Saturday, December 27, 2008

RNC Candidate: Out Of Bounds

A candidate for the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) crossed lines that should have never been crossed. Chip Saltman sent out a holiday greeting to RNC committee members that should get him thrown out of the game. It's one thing to distribute material that portrays the opposition as hateful of America, but when it becomes race baiting and displays hateful politics it is unnecessary and out of bounds.

The Republican brand has been punished by the American people. Republicans must band together around a common theme and return to the principles that set the republican party apart from the Democratic Party. Barack Obama and the Democrats used race baiting tactics throughout the 2008 campaign season. Republicans took the high road for the most part and stayed away from the politics of race. The Republican party needs to continue taking the high road and show Mr. Saltman the door. The RNC should be appalled by this behavior. The Republican party is not the racist party that it is accused of by the liberal press. It is the party of individual freedom and the rule of law. The RNC needs to punish Saltman for his tasteless holiday CD that included "Barack The Magic Negro" and denounce this type of political hatred. It is one thing for Rush to play it on his radio show. It is totally different for a candidate for the RNC to be sending it out to RNC committee members. Rush gets paid for his radio show and that is what his listeners want to listen to. Rush is an entertainer not a National Political Party leader. Saltman is a candidate for leading the Republican party out of the wilderness. Saltman no longer deserves to be listened to. Saltman is a bigot that displayed his racial hatred. Saltman needs to be denounced and relegated to playing waterboy. Saltman is someone the Republicans can do without. Republicans need to take the high road out of the wilderness. Let the Democrats continue with the politics of division, the politics of hate, and the politics of the gutter. Send Saltman home and never look back. Saltman is a part of the problem not the solution; Saltman is out of bounds.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Don't Need Your Education

What happened to the American media? Network news (ABC, CBS, and NBC) is losing hundreds of viewers a day. Print media is going belly up, the New York Times had to mortgage its headquarters building, and the LA Times is going bankrupt. It’s almost as if people don’t trust the old time media anymore. Where have we, as news consumers, gone wrong?

Network anchors are paid millions of dollars a year to bring in viewers, yet ratings show that viewers are tuning them out in large numbers. Katie Couric is paid $15 million a year, Brian Williams $10 million, and poor Charlie Gibson only gets around $8 million. I started to write that they “earned” those amounts, but I don’t think the word applies in this case. During the last weeks of a very heated presidential election this year, the three networks actually saw a decline in news viewers.

When will these networks realize that the concept of a six o’clock national news program is obsolete? Any major news story that they report has already been covered by the 24 hour news channels and the internet. Because of this fact, what Katie, Brian or Charlie are reporting, is not “news” to most people, it is redundant chatter at best. This probably explains the ongoing audience decline. So during the 30 minute news program (actually more like 26 minutes after commercials), the coverage of hard news probably makes up less than half the show. The rest of the program is personality dependant, the anchors find topics that interest them, and present it as news. They discuss topics that are important to themselves, not necessarily to the viewing public, probably another reason for the drop-off of viewers.

News programs are based on the premise that the individuals reporting events are more knowledgeable on those topics than the public. In the case of network news however, this concept no longer holds true. In the pre-internet, pre 24 news channel days, people were dependant on network news for information. Cronkite, Reasoner, Severeid and Rather had access to outlets like the AP, UPI, and Reuters that the public simply did not possess. So when six o’clock rolled around, an interested nation awaited their words. Unfortunately for Katie and her network brethren, those days have passed. In the modern world, network news offers very little in the way of “news”, it is merely a rehash of semi-current events recited by photogenic, teleprompter driven, well paid, quasi-celebrities who sit behind a desk [the desk represents authority and knowledge, a throwback to our school days] and try to appear intelligent.

News anchors, much like movie stars, are paid to attract an audience. But network news has become a bad movie that never ends, a series that should have been canceled years ago, Fonzie at age sixty, Friends at seventy-five. It has become tiresome, agenda driven and irrelevant, and it’s time, like any non-performer, to be removed from the line-up.

