Monday, September 28, 2009

Liberal Left: Above the Law

Liberals seem to believe they are above the law. The pathetic pawns of the left media are voicing outrage that Roman Polanski was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant from 1978. The left complains that somehow Polanski was duped into the arrest and that the Swiss are engaged in a nefarious act. Polanski has been a fugitive from the United States for 32 years yet the left seems to have forgiven Polanski for child rape simply because of the liberal leanings of his lifetime achievements.

Roman Polanski plead guilty to statutory rape charges. Polanski was a middle aged 44 year old when he had sexual relations with a thirteen year old. Now Anne Applebaum opines in the Washington post that Polanski paid for his crime by fleeing the United States to avoid sentencing. Applebaum complained that Polanski may not have known the victim’s real age. Applebaum came running to Polanski’s defense by saying there may have been prosecutorial misconduct. Applebaum goes on to say Polanski paid for his crime through Lawyer fees, in professional stigma, and in notoriety. Never does she claim that Polanski is innocent or paid his debt to society for his crimes.

In a country founded by laws, it is reprehensible that Applebaum opines of the wrong committed by the Swiss. Applebaum condemns a free nation while defending a child rapist. The entire left is going crazy over the thought that a liberal icon going to receive a lifetime achievement award would be arrested for a crime against society. Punishment for crimes is not about the individual victim as much as it is supposed to be about victimization of society. That the individual victim says she has forgiven Polanski makes no difference. That the victim says she would not want to see another trial or jail sentence for Polanski is immaterial. One might ask why. The answer my friends is simple: When a free society like America bring charges against a defendant in criminal action it is the State that brings the charges not the individual. This implies a certain moral obligation towards society as a whole.

That Polanski chose to flee America and become a fugitive from justice does not pay the price demanded by society in a lawful State . I didn’t hear Applebaum defend Kathleen Soliah when she was captured in 1999 and served seven years for her crimes related to the Patty Hearst kidnapping and the Symbionese Liberation Army. The fact is Polanski has not paid society for his crimes. The liberals coming to his defense are just as sickening as the crime itself. These same liberals went crazy over Warren Jeffs when he became a fugitive regarding underage marriages. Yet defend Polanski and hail Polanski’s lifetime achievements. America should be outraged that the left would defend a 44 year old man (at the time of his crimes) seeking sex with a 13 year old. Applebaum is wrong; Polanski ran from justice and has not paid for his crimes.

The liberal left has a pattern of believing they are above the law. The left in America goes after the conservatives and claims a culture of corruption on the right while ignoring the culture of corruption on the left. Recently, the left is desperately trying to sweep Charles Rangel’s tax evasion and other improprieties from making the headlines. The left did not force William Jefferson to resign even though he was found to have cold hard cash in his freezer that Jefferson obtained in a bribery sting operation. The left ran Delay out of town on trumped up charges yet allow the corruption on the left to go unchecked. The Polanski case is just another example of how the elitist left believes they are above the law. The Laws passed by the elitist left are for everyone else. They of course have no rules because of their lifetime achievements. Any defense of Polanski for having sexual relations with a thirteen year old is sickening. The left is not above the law and Polanski must be brought to justice. The left's hypocrisy is showing just as it did 40 years ago at Chappaquiddick.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minimum Wage Increase: Young Unemployment Rate at 52.2%

In 2006 the Democrats rammed a 60 increase of the minimum wage through Congress. The law increased the minimum wage in three steps from Jul 2007 through JUL 2009. The final became effective on 24 JUL 09. This increase coincided with an increase in unemployment of .3% in AUG. Now according to a New York Post article the unemployment rate for young adults is 52.2%. The direct result of increasing the minimum wage is higher unemployment by the workers most likely to be employed by the minimum wage.

Now instead of the young working and building experience the young adults are living with their parents longer and still not receiving any experience. The raise in minimum wage had no choice but to increase unemployment for the young adults. The minimum wage increase was not enacted for the benefit of the young workers who worked for minimum wage garnering employment experience. No it was enacted for the unions that are friendly to the Democrats that enacted this garbage.

One might ask why or how the unions could benefit. The answer is because when there is an increase in minimum wage there is an increase of the rate of pay in many unions. Union labor has to be paid a rate above the minimum wage. This benefit to the unions is at the expense of young adults who are just starting out with work. Instead of working for college spending money young adults are forced to stay at home. Young adults will not have any experience or work record when they start looking for full time employment to live their lives. Yet the unions receive more pay as even their unemployment increases. As industry closes manufacturing plants big union receives higher pay and our young can look forward to absolutely nothing.

