Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perpetual Deficit Spending Is Evil And That Is Not A Myth

John Kennedy once said ““The great enemy of truth,” he said, “is not the lie—deliberate,
contrived, and dishonest—but the myth—persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” Kennedy spoke these words during his 1962 commencement address at Yale University in relation to the concept of deficit spending. Kennedy attempted to denounce the myth that deficit spending is always evil and balanced budgets are always in the best interest of the public. I must agree with Kennedy’s initial claim. Deficit spending is not always evil and sometimes deficit spending is in the best interest of the public. However, this philosophy must be examined for what it means and not taken entirely at face value.
Today in an opinion piece by Bob Shrum, deficit spending was used as a battering ram to denounce the Republicans who are against the current administrations massive deficit spending and the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing another trillion dollars on top of the two trillion in deficit spending Obama and the democrats enacted in the first 50 days of the fledgling administration. On Sunday, George Stephanopoulos read a viewer’s complaint to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner: “How do you justify printing money out of thin air?”. According to Bob Shrum “Geithner calmly rebuked the cliché by pointing to the Federal Reserve’s capacity to counter inflation by raising interest rates once the economy is back on track.” Unfortunately, Mr. Shrum misses Kennedy’s point entirely. The point is that perpetual deficit is inherently evil. Perpetual deficit spending is the root cause of the economic condition we are currently facing as a nation. Personal indebtedness outweighed the personal ability to repay the principal and interest incurred by the private sector and the housing and financial markets came crashing down. There is no doubt that deficit spending created a bubble that could not be sustained. The private sector was unable to afford the debt load and personal deficit spending crushed the economy. The current economic crisis is reality and not a cliché. The point that the Federal Reserve can raise interest rates to stem off inflation is laughable. That is what happened in the 1970’s under the last failed administration. By June of 1980 America was facing 7.6 % unemployment, 14.38% rate of inflation, and the prime interest rate was 13%. Obviously Mr. Shrum in his rush to defend Obama and push the current administration down the “path to greatness” is nostalgic towards Kennedy but severely lacking in judgment when it comes to the tax and spend era under Carter.
If anything an analysis of deficit spending will yield both positives and negatives. In times of recession budget deficits will increase GDP and set the standards for recovery. However, continual deficit spending will yield the same results we are currently facing. Borrowing in the short term will get us back on track, but in the long term continued deficit spending will collapse the economy. It is as simple as counting to three. No rocket science required. Continuing to borrow money will lead to bankruptcy. That is what is happening in the housing market. People borrowed more than they could afford to repay. The juggling act consumers attempted came crashing down like a house of cards. When foreclosures started to increase the financial institutions tightened money supply. The Federal reserve raised interest rates to stem off inflation while the economy was growing. The bubble burst and now the economy is on the brink of failure. This we caused by massive deficit spending that was unsustainable at the micro level.
Now we have an administration that is predicted to have trillion dollar deficits into the foreseeable future (2019). By the administration’s own admission the predicted deficit levels are unsustainable and yet Bob Shrum is cheerleading for the very proposals that got private citizens in trouble in the first place. Bob Shrum’s cheerleading is an ill advised opinion using an example from when for the most part America balanced its annual budget. In Shrum’s, Kennedy example cited it was an easy simple fix. Raise government spending to include deficit spending when the economy is in decline. However, as the economy expanded the idea was to lower the deficit spending and eventually balance the budget and pay down the nation’s debt. Shrum’s irresponsible opinion forgets to mention that Obama plans on doubling our Nation’s debt load in his first term. History has shown printing money will lower long term interest rates in the short term, but in the long term, inflation will tighten the money supply and interest rates will rise. We are adding an unsustainable debt load onto our children. The excesses of today will be paid in full be generations that have nothing to do with the problem.
The problem is not the myth that ALL DEFICIT SPENDING IS EVIL, the problem facing America is a crushing debt load caused by continual deficit spending. A short term deficit may help in a recession, but perpetual debt causes bankruptcy. What Bob Shrum is advocating is the destruction of America. The 1930’s destroyed Europe with hyperinflation. Obama’s plan will destroy America with the same hyperinflation caused by artificially supported low interest rates caused by mass printing of the American dollar.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama: Extortionist In Chief

Barack Obama will sop at nothing in his efforts to dismantle private industry. The Obama administration demanded the GM CEO step down. The Obama administration demanded the resignation in exchange the company would receive even more of our tax payer dollars. This is nothing short of extortion.

Rick Wagoner is at the helm of GM and there is no doubt the company is at risk of bankruptcy. Should Wagoner resign? Probably of his own free will but not at the requirement of the President. The President has no business interfering with internal business decisions made by private company's. By interjecting himself in the decision loop Obama exacted a heavy toll for government assistance. By extorting the head of GM Obama has demonstrated that no one in this country is safe unless a true believer in the socialist policies of the Big Zero. Want a small business loan? Better be on Obama's good list or h will demand the company be headed by someone else before providing any government aide. Why did Obama just stop at Wagoner? Why not go after Robert Nardelli of Chrysler? Why not Ron Gettelfinger of the UAW? Obama should not be extorting any private company but now he isn't even being "fair". Chrysler and the UAW are equally at fault for the failed automobile industry in the United States. Obama however, only sees issues with GM. Is this because GM played harder with the Union then did Chrysler? I am not sure of the reasoning for singling out Wagoner but an investigation is in order. The is no way Obama should be interfering with private industry the way he has. Extortion is a felony and Obama should be investigated.

I wonder if America can refuse to pay their taxes on April 15 until Obama resigns? That is in affect what Obama told GM. Obama's true colors are showing on this one and believe me it won't be pretty for anyone that goes against the arrogance of the Obama regime.

Take America Back

Americans must rise up and take their country back from the politicians that have stolen our government from the people and gave it away to the elitists. The two party political system in the United States has robbed future generations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No longer are Americans secure in the belief that the next generation will be better off than the current generation. No longer are Americans secure in the belief of individual freedoms. The career politicians from both parties polarized Americans and now have pitted the people against each other in class warfare. This class warfare has been in the works for at least a generation. America has not been unified with faith in government since the 1980's when America rallied behind a president that actually understood leadership and utilized the bully pulpit for the good of the American people rather than the good of the political establishment.

