Monday, August 31, 2009

Government Healthcare: Not An American Utopia

America is speaking nationwide and what is clear around the country is that Americans are not buying into Government run health care. There are deep seated reasons why Americans don't desire a government system but they all revolve around one reason. Americans don't desire Government run health because they cherish their freedom.

Freedom to an average American is far more important than the Utopian dream of universal health care. The American lifestyle is such that Americans want the freedom to spend what they earn rather than have a Government spend what they earn for them. The American dream is such that we love opportunity and love the freedoms that we have. America is the envy of the world, not because of our mighty military, not because of our mighty greenback, not because of our ingenuity, and certainly not because of our health care system; no we are the envy of the world because of our freedoms. An American is born with the freedom of choice and no government can take that away. America sets the bar for freedom around the world. We love our gas guzzling cars and cheap gasoline. We love our freedom of speech. We love our freedom to express ourselves. We love our freedom to bear arms. Americans truly love the individual freedoms expressly laid out in our Constitution.

America is not the land of the ruled. America is not the land fairness but rather the land of equal opportunity. Americans own their government not the other way around. Americans will never willingly give these freedoms up. Our right to be free is the reason why the Utopian idealism expressed through vehicles such as universal health care ring hollow. Young Americans want the freedom of choice. The freedom to choose whether or not to carry health insurance. Young Americans would rather make the decision of purchasing a sports car or health insurance. Middle aged Americans desire the freedom to choose what insurance policy they desire for themselves and their family. Americans of all ages desire a health system that is beneficial to their owns ideals. Americans do not desire the Government making these choices for them.

In order for universal health care to work and still be somewhat cost effective is for everyone to be forced to have health care. So liberal left in America has decided to take the rights away of the many to support the few. This Utopian thought will by nature take away the rights of every American to make choices. The liberal left believes it is the right of the commune to make these decisions for the "brain dead" others. The elitists in our country want to make these decisions for us. The elitists believe they are more intelligent, more in touch, and more feeling than the rest of America. The liberal left desires ramming Government health care through because to them the ends justifies the means. To the elitists in this country, it is by divine right that they make the choices for the masses.

Where Government health care goes wrong is that is takes away choices from average Americans. This takeover proposed by the left in our country is not about having a safety net for the underprivileged. No the liberal left does not desire a simple safety net for those that can't afford coverage, those that lost their benefits (those between jobs), those that have pre existing coverage, no what the liberal left proposes is an outright takeover of the health care system. America can have health coverage for those that desire it without resorting to European government systems.

The liberals in our country hail government systems similar to institutions like Canada, France, Cuba, Germany, and Great Britain. What they seemly can't bring themselves to tell you is that Canadians cross the border for American medicine because the waiting lines in Canada are unbearable. They don't tell you that in Britain babies are born in hallways rather than delivery rooms. What they don't tell you is that the tax rate in Germany to cover everyone is crippling. What they don't tell you is that France's system drains the Countries reserves and unemployment is through the roof in their two class system. The left also does not tell you that while Cuba offers everyone health care they also offer prison terms for dissenters. All of these great universal health care systems run by the government have taken their citizens rights away. This includes the right to make informed decisions on how to spend their hard earned money.

Government run health care is not an American Utopia. Similar to other government schemes this one takes rights away from the citizenry. An American Utopia is where are the freest of the free. We are the home of the brave and the land of the free. No liberal Utopia can take that away. Americans want to choose how and when to sped their money. Americans are all for providing safety nets, what Americans are unwilling to do is give up their freedoms. Remember we are the envy of the world because of freedoms, don't give those freedoms away to the elitists.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Bi Partisan Health Bill?

Pass it for Kennedy, that what Democrats and the pathetic pawns in the media are pushing concerning health care. The left including their propaganda wing that masquerades as our Nation's media, are attempting to blame their failures on the Republicans. The left is inquiring why the Republicans are not backing bi-partisan health care reform. Or is health insurance reform, one never knows Obama and the democrats have changed their words to solidify the floor their health reform is falling through. After blaming insurance companies, republicans, and radicals, the democrats are now saying pass it for Kennedy.

The Pathetic Pawns are claiming Republicans are pulling away from bi-partisan bills in Congress. The problem is in the House there are no bills under consideration that are bi partisan. The three bills under consideration were developed in a vacuum. Liberal democrats wrote the bills in committee without any input from the Republicans. Bi partisan to Nancy Pelosi is agreeing whatever her socialized agenda says is good regardless of the American people. In the Senate there are two bills. One is being worked by the gang of six. There are three Democrats and three Republicans working on a bi partisan bill. The other bill in the Senate is just as libeal and socialized as the three in the house. The Bi partisan bill in the Senate is not the one everyone is rallying behind. No it is a red herring. Democrats are using the Gang of six for cover.

