Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democrats: This Little Piggy Cried All The Way Home

The health cry debacle has turned into a whine fest on Capitol Hill.the Speaker of the houe Nancy Pelosi is whining about the evil health insurance companies. Harry Reid is whining about the media. Charles Shumer is whining about the Republicans. The Democrats in general are throwing a temper tantrum for not getting their own way. The Democrats are failing to meet the Presidents timeline and now that whine about everything and blame everyone but themselves.

Nancy Pelosi says "Of course they've been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure," she said, adding, "They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening." Placing the blame squarely on the insurance companies rather then her own failed efforts.

Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Charles Shumer, and Patty Murray blamed everyone today from the Republicans to the insurance lobbyists, to the media for their failure in the Senate. Never once will these Democrats feel they were wrong not to invite Republicans to the table sooner. Not once will they ever find fault with their own actions. Never once will they tell the truth and admit it was Obama that placed the deadline of August. It wasn't the media who placed a dealine on Congress it was one of their own.

The arrogance of the democrats has come around to bite them. The little piggies all lined up at the trough handing out goodies to enamored voters. The $787 billion bailout devised and pushed as an immediate need to save the economy has turned out to be an utter failure. Far from stirring economic activity, the stimulus has produced a larger unemployment that it would have been without the fiasco. The ill advised cash for clunkers program is having to be suspended because of all the enamored voter looking for the free handouts. Cap and Trade legislation is stalled in the Senate because of the fact that America can not afford another Democratic gimmick. Now health care is having problems.

The democrats love blaming everyone else but the true culprits of failure. Instead of reflecting inwards on themselves about what went wrong it is far easier to blame Bush, blame Republicans, blame the media, and blame private industry. Sorry Dem's it is your fault. It was the DEMs the brought the wrath of voters and the American people. See less than 2% of the republicans in Congress voted for the Stimulus. The DEM stimulus received a grand total of 3 votes out of a total of 218 possibilities in both House and Senate combined. It was the democrats that pushed for free money to people for their junk cars. It was the democrats that pushed cap and trade. In fact they had to pay off some of their members just to ensure cap and trade was passed in the house. It was the Democrats that are bailing out on the hostile takeover of the health industry. There is only one place where all of the blame belongs and that is with the democrats including Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. See the little piggies all went to the market with sacks full of goodies to giveaway at taxpayers expense. Now The little piggies all get to go wha wha wha all the way home for the August recess.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Near Collapse

The debacle going on in Congress would have me rolling on the floor laughing; that is if the issue wasn't so serious. Health care in America is problematic. America has millions of citizens that are incapable of affording health care insurance. There is no doubt something is required to provide these people basic health insurance. Americans that have health insurance must pay higher premiums to offset the cost of treated those that can not afford either the treatment or the insurance. There are ways to develop legislation that would cover Americans that are uninsured and can't afford the premiums without resorting to socialized medicine.

There are moderate ideas that could be passed with bi partisan support. However, the liberal left will take nothing less than a complete takeover of our health care. Our liberal left elitists want to tell Americans what is needed. The liberal elite believe Average Americans are not smart enough to make their own decisions. There is a reason why health care is near collapse. The reason is the liberal elitists refuse to inquire. The Democrats refuse to listen to the people. The far left refuses to have honest and open debate. Bottom line is the Democrats are failing because of their attitude towards the American people. The disdain the left holds for average Americans is larger than life itself.

The reason for the big push for an August vote is to ensure legislators are not allowed to go to their districts and States and listen to the constituents. Health care is on the rocks. Obama's plan for health care is unacceptable to most Americans. The Democratic plan in Congress take away the rights and freedoms of their constituents and they have no intention of allowing the American voices to be heard.

The pathetic Pawns in the media are busy blaming blame on the republicans. However, it is the democrats that can't even agree with themselves over how to best accomplish health care. The liberal democrats desire nothing less than a full takeover of the health industry. The more moderate Democrats want a compromise that somewhat protects Americans. The left is now seeking signatures to show they have enough votes to fail anything less than the full takeover. The so called Blue dogs have at least 40 members that are not allowing a full takeover.