America is at a cross roads in history. We have an economy on the verge of implosion. The crushing debt Obama is seeking in his budget outline will take us further down the path of self destruction. The issue with borrowing trillions of dollars annually is the bill will eventually come due. We are fast approaching the point of perpetual indebtedness with no way out from under the crushing debt load. The Obama administration has proposed the largest budget ever and at a minimum doubled the annual deficit in his short 60 days as president. The pathetic pawns in the media hail this deficit spending as being populist and responsible. Obama supporters are quick to asking what alternative is there? The problem with deficit spending has never been that we borrow to little, the problem has always been we spend too much.

Tax revenue from the 2007 tax year set records. The evil Bush tax cuts actually generated more tax revenues then ever before, yet Obama supporters believe falsely that the tax cut was a tax cut on the rich. In reality the Bush tax cuts benefited every American regardless of whether they paid taxes or not. In order to understand how these lowered taxes benefited everyone we must look at the details of the philosophy. Lower tax rates on businesses increases the bet profits of a company. This allows companies to increase capital which in turn allows increased productivity potential. To capitalize on the potential more workers are hired. Unemployment is lowered as more people are working. The tax base is increased because businesses are making making more money in which to tax. This is all very simple, yet the left always called this trickle down economics. Obama's great oratory says we need to change to a trickle up approach. This is simply a idiotic approach. The bottom has very little money so after expenses there is nothing left to trickle up. For the left who always proclaims science this theory goes against the laws of physics.

Bush doubled our national debt in eight years. The republicans were hit with scandal after scandal. Bush rushed to war without a plan. The trial and error method of fighting a war cost America dearly. Rumsfeld's folly of believing we would be welcome in the Middle East as liberators was both naive and arrogant. American politicians waste more money daily then 99% of Americans will make in a lifetime. Yet partisan Americans only see one party as being better than the other.

We must seek out new alternatives to the drunken sailors in Washington. Americans are always voting for elitists and ivy league lawyers and bureaucrats. America will never return to being a government for the people until we vote for the people to represent us. We vote for elitists that really have no concept of what it is like in middle America. They no not the perils middle America faces. The politicians hype up our problems by finding constituents with a story to tell. It makes them feel good and is touted as being caring for the little people. This is nothing but a show folks. Wake up these politicians have not a care in the world for the pawns they select for their cause. The politicians have become adept at using pawns against America to suit their agenda. There is no doubt in my mind that average Americans would do a better job running America. Let the elitists stay home and protest because they have no reality of what it is like on the ground day to day.

Obama came up with a budget that will make America crumble under its own weight of debt. Obama supporters always are quick to say what is your plan. I can tell you this I don't have a plan to get us out of this mess. However, I make this challenge: Give me 10 economists of my choice and a week and I will come up with a better plan than either of the elitist parties have put forward. I am not asking for the 300 economic advisors Obama has had for two years. I am not asking for for the months it took Obama to come up with his gimmicky and scatter brained plan for America. Nope all I am asking is 10 economists and 7 days.

Americans can and must to better than continuously for for the lesser of two evils. Our only choices are vote for a party or stay at home. This needs to change. The type of change America needs is to rise up and take our country back. We must restore the Presidency to the highest level. Our pathetic pawns in the media and the vicious liberal left destroyed the Presidency in the last eight years. Now the president is busy diminishing the office to nothing more than a celebrity figurehead. This must change.

The tea parties America has been having need to be for something rather than against something. We need to be for the middle of AMeirca rising up and taking our country back from the corruption in Washington. We must look within our own homes and in the homes of our neighbors for the future of America. Middle America and average citizens would accomplish more in government than the elitists we currently have that all owe lobbyists and special interest groups. Average Americans will owe no special interest groups but will only owe the people of this great nation. We must take our country back and save it for our children.

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Oil Stupid

America has taken its eye off the energy issue. Last summer the price of gasoline became the straw that broke the camels back. As prices cruised beyond $140 dollars a barrel mark employers started cutting back on hiring and began down the road to laying off the work force to save what they could of their businesses. This cascaded and increased the the pressure on the already stressed housing and financial markets. The crisis reached full boil and the economy crashed. Demand for oil fell and the price for oil dropped below $40 dollars a barrel.

With the oil prices down the our Congress forgot all about energy. In fact the Democrats in charge have been busy floating new ways in which to increase the price of oil through taxes. These Congressional leaders forgot the pain of last summer already. The Democrats only see oil as an evil that must be taxed out of existence. The Congress will not allow drilling off our shores and have put it off for another year. The problem is that the price of oil can only go higher.

Today oil pushed above $54 dollars a barrel coinciding with the Obama and FED plan to pump trillions of dollars into the economy. By promising to print and spend money on a broken economy the dollar is yet again tanking. We as a country will soon be paying over $2 dollars a gallon for gasoline by Memorial day. Any economic gains made by pumping in trillions of dollars will be wasted because the rising oil prices and sinking dollar will offset the gains. Our economy will not be able to move forward out of this mess until we can control the cost of oil. Right now we have the means to keep oil prices low by drilling our own. We could promote nuclear technology that is becoming more and more popular across America. We must do something to keep energy prices in check or our economy will not recover fully.

It's about oil stupid. Oil is again increasing in price and the dollar is sinking. We must keep both of these in check or the economy will spin its wheels. What we need is a comprehensive energy plan that will create jobs and keep oil prices low. Pumping trillions into an economy will only crush any growth.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama: Punch-Drunk

Lord help us all for we know not what we have done. Many Americans believed they were voting for the chosen one and instead voted for the Big Zero. During his latest celebrity seeking stunt Obama sat there and laughed at the problems facing America. There the big zero sat discussing serious problems facing America chuckling as if he had not a care in the world.

Steve Kroft actually believed the Big Zero may have been drunk on the punch or something. Perhaps we should require a urinalysis. We know Obama has a history of drug use and also know that Obama has problems when striking out on his own. Just last week the big zero compared an American corporation to a suicide bomber. That was just before he took to the late night comedy stage and made an inappropriate joke concerning the Special Olympics that was not befitting the Office of the Presidency. Now today or whenever he actually did this interview for 60 minutes he sat there and laughed at the problems real Americans are facing.

