Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Obama War is Just Beginning

Yesterday Barack Obama said one war is winding down, but what he didn't say is that yet another is just beginning. Obama's war is one in which America may never recover. Obama started this war and the price every American will pay is far to steep a price. The war Obama started is not going to be judged by the number of lives it costs and will not be fought in some distant land. No Obama's war has started here at home and the price will be judged in lost dreams, lost security, lost pensions, lost freedoms, and lost ideals. Obama's war is class warfare and will be raged for at least four more years. The effects of which will last for generations.

Obama has started this war by starting a class warfare. Right now his rhetoric is to take from the rich and give to the poor. Obama wants fairness over what is right. Obama's plan is to have America liked but not respected. Obama vanquishes giving from the heart in favor mandating governmental spending. As the great dismantling of American ideals begins, we are at a cross roads that means we must stand up for our country and return it its rightful owners. We the people must take our own government back. We must watch the left's move towards socialism and take a stand for freedom. Obama is taking us down the failed path of Europe.

Our unemployment is continuing to rise and yet Obama suggests $1 trillion dollars in taxes is needed from the very people that are creating jobs. Obama plans on limiting charitable giving by reducing the tax benefits. In Obama's mind a government bureaucracy is always better than charity. Instead of we the people choosing which the avenues of where we desire our money to be spent, Obama believes it is prudent to have government decide. So instead of donations to the police benevolent association we can allow our government to spend more dollars on tattoo removal. Instead of giving money to the American Cancer society to extend life we can have a government that mandates federally funded abortions to stop life from having a chance.

Obama has sent his surrogates around the world. The have coddled every hostile regime imaginable at the expense of our allies. Iran has placed preconditions on any talks with Obama. Syria and the Palestinians get up close visits from the left in an effort to appease them so that they might like us. The problem here is nice guys always finish last and it is far better to be respected. Obama's appeasement philosophy has emboldened our enemies and and alienated our allies all in the name of being "liked".

In Obama's world taking from the rich and giving to the poor is a noble act. The problem is that he will make America into one class and that class will be the poor class. In the end if Obama has his way there will be the government and the poor and nothing in between. Our democracy worked well because of our three classes now we have a President that doesn't understand what is right but rather what is fair. Obama doesn't understand that life is not fair. We the people understand that. We don't want fairness being measured in terms of financial materialistic terms we want fairness in opportunity. Level the playing field and give everyone a chance at their own success or failure. We want opportunity to compete not the absence of competition.

Obama is great at playing the political game. His words through his speeches have mesmerized his believers. They are in a trance because of his oratory skills. However, Obama's words are the slight of hand that all good magicians perfect. Obama says what the believers want to hear but then turns around and does something else. Obama uses center left words but acts from the extreme far left of the world. He speaks of sacrifice but he has never sacrificed. He claims the government needs to be a part of the solution yet takes from those that can also provide help. Obama claims we need to spend but we also need to cut and lower the deficit. All the while his plan added over $1 trillion in additional spending from the previous administration. Obama says he will cut the deficit in half during his first term but then runs up the deficit because this year won't count against him but will count for his "cuts". Obama will consistently run trillion dollar deficits and never does he ever return to the average of the last eight years. Obama has permanently raised our annual deficits but in the end will claim he cut spending. We need to watch his action for his words ring hollow. This war is just beginning but may last for generations. Obama has proven himself to be nothing more than a talker. His action are taking us further into the ditch. Obama is not the tow truck but rather the four wheel drive. Instead of being in four wheel drive before we got to the ditch. Our getting a tow truck to pull us out, Obama put it in four wheel drive after we were in the ditch and now is just digging in further which does nothing except require a bigger tow truck later.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who Do We Bail Out?

In the wake of a massive bailout bill the question remains who should the government bail out? Should it bailout individuals or should it bailout corporate America? There are always at least two sides to every argument. In this case the Democrats are focusing on the individual. The Republicans desire a stabilization of certain corporations especially financial corporations.

