What benefit is there to search for work if the government keeps giving money away. Stop the redistribution of wealth and start making a difference. Cut spending and cut taxes and the economy will grow by leaps and bounds.

Obama's America

After almost a year as president, it has become painfully obvious that Obama's vision of America is radically different than anything we have ever experienced. In Obama's vision of America:

The government should control industry, banks, and health care

Enemy combatants should be mirandized upon capture in battle

Foreign terrorists are entitled to the same rights as American citizens

Our soldiers should be prosecuted when terrorists get a fat lip while resisting capture

Children should sing Obama's praise in school

Global warming is real despite all evidence to the contrary

Illegal aliens will not receive free health care, Obama's amnesty program will eliminate illegal aliens, thereby making them legal and eligible for taxpayer funded health care

Your hard earned money should be "redistributed" to those not willing to work

Rich people are bad (unless they're liberals)

American presidents should appear timid and weak by bowing to royalty

It's better to look cool than be a competent president

Israel should not defend itself, it caused all the problems in the middle east

The Constitution is just a piece of old paper

Joe Biden makes sense

Al Gore is a visionary, not an opportunistic huckster

The stimulus package worked

The Nobel Peace Prize really means something

Cap & Trade will help the US economy

Other nations will like us if you constantly apologize for America

ACORN is not a corrupt organization, and needs more money

Afghanistan will be OK once the Taliban are back in power

FOX News isn't a real news network

You can, and should, negotiate with terrorists

Somali pirates are misunderstood businessmen

Iran can be trusted

Gitmo is a bad place full of good people

Tim Geithner is a financial genius

Saddam wasn't such a bad guy

Jimmy Carter is a foreign policy genius

10% unemployment isn't all that bad, even when you predicted it would not go past 8

Alienate your allies, bow to your enemies

It's all Bush's fault

There are many, many more, but this ACORN loving, US bashing, celebutard pretender in chief has turned this country upside down in only one year. We have to ensure that 2010 will change the power balance and neuter Obama until he is voted out, or is rejected by his party, to run in 2012. It becomes more evident by the day that America elected the male version of Paris Hilton to the presidency. Maybe they can star in a reality show together, on Oprah's network of course.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Breaking Inconvenient Truth

There is an inconvenient truth when it comes to the global warming hysteria. The title of Al Gore's little documentary was correct. The only problem is that other than the title the rest of the hyped up documentary was based on data manipulation; in other words lies. The whole premise of the movie neglected the real inconvenient truth and that is the Earth has been cooling over the last decade, and worse yet for the global warming terrorists instead of moving towards further warming we are actual moving closer to the next glacial maximum.

Over the course of the last week, material obtained through email traffic between the scientists employed at the East Anglia Climate Research Unit reveals global warming for what it is: Junk Science perpetuated by a fraud. What is apparent from the email exchanges is that the junk scientists manipulating data. Another issue that is painfully apparent i that the pathetic pawns in the media who have pushed their liberal one-sided narrow minded viewpoint on global warming are avoiding the junk scandal at all costs.

Prior to the President going to Copenhagen and prostituting our country to fraudulent hysteria a Congressional investigation is in order to find the facts concerning who knew what and when. There is evidence the Obama's science czar John Holdren is directly involved in the hoax. America must know how much Obama knows about the hoax and when he knew about the hoax. Holdren has been bullying people and pushed his blind faith and now we find the data has been manipulated. Obama plans on selling out our country in Copenhagen on religious blind faith rather than scientific evidence. That is the problem with the left, their religious type belief in junk science is much worse than the religious type beliefs of the main stream religions.

One might find that curious but when a believer in junk science pushes an agenda based on scientific evidence they will gain the attention of the unknowing. The outright lies the left has pushed to pursue their "religious type" beliefs is unconscionable. The left knew the true scientific evidence did not support their beliefs so instead of being a true scientist and finding out what may be happening the fanatics decided to manipulate the data and sing coombaya.