Of course the Big Zero brushed of his interviewer by saying a little gallows humor was needed to get through the days. When will his ardent supporters wake up? The big zero is the ruin of our great nation. If America survives it will be in spite of Obama. The Big zero throws trillions of dollars around like it is nothing. Then laughs at our problems. I must wonder what the big zero supporters would have said had Bush laughed on 9/11? The Obama supporters have to wake up and see this clown for what he is; a celebrity wannabe, that even Hugo Chavez says is an ignoramus.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama Needs that RESET Button

Obama needs to call Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to get that RESET button back. How fast does it take to go from "rock star", "sex god", or "eloquent one", to complete buffoon? For Obama it has taken slightly over sixty days.

Perhaps fumbling the oath of office was an omen, because ever since that moment Obama has committed one mistake after another. Consider the fact that the man bounced around jobs his entire adult life. Consider the fact that before now,he was never held accountable for his actions, and learned that the easiest way to make tough decisions is to avoid them altogether [vote present]. Consider the fact that before now he was never in charge of anything. Should we be  surprised that the man is foundering in his new job?

Now consider this for experience; when Dwight Eisenhower assumed office in 1953, he had just left his position as an Army Five Star General, the former Supreme Commander of Allied Powers Europe in WWII, and the first commander of NATO. His successor, John Kennedy was a Naval Officer, Congressman, and Senator. Lyndon Johnson was a Congressman, Senator, and VP of the United States under Kennedy. Richard Nixon, Naval Officer, Congressman, Senator, two term VP under Eisenhower. Gerald Ford, Naval Officer, 25 years in Congress, short stint as VP under Nixon. Jimmy Carter, Naval Officer, one term Governor of Georgia. Ronald Reagan, actor, President Screen Actors Guild, two term Governor of California. George H.W Bush, Naval Officer, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in WWII, Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of the Republican National
Committee, Chief of the U. S. Liaison Office in the People's Republic
of China, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, two term VP under Reagan. Bill Clinton, Arkansas Attorney General, three term Governor of Arkansas. George W. Bush, Air Force Officer, two term Governor of Texas.

BARACK OBAMA, failed lawyer, successful [?] community organizer, biography writer, Senator.

In the last sixty years, the only president with less elected political experience than Obama is Eisenhower, and all he ever did was deal with men like Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and command millions of troops to victory in a world war. Is it any surprise that Eisenhower's mere presence as Commander-in-Chief kept the Soviets in line for eight years? Is it a coincicence that the Soviets waited to put missiles in Cuba until Kennedy, a young, charasmatic, idealistic president took office? No, and it is happening all over again. Except this time, the young, charasmatic, idealistic president lacks the courage of John Kennedy, he lacks good advisors, and he lacks the experience. Obama is incapable of standing up to Russia, or even Cuba. His pathetic video begging Iran to like us is proof of his weakness. Can you imagine John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan sending a video like that to the Soviet Union? The US did not win the Cold War by begging for forgiveness and being weak.

Obama must learn quickly that failure is contagious, and his inability to attract talented individuals to fill key positions in his administration is early proof that qualified people are already avoiding being associated with a failed president, (how many of Carter's people went on to success after his presidency, remember Hamiliton Jordan? Look him up). Obama's inability to comprehend international issues is second only to his complete misunderstanding of economic issues. Pick any manager of Wal Mart, anywhere in the country, and you have found an individual who has a better understanding of the US economy than Barack Obama.

So after Daschle, Geithner, AIG, the Iran apology video, the stimulus package, and all the other screw ups in Obama's two months as president, who can't believe that the one time boy wonder wouldn't want a RESET?

If anyone ever needed a RESET button, it is Barack Obama.

Another Gaffe or Wishful Thinking

The big zero spent the time to write a letter expressing that he wanted to work with the French in the name of peace to forge a safer world. The problem is that Obama sent it to Jacques Chirac. Why would a US president be wanting to work with Chirac when we need to be working with Sarkozy? Was this letter sent to the wrong person?

Here is an excerpt from Obama's letter sent to Chirac:

"I am confident that over the next four years we can work together in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a safer world, " writes the successor to George W. Bush to Nicolas Sarkozy's predecessor.

Doesn't Obama know that Nicholas Sarkozy is the French President or does Obama just work with people having the same distorted view of the world as the big zero has. Either way Obama is showing just how weak and ineffective he really is.

Obama: Another Stake in the Heart of the American Dream

More proof of Obama's true socialist leaning comes to light today. According to Drudge the New York Times will print a piece in tomorrows release detailing a proposal by Obama to interfere with private industry. The proposal is to provide oversight and limits on corporate bonuses. To a socialist or liberal this news causes ecstasy. The populist view is that these bankers, wall street corporate heads, and possibly other companies should limit payouts to executives is great news. To realists that know better this is nothing but a hostile takeover of private entrepreneurship by a government bent on instituting marxism.

Let there be no doubt about Obama and his leanings. Obama did not misspeak when he told "Joe the Plumber" that it was only fair to redistribute the wealth. Obama will do everything in his power to ensure the freedom of chioce is taken away from the private citizen. The power that allowed America to use her ingenuity and innovatedness will be stolen by the marxists.

In all likelihood Obama created the AIG scandal so that he could strike outrage in the people simply to move forward with his marxist agenda. Please look at the circumstantial evidence to support this theory. First the TARP had enacted language that would limit bonuses for those companies receiving government handouts. Then the Obama administration instructed Senator Christopher Dodd to strip that language and enact language that permitted the AIG bonuses. The TARP oversight board that was supposed to meet monthly and that was meeting actually weekly before Obama has not had a meeting since Obama took office in violation of the law. Obama then takes to the airwaves and feigns outrage. "How could these execs take bonuses when their company failed". Obama claimed he was shocked when he learned of the bonuses. However, we know Obama knew about these bonuses before they were paid out and we heard nothing from Obama until at least two days after they were paid out. The democrats in Congress then vote down an amendment demanding the bonus repayment and ignore the Secretary of Treasury when told the bonus money would be subtracted from the next bailout installment. Only then after the Democrats lost this scandal did they decide to "tax" the bonuses at 90%. The remaining 10% would be taxed by state and local authorities according to tax cheat Charles Rangel. This is an ex post facto law that is illegal but nonetheless the grandstanding democrats made political points by demonizing wall street. This my friends is open class warfare that is intended to only move our country decidedly towards marxism. The circumstantial evidence points to this being a manufactured scandal to promote even more far reaching socialist ideals.

Obama is now touting government intervention into bankers, wall street, and other companies limiting payouts in the form of bonuses. No this proposal is not just for companies that excepted government bailouts, it is for any company Obama decides is performing to well. This sounds great to the uninformed masses. This is a propaganda stunt intended to get the working class on board as the ruling class takes over, which inevitably squeezes the middle class out.