There are two things that must be addressed before answering the question. First both individuals and corporations acted in poor faith. Both tried to get over on the other. Individuals got in over their heads in debt by the desire to keep up with the next door neighbors. The corporations capitalized on the greed of the individual by acting greedy themselves. Both are at fault on led to the economic disaster we are facing right now. This leads to the other issue that must be acknowledged and that is that America is on the brink of another depression. All the spending proposed by Obama and the Democrats has tripled the debt left by Bush in a matter of less than 40 days. The risk is that the continuous borrowing of America will lead to the same failure as our economy as a whole. The disastrous economy we now have is the direct result of individuals borrowing more money than they could afford. Personal finances are causing individuals to crumple under their own debt. This failure to repay debt has taken the consumer aspect of the economy out to pasture. People can't afford their bills and therefore can not purchase goods and services. In return companies are unable to sell their goods and services and fall into bankruptcy. It is a vicious cycle. So back to who our government should bail out.

Our government has spoken of bailing out the individuals. The faithless borrowers that should never have been in the over priced homes they purchased will receive $275 billion dollars to keep them afloat and in their homes. This will probably allow the housing market to stabilize and find its bottom. However it does little to fix a failed economy. Right now the credit market is frozen. Corporations are not purchasing capital. Capital is what will get the economy moving as a whole. Keeping people in the homes will not do much in the form of repairing the economy. Helping the individuals will not create jobs. In fact while while we provide money to individuals we take away from the greater economy. We might stabilize housing which in return would stabilize the financial market but it will not create one job in America. Companies will continue to layoff individuals causing even more individuals requiring a bailout. So even more homes will go into foreclosure.

So in the end there is only one way to bail out the economy. We must bail out the corporations and financial institutions. Keeping our nations banks afloat will open the credit market. Companies and corporations will quit laying individuals off and the economy will find its bottom. We will keep more individuals in their homes by stemming the flow layoffs and getting to the bottom of the unemployment than bailing out the individual. The individual will then spend more in the economy and we can begn to expand. The focus needs to create private sector jobs. Jobs that make a profit for the individual and the companies. The Gimmicks offered by Obama to create Public sector jobs only creates a reliance on government jobs. As the revenues taken in by the government shrink so will the budget for public jobs. Obama's plan will only deepen the recession and cause a full blown recession unless the focus is on the institutions, companies, and corporations that create jobs and employ the populous.

On the surface it appears the democrats are noble fighting for the individual. However in the end their policies will hurt everyone. Sometimes it is more noble to sacrifice an individual to save the whole. It is similar to having a bowl of apples. One of the apples is rotten. Do we try to save the individual apple or look out for the greater good and toss the bad apple away so the rest will not spoil. The answer is clear and simple we must get rid of the rotten apple so that we might enjoy the rest of the fruit. The same is should be the focus of the stimulus of the economy. Focus on the whole populous and and not the individual. Save the jobs and we save the economy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama Is Full Of Great Spending Ideas

Today our sock market dropped to levels not seen since 1997. The market is at it lowest point in 12 years with the bottom not yet in sight and today the Obama administration pledges almost another billion dollars to the Gaza strip. Obama is great at coming up with ideas on how to spend taxpayer dollars if only he would have an idea on how to repair the damage his ad-hoc administration has done to the American dream.

Obama has done nothing except stay on the campaign trail selling a pork laden bill framed as "stimulus". Now his wonderful administration has proposed us rich Americans should help Gaza rebuild. Of course the money would not go directly to Hamas the terrorist organization. No instead it will go through the honest and above board United Nations and funneled into the Palestinian Authority into Gaza. Obviously Obama and his administration forgot that the last time the United Nations was involved in administering relief efforts in the Middle East America ended up going to war to end the brutal regime of Sadaam Hussein. We must never forget that this very same United Nations that Obama and his administration is in love with, administered the Iraq Oil for Food program. The honest and above board United Nations skimmed the top and sent the money directly to Sadaam in order that he could funnel money to his military. Of course Sadaam didn't mean any harm when he harassed the American forces enforcing the United Nations resolutions that ended the first gulf war. No the United Nation would never prop up a brutal regime.

So today it is announced that Obama's Secretary of is pledging $900 million to the Gaza Strip. Never mind that the stock market has lost 30% of its value since Obama took office. Never mind that aging citizens have lost half or more of their retirement savings in the last year. Never mind that our debt expansion just this year will be $1.3 trillion dollars. What's another billion when we are talking a debt load of 1300 times that. To Obama it is just a drop in the bucket. Instead of America having friends that respect us Obama would rather have friends he can buy. Awful funny that a Presidential duo that couldn't afford donations to charity when it was their own money have no issues spending the American taxpayers grandchildren money. It seems such a small price to pay for Obama to be liked.