Merry Christmas to our Troops

The Lizard wants to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and thank you, to all of our wonderful troops stationed far from home this holiday season. We applaud your bravery and pray that you return home to loved ones safe and soon.

Keep the faith and know that a grateful nation awaits your return. You make us proud, and the ones that are not proud should spend a few weeks out there, doing what you do everyday. Thanks again, be safe and get home soon.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Morons in the Media

Do the smart kids major in journalism? Judging by today’s media, the answer is definitely, no. Chris Matthews, Harry Smith, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, these people certainly are not amongst our nation’s best and brightest. The old media have become a pathetic joke, the only people who take them seriously anymore, are themselves. It’s hilarious when they invite each other over for an interview, like Matthews having Tom Brokaw on his show. Only another media type would think that anything Brokaw (or Matthews for that matter) has to say is worth listening to.

The complete breakdown of objectivity on all things Obama will only hasten the end of the old style media in this country. This messiah like Obama worship has exposed the true depths of stupidity in the media today. If you believe all the media hype, we have just elected a man who is Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and JFK all rolled into one.

"There are many who had such an optimistic and hopeful opinion of things, and you certainly can’t expect things to change on a dime overnight, but there are many who suggested that with the outgoing Bush administration and the incoming Obama administration there would be something of a lull in terrorism attacks. There had been such a global outpouring of affection, respect, hope, with the new administration coming in, that precisely these kinds of attacks, it was thought — at least hoped — would be dampered down. But in this case it looks like Barack Obama is getting a preview of things to come."

- MSNBC anchor Alex Witt after the Mumbai attacks

The colossal ignorance demonstrated by comments such as this is almost unimaginable in anyone over the age of ten. Yet statements like this have become commonplace from our slobbering, pandering media. Apparently Alex didn’t see the latest video from Al Qaeda’s number 2 man concerning Obama. A lull in terrorism attacks because they love Obama? Can this person be serious? I can only hope that Ms. Witt chooses not to procreate. The media have begun an all out butt-kissing contest when it comes to Obama and his family. Barbara Walters, named him the most fascinating person of 2008, and had this to say;

"His belief that there is a place in America for someone who transcends the usual labels has brought us all to this place....In becoming President, he has redeemed the American promise that an individual can make his own destiny and create a new world. We are all members of that new world now, and that for us makes him the Most Fascinating Person of 2008. Good luck, Mr. President."

- ABC’s Barbara Walters

She makes absolutely no sense at all, but you don’t have to be coherent when you’re praising the great one. The newest rage infecting Obama worshipers is the demand to immediately swear Obama in as president. The slobbering media sycophants simply can’t wait until January twentieth for their king to be crowned.

No Country for Old Men

I occasionally tune into network news to see just how they are distorting events to fit their liberal agenda. I caught Bob Shieffer on CBS complaining how Obama’s cabinet picks were “flaming moderates”, not the far left liberal whack-jobs he would prefer. As Bob rambled on, I wondered how anyone could take this senile, incontinent, eighty-three year old narcissist hack seriously. Bob is fairly certain that he knows more than everyone watching the lowest rated news program on television. He values his own opinions so much that he attempts to pass them off as news to the few surviving members of his audience.

CBS, NBC, and ABC have a lot in common with GM and Chrysler. They all have failed to adapt to changes in demography and economics. They try to use business models designed for a commercial environment that no longer exists. This failure to adapt will most likely doom the automakers and network news in their present form. Why does CBS keep digging up a fossil like Schieffer to deliver his opinions? Remember this is the network that kept Dan Rather around until he completely lost his mind and had to be canned. Ever listen to Bill Moyers? He’s crazy too. We all know Andy Rooney is a little off, but he doesn’t try to hide that fact. Rather, Schieffer, Moyers, are disturbed geriatrics that should grab the Depends Undergarments, hit the bingo place and leave us alone.