The left now is attacking the messenger. The left claims that no one should believe the whistleblowing hackers After all they obtained the evidence underhandedly. Sorry my left leaning friends but just because technically the goods were received underhandedly the facts don't change. The fact is that the junk scientists are a fraud. Similar to the disgraced Dan Rather, making up facts, manipulating data, or forging documents harms your case rather than help it. Dan Rather believed that because the premise of the story is true that the forged documents didn't matter. Now we have the fanatical left saying it doesn't matter that the data is false because their premise is true. That is simply ridiculous. Where is the proof? Isn't that the mantra of the left? Wasn't it Obama who said we as a country would turn to science? We should always advance science, but the junk science must be exposed for what it is and flushed out with the rest of the garbage.

The inconvenient truth is that the global warming hysteria is a a hoax and based in junk science. We as a country need to immediately stop providing funds to any organization involved in the hoax. This includes the UN and any other forum that took on blind faith the junk science they clutched.

The End of General Casey, not Diversity

All too often common sense is sacrificed on the altars of diversity. People ignore their better judgment to avoid the accusations that are the inevitable consequence of breaching PC etiquette. This certainly seems to be the case with Major Hasan, the army physician and Islamic jihadist who murdered thirteen people in Fort Hood Texas.

The warning signs were all too clear, he never attempted to hide his contempt for the United States and it's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was openly critical of the US and non-believers, and voiced his hatred on many occasions in front of his peers and superiors. Yet the complaints against him were ignored, his chain of command, fearful of disciplining a Muslim for actions that blatantly violated the military code of conduct, chose a coward's way out. They transferred an unstable and dangerous Major Hasan to Fort Hood, thereby dumping their problem on someone else. 

The problem didn't go away, it got worse. But the commander at Walter Reed must have been at least temporarily relieved. After all, an passed is an action taken right?
Hasan finally erupted at a soldier processing center in Fort Hood. The results of the army's dereliction of duty, thirteen dead and many more wounded.

In today's PC conscience military, even the accusations of religious or sexual harassment can end the career of a soldier.  Yet this maniac was allowed to continually voice his hatred for the country, the military, and non-muslims, with no adverse consequences from the officers sworn to protect this country.

And after this horrific tragedy, General Casey only worries that diversity might suffer in the military. Shouldn't he appalled that the Army chain of command failed so miserably in dealing with this murderer? That Hasan was enabled by his superiors to commit this act? Diversity will not suffer in the military. It is probably the most diverse atmosphere in the United States, and it will continue to be that way.

What has surely suffered is the confidence in Casey's ability to lead. He has demonstrated through his words that he does not grasp the criminal failure of  his commanders to prevent this tragedy. Commanders should not have to fear PC inspired repercussions when disciplining soldiers. They need to be confident the military will support them when taking actions that may go against established PC dogma. It is Casey's job to ensure that this happens, he failed.

Don't worry about diversity General Casey, worry about how you failed in your duty to lead. Then turn in your resignation.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Second Bite of the Apple

Nancy Pelosi is contemplating another budget busting stimulus package. In Pelosi’s infinite wisdom she believes the American public longs for yet another failed stimulus wrapped in the guise of jobs creation. The $787 billion original package wasn’t wasteful enough for her. The Democrats simply did not receive enough pork for their constituents. Now she would love nothing more than a second bite of the apple. America has to step up and rebuke the spend thrift democrats. They had an opportunity to get the economy moving in the right direction and the democrats blew it.

The $787 billion dollars in wasteful spending was sold to the American public as a jobs creating or saving vehicle. The unemployment rate was supposed to stay under 8% if it was to be passed. At least 3.5 million jobs were supposed to be created or saved. Yet today there is only anecdotal evidence of any jobs being created or saved. In fact, most of the jobs being touted were saved, very few new jobs were created. I know the administration is touting only the gross projected jobs created or saved. My concern however is the number of net jobs created or saved by this wasteful spending. Even if there were concrete jobs created or saved of the magnitude the administration insists, this is but a gross number. The question that needs to be answered is how many jobs were destroyed or lost due the budget busting bill?

