Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

Arlen Specter has made a decision to bolt the Republican Party and return to his roots. Both sides of the political Aisle are spinning this decision in their own self interest lights. The truth of the matter is that Arlen Specter is almost a true political independent. Being an independent will make Specter as much a pariah on the Democrat side as his was for the Republican side. There is nothing wrong with independence and Specter while he made his decision based on political survivability rather than independent idealism, will become a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party.
Sure in the run up to the 2010 mid elections Specter will become the good little foot soldier for the Obama train wreck, but in the end he will betray the Democrat Party Principles just as he has the Republican Party principles. In the end this move that is be hailed by the coup of the century by Democrats in both the Congress and the Whitehouse will become the high water mark of the Democratic Party. No longer will the majority party be allowed to complain that the minority party is the Party of “No”. The Democrats will no longer be able to pass the blame on a Party in the decline. Having a Super Majority will force the Democrats to lead and will not have the Republican Party to blame things on.

This was eluded to by the President late last week when he railed against the Republicans for not supporting his stimulus package. Obama only wanted token Republican support in order to be able to pass blame later on if his policies failed. In an effort to shame the Republicans into showing token support in a “Bi-Partisan” Obama was laying the groundwork for blaming the minority party for his mistakes. In the end, the Republicans saw through Obama’s empty rhetoric and stood steadfast against the stimulus package. Now Obama will have the super majority forcing him to lead.

The Republicans will come out of this fiasco the better party. They lost an independent and will be licking their wounds for quite some time. However, just as when Jim Jeffords changed to the Democratic Party, the Republicans will learn and quietly gain prominence. There is a saying that it is always darkest before dawn. The Republican Party is in a state of disarray right now but that only makes the Party ready to accept a leader that will solidify the base and expand from the center of the party. In the end Obama will get many of his goodies through Congress. However, when Americans realize they have been bankrupted it will be the Republicans that gain.

Both political parties have failed America. It is high time the parties imploded and started over. From all appearances it will be the Republican Party that starts fresh while the Democrats bask in their glory. The Republicans are not in the wilderness as the left proclaims. The left has built a fragile coalition of special interest groups. When the bill comes due and the left special interest groups search their Christmas stockings and find the cupboards bare the Democrats will splinter far beyond the minor set -back the Republicans are faced with today. I wish Arlen Specter well he thought of himself and placed self interest ahead of the Nation. Had Specter flipped political parties out of principle it would have been a sign that the Republican Party was rudderless. That Specter changed allegiance out of ego and self preservation is a sign the Republican Party is a Party of principle and they will again come out on top. Don’t fear the cherry picking Democrats they will implode soon enough. It is their ship that is rudderless.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama: Domestic Terrorist in Chief

The President of the United States has become the chief terrorist in America. The terrorist in chief should be sued for his actions yesterday. In reality criminal charges should be brought against him for his terroristic activities. The “buzzing” of New York City should not be overlooked. Obama should not be allowed to throw some fawning lackey under the bus. Obama should not be allowed to feign outrage. What Obama authorized yesterday was nothing short of terrorist activity. This was more than simply sheer lack of judgment. This was more than cowardly. This was more than a sincere lack of compassion. This was more than simply an insincere and inconsiderate act. This was the act of an out of control President that is in love with himself.

There was no call for this so called “photo op”. I am unsure of what exactly was running through the President’s head when he thought it would be a great way of taking pictures of Air Force One being chased by F-16’s through restricted airspace in New York City. Why on Earth would a sitting President demand that the city officials not inform the public under punishment of federal law? This should be construed as what it is; an act of domestic terrorism. This so called “photo op” that the pathetic pawns in Obama’s propaganda wing are calling it was designed to strike fear in the hearts of New Yorkers. The administration didn’t inform the citizenry of their intentions because they wanted the full effect of a fearful citizenry. This is very similar to walking into a crowded theater and yelling “fire” then standing back and watching the stampede.

This is exactly what happened. As Obama demanded the military conduct low altitude flybys and buzzed the Statue of Liberty, the unsuspecting citizens rushed away from the scene in a panic. What Obama did was far worse than simply yelling fire in a crowded theater. Obama played off the fears of a wary public in the aftermath of 9/11. Obama simulated terrorist activities. This was not the act of a singular deranged person getting his kicks off others panic. This is a deranged and out of control administration that struck fear into the hearts of an entire city. There should be outrage in the National media. However, the fawning pathetic pawns are largely ignoring this story in favor of glowing worshipful “100 days” reports based on propaganda they produced. The pathetic pawns should be foaming at the mouth with pure outrage as the President diminished a nation yesterday.