In the end I believe the current bills will die a slow painful death. The best hope for health reform lies in the Senate where they are at least debating ideas with some bi partisan support. The public hostile takeover is not in their current bill. The plan has always been to get something through to the reconciliation process where only 50 votes will be needed in the Senate to pass. But now that the House can not agree to get something done to which to reconcile health care is in danger of falling by the wayside yet again. Health care is near collapse and it is all the fault of the Democrats and Obama.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Health Care Debacle Scapegoating

The scapegoating has begun in the Obamacare debacle. Obama and his administration placed the blame squarely on the Republicans last week. The pathetic pawns in the media have already begun blaming the Republicans this week. A majority of Americans are against the Obama takeover of 20% of the economy and they too are being blamed for the failure of the Democratic party.

Never mind the infighting Democrats are having in their own party. Never mind the That in the house Democrats enjoy a 78 seat majority in the house and could afford losing 38 Democrats and still pass the legislation. This means that the democrats could lose 15% of their members and still pass the legislation. In the Senate the Democrats hold a filibuster proof majority. The Democrats could lose 9 Senators and still pass this legislation (due to the budget gimmicks installed to ensure the Democrats had cover in the event of a failure). That is another 15% of their members that could vote against and still pass the legislation. Yet both the Democrats and their pathetic pawns whine about the Republicans remaining on the sidelines.

The problem isn't the Republicans who have offered alternatives and amendments. No it is the President who expects the Republicans to just climb aboard because well "I won" as Obama has said. no Republicans share none of the blame for this debacle. It was the Pelosi and Reid led Democrats that decided not to invite the Republicans to the table in negotiations. The Republicans do not have the votes to pass health care no matter what they come up with. The Republicans can't even stop the Democrats from enacting Obama's disaster.

It is the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid lack of leadership that has run health care proposals into the ground. Instead of devising a bill that was left of Center that could have garnered at least enough of the Conservative "Blue Dogs" to pass, Obama created a plan from the far left that a full 15% of their own can not even support. the scapegoating of Republicans has to stop.

The Republicans are not in danger of becoming extinct. The Republicans are not in danger of derailing health care. Republicans are not sitting the sidelines. They unlike Obama are more than ready to talk and debate health care on its merits. Granted the Republicans won't blindly follow as Obama leads the country into socialism but they are more than ready to support efforts from the middle. It is not Republicans who are proposing legislation from a minority opinion or minority approval. That is what the Democrats are doing. Right now the minority party Republicans are backing the popular opinion. Yet Obama, Democrats, and the pathetic pawns want to label their failure on the Republicans. Wake up America, the far left is intent on bankrupting our country fiscally, socially, and morally.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Conyers: Why Should We Bother Reading???????

John Conyers hails from the State whose current claim to fame is the government run auto industry and the State with the highest unemployment in the land. Now we all know why Michigan is in such a sorry state of affairs. The Democrat controlled state must have followed their favorite son, John Conyers, advice and not read the bills they passed. Watch the video Courtsey American Thinker and hear what Mr. Conyers has to say about reading bills.

There is no way to take the Democrats serious when they are set to pass a bill overhauling 20% of our economy. Especially when they are planning to pass the health care bill sight unseen. Similar to non stimulus bill the Democrats and Obama just had to stuff down our throats, the Democrats are forcing us to also swallow a government takeover of our health care. The bill creates not just one government bureaucracy but many bureaucracies. The bill rations care and places a value on the lives of the public. No longer will we as a free country be allowed to chose what is right for us. Nope, the government will ration our health care. In the bill the elderly must have a conversation with their physician every five years starting at 65. The physician will make the determination on the value of the patients life and then recommend whether the patient lives or dies. In the event the physician decides the live isn't worth saving the physician is to provide counseling on ending the patients life. What kind of sicko would attempt to jam that down our throats without even reading or worse without allowing us the American people a voice in the matter?

Yes Democrats like Conyers will force an ill advised plan down our throats. The Democrats will provide health care for all. When the cost of the entitlement program rise too high they will just start having their government controlled physician recommend more of their patients are banned from life saving treatment. Bottom line is the Democrats desire playing God with the lives of the American people. The shameless sheeples in the Democratic Party won't even read the bill. It is too much work for them to actually know what they are voting on, rather the Democrats would rather shirk their responsibility to the people in order to control the people. Why bother reading???? Well because if we all don't start reading the bill before passage we are all going to be subject to the death chamber.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Racism In America is Alive and Well

Obama in his words and actions has fueled the flames of racism in America. The regression of race relations in America has begun and the cause is the most racist President America has ever known. Obama is anything but the "Post-Racial" president the media attempts to portray him as.

