Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama: Socialist With A Big S

There should be no doubt in voters mind that Obama is a Socialist but if there is any lingering doubt about the Socialist values Obama holds near and dear his heart watch this video:

Obama speaking of using price controls in order to influence our spending habits. Obama said earlier this year that he supported raising the regressive gasoline tax in order for Americans to "change their habits". Obama did say the energy prices should be high enough that average middle class Americans could not afford to keep their house at room temperature. Obama did say he wanted to spread the wealth around. Obama did say it was selfish not to want to pay higher taxes and his running mate said it was patriotic to be forced to pay higher taxes.

Now Obama says in this video that higher prices would be necessary to change our way of life. We as Americans would need to feel some pain before technology could be developed. Living in a cold dark house is fine with Obama as long as it is not him. Obama would continue living in a warm mansion while the rest of us feel some pain. There should be no doubt after watching this video that Obama is a Socialist with a big s. It is more than his policies being similar. It is his whole philosophy. Obama is not for the middle class. He is for himself. He wants to destroy the middle class. In the end Obama desires two classes. The working class poor and the ruling elite.

Obama: Truth About Tax Cuts

There seems to be discrepancies in Obama's tax fairness plan. Obama stuck a populist chrod by saying he was going to tax the rich and give to the poor. This tax plan originally suggested rich was $250,000. Under this original plan Obama pushed the idea that 90% of Americans would receive a tax cut. Then Obama let the mask down a little and revised his idea of Rich. During his campaign victory infomercial Obama said rich was $200,000. Then his running mate suggested rich was $150,000. Now just today Governor Bill Richardson said Obama was looking at those making $120,000. This is in stark contrast to the original tax cut lies Obama once told. The reality is that if you pay taxes your taxes will increase. If you do not pay any income taxes you will get a tax giveaway.

According to Obama the 95% of the people should have said 90%. This lie is perpetuated by Obama supporters even though the reality is that 40% of income earners do not pay any income taxes. The reality is that no one that actually pays income taxes will see a tax decrease. All of us tax payers will pay more in taxes. The ones that do not pay taxes will reap all the benefits of Obama's redistribution of wealth. Obama even said this tax giveaway plan was to get the poor and the "lower middle class" into the middle class. This really means that the rich. middle, and poor will become a single class. This means that there will only be two classes of people just like any other marxist system. There will be a working class and a ruling/government class. This is the failed marxist philosophy Obama believes in and the change Obama represents.

Obama: Americans Are Selfish

Obama has a tax plan that would take money from the rich and give it to the poor. No he does not desire to offer them a helping hand, no what he desires is a government handout. Now Obama says the Americans that are against the policy of "Spreading the Wealth Around" are selfish.

Obama barely provided 1% of his income to charity when he met his own threshold of rich yet says we are the ones that are selfish. Joe Biden barely scrapped together 4,000 over the last ten years for charity. Yet McCain and Palin are selfish because they do not believe in raising taxes yet who are more than generous with their charity giving. Americans in the middle class often provide more monies to charity than the rich elitists like Obama and Biden.

The rich elitists led by Obama plan on taking away more money from the "rich". We do not know where the line in the sand will be drawn. Today the line seems to have come down a little. What started out as $250,000 as being rich when the campaign started is now $120,000 according to Bill Richardson (an Obama Surrogate). What will happen with increasing taxes and the evil rich? Many of those in the $200,000 range are small business owners who are already being punished by the minimum wage hikes. Now they will be taxed at even higher rates. How many jobs are going to be lost in our economy? Obama claims he desires taking us back to the Clinton 1990's. However the dynamics of the economy are different. The technological increases made the economy. In 1992, the economy was coming out of a recession. The lightning fast technology gains in computers led to huge gain in the DOTCOMS. The bubble burst in the late 1990's and the weight of the economy could no longer afford the high tax rates. This time there is no technology ready to bring the economy forward. There will be no bubble to support a tax giveaway. Small business owners will be forced to cut laborers or go out of business. Charity will also take a huge hit. When charity takes a hit programs that are designed to provide people a helping hand will be able to help people less and less. So instead of providing a helping hand Obama wants to give away "free money". This money will be spent of frivolous objects and will fuel nothing. Once the money is spent there is nothing left. There is no program. So Obama will not only destroy charity but also destroy the safety net.

Obama is the one that is selfish. It is Obama's relatives that live in Squalor. It is Obama's own senate district in Chicago that continue to live in squalor while Obama lives in the elitist neighborhood with pals like William Ayers, Tony Rezco, and other anti Americans. Obama plans a tax giveaway to buy votes. Once elected the vote is no longer needed and that will go out the window. Obama is the one that opted out of public financing and then resorted to campaign finance fraud to raise ill gotten money in an effort to purchase the election. This is selfish. The very definition of selfishness is personal gain. That is what the Obama campaign is all about. It is all about Obama and his ego. Personal reasons all for selfish reasons. Selfish reason lead to selfish gimmicks. None of Obama's palns or policies are designed to help anyone. They are designed to keep the poor poor all the while pretending to help the poor. No Americans are actually rather unselfish with very warm and giving hearts. It is Obama that is selfish along with all of his elitist friends.

Dissent: Off to the Gulag

The post partisan candidate that speaks of uniting the American people. Yet when major news outlets speak out against the post partisan candidate Obama gives them the boot. There is no room for dissent on the Obama express to socialism. Today Obama gave to boot to the Washington Times, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Post. What do all of these news outlets have in common? They all recently endorsed John McCain.

Like a typical tyrant Obama can not have dissent around him. Either you are for Obama or you are cast aside and sent to the gulag. Obama has intentions of increasing his followers by adding seats to Jet and Essence. Obama is pandering to his core constituency at the expense of middle America. This post partisan candidate can not have dissent. The pathetic pawns in the MSM all back Obama with glowing stories. They can not help themselves. They admit that perhaps that went too far and some journalists are disgusted at their behavior yet they just can not bring themselves to tell the whole story.

The pathetic pawns have been hiding Obama's Pals. The pathetic pawns have been hiding Obama's birth certificate lawsuit, The pathetic pawns have been hiding Obama's socialist commentary. The ones that dared stand in to question Obama or the ones that offered fair and balanced coverage get the boot. So lie to protect Obama and ye shall be taken care of, tell the truth and ye shall be banished.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

More truth here than in Obama's entire thirty minute infomercial.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go John Go

The polls have shown signs of closing this week. Today Real Clear Politics has the race average at 6.0%. Take out the outlier poll (PEW 15%) and this race is down to 4-5 points. This is a 3% change in just three days and this race is in the margin of error.

Now the early voting is showing large margins for registered Democrats. The count is 60%-39% Democratic to Republican. Now the spin is that McCain has to move the polls to +5% or better in order to make up for this difference. This is an improper analysis. First of all these voters can not vote again their votes are cast. These voters are going to be voters that were not really going to change their minds anyway. Their minds were made up and already in the Obama or McCain camp. There votes were already taken into account in these polls. The polls are closing because undecideds are making a choice and leaners are taking a second look at both candidates. So the early voting tally's make no significant difference. Again these are voters that were not going to change anyway. The shift is coming from the remaining 2/3 of the voters.

McCain is still in this race and supporters should not be discouraged this late in the race. Here's why. McCain is closing Nationally and is in the margin of error recent state polls. These State polls tend to lag behind the national trend. Back in September when McCain was up by just 2% he would have won every battleground state and was within the margin of error in blue States such Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan. Now to be sure Michigan was lost when McCain pulled out. The other three are still in play and McCain need only one of these to shut the door on Obama.

There is a pipe dream that Obama is winning in Virginia. The problem is the internals are showing something different. McCain is keeping the margins closer than expected in Northern Virginia. Senator Allen lost his reelection bid in 2006 by a slim margin and McCain is outpolling Allen in Northern Virginia. Also internal polls are showing McCain is winning by landslide margins in Southeastern Virginia. This does not bode well for Obama.

If McCain continues to close the national polls Virginia will remain Red. Back in September when McCain was winning by 2% Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio were solidly in McCain's camp. Colorado was in the margins of error. This is all McCain needs to win the presidency. McCain has been campaigning heavily in Pennsylvania and Iowa. These are two blue states and states McCain does not need to flip. If he was truly behind in Virginia and North Carolina why would McCain not have pulled out of expensive Pennsylvania and focus on just playing defense? All McCain has to do is get these polls to settle in around the margin of error.

Obama has failed to close the deal. Even in the primaries Obama could not close the deal. Obama always polled better than he performed. Remember New Hampshire. Obama was up 10% leading into Primary day and he ended up losing by 5%. In Pennsylvania, polls had him within 4% and closing, but on election day he lost by 10%. Undecided always tended to break against Obama. So if this race in the final polls prior to NOV 4 show this within 2% with 6% undecided Obama will lose.

Now this does not mean McCain is in the drivers seat. There is no doubt McCain is the underdog and has his work cut out for him. McCain is still down 4-5 points and that will not be enough on election day. However, if McCain keeps pounding Obama on the socialist front and the LA Tmes/Khalidi front Obama will continue to slide. McCain needs to stay on message. Rasmussen is showing results tomorrow that have McCain leading on the economy. If the polls are anywhere close on the economy Obama will lose. Obama needs to win the economy by at least 8-10 points to win. McCain will cruise on the second most important issue (Foreign Policy) so all he has to do is keep the economy close. So while Obama is providing victory speeches and planning transition,McCain should keep campaigning. Go John Go.

