Monday, October 26, 2009

The Refs Win one in Miami

The New Orleans Saints got the W but it was the refs that won them the game. Not to take anything away from the Saints or give Miami too much credit but this game changed direction on two of the worst calls I have seen in a long time. The first came at the end of the half and the other early in the third quarter. Both of these blown calls cost Miami the momentum and ultimately the game.

With Miami leading 24-3 and the Saints driving New Orleans threw a pass across the middle. New Orleans had no timeouts left and had the referees made the correct call time would have certainly run out in the half with New Orleans not scoring. Instead the referee called a touchdown when clearly the receiver was down short of the end zone. By calling a touchdown the clock stopped at 5 seconds. The call was overturned and the ball correctly spotted at the 1 yard line. The problem is the 5 seconds remained on the clock. New Orleans had no way of stopping the clock. By the time they would have lined up to spike the ball the half would have been long over. This blown call cost Miami 7 points.

The next blown call was on the Sharper interception. While there was no excuse for the interception as Ginn should have caught the ball, there is also no excuse for blowing another call by the referees. Clearly, the ball was fumbled through the end zone by Sharper and should have been called a touchback. Ginn who made a mistake in tipping the ball instead of catching made a good play in forcing sharper to fumble. I understand this was a close play. There was not clear visible evidence to overturn the call. However, what is clear is when Ginn hit Sharpers hands. The ball was coming out before the end zone just by knowing when the arms were hit jarring the ball loose.

There is no excuse for Miami blowing a 21 point lead. However, this game changed on two blown calls that had the referees got them correct would have changed the whole complexion of the game. Instead the blown calls changed the momentum in New Orleans favor taking the life out of Miami. Instead of saying how great New Orleans is maybe someone should look into the blown calls and analyze how these calls effected the game. There is no way New Orleans should have gotten that call at the end of the half. When the call was overturned time should have run out. That is what would have happened if the call was made correctly. New Orleans had no way to clock the ball. This will go into the books as a New Orleans win but clearly the referees won and Miami lost.

The Health Care Takeover Door Quickly Closing

The Democrats better pass health care in a hurry. Time is running out for them and we have Reid alienating every Republican by providing an opt out public option. The opt out is not really a way out from under the hostile takeover of our health system but the Democrats have decided they need to have a show of some kind. This opt out plan is not going to help get this legislation on to the floor of the Senate and time is running out.

In seven short days the campaign season for 2009 will draw to a close. Democrats are in the battle of their lives and may not even be noticing. Next Tuesday the Democrat Party may not go to sleep realizing their socialist dreams may not come to fruition. Liberals are in trouble in three very visible races in what will turn out as the preseason for 2010. The White House has already forsaken one Democrat in Virginia. Obama and his administration have come out and blamed Deeds for not embracing Obama soon enough. The problem is Obama did turn out in Virginia early in the race after Deeds won the primary and Deeds numbers went significantly lower. Deeds has yet to recover from the loss of support since Obama first weighed in.

A democrat Incumbent in New Jersey is in a toss up race in a very blue State. The only way Corzine even has a chance in a Democratic State is because an independent may take away just enough votes from Christie to allow him to hang on. Corzine has never polled above 41% and is sure to be far below 45% even if he should eke out what should have been an easy victory for any democrat. Corzine could lose despite spending millions of his own money and the support of Obama and Biden.

In New York 23 both the Republican and Democrat in the race are Obama type liberals in a fairly moderate district. This should have been another easy race for the Democrat. The Conservative candidate is drawing support from the pseudo Republican candidate. In fact the Conservative may actually win this race. The race is much closer than it appears. Today a poll from “Club for Growth’ has Conservative Hoffman ahead of Owens the Democrat and Scozzafava the Republican. I know the poll is from a friendly organization to the Hoffman campaign but any poll showing Hoffman in the lead should provide a boost for anyone desiring a change in Washington.