Last Wednesday, Lynn Sweet was chosen last to ask a question at Obama's press conference. Ms. Sweet says it was not a setup question. Ms. Sweet says she would have asked Bush the same question. Taken at face value, her question may not have caused racial tensions but Obama's answer certainly did. Obama, called the actions of the police "stupid" without all of the facts in the case. The pathetic pawns in the media inferred that Obama agreed the arrest of Henry Gates was another case of racial profiling. Obama run with the question without the facts and fanned the flames of racism.

The American left are loving this incident and using the non issue to highlight race relations. The America left and Obama love "race baiting" as a way to bring race into everything they do. "Woe be me" is the attitude of the left. At every turn the left attempts to make a mountain over a mole hill. Every arrest by our police of a minority is another example of racial profiling. Behind every rock is another racist white person. The left just can't see that what they are doing is just a racist as what they perceive the "White Old Men" establishment to be. This Henry Gates issue could have been easily diffused by the President on Wednesday night. All Obama had to say is "I don't have all the facts and will not be commenting on the arrest until I do." Instead Obama admitted he did not have all the facts and went on to say only the police force and Officer Crowley were stupid.

The question that really needs to be answered is this "Would this same thing have happened if it was a white person?" I can attest to the fact that yes under the same circumstances it would have happened. Officer Crowley was responding to a call by a concerned citizen that a home was being broken into. Henry Gates became irate and uncooperative. Instead of showing a picture ID with his address on it, Gates decided to use his elite status and showed a Harvard ID. Gates believed his elite status should have been enough. But in reality the police were protecting his life and property. Had the police took the Harvard ID rather than press for State issued ID and something went awry, the racists on the left would have been screaming that the police did not take the call to an African American home serious enough to investigate. Under similar circumstances I once had to break into my own home. I has locked the keys to my house inside. I broke a window and had just crawled inside my house when the police arrived. I explained it was my house. At first I was also unruly and became agitated. I was warned to calm down and present documentation showing i belonged in the house or else I would be arrested. I took the officers advice and respected him for the job he was doing. Mr. Gates felt he was part of an elite ruling class and did not have to play by the same rules. If the situation had been a white person from Harvard that was arrested this would have been a non issue. The American left would have ridiculed a white person in a similar incident as bringing the results on himself and told to use the incident as a learning experience.

Our President decided to use the situation as a teaching moment. Obama did not mean that Gates should learn but rather America should learn that racism is alive and well. Instead of rising above the fray Obama went in knee deep and fanned racism. Obama has a history of race baiting and using race to divide America. Using race as the primary determinant of action is blatant racism. Obama interjected race and racism in the Henry Gates case. It was racist to believe call a white officer "stupid" for arresting a Black Professor. Obama even admitted that he used race as the primary determinate. The proof is in his words. "I do not have all the facts" The Cambridge Police are stupid. Last year during the campaign Obama interjected race every time he started slipping in the polls. Obama used preemptive scare tactics like "you are going to hear that I am different because I do not look like other Presidents on dollar bills. Obama nominated and defended Sotomayer based on racial profiling that she is noted for. Obama defended her "wise Latina" comments. Obama defended her stance on bringing race as a determinant in our courtrooms. The American left had better open their eyes or Obama will set our race relations back a century or two.

Racism works in any case when race is used as the primary determinant. Racism does not reside in one race more than another. Just because a race is in the minority does not mean racism does not exist in that race. All we have to do is look at South Africa as our example. Under Apartheid, the white minority was racist against the black majority. When the white ruling class in South Africa was overturned the Black Majority was racist against the white minority. Until Americans figure out that racism cuts across all races our country is doomed to be divided down racial lines. America has to learn to leave the past behind. We need to let the past go and stop dwelling on actions that can not be changed. We should never forget the issue or forget what happened in the past but we must move forward and let bygones be bygones. We can not change what has already happened, that is why it is called history. What we can do is move forward and forgive our predecessors for their sins. Until America stops identifying themselves as hyphenated Americans, we are doomed to have fault lines. We are first and foremost all Americans. We should all be proud of being an American. America is a free country. Should a person desire being anything other than an American they are free to leave. When America stops promoting one race over another and stops identifying with cultures we know nothing about we will be much better off as a country. The hyphenated Americans want to identify with the culture of their roots rather than identify with the culture that is America. Racism in America is alive and well and remain so until we let go of the past and allow ourselves to be simply Americans.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Post Racial or most racial? Must be a Misprint...