Obama: Guilt By Association?

Obama has many radical allies that he believes should be off limits. Obama says these radical allies are mere attempts at "guilt by association". Obama speaks the same about all of his radical buddies. Last May when the Obama association with Rashid Khalidi was reported on by the LA Times, Obama said this is one guy. Obama went on to say this was not and advisor and was not on his staff. Additionally, Obama said this was isolated that people were comparing one associate that was radical but what about the other nine. So what about the other nine? Tony Rezco was poor judgment. Reverend Wright is not he guy Obama knew for the last twenty years. William Ayers a guy from the neighborhood and Ayers like Khalidi is not an advisor and is not on Obama's staff. Reverend Pfleger is some guy that speaks at Obama's church occasionally. Nadmi Auchi is some guy that Obama was introduced to by Rezco. Saul Alinsky is just some guy that wrote rules for radicals. ACORN is just some Organization that Obama once did some legal work for as an associate at a law firm. Kwame Kilpatrick is just an ex mayor from a neighboring state. Rahm Emanual he is just some guy that covered up the sex scandal of a fellow Congressman from Florida. Rod Blagojevich is just the corrupt Governor from Illinois. Chicago "New Party" is just the socialist or communist party the Obama once belonged.

As an individual this could be an unfortunate circumstance. But taken all together is goes to prove Obama is a radical, corrupt, and socialist politician. There is further proof that these allies are not merely associations. The LA Tmes has a tape that they refuse to release where Obama is attending a dinner at Khalidi's house. Also in attendance at this dinner is Farakhan, Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, and other Jew bashing radicals. There is the membership in the "New Party". There is the computer analysis that William Ayers penned Obama's book "Dreams from My Father". Obama's other memoir "Audacity of Hope" comes from a sermon by the America hating Reverend Wright. Then there is the spreading the wealth around comment to "Joe the Plumber". Now there is a tape from 2001 where Obama says we have a "flawed Constitution".

These are not isolated incidences. This is a pattern of espousing radical viewpoints and "palling" around with radicals, terrorists, and felons. Taken in context these associations are much more then casual straying from the middle. Taken in context these associations are allies that got Obama into his current position. These radical allies may be in the rear view mirror right now for political purposes but wait until after the election. After the election these radical players will be right back in Obama's back pocket.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MSM: Admits Bias; Shrugs It Off

Today at on the Politico website their political editor admitted the pathetic pawns (MSM) were biased, then has the audacity to say "So What". This is the same website that cried bloody murder when their bias was challenged by Republicans for their biased attacks on Governor Palin. In early September the Politico became indignant and claimed the high road when the pathetic pawns were caught pushing smears and outright lies surrounding Governor Palin's son Trig and Palin's daughter Bristol. They claimed they had a right to vet the candidates. They won that round as people thought it was fair to vet candidates. The problem is that in their bias the Pathetic Pawns failed to vet their chosen candidate.

The Politico say "So What". Obviously this editor never heard of objective journalism. That has always been the claim of the biased press when challenged in their outright bias. All the journalist claimed they were not biased and there was no such thing as media bias. Today though we got the real truth. The truth of the matter is that the pathetic pawns have a liberal bias. I wonder if the pathetic pawns will fall under the fairness doctrine.

The fairness doctrine is being pushed by the liberals. The liberals have been unable to compete in talk radio. Al Franken and others like him fail in comparison to Sean Hannity. The aim of the fairness doctrine is to limit television and radio programming to fair and balanced shows. Well then with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, and others being biased left than in all fairness they should be taken down off the air until more conservative outlets are provided. In that way we are being fair and balanced across the board and not continually bombarded with one sided liberal viewpoints.

"So What"? The press is supposed to be objective. We have learned straight from the horses mouth that the pathetic pawns don't care. They shrug off criticism today yet 50 days ago they became indignant when accused of bias. "So What"? The So What is shown in the continually dropping profits at print media outlets. The New York Times debt was just downgraded to "junk" status. The LA Times just announced a 10% cut in personnel (75 employees). That is the "So What". Americans are tuning out the biased one sided liberal elite propagandists. Yes Politico you truly have became pathetic.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama: Bad Publicity? Attack The Messenger

The tech savvy Obama campaign just can't allow the bad news to get out. First there was the attacks on the anti Obama websites. The tech savvy Obambots used spam to shut down many blog sites in June. They attacked again in JUL. This time it was tracked down to the official Obama campaign according to Death By a Thousand Papercuts. The trolls are then out in full force monitoring conservative and right leaning websites. The trolls have nothing of value to add to the discussion but use profanity and call conservative posters and commenters names. Now they attacked the Drudge report.

All day there was a headline in large print calling Obama on his socialist ties. The Obambots freaked out and modified the Drudge Report. This modification is an obviously criminal type behavior. This attack is vandalism. Should Obama run the clock out and win in eight days this is the type of behavior we have to look forward to. There will no longer be honest open debate. Instead we will have a marxist President that will rule in the shadow of the likes of Hugo Chavez. I wonder will Obama want to change the constitution like Chavez? On the now infamous tape Obama said he believes an activist judicial branch should have researched on redistribution. Obama also discussed using the Congress and the constitution to abuse our country's citizenry. Now we have his childish antics and those childish behavior of his cult followers to look forward to. An Obama Presidency will send America down a path that it may take centuries to recover from.

Obama: Unpatriotic

Barack Obama claims to be a patriotic American. The facts show a different story. First there is Bill Ayers an unrepentant terrorist. Then there is his pastor for over twenty years that ranted against America and everything we stand for. Then Obama refuses to wear a flag pin to display his patriotism. Now we have a tape from 2001 that has Obama comparing America to Nazi Germany. Here is a quote from the infamous redistribution tape courtesy of Little Green Footballs:

“...just to take a, sort of a realist perspective...there’s a lot of change going on outside of the Court, um, that, that judges essentially have to take judicial notice of. I mean you’ve got World War II, you’ve got uh, uh, uh, the doctrines of Nazism, that, that we are fighting against, that start looking uncomfortably similar to what we have going on, back here at home.”

Obama is not patriotic; he is a socialist wolf in populist sheep clothing. Anyone that would have the audacity to compare modern America to NAZI Germany does not value any of the things Americans hold dear to their hearts. A messiah would never compare America to the perpetrators of the holocaust. Only an unpatriotic citizen would even think such thoughts. Obama is nothing and if the pathetic pawns (MSM) had vetted Obama with 1.4 the vigor they attacked Palin we would have far different choices than we do today.

Obama: Abuse Constitution For Socialist Ideals

Obama has said many times that voters should listen to his words. The empty candidate with zero experience has pushed an agenda where words are more important than actions and experience. I have listened to his words and now more than ever I am convinced Obama is a classic Marxist. Obama's words are even further left than a socialist; he is in fact a communist and will ruin our country just like the Hollywood favorite communist Hugo Chavez ruined Venezuela. When the story broke that Obama spoke in 2001 about an activist judiciary failing to address the redistribution of wealth the Obama campaign was to attack the messenger. Bill Burton refused to deny the tape of Obama existed instead he resorted to a smear campaign claiming this was nothing but another false rumor. The following is a video from a fox news interview of Bill Burton today:

In the 2001 interview Obama did in fact claim that the supreme court never visited the theory of "redistributivism". Obama believes the wealth in our country should be evenly distributed. Obama does not believe in hard work; no, what he believes in is the basic tenet of Socialism which is the redistribution of wealth. In this campaign Obama made a comment to a now famous "Joe the Plumber" saying he didn't want to punish Joe for his sucess, that all he wanted to do was spread the wealth around.

A simple investigation into his tax policy is to take money from the rich ($250,000) and give away to those that do not pay income taxes. What has not been approached is that Obama also will allow the Bush income tax cuts expire. The middle class will indeed be paying higher taxes under Obama. The claim is that Obama will take us back to Clinton days. The reality is that as our economy steadily submerges into recession these tax increases will further erode any sound footing making the recession last longer. The tax increases will reduce revenues in governmental coffers and the budget deficit will expand even further. This year our government took in a record haul of revenues. The problem is not the taxes. The problem is expenditures and Obama plans massive increases in expenditures while his tax policy will further erode the tax base.

We have the most liberal Senator in the Congress 8 days from the Presidency. There is Obama's own words that he will redistribute America's wealth. Obama has radical allies including a domestic terrorist in William Ayers, a black theology pastor in Reverend Wright, and a felonious and corrupt land developer in Tony Rezco. There is no doubt that the empty suit will take money from the rich and provide to his radical allies. Obama has said he believed the Supreme's should use judicial activism to turn our Democratic Republic into the next Socialist experiment. America can not afford this Socialist experiment.