Of course Obama promises to cut the deficit in half before the end of his first term. Is it any wonder he is building the deficit this year? Build the deficit to over 1.3 trillion dollars so he can take credit for a deficit four years from now that is "only 600 billion". I'm sure Hamas will refrain from sending rockets into Israel after being rebuilt by Americans. On the campaign trail Obama was full of visionary ideas. In reality Obama seems to only have ideas of pissing away taxpayer dollars.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Housing: One Catalyst of Many

To listen to Obama and the democrats the root cause of the current economic crisis is the mortgage, credit, and housing market. According to the leading liberal economists and lawmakers all we have to do is pump money into a failing economy and fix the financial market mess and all will be well again. Really nothing could be further from the truth. Many believe that the bursting o the housing bubble is the cause of the economic crisis. many believe that no one really saw this coming. I beg to differ.

In 2005, When the housing market was on fire and I was enrolled in a freshman level microeconomics course, I wrote extensively on the housing market. With little to no background in economics I predicted the bubble would burst. Additionally, I wrote lengthy essays on the reasons for the impending collapse and also the reasons I felt that way. First I believed that due to the artificially low interest rates that more people would be able to apply and receive loans. People that really could not afford homes but because of the interest rates being at historic and unsustainable lows, they qualified for the loans on paper. Additionally, these same people were qualified for much higher principal. This is what created part of the mess that we are in as far as the mortgage crisis is concerned. People were qualified for much higher principal loans due to low interest rates. This phenomenon created a market where the prices for houses rising. People that could only afford a $200,000 house when the interest rates were 6.5-7.0% were now qualified for $300,000 houses at 5.0-5.5% interest. The market adjusted and adjusted quickly. People started to purchase homes that were worth only $200,000 for the $300,000. The house wasn't really worth $300,000 but because banks told potential buyers that they could afford the cost the buyers bought over inflated homes.

Then many of these borrowers could not qualify for traditional 30 year fixed rate mortgages. Instead they qualified for only sub prime mortgages. People committed to 3/5/7 year adjustable rate mortgages. Interest rates really could not go any lower, meaning the only way the mortgage were going to adjust is upward. This is not rocket science. The interest were artificially low to overcome a mini recession caused by the Clinton administration and the attacks of 9/11. They were unsustainable. People that purchased homes in 2001 and 2002, were bound to have their interest adjust upward starting as early as 2004. The early borrowers were saved because the housing market was still booming. But the late comers in 2003, 2004 and later would not be saved. The height of the market was in 2006. By 2007, the borrowers from 2003 and 2004 with 3 year ARMs were seeing their interest rates adjust upward. They were unable to break even on their homes and were unable to afford the higher mortgage payments. In addition many of these borrowers were seeing higher taxes on their property. This combination set off a wave of foreclosures. The foreclosures sent house prices downward, and alas the bubble would burst.

Now we have the problem of houses being worth less the principal amount of the loan. Never mind that these homes were never really worth that much now Obama says we need to save the faithless borrowers. This was preventable but the democrats forced lenders to loan money to people that could never afford the loan to begin with. The Liberals were going to increase land ownership and now the American taxpayer is going to subsidize the American dream for millions of irresponsible and faithless borrowers.

However, the mortgage crisis is but one of many catalysts. Another catalyst for the current economic crisis is the high gasoline prices experienced this past summer. We were paying over $4.00 a gallon for gasoline. This receives very little recognition as a cause of the poor economy because the high prices have now receded to something almost reasonable. In fact, we are paying less than $2.00 a gallon today, half of what we were last summer. However, the high price of transportation took its toll on the economy. Businesses that could not afford the higher transportation costs starting going out of business and liquidating. Unemployment started to rise and people became concerned about the economy. The demand for energy decreased as businesses went bankrupt and consumers tightened their belts. Now because of the receding fuel costs no one recognizes the problem. Mark my words if and when the economy begins to recover these fuel prices will again rise. When they do we will be right back to where we started. Businesses can not afford to stay in business with high energy costs. We are a country built on transportation. Goods are moved across our land by trucks, train, and planes. All of which consume fossil fuels. We need a coherent energy policy that resolves the fossil fuel supply and demand. We as a country need to start drilling our own off shore reserves. We need investment in clean coal technology and nuclear power as well as alternative fuel sources. Instead we have a Secretary of Energy in Steven Chu that doesn't even understand that fossil fuels are an important aspect of our "energy" policy. We have a democratic congress that believes now is the time to raise the gasoline tax because the price is so low. These half baked ideas will come back to haunt the short sighted and over bloated stimulus package. Without fixing and investing in our energy policy the economic recovery will constantly be undermined.