Never mind Obama feigned outrage. This is his pattern. Obama himself is never guilty of anything. Whenever Obama has displayed his typical poor judgment he feigns his outrage and shines the light on someone else. Quite simply Obama takes zero responsibility for his actions, always blaming someone else. When it was found that he had been attending a racist church that spewed hatred and discontent, Obama threw his pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright under the bus. When Obama shoved his stimulus bill down our throats and he blamed the wall street bankers. When Obama signed a pork laden omnibus bill he blamed Bush for unfinished business. When he demanded AIG executives receive bonuses by forcing Senator Dodd to change language in the bailout bill that would have prevented outrageous bonuses, Obama blamed it on Geithner and Dodd. When Obama receives tea bags in the mail from the Tea Party protesters, he blames the republicans in Congress for not supporting his deficit spending. Now when he commits a terrorist act Obama blames the White House Military Office director, Louis Caldera and throws him under the infamous bus.

When is this immature clown going to accept responsibility? Obama is sickening in his methodical approach towards destroying a nation. Obama’s appeasement philosophy have made us less safe. Obama’s terrorist activities have made our cities unstable. Obama’s fiscal policies have undermined our financial stability. Obama’s apology tour diminished a nation. Obama appearance on the late night comedy hour shows diminished his office. This narcissistic slug is ruining our country and our lovely free press is ignoring the news.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama The Unwilling: Buzzes NYC

Obama has provided a glimpse of what his administration is all about. Obama the narcissist is so in love with himself that he can do no wrong. His administration is all about scapegoating taking no responsibility for his actions. Obama has demonstrated this time and again. Obama thought it would be cute to "buzz" New York City and the statue of Liberty. Obama ordered the Pentagon to conduct a flyover with a Air Force One lookalike and two F-16's. Of course when the political stunt didn't go over so well, true to form Obama feigns outrage and blames someone else.

Obama who didn't have the nerve to bring himself to volunteer for military service after the draft had ended used the military to strike fear into the hearts of his fellow American citizens. While he coddles to Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea, Obama decides it would be cute to "buzz" a city struck on that fateful day back on September 11, 2001. Obama showed no compassion for the frayed nerves of a city that survived a disaster. Obama apologizes for "American Sins" around the globe but couldn't bring himself to accept responsibility for striking fear into the hearts of New Yorkers. No instead of owning up to his lack of compassion Obama shoves his White House Military Office director Louis Caldera under the infamous Obama bus.

Obama has a history of not accepting responsibility for his own actions. Remember the AIG bonuses to executives. The Obama administration demanded that Senator Christopher Dodd change the language of the bailout bill to specifically allow these bonuses. Obama instead of owning up to his mistake again feigned outrage and fanned the flames of outrage throughout the nation. Obama in his feigned outrage threw Chris Dodd under the infamous bus and to this day has accepted zero responsibility. In fact he told the "greedy bankers" that he was the only thing standing between them and an angry mob with pitchforks.

Then of course there is the massive budget deficit this year. We as a country have already passed debt day. What is debt day? Debt day is the day where the government runs out of money for the year. With a full five months to go before the end of the fiscal year and Obama has managed to already spend us into debt. Does he accept any responsibility for his massive spending spree? Nope, he blames this entire debt on Bush. Obama takes no responsibility for this deficit but has the audacity to say Washington must show fiscal restraint. Obama offers a pittance worth of cuts ($100 million) as a show of good faith. Obama welcomes Republican ideas to show fiscal restraint but in his words reserves the right of refusal. This is the same line he said when he was plowing our country into debt in January. Brought in the Republicans to ask for their input, didn't change one bit of his fiscal wreak (I mean stimulus) from the Republican input then has the audacity to feign anger when he received zero republican support in the house and 3 Republican supporters in the Senate.

The pattern is establish. Obama will take credit for anything that goes right. However when it comes to taking responsibility for his failures he will be unwilling. Obama the unwilling will find a scapegoat for his failures. No ownership, no direction, no leadership, and no responsibility. This must be what pragmatism means, take credit but shirk responsibility. Yes Obama the unwilling is really a big zero when it comes to responsibility.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama: The Great Divider

Americans were duped into believing Obama and his cronies would be able to heal the division of the American people. Everyday it seems, American finds out new information that shows how Obama will keep America divided. Obama in a childish tantrum denounced Republicans yesterday and told them he was going to ram legislation down their throat.

Obama whined yesterday and told Republicans over and over again that because they would not jump on board the spend thrift bandwagon that he would not even allow them in on the discussion concerning health care. In other words just because the Republicans did not fawn over the media chosen President, they could not be involved in the health care discussions. The childish rant came because Republicans stood their ground rather then vote for proposals simply because Obama and the Democrats won. Obama believes because he won that the republicans should blindly follow him off the cliff. Obama even told the Republicans bi partisanship was simply following his lead. See if the republicans just followed the legislation would be bi-partisan. The problem is the Republicans held deep reservations and know that trillion dollar deficits are unsustainable.