Over the course of the past year the pathetic pawns in the media have discussed and promoted Obama as the post racial candidate and now the post racial President. After the debacle on Wednesday the truth comes out. What the press should have said is that Obama is the most racist candidate or President.

The last question of the press conference Wednesday night was a setup question by Obama's hometown paper. The reporter tossed out a softball question in an effort to give Obama to interject race into his plans for socializing America. The question regarded the arrest of a Harvard professor. Obama said he didn't have all the facts but that the police acted "stupidly". The pathetic pawns immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started calling the arrest "racial Profiling". Nothing could be further from the truth. An officer responded to a call concerning a burglary. When the officer arrived on the scene and confronted a suspect (Gates), the suspect mouthed off to the officer. The officer took Gates in for questioning.

Obama seeking a way to jump start his failed policies used this question to say Americans are racist. Obama abused our fine public servants for his own personal gain. Obama is all about himself, damn the American public. Obama said "This is not about me" in hos press conference. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is all about Obama. Obama whined in a private meeting with his own party that they were ruining his Presidency. Obama is more worried about his celebrity status than he is about the American people. Obama said as much when he refuses to force his family and the Congressional public servants to live with the same health care he is proposing to jam down our throats. Obama said as much when he said "I regret the words I used" when discussing the non apology to the police officers of America. Obama did not apologize. In fact he doesn't even regret his message. All Obama regrets is that Americans are appalled they elected a President that is racist. Obama is the most racist President America has ever had. Read his non apology and tell me any different. After reading Obama's non apology please tell me how this is not about Obama and how Obama is not a narcissist. Most of the luster has been wiped clean from Obama. In less than 6 months Obama has lost his goodwill, Obama has lost his mandate, and Obama has lost his cloak. Americans are beginning to realize Obama is a racist socialist. Americans are beginning to realize the media misprinted a story rather than report the news.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama: Exemptions

Obama went to great lengths tonight to point out the the socialization of our health care is not about him. Obama stressed the point that his plans for taking over the health industry was more about placing taxpaying citizens into a program controlled by the government.

In fact Obama said he like the members of Congress have great health care plans. In Obama's mind he and Congress do not need this bill passed because they have great plans. Unfortunately the democrats plans do not open up the "great plans" Obama and Congress have. The Democrats are against a bill that would force all elected federal officials to live with the same plan they are forcing on tax paying Americans.

Instead the Democrats would takeover health care and begin rationing said care. They would force the taxpayer to fund abortion but not fund procedures for the elderly. Under the democrats plan average life expectancy in the US would decline. Americans would not be able to receive high cost procedures unless of course the Government places high value in the recipients life.

In return for our hard earned dollars Obama would decrease the health of a nation. In an attempt to reduce costs Obama would disallow costly experimental procedures. Research and development funding would be reduced. As diseases mutate our medicine will falter. There will be no money left to fund research and development. America's leadership in development of new drugs, new procedures, new anything would be flushed away. Obama's plan would stifle America's innovatedness in the medical world.

Yet in the end the plan Obama would force upon Americans would be inferior to the plan he and his own family enjoy. The plan would not be great or for that matter even a good plan. All we would receive is another costly bill that we will never be able to pay. I challenge all politicians that desire ramming through another unread bill to live within the same constraints real Americans have to live with. I challenge the idea less Democrats to develop a pilot program where they have to live with their health care plan rather than force Americans to be their personal guinea pigs. Obama show some leadership and stop yourself, your family, and your Congress from being exempt. Show us, the American people, that the destruction of the health care industry is not about you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Democrats: Death to the Innocents, Save the Guilty

The Democratic Party has some twisted logic. They are for killing the innocent people in the world but yet for saving the guilty. This duality is simply amazing and irrational. The Democratic party calls itself pro choice but that is to avoid the truth. The Democrats are the pro-death party.