Another catalyst for the economic woes is the increase in the minimum wage. The increase in minimum wage destroyed jobs in an already declining economy. The liberals believe in a living wage and want the minimum wage to be a living wage. However, that is not the intent of the minimum wage. The intent of the minimum wage was to prevent sweatshops and the exploitation of working women and children. Minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage. The minimum wage has done its job. It has produced low paying jobs that would provide our young with employment. Employment creates a history and experience. The experience gained by employment will lead to better paying jobs in the future. However, with the rising minimum wage our young workers are not receiving any job offers. Companies are not going to pay inexperienced and unknown youngsters in relatively high paying jobs. Businesses are unable to assume these kinds of risks. They are unable to afford to employ more people without raising prices (inflation). The alternative to raising prices for goods is to cut the number of employees. Hence another increase in unemployment, causing an even greater strain on the economy.

Another catalyst for the poor economy is the doom and gloom administration. We have a President in Obama that remains on the campaign trail instead of leading a nation towards prosperity. The stimulus package was not written by Obama in fact he was mainly hands off. Obama remains in campaign mode and continues to talk of crisis and catastrophe. Unfortunately, Obama now owns the economy and if he has no confidence neither will the consumer. The package was a pork laden bill written by the liberals in congress. Thus far the Obama administration has been incoherent in all of its policies. Many trail balloons have been floated regarding policies but nothing concrete and no details. The stock market has tanked 2500 points since Obama was elected. The Treasury secretary who was once hailed is now a laughingstock. Every time team Obama says something the market sinks even further. Which leads me to yet another catalyst.

Team Obama is intent raising taxes in a struggling economy. Obama says we tried tax cuts and they failed. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bush tax cuts increased tax revenues. In fact our government enjoyed the highest tax receipts on record last year. So the tax cuts increased revenue how could we be further in debt. The answer is simple our government spends to much. And team Obama is intent on spending even more.

Unless all of these catalysts are addressed America will crumble under the weight of its own debt. It is like the consumer that borrows to keep afloat waiting for a bigger payday tomorrow. The debt load becomes to much and bills begin not being paid. Then the consumer under tremendous stress stops paying all bills because well the balance never decreases so why pay it all. The consumer goes bankrupt and so will our country if we don't control our debt. Borrowing over a trillion dollars this year and probably next will not resolve our problems. Borrowing at this rate will only accelerate our impending bankruptcy.

The focus of the stimulus package is on housing and liberal pet projects. Without resolving the other catalysts we will become nothing but a third world country with rising inflation, rising unemployment, and declining worth. Housing is important but the market will resolve itself. Some of these other catalysts are much more important to our long term growth.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nation of Cowards?

What the hell is Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, talking about?

"Though this nation has proudly thought of
itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been
and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,"
said Holder, nation's first black attorney general.

"It is an issue we have never been at ease
with and, given our nation's history, this is in some ways
understandable," Holder said. "If we are to make progress in this area,
we must feel comfortable enough with one another and tolerant enough of
each other to have frank conversations about the racial matters that
continue to divide us."

Has Holder been living in a cave the past fifty years? We haven't made progress in race relations? Has the fact that the President of the United States is an African-American somehow escaped his attention? His statements would have been valid in 1960, but in the 2009 version of America, they clearly lack credibility. Maybe he has yet to learn that he is the first black Attorney General, I know Bobby Kennedy sported that Hyannis Port tan, but he wasn't a black man.

Bobby's older brother, John, was elected president in 1960, and began to seriously address race issues in the United States. This of course was because of the efforts of Martin Luther King to educate people, and bring racial problems to a national level. Since then, racial issues have been at the forefront of most political platforms.