The government stole money from the future taxpayers to shove a stimulus package down our throats. In the process they took money out of the private industry and placed it in the hands of a bureaucratic government. The stimulus package was full of gimmicks that cost far more than the revealed price. The cash for clunkers program gave away money to push for more auto sales in the short term. This increase in sales will have lingering effects far into the future and cause inflationary pressures as the economy recovers. The shortage of vehicles caused by the destruction of real property will result in increased prices for the remaining real property. Additionally, beyond the inflationary costs that are sure to come what about the cost of the bureaucrats running the program in the first place. Was the red tape worth the cost? In all likelihood this gimmick will cost much more than the claimed price tag. The return on investment will be far less than any private industry could ever institute and stay in business.

The stimulus package robbed from the private investors. When the government takes money from the private arena and spends it as it sees fit it is future growth that is harmed. Investors will not continually invest when more of their hard earned money is taken from them. There is no reason to invest when the government does it for us. Of course the government is inefficient when it comes to pumping money into the economy. Government spending chokes off private investment and becomes the only way of getting dollars into a failing economy. Research the great depression and one finds that government spending robbed the private sector of much needed cash. Once the public sector became the fuel for the economy there was no exit strategy. With public dollars the 1930’s economy was artificially propped up, when the public dollars evaporated so did the economy. America did not emerge from the great depression because of the great deal, America emerged in spite of the great deal. Only an the second world war pulled the world from the great disaster.

Now the democrats are looking at taking even more money from future generations to cover up their last pork filled non stimulus package. Nancy Pelosi isn’t even willing to call her new gimmick a stimulus. Pelosi has resorted to calling her gimmick a jobs creation bill. Funny, how the last stimulus bill was hailed as a jobs creating bill for funding shovel ready projects but now a specific bill is required to address jobs. Why would an angry public trust the spend thrifts in Congress? This Congress has done nothing but spend our future away and has nothing to show for it. If Nancy wants a jobs bill why not find money that currently exists? The budget outline from the Obama administration set aside huge sums of future cash for a government run health care program and cap global warming junk science, yet we need even more deficit spending to create jobs that were already supposed to have been saved or created. A liberal columnist said last spring that deficit spending is not a bad thing. The reality is that government deficit spending in the short term when the economy is slow can prime the pump of growth. However, perpetual deficit spending is never a wide choice. All one has to do is research the private debt held by individuals. Bankruptcies rarely are the result of a one time deficit spending deal in time of need. Bankruptcies happen because of long term deficit spending where the individual finances crumble under the weight of the debt load. This is what is happening in States like California, it is only a matter of time before the National debt load will crush the American dream.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obama Is Against Everything America Stands For

The Obama Administration is rapidly moving the country away from what makes America the envy of the world. The health care debate and Obama's own words shine a light on the Communist tendencies of his administration. Obama is hailed as being so smart, so cerebral, so nuanced, but the reality is Obama is a Communist intent on destroying America.

The health care debate is not a debate concerning improving health care in America. The debate is the difference between individual freedom and the rights of the community. Yesterday Obama himself said he believes the fines are about right for individuals refusing to buy into his health care scheme. Obama compared the mandatory purchase of health insurance to the mandatory purchase of car insurance. This comparison is not applicable. Obama is trying to say everyone must purchase healthcare for the good of society. Everyone must purchase insurance because the government demands it. There is no alternative just another unfunded mandate. The problem is that this unfunded mandate is not passed to the States but rather to the individuals. Car insurance does have an alternative. Car insurance is only mandatory if an individual registers a car. Car insurance is not mandatory to obtain a license to drive. Car insurance is not mandatory to purchase a car. No the only time car insurance is mandatory is when an individual desires to register and drive a car. Americans have a choice in this matter. However, no individual has an alternative choice to Obamacare. Just being born means health insurance is mandatory punishable by fines and jail.