Now instead of a debate on the best way forward on health care Obama intends on slamming his socialistic ideals through congress. No national debate, no congressional debate, just a ramrod shoving an over bloated health care proposal down our throat. Obama has painted the Republicans in a corner and decided he doesn't desire being bi-partisan. This will only further divide America further. We are a divided nation but the division is not along ideological lines but rather class lines.

Obama has become quite adept at dividing America further. While the pathetic pawns in his propaganda wing are hailing Obama as some kind of super hero the facts are Obama has split a Nation. Never before had a President and his policies been so widely protested in just 100 days. Over 500,000 people across our nation protested the massive spending hikes and trillion deficits proposed by Obama. The pathetic pawns attempt to hide this fact while they are hailing him. The pathetic pawns conveniently ignore the mass protests because they go against their meme that Obama i some kind of messiah. Obama divided the nation on deficit spending pitting the poor against the middle class. Obama pitted Democrats against Republicans by releasing one sided documentation on torture. Obama divided America down racial lines through his race baiting campaign. Sooner or later America will awake from their stupor and see that they were duped by an incompetent divider.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What was Obama Thinking?

Last week Genius-in-Chief Barack Obama released Bush administration memos outlining the use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques to obtain information from captured terrorists. Of these, the infamous waterboard tactic is by far the best known. Obama released the memos in an effort to attack Bush, and open the way for the possible prosecution of former Bush administartion lawyers who OK'd the enhanced interrogation tactics.

With the genie out of the bottle, Obama is now torn between "looking forward", or actively investigating, and perhaps prosecuting, Bush era lawyers. In typical Obama fashion, he dumped his mess on someone else, in this case US Attorney General Eric Holder. The truth is Obama has lost control of the situation. It seemed like a good idea when he thought he could embarrass Bush and provide comfort to our enemies. Now Obama must focus on damage control because it is now evident that Bush and his officials may not be the only ones culpable.

Everyone's favorite, Nancy Pelosi has been busy denying that she had ever been briefed on the interrogation tactics being used under Bush. However as this issue develops, and more information comes out, there are reports that Pelosi and members of the House Intelligence Commitee were regularly briefed by CIA officials on all the interrogation techniques being used in the war on terror. If this is true, why didn't Pelosi or her buddies speak their objections then? Why didn't they stop these torturers when they had the chance years ago? The answer is simple, Pelosi did not object to the techniques until Obama went public with the interrogation memos. Now she has been forced to lie about her involvement.

If Pelosi and other members of Congress were made aware of the interrogation tactics years ago, aren't they just as guilty as any of the Bush lawyers? Any investigation of the lawyers also has to include Pelosi and her fellow commitee members. Obama may have gone a bridge too far in his most recent effort to weaken the United States. It will be very difficult to shield people like Pelosi if Holder chooses to go forward with an investigation.

Will Obama release the records of these briefings? If he does, it will answer the question of whether or not Congress had this information in the early years of the war. Obama has once again proven that he is reckless, and does not realize the consequences of his actions. His enthusiastic attempt to attack the former President may very well end up damaging many sitting members of Congress. Is this what he intended? I don't think he even knows.

Kudos to Miss California

She wasn't crowned Miss USA, but she certainly stood up for her beliefs. Last Sunday, gay guy and Miss USA judge Perez Hilton, asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean whether she believed in gay marriage. Miss California replied "... I think that I believe that a
marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out
there, but that's how I was raised." Good for you Carrie.

Her statement unhinged the drama queen Perez, who posted an obscenity laced video blog attacking Prejean later that night. I'm proud of young Carrie, not for her opinions, but for the fact that she has the courage to voice her opinions. She could have easily taken the PC path and given some lame Obama-type response, but she chose to speak the truth, and that simply is not allowed by enlightened, tolerant, individuals such as Hilton. For so many years we have been blasted by liberals to be more tolerant of "alternative lifestyles", and same sex marriage, after the show we all had the chance to see just how tolerant those like Hilton are of people who do not share their beliefs.

Perhaps what enraged Hilton even more is the fact that her opinions on gay marriage are faith based. Prejean is enrolled in a Christian college, this of course, is the reason she was asked this question. Her answer may have cost her the Miss USA crown, she got first runner-up, but if Carrie had not spoken her true feelings, it would have been a hollow victory for her. In the aftermath of her answer, Prejean has certainly come out on top. She has handled this contraversy with class, while Hilton exudes only hatred, vulgarity and intolerence. He could learn alot from Miss California, but he is too consumed by his own inner demons to notice. And that's just too damn bad.