Obama was carried to victory on the strength of young voters. Yet they are increasingly the people benefiting the least from Democratic policies. The minimum wage increase went to union labor. Even the stimulus package did nothing to invest in jobs for young adults. Instead the stimulus went to further union labor. Union labor helped build this country. However Unions are destroying this country. The minimum wage hikes are directly responsible for having a young adult unemployment rate higher than it has been since WWII. What a shame that unions benefit while the ones that depended on the minimum wage remain unemployed. Just another bad policy meant to redistribute wealth.

Social Security: The Pyramid Is Broke

The great liberal pyramid scheme is broke. For the years 2010 and 2011 the fund is scheduled to take in less than it dishes out. Then by 2017 the fund is never to see the black again unless there are massive changes. The social security trust fund has 2.5 trillion dollars and will be able to stay afloat for awhile. The problem is that the trust fund doesn't really have any money in it. The vault is full of US Government IOU's in the form of Treasury Bonds. Social Security is for all intents and purposes out of money and we have barely started paying benefits to the baby boomers.

The baby boomers have just now started retiring. The baby boom generation will be retiring and drawing huge social security benefits over the next half a century. The trust fund is been spent on other frivolous liberal "great ideas". America will begin feeling the pinch next year as our deficit will climb ever higher. Once the retirements of baby boomers increase over the next five years America will quickly spiral into out of control deficits.

The liberal promise of a safety net for seniors is crashing down around them. The government is about to renege and is do absolutely nothing to resolve the issue. Instead of shoring up social security as was proposed since the turn of the century the democrats blocked any attempt ensure social security would be there not just for their own generation but for generations to come. The democrats scared seniors into believing republicans wanted to overturn social security. Nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans tried to shore up social security to avert impending disaster. The republicans saw this coming and new that the pyramid scheme would come crashing down if something wasn't done.

Now the democrats are ignoring this problem. They are ignoring the economy. They are ignoring everything the government is supposed to be doing. Instead the democrats are bent on destroying the American economy with redistribution schemes and a hostile takeover of the American health industry. The democrats need to get real and focus on the real ills facing America. Social Security is broken and the pyramid is about to come crashing down.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Day Of Infamy: Obama Reneges On America's Promise

Obama is being hailed today in of all places Russia. American involvement in the cold war went for naught on 17 SEP 2009. This day will live in infamy as the day Obama reneged on America's promise of mutual defense. Obama capitulated on the exact day Russia invaded Poland just 70 years later. Obama broke America's promise of mutual defense as part of the NATO charter. The hope of two former Eastern European former Warsaw pact nations were denied a missile defense shield promised by America.

The era of appeasement is in full swing. Obama has been busy traveling the world apologizing to our enemies and ostracizing our allies. Obama went to Egypt and apologized to the Islamic radicals of the world and denounced the Israeli's. Obama traveled to Mexico and opened the doors for illegals immigrants. Obama hailed Venezuelan Dictator Hugo CHavez and denounced an Honduran ouster of another leftist dictator. Obama opened arms to Cuba and distributed DVD's from the wrong region to our best ally in the British. Now Obama forsakes our sworn duty of mutual defense under NATO agreements and leaves Poland and the Czechs to fend for themselves. Obama emboldens our enemies in hopes of being "liked". Obama forsakes our allies in hopes of being "Liked" by a world of radicals.

Obama has made America appear weak and defenseless against our enemies. The Iranians can build the nuclear weapon that could reach Eastern Europe and Obama has decided it prudent to leave them open to attack. This all to appease Putin the former KGB agent. Putin very well might "like" the idea of Obama opening the door to Eastern Europe, but Putin no longer respects American strength. Yes my friends today is a day of infamy. Today is the day America reneged on a promise so Obama could be liked. Today is the day America allowed the Russians to rape Poland exactly 70 years after the last time Russia raped Poland. The Poles and the Czechs are correct today is the day America betrayed our allies.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Republicans: Hold The Line

The fifth health reform plan in Congress was just released by Senator Max Baucus. The released version still is nothing more than a partisan bill aimed at appeasing some Republicans with small and insignificant concessions. This is another bad bill to get something on the floor of the Senate. There is only one way to stop this railroading of the American public.