The Liberals will hold that one bill up as proof they worked with Republicans. The problem is the liberals have been busy deriding the bill and the gang of six. Now that two of the three Republicans from the gang of six are pulling back the democrats are pushing how insincere the republicans are. Sorry my friends the insincerity comes from the left. Never once has the left even considered the bi partisan bill. They allowed the gang of six to work on it and even if it passed in the Senate it would be reconciled and come out much different in the end. The bi partisan bill would lose out in reconciliation and pass along party lines. The left would claim they worked with Republicans and say it was the republicans that refused to negotiate in good faith.

There is no bi partisanship in the Congress. The language and actions of Democrats prove this. "I won" is not partisanship. Telling the opposition to "shut up" is not bi partisanship. Calling opposition Nazi's is not bi partisanship. Calling opposition "racists" is not bi partisanship. Please let me know when the democrats are serious about bi-partisanship. Please let me know when the democrats want to lead a country rather than a movement or political party. Believe there is no bi-partisan health bill that will ever see the light of day. America should not just pass a bill on health reform simply because a politician died. Especially Kennedy, wasn't it Kennedy that allowed a young woman to drown without calling for medical help until the next day? Kennedy denied a young woman medical help and allowed her to drown. Now we the American people are supposed to rally around Kennedy and pass a bad health reform bill in his memory. What did Kennedy do to deserve such an honor?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Justice Only Blind When Democrats are Accused

Eric Holder and the Obama Department of Justice are quickly losing credibility with the American public. In the not so distant past the Democrats railed against the Bush administration for politicizing the Justice Department. The Democrats ran Alberto Gonzalez out of town. Democrats hammered away at Bush and Rove for firing prosecutors. Now we see that Holder and Obama are one sided in their view of justice and politicizing the Department is becoming the norm.

Holder has dropped prosecutions against Obama supporters and investigate alleged improprieties by the Bush administration. Last week Holder announced that he will have a special investigator for the alleged abuses of terrorist detainees. This week Holder dropped charges of “Pay to Play” schemes by Bill Richardson. Under Holder the justice department has dropped cases against “black panther” thugs for intimidating voters; yet demands investigations for CIA employees doing their jobs. Obama fired Inspector Generals for investigating and being critical of Obama donors, yet the same Obama derided Bush and Rove for firing prosecutors who were not investigated cases of Democratic voter fraud. Justice in other words is only half blind.

Justice only turns a blind eye when it is Democrats that abuse the laws and commits crimes. However, Holder and Obama Justice never turns a blind eye when it is a Republican that is accused of misdeeds. The latest news from the justice department shows the sad state of affairs that has become our justice system. Both parties have abused the system of justice and are guilty of politicizing justice. This my friends is not change but rather more of the same. Same politicians, same corrupt cronies, same crimes, the only thing different is the political party.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Waste A Good Tragedy

Today we learned about the death of Edward Kennedy. Kennedy has been a stalwart in the Senate since 1962. Teddy is the last in a line of brothers that sought the highest office in the land. The two older siblings were assassinated while Teddy couldn't quite overcome Mary Jo Kopechne "the lady in the lake". Today is a day of mourning for the Kennedy family and Ted's liberal flock of faithful followers. Yet one of his faithful followers has decided not to waste a good tragedy.

Following the advice of Rahm Emanuel to never allow a crisis to go to waste; Nancy Pelosi decided to play politics the same day Kennedy died. Pelosi couldn't even wait until after the first sunset before succumbing to her unscrupulous desire to ramrod the American public. Within hours of learning of Kennedy's death; Pelosi came out swinging saying now is the time to pass healthcare to remember Kennedy. No need for further debate. No need to revise a bad plan that is falling apart at the seams. No need because well Kennedy died so we must pass legislation due to nostalgia rather than due diligence. Pelosi couldn't even wait for the Democrat led political gathering disguised as a memorial or funeral to start her diatribe. No she started early.