This may sound harsh but it is the truth. There is no other way to explain the rationale for being Pro Abortion, pro rationing health care, and yet be against the death penalty. There is no way the Democrats can be serious about voting against live births and pro infanticide. Obama voted against babies born alive and decided that it was more proper to vote in favor of leaving live births to lie in a soiled linen closet left to die. Obama's statements that the baby was meant to be aborted and his statements that it would place to much of a burden on doctors were dismissive towards life.

Now Obama and his democratic party are for rationing health care. An example used was if a insured patient was too old they could not have health benefits that would extend their life. The Democrats say that there must be a cost benefit analysis. In other words if a person is so old that the government or democrats believe is close to the end then it is better to end their lives rather than extend it. This goes against the Hippocratic oath but the Democrats do not care. All they care about is getting reelected by those that are not productive members of society. Democrats would much rather have 3,000 dead people vote for them than have 100 live voters vote against them.

The Democrats are for felons being allowed to vote. They believe that the felon vote would overwhelming go to the democrat. The Democrats are lenient when it come to sentencing and believe that the criminal vote is a constituency they can win with. In fact the Democrats are against the death penalty for convicted murderers. They say it is inhumane to execute those that are guilty of the most heinous crimes. Democrats rail against capital punishment for people that made choices in life. The Democrats would rather save the voice of the guilty rather than save the life of the innocent and voiceless.

Democrats are for the death of our innocents and would go to their own grave defending the guilty. All we have to do is look at the rationale behind the infanticide Obama and the Democratic Party promote. All we have to do is look towards the rationing of health care based upon the subjective viewpoint of a government bureaucrat. Then just compare infanticide and the rationing of health to their stance on capital punishment. The Democratic Party has no shame. The Democratic Party is the pro death party.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Destruction Of America Has Commenced

The Obama administration has commenced its mission to destroy America. The administration has already assured our auto industry will collapse by giving it away to the united Auto Workers Union. Now to ensure American manufacturing and industry never rises to the top again, Obama's Commerce Secretary Gary Locke says the American consumer should pay for China's carbon emissions. Obama and his left wing loons are bent on the destruction of America.

China has become one of the world's largest economies on the strength of cheap labor. the cheap labor allows china's manufacturers and industrial base to produce goods more efficiently than the United States, which in turn makes the products sell cheaper and increases their market share. While the administration is pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions through a massive tax plan that will punish everyone in America from the corporations to the consumers, they are also strengthening the competitive advantages of foreign companies.

Last week Obama told a crowd of fawning supporters in Michigan that some industry jobs have been lost and will never return. This is a harsh reality as America can not compete any longer in a world economy but rather than promote ways to increase American competitiveness Obama has decided he will demolish the industrial base of our country and promote an industrial base that will make us more reliant on foreign economies. Under Obama's initiatives America will lose its capabilities to manufacture anything.

The Cap and tax fiasco that the house passed will punish our industrial base. More jobs will be lost and unemployment will continue to rise. America will be unable to compete and jobs from industry ill move overseas or shut their doors as profits dwindle and cap and tax removes what remains of profits. on top of that we will be paying China to increase their productivity by having to py for Chinese emissions also. Far from leveling the playing field for our industrial base, Obama's policies will destroy what is the greatest country on Earth.

I know Obama feels he has to be liked the world around. To Obama it is far more important to be liked than to be respected. Obama has traveled around the world ensuring he apologized for American bad behavior. Obama would never allow his celebrity status around the world be questioned. to Obama it only makes sense that America pay for her sins by going bankrupt by destroying her economy. Obama policies are meant to apologize to the world by sending us over the brink. The destruction of America has commenced, let there be no doubt, especially in light of Gary Locke's comments today.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