Does The End Justify The Means:Torture and Treason

The question of the day is “does the end justify the means?”. America is in a turmoil over this question and it has divided a country. Torture is against humanity and should not be allowed by a civilized nation. Treason for political gain is also not an option for a democratic republic. Neither action torture nor treason can be allowed to occur in a nation of laws. A Nation built on justice will not stand for a government that uses any method necessary that is politically expedient. The last administration justified torture because it saved American lives. This administration bowed to the democratic political base and committed a treasonous act in order to satisfy the insatiable desire to punish an administration they hated for 8 years. In the minds of many “the end justifies the mean” but does it really?
America was attacked in September 11, 2001. I remember the day well and like many Americans will never forget where I was that fateful morning. It is a day of infamy that is embedded in our collective memory. Much like Americans will never forget where they were on other fateful days in American history like November 22, 1963, or December 7, 1941, Americans will never forget September 11, 2001. As the dust settled that fateful morning and we as a country understood that there are groups that hate America and what we stand for America panicked. We went into full alert mode and passed laws that interfered with American ideals. Our government passed the patriot act, our government spied on Americans with illegal wiretaps, and our government wrote memos defining “advanced interrogation” techniques. Our government instituted policies that wreaked havoc on American idealism. In the face of darkness America made irrational decisions. A civilized nation built on individual freedoms passed laws and instituted policies that took away freedoms in the name of security. In the end we have lost both our freedom and our security. We were attacked that fateful morning but our reaction was irrational. We struck back out of anger as a collective and unified nation. Where was the voice of reason when we needed it most? Had we as a country slowed down and calmed the fears of a nation we may have been able to rise above the fray and developed a rational reaction. Instead out of fear we jumped the gun and allowed our privacy to be invaded, allowed our rights to be taken away, and allowed torture to happen to our enemies.
I understand we took matters into our own hands and defended America and her values. The torture quite possibly stopped further terror attacks and saved us from the evils around the globe. It was easy to wrap ourselves in the American flag and call ourselves patriots. However, at the end of the day we resorted to using the tactics of our enemies. We as a country understood our dangerous enemy. We understood that our enemy would go to great lengths to destroy our way of life. It was an extraordinary time and required extraordinary action. The reaction required rational thought and leadership and instead our government huddled in fear and outrage and made irrational decisions the lacked leadership and judgment. The shadows of September 11, 2001 will be a dark period in American history. Our government in totality destroyed America. The voice of reason and rational leadership lost in a fit of rage. The government led the lynch mobs and allowed us to trample on the freedoms we love. In the end we are unable to justify our actions. We are unable claim the mantle of responsibility when we acted out of rage.
Now we have another period in time where an administration selectively released damning memos that fit their one sided argument. There is a cry for justice against an executive administration. Our government now discloses partial documentation that sheds a damning light on a narrow segment of our government that committed a terrible injustice. The intended target is the executive branch even though the atrocities were committed by the government as a whole. The Congress is just as guilty as was the administration. The democrats as much at guilt as the republicans allowed us to give up our freedom in the name of security. Our governmental leaders fell in line with the lynch mob mentality. Yet now when it comes time to answer to a calmed and rational public our current administration desires show trials. Trials and hearing that focus only on select individuals for political gain. Our current administration only released documentation that would infuriate the base of the democratic party. Our current administration only released documentation that shines a light on the past administration forgetting the involvement of the government as a whole. We have a president that committed treason for political gain. By declassifying memos depicting all of our techniques both legal and illegal we gave up state secrets to our enemies, all in the name of political gamesmanship. Never mind that Congress was entirely read in on these reports and memo’s. Never mind that Nancy Pelosi never said a word when the masses demanded retaliation and revenge. Never mind the democrats took a sideline approach and went along with the lynching until the political winds shifted in their favor. The documentation that shows where American lives were saved be damned. Documentation showing who knew what when be damned. Our government failed us and now we have a President that is willing to commit treason in an effort to appease his political base. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Our government was wrong to torture, wrong to take away rights and freedoms, and wrong to deny what was happening. But it also wrong of our government to now step up and selectively release documentation damning one side of the aisle. There is plenty of blame to go around.