The Democrats have learned nothing since the Paul Wellstone memorial service that made Moderate democrats, independents, and republicans sick with disgust. The Democrat's nasty and unappealing behavior at the Wellstone memorial lost them the 2002 election. Yet the democrats learned nothing. The Democrats failed to learn that Americans don't play politics at funeral and memorial services. Pelosi started early and rather than mourn on long serving Senator from the liberal left, Pelosi played the part of a partisan hack. Rather than celebrate a remembrance for what Kennedy did that was good in his life, Pelosi played politics. Rather than allow the Kennedy family what is rightfully a mourning period, Pelosi just can't allow a good tragedy go to waste.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama's Healthcare: An Operation to Die For

Obama and the Democrats are proposing a government takeover of the health care industry. Nancy Pelosi says "Health care will not pass without a public option". Obama says the public option will lead to a single payer system. Liberals from all different ilks hail universal care and single payer as the only path health care can take. Anything short of a hostile takeover by our government will be a failure. But is government health care what America really wants? We have seen government failures time and again. In a short (or long depending on point of view) seven months Obama has managed to push our country to the brink of bankruptcy. Obama pushed for a $787 billion dollar stimulus that has failed. Obama pushed a $3 billion "cash for clunkers" program that fueled for auto makers and punished American resale and salvage companies. Obama has pushed for a cap and trade program that will necessarily raise energy costs on all Americans. Now Obama wants to ensure Americans are held hostage by taking over our health care.

Is that really what Americans desire? I know the unions are pushing hard for the public option. Obama himself called in the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to counteract the independent and Republican push against the takeover. Today we find out why the unions are pushing so hard. It seems the United Auto Workers union stands to gain $10 billion dollars in government handouts. No wonder the unions are backing the government plan. There are many unprincipled organizations that would sell their souls for $10 billion dollars. But again I must ask is this what America desires? Is this what America needs?

I can tell you what happens when in the government only systems currently available. Today it was announced that the veterans administration sent out letters to 1800 veterans telling them they were about to die. That wasn't the exact words but it was close enough. The Veterans Administration sent out letters to veterans informing them they had a fatal disease called "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The disease is 100% fatal and usually consumes life within 18 months of diagnosis. Then the same vets were informed they could receive a copy of "Your Life, Your Choices". This is a book the pushes one towards "end of life" decisions, rightly called a "death book". As it turns out the letters were sent out by mistake. There was some "coding error" that resulted in sending out the letters. Again, I must ask is this the type of care we desire in America?

I must wonder if the "death panels" the democrats were pushing are intended to discourage the elderly and push the aged towards doctor assisted suicide. I know the liberals all run screaming the death panels are a figment of the imagination but Obama has said that end of life decisions should be made by "doctors, scientists, and ethicists". After seeing mistakes like the Veterans Administration just made does anyone believe the government is competent? Obama and the Democrats are hijacking the health care industry in an effort to wrangle in the American public. The elitists left wants America to believe they know what is best for America, yet they can't even run a relatively small health care program without talking about ending lives. If this is how our government treats the veterans who fought to defend the country how do you think the government will treat the masses? Obama's health care plan is an operation to die for.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama: Spin Machine Failing

The Obama spin machine is failing in the eyes of the public. One year ago Obama could do no wrong. Obama's lofty rhetoric was hailed as pragmatism. Obama's continually pandering to any audience was hailed as nuance. Obama's was supposed to be the post racial President. The spin machine wove a web of deceit that many Americans fell for hook, line, and sinker.

Obama pushed for health reform to be passed by the August Congressional recess. When the Congress failed to pass comprehensive health reform, Obama spun it as everything was on track and the deadline was a "goal" rather than a "deadline". We must ask ourselves why would Obama want to rush this through so quickly when none of the legislators had read the pending legislation. The answer lies in the American people. Obama did not want Congress to leave for their districts to be influenced by their constituents. Obama didn't want the American people involved in the process. Obama just wanted the Congress to ram through a Health care bill.

As the House recessed and visited their districts the legislators were met with many questions. The politicians attempted to spin away the concerns of the American public. When that didn't work Pelosi claimed Americans were NAZI's. Pelosi and Hoyer had the audacity to call protestoers "Un-American". Obama then changed tacks and said Democrats were not reforming health care they were reforming health insurance. Obama and his spin machine started whining about misinformation and "astroturfing". However, it wasn't the insurance industry that was busing in protesters. No it was Obama calling in favors from the Service Employees International Union members and ACORN and having them bus in supporters.

Now the spin machine is claiming it is the Republicans that are blocking his center piece legislation. However, this is disingenuous at best. The Democrats have 257 members in the house and 60 seats in the Senate. They can pass anything they desire. No need for a single vote Republican vote in either chamber. The Democrats however, understand that to pass sweeping legislation that is opposed by a majority of the public would be disastrous. They understand that with mid term elections right around the corner that passing a bill with zero Republicans leave them no one to blame but themselves.