Typically, these dilapidated ghouls are the leading prophets of doom and gloom in the media. Especially Moyers, whose screeds against George Bush in particular, and the US in general, are legendary. We should not expose our young people to these mentally impaired, over medicated geezers. The same is true for turkey necks Barbara Walters, Eleanor Clift, and Andrea Mitchell. There should be a mandated retirement age of perhaps fifty-five for media types. Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard Walters say anything that made sense? The mere fact that she continues to appear on “The View” proves she is mentally unbalanced. Diane Sawyer went to North Korea and actually believed the lies she was told about this most backward nation. Her embarrassing, zombie like regurgitation of North Korean propaganda was shameful. She was either brain washed, or more likely, she no longer possesses the mental dexterity to realize when she is being told outright lies and is being used.

I believe Dan Rather when he says that he did nothing wrong in the “Memogate” debacle. I have no doubt that he truly believes he was correct to air that story, that’s the problem. Rather no longer has the mental faculties to realize just how wrong it was to use fraudulent documents in an attempt to destroy a sitting President. His idiotic, on air defense of his actions in the days following the 60 Minutes story, demonstrate why he had to be removed. CBS should have seen it coming when he began concluding his broadcasts with the word “courage”. Rather is now demanding that Obama be sworn in early saying that, "we're in possibly, possibly, the biggest crisis we've been in since December 7, 1941, and maybe since the time off the Civil War." How’s that for some highly medicated, old man doom and gloom?

News by the elderly is depressing; they continually poison the TV viewing populace with their confused and/or tainted views of world events. These aged journalists no longer have the ability to distinguish fact from fantasy. Many of them are bitter, opinionated people who believe they have the right to spew their verbal garbage simply because they have been around since JFK was cruising the waves on PT-109. Nina Totenberg from PBS, is so embittered on some issues that she even wished death upon Lieutenant General William Boykin, how’s that for some old-lady hatred? I don’t know about you, but I really don’t give a damn what an eighty-three year old journalist thinks about the Iraq war. In 2003 the airwaves were full of ancient media types comparing Iraq to Vietnam. They were the supposed experts because almost all of them had covered the Vietnam War as journalists. And they were all wrong as hell. So next time you see some decrepit geriatric on TV telling you this economy is headed for a depression, and he knows because he lived through the depression…pick up the remote and change that channel, he has no clue what he’s talking about, he’s just an old guy with an axe to grind. Don’t let them get you down.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obamamania Can Be Costly

Supposedly concerned for her reputation and her family's safety, Helen Jones-Kelly, tireless Obama supporter and hapless idiot, resigned her position today as director of Ohio's Department of Job and Family Services. You'll recall that Jones-Kelly ordered an illegal records search on Samuel Wurzelbacher aka "Joe the Plumber", using state computers to access confidential information about Mr. Wurzelbacher.

Apparently Jones-Kelly was incensed that Joe had gained noteriety by inadvertantly getting Obama to admit his intentions to "spread the wealth" of Americans. She is also accused of using her state owned BlackBerry to send solicitations for political donations to the Obama campaign. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland suspended Jones-Kelly for thirty days after her actions were exposed by a worker in her department. The employee had been coerced by Jones-Kelly's subordinates to cover up the illegal records search.

Strickland's spokesman issued this statement; "The governor values Helen Jones-Kelly's years of public service as a dedicated advocate for the most vulnerable among us. He understands her decision and accepts her resignation." A ridiculous comment about a woman who obviously lacks any kind of ethical constraints. Wuzelbacher, like the other citizens of the state of Ohio, was vulnerable to this woman, and her powerful position, but she wasn't much of an advocate for him. Is it "public service" to use state resources to illegally collect confidential information about your adversaries, and then have your employees attempt to cover it up?

Hey lady, don't feel bad, it didn't work for Richard Nixon either. Don't worry about your reputation, just pack your stuff and get the hell out.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

UAW Doomed Their Own Bailout

The United Auto Workers doomed their own bailout. With a bailout package already through the house all that was needed was senate passage. Bush already worked with the democrats and came up with the deal. The bailout would have been signed by Bush and the automakers would have had their $14 billion bailout. In order to pass all that was requested from the senate was a simple timeline. A timeline for the UAW to renegotiate labor contracts that would make the auto industry competitive. Instead the UAW refused to lay out a timeline and then commenced to blaming Republicans.