Republicans must stand firm. Currently Republicans must filibuster this and any bill from the floor of the Senate. While it is true that the DEMs and Obama may use the nuclear option and go the budget reconciliation route; in reality the DEMs will not go this route. Using the budget reconciliation to ram major legislation through is political suicide and most DEMs understand this fact. In reality most of the major items the DEMs are pushing will not be allowed to be considered as part of the reconciliation process. The reality is only bits and pieces will be allowed through. Most Democrats understand that when it comes down to passing medicare cuts without the other provisions will put another nail into their coffins. Democrats realize that passing tax increases on the American public without the entire plan will be nothing but voting themselves out of a job. The Democrats are bluffing because they know they do not have the votes to pass their garbage.

Republicans have to filibuster. A majority of Americans are backing no action at all rather than take any of the current options as written. Republicans must force Democrats to negotiate in good faith. Many Democrats have already said they will not support a bill without a public option. The Democrats are intent on passing a public option and will use every trick available to achieve the hostile takeover of health care. Should any of the Senate bills pass the will have to be reconciled with the House bills in conference. In conference, the public option will be in place and there will be zero chance to stop it. Any conference reconciled bill cannot be filibustered. Once a bill passes the reconciliation in conference only has to garner a simple majority. The time to stop this madness is now. The DEMs are issuing empty threats of the nuclear option. Again it is true there is language in a bill that states if a bill is not passed by Congress before 15 OCT 09 than the Congress has the ability to stop debate and get a bill through the budgetary process. As I said earlier this is an empty threat. Empty because there are too many provisions that are necessary to mask what is really happening that will not be allowed through the budgetary process. Empty because history says no sweeping legislation has ever passed along party lines. Democrats know deep down their bill is not wanted by a majority of Americans. The Democrats know they would be committing political suicide; which is more than evident by the in fighting with the Democratic Party.

The debate over these bills is essentially over unless the Republicans cave. The DEMs do not have the votes to pass any of their bills either on the house floor or the Senate floor past a filibuster. The nuclear option is political suicide. Republicans must force the Democrats to explain the urgency for passing a partisan health care bill. None of these bills will become effective until after the 2012 election. If health care reform was so urgent to pass now without further debate why would it take so long to implement? The democrats are negotiating in bad faith. The Democrats do not have the votes to pass the current bills. The Democrats must stop whining and the Republicans must hold the line. Health care reform is important. A bi-partisan bill that is good for America can be developed. Until the Democrats stop demagoguing the issue, stop playing partisan games and get serious about reform health care reform should be a dead issue. The big Obama speech couldn’t even hold the bounce for more than one week. These bills are unpopular. Don’t fall for the line that there is a bill in the Senate that should generate Republican support. The items in that bill that will generate Republican support will disappear in conference. Hold the line Republicans; hold the line.

Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN: Is The Third Time A Charm?

ACORN claims to be a family oriented organization. Yet for the third time in a week ACORN has been caught on tape provided advice on establishing a brothel with underage working girls. The girls were supposedly going to be brought in through the international sex trade business. A life of forced prostitution is what awaited a few underage girls had this been a real prostitute and her pimp.

Fortunately for America, this was not real pimp and prostitute but rather a simple sting operation. Two concerned citizens decided it was time to do some investigative reporting, something our fawning pathetic pawns forgot how to do anytime a Democrat is elected as President. The pathetic pawns have forgotten how to investigate and how to report the real news. This ACORN story is not just one office in one city. No it is widespread and has occurred in Washington DC, Baltimore, and now New York City.

ACORN still receives taxpayer funds. The Obama administration ned to explain to the American people why an organization that has obvious widespread corruption can still be feeding from the government trough. The Obama administration needs to explain why Obama's own actions while serving as lawyer and training this corrupt organization is not being investigated. ACORN has committed voter fraud crimes and now advised potential clients on how to establish illegal brothels. This is not a run of the mill family organization. No instead it is an organization that destroys humanity and is engaged in the international sex trade crimes.

Where oh where are the pathetic pawns. They have been absent from their duty for a long time. It is high time the pathetic pawns started investigating the connections between Obama and this sleazy organization. Advising potential clients on establishing illegal businesses and avoiding taxes should be immediately shut down. This is not individual crimes perpetrated by one or two rogue employees. No this is organized crime being perpetrated by the organization at the highest levels. I wonder how much training Obama provided to ACORN employees on advising Prostitutes and pimps? I wonder if the third time will be a charm and America wakes up from this nightmare and refuses to provide taxpayer funds to a despicable organization.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cries Of Racism Are Old and Have Become Ineffective

As soon as Obama secured the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency the cries of racism started. Obama himself began the racebaiting by mentioning "people won't vote for him because doesn't look like the other Presidents on the dollar". The media has followed suit by offering story after story how everything anti-Obama must have a tint of racism.