I was always told that there are at least two sides to every argument. Nothing could be more accurate in the debate over health care. The liberal Democrats developed 3 bills in the House with no input from the Republicans. In fact the Republican bill lies in committee and won't even be considered. We do have two sides to this debate and I would surmise the truth between the actual plans and the rhetoric from both sides lies somewhere in the middle. The key is finding which side is more truthful. One clue to who is more accurate in their talking points is finding who changes their story more and who remains steadfast. In the case of health care Obama and the Democrats are struggling with who to blame, what they are reforming, and who is putting out misinformation. The Republicans have remained steadfast int heir position. So while I do not trust everything the Republicans are putting out, I must believe they are much closer to the truth than the party that changes their talking points and rhetoric every week as they struggle to find something that resonates. The Obam spin machine is failing as we see more and more that Obama and the Democrats have no desire to lead America. The Democrats only desire leading other democrats.

Unfortunately, that is the problem with the two party system. Our career politicians in Washington forget their constituents except when it is time for re-election. Congressmen work for their constituents when an election draws near. Other than that the Congressmen work for their political parties and special interests. Americans have lost faith in government and it showed in the last election. Most Americans fell for the "Hope and Change" mantra. But not we are finding that "Hope and Change" only meant we changed political parties, we changed which crooks feed at the government trough, and we changed which fanatical fringe base drove the agenda and we are still hoping the American public can have the country back. In 2010, America needs to vote out any house member that has been in Washington over 6 years and every senator that has been Washington over 12 years. These career political hacks forgot who they work for.

We Americans are supposed to remain respectful of our legislators. Yet our legislators disrespect us every day. Our legislators forgot who they work for. They want the American people to grovel at their feet. Sure the legislators return to their districts and States during recesses and elections, but once they head back to Washington they laugh and scoff at the lower masses. The career politicians mock their constituents. The career politicians are elitists that believe they are better than the people rather than a representative of the people.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tyranny and Arrogance

The Democrats have failed to lead and their failure is leading American down the path of tyranny. The arrogance of both political parties is failing America. The health care debacle is a prime example of a failed piece of legislation not going by the wayside because of arrogance. The philosophical language of "I won" demonstrates the lack of concern for the American people. The arrogance of the phrase "I won" is the problem with our current political establishment.

Last January, Barack Obama sat down with the Republican Leadership to bring them into the fold and talk them into supporting an ill advised economic stimulus plan. The Republicans had ideas but the President didn't want ideas. What Obama wanted was blind obedience. When the Republicans balked Obama told the Republicans they needed to get on Board because "I won". Obama attempted to railroad Republicans and bully them into submission. Alas the Republicans backed away from the poor stimulus package and it passed the house by straight party lines and passed the Senate with a scant three Republican votes. There was no compromise, nor was there any negotiations for a bi-partisan stimulus bill. No Obama followed the Keynesian path and passed near a trillion dollars of debt onto our children.

Now we have health care debates around the country. A majority of Americans have sttod up and said they do not want this version of government run health care. The President changes his failing rhetoric on a weekly basis. As the Congress adjourned for the summer recess, Obama provided his marching orders. Attack the Republicans as fear mongerers, attack townhall vocal protesters as being ignorant, attack the protesters as being right wing extremists, attack the protesters as paid obstructionists, and attack the protesters as Un-American NAZI supporters. After a week Obama saw his polling numbers sink further. So he changed his message. Instead of attacking Republicans and citizens Obama tacked left and charged that his health care reform was not really health care reform at all but rather Health insurance reform. Obama and the Democrats began demonizing the health insurance companies. No whne this tack failed to bring the masses on board Obama sent his surogates out to instruct that the public option was not necessary. When the left wing screamed Obama again moved to the left and placed the blame on Republicans.

Now Obama is blaming Republicans and urging the Democrats to go it alone. Pass health care without any Republicans. Claim the Republicans will not negotiate in good faith. Claim it is the fault of Republicans that the filibuster proof majority can not pass legislation. There are no less than 5 different draft bills out there. The house has three versions and the Senate at least two. There is only one plan that is being worked in bi-partisan fashion. "The Gang of six" in the Senate are working together to produce a plan between 3 democrats and three republicans. The President doesn't desire the bi partisan plan though. What Obama desires is a path to socialize the health industry. Obama needs a path to socialism to get his minions to support the plan. Threatening to pass unilateral legislation is not negotiating. Threatening to split the bill so that the most radical and unpopular parts of the bill can pass with the least amount of support. Democrats are floating the idea of circumventing the rules of the Senate in an effort to pass legislation that does not have majority support in the American opinion.

