Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama: The Jet Set President

After setting records for budget deficits in the budget, Obama made a lame effort at claiming to reduce the budget. During the campaign, Obama promised to go line by line through the budget and reduce costs. Instead what we received was a half-hearted lip service claim of a $17.1 Billion savings as the result of Obama's line by line budget analysis.

Of course the jet setting president wouldn't dream of cutting his own expenses. Obama authorized the use of one of America's plane to conduct a low flying photo op over New York City. This stunt cost American taxpayers in excess of $300,000. Sure the Military liaison was fired after America became outraged at the administration's lack of compassion.

Then Obama came out last week and said America was broke and had run out of money. Did that curtail any excesses? No not at all, Obama took America's jet up to New York for a night on the town. No there was nothing official about the trip. There were no other events scheduled other than a dinner and a play. Must be nice that while America suffers through the worst recession since the Great depression our President can still validate his celebrity status by jet setting around the country for dinner and a play.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama Has His Blinders On

North Korea conducted a Nuclear test today along with short range missile tests. Obama in typical weak fashion stated "Today, North Korea said that it has conducted a nuclear test in violation of international law." America elected a president that just doesn't get it. Countries like North Korea and Iran don't care about international law. The are led by Despots who rule with an iron fist. They could care less about the "community" all they care about is there own self serving needs.

Obama remains blind to simple facts. Despotism is a form of government that has "absolute authority". The only laws Despots care about are those that they put in place. These laws will empower the Despot and friends, not appease the "international community". Obama said something very similar when he spoke of placing individuals on trial for acts of terrorism. Obama praised the trials and conviction of Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin and Ahmad Ajaj. To Obama this was a victory. The perpetrators were placed on trial and convicted. The problem is that even these trials and convictions did nothing to stop or delay the inevitable 9/11 attacks 8 short years later. What Obama doesn't understand is that the terrorists, and the rogue nations could care less about our laws.

Funny thing about this whole weak and ineffective approach is that Obama only need ask his domestic terrorist buddy WIlliam Ayers. Ayers would have no problem telling Obama to take off the blinders and look to reality. Ayers would be able to tell Obama terorists and Rogue Nations believe in only themselves or their cause damned be the laws forbidding their activities.

Obama's weak and ineffective response to North Korea's Long Range Missile test in April emboldened North Korea to go even further. Obama now has his response from North Korea, will Obama again defer to the UN and the security council? Or will he grew up and provide a strong response? I am sure Obama the weak will appease the North Koreans yet again. Which will only embolden the Iranians to continue their development of nuclear technology. Way to go Obama. Instead of ridding the world of nuclear devices, all your doing is hiding behind international law while our enemies continue development of long range missiles and nuclear technology.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oil: The Final Nail

There has recently been an uptick in the price of oil and gasoline. Last year, prices for energy raised so high they became the final nail in a floundering economy. Now we sit back and see just as there are some signs the economy may actually find a bottom the prices of energy are again starting to rise. This will place a further burden on an already soft bottom in the economic floor.

There is no way to be certain if the economy has hit bottom yet or not. In my opinion we have not found the bottom. There are some signs that perhaps the crash has slowed and perhaps the slower fall will not force its way through the false bottom. However, we can see that as the economy recovers the gas prices will rise and the dollar will continue its slide reducing purchasing power for Americans. Inflation is waiting at the door of any recovery. Obama has spent us into oblivion and has done nothing to ensure we can keep energy prices lower. Obama's cap and trade fiasco will destroy 2 jobs for every one it creates and American's will be spending by conservative estimates $3,000 more per year due to a coherent policy on energy between increased prices of junk cars and cap and trade caused increases in energy costs.

Last year if we had enacted responsible energy laws that would have allowed drilling we would have a year closer to tapping into future reserves. Instead we got the typical delay tactics. No more drilling, no more nuclear facilities, and no ore ideas from the party of no sincerity. We could have as a nation had a gap filler plan until such time as we are able to move forward with future technology. Instead we got many empty promises and mandates with zero ideas. America elected a clueless follower when we really needed a visionary leader.

Obama The Destroyer

Americans should be crying as we watch the media made messiah destroy everything that is America. In an attempt to appeal to the Hollywood elitists Obama believes that only by destroying America will we be liked by the rest of the world. Obama has become America's Judas. Obama has gone to great lengths to destroy the country. Even he admits that America is out of money, yet he intends to foolishly spend even more. Obama will betray America with his only goal being he has to be liked around the world.