Take for instance the recent flap regarding Representative Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar during a highly partisan speech before Congress. The Democrats, liberals, and media went crazy with shock. The outlets all cried about the tint of racism that led to the outburst by Wilson. The media overlooked the fact that Obama himself was calling the opponents of his health care reform liars. By the left's logic and the medias rationalization wouldn't that make Obama in fact a racist? Obama engaged in the exact same behavior that Wilson did yet Obama is held beyond reproach while Wilson is called out as a racist.

Obama's pal Van Jones resigned from Obama's administration. The democrats, media, and liberals cried out racism as Van Jones was forced out. Never mind that Van Jones himself used racial profiling when he stated that black people have never committed a Columbine like attack. That statement by Van Jones alone should have been more than enough to relieve a racist from their duties, but rather than hail the Bloggers, Glenn Beck, and Fox News for exposing a blatant racist the left attacked relentlessly.

The left along with Obama also attacked Beck for calling Obama a racist. Beck called the President out for the inappropriate and obvious race baiting comments surrounding Officer Crowley and Professor Gates. Obama race baited and used racial profiling when he whined that his friend Gates was arrested. Obama called the Cambridge Police Officers "Stupid". Obama made this comment even after adding the caveat that he didn't know the facts of the case. Obama showed he is in fact the racist. The media has proven that every time Obama heads south in the polls they will use race baiting and cry racism to inflame the left. The media cries of racism are nothing more than yellow journalism. The left wing propaganda machine has no interest in reporting facts. Their interest is in inflaming the left to keep the flame alive for their chosen President.

The cries of racism at every turn is getting old. The race baiting President and his ilk are losing their message. America today is more divided than every along racial lines. One must ask themselves why? The answer of course is that Obama is not the post racial President but rather the most racist President America has ever known.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Words Fall Flat

Last evening Obama set out to sell his socialized vision of health care in America. The great orator was pitching unpopular proposals set forth by the Democrats in the House and Senate. Obama reached in his bag of campaign speeches in hopes of reviving the passion America showed for Obama's freshness late last year. Instead of pulling out another stunning speech, Obama pulled a stale old message that fell flat.

How do we know Obama's speech was flat? First of all the it could only draw a little over 23.5 million households. The viewership is down almost 40% from his first Prime time talk back in February. Second though and more importantly, we know that two simple words overshadowed Obama's 5700 words. That's right folks, Congressman Joe Wilson uttered two words that became the talk of America today. Wilson's "you Lie" comment generated more discussion than anything the President said or did last night.

The left was busy whining today that Wilson was disrespectful. While it is true that Wilson's comment was inappropriate, rude, and disrespectful, it is also true that his two simple words completed overshadowed the great orator. Two simple words and the left went crazy. I guess the left forgot that the Democrats in Congress booed Bush during his 2005 State of the Union Address. Led by Obama the Democrats stood and booed a President during a speech in front of a joint session of Congress. Yet when one congressman utters two simple words the left became unhinged. Rather than defend Obama and his words the left simple said How dare you towards Wilson and his two simple words. When it becomes more important to deride a rude Congressman for uttering two simple words you know your speech was flat. When the great orator can't overcome two simple words you know people are beginning peel back the charm and recognize Obama as being an empty suit full of hot air. Let there be no doubt that Obama's speech fell flat and did nothing to change the minds of a majority of Americans who oppose his government takeover of health care.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Blows A Historic Opportunity For Health Reform

The President and the Democrats were in dire need to sell a bad health care plan. The speech in front of a joint session of Congress was a historic opportunity for the President to lead and layout a path forward in the debate over health reform. Instead of leveraging the forum and bridging the gaps between both parties Obama delivered a fear mongering speech that scolded Republicans and Conservatives for not getting on board. Obama promised to lay out his plans and and provide details for a health care reform package that could pass.

Instead what we received was a campaign stump speech. Obama used fear mongering tactics when he said more Americans would die if Congress would not rush a bill through Congress soon. This even though none of the plans would become effective for at least 4 years, 2013 is the target date to get this started. The speech could have brought the people together, but rather than talk to middle America, Obama decided to pass blame on Republicans. The partisan speech did nothing to bring America together. The lofty rhetoric saying the bickering must end was a start but blaming the right for all the problems showed the lack of seriousness this President has.