When House member Massa from New York said he did not care what his constituents thought he was going to vote for himself. This is destructive behavior. America has a representative form of government. Our Representatives are supposed to vote for their constituents. The Representatives are not supposed to be ideologues and toe the party line at the expense of their constituents. Voting against the wishes of the constituents is called a Tyranny not a democracy.

The two party system has corrupted of form of a democratic republic. Instead of the two legislative bodies representing the will of the people the two bodies represent the will of the respective parties. There have been some on the left usurping the legislative process and attempting to discredit our system. The feel that every state having two senators regardless of population is unfair. What the partisans do not see is that it is the gerrymandered districts that have led us towards the path of an ineffective and corrupt government rule. The gerrymandered districts are established to keep the political parties in power rather than the people. Instead of debating issues America is debating philosophy. That makes consensus building difficult if not impossible. Grown adults can agree to disagree. Grown adults compromise on issues. However grown adults have difficulty overcoming philosophical differences. The left versus right, liberal versus conservative, and Democrat versus Republican ideologies have made debate impossible. This divide empowers the political parties and their supporting lobbyists and divides Americans. America is not really protesting health care. A majority of Americans recognize there are problems with our current health care system. However, Americans are protesting an arrogant and corrupt government. America is a democracy led by the people, not a tyranny led y a despot. Now is the time to stand up and take our government back. Now is the time to return the government back to the people. Stand up America and take our country back from the career politicians and special interests. Leave Tyranny and arrogance to the third world so America can remain the leader of the free world.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Green Shoots Wilting In The Summer Heat

Last Week Obama and the Democrats were clamoring that the economy was turning the corner. The pathetic pawns in the media hailed the drop in the unemployment rate as proof the labor market was stabilizing. The administration was hailing the 1% contraction in GDP as proof the economy was rebounding. The Democrats were hailing the loss of 247,000 jobs as proof their stimulus package saved the economy. The problem is that even the cash for clunkers program couldn't save retailers.

After all the good news last week the other shoe dropped today. Retailers continued to contract and sales declined .1% even with a cash for clunkers program responsible for selling big ticket autos. Take away the autos from the ill fated program and their was a .6% decline in retail sales. Last month their was an increase. This month there was yet another loss. Retails sales were not the only bad news today.

While sales of existing homes increased giving hope, there was also a significant rise in foreclosures. What this means is yet a further decline in the value of peoples homes. The loss of real value is affecting peoples ability to continue paying for a home that is worth less than the mortgage they are paying. Not only are people still in over their heads but unemployment is still high and increasing.

I am not sure how the unemployment rate declined last month. Someone needs to explain how unemployment declines when states are adding people to the unemployment rolls. Their are an awful lot of States that reported an increase in unemployment yet the Federal report says there was a decline. Not sure I believe the government when it says the unemployment rate fell. The jobs in the country contracted. States reported higher unemployment rates and yet the Department of Labor says the unemployment rate dropped. Who are they trying to fool? At any rate unemployment is high and will go higher in coming months. People are going to continue defaulting on mortgages at unusually high rates until unemployment eases.

I would have to say that beyond the rhetoric from the administration and the fawning media, the fundamentals of our economy are bad. The economy is teetering on the brink of collapse. The First time claims for unemployment remains stubbornly high and was much higher than expected this week. Continuing claims also remains high at over 6 million people. Many people are out of unemployment benefits they are normally entitled to and are receiving extended benefits. It doesn't seem to be working except for people are stopping the search for employment. This stop in the search is probably what accounts for the unexpected decline in the unemployment rate. Although I wouldn't put it past the administration to cook the books to make the economy look better than it really is doing.

Those green shoots of spring are not really bearing much fruit. In fact the economic news is just as dire and it appears the green shoots are wilting in the summer heat. The stimulus was a disaster. Health care is fast becoming a disaster. Cap and trade is a fiasco waiting to happen. Finally Obama's promised immigration reform is just another nail in the economic recovery's coffin. Even Obama is showing signs of wilting in the heat of the summer. Obama's lofty rhetoric has turned into busing in supporters to townhalls and lying about the support his plans have throughout the country.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fix Health Care Don't Replace Health Care

Obama is the lead cheerleader for socializing our health care system. We have seen Government run health care for years and let me tell you it isn't pretty. All one has to do is look into the military health care system, the veterans administration, and medicare and see why Obamacare and government run health care will fail. Remember the horrendous condition at Walter Reed? The rat infested hell our soldiers faced if injured in conflict. Ask any veteran about veterans hospitals and Veterans Administration bureaucracy including waiting for months for procedures. The VA rationing of health care is an injustice to our former military members. Medicare is a system that is set to bankrupt our country. The system will fail in seven years. This is the options Democrats and Obama are proposing for all Americans. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with health care the liberal elite are revamping the entire system.