CNN: Pathetic Pawns and Propagandists

In what can only be described as a "gotcha" moment, CNN has been caught red handed attempted to promote their propaganda. In an interview with a correspondent in Africa, Don Lemon from the CNN newsroom tossed out a softball question meant to propagandize Obama and hail him as the chosen one. Unfortunately, when he threw out the "with all the dancing and people running up to him (Obama) is this unprecedented?" question he was dismayed that the correspondent Nkepile Mabuse had not been read in on the playbook. Watch the video as Don Lemon about freaks out when the question is not answered in the affirmative. Nkepile Mabuse did not fall into the pathetic pawn trap. Nkepile Mabuse was acting as a reporter should, she answered truthfully and acted like a professional reporter. Don Lemon on the other hand was shocked and dismayed that she did not heap on the praise of Mr. Lemon's "Dear Leader". Watch the video and see for yourself one of CNN's own pathetic pawns in action:

Newsrooms across America continue to hail Obama as the chosen one. The leader of the world. The first of his kind. However, some correspondents and reporters still actually report honestly. Unfortunately for Americans all too many newsrooms are too busy bowing to Obama to understand that he is using their fawning ways as more propaganda. Instead of vetting Obama the pathetic pawns bent over backwards making back stories to support their ideals. Reporters are supposed to report the facts. It is not called journalism when you promote your ideals. That my friends is called propaganda and our pathetic pawns have relegated themselves to being nothing more then tools of a fraudulent agenda.

Goodwill Wasted, Obama Resigns America to the Path of Weakness

The goodwill America's always have for a new administration has been wasted by Obama. In 6 short months, the Obama administration fall from grace has begun. Obama had approval rating near 70% when he assumed the office of the Presidency. Obama was polling 20% higher than he garnered in the election. Americans provided Obama with a historic opportunity to raise America up from the demoralized state hanging over her head. However, in 6 short months Obama went from historic highs in approval ratings to currently polling under the percentage he garnered in the election. Rasmussen for the past three days had Obama polling at 51% approval versus 48% disapproval. Additionally, only 30% of the electorate strongly approve of Obama's administration, while 37% strongly disapprove.

Now before anyone on the left decides to debate the results of the Rasmussen polling, I would like to remind readers that Rasmussen had the election spot on. The last Rasmussen poll prior to the election had the results 52% for Obama and 46% for McCain. The actual results were 52.9% for Obama and 45.7% for McCain. Now Obama is polling almost 2% lower than he garnered in the election and over 2% higher opposition than the election. The goodwill of the American people has been squandered.

The pathetic pawns in the media have been left impotent by an administration that has consistently been against the values that have made America the greatest nation on Earth. Obama immediately went on a whirlwind apology tour through Europe after his inauguration. The media hailed this as a magical moment showing Obama's prowess as a leader. Obama continued the America apology tour through the America's. The pathetic pawns hailing the historic moment. Obama set sail for Egypt and again was hailed a new American President. The pathetic pawns refused to report on the fact that Obama apologized to our enemies while thumbing his nose towards our allies.

Obama rushed through a stimulus package to save and create jobs, jobs, jobs. Obama told the Republicans to get on board because "he won", damn be the merits of the opposition to spending our way into oblivion. When the facts came in showing the stimulus wasn't working as advertised Joe Biden claimed the package saved or created 150,000 jobs. However, the facts say the economy has done nothing but shed 2.5 million jobs since the fraudulent stimulus package passed. Obama says the package is doing its job. The facts say all the stimulus package has done is send America closer to bankruptcy.

Obama had a historic opportunity to stand for freedom when the Iranians were protesting a fraudulent election in Iran. Instead of standing up for freedom and demcracy our President sat by the sidelines and did nothing. Iranians are being shot in the streets of Iran and Obama did nothing. Obama did nothing because well he already promise he would sit down and negotiate with the current mullahs and thugs leading Iran. Obama had another opportunity to stand for freedom when Honduras ousted a President for trying to usurp the country's constitution. Obama claimed it was an illegal act but the facts show it was legal and the right thing to do. Obama has consistently been on the wrong side of freedom and democracy. Even Bush was on the right side every now and again.

Now with the polls sinking, Obama's administration resort to attacking his predecessor. Using the justice department in a partisan way in an effort to save his hide. Rather than focus on the ills facing America, Obama would rather focus on being a world celebrity rather than lead us through our economic woes. In typical liberal fasion Obama believes that throwing money at a problem will fix the problem. In oBama's mind he has already wasted $1 trillion in bailouts that should be enough as he sets out to destroy what is left of the economy. Obama's cap and trade in conjunction with a socialist health care plan will finish the economy off. There is a time and place for everything. The time to institute utopian wants is when the needs of the Nation have been satisfied. Right now America needs jobs. We don't need to be focused on the fraudulent Global Warming schemes and socialized medicine. American's need to put the food on the table and pay mortgages.