Pelosi when questioned about the constitutionality of mandating health insurance brushed off the question. Pelosi alluded to the regulation of interstate commerce as her constitution power. The problem is this is not regulating interstate commerce. This is forcing the people to purchase a product. Instead of regulating interstate commerce and opening up States borders by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines Pelosi mandated every America will purchase some form of health insurance. The mandate is a bridge too far. Certainly the Supreme Court will throw out the mandates.

There is no way the Supreme Court could uphold this mandate. By allowing the government to decide what we must purchase with our hard earned money is incomprehensible. The can of worms this would open is remarkable. No longer would America be free. No longer would America have choices. If the government can force us to have health insurance just because we breath oxygen then what would stop the government from forcing us to purchase a Chrysler or GM Product? The government now owns a majority share in both companies. If the government can force us to buy insurance why not mandate which cars we can purchase? When the government sees the effects of their trillion dollar deficits why not say "in the name of interstate commerce" every America must purchase a car from either Chrysler or GM. For that matter why not outlaw big screen TV's, mandate the purchase a horse and buggy instead of gas guzzling cars, mandate a vegetarian diet, mandate only "green" products may be purchased.

The health care debate as it stands is more about individual freedoms and the rights of the community than it is about actual health care reforms. The mandates would provide the government the right to regulate individual choices. Our founding fathers did not desire a government that controlled the lives of the governed. Our country was founded and government formed to provide individual freedoms. The founding fathers wanted a government that was controlled by the people.

Allowing this mandate to pass goes against everything America stands for. This little noticed mandate is just another precedent that will empower the government to control our lives. I have read the Constitution and it is filled with protection of the rights of the individuals. No where does the constitution give the right to the government to control our lives. In fact the constitution limits the power of government and empowers the individual. Communists like Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama believe in the rights of government, the rights of State, the rights of the Community, damn the individuals. Sorry but it doesn't take a village to raise a child. It only takes a parent willing to accept responsibility. Wake up America Obama is against everything our country was founded on.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's the Religion Stupid

The Liberal left in this country must awaken and realize the Islamic religion is the problem. In the wake of the Ft. Hood massacre the left has gone to painstaking lengths to assure the American public that this was an individual that went of course and is not the act of a religious fanatic. Time Magazine reports (if that what you call pushing a one sided agenda), Nidal Malik Hasan may have been suffering from “secondary trauma”. The President said we should hold back on our judgments. Newsweek suggests the larger story is the damage done to other American Muslims. The main stream media was praying that the shooter was “white” or had a last name of Smith. The left attempts to bury the real issue. The real issue unfortunately is the Islamic religion.

All roads are leading towards the fact that the lone shooter was an Islamic terrorist. Hasan it seems attempted to contact Al Queda. Hasan praised the suicide bombers the Islamic terrorists have unleashed. Hasan attended the same mosque as the 9/11 terrorists. Hasan praised Allah before the shooting frenzy began. Yet in the face of the damning evidence the media and the liberals are diverting our attention.

The media would rather this not been another terrorist attack on American soil. The liberals and pathetic pawns in the media desire to continue attacking the “tea baggers” instead of facing head on a religion bent on destroying Western culture and civilization. Iran is busy proclaiming they would like to “wipe Israel from the face of the Earth”. Iran is also busy developing nuclear weapons while the Obama administration sticks its head even further into the ground. The Palestinians are busy testing missles with longer range to further penetrate and terrorize Israel. Now we have the radical Islamic Imam’s in our own country praising Hasan and attempting to make him a martyr for the Islamic Jihad cause.

The facts are rapidly coming in and they are not pretty. Any religion that preaches death and destruction of peace and tranquility is the problem. There is a reason the Imam’s are pushing the meme that the religion means “submission”. The Islamic religion is teaching submission means death to any non believer and only their religion means anything. A holy Jihad has been declared and the political correct left doesn’t see this as a problem. Their collective heads are in the sand. Chris Matthews is wrong when he says we may never know the role Islam played into the events of last week. What Matthews really means is the left may never want to know or admit what really happened. The Islamic religion is preaching violence and hatred and an end to the means.