The main issues with health care today are the 10-15 million poor that can not afford health insurance, the unemployed that are transitioning to new employment, and those with pre-existing conditions. The rest are Americans that "Choose" not to have insurance, usually the young adults that feel Herculean and don't need in insurance. Overhauling the greatest health care system in the world is akin to purchasing a new car just because the car is missing and sputtering. Instead of taking the car to the mechanic for a tune up the liberal left wants a new car.

We should be focusing on what ails the health system. Co-Ops is one idea. Allow the States (with federal aid) establish a Co-Op to care for the group consisting of the poor and unemployed. Allow small business to Co-Op. Mandate pre-existing conditions are not a disqualifier. I think this could be written in 100 pages or less, rather than the 1000 page government takeover of health care. We need to fix health care not replace health care. Just remember what government run health care looks like and we will all understand why people are angry.

Obamacare: The Big Lie

Today Obama spoke in New Hampshire and informed the audience he was not for a single payer system.

I guess this means he was for a single payer system before he was against it.

Really this is the first we heard Obama was against a single payer system because when he was campaigning and speaking to his friendly crowds he was always for the single payer system.

I wonder who is trying to bamboozle who? This is another fine example of how Obama says whatever the people want to hear but doing something entirely different. Under Obama care America will transition to a socialized single payer government run system. The only choice comes in if we already have insurance. Everyone else will go into the government run plan. As the numbers necessarily dwindle in the private the insurance rates will increase forcing private insurers out of business. That is the plan as written. The only ones grandfathered out of the public option are those that currently have insurance. Those that lose their jobs in the future and enter the public system are not allowed out of the system. So the problem Obama has with the transition to the single payer system will be taken care of through attrition. He is right when he said he foresees it taking 5, 10, 20 years. It won't be immediate but mark my words in the future Americans will only be entitled to government run medical services.

I am sure the pathetic pawns in the fawning media will hail Obama's words as the gospel. I am sure Obama parsed his words well enough to deny the lie latter on. Obama is a lawyer and knows how to twist words to make them mean something entirely different. I consider this the biggest lie yet from Obama; no matter how much parsing of words Obama does it will never change the lies he just told his audience.

Americans Lose to Obamacare

Americans are about to lose to Obama and the liberal democrats in Congress. Obama is not listening and the democrats refuse to read their own bill. Obama is demonizing the health insurance companies and democrats are calling Americans "Nazis". Obama calls in his union SEIU thugs to create violence (punch them twice as hard), Democrats are calling the people Un-American.

Support for Obamacare is sinking. Today 53% OF Americans oppose and disapprove of Obamacare while garnering just 42% support and approval. Strong opposition rises to 44% while strong support musters a mere 26%. A full 30% of democrats even oppose Obama's plan. Townhalls have become forums for the opposition to express their outright disapproval. Congressman David Scott lost control during one of his townhalls. Mr. Scott found it prudent to push the Obama playbook of accusing his constituent of not being from the district. Mr. Scott found it prudent to berate and chastise his constituent for asking a simple question. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez disguised her recent townhall as a prayer vigil. Congressman Scott Murphy held announced a townhall with less than 24 hours advance notice. Mr Murphy propped up his support by filling the room with his ardent supporters from Obviously the democrats are not listening to their constituents.

The problem is that the democrats nor Obama are able to further listen to the American people. Obama's political life depends on passing socialized medicine as does that of the liberal democrats in Congress. The main reason for pushing for Obamacare before the August recess is that Obamacare must pass this year. Another failed effort to socialize the American health system will doom both Obama and the Democrat Party. Should Obamacare languish in Congress through this year and into next year it will never pass in this Congress. One might wonder why. Let me tell you next year is an election year. Health care is a politically charged issue with passions running deep on both sides of the argument. Should Democrats and Obama fail the 2010 elections will be horrendous. The "blue dogs" will have more liberal democrats run in primaries against them. Much like Ned Lamont did to Lieberman in 2006. The democrats would eat themselves up and Republicans would be the only benefactor. That is why Obama care has to happen this year. That is why Obama and the Democrats don't care what the people of the United States want.