This bogus plan of the marxist Obama will further erode our economy. First of all the companies will just start paying higher salaries to the execs. In other words instead of paying for performance (bonus) the companies will pay out salaries (guaranteed money). These execs then will become complacent with little if ay incentive to succeed. They will receive the same amount of money no matter the company health. However, this work around will not be the only dreary drain on the economy.

America is world renown for financial services. We are the leader in providing this service industry job. We excel at making high profits. Unfortunately the brilliant minds that make this feat possible will no longer be receiving pay commensurate with their skill. These people will be lured away by foreign financial competitors. Why stay with an American financial institute when the can move to Europe an work for financial institutes that will pay them more. Europe reaps the benefits of our experts and we won't even benefit from the taxes because they will pay European taxes and be much better off in the long run.

Obama message of redistribution of wealth is a reality. It is also another stake in the heart of the American dream. Not only will we lose jobs because businesses move overseas but we will also have a brain drain leaving it impossible to move ahead. America is following the big zero and we will emerge a third world country.

Barack Obama: America's Michael Scott

"That's what she said", could easily become Barack Obama's campaign slogan for 2012. I have all four seasons of The Office on DVD, and apparently so does Barack Obama, or at least he acts that way. We all know, along with Gordon Brown, how fond Obama is of DVDs.

Obama's idiotic and insulting gift of 25 DVDs to the British Prime Minister is straight out of the Micahel Scott playbook. Upon returning home, Brown discovered that the DVDs were region 1 NTSC, (European DVD players use region 2 PAL), and could not be played. Steve Carell could not have written a more embarrassing scene.

Obama is quickly transforming from shrewd campaigner to a real life version of the buffoonish Michael Scott, regional manager. Anyone who has watched The Office knows how Michael loves to make videos of himself. This week Barack Obama, regional manager, made a video of himself and sent it to Iran. Michael's videos are ridiculous attempts to explain himself, and so was Obama's. I'm sure the Mullahs in Iran are still laughing about it.

Like Michael Scott, Obama is self absorbed and largely oblivious to the consequences of his actions. This past week Obama immersed himself in activities that come right out of an Office script. The absurd personal video to Iran, the appearance with Jay Leno, parties on St. Patrick's Day, college basketball picks, Obama's Party Planning Commitee was working overtime. This is Michael Scott with his own personal airplane, the regional manager more concerned with having a good time than actually getting any work done.

We can laugh at Michael's incompetence, but it's a sitcom, you're supposed to laugh. The world is now laughing at Obama's incompetence, unfortunately for America, this is no sitcom. We are living in a reality show with the real life Michael Scott as our regional manager, running this country like it was the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin. We even get the cast of characters, Rahm Emanuel is Dwight Shrute, the scheming [assitant to] the regional manager. Tim Geithner is Ryan, the educated, flawed wunderkind doomed to fail. Hillary Clinton is a morph of the uptight Angela and the realtionship challenged, overly ambitious Jan Levinson-Gould. Biden is Creed, an aging hippie who steals things and smells like an old man. There is no Jim, Pam or Stanley, the man who once asked Michael, "have you completely lost your mind"?

In the end, the most disturbing similarity between Michael Scott, Regional Manager Dunder-Mifflin, and Barack Obama, President of the United states, is the obvious fact that neither is qualified to hold the position they occupy.

Obama: Lacks Oratory

Obama once mesmerized his faithful followers. Obama was able to lull his supporters into a false sense of security. Every speech has hailed by the pathetic pawns in the media as a awesome spectacle of prose. Chris Matthews had the audacity to say Obama's oratory skills sent tingles down his leg. There is very little doubt Obama can deliver a speech. The problem is not delivery his problem the words are not his. The credit for the oratory should be delivered to the speech writer the person who writes the words in an eloquent way so that the "good looking" guy can deliver.

This reminds of the Tom Cruise movie "Days of Thunder". Tom Cruise could drive a car but knew nothing about the car. He was a gas and go kind of driver. Unfortunately that is what Obama is. He is a read and go kind of speaker. He is helpless without his beloved teleprompter. Obama makes epic gaffes that the media continually covers for when the speech in not right there in front of him. The pathetic pawns have hailed Obama as a great communicator. The problem is that the great communicators all had wit. It was the off the cuff remarks that made the speaker. You could tell how sincere an orator was by how he delivered without the teleprompter. Obama has failed miserable without his.

Obama misfired when he claimed to have visited 57 States. The press excused this as being tired. Obama stutters and stammers with lots of "Ummmm.....and Ahhh..." without the teleprompter. Obama diminished his office with his lame attempt at humor concerning his lack of bowling skills and the special Olympics.

Obama's words strike a centrist populist chord when presented from a teleprompter. However, without the device Obama's true socialist and liberal thoughts come out. Obama's speeches are warm and heart felt while reading anothers words. Obama is cold and uncaring without his security blanket. That is why we often hear what Obama says and want to believe in his hope and change but yet his actions are totally different. See Obama is no great orator. He is really good at reading other peoples words. He doesn't believe the other persons words but he can read and provide the right emphasis. Another scam perpetuated by the pathetic pawns who fell for good looks over substance.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wrong Region Obama

Remember the wonderful gift our Big Zero gave to one of our staunchest allies? Let me remind you; Obama gave Gordon Brown a set of 25 DVD's. On March 6, I wrote about this and surmised that perhaps they might be formatted for the wrong region. Not many would believe the Big Zero could really be this incompetent. Many would have believed Obama and his administration would have at least been competent enough to get the right region for such a thoughtful gift. ....But alas Obama proved that he and his administration is truly incompetent. The DVD's were in fact formatted for the wrong region.

DVD's wrong Region

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama: False Outrage

Barack Obama is deceitful and dishonest. Obama has shown some false outrage over the bonuses AIG paid out with the aid of tax payer money. Obama never said a word about the bonuses until after they were discovered by the Washington Post on Sunday, leading many to believe he did not know about them until Sunday. Obama now expresses outrage over the idea that AIG would pay out bonuses where at least 65 employees received a minimum of a cool million dollars. This is a company that would have been bankrupt and out of business had the tax payers not been forced to bail them out.