Obama: Real Interviews Off Limits

The new transparent Obama campaign is banning another television network from further interviews. This time it was not a fox news affiliate but rather a CBS news affiliate out of Philadelphia. Watch the video:

Another tough interview inquiring about Obama's "spreading he wealth around" comment and socialism. In another aspect CBS asked about questionable campaign funds being provided to Biden's relatives. Now Biden provides $1.8 million dollars to Joe Slade White and company. This is a consulting firm where Biden's younger sister is an Executive Vice President. Another $150 thousand in campaign funds went to a law firm where Biden's son is a partner. So Biden provides his family members $2 million dollars of campaign funds and doesn't expect to get asked about it. Then because he is being asked the tough questions he cuts another media source off at the knees. Obama was supposed to be a new kind of candidate. Obama was supposed to have transparency but these are just words because his actions prove something different. This is the second local affiliate boycotted by Obama in less than a week. Obama and Biden refuse to answer basic questions surrounding their campaign. Inquiring about comments they themselves made is off limits. Where they spend their campaigns funds is also off limits no matter the cronyism. Remember ACORN. Obama was visibly upset when asked about providing funds to them to get out the vote for him but he has nothing to do with their fraud. This guy would destroy the American way of life.

Liberals Show Their Love

Imagine the outrage if this was Obama hung in effigy instead of Sarah Palin. Katie, Charlie and Brian would be all over this if it was Obama hanging outside this morons house. The owner of the West Hollyweird home acknowledges that he could not depict Obama in the same way because of the racial connotations. But I guess it's fine to display Palin hanging by a noose? Another display of liberal tolerance and understanding.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Transparency A Joke

So this is what transparency looks like. Obama and the Democrats have pounded the mantra that Bush was secretive during his 8 years as President. Obama and the Democrats have promised transparency with Pelosi going as far as saying "this will be the most ethical Congress in History". I believe it is time to take a more in depth look at what Obama offers as transparency.

Here is a video of an interview of Joe Biden by Barbara West of WFTV:

Barbara West had the courage to ask the Marxist question when no other reporter had the nerve. Now Obama throws a temper tantrum and canceled all further interviews with the local affiliate in Florida. When asked the tough questions Obama closes the door which is a lack of transparency rather than promoting open honest dialog.

In April 2008, there was a democratic debate on ABC with George Stephanopoulos. George asked some tough questions regarding Obama and his allies. Obama threw a fit and refused to do any more primary debates. Obama claimed he would debate John McCain "anyplace anytime" but when McCain called Obama on his challenge Obama backed down and refused to do any debates with McCain other than the three network debates this fall. I am sure that running away from open and honest debates is not transparency. Obama threw a hissy fit just because he was asked tough questions. Prior to the third and final debate this fall Obama pushed his talking points to the press before the debate. This is really transparent. Push the talking points before there are talking points.

Obama refuses to release pertinent records. There is a lawsuit concerning Obama's eligibility under the constitution. Yet Obama refuses to present a vault copy of his birth certificate. Obama has a past history of going to colleges yet refuses to release any of these documents. Obama wrote a thesis and yet refuses to release the thesis. This is not transparency. This is a cover up disguised as being personal. Obama is a public official that is shrouded in mystery. Obama hides behind the pathetic pawns in the media. He has demonstrated that he will be even more secretive than the Bush administration.

Obama is under investigation by the FEC for Campaign finance fraud. Obama rather than show his records for those that have donated less than $200 hides the list. This list is known to show that people used fake names to provide donations. It is apparent that Obama has donors that have gave more than legally authorized. There is evidence that Obama accepted donations from foreign sources. But rather than be transparent Obama has decided to hide these records.

Transparency in an Obama administration will never happen. Only glowing reports on the administration will be allowed. Everyone else will be cut out from the process. People will be able to see through Obama like they can see through a wall. One will require X-Ray vision to see through Obama. Transparency is a buzz word of the campaign but it is not Obama who is transparent.

Palin Still A Brilliant Choice

John McCain chose an outsider for Vice President and the move was absolutely brilliant. Now the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) are spinning the Palin choice as a drag on his campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Pathetic Pawns were caught off guard with the pick and set out on a search and destroy mission. There is no doubt what the game plan was for the propaganda wing (MSM) of the democratic party. They had their talking points ready against whomever McCain chose. They were going to attack Romney and bring in all of the negatives Romney said about McCain during the primary. They were ready for Pawlenty, Huckabee, and Ridge. The game plan was to build up Obama after his "Greek Column" speech. They were going negative on whomever the status quo candidate McCain chose. McCain did not choose the status quo and chose an outsider.

Sarah Palin energized the base of the Republican party. Palin is one reason why Obama has been unable to close the deal. This was supposed to be a Democratic year and it appears as if it will in the Congressional elections, yet Obama is still underperforming. Right now Obama is up 7-8 points and that will in all likelihood close before election day. This is not over by a long shot. The polling companies are still over polling Democrats and under polling Republicans and Independents. Internal polling must be showing a far different race than externals. McCain is still going for Iowa and Pennsylvania. All McCain has to do is keep the Red states minus New Mexico and Iowa and he wins. If he was behind in the other Red States as external Polls suggest why would he be dumping resources into PA and Iowa? He requires neither for the Presidency.

Palin was brilliant. There is no other candidate for Vice President that could have allowed this election to be close. Any other candidate would have made it easier for Obama to claim McCain is another Bush. While this talking point keeps the Democrats it is not selling so easy with the independents. Palin is the candidate that provided McCain with an opportunity. The Pathetic Pawns are upset because they were unable to destroy the Republican Party. America is within 9 days of an election. The race is still to close to call although Obama has the edge. Without Palin this race would have been over by the middle of September. Don't let the pathetic pawns spin this away. They were ready to pounce on any status quo candidate. The Palin pick took away the advantage the Pathetic Pawns believed they had and it is showing in the polls.

Constitutional Crisis

Judge Barclay Surrick created a constitutional crisis in his ruling yesterday in the Obama citizenship lawsuit. This is what the judge said that should be of great concern to all Americans:

“If, through the political process, Congress determines that citizens, voters, or party members should police the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the Presidency, then it is free to pass laws conferring standing on individuals like Plaintiff. Until that time, voters do not have standing to bring the sort of challenge that Plaintiff attempts to bring in the Amended Complaint.”

In this statement Judge Surrick says Congress should confer our rights to us. This is not what the constitution is about. The Government is not supposed to be conferring rights on to the citizenry. The citizenry confers authority on the Congress. The 538 members of Congress are our representatives. In fact the 435 house members are called representatives. They represent us the people. They do not tell us what to do. They do not confer rights and standing to us. We the people confer standing to the Congress. We the people can take away their authority at anytime. We the people are the ones with a vested interest not the government.

Citizens have to be allowed to question our government officials. The people of this country should not be relegated to waiting for Congress to confer "standing" to us. We should be conferring standing to the Congress. This statement in the ruling says that we as citizens have no rights. It says that Congress can do whatever it desires after the election and the only time we can question our own government is at the polling booth. This is a very dangerous ruling.

This is what the ruling says: Anyone in the world can run for President of the United States. Here is another quote from Judge Surrick:

“…regardless of questions of causation, the grievance remains too generalized to establish the existence of an injury in fact. To reiterate: a candidate’s ineligibility under the Natural Born Citizen Clause does not result in an injury in fact to voters. By extension, the theoretical constitutional harm experienced by voters does not change as the candidacy of an allegedly ineligible candidate progresses from the primaries to the general election.”

In this judges opinion regardless of the questions concerning eligibility the grievance is too generalized and vague. It does not establish "injury in fact" to the citizens. We have to wait until after the election before there is injury?

Here is an example of how ludicrous this ruling is:

A company for an employee. The company hires a Temp Agency to find qualified applicants. The Temp agency provides two candidates. The company during interviews finds that the candidate they wish to hire may not be qualified. The Temp Agency then says the company is not able to inquire about qualifications until after the employee is hired.

America always vets their employees prior to hiring them. Employers always search the qualifications of their prospects. Additionally, the employees reserve the right to immediately fire employees upon finding deceit. In this case, we the citizens are the employer. We are hiring a temporary person to fill a vacancy as President. The Temp agencies we use are the political Parties. The temp agency or political parties in this case, have a responsibility to check into qualifications. However, it is still our responsibility to ensure the candidates are qualified.

Right now there are questions of eligibility. Obama refuses to provide a vault copy of his birth certificate. All Obama has ever provided is a short form. The short form says Obama has a vault copy and not much else. Now Obama supporters claim Obama released his birth certificate on his website. They claim it was independently verified by fact check. The problem is this: Hawaii does not even allow this short form to be used as proof of citizenship. It may be enough to secure a US passport but it is not enough to prove citizenship in Hawaii.

We have the responsibility to ensure we are voting for a qualified candidate. Once elected the damage is done. Under our constitution if we find out after the fact we may remove the President from office. However, under our constitution the process does not start over. We do not have a special election. We do not get to place an alternate candidate in place. No, there is a line of succession. In this case if the President is found ineligible after the fact the Vice President becomes President. In this case, the very people responsible of committing fraud would be rewarded for their efforts. If Obama is found ineligible after the fact, Joe Biden becomes President. The Democratic Party is then rewarded for perpetuating a fraud. We the people would have no recourse under our constitution accept to live with Biden for 4 years. This is why it is essential that we as citizens have standing. We as citizens require being allowed to request proof of eligibility. We are the employer not the temp agencies. This ruling gives away our rights a s citizens to the corrupt political parties and their party leadership. This is a ruling that has created a constitutional crisis.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Commits Campaign Finance Fraud

Barack Obama shut down the Adress Verification system on his website to collect more in donations. Obama has done this because he understands that he can not compete without cheating. Obama has accepted funds from foreign donors and knows this. Obama has said it fixed the problem but according to Gateway Pundit it still exists as a problem.