The end of course does not justify the means. We as a country sometimes will cut off the nose to spite the face. We demanded action and cheered the results. We did this all to ourselves and allow our government to continue to be reactionary. We allow our government to make fools of the people. We allowed the government to take away our freedoms in the name of security and we are allowing a showboat to put on a celebrity hour all in the name of politics. Releasing half a story is not right. Releasing any of these classified reports is a sin against the country. We are all complicit in this. Both political parties are accomplices. The only way back on track is to now have full disclosure and force those responsible to resign from office. Our government has failed America and divided an electorate. A government of the people is no longer by the people. We placed our faith in government to do what was right and instead received a government more interested in following polls. Our country will remain divided down political lines as long as we as a country allow our politicians to enact laws and policies that expedient and appeal to the mob mentality of the day. We need leaders not followers. Our government is too busy passing laws that are popular today, damn the ramifications of tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama:Disingenuous At Best

Obama is quickly becoming a disingenuous politician. In his first 90 days as President, he increased the national debt this year by four times what it was just last year. Even if you take the debt that Bush would have passed on with his budget, Obama at a minimum doubled the debt from what it would have been. Then the disingenuous nitwit decided that to show good faith he would cut the budget by a mere $100 million.

What an insult. In Obama's own budget America will borrow over $1 trillion dollars next year and yet he insults America's intelligence by "ordering" a $100 million dollar cut in spending. Obama's $3.6 trillion budget and he is bold enough to "demand" 1/36,000 of a cut. This drop in the bucket could be found simple by closing Congressman Murtha's useless airport. One line in the budget could reduce spending that much. I would even venture a guess that within 30 minutes in the Whitehouse I could find 10 times that paltry amount to cut. I guess that is what the media means when they call Obama a pragmatist. The Media allows him to increase the budget and our nations debt like a drunken sailor and then hail him as the great pragmatist when he "cuts" $100 million from the budget.

The big Zero and his propaganda enablers in the MSM should be ashamed of themselves. This is a joke and an insult to every tax paying American. The problem is that Obama's constituents don't pay taxes. Obama's supporters either fall in the 40% that don't pay any taxes or they cheat on their taxes even if they are supposed to pay. Obama is no pragmatist. Obama is disingenuous at best.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Parties: Rousing Success

On April 15, 2009, well over 250,000 Americans rallied and protested a government in Washington that is out of control. The grassroots effort was a rousing success. Some estimates for the mass protest run to over a half a million people. The protest was about the excesses of a government that enacted a gimmick to reduce some taxes all the while raising others (read regressive cigarette tax). The protest was more about reckless spending and not raising taxes as the liberal left would have one believe.

Senator Claire McCaskill went as far as the say she was confused concerning the protests. After all her savior reduced taxes. President Obama went as far to say he did know anything about these tea parties. How out of touch can one get. A Washington Senator being confused and a President that is too busy apologizing for America around the world instead of taking care of business back home. The voice of the people is not being heard by our political establishment.

American don't want tax gimmicks. Americans are not clamoring for tax cuts. Americans do not want class warfare. No none of these. Americans simply want a government of the people for the people. Americans want to tell the government what to do and not the government tell us what to do. Americans want the government to quit spending money frivolously and start being good stewards of the peoples money. Americans are tired of wasting millions bridges to no where. Americans are tired of wasting billions bailing out corporations so they can get bonuses.

The problem is not that we tax to little. I live in one of the most heavily taxed states in the country. This state has gone as far as to tax people simply because they make a decision to leave a state that over burdens it citizens with taxes. The problem truly is our government spends to much. Just last year the IRS took in more in revenue on APR 15 than ever before in the history of America and yet we still borrow trillions of dollars.

Yes the tea parties were a success. The grassroots showed up in droves and protested a government out of control. The left didn't understand them and still seem confused. Susan Roesgan attended one and showed just how out of touch our media really is. Her leftist attitude came shining through. The media wonders how Americans have come to despise the propaganda. All they have to do is look upon their own reporting objectively and they would see a picture that would make our founders roll over in their graves.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama's War

Obama and his Democrat comrades in Congress have embarked on an all out war. The pathetic pawns from the media in tow as the propaganda wing of the democratic party busy spouting every last coordinated talking from the administration. Today is tax day and across America 500 average grassroots Americans peacefully protested against this war being waged by Obama and his liberal enablers. Read the headlines and watch the videos if further proof is required that Obama has indeed started a war in this country. The liberals whine daily that the right should just shut up and follow. But the right will not be silenced and will speak out against the traitorous war Obama is waging. This is not a war against a foreign regime. This is not a war where the enemy is known and can be vanquished. No this is a war between fellow Americans. It is a class war pitting regular Americans against each other.

USA Today: Thousands turn out for anti-tax 'tea parties'- This headline calls the protest anti tax. However, these protests are anti government wasteful spending rather than anti tax. Obama is spending trillion rolls has will double the nations debt under his own budget plan. It took America 221 years to reach a debt of 11.5 trillion. Obama doubles it in under 100 days. To understand the tea parties of today we must understand that these protests are against wasteful governmental spending. Not against taxes.

Dallas News: Perry fires up anti-tax crowd-Now we have a state governor suggesting Texas will secede from the United States. Big problem lie ahead for America if this were ever to happen. Texas is business friendly and willing to drill for oil. Imagine a State seceding and charging America for oil.