The Republicans did not stall the legislation. In fact at least 10 Republicans voted for the bailout. This means that the Democrats didn't feel this was enough Republican support to provide political cover. The unions then lambasted the Republicans blaming then republicans for union failures. Had the unions provided a simple timeline for renegotiating labor contracts this bill would have passed. Unfortunately for the union, the union decided they would not establish a timeline to save their workers.

In fact the Union decided it was better to abandon the workers they collectively bargain for in an effort to receive funds without preconditions. The Unions fail to understand that they are a big part of the reason the auto makers are not competitive. Sure the union won these concessions in the past. Yet now when the labor environment is worsening the unions fails to establish a timeline in order to save their industry. Instead they went to the government trough and expected a no strings attached handout.

The union is hoping not to have to renegotiate. They would rather Congress pass the card check bill so they can strong arm Honda and Toyota workers to unionize. Instead of realizing that their rates are strangling the auto industry, the union wants the foreign automakers to match their ludicrous compensation rates. I predict if the UAW unionizes the Toyota and Honda plants the these automakers will just move to another country (can you say Mexico) and Detroit would still be bankrupt. There should not be any Auto maker bailout until the union renegotiates. It is far better for the workers to have employment rather than the alternative which in unemployment for unskilled labor. This is not an enviable position for the union workers. Perhaps instead of blaming Republicans the UAW might look in the mirror and see the error of their thinking. The UAW doomed their own bailout and it ain't pretty.

Rahm Emanuel Must Resign

It has become apparent that Rahm Emanuel must resign from Obama's staff and as a US house of Representative. Emanuel was in serious discussions with Rod Blagojevich regarding the filling of Obama's vacated senate seat. While Emanuel claims he did nothing wrong it is apparent that Emanuel knew that Blagojevich was attempting to sell Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder and Emanuel continued discussions rather than turn in Blagojevich for his corruption.

Emanuel is a partisan hack that was providing names to Blagojevich that were acceptable to Obama. Also Emanuel was in discussion regarding his own house seat. This is not the actions of a post partisan and transparent government. If Obama wants to save his presidency he needs to accept Emanuel's volunteer resignation or force his resignation involuntarily if needed. This is the only way for Obama to save his Presidency before it even begins.

Obama campaigned on bringing transparency back to the government. Yet when Blagojevich was attempting to sell Obama's Senate seat Obama remained quiet. There is no way Obama's Chief of Staff was involved in discussion with Blagojevich and Obama did not know about them. Obama should have turned Blagojevich in immediately to federal prosecutors for corruption. Instead Emanuel and Obama both decided to remain quiet.

On Thursday Obama promised an investigation into his staff concerning contact with Blagojevich. Yet Obama refuses to even let out who is in charge of the investigation. This is not what it means to be transparent. It is now Sunday and there is still no word from Obama or his transition team as to their findings. There is only one way for Obama to avoid jumping the shark; he must let Emanuel go.

The longer this process takes the higher the odds that Obama will jump the shark even before being sworn in to office. Anything short of Emanuel's resignation and Obama will have a difficult time regaining the public's trust. Obama is losing much of the trust from the American public. The longer this fiasco continues the less people will trust Obama. Obama needs to come clean and rid his staff of Emanuel.

Obama is in danger of having his Presidency fail. Allowing this scandal to fester and clouded will doom Obama. A president who loses the confidence of the American public can not lead. This scandal represents everything Americans despise about politics. Obama has thus far been in denial. Obama has been weak and ineffective. The scandal keeps brewing and Obama remains on the sidelines. Obama is at a crossroads. Obama must now lead and demand Emanuel resign as Chief of Staff and resign from the House of Representatives. Emanuel must go.

Raise The Gas Tax: Another Bad Idea From Liberals

The left wing media has been begging for an increase in the gasoline tax. In their belief the Government is missing an opportunity to tax Americans with gasoline prices being as low as they currently are. However, nothing could be further from the truth. America is in the midst of a deep recession and any increase in taxes now would just further deepen the recession. Michael Kinsley wrote in Time that he believes the government is losing a treasure trove in tax revenues if the gasoline tax is not raised. Michael Kinsley like most liberals do not understand the dynamics of economics, taxes, and social welfare.