This my friends is a fraud being committed against the American people. Obama has been busy collecting fraudulent funds from donors contributing less than $200. The reason he is encouraging these small donations is because he does not have to report them to the FEC. There are reports of a single donor providing Obama campaign funds well in excess of the campaign contributions limits. The reason for this is many small donations of less than $200 from the same contributor. There is already questions regarding over $35 million in illegal contributions.

Obama is also accepting funds from foreigners. This is illegal but the FEC is powerless to sttop it. Sure after the election there may be fines levied against Obama but it will be too late. Obama is change we can live without. Obama is a fraud that is buying the Presidency. One must wonder who is backing Obama that is going to reap the benefits. George Soros? Perhaps, perhaps not, but one thing is certain Obama owes someone and it is not the American people. Electing Obama will reveal the dark secrets behind the flim flam man.

Birth Certificate Gaining Legs

Obama has refused to show proof that he is eligible for the office he seeks. Judge Barclay Surrick dismissed the lawsuit by Philip Berg due to standing. This is a travesty and Judge Surrick just trampled on the Constitution of the United States. In his ruling Surick said that citizens do not have standing. Surrick goes on to say if Congress wishes us to have the right to question eligibility they will enact it. This is a huge problem.

Judge Surrick just gave away our democracy. In his ruling Surrick says Government has the ability to decide what rights we have. This is not what our Republic is founded on. It is not what our Republic stands for. Judge Surrick just relagated our Great Country to third world status. We are now no better than a dictatorship. We as citizens have no rights other than to vote on election day. We the people means nothing except on election day. This is not what our founders meant by " a government for the people by the people."

In his ruling Judge Surrick initiated a Constitutional Crisis. Surrick went further to destroy our Republic than any one in the past. Surrick stripped us of our rights by saying Congress has more power than individuals. Our government just became stronger than the people it pretends to protect. Our government became a ruling class rather than a representation of the people.

Philip Berg needs to appeal this ruling. Taking our rights away goes against everything our constitution stands for. We need judges that read and understand the constitution, not judges that throw the constitution out in favor of the government. This is a shame that a citizen of our Republic can not question the citizenship of another. It should be we the people who decide who is a citizen and who is not. This is the way it has always been in our Republic. That is until today when Judge Surrick says it is up to Congress to give us that right. Judge Surrick you are wrong. It is my constitution not the governments. We gave the government authority and we can take it away. Judge Surrick you should have made a judgment in favor of the people. You made a judgment based on politics and government. Judge Surrick took the easy road out. Surrick avoided the questions by dismissing the case. In the process he just gave up our way of life in favor of a government way of life.

RCP: Censoring Anti Obama Posts

Real Clear Politics has a right leaning following. Most of the bloggers that post articles to their website are right leaning. This is a great forum for an exchange of ideas. However, recently there have been some issues.

Yesterday, one blogger complained that his articles were disappearing. A week or so ago some bloggers including myself realized that some left leaning bloggers were allowed to cheat the RCP process and gain front page coverage. Two bloggers in particular were allowed front page coverage even though their articles were only receiving 1 vote. Those two specific bloggers posted under the name Darwin65 and Gadfly.

Now today, I posted an article and it was immedaitely taken down for moderation. There was no way it should have been taken down. The article was not inflammatory whatsoever. The Title was simply "Obama: Escapes On A Technicality". The article was an opinion piece concerning the lack of transparancy when it comes to Obama and his birth certificate and other records. My question is this: Why is RCP censoring Bloggers?

I understand censoring unfounded accusations. I understand censoring lies and inflammatory accusations. But reporting on a Blog that a lawsuit was dismissed on a technicality is neither. RCP is becoming a lot like google this summer in censoring anti Obama posts. This behavior is unacceptable in a democracy. Silencing dissent is not what our country was founded on. We are a free country and bloggers have been doing the job of our pathetic pawns of the MSM. Balance in reporting is a must. In this election there has been no balance. The pathetic pawns have been biased in their reporting since the conventions. As prrof I offer the following: The MSM is busy reporting $150,000 expenditure in clothing for Palin while ignoring the fact that Obama lifted the Automatic Verification System in accpeting donations to his campaign. Illegal donations are fueling Obama's record haul and the MSM remains fixated on Palin.

In an effort to have balanced reporting the right leaning bloggers come together on RCP. Now RCP is censoring these blogs. We do not need further erosion in our right to free speech simply because we disagree with socialism and/or Obama. RCP do the right thing and allow balanced reporting.

Virginia: Disenfranchising Military Voters

Virgina is busy disenfranchising thousands of voters. The disenfranchisment is happening in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia is trending more and more democratic party every year. Now in an attempt to ensure Obama wins this part of the state the Faairfax County Registrar is disenfranchising military voters.

While our fighting men and women are busy defending our individual rights and serving their country honorably this registrar has decided that their votes for our government should not count on technicalities. The democratic outcry has always been that voters should not be disenfranchised. This has been the case in in every situation where the democrats believed it was their supporters that were being disenfranchised. This is the democrats line of attack when questioning ACORN and their voter registration fraud. However when it comes to the military who overwhelmingly support John McCain (68%-23% McCain in a military Poll) the democrats remain silent. They do not wish for the military to have a say. After all they are not the urban voter. The urban voter is the middle class at least according to the democrats.

Real Americans are being disenfranchised every day by a democratic party that only cares about having power. If the democrats are able to control the Congress and Presidency they will be a flurry of legislative activity that will move our country radically left. Obama has sounded more moderate during the general than he really is overall. Obama even if he is moderate will be powerless to stop the liberal onslaught that will ensue if the Democrats run the table as expected. Barney Frank is already talking about slashing our military by 25%. Barney Frank is already threatnening the Republicans with either supporting another $150 billion on bailing out the financial mess. This is on top of the $700 billion bailout we the taxpayer have been made responsible for. Obama supports immigration reform that would make illegal aliens US citizens. Obama supports spreading the wealth around. Obama supports socialism in our country.

America needs to wake up. Obama and his socialist followers are in it for power. They will make their urban supporters feel good for a day by providing handouts while destroying our country. Obama and the Democrast will silence dissent with acts such as the fairness doctrine which is not fair at all. Obama and the democrats will increase our taxes and spend us into oblivion. Obama and the democrast are not for middle America. They are for urban America. Small town, suburbian, and rural Americans must rally and turn out in droves to offset the fraud being committed on the left. We must not allow the Obama, the democrats, the liberal left, and the progandists of the MSM to steal this election away. In Northern Virginia the Democrats are more than willing to disenfranchise military voters to win an election. If they gain the power they seek does anyone believe we will ever be free again?

Obama Escapes On Technicality

Barack Obama escapes a lawsuit concerning his eligibility on a technicality. A federal judge (Judge Barclay Surrick) decided that Philip Berg simply did not have standing. This dismissal had nothing to do with the merits of the case only that Berg is not the right person to bring the suit. This is eerily similar to the Supreme Court in overruling Ohio on the Republican party suit against the Ohio Secretary of State concerning ACORN and voter fraud. So yet again Obama escapes.

Obama has never been forced to show proper documentation proving he is a citizen. The short form birth certificate shown on Obama website, fact check, and Daily Kos has not been verified. In fact the belief is that in all likelihood this copy is a forgery. All three websites use this same copied and scanned document as proof. The problem is that this is not proof. It is a short form that says there is a long form on file in Hawaii. This form looks real in the scanned and copied format but no one from the three sites has seen the actual document.

The left wing believes this certificate to be real and it may be. The problem is that this is not proof of being a natural born citizen. The long form could show a few different things the would either make Obama ineligible or bring further evidence that Obama is not who he claims to be. For example, Obama supporters bring up a newspaper announcemnt dated 13 AUG 1961. This seems to add credence for Obama but it actually raises more questions. News cycle in 1961 was seven days for this print paper. The Question is why did it take 9 day to run?

Antoher argument is that way back in 1961 Obama's parents must have known he was going to run for President for this fraud to be committed. That is not true. If the assumption is that Obama was not born in the United States bringing into question Obama's citizen a Parent wishing the best for a child in all likelihood would attempt anything in an effort to have the baby receive the covetted US citizenship. This behavior happens every day in America. Fraud is committed by people everyday seeking status as an American. This could have been the motive. Obama's mother could very well have been looking out for the best interest of the child and committed a fraud.

It is my belief that the long form will show a late registration. A late registration is bad for Obama. If it was late it would be difinitive proof that Obama was not born in a Honolulu hospital as claimed. On the surface this is not a big deal. Obama could have been born in his house with a midwife or similar circumstances. But that is not what is claimed. What is claimed is that Obama was born in a hospital. Obama could release the birth records from the hospital. Atleast shown the medical records that prove he was in a hospital at birth.

America needs to demand that our government does its job. Diane Feinstein as head of the ethics panel was charged with ensuring all candidates are eligilbe under the Constitution. She has failed in her job. The FEC wiped its hands clean by saying they are not responsible. The DNC also has a responsibility to vet the eligibilty. They failed but escaped under the same technicality as Obama. This is where I believe the error is in this case. The DNC has a responsibilty and should at least be required to show the proof they used in determining eligibilty. Diane Feinstein and the ethics panel shpuld also be used. Feinstein's body is a government body that has a responsibility. All I am asking is for Feinstein to provide the documents her panel used and ensure we do not have a constitutional issue arise.