Wake up America. We must recognize that the Islamic religion is a cult bent on destruction. The religion itself does not teach right from wrong but rather the pure violence that should be carried out in the name of religion. The mosque’s in this country have spawned American terrorists. The Mosques have carried out past terrorist attacks and are busy planning more. The mosques in this country have taught their flock to become terrorists and go into Somalia and Afghanistan to further the terror training. While the left sticks their head in the sand and says it was an individual, we must know that this is not an isolated case of an individual but rather part of a larger destruction of Western culture. Islam is a radical religion that prays on the weak and underprivileged. The religion itself brainwashes weak minds. There is no other way to explain suicide bombers. There is no other way to explain the cheering Islamic followers did in the streets and campuses in America after the events of 9/11. Ft. Hood is another example of a radical religion. American Intelligence knew months ago that Hasan had been trying to make contact with Al Queda. This administration sat its hands hoping and praying this was an isolated case. The facts are showing the dark evil that rests in the hearts of the true believers of Islam.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Democrats: No Lessons to be Learned

The Democrats are the majority in our government yet refuse to learn any lessons from the people that elected them to represent America's values. The Democrats ran on lower federal deficits. The Democrast ran against George Bush and the wounded Republican brand. The people believed America was on the wrong track and desired a change in government that would more represent the views of a nation. Immediately after the election the politicians did what politicians do, they quit listening to the people.

The first action undertaken by this Congress and was to send the nation further in debt. The people were sold a bills of goods. We were sold on a stimulus package that was necessary to save the nation. The stimulus was supposed to be about shovel ready jobs. The stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%. Instead what we got was a bill designed to reward the liberal constituency rather than the American people. The stimulus was tailored only to reward a small portion of the public. Much of the stimulus went for pet projects that did nothing to resolve an increasing jobless rate. The stimulus was a tax giveaway with no possibility of stimulating the economy. Most of the stimulus went towards extending unemployment benefits, first time home owners tax credits, and cash for clunkers. In reality none of these initiatives helped the economy in the long run. The extension of unemployment benefits focuses giving tax dollars to individuals but do nothing to find them employment. Rather than extend the benefits perhaps the government should have been focused on creating jobs. The Home buyers credit and cash for clunkers program did more damage in the long run than the programs fixed in the short term. Sure August showed huge increases in auto sales and fuels a 3.5% growth in GDP for the third quarter. However, now we have the after affects with increasing costs of purchasing used cars. Additionally, sales that would have kept the auto industry afloat were shifted into a month or two early. This program will cause high inflation when the economy does eventually recover on its own in spite of government meddling. The Home buyers credit just further eroded the value of our homes. In fact our homes are worth $8,000 less than they were with out the program. So instead of making wealth the government is stealing wealth.

After the stimulus, the democrats moved the economy off the radar and started focusing on the hostile takeover of health care. In August it was apparent Americans wanted health reform but not the trash the Democrats were pushing. The Obama gimmick to convene a joint session of Congress in SEP was a disaster. Obama with all of his lofty rhetoric could not persuade a skeptical public. Obama has an approval rating hovering around 50%. Obama on the issues is even worse. Republicans are actually leading on most of the top ten issues facing America.

Last Tuesday America had the opportunity to speak again at the ballot box. In the high visibility governor races in Virginia and New Jersey, the Democrats and Obama took one on the chin. Obama campaigned extensively for Corzine in New Jersey. Obama camped out in New Jersey the last couple f weeks prior to the election and couldn't keep a Democrat in office in a very dark Blue State. In Virginia it wasn't even close. In a State that has been trending purple, the Democrats could keep the race in the ball park and were swept from office in large numbers. However, the Democrats didn't blink an eye. The Democrats refuse to heed the warnings America sent.

Instead of focusing on the economy the Democrats would rather pursue an unpopular health care reform. Pelosi is forcing her caucus to make tough decisions and votes before she will allow them to assess the damage that happened on Tuesday. Instead of slowing down and getting the country on the right path the liberals are stepping on the gas running the country off the tracks. Pelosi won't even allow the people to see the bill as she promised. Pelosi is holding America hostage and shoving her liberal agenda down our throats.