Michael Kinsley believes the government is forgoing $500 billion dollars in tax revenues. Kinsley arrives at this figure by believing that the government should tax us the difference between the price of oil this summer and the price of oil today. Kinsley is arguing for a tax increase that would take us back to $4.00 a gallon gasoline. Kinsley and other liberals do not understand that the gasoline tax is the most regressive tax we have to pay. The taxes come from predominately the poor and middle class. The ripple effect of these taxes permeates to the lowest level of society and harms the poor, the elderly, and those living on fixed incomes.

The high price of oil will cause the price of all goods and services to rise. We saw the prices rise this summer. Businesses passed along the increased cost by either raising prices or charging "fuel surcharges". Additionally, the price of food products increased because of shortages caused by food products being utilized as alternative fuels and the increased cost of cultivation and transportation. These increases in the goods and services in the United States disproportionately harm the poor and middle class. The effect of increasing a regressive tax will do nothing to help the economy.

Liberals also do not understand that this tax increase will kill the economy. Any tax increase especially when the tax increase is a consumption tax will have the opposite of the desired effect. Increasing taxes on the consumption of gasoline will cause people to make further cuts in their consumption of fuel. Instead of heating their homes to a livable temperature many will reduce the temperature to the point where some will risk their lives and health. Increasing a regressive tax will also leave the middle class with less disposable income.

A middle class with less disposable income will not help to spend our way out of this recession. Consumer spending is the fuel that drives our economy. When the middle class is pinched with tax increases they spend less money on everything with the exception of necessities. Less consumer spending will mean businesses will start laying off more employees. The increased unemployment will then need further governmental assistance for which is already out of control.

Any increase in taxes now will deepen the recession. Increasing energy taxes will send America over a cliff. We are on the edge of depression right now. Energy has come down to levels people can afford. This low price may result in higher consumer spending which will get us moving in the direction of expansion. There are many reasons for the deep recession we are currently in. We can not focus on one sector while believing the other economic sectors do not matter. America is focusing on the financial and housing sector. However, high energy prices this summer caused the frail economy to tip over the edge. Another factor in the deepening recession is the high cost of labor. In July the unemployment rate began to increase dramatically. It is not a coincidence that there was another $.70 per hour increase in the minimum wage. This increase had the effect of reducing the number of jobs available for our part time and young workers. Small businesses hired fewer employees and some may have even laid off some people simply due to higher labor costs.

All in all this clamoring for a liberal agenda will kill the economy once and for all if enacted. Raising the regressive gasoline tax will hit the poor and middle class. This will reduce consumer spending and increase unemployment. This combination will decrease the tax revenues taken in by the government. At the current rate of deficit spending this year will increase our debt by well over $1 TRILLION DOLLARS. Less workers will further sink the economy and push the US to the brink of bankruptcy. Liberals like Michael Kinsley need to stop and think before the express their opinion. Their opinions will kill America. Raising the gasoline tax is another bad idea from the liberal and Socialists of the left.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama: Weak, Indecisive, Immature and a Liar

Obama proved over he last few days that he is incompetent to lead this great nation. Obama's initial response to the Blagojevich scandal was weak and indecisive. Obama's initial response was an effort to deny any involvement Blagojevich concerning Obama's vacated Senate seat. The rest of the initial comment from Obama was really a "no comment". This weak response necessitated a stronger response later on in the day. Obama was indecisive. With all of the damning evidence and the arrest of Blagojevich on federal charges it still took Obama three attempts get out a strong and decisive call for Blagojevich's resignation. The call for resignation should have been offered as an initial response. Obama should have come out strong and said in light of the charges Governor Blagojevich should resign in order to focus on his defense. Instead Obama came out with the lame statement that he was not involved and had no further comment.