There is a problem allowing Obama to run the clock out on this issue. Some say that lawsuits will do no good until after Obama is elected because he is not ineligible until after he is elected. That is where the problem is. After the election who becomes President if Obama is found ineligible? Biden? How would that redress the problem? Biden, the DNC, and a Democratic controlled Congress would be rewarded for perpetuating a crime. These groups are complicit in this and then would be rewarded for failing America.

Obama is hiding something in his past. Obama refuses o release his vault copy of his birth certificate. Obama refuses to release college and university records. Obama is a fraud and our Pathetic Pawns are not doing their job of investigating. This needs to be resolved prior to the election. The nonesense that it can not be addressed until after the fact is ridiculous. Right now it should be mandatory to document proof. The burden of proof should be on Obama to prove he is eligible to be on a ballot. After the election the burden of proof is on the individuals to prove Obama should not have been on the ballot. This needs to be resolved while Obama has the burden of proof. Escaping on a technicality is not right. Technicalities is the same reson that William Ayers is walking the streets even though he is an admitted and unrepentent terrorist.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frank: Spending Spree Coming

Congressman Barney Frank threatened Republicans today. Frank told Republicans to come in and vote for a large welfare check today or it would be an even larger check in January. The Democrats are so sure they are going to win this November that they believe they can threaten America with their Socialist policies now.

Barney Frank is the same Congressman that was a leader in the failed Fannie and Freddie mess. Now that his friends in Fannie and Freddie failed America Frank wishes to take more of our hard earned dollars to give welfare checks away. Frank says there are lots of rich people that the Democrats can take money from. Frank is the same person that desires to legalize banned drugs.

These are the sick people that are running our congress. Obama will become nothing more than a figurehead for these spend thrift politicians. Do not worry though they will provide welfare checks with a $1,000 bribe but keep the spread the rest of the wealth around to their friends in high places. Friends like William Ayers who failed in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Friends like Franklin Raines who ran Fannie Mae into the ground.

Obama will become the second term of Jimmy Carter. This is exactly what the democrats did in January 1977. When Jimmy Carter took office he rubber stamped everything the Democratic Controlled Congress passed no matter the cost. Obama will do the same. There will be no curbing spending unless of course it is defense spending. Then of course like Jimmy Carter Obama will cut spending on our military which will have a similar result as the cuts had in the late 1970's. Our military will be gutted and we will be even more vulnerable than we are right now. Remember it was a gutted military and a weak President that led to the 1979 Iran Hostage situation. Listen to what Joe Biden said just the other day "Mark My Words there will be a international crisis to test the mettle" of Obama. He also told this group not to pass judgment early because it might take awhile to see what works. Don't forget it took three cracks for Obama to get a solid message out regarding Russia and Georgia.

America does not need a weak president that would weaken our abilities to defend our freedoms in a dangerous world. Obama, Frank, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid will destroy our military to help spread the wealth around. Rather than protect our National Security interests this group of miscreants will sell out America and leave us defenseless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama: Rubber Stamp

Democrats have run a campaign against Republicans that blame House and Senate Republicans for being a rubber stamp of President Bush policies. I disagree with this based on the fact that the entire eight years that Bush was in office there was either a evenly split Senate, a Democratic Senate, a fairly even House, or a fairly evenly divided House. So the democrats bear some of the blame. But that is not the issue I am writing about. The issue is what would a President Obama be? Would he stand up against his party or would he be just another rubber stamp on the socialist agenda?

There is no doubt Obama desires to institute Socialism. He said as much himself when he told "Joe the Plumber" he doesn't wish to punish success but rather spread the wealth around. This is a basic tenet of Socialism. Today Barney Frank said he sees nothing wrong with increasing taxes. Charles Rangel proposed increasing the gasoline tax by .50c a gallon. Will Obama rein in spending or allow the largest increase in taxes we have ever seen? There is no doubt Obama will raise taxes on every citizen. Obama and the Democrats will allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. This will in fact raise taxes on all tax paying Americans. Obama backs an increase in the gasoline tax. The gasoline tax is a regressive tax meaning those that can least afford the tax increase are forced to pay the most. Charles Rangel can't even pay his own taxes but yet demands more of Americans hard earned money.

What about the Congress leadership? Will Obama stand up to someone like Jack Murtha and demand his pork barrel spending be curbed? Or will it be quid pro quo? No Obama will not dare stand up against his own party. There will be a Democratic Congress. Some pundits have said the Democrats could have a super majority. Speaker Pelosi claims there will be 250 democratic house members. Do we really believe that Obama will really be in charge?

No, Obama will be nothing more than a rubber stamp of the most liberal and socialist agenda ever known in America. Obama will be but a footnote in history. Obama will become nothing but a figurehead of the Democratic Party. There is no way Obama would dare stand up to his own party. The majority would be too large. In the end Obama will turn out to be nothing more than the second Carter term. The exact same thing happened to Carter. The main difference is that Carter was not as liberal as most of his party. Obama is more liberal than most of his party. When Obama turns out to be a figurehead for the Democratic Party and fails to lead America, will turn against Obama. The factors in this election dictate that at least for two years Obama will be nothing more than a mouth piece for the socialist agenda. America can not afford two years of a failed socialist experiment.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Powell, A Convenient Uncle Tom

Colin Powell, known as Uncle Tom when he served as Secretary of State during the first G.W. Bush administration, Sunday endorsed someone for President. You may ask yourself: is this the same Colin Powell who sat in front of the UN Security Council and assured us that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction just before the US invaded Iraq? Why yes it is. And you may ask yourself: is this the same Colin Powell who was denounced by liberal intellectuals such as Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover as an Uncle Tom? Why yes it is. And you may ask yourself: why is the media and the liberal establishment suddenly embracing this man they so happily vilified only a few short years ago?

Well the answer is this: Powell, aka Uncle Tom, endorsed Barack Obama for President. It all makes sense now doesn't it? The media and many liberals are now touting Powell's endorsement as lending credibility to Obama. This is the same man Belafonte called a "house slave" when he was in Bush's cabinet. Now all seems forgiven, all Powell had to do was climb aboard the Obama bandwagon. I wonder if that would have worked for Nixon too?

How quickly people forget, and that is why Powell's endorsement of Obama means so little, even though the media would like to paint it as a major blow for the McCain campaign. There is a large segment of the population who if asked, would have a difficult time naming the current Vice President of the United States. There are even more who would be unable to name the current Secretary of State, much less anyone who held that position in the past. The truth is an endorsement from Scarlett Johannsen, Terrell Owens or Jessica Alba carries more weight these days than any endorsement Powell has to give.

Colin Powell served as an officer in the US Army for over thirty years, he did two tours of duty in Vietnam. Powell retired as a four star General, and was the first African American selected as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As JCS Chairman he played a major role in developing US military startegy during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Hardly accomplishments that would endear him to most Obama supporters.

This honorable man, who was once subjected to some of most vile racist slurs from fellow Blacks because he chose to serve his country in George Bush's administration, should have thought twice before making any public endorsement. He should not allow himself or his good name to be used by the same loathsome liberals who so terribly slandered him only a few years ago.

Obama: Something is Going On

Barack Obama is leaving the campaign trail to go to Hawaii. I must wonder what is going on. Obama is under a tremendous amount of stress to come up with a vault version of his birth certificate. There is an internet rumor that Michelle Obama made some very disparaging remarks towards "white America" by calling them racists. There is the rumor that Obama still is an Indonesian citizen with an Indonesian passport. There is Rumor that a fellow Congressman Eni Faleomavaega went to Indonesia in 2007 for the sole purpose of "acquiring any and all documentation or photographs of a young Barry Soetoro". Now as the National and State Polls begin to close Obama decides he has to go to Hawaii. Why?

Obama says it is because his grandmother is seriously ill. If this cover is true I wish Barack well and will gladly send my condolences. However something fishy is going on here. Why would the power hungry Obama leave the campaign trail at the most inopportune time? This sudden "my grandmother is ill" act does not pass the sniff test. There has been nothing about this from the Pathetic Pawns (MSM). It came up rather sudden without any forewarning. It sure seems to me that something is going on and it is more than concern for Obama's grandmother. Obama is under a tremendous amount of pressure to release a vault copy of his birth certificate. There are no less than 4 lawsuits against Obama and/or Secretaries of State concerning the legitimacy of Obama. Now all of a sudden with polls closing Obama has to leave the campaign trail and has his own VP choice undermining his candidacy. Is Obama trying to intentionally throw this election knowing he can not hide his past forever? Only time will tell but the story does not pass the sniff test.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

National Polls Tightening; State Polls to Follow

Conservatives and Republicans should not give up in this fight to the end. The polls are tightening and the state polls have historically lagged the national polling in this election cycle. Last week Obama was leading by 7 or eight points. Real Clear Politics showed as a high water mark of an 8.4% average of the polls for Obama. Today there is a 5.3% difference for Obama. There is also a poll out of Ohio that shows McCain +1. As long as McCain can stay on message and keep Obama in defend mode McCain can and will pull this out. Remember Obama was leading Clinton by 10 points over the last weekend in New Hampshire and still managed to lose. As long as McCain can keep the polls moving towards him in the last couple of weeks there is a good chance that the remaining undecided move decidedly in McCain's direction.