The American public must stand up and take the country back. Pelosi knows this is the last chance for liberals to get their agenda through Congress. Pelosi knows once the government owns health care there is no turning back. There will be no avenue to get the government out of our lives. The liberal agenda will not change until America if fully bankrupted. Democrats don't want to heed the lessons of 2009 because they know to lose know and do what is right by the American people will disempower them. The Democrats know they may endanger their party but in the end America will have no choice but to embrace socialism as we go further and further towards becoming a bankrupt banana republic.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election 2009: A Majority Decision

The off year elections of 2009 became a majority decision against the status quo. Incumbents and establishment candidates were humiliated, while the people took the reins of government into their own hands. This morning shock waves are being felt by Democrats and Republicans alike. Both National parties can take some solace in their victories. However, last night was a majority decision against the Washington insiders.

The pundits are busy pouring through the exit polls trying to find meaning behind the surprising results. There were four major races and all four had meaningful yet surprising results. Taken one at a time, the results should send a ripple of fear through both political parties. My hope is that the fear manifests itself into action. The two major political parties have stolen America from the people. The people are supposed to be listened to and respected. The establishment has for far too long preached an elitist view rather than represent the people they are to serve.

In CA-10, the establishment candidate won. However a closer look at the results and we find that perhaps winning isn’t everything. John Garamendi was the Lt. Governor and had universal name recognition while David Harmer was a relative unknown. Ellen Tauscher had been winning the district with 65% + of the vote. In the end Garamendi the establishment candidate won by just over 10% garnering 52% of the vote in a historic democratic district. Garamendi may have won and won by double digits but given that a relative unknown Republican could hold Garamendi to just 52% is impressive. This race is one of four showing the ruling elite that perhaps their strangle hold on power may be eroding.

In NY-23, Bill Owens eked out a 5% win. Again the Democrats can take solace in gaining a seat. However, the establishment took a beating. This time the establishment Republican candidate conceded three days prior to the election. Owens won but the race was between A Democrat and a third party candidate. Doug Hoffman ran on the Conservative party ticket, forced out a Republican three days before the election and kept the race within 5%. Hoffman was again a little unknown candidate and almost pulled out the victory. Owens by the way is a moderate Democrat so the Washington insiders should not be counting him as an automatic vote in the Democratic caucus.

In New Jersey, Chris Christie sent Jon Corzine packing. The democratic spin on the race is that Corzine was a poor candidate with high negatives. The spin is Christie should have cleaned Corzine’s clock. However, the facts show New Jersey is very blue State. It had been over a decade since a Republican won a statewide election. Christine Todd Whitman was the last Republican to win statewide and that was in 1997. Turnout among Democrats was lower than expected. Independents decided went towards Christie and the Republican base was energized. The two most important issues to voters yesterday was the economy and taxes. No longer is it permissible for the Democrats to blame Bush. Many voters understand the economy was in decline when the Democrats rode to victory last year. However, the time has come for the Democrats to take ownership of the economy and have solutions to resolve the underlying issues. The number two issue is taxes in general and specifically property taxes. The establishment elitists refuse to believe that Americans do not feel patriotic when paying exorbitant taxes. The people want their government to live within their means. Americans understand that taxes choke off the economy and limit growth potential. A State cannot lure businesses into the State if the tax rate consumes profits. A business will not lose money for the privilege of conducting business. The key to this race is the turnout of Republicans and the Independents who voted against the establishment.

The final important race of the evening was a slaughter. Bob McDonnell destroyed Creigh Deeds by 18 % of the vote. Virginia was a State that Barack Obama won going away. There is no way to spin this race as a positive for the Democrats. McDonnell won independents 2-1. Both Senators are Democrats. The Governor’s office had back to back Democrats. This race plain and simple was not close and there is nothing the elitists in our country can do to change that.