Brietbart: US economy weak: Fed- The economy is weak and still in decline yet the pathetic pawns spin this as good news. How or why one might ask? Its because the pathetic pawns know Obama's plan to tax America into bankruptcy and out of existence is working to kill whatever is left of American ingenuity.

TV NEWSER: CNN Reporter at Chicago Tea Party: It's "Anti-CNN Since This is Highly Promoted By the Right-Wing, Conservative Network Fox"- When the left sent out reporters to watch a single protester like Cindy Sheehan they call her a hero and patriot. She exercised her right and protested a war she was in disagreement with. But CNN says the tea parties are Anti-government, anti cnn and believe the right is anti American. Why is it when the likes of William Ayers turn violent the are proclaimed as heroes but hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters across this land are anti American?

Washington Times: Napolitano stands by 'rightwing extremism' report- Why is it that the pathetic pawns hail this as gospel when this document clearly is ambiguous enough that anyone right of center could fall into the extremist category? This document says nothing of the violent groups on the left and the likes of ACORN threatening the lives of CEO's yet everything right of center has the potential of extremist views.

Folks there is far more evidence that America is turning on herself. The propaganda is there. The violent protests are there all we have to do is look at the Tancredo speech and watch how violent protests get when someone disagrees with the most racist and class warfare agenda America has ever known. We have States like Texas threatening to secede. We have Anti government excess (stimulus and deficit spending) protests proclaimed as anti tax. We have claims of right wing extremist groups being more dangerous to America than foreign terrorists with designs on nuclear weapons. Yet we all know the left wing extremist groups have been far more violent just ask Bill Ayers. We have a government forcing bankruptcies. We have a government extorting companies and demanding CEO's resign. We have a government that ensures AIG received bonuses then fanned the fires of outrage. We have a poll where it is proclaimed "most Americans" agree with high deficit spending when a mere 37% actually agreed. Let me tell you folks America is on the brink of failure and this is the war Obama intends to fight.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Despicable Left

The Daily Kos is nothing but a hate mongering tabloid website. The diarists from the site have shown their disdain for America and her true heroes before but today "KLS" diarists crossed lines that should never be crossed. Captain Phillips willing gave himself up to become a hostage to save his crew of the Maersk Alabama. Captain Phillips was held captive by a band of Pirates from the Anarchist State of Somalia and even with his own life at risk never wavered. Captain Phillips was hero that attempted escape like a wily veteran of foreign wars.

However, the left moderated hate site called the Daily Kos allowed a diarist to post a despicable post. "KLS" claimed that Captain Phillips was grandstanding and called him anything but a hero. "KLS" decided that Captain Phillips should have acquiesced and allowed the pirates to hold not only him hostage but also hold the crew and cargo hostage while America negotiated a payout. In the mind of the left it was only money and we could have negotiated and paid freedom. The left it appears has no principle and would rather acquiesce than actually stand for something. To the left standing up for what is right is not heroic but rather grandstanding. To the left Americans should always be afraid and never stand up for themselves.

I guess the heroes of United flight 93 should not have taken matters into their own hands on that fateful day. The passengers should have just acquiesced and submitted to the demands of the hi-jackers. What they did in the minds of the left was not heroic. The passengers that took it upon themselves to retake a plane destined for mass destruction and death of more innocents were just grandstanding. The passengers should have just acquiesced and allowed the sky pirates to crash the plane into Camp David, the Whitehouse, or maybe even the halls of Congress.

I will never understand why the left is so against America and her heroes. America was born out of the sweat, blood, and tears of true heroic patriots. If America had acquiesced in 1773 and just paid the King's ransom America would still be a part of the crown and never would have existed. Of course the left has the desire to Europeanize America so maybe that is why they are so against modern day tea parties. Their secret desire is to just acquiesce America out of existence.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yellow: Obama's True Colors

As the world watches the current foreign affairs Obama's true colors are showing. Plain and simple Obama is yellow. Obama is scared, chicken, and incapable of making decisions that require bold leadership. The Obama administration sent a host of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to the seas to "negotiate" with foreign pirates. Not only is he sending what is predominately a domestic federal police force to foreign lands the agents are displaying why they should not have been the negotiators of choice in this matter.

Pirates are attacking American merchant ships with impunity. They have no fear of reprisals from the Americans as Obama sends the FBI into the fray to negotiate. The negotiations failed yesterday as the FBI used domestic tactics against a lawless bunch of thieves and terrorists. The pirates would have released their hostage if only the thieves were released. Instead our FBI demanded they be handed over to the local Somali law enforcement authorities. This is what should happen in a domestic hostage situation where people have a reason to live and follow the rules of law. Does this response make any sense to attempt in an foreign land where wrules the day? Obama should have taken bolder action. Perhaps the foreign affairs specialists should have been called in to negotiate. After all the incident is unfolding in foreign waters. America once sent in the marines to stamp out piracy along the Barbary coast. Now 200 years later Obama sends in the FBI.