The loss of the Governorship in Virginia alone may be enough to make the Blue Dog Democrats quake in their boots. Should McDonnell win by the double digits most polls say he will the Democrats in swing districts may think twice about voting against their constituents. Should the Democrats also lose New Jersey there will be almost no way for the garbage in the house to pass. A politicians will to survive outweigh any party loyalty; just ask Arlen Specter who changed parties simply because he may have lost to a Republican primary challenger. Now Specter may not only lose to a Republican but also to his Democratic challenger. Should the Democrats lose in all three of these races the Democrats may actually wake up and push their hostile takeover of health care into the trash bin of history. Democrat best hurry up because their window of opportunity to rape the American public is quickly closing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

The question of the day is where is the President of the United States? Eric Massa says Obama has been absent in the health care debate. Secretary of Defense Gates says Obama needs to make a decision on Afghanistan. Diane Feinstein can't find him even after imploring him to follow the advice of his handpicked General. The unemployed can't find the jobs Obama promised. So just exactly where is the President?

Come to find out the President is busy with "gigs" at the White House. That's right, while American soldiers are having their bases breached and dying at the hands of an ill equipped Taliban, Obama believes it is prudent to host extravaganzas at the White House. Perhaps if Obama had a few less "Gigs" at the White House, he could find the time necessary to talk to his Commanders on the ground. Obama has had a total of two conversations with GEN McCrystal but yet has had the time to host no less than 5 big extravaganzas. Even if Obama had 2 less musical gigs he could have had two more opportunities to talk with McCrystal, doubling his current effort.

Yes it is true Obama is busy entertaining his donors and guests, even while unemployment is hovering 10% and still rising. Maybe one less $40,000 date to NYC and Obama could take a look at the unemployment rate and make a push for jobs instead of pork. Americans are hurting and losing their homes and this President decides it is more important to party and start a war with Fox News. So where are all the jobs Mr. Obama promised? Certainly his pork spending must have saved some jobs but the negative creation of jobs under his watch greatly outweigh any saved jobs.

So the President is no where to e found in the great health care debate according to his own party. The majority of Americans are for reform but the same majority are also against the proposed reform under consideration in both the house and senate. Obama is far too busy pushing the next party theme to be bothered with actually outlining what he wants in health care. Obama is absent when it comes to his signature policy. The President is too good to get his hands dirty with outlining reform. Obama has a war to start with fox news and planning the next party for his friends at the White House on his mind.

America did not elect a President last November. America elected a Stardom seeking celebrity wannabe. Any President that ignores American soldiers in harms way, ignores unemployment approaching 10%, ignores a news organization with barrels of ink, and ignores his own signature policy debate, all for sake of the next party, is not deserving of the word President in front of their name. Obama is the biggest Zero of a President America has ever known. Wake up America before it is too late. Obama is not the savior for he is no where to be found when needed the most. Obama is more like Marie Antoinette with "let them eat cake" then he is an American President.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Obamacare: The Path To Socialism

Obamacare is the path to socialism and once enacted there will be no turning back. Even when the people of our great Nation realize they have been bamboozled by the socialist left there will be no way to correct the wrongs the Democrats will be causing with passage of Obamacare.

The Baucus bill that will be receiving a vote tomorrow will not be the bill that passes the Senate and certainly will not be the bill that passes once in conference. The $81 billion in false saving will be by the wayside. The $829 billion dollar cost will not be the final cost of this bill. Right now there is no public option. The Democrat leadership is insistent the final bill will have a public option. The Baucus bill ensures there will be a government takeover of the Health care system.

Today the Price Waterhouse Coopers audit came out and explained how everyone's insurance premiums would be increasing beyond what they naturally would have. A family will see over $4,000 in premium increases and single people will see $1,500 in premium increases. Of course without a public option young single folks who are already having problems paying bills would rather pay the $750 dollar fine than actually pay for insurance. What happens next is that there are not enough young healthy people to offset the costs of covering everyone with pre-existing conditions and older less healthy people. As the costs begin to skyrocket the government will have to step in as the single payer.