Late undecided's of a history of backing the established candidate on foreign policy related issues. This was true in 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000, and 2004. Perhaps this why Colin Powell decided to endorse Obama this late in an election. Powell promised not to endorse anyone earlier in this election cycle but broke that promise today. It could be that Obama knows the polls are closing and undecided's historically move against the inexperienced candidate. For all any knows Obama paid Powell off with some of the ill gotten campaign contributions. We probably will never know.

The point is that the pathetic pawns (MSM) are attempting to demoralize the Republicans and suppress voter turnout on the conservative side. The have been busy pushing this race as being over for the past two weeks. The pathetic pawns pushed the Obama talking point that McCain needed a knockout during the last debate. They are pushing hard for the idea that McCain needs a game changer. Well McCain was provided the game changer in "Average Joe". The pathetic pawns attacked "Average Joe" as not being properly vetted. Imagine for a second would anyone vet an Average Joe private citizen simply for asking a basic question. Obama answered that question with his socialist agenda. Yes folks a basic tenet of Socialism is to "spread the Wealth". This was a major slip. The Pathetic Pawns went nuts trying to steer the conversation towards the credentials of a private citizen who was guilty of nothing more than exposing their chosen candidate. Believe me the polls are closing.

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Conservatives must keep the faith. Everyone must get out and vote and not sink to the feeling that all is lost. If everyone votes and McCain loses so be it. America will suffer through an Obama Presidency for the next few decades. However, if voters listen to the pundits and not their conscience America will have no one to blame but themselves. Remember the pundits are not really mentioning a closing of the national polls. Right now they are hanging their hat on Sate polls. The problem with doing that is forgetting that the State polls have lagged behind the national polls this election cycle. McCain can win this if every one currently on the McCain wagon keeps the faith.

Powell Is Independent Not a Republican

I have a deep respect for Colin Powell. Powell is a true American hero that came from the streets to be Secretary of State. Powell was a 4 star General that prosecuted the first gulf war. Powell came out and said he is a republican. I really have to disagree with him on this point. Powell is a moderate Independent.

Today Powell said Obama was a transformational leader. This may be true the question is not whether or not change is coming to America that is obvious. The real question is what exactly is that transformation going to do for our country. I believe both candidates have change in mind for the country. McCain will transform the way Washington does business. A McCain presidency will be all about middle America. Obama on the other hand will be all about silencing dissent and turning towards Socialism. Both are transformational but which way will do America right.

There is no Republican that should ever vote for Obama. A vote for Obama is a vote for the most liberal agenda America has ever seen. I have read that an Obama presidency will take us back to depression era increases in government. I really beg to differ with that analysis. Obama will enact even larger increases in government than the 1930's would have ever dreamed. This is the great shame of our country that is represented by Obama. A true Republican would never even consider a vote for the largest increase in government takeover.

So while I will always respect Colin Powell he should stop saying he is a Republican. Powell said he could not support another candidate that would move the Supreme Court to the right. Does that sound Republican to anyone? This endorsement is not pay back as some would suggest. This is just another independent that has decided to hang his hat with the most socialist candidate America has seen placed forwward by a major political party.

Obama Staffers Commit Voter Fraud

This is a developing story on voter fraud in Ohio. We must call on the Ohio Attorney General to now bring either a criminal prosecution or lawsuit against the Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. The Republican suit was ruled on by the Supreme Counrt not on the merits of the case but rather on standing. I firmly believe that if the attorney general brings a suit the Supreme Court would rule on the merits. After this bit of voter fraud information there is little doubt that ACORN and Obama are behind the largest fraud in American politics.

Obama campaign staffers that temporarily settled into Franklin county Ohio not only registered to vote but actually voted. Many of these staffers are Rhodes Scholars that have already moved back to Oxford with no intention of ever returning. Now the Attorney General says these Rhodes Scholars may have misinterpreted that law. I find this hard to believe that a campaign staffer and Rhodes scholar simply did not know that they should not be voting from a temporary residence. A temporary residence setup solely for the purpose of electing Obama. This is outright voter fraud committed by Obama, Obama Staffers and ACORN. There is no doubt Obama is intentionally attempting to steal this election.

Obama's Radical Allies Run Long and Deep

The left meme as of late has been that Obama will work across the Aisle and heal a divided AMerica. Just today on ABC the panel discussed how Obama was going to be like Ronald Reagan and work from the center. There are a couple of problems with this theory. Here is what the propaganda wing (MSM) of the Obama campaign refuse to tell America.

First and foremost is the fact that we had a divided government when Reagan took office. Congress was controlled by the Democrats and this necessitated working across the aisle. Reagan was a master at this because he would vet his pet projects through the American people ensuring the passage of these projects. Reagan did not have the conservative leadership ruling the congress filling every bill with a conservative agenda. He had to work and compromise in an effort to rule the country from the middle. There is no doubt that Reagan succeeded in uniting a divided country in 1980. America was still licking its wounds after the Vietnam debacle. Our economy was a mess and America was tired of 4 years of government that had unchecked power in Washington. Between 1976 and 1980 we had a liberal court, a liberal congress, and a liberal president. This was a miserable failure and Reagan brought the checks and balances into play. Obama will be more similar to Jimmy Carter. Obama will have a friendly congress and if just one conservative or moderate Court member retires we will have a liberal court yet again. (This court is a moderate court with many cases being resolved 5-4 one way or the other.) Obama will not be another Reagan no matter how much the liberals would like to portray Obama as the lefts answer to Reagan. The Reid, Obama, Pelosi wing will take over the government and be left unchecked.

Second Obama allies do not come from a center position. William Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist. Now Obama would like us to believe that Ayers was "just a guy in the neighborhood" but the truth is that Obama not only sat on two boards with Ayers but they shared office space. Not only did Obama share office space with an unrepentant terrorist but also with a radical communist. The radical maoist is named Mike Klonsky. Obama has been funneling tax payer dollars in to the likes of Ayers, Klonsky, and ACORN. These are all radical allies that Obama has been in bed with. These are not merely associations as Obama would like us to believe but rather his allies. How does Obama move from coddling domestic terrorists, fraudulent non profit organizations that are really front group for the democratic party, communist, socialists, racists, and other groups that are not just left of center but left on 95% of America to ruling across the Aisle? It will be impossible.

Obama is not the liberal answer to Ronald Reagan. Obama will set race and gender relations back a century in this country. One might ask how? The answer is simple. Obama will allow a liberal court legislate from the bench, Obama will allow Pelosi and Reid to hi jack the agenda and turn away from bi-partisanship, and Obama will allow his radical allies to shape his agenda. When all of this happens Obama will be exposed for the weak radical candidate that he is and America will again look down upon minority candidates as being unable to lead. Obama will lose control and the country will move markedly towards socialism. America will come to her senses and throw the socialists out at some later date but the people that will be hurt are the minorities.

Let there be no doubt that Obama's true allies are from the extreme far left. None of his allies are main stream. There is no way the meme that Obama will lead from the center and be the liberal second coming of Reagan. The facts surrounding this election are not the facts that brought Reagan into office. I know the press has already announced Obama as the winner. They wish now to build him up now into being something Obama is not. Obama is not a uniter he is a divider that will ruin any progress we have made in race relations. There are stil

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama: Patriotic?

Barabck Obama claims he is patriotic yet refuses to place his hand over his heart during he playing of the National Anthem. Biden claims it is patriotic to to pay higher taxes yet Obama cancels the playing of the National Anthem during a campaign stop in an effort to have one more speaker speak highly of Obama. Are these the making of someone that is patriotic?

Obama sits at a dinner table with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers and claims to be a patriot. Ayers and his unrepentant terrorist wife made and set bombs that killed their fellow Americans. Ayers that his only regret was that they did not do it enough. This regret is far from the patriot Nathan Hale who said his only regret wwas "that he had but one life to live for his country".

Obama sits in the pews of an anti American pastor. The United Trinity Church spewed hatred and disgust towards their fellow Americans. Obama listened to this hatred and racism for twenty years. Then Obama has the audacity to lie about it sitting in the pews by saying "This is not the Reverend Wright I once knew". Obama also categorically denied these statements were true until video proof of his pastors comments were made public. Is it patriotic to sit in the pews and listen to a Pastor spreading hate and discontent towards fellow Americans?

So Biden says it is patriotic to pay higher taxes. Yet Biden gives less that 1% of his income to charity to help his fellow Americans. Biden say it is patriotic to pay higher taxes yet allows his friend and colleague Charles Rangel to not pay any taxes. Is this the patriotism Obama is known for?

Obama says he would refuse to wear an American flag pin on his lapel. He says it would demean the meaning of thise that sacrificed making our country free. Yet when that stance became politically incorrect he wore on proudly. Obama only wears this pin when it is politically convenient. Is this his patriotism?