America has been respected around the world for generations. We came into our own as a world leader during World War II. The old world order firmly changed hands as America a young nation full of idealism lead from a position morally right. America did not always make the popular decisions but always attempted to do what was right. We stood up for years in the struggle between Communism and Democracy. The struggle between the rights of the community and government versus the rights of the individual. Obama has decided the rights of the government will overrule the individual rights we now enjoy.

Obama is destroying corporate America. Obama's populist rhetoric has destroyed the auto makers. Obama forced the resignation of the GM CEO. Obama allowed the UAW to gain majority interest in Chrysler and desires the same for GM. Obama is attempting the corporation to abandon the investors in favor of the Union workers. No matter that there is an inherent conflict of interest in a union owning a company. In History that is the reason for the failure of the original labor union. The Knights of Labor was a big tent union that believed Unions and management had common interests and could work together to find common ground. This philosophy sounds awesome but can not work. While there are some common goals the differences in goals are divergent and competing. The competing goals will kill the corporations and in the end kill off the Unions. If there is no corporation or company there is no work and therefore no unions. Companies can not exist with such competing goals. An employees goals have to align to that of the company or neither can coexist. The goal of any company is to make a profit. The goal of unions is to squeeze profits for employee wages and benefits. These opposing goals will destroy America's auto industry. Worldwide, the major auto producers are headquartered out of less than five countries (America, Japan, Germany, Italy, and and maybe one or two other European countries). America already pays the most in labor costs and produces the least quality vehicles of the major producers, and now we placed the industry in the hands of those that helped to destroy it.

Obama has been very busy overturning everything the Bush administration ever did. Say what you want about Bush but not everything he did was wrong. Just as not everything Obama does is not necessarily wrong and inept neither is everything Bush did. Obama is hell bent on blaming the nations ills on Bush. This is a very mioptic viewpoint. Our nation has been going under for years. As the Two party system in America strengthen our position in the world has weakened. The two party system has created an atmosphere of zero leadership. It is either one way or the other with no room for middle. That is why the political bases are so far right or left of the center of the country. Obama's rhetoric from Notre Dame is correct even if he doesn't practice his rhetoric. There is common ground in the middle of the abortion issue. The middle lies somewhere in between Bush's pro life belief in zero tolerance and Obama's pro death belief in abortions for all no matter the circumstances including live births still receiving the Obama death sentence.

Obama desires closing GITMO because it is a vision of Bush. The problem is no country wants to have the task of housing terrorists. Certainly, America does not wish to have terrorists linked to American attacks living off of our society all the while plotting new attacks. Something is wrong headed with that belief and Obama knows it. The administration is well aware that providing government subsidized living for those that voice their hatred towards America is unpopular. Obama is fully aware that in order to be the Judas and lure America into destruction, you have to to it by stealth. Obama has mastered this stealth attack on American morals and now is attempting to unleash known foreign terrorists on our soil.

Let there be no doubt that America will overcome the destruction Obama sees for America. Just like Jesus became stronger in his destruction so will America become stronger after Obama finishes his destruction of America. Obama is busy apologizing and weakening America. However, after Obama's Judas like destruction of America, we will also rise again and institute peace through strength. We will balance our livelihood again because America is stronger than the American left believes. We are a nation built on ingenuity and innovatedness. America has never allowed a tyrant to rule our country we are not about to start now. Eventually, Obama's Judas following will find he is a betrayer rather than a messiah. Even Obama's ardent followers will eventually wake up and find that America is great because of its people. America is great in spite of its government. America is stronger than one person. We are a nation that controls its own destiny and will not follow the traitorous path Obama is spinning.

Obama's words and rhetoric say the right things to lull an unsuspecting flock. Obama's actions are the opposite and after the novelty of Obama wears off so will the blind following he now enjoys. America will wake up one day and know Obama is a destroyer. Obama went to Washington to destroy rather than build. In the end our nation will be stronger in spite of Obama the destroyer. We will adapt and overcome the wolf in sheep's clothing. Obama will be found to much more a traitor and much less a messiah in the end. Just like Judas, Obama is the great betrayer.