The single payer excuse will be blamed on the insurance companies. In reality the blame will be on a poorly written bill that will force the country down the path of socialized medicine. When the fine for not having or providing insurance becomes costs less than providing insurance everyone will be relying on the government to provide health care.

In the end no country has ever had a single payer health care system that has worked. In fact the costs of such health care leave their countries either like Canada where the waiting lines and rationing of healthcare forces their citizens into the United States just to receive basic care. On the other hand they could end up like Germany, France, or Cuba. In all of these countries the unemployment rate is consistently running 8-10% in the good times and much higher during times of recession. This means that the American dream will be dead and gone. No longer will Americans dream of having the next generation better the the last generation. Americans will have opportunity taken from them as they are waiting for more government handouts because there are no jobs.

This bill before the Senate is a bad bill. One must ask why it takes three years to see the benefits if we as a country are in such dire straights that this bill must pass today. Why not get the bill right? Why not set some pilot programs to see what works? Why jump in today for a bill today when it won't be available for three years. Like Wimpy telling Popeye that he will gladly pay tomorrow for a hamburger today. This is what Obama and the democrats are telling Americans. Obama wants this to pass today but will wait to tomorrow for the results. I can tell you why it won't take effect until 2013. The reason is politics pure and simple. Obama wants to run his next campaign on Healthcare without having the negative effects known to America.

Let there be no doubt this is a bill designed to get to a single payer socialist result. This bill has hidden costs that will cause the insurance industry to raise premiums. The higher costs will then provide the opportunity for the Democrats to finally socialize America and there will be no looking back. The Democrats are not changing America's direction; they are changing the American form of government. No longer will be the land of the free; we will become the land of the ruled.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feinstein: Obama Indecisive

Today on ABC Senator Diane Feinstein said she didn't understand why Obama would have selected GEN Stanley McCrystal and then not listen to his recommendations. The equivocating Obama is neither advocating a buildup nor a withdrawal. Obama is not listening to his left or his right. Obama is indecisive and doesn't have any idea of what to do. In the mean time while Obama remains indecisive our young soldiers are dying and the United States is giving up ground.

Late last week after being breached by the Taliban, American forces closed a base in Kamdesh. Obama's indecisiveness resulted in the death of 8 American soldiers. The commanders on the ground gave up hope and abandoned the remote post. Obama's weak decision making is the direct result of local Afghan's losing hope. Even SEN Feinstein says "And the mission is in serious jeopardy."

Every day that goes by without Obama making a decision will make it more difficult to accomplish any of Obama's objectives if he has any. Feinstein says "I'll tell you what I said. I reviewed all of the intelligence and looked at the situation, and it was pretty clear to me that violence was up 100 percent, 950 attacks in August. The Taliban now controls 37 percent of the people in the areas where these people are. Attrition in police is running 67 percent, either killed or leaving the service. " Violence in Afghanistan is only increasing with almost 1000 attacks while Obama sits on his hands attempting to vote present.

Obama a leader does not vote present. When a leading Senator from your own party calls you out for being indecisive it is time to step aside and allow leaders tell you what to do. Obama's indecisiveness can not be allowed to continue. Being a weak leader is no excuse for allowing soldiers to die. Being a weak leader is no excuse for abandoning the people that are looking to you for stability in a war torn country. Obama your weak and indecisive leadership has brought the world much closer to a world war than resolving regional conflicts. Mr. President you are emboldening our enemies and making America and the world less safe. We are at a crossroads Mr. President and the world is awaiting your decision.