Obama has said he would surrender all of our gains in Iraq and the middle east. His policies will destroy the American image as a strong defender of democratic principles in an effort to appease the likes of Iran and Venezuela. Obama has said he would stop funding future combat systems for our military. This would be offset in his plans for building a community organization (ACORN) guilty of crimes against America. Obama has said he wishes to increase domestic spending by instituting a civilian corps. This corps is supposed to be as strong as our military. I must wonder if the intent is to shut down anyone that would dare dissent against Obama? After all Obama and his supporters have shut down as much dissent as possible. They have colluded and shut down Anti Obama blogs. They colluded and smeared Palin with Lies. They smeared Philip Berg because of a lawsuit questioning Obama's citizenship. They smeared Joe the Plumber because Joe had the audacity to question Obama on taxes. I find this smear almost hilarious. It is hilarious because the the Obama campaign and suppoters are saying "Joe is not his real first name", "Joe is not a registered or licensed plumber", "Joe has a lien for back taxes". None of these things really matter because the outrage is not at Joe for the question he asked but at Obama for the way he answered it. Obama said he did not want to punish Joe's success but rather spread the wealth around. This is a socialist mindset. Now that we are believing Obama is a socialist the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) are trying to say calling Obama a Socialist is racist. Is this the patriotism Obama believes in?

We as a country will lose many of our freedoms under Obama. We will have the truth police silencing dissent all over this country. We will appease the terrorists because well it is easier that way. It will become un-American to wave a flag or show support for our military. It will become Un-American to have civil dissent. In short Obama will represent a government that will greatly curtail our individual freedoms. Obama will silence dissent and curtail our freedoms; Obama in short will become a dictator. This is not patriotism.

Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain Defends Average "Joe"; Obama Mocks Him

John McCain displayed his compassion for middle class America today; while Obama and Biden both mocked the middle class. Obama and Biden are elitists that believe only government bureaucrats are smart enough to spread the wealth around; while McCain and Palin believe in American ingenuity. Which candidate is ready to lead America into the future?

On Wednesday night John McCain brought up "Joe the Plumber". This showed that McCain truly believes in middle America. Obama met "Joe" earlier last week, Obama dismissed him and said "spread the wealth". Now to be sure this was a question regarding taxes on small businesses. Obama believes in taxing small businesses. To Obama the middle does not matter. The only thing that matters is a marxist philosophy and redistributing income. Let there be no doubt about what exactly Obama intendeds to do. He plans on "punishing ingenuity" and rewarding "incompetence and laziness".

It is the same tired old equality and fairness debate. McCain wants to level the playing field and allow everyone to compete for their piece of the pie. Obama desires to create class equality by rewarding the sick, the lame, and the lazy all the while punishing the those that use rudimentary human instincts to compete. McCain is a philosophy of rewarding those that compete while providing a helping hand to those that are unable to compete due to an uneven playing field. Obama desires to punish the successful ones and giving away their success. McCain will instill confidence in America. Obama will stop America dead in its track.

Obama's showed a sincere lack of understanding when he openly mocked and attacked average Joe. Average Joe has desires to improve his station in life. Average Joe intended on purchasing a business that would have created jobs. But Obama does not really wish for Americans to have jobs. A lack of jobs is what happens when you give income away to people that did not earn that income. There is no incentive to go out and improve yourself in an effort to better compete when Obama plans on giving people additional income for nothing. Let us not forget the following saying: Nothing is free and and life is not fair. These two sayings are relevant and very true for this election. America will pay a heavy price under Obama's tax giveaway plan. Americans will suffer through a downturn in economic power in effort to level the playing field and we will be forever a weaker country.

Obama Campaign Tactics: Smears, Lies, and Racism

Barack Obama can not win this election on merit; he is forced to wage a campaign of smears, lies and Racism. Additionally, the Obama propaganda wing (MSM) is complicit in this campaign and will say or do anything to get their chosen one elected. "Joe the Plumber" was attacked by the Obama surrogates and the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) because he is not a registered or licensed plumber. The Obama campaign, his surrogates, and the Pathetic Pawns have interjected race in to this campaign at every turn. The Pathetic Pawns smeared Sarah Palin with outright lies and rumors. Obama lied about his ties to William Ayers. Obama lies about cutting taxes on 95% of workers. Obama lies about John McCain's health care plan. Obama lies about his ties to ACORN. The 2008 election will be yet another election where the 4th Estate attempts to steal an election from the people.

In 2000, the Pathetic Pawns interjected themselves into the election process in an attempt to steal the election for Al Gore. The pathetic Pawns called Florida for AL Gore 70 minutes before all the polls in Florida closed. This disenfranchised many voters in the panhandle of the State of Florida. The Pan handle historically votes heavily Republican. By calling the State before the polls closed many of these potential voters decided to eith stay home and not cast a vote believing it did not matter or decided to vote for Gore because the desired to vote for the winner. When Florida was wrongly called for Gore it effectively ended the Whitehouse dreams of George Bush. With many Western States still voting many more disenfranchised voters decided to stay home because their candidate just lost the election. Many more cast a vote for Gore because they wished to vote for the winner.

In 2004, Dan Rather published a story based on forged documentation. Every other media outlet jumped on the story and never bothered checking for facts. As far as the Pathetic Pawns were concerned the forged documents were inconsequential. Dan Rather went as far as saying it did not matter that the evidence was forged because he believed the story to be true. This sentiment is the same as Campbell Brown when she told the NYT that she should be allowed to peddle her opinion because she knows the truth.

Now in 2008, the pathetic pawns push every Obama lie as truth, push their own lies as they did in Scranton with the cries of "Kill Him" that were proven false by the secret service. The Pathetic Pawns smear anyone that is anti Obama. The Pathetic Pawns smeared Palin by spreading unfounded lies about her children. They dug into Governor Palin with reckless abandon. They dug into the background of "Joe the Plumber" until they found out that his real name is not Joe. His middle name is Joseph. They dug and found that their was a lien against his property for not paying taxes (I wonder why they leave Charles Rangel the tax man alone when he doesn't pay taxes). The dug until they found Joe is not a registered plumber. They claim McCain did not "Vet" "Joe the Plumber". "Joe the Plumber" asks an innocent question as a private citizen and gets smeared by the pathetic pawns.

Obama has direct ties to ACORN yet the Pathetic Pawns refuse to call him on this association. Obama is complicit in voter fraud and the media let it go. The claim is that ACORN was guilty of registration fraud. Tehy claim the names were fictitious and would never be allowed to vote. I only ask what about the young man that claims ACORN pressured him into registering 73 times. The registered voter was registered under his name at three different addresses. There is a real possibility this guy could go out and vote three times. How you might ask? Well with common names it is easy. It is more than plausible that a "Thomas Wagner" could live at three different addresses because there really are three different Thomas Wagnner's in the city.

Obama has direct ties to William Ayers. The pathetic pawns refuse to vet Obama on this issue. There are many claims that Ayers is the author of "Dreams of my Father". Obama says Ayers is a guy in his neighborhood when in reality the Ayers relationship is much closer. The One is spouting lies and the media is perpetuating it. Obama smeared both McCain and Palin and claimed that Ayers should be off limits becasue the unrepentant terrorists committed his henous acts when Obama was 8 years old. Obama claimed to have believed Ayers was "rehabilitated". Could there be any bigger lie?

Obama spreads racism. Obama sat in the pews of a racist Pastor for over twenty years. Then has the audacity to say he never heard the racists rants by his pastor and that Wright today is not the Wright he once knew. Yet the meme is that if McCain attacks Obama over Wright that would be racist. African Press International wrote a post concerning a call Michelle Obama to them regarding poor news coverage from them (I do not necessarily believe API but it should not be outright dismissed as the have stuck to their story and say they are setting up to release the audio tapes as proof.). The Obama surrogates have tried to discredit and smear API. The Pathetic Pawns dismissed this story as false without ever lifting a finger to find out the true facts. The story may be proven false but until it is I believe the Pathetic Pawns have a responsibility to find out the facts and not smear another news organization outright.

John Lewis played the race card last week and yet it was McCain that took the lumps as being the racist. McCain stood up to his supporters and told them to tone down the rhetoric. Obama on the other hand cheers on the racist rants and radical actions of his supporters.

So this election comes down to a campaign surrounding Smears, Lies, and Racism. These are facets of politics that have been taboo yet this time they are the only tactics Obama is capable of. Main Stream America is not socialist. The "Spread the Wealth" philosophy of Obama is really unpopular so instead of focusing on the Socialist agenda Obama resorted to gutter politics. Yet his enablers in the MSM claim it is McCain that is guilty of gutter politics. What a shame that the 4th Estate has become nothing more than the liberal left propaganda machine. They are complicit in this mess and will become nothing more than TASS.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Won

The big question after each of the debates has been "who won?". Only time will tell who actually wins in any debate. In this debate I believe John McCain won the actual debate. However, this will be spun that Obama fought the debate to a draw and therefore won. There is a huge problem with that philosophy.

The "Who Won?" question is not really the right reaction immediately after a debate. This is because initial reactions of a debate are based on emotion. Emotion will tend to yield very mixed results. This was displayed effectively on the post debate talk with a independent focus group on fox news. The group of twenty three undecided independents tended to believe Obama won the debate. However as the discussion went on the group spoke more highly of John McCain. Now only for people made up their mind and moved towards Obama but I would venture a guess that tomorrow morning after those 23 people digest what they heard some will move toward McCain based on the discussions of this focus group.