The Train Wreck that is Nancy Pelosi

Poor Nancy Pelosi wants America to believe that she was tricked by the CIA when they briefed her on "extreme interrogation" methods back in 2002. For now, Pelosi stands by her accusations that the CIA lied to Congress about Bush administration approved interrogation methods. Pelosi has become the political equivalent of Ozzy Osbourne, often stumbling over words and sputtering incoherent sentence fragments in her attempts to communicate. Ozzy can blame decades of substance abuse for his muttled mind, Pelosi was just born that way. How else do you explain an experienced politician that is unable to think up a good lie?

Pelosi can thank Barack Obama for her present troubles. In a childish fit, he decided to release a few interrogation memos because Dick Cheney hurt his feelings. Cheney, a serious individual who does not mince words, has publicly accused Obama of weakening US defences against terrorism. In retaliation Obama released the memos, but he did not, or could not, appreciate the consequences of such an action. The CIA, a secretive entity by design, does not operate with impunity. The Agency is accountable to Congress and the President, and must therefore disclose it's activities and practices. CIA interrogation methods were briefed, and Pelosi was present. Whether or not her brain was actually functioning that day is anyones guess.

Obama continues to lose the debate over national security with Cheney. A debate Obama caused by releasing the interrogation memos. Cheney has called for the release of more memos, memos proving how these interrogation methods prevented further terrorist attacks in the US from happening. But Obama does not want to play anymore, burned once because of his immaturity, Obama now refuses to authorize the release of the memos Cheney demands. Obama is poorly equipped to go toe-to-toe with an opponent like Cheney on national defense issues, and is still struggling to deal with his promise to close Gitmo. This is a debate Obama wants to go away, funny thing is, he's the one who brought it up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Biden: Californian's Just Not Patroitic

Yesterday Californians turned out and voted down massive tax hikes proposed by a Democrat led State Legislature. The ballot initiatives that would have increased the State's coffers failed miserably. Californians said no to increased taxes. According to Joe Biden Californians must not be to patriotic.

Biden said during the campaign that it was patriotic to pay higher taxes. Paying more in taxes must only apply to Republicans because it has become more than evident that Democrats hate paying higher taxes. In fact leading Democrats can't even pay the taxes they owe now let alone higher taxes. It was Charles Rangel that forgot to pay taxes and also utilized subsidized low income lease to rent plush office space. So not only did Rangel not pay appropriate taxes he stole taxpayer money to subsidize a lavish lifestyle by inhabiting low income leased property.

Then of course we have tax cheat Timothy Geithner running the Treasury department. So now we have a liberal that can't pay taxes in charge of nothing less than collecting higher taxes. Tom Daschle had to withdraw from his nomination as Secretary of Health and Human services because he conveniently forgot to pay over $100,000 in taxes. In fact most of Obama's picks to lead our government are tax cheats.

This must mean that Democrats just are not all that patriotic. Certainly Californians must have lost their patriotic ways. Even Colin Powell believes Americans want to pay higher taxes. However, the hand writing is on the wall. Americans desire a government that spends within its means. They want less bureaucracy and more services. We all know this can be done. Look at the unemployment rates. They are highest in mainly Democrat led states with high tax rates. Ask California where their jobs are located. Ask Michigan where they are going to find jobs. How about Rhode Island?

Now we hear rumblings that California may request a taxpayer bailout. I am sure Obama will say California is too big to fail. We must bail out a reckless State to save the union jobs. The liberal bastion that is unpatriotic enough to vote down higher taxes will come to the rest of America and beg for our dollars to bail them out. Biden and Powell have misread the American public. Americans do not like higher taxes. Americans will pay for services, the problem is the government provides more bureaucracy than services. Americans must wake up and boot the political elitists that have ruined our country out of office. We must elect the true patriots of our country into office. The real Americans who only desire to serve the greatest nation on earth. Not the self serving elitists who constantly run for reelection without governing whatsoever. Our nation is at a cross roads. We must find a way out from beneath the two party system that has split a Nation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Every Action.......

Newton's third law of physics taught us that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. I would have believed that the science touting left wingers would have known about this natural law. However, it would seem that they only believe in the junk science that promotes their self serving causes. This is evident by the outrage shown by the Democrats that the CIA would "play politics" with intelligence.