Obama blew a golden opportunity. Instead of delivering a speech to bring America together, Obama delivered a partisan speech that scolded everyone that disagreed with him. The speech was full of blame and lofty rhetoric but short on substance. Obama was a day late and a dollar short. After months of sitting on the sidelines and declining to engage Republicans in the debate, Obama needed to deliver significant details, yet delivered no details except the same talking points that have been kicked around for months. Obama showed zero leadership and showed his hope is to reduce America to the change in your pocket.

A majority of Americans agree reform is necessary. However, the devil is in the details. Americans agree with the basic principles that no American should be denied coverage for pre existing coverage. Most Americans agree that inefficiencies and fraud should be cut. Most Americans agree that health care should be affordable and available for everyone. The issue is not the reform, the issue is how do we get there. CCN says two thirds of viewers agreed with Obama proposals. The problems is that the proposals were the basic premise that Americans want affordable health care and no one should be denied coverage. The President needed to deliver the details. Obama needed more than a recitation of the talking points and need for health reform. Obama failed to deliver on the details and until the details are clear Americans will remain skeptical. The president is bleeding independents and Obama did nothing to bring independents on board with his stump speech.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Words: What Do They Mean

Obama once said "Words mean Something". The question is what do they mean? Obama once said "I will go through the federal budget "line by line". In Obama's estimation all that was required is a scalpel to remove the pork and bring the budget into balance. Instead what w got was a deficit that is 4 times higher than the next highest deficit in our country's history. Obama once said it was essential to get a stimulus bill passed through Congress. Obama then took a vacation while the bill sat on his desk unsigned. Obama once said the stimulus bill was essential to get "shovel ready" projects going to create jobs in a declining economy. Yet the jobs have yet to materialize as Obama's projection of unemployment under 8% was quickly bypassed and now stands a full 1.7% the worst Obama believed would happen. Obama once said the stimulus bill would get America moving forward. Yet most of the stimulus bill won't be spent until next year. Obama once said he wanted to change Washington by stopping the partisan bickering. Then he turned around and instructed the Republicans to fall inline because he won. Obama once said he was listening to the American public. Yet when peaceful protests emerged around the country, Obama told the people to shut up the time for talking was over.

So what do words mean? To Obama they mean very little. Obama's words always say one thing before he turns around and does the opposite. Actions always speak louder than words and Obama's actions betray his words. The lofty rhetoric Obama speaks of is not matched by his actions. Obama has been sitting on the sidelines for the Health debate with demands that something passes soon. Yet Obama has not offered any suggestions on a way forward. The Democrats are hopelessly split on health reform and all Obama can do is blame the partisan Republicans. Most of the left believes that the Republicans are the cause of the failures thus far. Yet the Democrats have a unassailable advantage in the house and a 60 vote majority in the Senate though Mid August. Obama words stated he wanted a bi partisan health bill. Yet the plans in Congress are so far left that not even the moderates in his own party can vote for the proposals. How does one expect to garner Republican support if the moderates from the other party can't even vote for it?

Words alone mean very little. Words must be backed up by action. In the absence of action words are exactly that: They are just words with no meaning. Obama says health care is the most pressing issue facing Americans. Yet Congressional health reform will not take effect until after the 2012 elections. Health care reform is so important that it can wait four years after passage before it takes effect. One must ask themselves Why the delay? What is in the government takeover that Obama and the Democrats don't want Americans to know? As long as the bill won't take effect for 4 more years why not sit down and get the bill right? The answer is because Obama is full of words but not much else and Americans are quickly learning that Obama's words are as empty as his suit.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama's Transparancy

Obama promised that he would bring transparency back to government. Obama and his supporters screamed about the lack of governmental transparency under Bush. The back room deals must stop Obama said. Pelosi and Reid said they would have the most ethical Congress ever. Transparency was the buzzword of the day by liberal politicians. The problem is that in the end it was just words, buzzwords with no meaning.

Obama developed a questionnaire that run 7 pages long with 63 questions for vetting administration officials. Yet the "Czars" Obama appoints have no vetting process. Take to time to wrap your head around that statement. Obama says he would embody transparency. Obama developed a vetting process for candidates Americans would see during confirmation hearings. Obama wanted to ensure the officials the public say would not have any embarrassing dirt. Yet Obama has been busy appointing policy Czars that have relegated the Cabinet positions as nothing more than figure heads. The policy Czars are not vetted because they are the ones the public doesn't see. These policy Czars are Obama's closest advisers yet they hide them from public scrutiny. These Czars Obama has appointed are the policy folks Obama has placed in control of his agenda. Yet Obama the transparent one has decided to circumvent the confirmation process and hid them from the public. Not only has Obama circumvented the confirmation process but then he doesn't even have his own vetting process in place ensuring his advisors actually are qualified individuals and not radicals.