Considering that African Americans represent around 12% of the US population, it would seem that we, as a country, have resolved many of our racial issues. Hispanics represent over 15% of the American population, and Asians number around 15.2 million, the second largest minority after African Americans. Of course there will always be problems in a diverse society such as ours, but overall, Americans, despite what Holder says, seem to be overcoming racial boundaries.

Holder has proved himself a fool, and has readily bought into Obama's doom and gloom governmental leadership plan. In early 1944, when German support for the war effort was deteriorating, German diplomat Ulrich von Hassel wrote in his diary that "anxiety and horror hold sway". It has become apparent that the Obama plan is to create anxiety and horror among the American populace. In doing that, he hopes that we will blindly follow his misguided policies.

We should ask ourselves, "why do we now have an Attorney General who is so clearly out of touch with reality"?

Some Americans are just Stoopid

A Harris interactive poll asked 2,634 intellectually challenged Americans who they admire enough to call a hero. Guess who came in first got it, Obama. Jesus came in second.

What's worse is that the participants were not given a list to select from, the majority picked Obama all by themselves. How sad we have become as a nation when a man whose only real accomplishment in life has been getting elected as president gets more votes than Jesus Christ. Granted, that's a major accomplishment, but he has done absolutely nothing right since taking the oath of fact he even managed to screw that up. Is he a hero just because he managed to fool a majority of American voters into voting for him?

What makes this guy any kind of hero? I don't understand, did he overcome adversity at Columbia and Harvard Law? Did he fight the horribly corrupt Chicago political machine? Did he stand up to his racist preacher and terrorist friend? Did he speak out against the illegal activities of ACORN? Did he serve in his country's military? When confronted with questions about his birthplace, did he silence his critics by showing a copy of his American birth certificate? Did he bring about the much needed transparency to our government? Has he become the leader of this nation and inspired confidence in our economy by his words of optimism?

I would say the answer to all of the above is a firm "NO". Obama in many ways is an anti-hero, his favorite words are "crisis" and "catastrophe", he attempts to lead by inspiring fear, his is a presidency built on doom and gloom. The shining city on the hill has become a shoddy trailer park since he took office. Instead of Reagan's optimism and his "Morning in America", we now have Obama's depressing, night and fog version of "Mourning in America". Hardly the work of a hero, a man praised as a visionary by the idiots in the media. I understand Obama's vision, and I want no part of it.

There are many in this country who feel Obama is a hero simply because they think he will give them money. He will pay that mortgage you were not qualified for, he will cut your taxes and go after the wealthy, he will provide free health care to you, and make others pick up the bill. In short, Obama will do away with individual responsibilty, buy what you want, others will pay for it. Hell, who wouldn't vote for someone like that? Of course he's a hero, he's going to turn the loaves and fishes into money, and give it out to all those people who want everything, but can't pay for it. And that's OK with Obama, for far too long people have been denied homes they can't afford, redistribution of wealth is a wonderful concept to those who are looking to the government to solve their financial woes. "Make a living off of other people's hard work" was the underlying message of Obama's campaign.

Obama is not a visionary, not a leader, and certainly not a hero. His career was built on words, not actions, and now that he must act, he has been found wanting. Most heroes are individuals of few words and great deeds, so far Obama is an individual of many, many words, and any great deeds continue to elude him. He has become a tabloid celebrity, a political clown, he has cheapened the presidency and this country, and for that, he is no hero.

As Usual, Sharpton Wrong

Part time criminal, full time race baiter, Al Sharpton this week called on the New York Post to apologize for publishing a cartoon he thinks depicted Obama as a monkey:

"The cartoon in today's New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual reference to this when in the cartoon they have police saying after shooting a chimpanzee that "Now they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill."

"Being that the stimulus bill has been the first legislative victory of President Barack Obama (the first African American president) and has become synonymous with him it is not a reach to wonder are they inferring that a monkey wrote the last bill?"

Just a few things wrong with Sharpton's accusations: number one, Obama had absolutely nothing to do with writing the stimulus bill, he probably never even read it. He may be its most visible supporter now, but when it tanks, Obama will make damn sure Americans know that the stimulus package was crafted without his participation [he's an Illinois politician]. The cartoon references a tragic incident this week in Connecticut where a crazed chimp viciously mauled two women and had to be shot by police officers. And last of all, this cartoon is meant to portray our Washington congress, who actually wrote this abomination, as monkeys. A most appropriate analogy.