However, the truth of the matter is that Obama and his dishonest administration knew of these bonuses before they were paid out. The President could have stopped the payments had he expressed his false outrage before AIG paid out the bonuses. AIG informed Obama that they would pay out bonuses a day before they paid them. On Thursday, Obama was informed and the bonuses were not paid out until Friday. In other words Obama's words yet again ring hollow. Obama says in his false outrage that his administration has his legal team trying to find ways to recoup the money for the taxpayer. Yet Obama said nothing until AIG was found to be cheating the taxpayer by using taxpayer bailout money on lavish bonuses. The AIG excuse is that they were contractually obligated. The problem with the excuse is that they would not be in business to be contractually obligated without the taxpayer bailout. In other words the contracts would have been null and void. Obama has nothing except false outrage.

Obama could have come out strongly before the bonuses were ever paid. But the arrogant zero didn't plan on the outrage from the public or he didn't think AIG would get caught. Whatever the case Obama stood idly by while our tax dollars were flushed down the drain. Obama knew about the bonuses prior to AIG paying out. Obama once said words matter. Obama's words are deceitful and dishonest, which makes Obama dishonest and a fraud. Obama should take his false outrage and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Obama's words now mean about as much as the paper flushed down the toilet. With a fraud like Obama in office this is going to be a long failed experiment.

Wounded Heores Must Sacrifice More than they Already Have

No further proof is required; the democrats are vehemently against freedom. Our wounded American heroes have paid the price for our freedom and now this administration and the Democrats feel they should bear even more of the weight of sacrifice. The wounded warriors know what it is to sacrifice and volunteered to protect our freedoms.
Freedom is not free and our all volunteer force is more than willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedoms. Our efforts as a country to keep our own freedom is paid for in the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of our military forces. The military is on the front lines of freedom and our government asks them to defend our freedom, protect our honor, and secure our national security objectives. Many military men have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Many more have been wounded and maimed in the name of freedom. Our country owes more than a debt of gratitude. We owe our wounded heroes more than a slap in the face, but that is all our wounded heroes receive from this inept administration and the democrats.
The President has pushed forward with a plan to make our wounded heroes pay even more for their sacrifice. Not only have the wounded warriors sacrificed their body parts now they must give up their hard earned cash to pay for the healing of their wounds. Obama believes our wounded warriors should pay for their recovery through private insurance. Our government no longer wants to care for the individuals responsible for securing our national security objectives. This administration has no problem providing billions to a failed auto industry but sells out our fighting men and women for a measly $540 million dollars.
Private insurers are not set up to deal with the unique injuries suffered by our troops. Our government made a commitment to not leave a fallen soldier behind yet when asked to pay the health costs of returning our wounded troops to productive members of society this administration scoffs and tells them to find another source. Our public government “orders” these soldiers to fight our nations wars and this administration turns around and says “but you better have private insurance or you will be out of luck”.
This lame idea of making the military pay for health benefits with private insurance is another gimmick employed by an administration with no ideas. This administration would make those that have already sacrificed all but their lives sacrifice even more. This lame excuse of attempting to save $540 million dollars at the expense of those that deserve the most will actually save nothing because the cost of health will significantly increase for all Americans. Insurance companies will have to increase rates to care for the catastrophic injuries incurred by our military. The soldiers will incur out of pocket expenses in the form of deductibles and may even find it difficult find appropriate insurance. Insurance companies do not like insuring pre existing conditions. It is unfair to insurance companies to pick up the tab for the government. This is irresponsible and unethical.

When we as a nation as our military to protect our freedom and secure our national security objectives we owe them more than a debt of gratitude. We owe the fighting men a women the health care they deserve. We as a nation should not slough this off on private industry. This is a bad idea and another gimmick from an inept administration. The liberal left has always despised our military and now they are proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Obama may claim he actually thought about being in the military but I highly doubt it. If in fact he did think about the military as a choice it was a fleeting thought as he passed the bong around with his friends. Those that have already sacrificed live and limb have sacrificed enough. Maybe it is time the liberals actually pay their taxes instead of evading them. If the liberal elite actually paid their taxes maybe we could come up with the $540 million to take care of our responsibilities.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The UN: Useless and Unneeded

The Secretary General of the United Nations says the US is a deadbeat donor to the United Nations. This is spite of the fact that the United Nations would not even exist if not for America. America funds 22% of the United Nation annual operating budget. We pay almost 1/4 of the operating budget for a body that represents 192 member states. I must wonder if the United States is a "Deadbeat donor" according to Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General what must the rest of the member states be? We as a member state should withdraw from the United Nations until the operating costs are more evenly spread or until the United Nations actually does something.

The United Nations has been a miserable failure at everything it undertakes. The United Nations would not enforce its own resolutions against Iraq, creating the current conflict we have in Iraq now. The United Nations stood idly by and watched the atrocities in Bosnia. True the UN tried to enforce peace in Bosnia but in the end the UN failed until the United States bailed out the mission. The United Nations failed to stop genocide in Kosovo. Again the United States had to come to rescue to stop the atrocities. The United Nations left Rwanda in a massive civil war killing millions of people. The United Nations couldn't prevent India and Pakistan from developing nuclear weapons, a fact that undermines stability in the middle east. The UN is incapable of stopping the Iranians, Syrians, and North Koreans from developing Nuclear weapon technology. The UN failed in almost every effort it undertakes. It is fraught with corruption as evidenced in the Iraq oil for food program. Yet we as a nation is expected to continue to pay the freight for an organization that has done absolutely nothing for mankind.

I understand Obama wanted to engage the United Nations Security Council when the Russians invaded Georgia last summer. The problem is that the UN was incapable of doing anything. First of all Russia has absolute veto power over any resolution before the security council. Secondly, even if Russia did not have absolute veto power there is no evidence the UN could have done anything to begin with. America "donates" over $1 billion every year to a failed organization. Obama needs to go line by line and veto this failed organization donations. The UN is toothless, Useless, and unneeded. America should do one of two things. It should either charge member states rental fees for using our country for its shenanigans or kick the United Nations of our shores. Either way America should stop "Donating" tax payer dollars all together.

Card Check: Bad for the Economy

Card Check like so many other liberal policies on labor are simply bad for the economy and will do nothing except put our economy at greater risk. Card Check is a bill where union leaders can strong arm workers into signing Union cards and once the union leaders strong arm 50% of the workers into signing these cards the union then has the right to represent the work force. The employees will no longer have the right to a secret ballot. Union officials do not believe in individual freedom they only believe in the rights of the collective.