Rather than focus on getting the American economy moving so Obama might be able to institute the socializing of America. Obama wasted his goodwill and now feigns an attack on Bush to divert our attention from the real disaster America faces. Americans are losing faith in Obama and our government. Obama had better redirect his efforts away from crippling our economy with cap and trade and health care and start focusing on "jobs. jobs, jobs,". Obama is dangerously close to "jumping the shark". If that happens America will be crippled for the rest of his term.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Democrats: Attack The Messenger

Democrats always complained that the Republicans were guilty of character assassination. However, it was and is the democrats that are guilty of character assassination. In fact the liberals have perfected attacking the messenger. The democrats know their message is failing so they fall back on attacking the people they fear will hurt them.

The attack lines came into focus last summer. When Sarah Palin was announced as the Vice Presidential choice of John McCain the venomous left went after Palin not on the issue but made up lies and pushed them as truth. The pathetic pawns in the media fell for the Democratic operative lies and passed them along as truth. Even when the lies were found to be lies the pathetic pawns would not even as much as apologize for pushing the lies, instead gong on to the next lie with just as much venom.

Then there was Joe the Plumber. The Democrats illegally dug trash up on this man simply because Obama slipped and let his true feelings be heard. See Joe just asked a simple question. Obama thought it was a good idea to spread the wealth around. But rather than focus on the socialist ideals of a fraudulent candidate the Democrats attacked the messenger.

Of course after the election the Democrats attacked Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity personally. The only reason for these attacks was they disagreed with Obama. The Democrats know they have no ideas and can't win a debate on facts. They have to attack with lies and innuendo.

Of course now Sotomayer is about to have her hearing. Sotomayer has had 6 of her cases heard before the Supreme Court. She has been overturned 4 times. Ricci will be testifying at the hearing. This firefighter is now being attacked. Supposedly Ricci is a litigious person. My question is Why does it matter? Sotomayer made a bad ruling. The Supreme Court ruled against her. It doesn't matter that a litigious person won the suit. What matters is Sotomayer has been overturned 4 out of 6 times.

This attacking of the messenger is only intended to blur the lines and muddy the waters. Instead of focusing on the issues the left continues attacking the person. The Democrats have perfected mudslinging and brought it down to a new disgusting level.

Our Government is Out of Sync

Under the Obama administration our government is severely out of sync with the American public they are supposed to protect. Our government currently wants health care reform. Our government wants cap and trade legislation. Our government wants to strengthen Unions. Our government wants utopia. Unfortunately Americans need jobs.

With unemployment standing at 9.5% and rising Americans are falling behind in paying their necessary bills. The stimulus package was supposed to be a rush need because it would keep unemployment under 8%. Unfortunately, the administration casually dismisses criticism by rationalizing their failure as a under estimation of how poor the economy was. Obama brushes off criticism and states his stimulus is doing its job. Reality says the stimulus that was supposed to be about "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" has been unable to stem the flow of unemployment. Under Obama we have had two of the big 3 automakers file for bankruptcy. Our government now owns a stake in a failed auto industry and is hindering any future potential in these companies.

The shovel ready jobs just aren't available. Instead the stimulus package went to democratic cronies. Democrat Governor Bill Ritter decided to waste $40,000 dollars in a no bid contract with his lawyer buddies. Just a few short months ago Ritter and his ilk were decrying no bid contracts. What difference an election makes. Nothing really changes other than just the corrupt recipients of corrupt political hacks. I struggle to find any logic behind stimulus going to save a mouse in San Francisco. Say what you will but Americans have been placing mouse traps around our homes for years. No we are using taxpayer dollars to save a mouse.

Now 6 months after the passage of the failed stimulus bill we have an opportunity to reevaluate priorities. Everyone understands that the stimulus did not work as advertised. We should be reevaluating how the money is being spent and get it pumped into our economy. Obama says not to worry his stimulus was a two year plan. Obviously Obama does not realize Americans need jobs today and not two years from now.