The world watched as North Korea thumbed its nose at the UN and American condemnation. America's feeble attempt at addressing the the North Korea response was greeted with laughter. All that came out of the UN was a UN presidential decree. Non Binding of of course and the UN will never be enabled to enforce its own resolutions. Now Obama sends in an ill-trained and ill-equipped domestic law enforcement agency to "negotiate" on foreign lands. The appropriate response should have been to take out the Somali Pirates. We could have used "SEAL" Teams, CIA, or the marines. Instead Obama sits idly by voting present while hoping for the best. Rest assured America will be tested again and again until Obama shows he has a backbone. If Obama continues to refuse to show leadership, America will become the world's doormat.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Korea Flexes: Obama Wilts

The appeasement philosophy demonstrated by Obama has made our country much less safe than it was just a short 70 days ago. Last evening North Korea thumbed their nose at the "serious rebuke" and "Strong Opposition" Obama provided in response to North Korea announcement of intentions to launch a missile capable of hitting the US by launching said missile without giving Obama a second thought. The current appeasement administration allowed North Korea to launch a missile as a demonstration of their capability and increase their potential to sell missile technology.

Obama's only response to the launch was to take it up with the UN security council. Obama whined that the North Koreans violated a UN resolution. Obama whined for tougher sanctions and stronger resolutions. This show of weakness by Obama is not making us any safer at home or abroad. This non response has zero possibility of working to curtail North Korea. In fact it will only make it easier for the Chinese and Russians to walk over the top of us. By only taking this to the UN security where there is no chance of instituting stronger sanctions we appear weak and ineffective. The Chinese are sitting back waiting for the response. With a weak President in the US what will stop China from taking Taiwan by force under Obama? What is going to stop the Russians from parking bombers capable of dropping nuclear weapons 90 miles off our coast. If we can't come up with a stronger response to a failed state in North Korea how how can we stand up to the Russians or Chinese?

Obama's weakness is showing. Joe Biden was correct when he said Obama will be tested in the first six months. In fact Obama was tested when the Russians announced they would use Cuban airfields to park their Bombers on. Obama was tested when the Chinese floated the idea retaking Taiwan by force. Again the Chinese tested Obama by harassing our ships at sea. Now the Chinese and Russians are sitting back looking for America to respond. These are little tests of our resolve and Obama is falling into the trap. His weakness as a leader shines through with every non response. The North Koreans flexed their muscle yesterday and Obama is wilting today. In Obama's desire to be a liked celebrity he is failing at garnering any respect.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A divided America

The pathetic pawns in the Main Stream Media decisively split America and know spew endless hatred towards the right and conservatives. Charles Blow wrote an editorial in the New York Times that is nothing short of ridiculous. Blow's piece is terrible and in short it "Blows". Blow says the American Right is "apocalyptic". The right is bad and the leaders are molding the conservatives into militias. This is a bold statement from a left leaning rag on the verge of bankruptcy.

Blow must have been absent from the world yesterday when Obama said "the only thing keeping the business leaders away from the masses with pitchforks is the Obama administration. Blow must have been absent when the radical left wing extremists group ACORN took bus loads of angry left leaning mobs to threaten violence against AIG leaders. Blow is just absent from life if he is unable to see that the pathetic pawns, the liberal left, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have started class warfare in America. This class warfare has been an underlying problem for quite sometime. The leaders of the left have pushed an agenda intended to keep the masses down all the while claiming to lending a helping hand. The left does not understand that doing what is right is not always fair. They push the liberal amendments to our constitution and trample on the conservative amendments. The left takes advantage of the First amendment and trample on the second. The left pushes that it is unconstitutional to curtail the act of gay marriage by claiming it is an individual right. However, by the time we get to the second amendment the same left leading leaders would strip individuals of the right to bear arms. This even though the second amendment explicitly says "no individual right to bears arms shall be infringed".