Mr. president you have three choices and the status qou is not one of them. Mr. President you may chose between a counter terrorism choice of which even Feinstein says won't work. You may chose to withdraw which you yourself said was not the right path. The only other choice is a counter insurgency strategy. The worst thing you can do is equivocate and make no decision at all. Your lack of leadership is costing lives.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama: The Equivocating President

Obama is an equivocator unworthy of his faithful legions. On May 11, 2009, Gen Stanley McCrystal was selected to be the in charge of the Afghanistan front. Yet 5 months later and Obama is still equivocating. Obama has yet to enunciate a strategy for Afghanistan. McCrystal came with a plan and Obama refuses to make a decision. The equivocating and voting "voting" present are more than just a pattern for Obama; they are becoming the way Obama Obama leads, which of course is not leadership.

Today Obama received the Nobel peace prize. Yet his senior advisers have cited "Hezbollah, the armed Lebanese political movement, as an example of what the Taliban could become." The Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization and Obama wants to allow the Taliban back into the Afghanistan government. Obama sees no issues because Hezbollah only causes "regional instability". Yet that is all the Taliban was in 2000. There were a "regional instability". The Taliban couldn't even control more than 75% of Afghanistan let alone pose a threat to the US. Then as we all know Al Queda was allowed to hide out in Afghanistan and plot attacks on American soil. I am amazed that a Nobel Peace Prize winner can't see why "regional instability" is the root cause of all of the skirmishes America has been involved in since the Vietnam war. Lebanon is a "regional instability". Grenada was a "regional instability". Panama was a "regional instability". Somalia was a "regional instability". Iraq was a "regional instability". Bosnia and Kosovo more "regional instabilities". Now Obama is fine with "regional instabilities" because he sees no connection between "regional instability" and the world at large. For such a smart guy Obama can't connect the dots.

Obama has a history of voting present and equivocating. Obama demanded a stimulus package be ready for him to sign when he took office. Obama provided no guidance or direction. All Obama did was make the demand. Obama did the same thing on the omnibus bill. Just get it done and blame the Republicans is all Obama told the Congress. Obama is equivocating on the health bill also. All Obama is doing is making campaign trail statements and comments but leaving the heavy lifting to Congress. Now Afghanistan is turning out to be more of the same. Obama unable and unwilling to make a decision only issuing vague and ambiguous statements. Obama is weak and ineffective as a leader. Obama was considered lazy as a legislator because of his knack for voting present. Obama is a follower and not a leader.

For the life of me I can't figure why a follower would want to be President. It has become more than apparent that Obama does not want his fingerprints on anything controversial. Obama constantly forces others to do the heavy lifting while he sits idly by waiting for the time to hit the campaign trail so he can become the lead cheerleader. Obama should be paying his speech writer millions because the great equivocator is all talk and no action.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Is The GOP Rooting Against America?????

Is the GOP rooting against America? The Democrats, liberals, and media elite are running articles questioning the GOP and their patriotism for their lack of support for bringing the olympics to Chicago. “Some of these people are starting to put politics first and country second,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Markos Moulitsas of the daily kos was more blunt. “So when did wingnuts start cheering against America? Their unbridled joy at losing out to Brazil is a bit unseemly, isn't it?” he asked, adding: "America, f—- yeah!" has become "F—- America, Yeah!" Again is the GOP rooting against America or are the Democrats running from their unpopular policies.

The truth is the GOP is doing nothing but show Obama for what he is. Far from being a Statesman Obama is a photo Op celebrity. Obama has done nothing to turn the country around from the recession. The stimulus package is a wreck saving very fews jobs and creating even less. Afghanistan is turning into a disaster and Obama ignores his hand picked Commander. Iran is closing in on a nuclear weapon and Obama threatens more sanctions. The French say Obama is weak and Obama only smiles. The Dalai Lama schedules a trip to America and Obama snubs him in favor of the Communist regime in China. The Iranians revolt in the streets and Obama sides with the murderous regime. The Hondurans use their constitution and oust a communist thug and Obama sides with the communists in the region and calls the act illegal. The Russians threaten the Caucuses and Obama unilaterally withdraws a missile defense shield for Eastern Europe. The Olympic failure is just another in a long list of failures. The GOP is cheering only because they hope the left starts focusing on what is important in America and right now what is important is the economy and not the Olympics.