Americans will lose on Obama care. The liberal Democrats (read Pelosi, Hoyer, and murtha) will force a floor vote. The liberal democrats will bribe, browbeat, and threaten the "Blue dogs". Enough of the "blue dogs" will vote along party lines to sneak it through the House. In the Senate, the democrast already wrote language preventing a filibuster if something is not passed prior to OCT 15. Obama ensured there would be no debate on Obamacare. So America will have Obamacare passed and signed into law against their wishes. As America proceeds down the path of Socialism and entitlements I hope come 2010 and 2012 Anericans wake up and figure out that the Democrats are going to strong arm their initiatives through against the will of the people. Like the stimulus, Obamacare will be passed along party lines. That is what is scaring the democrats. It won't change their intentions though. The fear of no Republicans will only make them slow down enough to fake that they are listening. America is about to lose and lose big. America may not ever survive let alone recover from the disaster the Democrats and the Utopian idealists are thrusting upon us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who's Un-American?

Ordinarily I would be amused at the antics of Pelosi and Hoyer today. Calling the majority of Americans who oppose their brand of socialized health care is hysterical. Unfortunately, this is no laughing matter. Even the White House doesn't support Nancy in calling Americans engaged in peaceful protests Un-American. This incident is yet another black eye for the Democrats and the Pathetic Pawns who enabled them space to push the unpatriotic viewpoints.

When I awoke this morning I couldn't believe my eyes. Nancy and Steny had a prime opinion space in USA Today to spout their unpatriotic hatred for America. I don't know which is worse....That our political leaders would denigrate Americans or the pathetic pawns that enabled them to spout their unpatriotic message. This editorial comes on the heels of Pelosi declaring Americans protesting her socialist plans were the same as the Nazi's. This comes on the heels of Nancy and Harry deciding to play political games with the lives of our soldiers by denying them funding. This comes on the heels of Harry saying "the war is lost". This comes on the heels Nancy establishing a shadow government after the 2006 elections. I must wonder who is more Un-American....The people or the self serving politicians.

The media is no better. On top of allowing this little piece in their paper the editors i=of USA Today wrote another article. They claimed misinformation was the driving force. Of course they were quick to point out what they felt was false but never pointed or defended their position of why it was misinformation. In case the pathetic pawns did not know they can not claim misinformation without facts and by the way claiming that some organization says it is false does not make it so.

I can tell you what is Un-American. It is Un-American to call in Union thugs to "punch twice as hard. It is Un-American to call peaceful protesters "Nazi's". It is Un-American to call dissent Un-American. It is Un-American to create an enemies list of people that disagree with Presidential policies initiatives. It is Un-American for the pathetic pawns to push their own narrow minded viewpoint in the name of a free press. Again I would be laughing if it were not such a serious issue. The Democrats are hijacking America; Americans be damned.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama: A Gang Leader At Best

America has elected a gang leader rather than a President. The pathetic pawns in the media have attempted to compare Obama to the likes of Roosevelt, Lincoln, Reagan, and others. Some have even compared him to Carter. Upon reflecting on Obama's style it appears Obama is closer to "Cyrus" from a 1979 movie called "The Warriors' , than any president America has ever known.

Yes Obama has more traits in common with Cyrus the gang leader than any President in our history. The pathetic pawns have fallen all over themselves with glowing reports on Obama's eloquence and intelligence. Cyrus was eloquent and intelligent. Obama organized labor thugs, Cyrus organized New York City's gangs. Obama fooled the American people into believing his version of socialism was the right path. Cyrus fooled the gangs of New York that they could all get along. Now Obama is calling on his thugs to bring violence to peaceful protestations. When Cyrus was shot and killed in the movie, the gangs brought violence towards an innocent gang. The parallels between the Movie "The Warriors" and Obama could not be closer. The left was decrying the Bush administration as "Cowboy" diplomacy. Now we have elected a criminal gang leader.

Obama's health care is a miserable failure. The masses do not want Obama to takeover 20% of the American economy. Americans prefer not to have a Canadian style system that is rationed. Americans do not want a European health system that lags 20 years behind America in technology. American tax payers do not have a desire to fund abortions. Americans do not wish to have doctor assisted suicide as mandatory consultations near the end of life. Americans do not wish to have Obama's death panel deciding who receives care because they might be productive versus who doesn't receive health care because some bureaucrats decide that person can not be productive.
The left attacked Sarah Palin last summer because she decided to have a baby with Downs Syndrome. Under Obama's health care plan Obama's death panel would have mandated an abortion or threatened not to pay for future health benefits. Americans are beginning to see exactly what Obama is proposing and protesting against the socialized health care he is pushing.