Unions hope to use this strong arm tactic to increase union membership. Union officials do not understand that most Americans have abandoned the collective approach for a more tailored individual approach to labor negotiations that are more based on performance and individual needs. Labor unions have destroyed the big three auto makers. The unwillingness to renegotiate with General Motors is pushing that corporation to the brink of bankruptcy. Many liberals are of the mindset that saving unions, unions jobs, and manufacturing in the US is the route to saving the economy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Using a favorite Liberal ideology I'll use the theory of evolution and adaptability to show the fallacy of saving unions. Our manufacturing plants have not adapted well to the changing economy fundamentals. No longer can a sovereign state become an isolationist country with trade barriers and still succeed. There is a global economy and it is best to get on board or risk being relegated to third world economic status. America has been moving away from a manufacturing based economy for the last three decades and yet the Liberals want to try and save jobs that Americans are no longer efficient performing. America's labor rates are too high. Our standard of living has risen to levels that manufacturing in our country has become to costly in which to compete on a global level. Our economy must adapt to these changing dynamics or we will not really pull out of this recession.

Card check is important to liberals because unions like the UAW would like to unionize foreign auto plants. UAW union leader even said as much when he refused to renegotiate with GM. He said GM should receive a taxpayer bailout in order to keep GM in business long enough for card check to pass. If card check passed as law then the UAW would be able to unionize foreign automakers in the south. In that way the labor rates for the foreign automakers would move higher matching the big three. The problem with the UAW theory is that the foreign companies will just move to another location with lower labor rates. Instead of keeping jobs in the US we would chase them overseas.

In order to survive as an economic power we must learn to evolve and adapt tot he changing times. High labor costs for unskilled labor made our manufacturing base inefficient. Our manufacturing base did not adapt to the coming global economy. Instead liberals want to take our country back to the 1950's when manufacturing allowed our economy to expand. Manufacturing in the US is no longer enabled to fuel our economy. We need to adapt to what we are efficient at and build the economy on educated labor matching our labor rates rather than providing labor rates that continue sinking our economy.

America has always been good at research and development. Our auto industry should change from producing cars to designing the cars of the future. Instead of killing the pharmaceuticals by socializing our health care we should be encouraging more and more research and development in new drugs and new treatments that make people more healthy. Forget about unions and card check. They are relics from the last depression. The industrial revolution is over as we begin a new era Services.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Appeasement Era

Welcome America to the Obama Appeasement Era. The era has started and won't end until America is ridiculed as a third country nobody in world affairs. In April 2007, Harry Reid gleefully exclaimed "This war is lost" in reference to Iraq. Obama still does not recognize that we actually won in Iraq even though he is now taking credit for the Bush withdrawal plan that was drafted in late summer 2007 by Gen Petraeus. Now Obama personally says we are losing in Afghanistan. In an effort to ensure we lose some war or another Obama goes as far as to say we should negotiate with the Taliban.

That's right folks Obama who said he would attack across the Afghanistan border to strike Pakistan now says we lost in Afghanistan and would like to sit down with the Taliban and negotiate. This is the same Taliban that harbored Osama Bin Laden after we were attacked on 9/11. But it even gets better as Obama also wants to have Iran as part of these negotiations. We will be negotiating nothing but the surrender of Afghanistan to the lawless frontier. The flailing Afghanistan government will crumble and the tribal warfare will continue. Again the lawless frontier will become a haven for terrorist activities in order to plan the next big attack on American and her interests. The Taliban has been routed and forced into the mountainous region of Pakistan but Obama has the desires to open Afghanistan as a safe haven for the Taliban and their terrorist supporters. The opium trade would be wide open and bring even more money into the terrorist hands.

Not only is Obama willing to appease the terrorist harboring Taliban but he also wants to open talks with Cuba. Cuba has shown no desire to ever be open with the United States and share diplomatic ties since 1959. But Obama will offer a bone to the communists in control and help prop them up. The communist philosophy is being cheered on by Mr. Socialist himself.

Obama also hailed the rigged elections in Venezuela to be a great portrait of democracy at work. Much like ACORN destroyed the integrity of elections in places like Ohio where 47% of the suspect ballots were illegal entries from non residents. Now this came from ballots that were questions but begs the question "How many ballots got through?".

Then we can move on to the Russians. Obama has made concessions before even talking with the Russians. He already said he would scrap the missile defense shield before he even succeeded in getting the Russians to give up anything. That was just to get the Russians to talk to us. What about Syria? Obama is already at the negotiation table with Syria. Never mind they led the flow of Mujahideen into Iraq that directly led to the deaths of many American soldiers. Syria was also building a secret nuclear plant capable of producing thermal nuclear devices that had to be destroyed by Israel before they could produce enriched uranium.

Obama has manged to alienate the Brits who were our best ally until Obama shafted them in a traditional gift exchange. Obama has alienated Israel and embraced Hamas. Obama plans on giving $900 million to the Palestinians to help rebuild. Does anyone really believe this money will not finance more rockets to launch into Israel? None of this is leadership. Obama and his administration officials admit that Obama is "overwhelmed" yet he is in the process of destroying America's strengths all in the name of appeasement.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Letters Home

Office of the President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue                                                                  June 20th 2009
Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith,

It is with great regret and heavy heart that I must inform you that your son, Private First Class John Smith, was killed in action in the Khost Province of Afghanistan on June 18th. Private Smith was involved in combat operations against Taliban fighters when he suffered fatal injuries from an improvised explosive device which detonated in close proximity to his vehicle.

The tragic death of your brave son is a loss to the Armed Forces and this country. You will be heartened to know that he has been posthumously promoted Specialist Four, and he will receive a Bronze Star for his sacrifice to our nation.

You may learn in the near future that I endorsed a $1 Billion taxpayer funded contribution that went to the Palestinians to rebuild Gaza. You will also undoubtedly learn that great sums of that money went to the terrorist group Hamas, and that they used that money to purchase sophisticated weaponry they supplied to the Taliban. This weaponry may or may not have played a role in the death of your son, if it did, I am truly sorry. But it is important that we make friends of enemies, and appease those who oppose us.

I sincerely hope that more soldiers will not die because of my decisions, but if they do, the Reverend Wright has assured me that there is a place in heaven for them. With that in mind, I feel better, and will soon send your family a 25 DVD set of great American movies.