While Obama is hiding from the Van Jones fiasco; American bloggers are uncovering just how radical Jone's is. Jones is an admitted Marxist. Jones is a 9/11 truther. Jones is a racist. Jones is guilty of racial profiling. The administration is out there saying Obama didn't really talk to Jones and Jones had but a bit part. Yet the reality is that Jones was to coordinate the efforts of various cabinet members in an effort to develop a environmental policy. One of the centerpieces of Obama's agenda and yet we are now being led to believe that the person in charge of that effort was not in dialog with the President? One thing can be certain. Obama never intended to really be transparent. Obama only intended to disguise his covert actions as being more transparent. Unfortunately, the American people know they will uncover many skeleton during the confirmation process. Obama's vetting was nothing more than covering his tracks and had nothing to do with transparency. The back room deals are still ongoing as evidenced by the administration deal cut with the pharmaceutical companies. Congress is still as unethical as ever as evidenced by Rangel, Murtha, and others. Our government is not transparent and Obama is hiding his covert operations like the politicians before him.

Democrats: Bad Faith Negotiations

Obama and the Democrats are involve in bad faith negotiations with the gang of six. There is absolutely no way health care reform will pass without a public option. The house will leave the public option as is. The Senate can pass whatever it wants including one without the public option. During conference the public option will be added back in.

The Democrats are intent on getting this public option through the back door. The negotiations are nothing more than an attempt to display a false sense of Bi partisanship. There never was a sincere attempt at bi-partisanship. The Democrats keep saying Obama has been working hard at developing a Bi partisan bill. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama hasn't been involved at all except for perhaps promising negotiations while giving the Democrats a wink and a nod.

Obama has been voting present during the entire process. Obama delegated responsibility. Obama should have outlined a bill he would support. Instead he left that to the Democrats in Congress. While it is true that Congress writes the bills. It is also true that Presidents outline direction. Obama has not lead. Obama has been on the sideline and now is looking to circumvent the process. Democrats know they do not have to the votes to pass legislation in its current form under the current rules. The negotiations are in bad faith and democrats have no intention of passing health care that can be supported by the majority of Americans.

The three main problems with Democrat sponsored health care bills are the public Option, the support for illegal immigration, and the support for abortion all at the expense of the American tax payer. The public option is a hostile government takeover of health care. It will place the government front and center on deciding the fate of care for the elderly. Just like in Oregon where the State refused to provide desired patient care but instead offered euthanasia, our federal government with its bureaucrats will be sending out letters advising patients on how to end their lives. The left argues this already happens with private insurers. This may be true. However the government is supposed to be looking out for the well being of the disadvantaged not looking out for its own benefit.

The other two contentious issues the left has to lie and say their plans do not cover Abortions and Illegal immigrants. The problem is that both are covered in the bill. Abortion remains silent in the bill. It is not explicitly denied, which means that it is approved. No matter which side of the abortion issue one is on, abortion should not be funded with tax payer money. The Democrats also say illegal immigrants are not covered. Yet the numbers they through around concerning uninsured people counts the illegal immigrants. The 46 million uninsured in America counts at least 10 Million illegal immigrants and another 20 Million that are eligible for either medicare or SHIP and have not registered or can afford insurance but choose not to have it. That of course leaves 15-17 million people that are uninsured and require a safety net.

The Democrats are overhauling 18% of the economy for the sake of 5% of the population. Instead of holding bad faith negotiations the democrats should sit down with Republicans and fix the problems with our health care. The problems are for the 15-17 million people without insurance who can't afford it, the private insurers refusal to provide insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, and those that are left uninsured while unemployed. These are simple fixes that could be enacted overnight. The problem is the Democrats would rather conduct bad faith negotiations, tell lies, takeover another 18% of the economy against the will of the people.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lockerbie: Obama Feigns Outrage At Release

The Obama administration including the President and Secretary of State, knew The British were negotiating an oil deal that would include the release of Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi. The release for oil deal also includes doctors that were paid off to say Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was near death. The celebration in Libya was enabled by a weak and ineffective President and Secretary of State.