Obama has now called in his thugs. SEIU was out in force at congressional townhalls. Allies like Pelosi and Reid are claiming Nazi symbolism and "astroturfing" is bringing their health care takeover down. What was once peaceful has now turned violent as the left can't understand being demonstrated. All they really know is how to protest and demonstrate. Now that it is the left that America is protesting the left resorts to the only thing they know; violence. They left decided to stage events with only those that would move their ideas forward. When this failed the union thugs began beating the opposition. Obama the leader brought this on himself.

Obama once said "if they bring knife, we bring a gun". Just the other day he said "Hit them twice as hard. To his faithful gang followers he said "Get in their faces". Then to ACORN he said "I don't want to quell anger, I think people are right to be angry, I am angry." To his opponents he said "I won". These words and phrases are not Presidential. The words and phrases are something a gang leader would say. Obama is a pretty boy that brings violence and race baiting into everything he does. Obama is showing his true colors and it isn't pretty. Pretty boy Obama with his eloquent speeches rallies his thugs but leaves Americans bailing on his agenda. Yes AMerica we voted for a gang leader not a leader of the free world. Obama will destroy A nation with his childish antics.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Obama: Hiding the Truth Begets Controversy

Rumors have swirled for the past year concerning Obama's eligibility status for the Presidency. The Obama campaign released the short form certificate of live birth from the State of Hawaii. Supposedly Obama was born in Hawaii on AUG 4, 1961. On the surface it would appear all is in order and Obama is eligible. However, Obama has remained steadfast in hiding documents from his past.

So called "Birthers" have raised many questions and even developed theories. Obama's supporters have attempted to deflect the theories. A controversy has developed, a controversy that could be easily put to rest if Obama was as transparant as he claims he wants to be.

In 1961, Hawaii would have generated a birth certificate for every live birth in a hospital. The attending physicians name would have been on the long form of the birth certificate. Another way to obtain a long form birth certificate would have been by applying for one after the fact for babies that may have been born at home under the watchful hand of a midwife. The practice of delivery at home was common in Hawaii in 1961. Having a midwife deliver a baby was not out of place or uncommon. This is why the long form birth certificate should be produced by Hawaii. The constitution demands the President be a "Natural born" citizen. There have been numerous claims that Obama was born in Kenya and not in the US. In fact, here is the latest in documentation the shows Obama was born in Kenya and not the US.

The left is adamant Obama has shown all the proof required. I disagree. The left dismisses the conspiracy theorists out of hand. The claims Obama and his family would have known he was going to run for President in 1961. This is short sighted logic. There are many reasons a married woman may have wanted to ensure her baby was an American citizen and not a resident alien. Being an American citizen would have opened so many more doors. Especially in light of the world travels Obama's mother conducted. There is no doubt Obama's mother remarried and carried her son to Indonesia. Knowing the possibility of traveling the world Obama's mother may have just desired an easy route to obtaining travel documents. Having to travel to the Kenyan embassy or worse Kenya itself to obtain travel documents would have been a tremendous burden. For this reason it does not seem to far fetched that Obama's mother wanted to ensure she made the right documentation for her son to be an American citizen. You see her motives would have had nothing to do with being president.

The other "proof" the left uses is the announcement in the newspaper. There is no doubt the announcement was in the paper. However, the announcement would have been easy to get into the paper. The paper would have accepted the announcement without anything more than perhaps a phone call. What is not easy to fake is document such as this:

I have no idea whether these documents are authentic or not. I am not a document expert and would never claim to be. However, what I do know is that Obama is hiding his past. Obama is hiding the truth which of course begets controversy. By not coming clean and showing his long form birth certificate this will not die. The left is correct the long form may not solve the riddle. Especially if it shows Obama was born at home to a midwife. Being delivered at home with a midwife would not be very easy to explain right now. Obama has steadfastly stuck to his story that he was born in a hospital in Honolulu. If the document shows he wasn't born in a hospital than he would have zero credibility and a lot of explaining to do. I have no doubt Obama has a long form birth certificate on file. I am almost certain Obama has a document that says he was born in Hawaii. What I am not certain of is what Obama is hiding.

The left made a big deal of John McCain's eligibility but refuse to require the same of Obama. The documents I have displayed (courtesy No Compromise Blog)bring further question into the birth certificate fiasco. I know the pathetic pawns in the media just want this to go away but it won't go away until Obama shows the birth certificate. One of these lawsuits will get through. One of these days a soldier on orders will sue Obama and it will not be thrown out. One of these days Obama will have to come clean. There is no doubt Obama is hiding something. It could be that he claimed a status for college he was not entitled to. Obama needs to come clean and deliver the long form birth certificate.