Sharpton is quick to see racial undertones, but that's his job. He's been out of the spotlight recently and his job security is threatened by the fact that Americans elected a black man to the presidency. Racial unrest serves his best interests.
On Thursday night the tabloid newspaper apologized "to those who were offended by the image," in an editorial on its Web site.

"But it has been taken as something else - as a depiction of President Obama, as a thinly veiled expression of racism.

"This most certainly was not its intent; to those who were offended by the image, we apologize.

"However, there are some in the media and in public life who have had differences with The Post in the past - and they see the incident as an opportunity for payback.

"To them, no apology is due.

"Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon - even as the opportunists seek to make it something else."

Love it, think I'll get a subscription.

Snake of the Day

Who else could it be but Roland Burris? The newly appointed senator from Illinois may have opened his mouth too many times trying to explain his financial relationship to former governor  Rod (pay-to-play) Blagojevich. Burris has now admitted that he was approached by Blagojevich's brother and asked to raise $10,000. Burris told the media that he told Blago's brother that he was not willing to pay for the appointment. During his testimony under oath in Blagojevich's impeachment trial,
however, Burris failed to mention any such conversations when asked
about contacts with the governor's office. He later stated that
his testimony might be incomplete and he filed an affidavit correcting it. The Sangamon County, Illinois, state's attorney is considering whether to file perjury charges against Burris.

The new Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, has called for Burris' resignation, stating that he has a cloud hanging over his head and should resign for the good of the [disgarced] state. Obama and his mini-me, Rahm Emmanuel, must be terrified that the dim witted Burris will expose their participation in this scandal in an effort to save his senate seat. What is it with these Illinois politicians? Is it a prerequisite for the job to be corrupt and incompetant? Judging by Obama's performance it certainly seems that way. The real catstrophe in the US is not the economy, it is the fact that we have the Illinois posse in charge and they have no clue what they are doing, and no idea how to lead a nation. Obama uses Air Force One like a new toy in an effort to escape the White House and its inherent mantel of leadership.

Burris is just one of the many snakes that Obama brought with him, but for his lies and deceit, Roland Burris is named Snake of the Day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama: Inept As President

Barack Obama has been president for over a month now and yet he has already failed as president. Now there is still time for him to learn how to act presidential but if he remains steadfast in his ways Obama will become the quickest failure as President in American history. There is little doubt of who I supported in Nov 2008, but I have given Mr. Obama more than a chance. While not enamored with the media darling I wanted him to be successful in his early days. I wanted to believe that the dissenting opinion that I once held would be proven wrong. I wanted to believe that Obama would be Presidential. I wanted to believe that there was substance behind his eloquent speeches. I wanted to believe that perhaps he could bring hope and change to a government that has failed its citizenry. I wanted to believe that he really didn't embody the appeasement philosophy of the liberal left. I wanted to believe that perhaps he was a centrist that would work across the aisle and forge compromises that would be good for America. Instead Obama has done nothing except prove to me that I was right not to fall into the tangle of lies that Obama spouted.

Obama has forgotten that he is President. When Obama told the Republicans "I won" America should have admitted what some already knew "Obama won but America lost". Obama sure to his experience in the Illinois legislature voted "Present" on the American economy. While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid hammered out a pork laden "stimulus" bill Obama remained on the sidelines. All Obama could do was visit with Republicans and tell them they should back the bill because well "He won". See bi-partisanship to Obama is when people blindly follow showing solidarity. Obama wanted Republicans on board not because his plan was right but because he wanted to be able to spread the blame in the event the economy continued to contract.

After urging the passage of a bill that not one lawmaker read in its entirety, Obama decided to take a vacation. In Office less than a month with a economy in crisis, Obama walked away from the fray and voted "Present" on the economy. In fact the all so important bill that just had to be passed before it could be made available to the public because of the utmost importance of it could alas await until Obama finished his mini three day vacation.

Then instead of returning to Washington where his job is located, Obama hit the campaign trail again. Certainly Obama is a much better campaigner than he is a President. Obama has even said he isn't comfortable in the oval office. That is becoming more and more apparent as Obama has avoided his office and his real job in order to remain on the campaign trail.