Today Obama showed us how immature he is. In the middle of Obama's press conference today he saw fit to make light of the serious nature of the offense. His laughing and making jokes concerning the contents of the Blagojevich tapes is truly an immature act from an irresponsible politician:

Obama is also a liar. Connect Tristates also reported that Obama was meeting Governor Blagojevich on Wednesday November 5, 2008 to discuss his senate seat. This was reported on various sites but now that a scandal has broken out the links are miraculously being scrubbed. Gateway Pundit has a screenshot of the Connect Tristates article and the News release from Blagojevich office stating a meeting occurred between Obama and Blagojevich. This came after Obama vehemently denied any contact concerning the Senate seat.

Now today we find that Obama advisors were involved in a two hour teleconference involving the Senate seat and scandal on NOV 10th. In all likelihood Rahm Emanuel was one of the unidentified advisors in on this discussion. During this conversation it became apparent that Obama advisors knew Blagojevich was attempting to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder.

Now Obama tried to laugh all this off and suggested that because his advisors were not playing along with Blagojevich that he is not involved in the scandal. The problem it seems that Obama and his staff knew Blagojevich was attempting to corrupt the Senate selection and was attempting to sell the seat to the highest bidder. None of the Obama advisors in on this teleconference blew the whistle. In fact they never said anything. In other words they let the practice continue which is a crime in and of itself.

This is similar to the Watergate scandal. It is the coverup and not owning up to the corruption that got Nixon in trouble. Obama is taking the same path. Obama has denied any involvement from himself or his staff. However it definitely seems this denial is a lie on both counts. First Obama did have discussions regarding the Senate seat as described by Connect Tristates and further by confirmed by David Axelrod on NOV 23rd. Second, it looks like Rahm Emanuel was involved in direct negotiations with Blagojevich. It is obvious that Obama knows much more than he is letting on. Obama's hands are not clean. Obama this week again proved that he is weak, indecisive, immature, and a liar. This is going to be a long four years.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Two Party System: An American Failure

The two party system has failed America. Both parties have become corrupt with power. Americans with pent up frustration with corrupt politicians vote the incumbent party out of office. The only problem is all that happens is a different career politician comes to power; the corruption continues.

In 2002, George Ryan decided not to run for reelection due to scandals in his Illinois administration. In 2007, Ryan the former Governor of Illinois began serving a six and a half year sentence on corruption convictions stemming from bribery charges. Because of the corruption Illinois changed political parties which led to the election of Rod Blagojevich. Today the same Blagojevich was taken away in handcuffs. Blagojevich is on tape "selling" Obama's Senate seat.

Obama the President elect claims not to have spoken with Blagojevich regarding the filling of Obama's vacated Senate seat. Yet on November 23rd, David Axelrod (Obama's campaign advisor and senior advisor to the President in Obama's administration) said something far different. Axelrod on Fox News Chicago said "I know he's talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them." Obama like all other corrupt career politicians before him lie, cheat, and steals to stay ahead of the scandals. Obama ran and won the campaign on change. All Obama changed was which political party would dole out American taxpayer monies. Obama is in the middle of this mess and has nothing to say except the lie that he never had discussions with Blagojevich concerning this matter.

In 2006, the Abramoff scandal was breaking and cost the Republicans control of Congress. Abramoff was considered a Republican lobbyist even though Harry Reid was implicated in the scandal. Here is what ABC had to say about the Harry Reid connection:
ABC News reported on November 15, 2006 that Jack Abramoff told prosecutors that Senator Harry Reid (D) requested contributions of $30,000 from Abramoff's clients and that Reid agreed to assist him in matters concerning Indian casinos.
Nonetheless, this is still considered a Republican scandal.

Also in 2006, William Jefferson was indicted on corruption charges stemming from the finding of $90,000 in marked bills in Jefferson's freezer. Jefferson was not forced to resign by his party. In fact they allowed him to again run for reelection in 2008. Luckily for Louisiana and America Jefferson lost.