The Democrats seem to have been caught flat footed. They didn't seem to believe they would be caught with their outright lies. When Obama decided to declassify select documents on enhanced interrogation techniques used to interrogate hardened terrorists I guess he and the congressional democrats never believed the CIA would come out fighting. I guess the professionals in the CIA were just supposed to lie down and take the beating Obama was dishing out for political gain. See Obama's approval numbers had been slowly declining since he took office. So just before his 100th day, Obama decided to leak waterboarding documents to damn the Bush administration. The Democrats in Congress cheered when Obama declassified and released documents. This slap in the face to the previous administration and to the CIA professionals was the initial action.

Now when the CIA leaks documents that show it was not just the administration that was involved but rather the entire government the democrats are screaming foul. Nancy Pelosi flat out lied to the American people and denied she knew that waterboarding was happening. How do I know she is lying? Well her story has changed 3 times to match the slowly emerging facts. Pelosi should be forced to resign the Speaker of the House position. She has no credibility left. Her lies show she is only interested in her own little agenda. She will do anything to remain in power.

Many Democrats are trying to come to aid in crying foul. Many could not believe the CIA would play politics. Obviously the democrats forgot that an equal and opposite reaction would occur. Instead of lying down and take a thrashing from the American hating left the CIA stood up and said the democrats were just as much a part of the "illegal" techniques as was the republicans in the previous administration. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, said he finds it “interesting” that a document detailing congressional briefings was released just as “some of the groups that have been responsible for these interrogation techniques were taking the most criticism.” and Asked whether the CIA was seeking political cover by releasing the documents, Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said: “Sure it is.”…

What a shame that the self serving democrats would support tough techniques when it was popular and then turn around and be deathly against the same practices when they become unpopular. The democrats obviously have no principles. The Democrats preach the global warming junk science but forgot the Laws of Physics, how ironic.

Diminished Capacity

Today the fawning pathetic pawns disrespected the Office of the presidency. The pathetic pawns had gathered for the Obama daily press conference. One reporter from Human Events (John Gizzi) had his cell phone ring in the middle of the conference not once but twice. After a jovial scolding by Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and taking Mr. Gizzi's cell phone one would have thought others would have had the common decency to either turn off their cell phones or at least turn them to vibrate. Alas it was not to be, Bill Plante had his cell phone ring. Not only did Mr. Plante have his phone ring, Mr. Plante had the audacity to take the call. This is blatant disrespect towards the Office of the Presidency.

What was going through the press corps mind? Why would they have such little respect for their chosen "One"? The answer is painfully obvious. Obama himself is to blame for these disrespectful actions. Obama is the celebrity wannbe. Obama dimished the office by going to Hollywood and sitting for Jay Leno. It was Obama that diminished his office by cracking jokes about the Special Olympics. It was Obama that went around the world on an apology tour. It was Obama that allowed the North Koreans to get away with lauching a multistage rocket. It was Obama that decided a wise gift for a legally blind Prime Minister a 25 DVD movie set from the wrong region. It was Obama that diminished the Office of the Presidency. And now we understand the fruits of his labors. Now not even Obama's fawning pathetic pawns in the media respect the office. I m sure Obama is getting what he intended. Obama is "liked" by everyone. However, the unintended consequences of his actions are the Obama is respected by none. What a shame that America voted for the celebrity caring only about his image rather than a President that cares about America's image.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama's $17 Billion Fraud

Obama the campaigner said he would go line by line and reduce the federal budget. Now after the tedious process Obama came up with grand total of $17 Billion dollars in saving. The press hails this as the first President to cut the budget never mind that he added trillions of dollars in new spending. These budget cuts were not the cuts necessary to get our country back on track and reduce a budget deficit. Obama hails any cut as a start and meaningful yet a closer look reveals this $17 billion to a a fraud just like his Presidency.

First of all if any cut would make a difference why would Obama authorize a low altitude flyover of New York City for a "photo Op". This stunt not only scared the city with deep scars from the 9/11 attacks it also cost the taxpayer over $300,000. If any cut in the budget meant something this hair-brained idea should have been the first to go. Second why is the federal government funding the international community for abortions? Whether one is pro death (choice) or pro life is of no significance. We are a country that is having a difficult time selling our debt on the international market. Yet we seem to have enough money to fund abortions not at home but in foreign countries. Third there is stem cell research. Why would a debt ridden country fund stem cell research. Sure it may be nice and may lead to medical breakthroughs but right now this funding is frivolous and unaffordable. Fourth, why would we place free condoms in the stimulus bill? Not sure how this little nugget ever made it through the bill but please Obama defenders tell me what condoms has to do with saving the economy.