Obama in his little over a month as President has managed to emboldened some of the most brutal regimes the world has known. Today Obama praised Venezuela for their democratic process while Hugo Chavez turned away young voters from the polls. The very same age group that empowered Obama in our country was not allowed to vote in Venezuela's process. Obama praised the democratic results Venezuela even though the election violated the Venezuelan constitution. In other words Obama praised an illegal election. Obama was made a fool as Iran placed preconditions on any talks with the United States. Obama spoke from both sides of his mouth as he told Americans he was opposed to Sharia law in the mountainous regions in Pakistan while secretly negotiating for peace through implementation of Sharia law with the Pakistani government. The ethical congress allowed the corrupt governor of Illinois to select a Senator just prior to his impeachment. Now The Senate is in a great turmoil even as our country in on the brink of collapse due to the mountain of debt our government keeps passing along to future generations. Obama promised transparency yet refused to allow the public to view his pork laden economic bill. Our markets are crashing and our nations wealth is being pissed down the drain and our president remains on the campaign trail.

In Mesa Arizona a young student made the appropriate use of free speech by wearing a T-shirt to an Obama sales pitch that said "Hitler made great speeches too." Yes my friends Obama is all talk and no substance. Wake up America we elected a full time campaigner and not a President. Obama has proven in just over a month that he is inept and our country is at risk.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snake of the Day

Muzzammil Hassan walked into a police station in Orchard Park, New York on Thursday and told police that his wife was dead. When police arrived at his house, they found 37 year old Aasiya Hassan quite dead, in fact she was beheaded.

How's this for irony, Mr. Hassan is the founder of a Buffalo TV station dedicated to portray Muslims in a good light, and improve American perceptions of Islam. So working toward that goal, he went home the other day and cut off his wifes' head because she had recently filed for divorce. The poor woman had also filed for a restraining order against her husband.

Hassan has been charged with second-degree murder, but even the years he will ultimately serve in prison will not constitute a just punishment for this heinous act. The stone age concept of honor killing has no place in this world, but don't look to our media for condemnation of this horrible murder. They are paralyzed by political correctness, which means they are cowards, and incapable of uttering anything that might be considered offensive to Muslims. Although cutting off your wifes' head is pretty damn offensive.

Muzzammil Hassan should rot in prison for the rest of his life, his cave man, sharia mentality cannot serve as a viable defense in the 21st century. For the horrible act of murdering his wife,
Muzzammil Hassan is named Snake of the Day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snake of the Day

Years ago when I was working in a desert far, far away, a member of our team was given the assignment of preparing a daily info slide on one of the many poisonous snakes indigenous to the region. At first this was just another boring part of a even more boring daily update, but the young man quickly turned it into an entertaining, Letterman-like experience. He called it "Snake of the Day", and it soon became the highlight of our daily production briefs, [yes it's sad, but there's not whole lot to do in the middle of the desert].

Watching TV the other day, I saw some soldiers living in conditions that reminded me of that desert, and of course, those Snake of the Day slideshows. I hoped that they had learned about pit vipers, scorpions, camel spiders, and all the other nasty critters crawling around the desert. Then I realized, possibly because I was in New Jersey at the time, that many of our politicians are just as dangerous as those snakes and spiders out in the desert. In fact, many of them are much more viscious than a mere pit viper, or bushmaster [that's another story], so I decided to post a snake of the day, singling out one or two of the more venomous individuals in our society today.

So for the first snake of the day, I selected America's triple threat to freedom and prosperity, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. These three reptiles may represent the single most dangerous threat to the American way of life that we have ever faced. Their offenses are legion, but I will focus on only one today, the so called stimulus package. Obama bears guilt because, true to form, he passed the responsibility on to someone else, in this case Pelosi and Reid. It is doubtful that Obama has even read the entire 1000 page, democratic dream sheet. It is even more doubtful that it's passing will lead to any kind of stimulus for the American economy.

What really makes these three snakes though, is the fact that they backed out of their promise to allow the American people, the ones who put them in office, the ones who will be paying for this, to review the document before it was presented for a vote. Pelosi and Reid agreed to post the document for 48 hours before the Senate vote, that never happened. Obama, the man who promised transparency in office, should have ensured that it was done. The $787 billion package, laden with pay offs to democrat friendly interest groups, was forced through congress by an impatient, brand new president and a demented Pelosi, who has proven that she has very little ability to lead, and even less good judgement. I don't think Pelosi is corrupt, just stupid. Reid is definitely corrupt, and he needs this package to go through so he can pay off his contributors in an effort to survive his 2010 run for reelection.