The left has been busy dividing our country for years. Immediately following the 2000 election the pathetic pawns in the left protecting media proclaimed the country was divided after a close election result that did not favor their chosen candidate. Then four years later the same pathetic pawns claimed it was apparent America was still divided. Now all of a sudden the left has their chosen candidate and the right is supposed to immediately cave and simply agree with the socialist policies of the left. The left screams racism at every turn. The left has angry mobs threatening business leaders and yet the pathetic pawns like Charles Blow continue to remain blind and have the audacity to say the right is apocalyptic. America is under siege and the American left has started a war amongst her citizens. This class warfare will only further the divide. Pathetic racist pawns like Charles Blow need to wake up and take a look around. America is divided and will remain divided until a leader from outside the establishment reigns. The left started a civil war with their class warfare. The right is simply protecting themselves from a communist regime. With editorialists like Blow is it any wonder the liberal rags are going out of business?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

NY-20 Nailbiter: Obama Defeat

The special election that was held on MAR 31 for New York's 20th Congressional district between Scott Murphy and Jim Tediso is yet to be decided. The two candidates are separated by a scant 13 votes with all but three counties recanvassing their counts. Essentially this race will be decided by absentee ballots and is sure to be close and decided by less than 100 votes. There has been much debate over this race over who the big winner is and who is the big loser. My thoughts are that no matter the final vote count Obama is the big loser.

Both parties spent loads of money trying to win this seat. This is a seat that was held for two elections by a democrat. This is a district carried by Obama just a short 150 days ago. This is a seat that had Obama not only provide mass emails lists but also a ringing Obama endorsement. This is a seat the democrats should have held and held comfortably.

The left has touted that Republicans outnumber democrats in this district. There are 70,000 more registered Republicans than democrats. The left says this is a mainly rural district. The left believes Republicans should have taken this seat. The problem is that they are missing much of the finer points. Obama weighed in and endorsed Murphy. Just before purchasing the IPOD for the Queen of England, Obama sent a mass email out to all of his supporters in the district encouraging them to turnout and vote for Murphy. The former representative carried this seat 150 days ago by large margins. Obama even carried this district. The district begins just north of New York city. Obama has 60% approval ratings across the nation yet still the Republican held his own. It was reported over the last week leading into the election that the Republicans party and the NRCC was despondent and dejected feeling they were going to lose an opportunity. Murphy outspent Tediso heavily in the last couple of weeks heading into the election.

The bottom line is that Tediso made this a close election. Tediso may even eke out the win depending on absentee ballots. This is an election that does not bode well for the democrats. If they can not hold onto this seat in a democratic year, with a popular President they are doomed to lose this seat in the near future. New York is a liberal state. Republicans are a dying breed in the dark blue North East. This election should not be this close. This election shows that Obama does not carry as much weight as he did just 150 days. At this rate by 2010, Obama will have lost seats in the house and the Senate. Senator Dodd is in a heap of trouble for 5 term Senator. Should the Democrats start having trouble with the likes of Dodd the Republicans will increase their numbers and Obama will be in trouble. The best 2009 Barometer we will have is Virginia and New Jersey governorships. Obama carried Virginia and New Jersey has been blue for quite some time. Should Republicans pick up both of these states Obama's luster will be dull and the Democrats will be defending more than they believe in 2010.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Liberal; Another Tax Cheater

The big liberal tax and spenders sure seem to have a penchant for cheating on their taxes. Barack Obama sure can't seem to locate an honest liberal when it comes to paying their appropriate taxes even though Joe Biden says it is patriotic to pay taxes. No wonder why it is so easy for democrats in Congress to increases taxes like the regressive cigarette tax (even though Obama promised not to "raise taxes a single dime on people making less than $250,000) when they themselves cheat on taxes. We all know it is easier to spend other peoples money than it our own. The liberals are just the ones that practice spending other peoples money while hiding their own. The Liberals only come clean on taxes when they are offered high level government jobs in charge of spending even more of other peoples money.

All we have to do is look into the background of Obama's nominees for cabinet posts. First we had Tim Geithner who secured the "advise and consent" of the Senate because he was so needed, in fact Obama said Geithner was the only person that could lead us out of economic despair. Geithner heads the Treasury department. Nice job on this on a tax cheat in charge of what else "Taxes". Then came Tom Daschle, his tax woes caused him to withdraw from consideration, then there was Nancy Killefer, another tax cheat that was supposed to be in charge of "budget and spending reform". Great choice, a tax cheat in charge of budgeting and spending. Then there was Hilda Solis, another tax cheat receiving the "Advice and consent" of the senate. Now we have Kathleen Sebelius, yet another nominee from the liberal left with a penchant for cheating on taxes.

Must be easy to raise taxes and spend trillions of dollars America doesn't have when you yourself don't pay the taxes due. Must be easy to spend what is truly other peoples money becasue you haven't paid your fair share. Must be easy to tell others how patriotic it is to pay more in taxes when you don't pay yours anyway. The thought process must be "go ahead sucker pay more in taxes in the name of patriotism, because we on the left are unpatriotic and fail to do our civic duty". This is a shame. We receive symbolic gifts from our allies and then stiff them with DVD's that don't work and IPOD's. Imagine the symbolic gifts we could give if just the rich elitist leftists in our country actually paid their taxes instead of cheating on them.