Now that Obama's ego has been brought back to Earth perhaps he will have time for the America he has been ignoring. Maybe now Obama might realize Americans desire a leader not a celebrity. Obama blew his political capital in a failed attempt to bring the Olympics to Chicago. Obama should have been focusing on the 9.8% unemployment rate. Obama should be focusing on the "war of necessity" in Afghanistan. Obama should be focusing on keeping Iran away from nuclear weapons. Instead Obama decided it was far more important to "sacrifice' with a European vacation to gain the Olympics only to return empty handed. No the GOP is not rooting against America. They are standing up for America and want the President to focus on what ails the country rather than fulfilling the Presidents insatiable ego.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama Fails; Left Blames Bush

Obama and Michelle traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark in an effort to bring the Olympics to Chicago in 2016. Obama and Michelle's pitch fell on deaf ears as Chicago failed on the first ballot. Obama couldn't even make the race interesting. Out of 4 world cities Chicago finished dead last. Immediately following the failed plea the left immediately came out blaming Obama's failure on none other than George bush.

Jesse Jackson believes that the Bush administration had poor relations with the IOC and remnants of that era remain. Jackson believes for the final pitch the US sent in the "A-Team" including Obama, Michelle, and Oprah. No way this team could possible have failed so it must have been the previous administrations strained relationships in the international community. The blame for Obama's debacle isn't the fault of the A-Team but rather "..... political and mean-spirited," according to State Representative Susana Mendoza. "There must be resentment" according to Jesse Jackson. Jackson goes on to say "The way we [refused to sign] the Kyoto Treaty, we misled the world into Iraq. The world had a very bad taste in its mouth about us. But there was such a turnaround after last November. The world now feels better about America and about Americans. That's why I thought the president's going was the deal-maker." See there is no other reason for the messiah to have failed other than the Bush administration. It had to be a political decision.

There is no way that it could have been the poor public support for the olympics in Chicago. There is no way it could have been the corrupt Chicago politics. No way it could have been the fault of the current administration. No it has to be the fault of someone else. I mean Michelle "sacrificed" for her European junket. Taking a European vacation at taxpayer expense is so very difficult and the mighty sacrifices Michelle went through just to bring the honor of the Olympics to her home town. Why Michelle even lied ( said she remembers sitting on her dad's lap watching Carl Lewis, she would have been 20 years old when Carl entered the scene in 1984) in her speech in an effort to overcome Bush's failures.

The truth is Obama's ego is what made him a failure yesterday. Obama risked his Presidential Mojo on an Olympic bid. Obama and his handlers believed all he had to do is show up and the Olympics would be in the bag. Similar to when the New England Patriots believed all they had to do is show up on Super Bowl Sunday and the undefeated season was theirs. Unfortunately the President wasted presidential prestige and goodwill. The A-teams great oratory couldn't even keep Chicago from finishing last. Perhaps this hit on Obama's ego will wake him up. Perhaps he will learn that he is not the leader the world has been waiting for. Maybe Obama will realize he is becoming the weak and ineffective leader the World's rogue states have been waiting for. Obama flashed his smile but the world showed its teeth. There was no reason for Obama to waste his political goodwill. The public was not behind him.

America is in the midst on a recession. Unemployment is almost 10% and the President that it best he "sacrifice" with Michelle to go on a European junket. The government has a $1.58 trillion dollar deficit and Obama decided to hang out with the IOC. Bankruptcy at home is soaring and Obama fails in his bid for stardom. Obama has failed America. The failure of the Olympics is nothing compared to his failures at home. The Obama Stimulus package is a failure. The Obama Health Care plan is a failure. Obama's energy plan is a failure. The Olympic failure is just another in a long list.