The right question that needs to be analyzed is more appropriately "Who was better able to get their message out?" It is for this reason I believe McCain won. McCain was very effective at putting Obama on the defensive. Obama was on the defensive with his radical connections, Obama was on the defensive on his tax giveaway plan, Obama was defensive on his education plan, Obama was defensive on his extreme abortion philosophies. McCain played offense tonight. Now I am sure he did not attack enough to knock Obama down but he definitely won on points. John McCain was able to get his message out this this election is not about George Bush it is about the difference between reforming Washington or changing political parties in Washington. John McCain was able to stick the big liberal spender tag on Obama. Additionally, McCain had a classic moment calling Obama "Senator Government". No the media was saying this was a slip. It may have been a slip but nonetheless was an effective comment that really got the point across that Obama will squeeze every penny he can out of all Americans and enact the biggest increases in government expenditures in the history of our country.

In the end, the "Who Won?" question will be resolved. The MSM will go back after the election and put the picture together of what in the debates swayed opinion. In 2004, the MSM declared Kerry won all three debates leading up to the election. After the election they found that their opinions were not accurate. They found that Bush was more effective at getting his message out. In the end Bush effectively held his own in all three debates and was able to sway more undecideds.

I think the same thing will happen this year. After the election when the pundits go looking for answers on why someone won or lost I believe they will find McCain won all three debates. Now I'm not saying McCain is going to win this election. What 'm saying is that when this is investigated for how the three debates swayed voters they will find McCain was effective getting his message out.

Once the emotion of the night wears off and people use logic to evaluate the performances McCain will come out the winner. It will probably be close but McCain was able to paint Obama into the liberal corner while Obama was unable to place McCain in the Bush corner. McCain did win but was it enough to move the polls. We will wait for that answer but on points McCain won.

Obama: Liar, Cheat, Fraud, and Thief

Barack Obama has shown that is nothing but a flim flam man. Obama is a snake oil salesman with zero ideas. Obama has shown that he will stoop to new lows just to win an election and stroke his ego. Obama claimed Republicans would play the race card. When the Republicans refused to take the bait, Obama and his propaganda wing (MSM) played the race card anyway. Obama paid ACORN $830,000 to cheat and commit felonies in obvious voter fraud. Obama plans on stealing an election that he may not even be qualified for. Obama is a proven liar, cheat, fraud, and thief.

Yesterday as yet another State started investigating ACORN, Obama engaged in a preemptive strike. Obama said the Republicans are engaging in attack politics and attempting to tie Obama to an organization (ACORN) that he once work with "13 years ago". Obama must have forgotten that in the spring of 2008 he gave ACORN $830,000 to get out the vote for him. This is not 13 months ago let alone 13 years ago. ACORN has systematically destroyed the voter registration process many States. Not only is ACORN registering fictitious names but they are registering people multiple times. Not only are they registering multiple times but they are registering with different addresses. In many of the battle ground states there are reports that over 50% of the ACORN new registrants are fraudulent. This is voter fraud that Obama is lying about; Obama is stealing fraudulent votes.

What about Obama's birth certificate lawsuit? Obama has resorted to stalling tactics. These tactics are usually associated with someone that is hiding something rather than being the actions of someone with nothing to hide. There are currently two lawsuits concerning Obama and his birth certificate. One comes from Philip Berg. The Obama campaign and his trolls are attempting to discredit Berg as being a lunatic. However now there is another lawsuit coming from Washington State. I wonder if this is just another lunatic? However, the real question is the following: Why won't Obama just release his long vault copy of the birth certificate? What is he hiding? Could it be that he was not born in the United States? Could his birth certificate show he was born in Kenya? The answer is probably that the certificate will show that Obama was a late registrant. This means that Obama was not born in a hospital, otherwise the birth registration would not have been a late registrant. This would mean that Obama and his campaign are lying when they say he was born in a hospital. Obama would have had to been born at home with perhaps a mid wife or perhaps he really was born in Kenya and immediately upon returning to Hawaii from Kenya, Obama's mother registered him late. This is why the long version or vault copy of the birth certificate is so important. If it was a late registrant the credentials of Obama would be called into question because of the mystery that surround him. In this example Obama is living a fraud. He is again lying about something by hiding the truth. Obama is trying to steal an election that he is unqualified for.

There is a story in African Press International that claims Michelle Obama contacted them and whined incessantly about white racists and bribing the African Press with an inauguration invite if only they write a positive story about Obama. This reporting may turn out to be false. However, today shows the great lengths Obama will go to in an effort to silence dissent. Obama champions have been busy today attacking the African Press International website. It has been reported that Obama supporters have been spreading viruses in their attacks on the website in an effort to shut it down. These are great lengths to go to in an effort to shut down a website when all that is necessary is for Obama to show a vault copy of his birth certificate. Again Obama is trying to steal this election by silencing any and all dissent.

Obama has consistently lied on his fight the smears website. Before the ACORN fraud hit the propaganda wing (MSM) Obama claimed as fact that he never worked for ACORN and never trained ACORN. These facts had to be changed after they were proven false. When so called facts are proven false this is called lying.

How can anyone trust a man that can not or will not prove his qualifications? How can anyone trust a man that lies about connections and allegiances with unrepentant terrorists? Yes I do mean plural. William Ayers and his spouse are terrorists. Odinga is a terrorist and Obama is an ally of all three. Obama has "paled" around with Ayers (and Ayers may even be the author of on of Obama's books). Obama campaigned for Odinga at tax payer expense. Much like his campaign trip to Europe and Iraq this summer, the trip to Kenya started out as a Senate fact finding mission but ended up being a campaign trip. There is proof Obama actively campaigned for Odinga. Let there be no doubt that Obama is liar, cheat, fraud, and thief.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama: A Day Late and a Deficit Short

Barack Obama finally showed up with a plan spend more dollars in the financial crisis. The crisis started over three weeks ago and Obama is just now coming up with a plan. During the entire crisis Obama sat on the sidelines and clinged to his tax giveaway plan. Obama claimed it was McCain that was erratic but it was McCain providing leadership while Obama rode the pine.

McCain got everyone to the bargaining table and ensured everyone had a voice even though Nancy Pelosi conveniently forgot to tell the Republicans in the house she was having meeting. John McCain was the one that pushed for middle class relief. Where was Obama? He told everyone to call him if needed.

Today Obama released his deficit spending plan for the financial crisis. The problem is that it may have been a day late. Why? Well the markets just rebounded over 11%. The 900+ point gain doubled the previous highest gain ever. It was the fifth best day on the market ever in terms of percentage gain. As more of the bailout money flows into the financial market the better the economy will be.

Obama no longer has the wind fall profits tax to pay for his bailout plan. Obama is offering nothing more than a future of deficit spending. Obama will go further in debt to the Chinese. Obama is proposing over a trillion dollars in new spending. He palns to offset this through increased taxes on those making over $250,000. The problem is that increasing taxes on corporations and people making over $250,000 will only result in lower revenues and higher deficits. Yes Obama is a day late and a deficit short.

2008: Americans Big Loser

Americans will be the big loser this year no matter who wins the Presidency. Our political system has become so corrupt by the career politicians that short of Americans having a revolt at the ballot box we will be doomed to another failed government. The current congress is the most unsuccessful in recent history. It passed fewer bills than any other congress in history. The Congress has a measly 15.8% approval rating. Corruption is the champion of the day.

Look at the scandals from our governmental officials:

1. Tim Mahoney-D-Fl Gave his Mistress $121,000 in hush money
2. William Jefferson- D-LA Caught with bribe money in his freezer
3. Charles Rangel- D-NY Failure to pay taxes
4. Larry Craig- R-ID Sex scandal
5. Ted Stevens R-AK Unlawful Gifts
6. Don Young R-AK- Bribery
7. Allan Mollahan D-WV Bribery
8. Patrick Kennedy- D-RI Drugs, Illegal Donations
9. Chris Dodd- D-CN Incited a bank Run, allowed Bank Of America to write Countrywide bailout, Sweetheart Mortgage deal, Squelched Fannie and Freddie reform

There are others I am sure. Our career politicians are in it for themselves and their rich friends. They all have forgotten that governmental positions are positions of trust. They have all forgotten that they work for average Americans and not the special interest groups. The problem is the two party system without the proper checks and balances. The two parties each have rich contributors that reap the benefits when their candidate or party is in power. We need to send a message that we are fed up with all of the shenanigans. Get rid of all the career politicians this election cycle or we are in for a ride to depths of despair that could take decades to recover from. An Obama presidency coupled with a Democratic controlled Congress will set us up for record spending, record deficits, and record entitlement programs. This path is a socialist/Communist path that we may never recover from. John McCain with the same democratic controlled congress will be more of the status quo. What I mean by that is the media will immediately start attacking McCain. They will say he won because of racism. They will claim America is really a divided country. The Democrats will know the media has their backs so they will be reluctant to work across the aisle for fear McCain will become popular. No need to work with someone that the media will destroy.

A revolt at the ballot box and sending everyone currently in our Congress home will be a dramatic change that would force the changes in government that are needed. America will have taken their government back from the politicians and the 4th estate. We the American people are always relegated to the sidelines after the elections. We have no voice. If we send a strong message to the corruption that has stolen our government from us perhaps Washington would start listening to the people. It would not matter who was President if we were to send this message. The President would work for the American people rather than the special interest groups. Lets take back our country and send the career politicians home.