Now we also hear that the Obama administration will cut spending on illegal immigration. Americans must ask themselves why? The answer is because illegals are a big voting block for the corrupt democrats. Obama extorted the resignation of GM CEO Rick Wagoner for federal assistance and gave 55% of Chrysler to labor unions. Yet can only find $17 billion in budget cuts.

This $17 billion is a fraud. If this would do anything to reduce our deficit it would be one thing. However, Obama will increase the budget more than he cuts it and our debt will do nothing but continuously increase under the fraudulent Presidency.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pelosi: Unprincipled Liar

More proof that the Democratic Party is an unprincipled party that will do or say whatever is politically expedient at the time. In SEP 2002, Nancy Pelosi and at least one other Democrat was briefed on Enhanced Intelligence Techniques of which waterboarding was one such technique. Pelosi claimed (lied) that he was only briefed that these techniques could be used. The facts tell us she knew they were being used and that intelligence was gleened through the use of waterboarding. Nancy Pelosi stood idly by and said nary a word in dissent in the use of such techniques.

Now her defenders are rationalizing the silence as nothing more than being sworn to secrecy. The problem with this rationalizing is that by remaining silent on the issue she was providing her approval. Of course this makes sense. In 2002 it would have been political suicide to rail against such techniques. The American people supported the war on terror and despised a weak left. We had been attacked and needed to prosecute the war on terror to make us feel better.

Now in an effort to be cute Obama releases cherry picked CIA reports showing how bad the use of our techniques really was. Never mind that there was evidence that the techniques worked. Never mind that his own Party approved of such techniques with their silence. It didn't matter because Obama never intended for the documents that would shed light on the whole program were ever intended to be released. Obama just needed an illusion. Obama offered up just enough documents to remind the public that the Bush Administration was bad. Of course Obama never believed the Republicans would defend themselves nor did he believe the CIA would defend itself.

Now that both Bush administration officials and the CIA have defended themselves and produced documents that prove the Democrats knew about the techniques and voiced no concern, the Democrats have to lie to protect themselves. Nancy Pelosi got on TV and outright lied. Just Like a former Democratic President got on TV and lied to the American people. The Democrats may lie all they wish, it just shows how unprincipled they really are. They hold no true convictions only whatever is politically expedient at the time. What a shame that both political parties in America have failed America.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obama: Just Make It Up

Obama believes he has a gift. Obama believes he can do no wrong. So when faced with a lack of facts Obama believes he can just lie to the American people. Case in point, the other night when Obama was celebrating the 100 day mark with yet another prime time news conference he offered up a grand and a half of a lie. Obama touted that his stimulus plan has already saved or created 150,000 jobs. The reality is this is just a made up number. A number not based in fact but rather based on the same lies Obama told us back in January.

When Obama was pushing the greatest increase in the budget deficit ever known to AMerica, his crack team of economic advisers touted the 3 million jobs his plan would either save or create. Of course no knew how to compute whether or not a job would be created or saved so they just threw a number out there and the media ate it up without pushing for the formula for making these wild estimates. So when the we found that we are losing jobs at over a half a million a month, when the economy shrinks at 6.1 % for the last quarter the Obama administration still uses its made up numbers from January and touts an estimate that is the same as the estimate was in January. In other words it is just a made up number. It is made up in the minds of Obama's crack economic advisers that sold the country on becoming a debt ridden society on the brink of bankruptcy.

We now can be sure that no matter what happens Obama will claim he was always right. He will always claim that his numbers were right. Even if unemployment rises to double digits and the economy continues to shrink, Obama will use the same estimates and claim he is successful. When is the media going to wake up and demand Obama come clean with his metrics? How is Obama going to be held accountable when no one knows how exactly he is measuring his saved or created jobs. No one knows how the metrics are being used. I wish most Americans could just make up numbers like that. We would all be millionaires living the content life. Instead we have to make the numbers in our budget work. Obama can just make them up and our AWOL media eats up the bogus numbers and let the greatest fraud America has ever known to remain unchecked.