The President hailed the fact that the ACLU won in court and now terrorists will be afforded legal rights under the US constitution. Funny how the left is all for ruling communes, yet want to treat a terrorist commune as individuals. Perhaps the intent of treating terrorists as individual and trying the individuals in our courts is in an effort to have our own bargaining chips when it comes to negotiating oil contracts. The intent of Obama is to use the incarcerated terrorists as pawns in his destruction of America. Perhaps Obama will pledge to release a few terrorists in exchange for a hollow promise from Iran to abandon their nuclear dreams. Perhaps he will use these human shields as reparations and and apologies for America's past sins.

One thing is certain. Obama knew about the release of Megrahi and then faked outrage over the release. Obama is nothing more than a media hound who will say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. There is no substance behind the man and his fake outrage is showing through. Remember this is not the first time this President has faked outrage for political gains. Obama used the same tactic in the Citibank CEO pay scandal. Even though Obama and Geithner knew of the contractual bonuses they did nothing to stop them until the public became outraged. Then Obama faked his own outrage and acted as if he knew nothing of the bonuses. Obama also secretly negotiated the Sharia law in North west Pakistan agreement. When the Taliban began taking their sharia law further than the agreement, Obama faked outrage over the Pakistan government ever negotiating with the Taliban.

Bottom line this is a President who refuses to take responsibility. Obama knew of the release of Megrahi and did nothing to stop it. The administration silence was agreement with the release. Obama knew about the executive bonuses for citibank and did nothing to stop them. Obama knew negotiated with the Taliban and then blamed the Pakistani's. To this day Obama blames Bush and the Republicans for his own blunders and failures. Obama is 15% through his elected term. America may not make it through the remaining 85%.

The Pathetic Pawns: Outraged Over Internet News

Late last evening Anthony "Van" Jones resigned his position as Obama adviser on the environment. The so called Green Czar had become a distraction to the Obama administration. Jones was an advid supporter of 9/11 truthers which believe Bush and the government conducted and planned the attacks on 9/11. Jones supported a cop killer named Mumai. Jones publicly claimed to be a marxist. Jones publicly denounced Republicans and called them "A$$holes. Jones was a communist blaming everyone else for his racist and controversial views. Bottom line is that Obama associates with radicals both inside and outside the country and Americans didn't like it.

Now just today the pathetic pawns in the meda came to Jone's defense. The media led by the "Meet the Press" round tabe loudly railed against the internet. The pathetic pawns said we have to watch out what we red on the internet. The pathetic pawns were miffed that Jones was forced to resign. "Gateway Pundit" led the charge and vetted Jones. A blogger scooped the pathetic pawns and they are pissed. The pathetic pawns attempted to ignore Jones and have now sided with Jones and claim misinformation and smears. The pathetic pawns are still in a mesmerized trance blindly following wherever Obama takes them. The media has let down the public and has really shown their true colors.

Charlie Gibson hailed the pathetic pawns smear campaign last year against Palin. Gibson claimed it was the duty of the media to vet candidates and public officials. The pathetic pawns went after Palin relentlessly all in the name of vetting her. Obama wins an election and now the pathetic pawns refuse to vet anybody. The pathetic pawns barely reported tax problems with Toim Geithner. When Daschle came up with tax problems the pathetic pawns came to Daschle's defense. The pathetic pawns tried to bury the Jones story and refused to even mention it until after he resigned. The internet and internet bloggers have become the responsible news source. The bloggers are largely filling the void left by the partisan press.

Bottom line is the media has been absent from the scene for many years. The pathetic pawns became the propaganda machine for the democratic party and are now upset that they are being called out for becoming an obsolete mouth piece of the democrat national committee. The pathetic pawns have become a joke that was willing to report on forged document because it fit their agenda. Now they have the nerve to call out the internet for not vetting the facts. Let me tell you something; when the pathetic pawns began failing in their jobs many others were more than willing to fill the void. With the internet the informed public can now hear and read unfiltered data and make up their own minds. The pathetic pawns are no longer able to push their agenda as fact. They now are held accountable because if they won't report the facts an internet blogger will.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Divine Right Of the Media: Where's the Vaunted Media Vetting Process

A little over a year ago John McCain announced his running mate was Sarah Palin. The media never heard of Sarah and sent hundreds of lawyers and Private investigators to Alaska to dig up dirt on the sitting Governor. Charles Gibson received the first media interview with her. Gibson commenced to talk down to Palin, Gibson ridiculed Palin, Gibson tried to school her with bogus questions. The left hailed the vetting process as necessary and derided McCain for not vetting Palin prior to selection. Gibson claimed he and the rest of the pathetic pawns had the right, responsibility, and duty to vet the candidates. Katie Couric followed up the Gibson interview with one of her own. Again the pathetic pawns derided Palin and set out to knock her down all in the name of vetting the candidate.