Obama railed against the economy for years. Obama won the presidency on the economy. Yet he has failed to do anything about the economy. He is hoping the economy fixes itself. He would be happy to take credit if the economy begins to recover. However, we all know it will have nothing to do with Obama's bogus stimulus plan if the economy does recover. Rather than fix problems with our economy, Obama threw money at the economy and moved on to his next socialist priority. Now rather than refocus on the economy when it is obvious his money has done nothing to help Obama has decided that econoy be damned he is pressing forward with two more programs that will destroy the economy. Sadly, our government is out of sync with the electorate. We should be focusing on the lower level needs of the American people. Instead Obama is focusing on the higher level wants of a society. Unfortunately, Americans will be unable to enjoy their wants when they are having problems with basic necessities like placing food on the table.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

America Must Stand for Freedom

Today is America's independence day. On Jul 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the final draft of what was to become our declaration of independence. A committee of five members was established on Jun 11, 1776, and three weeks later a draft document emerged and a country united the colonies and a country was born. The Declaration of Independence remains a document Americans hold near and dear to their hearts. For it is in this document that our ideal of freedom and self determination was established.

We are a Nation of laws, but more importantly we are a Nation of Freedom. The belief of individual freedom, the belief that all men are created equal, the belief that all men have inalienable rights, and the belief that the governed control the government was born. America won her freedom on the backs of those that believed in strength of the people rather strength of a government. As America grew, so did her responsibility to promote the ideal of freedom. Promoting democracy and hailing freedom was America's calling. Promotion of freedom was always a National Security objective.

Since January 20, 2009, Our American Government has forgotten the principles of which we stand. Our government has failed to live up to our ideals and promote them around the world. Instead our government has given our principles and responsibilities away to another organization. Our President, has had his "3:00a.m. moments" and failed to deliver. Obama has shown that he is weak and ineffective always ending up on the wrong side of American ideals and principles.

First, there was the sham re-election of Hugo Chavez. Obama called and congratulated a thug and regional bully that rigged the election in an effort to give himself tighter reign over the people. Then there was the world wide apology tour that Obama embarked. Obama traveled to every corner of the globe apologizing for America's sins of promoting Freedom and the right of self determination. The demonstrated weakness has emboldened governments that denies their own people basic human freedoms.

Of course the next opportunity to promote freedom and provide action came when North Korea launched a long range missile into the Pacific Ocean. We could have been strong and showed strength. Instead Obama took it to the United Nations and finally a week after the event North Korea was scolded. Obama could have stood up when North Korea tested a Nuclear device. Instead Obama again approached the United Nations and again another week or two passed before some unenforceable resolution was passed again scolding North Korea. North Korea is another oppressive regime bent on the right of the state rather than the right of the people. North Korea is bent on not only oppressing their own citizens but also the citizens of neighboring sovereign states.

Obama again sat on the sidelines as the people in Iran demonstrated against an oppressive regime. Obama did nothing as protesters were shot and killed in the streets. Obama decided it was better not to meddle in foreign affairs rather than promote American ideals. Iran has since settled down and of course Obama will sit and negotiate without pre-conditions with an oppressive dictator. Obama path is peace through weakness rather than peace through strength. Diplomatic negotiations are fine and should always be the first course of action. However, any negotiations, resolutions, or sanctions, must be able to be enforced. With nothing to enforce our "strongly worded" condemnations the words are not worth the paper they are written on.

Finally Obama could have again stood up for the people of Honduras. They revolted as our very own Declaration of Independence says is the people's right but Obama sided with the thugs and called the ouster and revolt illegal. Obama just does not understand the facts of life. Supposedly Obama is smart, yet he doesn't understand life isn't fair. Obama doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong. Obama has tunnel vision on legality. The problem is the rest of the world doesn't believe in our laws or our freedoms. Other countries will never give up their sovereignty to the United Nations. Honduras wasn't about what was legal or illegal. Honduras was about what is right and what is wrong. We as a people should not focus on the laws for laws of man can change. We as a country should focus on doing what is right. Doing what is right is not always fair. Doing what is right is not always equitable. Doing what is right is not always easy, but it is the right thing to do. America must stand for freedom, for those that are willing to give up liberty for the sake of temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.