Barack Hussein Obama
Presdent of the United States

Enemy of the State

Now that Barack Obama has been elected president, the question is no longer how will he change America, the question is now, can America survive the Obama presidency? He ran for office as an agent of change, but no one could imagine the severity of change Obama had in mind.

Massive financial bailouts, redistribution of wealth, class warfare, and a complete lack of leadership or comprehension of his responsibilities, is what Barack Obama has brought to office. He is the president of doom and gloom, a tragically incompetent individual who has managed to destroy confidence in America in only forty-seven days. He has taken a disastrous situation, and created a complete catastrophe, and he will only make it worse.

Obama, at this point, is an island. He did not, and could not, bring in a close circle of advisors who would assist him in the early days of his presidency. Obama's closest advisors are made up of corrupt Chicago politicians, and radicals. Neither group able to gain cabinet appointments or high level positions in the White House. Obama has endured embarrassing disappointments in his selections for cabinet positions. Bill Richardson, under investigation for corruption, Tom Daschle, tax evader and pathalogical liar, Tim Geithner, tax cheat in charge of the IRS. The depresssing list of failed candidates grows every week.

It has become increasingly evident that Obama, despite his "rock star" status, lacks the ability to attract the best and brightest to his administration. Just ask Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary, he has fifteen vacant slots in senior level positions that he simply cannot fill. Qualified economists and Wall Street execs are not picking up when the caller ID displays a DC area code. These people know that they will need jobs after Obama is through, and they want no part of this train wreck. Not surprising considering that Obama's socialist beliefs directly contradict the capalist system that has made them successful.

Obama has yet to learn that his words and actions are directly responsible for the rapid decline in the stock market. Now under 7000 points, the market continues to decline because Obama is terrifying investors and they are running scared from his idealogy of wealth redistribution. The President's use of scare tactics is proof that he lacks an understanding of the economy, Wall Street, and the American people. The ignorant will almost always resort to fear mongering when devoid of ideas and lacking the ability to lead through competence.

Obama has begun a war of idealogies, pushing his socialist agenda on the American public through massive spending bills designed to take money from the productive and give it to society's unproductive. His socialist ideals have been proven failures time and again, but he will continue to punish American workers until we remove him from office.

In Ayn Rand's 1938 classic "Anthem", she describes a society devoid individuality and knowledge. A culture of blind followers where questioning authority was a criminal offense. In other words, Obama's vision of utopia. There is a great passage in that story that opposes Obama's strategic plan for the future of America;

"The word We is a lime poured over men, which sets and hardens to stone, and crushes all beneath it, and that which is white and that which is black are lost equally in the grey of it. It is the word by which the depraved steal the virtue of the good, by which the weak steal the might of the strong, by which the fools steal the wisdom of the sages.

What is my joy if all hands, even the unclean, can reach into it? What is my wisdom , if even the fools can dictate to me? What is my freedom , if all creatures, even the botched and the impotent, are my masters? What is my life, if I am to bow, to agree and to obey?"

Botched and impotent pretty much describes this administration. Obama is working to stifle secret ballots at work, punish success, kill incentive, take taxpayer money and bailout those who don't deserve it. My God, what have "We" done?


Friday, March 6, 2009

America Becoming Laughingstock With Obama

Obama has been President less than two months and has already managed to destroy America's strong image around the globe. Obama has hailed a rigged election in Venezuela as being an exercise in democracy. He has decided to coddle up to the Syrians. Angered our strongest allies and just today gave the Russians a yellow box with a red button.

Imagine that folks. Hillary purchases a button that she believed said RESET and instead said overcharged. However, the worst part is not in the fact that our linguists failed to translate properly, no, the worst part is the symbolism. America gives the button to the Russians. A button folks what would that mean to any American or Russian with any common sense? The button to the Russians is the button to thermal nuclear devices. That's right folks the cutsey little act of giving the button to the Russians could not be clearer unless Hillary said go ahead push the button we'll sit idly by while you send your Nuclear arsenal towards the American cities. This inappropriate gift has the Russians laughing at us not with us. Putin now knows he has a naive and inexperienced administration that Russia can dominate. What a joke Obama has made of America. This is on top of embarrassing one of our closets allies.

When Gordon Brown visited America he came bearing a gift set that included a pen set made of wood from the Anti Slave ship HMS Gannet. Imagine the symbolism with this gift from one of our allies. Obama is the first African American President and given a gift made from one of the ships that helped stop the slave trade. This was a very insightful and thoughtful gift. Obama however went out to the whitehouse gift shop to give a gift of 25 DVD's. Thats right folks we gave our one of our best allies a set of DVD's that in likelihood will never be able to be watched by the recipient. Why won't they be watched? Well in all likelihood the administration gave Brown region 1 DVD's that are in NTSC format while England is in Region 2 and used PAL format.

The Obama administration has proven themselves to be nothing but a bunch of clowns. We coddle up to the Syrians and bash Israel, we give England useless DVD's in return for a pen holder made of an Anti Slave ship. We provide Russia with a symbol of nuclear war and get laughed at by the Russian dignitaries. Obama always said he wanted America to be liked around the world. It just that we never knew we had to be the court jester to gain that status. We are quickly becoming a joke around the world and have lost the respect of some of our closets allies. Way to go team Obama, I'm sure we can be the complete laughing stock in your first six months. We will laughed at by all but respected by none.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Why the Thrist for Increased Taxes

The liberals have an insatiable thirst for increasing taxes. currently liberals are floating new gimmicks to raise our taxes. Obama wants to implement a Cap and Trade program that essentially taxes the use of energy and forces all of us to pay these increases in our bills. It may seem like a tax on the corporations but it is we the people that will pay the freight. Mayor Bloomberg floated the idea of creating a tax on soft drinks and fitness centers. Gov Patrick Deval has proposed an increase in carbon tax at Logan International.

All of these tax increases and none ever effectively lower any spending. Sure Obama talks about cutting the deficit in half but only after he gets a bye from quadrupling the nations deficit first. Sure Obama claims slight tax decreases on the middle class but he hides his tax increases on the middle class by calling the Cap and Trade a tax on the Rich. I always wondered why the liberals were so willing to increase taxes and spend like drunken soldiers. Well now we understand the answer. Liberals can increase taxes and spend, spend, spend, becasue they are unwilling to pay their own taxes to begin with.