Christopher Dodd received a sweetheart deal for a mortgage from Countrywide. Then Dodd allowed Bank of America to write the bailout bill that allowed Bank of America to buy out Countrywide. Yet, Dodd continues in his coveted position of Chairman of the Senate Banking committee. Dodd is complicit in the financial debacle we as taxpayers are forced to bail out. The Democrats have been clamoring for the resignation of GM CEO Rick Wagoner yet allow Dodd to continue in his post. The corruption in both political parties is readily apparent. The hypocrisy from both parties is unimaginable.

America is the land of the free. Our government is supposed to be a representative democracy. A government of the people, for he people, by the people. However, the greatest failure of our lifetime is the failure of our government. Over the course of time the two party system has corrupted our nation. Only career politicians rise to the top posts and by the time they have enough seniority they have become corrupt to the system. Our politicians have become the water boys for the special interest groups. Money is the name of the game and money comes from the special interest groups. Our career politicians then become beholden to them. We must take our country back from the career politicians. Our government representatives have become corrupt with power. The two party system has become an American Failure.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Republicans: Alive and Competing

Immediately following this years elections many were writing the Republican Party Obituary. The pathetic pawns in the media portrayed the Republican party as being in a state of disarray. Many reporters and editors in the Democratic party propaganda wing forged the idea that Republicans were in the wilderness and may never recover. However, recent election results show nothing could be further from the truth.

William "Cold Hard Cash" Jefferson lost his reelection bid. Jefferson came from a far left district and represented the greater New Orleans area. This seat was the safest of safe Democratic seats. A Republican has not held this seat in over 100 years. In fact when Joseph Cao will be the only Republican representing a predominately African American district. This election happened after the Obama sweep in November and demonstrates that the November election was more a referendum on Bush than it was the Republican party.

Saxby Chambliss won the runoff election against his Democratic opponent by 15%. On election night Chambliss won by 3% so the win was not unexpected. However, the size of the win demonstrates the shallowness of the Democratic Party support. The 12% margin between November 4th and December 4th demonstrates the racial motivations of segments within the electorate. With Obama on the ticket Jim Martin was within three points. Without Obama on the ticket Martin was a disaster. African Americans displayed their racial motivations by showing up for Obama but staying home for Martin.

A third election was held after the November 4th election. The last one was a Republican hold of an open seat. John Fleming won a seat from retiring Jim McCreary. While this seat is merely a hold it is a seat the Democrats felt they would take. In the end the Democrats could not take a vulnerable district.

Without Obama on the ticket Democrats are 0-3 since November. The Republican party has two Governorships in play in November 2009. In Virginia, the Incumbent is barred from running for reelection. this is a potential pickup for the Republicans and will go a long way in determining the health of the Republican party in the State. Obama won this state going away. However, the sitting Democratic Governor Tin Kaine is not all that popular and potential Democrats are not all that strong. This is a potential pickup that would go a long way in shoring up Republican support in the old Dominion state. Another potential pickup in the Governors race is in New Jersey. The incumbent has a huge money advantage as Jon Corzine will invest his own money attempting to stay in office. However, Corzine is not very popular at this point in time with high negatives. Over half of New Jersey voters disapprove of Corzine. A strong Republican contender will bring a Blue state in play.

The death of the Republican party is greatly over stated. The Republicans are the out party right now and need to develop a strong message. Republicans over the last few years delivered an incoherent message. Republicans in Congress forgot their roots and sent spending skyrocketing. Scandals swept many Republicans out of office. Ear marks and deficit spending kept party faithful at home as they believed the Republican party should be punished for abandoning their principles. Now is the time to develop a unifying message that will bring the base together. The bickering between the various wings of the party need to stop. If Republicans are going to make a comeback they need to be unified. The Foreign policy hawks, the social conservatives and fiscal conservatives need to get along. Since the election many critics within the Republican party complained about "RINOs" and moderates. These are not the problem with the party. The problem with the party is that the leaders forgot the message. The leaders of the party became corrupt with power in Washington. Republicans are not dead; they just need a reawakening. All Republicans need to rally around the principles of the party and the Republicans will be fine. Remember the Democrats must now govern. Bush and the Republicans will not be around to blame.