Now the pathetic pawns never bothered vetting Obama. The pathetic pawns bowed to the "Chosen One" and worshiped the ground Obama walked. When Obama run into problems with the tax cheating nominees, the pathetic pawns said Obama's own vetting process was too difficult. The pathetic Pawns filed to see that Obama wasn't vetting anyone. Obama nominated Geithner the tax cheat. Obama nominated Daschle the tax cheat. Obama in fact nominated at least 5 high level cabinet officials who were tax cheats. Not much of a vetting process at all if you ask me.

All this lack of vetting never raised the curiosity of the pathetic pawns. Now the pathetic pawns won't even mention that yet another appointee that is controversial. Anthony "Van" Jones is a Communist. Anthony "Van" Jones is a 9/11 truther nut. Anthony Jones is a liar. Even though Anthony "Van" Jones the "Green Czar" is a far left whack job and the pathetic pawns remain silent. Americans have received nary a word from Charles Gibson. Where is Gibson's sense of duty now? Gibson made seem as though he had a duty to the American people. Now the truth is being revealed and Gibson is showing himself to have a duty to Obama and not the viewers of his propaganda machine.

The vaunted vetting machine that the liberal media professed last year is only vaunted when the pathetic pawns are going after a conservative. The pathetic pawns have fallen in line with the rest of the elitists that are now running our country. These elitists believe they are smarter than the masses. The elitists are running our country into the ground for their idealistic simpleton views. The elitists don't live in the real world. They live in a fantasy and they are forcing their views on the rest of us. Our media has fallen for the simpleton view and has become nothing more than pathetic pawns for the rest of the elitists. The pathetic pawns are the mouthpiece to push a one-sided elitist view. America must wake up and not fall for the lies the elitist tell and not fall for the propaganda the pathetic pawns push.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Health Care Could Pass Next Week

Ultimately the current health care spectacle created by Obama will do nothing to pass health reform. However, Health care reform could pass next week. All that would be required is for Obama and the Democrats in Congress focus on the problem rather than their Utopian Ideals.

Most Americans believe some health care reform is necessary. Most Americans agree that reducing costs is imperative. Most Americans (80+%) are happy with their current healthcare. Health reform is not as complex as Obama is making it. It would not take over 1000 pages of legislation to reduce costs and make health insurance available or all. The problem is there is not enough liberal base support for anything short of a hostile takeover.

This morning the idea of not having a public option was floated. However, by this afternoon, the Obama administration was again backing off and said bi partisanship was dead. Obama is torn between doing what is right by the Nation and appeasing his base. Unfortunately for American Obama's base is winning out. But America could win and win next week if only the LIBs would implement the reforms that are necessary to reduce costs and make health care available to everyone.

All the have to do is allow interstate commerce, allow businesses to band together, and open the federal employee health benefits for the uninsured. These are three easy things that would reduce the costs of securing health insurance and making health insurance available to those who want and need it. Leave out the contentious items and Ameirca would win. The "public option" is a concealed attempt to takeover the American health insurance. Congress doesn't desire opening up their health benefits to everyone because they fear their rates would go up. Instead the Congress would rather develop a system whereas they are well taken care of with "Cadillac Plans" while the masses live with rationed government care.

I can tell you government care is not the way to go. Look at the conditions of Walter Reed. Look at the complaints and lines at the Veterans Administration. Ask a soldier how they feel about their health care. Go to Germany, France, Cuba, Canada, and Great Britain and live for a few years under their systems. Pay their taxes. Make their wages. Compare their health care and lifestyles and to what America has to offer.

The liberal left needs to wake up and get a dose of reality. Their Utopian dreams will be the ruin of America. They are intent on dismantling 18% of the American economy for their dreams. They won't even pass the easy changes to move on to bigger and better things like continuing unemployment. Instead Obama wants to change his talking points weekly to find the right chord. His song and dance is not working and a majority of Americans are against him. Obama may be able to jam this through. Obama may even be able to overcome his losses. But the Democrats will lose and may never recover. After years of the vocal left denigrating America while the silent majority remained silent, America is waking up and the silent majority is silent no more.