This all started Charlie Rangel. He misused low income housing for his office in Harlem. Then he took his money offshore and seemingly forgot to pay his taxes. He is under an ethics investigation as we speak. Then there was Timothy Geithner. Geithner failed to pay his income taxes properly and then became the man in charge of collecting taxes. Then we had Tom Daschle, he only owed $128,000 in taxes for failing to claim all of his income. Then there is Obama's choice for Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. It may have been her husband but there is little doubt Solis knew about the little issue of tax fraud, she only played innocent. What about trade representative nominee Ron Kirk? He is paying back taxes also in the amount of over $10,000.

I think I now understand why the liberals and democrats have such an insatiable thirst for increased taxes. It is easy to take and spend other peoples money. Of course it is definitely others peoples money because the democrats seem to refuse to pay their own.

Muslims Easily Confused

Malaysia re-instituted a ban on the use of the Name Allah for God in other religions. The Malay government stated that muslims would be confused is other religions were allowed to use the name Allah in their religious writing. The Malay muslims must be easily fooled.

Beyond popular belief three of the worlds major religions all pray to the same god. The Jewish followers pray to a god and follow the old testament. They do not believe that Jesus was the messiah but they do believe in the same old testament that the Christians believe. The Christians believe in God from the old testament also but they believe Jesus is the messiah and savior of mankind. Low and behold the Muslims also believe in the old testament but believe that Mohammad is their prophet and set them on a different course. Of course the muslims also believe Jesus was a prophet but not a messiah. Of course the muslim God is the same one that the Jewish and Christian believers pray to but the non believers of the Muslim faith have been banned from calling God by the Muslim name of Allah.

Is there any further proof needed that Muslims are easily confused. They have a religion that shares a common God with two other major religions yet they are the only ones that are allowed to use Allah. I wouldn't profess to be a follower of Allah but nonetheless it is a fact that Muslim's, Jewish, and Christians all pray to the same God. Seems kind of far fetched for the Muslims to be concerned about what others believe when they become confused in what they believe.

Yet Another Broken Promise

The Congress passed a $410 Billion Omnibus spending bill that is laden with earmarks. A bill that has 3.8 billion dollars in wasteful spending for just under 9,000 pet projects will be signed by Obama. Of course Obama and his thugs dismiss any criticism by saying that this bill is last years business. After promises of change and promises of no more earmarks this president will sign anyway. Obama and his thugs are becoming quite adept at breaking promises and then blaming the previous administration.

When is the passing the buck going to stop? Leaders like Former President Truman would say "The Buck Stops Here", but not Obama and his democratic Congress, no they keep passing the buck to an administration no longer in a leadership role. This bill breaks a major campaign promise made by Obama and his mouth piece Biden. They railed against earmarks and ridiculed the bridge to nowhere yet Obama will sign a bill that includes frivolous spending on removing tattoos. Our nation is in a deep recession and obviously this President believes spending money on tattoo removal is more important than our economic recovery.

Obama is busy running up the budget deficit in an effort to claim he was able to reduce the deficit in the future. Obama will blame Bush for his frivolous spending and this years $1.75 trillion dollar deficit even though it was the democrats in congress and Obama's own trillion dollar "Generational Theft Act" that will be the direct casue of the shortfall. Obama says he will only have $600 billion deficits by the end of his first term. I must wonder how the current administration will pass off a deficit larger than any other President as being deficit reduction.

Don't worry folks Obama will break many more promises as the State Run MSM falls all over themselves saying what a bi-partisan fellow we have in this man named Obama. The pathetic pawns are allowing Obama to pass the blame on Bush and give Obama nothing but praise for his broken promises. Obama's campaign motto should not have been hope and change but rather "pass the buck".

MSM: State Run Media

The Main Stream Media yet again prove they are nothing more than the mouth piece for Barack Obama and the Democratic party. Unable to develop stories on their own the Pathetic pawns in the media have a daily strategy phone call with Rahm Emanuel. The White house chief of staff conducts this phone call and provides the pathetic pawns the daily attack lines and talking points.

Immediately following Rush Limbaugh's keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference Rahm Emanuel calls Paul Begala, George Stephanopoulos, and James Carville and tells them the talking points on which to attack the Republican party. Emanuel told the pathetic pawns that Rush is the voice of the Republican party and informed the propagandists they needed to attack Rush and attack they did. Within 24 hours of the CPAC address the pathetic pawns went on the attack. Bill Schneider called Rush "angry". George Stephanopoulos hung on the out of context line of Rush desiring Obama fails. The fact is Rush said he hopes Obama's "SOCIALIST" policies fail. We didn't hear George mention anything about socialist policies. In fact none of the main stream media pawns could bring themselves to put Rush's entire line out for the public to interpret.

The pathetic pawns wonder why they are a failing dinosaur. They whine that bloggers and such have undermined the integrity of reporting. The pathetic pawns claim the lack of investigative reporting on the part of bloggers will make the internet news nothing more than rumor and innuendo. However, bloggers have become more reliable than the propagandists. The bloggers do not have the bull horn and the attention of millions of viewers. Instead the bloggers get the word out one reader at a time and are vetted by the readers who question the integrity of the blog.

Emanuel is irresponsible by conducting "Secret" strategy sessions with the pathetic pawns. The propagandists that pose as journalist should be ashamed. Following Emanuel's lead and calling Rush the voice of the Republican party would be like saying Arianna Huffington and Markos Moulitsas are the voice of the Democratic party.
Rush is a conservative let there be no doubt. Conservatives make up one of three legs of the Republican party base. Rush may or may not be the conservative voice but he is not the voice for the entire party. Republicans are much less beholden to Rush than the Democrats are to the Huffington post and the daily kos. Yet the pathetic pawns fail to recognize that the liberal blog sites are much more influential on the Democratic party than Rush is in the Republican party. Rush influencs on leg of the base while the Daily Kos and and Huffington post are representative of the entire democratic base. Yet the pathetic pawns only attack Rush.

The pathetic pawns are dangerously close to going the way of the dinosaur. If the continue to engage in "SECRET" strategy sessions with Rahm Emanuel, they will relegate themselves to being nothing more than the State run media found in other Socialist states. One thing is becoming quite clear. The democratic party is the Socialist party of America. The democrats have managed to run our ship aground. We were off course with Bush but the erratic and undisciplined approach of the Obama administration just run the ship aground. Now with "SECRET" sessions the media are truly pathetic pawns conducting the propaganda for the Democratic Party. Welcome to the State run media.