If this stimulus bill is really as vital to our prosperity as Obama makes it out to be, the American people should have had a chance to see it before it was passed. The fact that it has been hidden from public scrutiny is proof that it probably would not have withstood the common sense test, and would have exposed all of the blatant democratic kick-backs to their supporters and special interest groups. So much for transparency in government under the rule of Obama. Campaign promises, like battle plans, rarely survive the first contact with reality.

For hiding the details of the stimulus package, and lying about transparency, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are named the Snake of the Day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Iran puts the Pimp Hand to Obama

Jimmy Carter all over again. Iran has put preconditions on the US before they even think about talking to Obama. What? Looks like Iran's leaders don't share the media's love affair with the annointed one.

The US Man-Child in Chief is learning some important lessons in his first few weeks as president;

Lesson #1) Don't believe the US media. They love you, they got you elected, but they are idiots. Don't believe the hype, the Iranians obviously don't.

Lesson #2) There are people in this world who want to harm America, they don't like you and never will. Deal with it. Being nice to them only shows that you are weak.

Lesson #3) Never deal from a position of respect, deal from a position of power. You have already demonstarted weakness, fix that. (See Reagan presidency.)

Lesson #4) Read up on history. You are supposed to be an educated man, yet you constantly display an ignorance of past events. You stated on Al Arabiya that you wanted our relationship with the Arabs to be like it was thirty years ago. Really? Hostage crisis, oil embargo, birth of radical Islam, smarten up.

Lesson #5) The Democrat's Stimulus Package is a crime. It is a 40 year old liberal wish list with more pork than a Biggest Loser audition. If it passes, you will be held responsible when it fails. Fix it.

Lesson #6) Grow up......and fast. Never, never, never, single out a man like Rush Limbaugh. He will now make it his life's work to destroy you. He will win.

Lesson #7) Grow up...learn how to accept criticism, it's only going to get worse.

Lesson #9) You no longer have the luxury of voting "present" on the tough issues.

Lesson #8)  Grow up

And it only gets worse. What will Obama do if Russia partners up with Iran and provides them the parts and technology to develop nuclear weapons? Medvedev, Putin, Ahmadinejad and his mullahs are not impressed by Obama's pecs, BlackBerry, sunglasses, or B-ball skills. Obama must quickly prove that he is not Jimmy Carter weak, or the US is going to be put in a very dangerous position in this world, and things may very well go back to how they were in the '70s.

Another Obama Pick has Tax Problems

So much for the vetting process, maybe Obama should have used his friends at Al Arabiya, but a second Obama pick has been exposed as a tax cheat.

Tom Daschle is trying to explain how he failed to to pay over $140,000 in taxes over the last three years. Daschle even forgot to report around $83,000 of income in 2007. Daschle is Obama's choice as Secretary of Health and Human Services. A curious choice considering the fact that during Daschle's three terms as senator, many of his American Indian constituents in South Dakota continued to live in the worst squalor found in the western hemisphere.

Obama likes to point to Wall Street execs and call their practice of receiving large bonuses "the height of irresponsibility", but two of his cabinet choices have shown that they lack the responsibility to pay their own income taxes. Timothy Geithner, the other tax evader, now Secretary of the Treasury, has oversight of the IRS. Daschle was Minority Leader in 2004 when he was defeated by John Thune in the senate election. Daschle's tax problems began in 2005, as soon as he left public office. Coincidence?

Geithner and Daschle are individuals who possess the knowledge and resources to ensure that their tax returns are filed correctly, making the excuse of honest mistake unlikely and unbelievable.Both of these men clearly cheated on their tax returns. Theirs is a case of greed, not honest mistake, they are not honest, the mistake was thinking they could get away with it. And they probably would have if not nominated for cabinet positions. Does anyone believe that either one of these tax cheats would have paid their back taxes if they had remained private citizens?

The sad truth is that Daschle, like Geithner, will likely receive a free pass from both the Senate and Obama. In an administration that asks Americans to give more, Obama is filling his cabinet with individuals who have demonstrated that they are not willing to pay their share, but they expect the rest of us to do it. And Obama is OK with that.