Sure partisans from both parties can claim victories. However, neither party won anything last night. The liberal pundits are correct there is a civil war going on but it is not within either party. Last night showed that the civil war is between the ruling elite and the average American. Americans do not embrace the positions of the two major parties. Republicans were thrown out in the last two elections. Democrats got a taste of what is in store in 2010. The people are speaking it is time for the ruling elite to listen. Americans love their freedoms. America is the envy of the world because of the individual freedoms not in spite of individual freedom. In 2009 we learned America yearns for change just as America yearned for change in 2008. In 2009, the establishment was provided a rude awakening. America voted for change in 2008. America realizes now that the only thing in Washington that changed is the political party that is in charge of pillaging the nation. America has spoken and it is time for the politicians to listen. The silent majority has awakened. The silent majority provided a majority decision in 2009, incumbents from both parties should fear the results.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The War Within

There is an all out war going on within America. Today the elitists from the New York Times are opining that the war is within the Republican Party. Frank Rich is giddy as he opines that the GOP war will be a boom for Democrats in the 2010 elections. The liberal perspective on the NY-23 special election is very narrowly viewed and being taken out of context. The elitist view is what is wrong with the country and is the true cause of the war within.

This war within is a war between the elitists and the grass roots. That is being demonstrated in NY-23. What happened in NY is happening around America and is not isolated to the GOP. Health Care is a prime example of how this little war being waged in more between the myopic view of elitists and grassroots than it is between conservatives and moderates. The liberal elite will do their best to portray the special election in NY as being a moderate Scozzafava and the moderate GOP versus a conservative Hoffman and the Conservatives of the GOP. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

The Washington insiders and NY GOP selected a political moderate Scozzafava. Scozzafafva was politically left of her Democratic opponent. Socialist elitists from the left endorsed Scozzafava. The Daily Kos and ACORN were in her corner. The GOP insiders were hammered by the left into believing conservatives could no longer win in the Northeast. The GOP insiders left their principles at the door and selected a candidate that fit the elitist view that only liberal republicans could win in the North East. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The polls in New York are all showing Hoffman in a dead heat with Owens. Hoffman is a conservative while Owens is a moderate democrat. Hoffman is in a dead heat in spite of a Republican drawing support that would have otherwise been his. Hoffman is proving that this war going on in country is more about the average American repudiating the elitist views and standing for principle over party. This is happening all over the country.

The independent voters in our country bailed on the Republican party in 2006 and 2008. Those same independents are now bailing on the democratic party. Obama won Virginia one short year ago. This year the Democrat is down double digits in every poll. New Jersey has decidedly swung Democratic. Today the Democrat and Republican for Governor are in a dead heat. Again in New York we have a dead heat. NY 23 is a Republican district. However, Obama won that district by large numbers just one year ago. Now with a Republican and Conservative splitting the same voters, the democrat can barely pull himself into a dead heat.

The elitists in our country had best wake up and widen their view of what is happening. America is out their demanding their government be returned to the people. The people want their government back and are telling the insider establishment they had better become representative of the people and not their own party. The two party system is a disaster. NY 23 shows just how much a disaster the parties have become.

I feel sorry for the likes of Frank Rich. The elitist view is shortsighted and misses what really underlies the rejection of the establishment candidate. Remember Joe Lieberman? The Liberal establishment went after him in 2006 and sent in a primary challenger. Ned Lamont the insider chosen candidate overcame Joe in the primary. However, the people again went against the elitist candidate and sent Joe back to the Senate. The elitists are busy blaming the resistance to health care reform on Conservatives and Republicans. The problem is that the Democrats, liberals, and elitists, have the majority in government. The failure in American politics is because the elitists can only see black and white. One party or the other. The elitists demand the representatives place party and politics ahead of the people and the country.

There is a war going on and it is not just the imploding GOP. No, the war going on is between the government elitists and the people. The elitists are inciting riots and Tuesday 3 NOV may be the opening shots of the revolution that is bound to happen as America decides that perhaps the two party system is wrong headed. The elitists do not understand Americans love to govern themselves. Americans do not like to be governed. That is the true story of the war within.