Sunday, September 28, 2008

BraceletGate: Obama Places Politics Above Honesty

Barack Obama just placed politics ahead of honesty.  Obama disgraced a family, disrespected a fallen hero, disrespected the brave men and women in the service of their country, and disrespected the United States of America.  On Friday night, Obama stated he had the bracelet of a fallen hero just like McCain.  The problem of the bracelet began with Obama not even knowing the name on the bracelet he implied he wore all the time.  Now the real facts are coming out and it seems the bracelet was provided not becasue the family agreed with Obama's position but rather becasue they disagreed with Obama's lose at any cost philosophy and the family wished Obama would take into account the feelings of the families not wanted their children to have died in vain protecting the national security of the US.

It is no wonder that McCain could lay out a heartfelt and touvhing story about the wristband he wears, while Obama offered no story only a "me too" moment.  McCain is not wearing the wristband for political gain.  He is wearing the wristband becasue he understands the sacrifices young Americans are making to ensure our freedoms are maintained.  Obama needed something to offset McCains connection with the patriots of America's sons and daughters so he decided to wear a bracelet that the family asked him not to.  He wore a bracelet and offered a dishonest commentary knowing full well the bracelet was provided becasue the family disagreed with Obama and not becasue they agreed with his failure policies.

Obama is stuck in the past.  He continuously says this was not the right war in Iraq.  That was lost sight of the ball and we needed to stay in Afghanistan.  This my friends is Monday Morning Quarterbacking.  History may show this was an ill conceived war, yet it may also show to be the prudent move.  History will not be able to be written for another 20 years as the results and implications of the Iraqi war begin to take hold.  The problem with Obama is that he refuses to move forward.  Obama things becasue it was wrong to begin with we should commit another wrong and bailout on our responsibilities.  The fact of the matter is that we have responsibilities and are moving forward with a plan the will help with a fledgling democracy.  If Iraq becomes a full fledged democracy by following the current path they are on this war will be viewed kindly by history.  If we bail out on Iraq as Obama is sure to do; history will be unkind to the democrats just as they were during the Vietnam aftermath.

Obama disrespected the service of our heroes.  Obama placed politics ahead of honesty.  The main stream media pathetic pawns need to report on this news. This behavior goes against everything we believe in.  America believes in our heroes.  Freedom is not free.  Obama was dishonest and continuously lies.  Obama is not a leader but a follower.  Even when he follows he has to place dishonest spin to live the fantasy.  This goes to show that Obama will say or do anything to get elected; no matter how dishonest.

McCain Works Bi-Partisan Deal; Obama AWOL

Well the facts concerning last week are coming in. John McCain worked across the aisle and achieved a bi-partisan and bi-cameral bailout bill to reality. Barack Obama stayed away from Washington until the President cajoled him into doing his actual job. Both McCain and Obama have a responsibility for which they are getting paid; which is working as a United States Senator and not running for President. One candidate took his responsibilities seriously while the other phoned it in.

As we look at the bailout we see where McCain's fingerprints are all over it. There is a provision in the bill to set up an oversight board called the Mortgage and Financial Institution Trust (MFI). This will help ensure future instances of corruption are rooted out before they become a problem. John McCain worked with House Republicans and brought them into the process. This after the Democrats conveniently forgot the to call them into the process according to Senator Schumer. Now Pelosi scolded the republicans but the democrats are the ones that failed in their responsibility. There is no doubt that McCain was instrumental in getting this bill to be fair and balanced between the taxpayers who are getting saddled with Democrat driven debt. The Republicans led by McCain ensured there were no golden parachutes for the CEO's of the corrupt Fannie and Freddie organizations. All we need now is for an investigation into the former CEOS and executives including current Obama advisors Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines.

Obama on the other hand was really AWOL. He only came to Washington after the President scolded him and called him back. Obama's plan is to stick with the status quo. Obama's stays with his lie about keeping to his $1000 tax credit. In light of this crisis it is obvious that Obama will not be able to enact a bill like this and keep the US government solvent. We will only borrow more money and go further in debt. Raising taxes on the rich never works. Look at the economies of Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. All of these states have taxed and taxed. They now have over bloated budgets and economies in shambles. This year the US took in record tax receipts. Lowered taxes increase the coffers in government. What we need is less frivolous spending and more fiscal responsibility not increased tax rates in conjunction with tax giveaways. Obama also backed a provision that would have bilked the taxpayer out of another $57 billion dollars. Obama also backed a provision that would have given 20% of any profits to the corrupt Democratic Organizations such as La Raza and ACORN.

There is a huge difference between Obama and McCain. Obama neglects his responsibilities. Obama follows the leader and has zero ideas of his own. Obama was waiting for someone else to develop a plan so he could take credit for the plan later. Obama wants to change which political party controls the oval office. Obama wants to change which corrupt organizations reap the ill gotten benefits from the American government. John McCain works across the Aisle and has shown he will govern from the middle. John McCain took his responsibilities serious and worked a deal in this crisis that protected the middle class and is bi-partisan and bi-cameral. McCain will reform Washington and give the government back to the people. Obama is weak and ineffective, McCain is strong and independent.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McCain Won! But......

John McCain won last nights debate. There is no doubt about it. While the Obama fan club will tout some polls of focus groups these polls were not all that scientific and I saw where 68% of the 400,000 visitors on Drudge say McCain won. The point is that the bar was lowered for Obama just so that he could get across it. Obama even had a memo come out of his campaign that said his supporters should not expect too much. It is a good thing because Obama did not give us much of anything.

Some pundits say it was the most substantive Presidential debate ever. I agree. The problem is that all of the substance came from McCain. All Obama did was agree with McCain and then talk circles around the questions. I thought McCain did a masterful job of painting Obama into a corner. Obama looked fine when he was parroting his talking points but could really offer nothing else. When asked about how the current financial market would affect economic policy, Obama just stated that he was going to implement a tax and spend philosophy. Obama said he would use a scalpel on the budget.

No there is no doubt McCain won. Even the biggest supportes of Obama can only say this benefits Obama simply because Obama had no major gaffes. Is this what we have come to? Our pathetic pawns will push their candidate of choice just so long as he commits no major gaffes? Well if that is the case then there is a big "but" in McCain's win last night.

The big "but" is that McCain needs to do more. Mccain is losing and needs to be more agrresive in his attacks on the biggest liberal in the Senate. McCain needs to be more specific and attack the Obama tax cut plan for what it is a tax giveaway. McCain needs to attack Obama on his opposition to off shore drilling and attack more on the opposition to clean coal and nuclear technology. McCain needs to come across as knowing the economy is in trouble and not only because of the financial crisis. McCain needs to tie the energy and rising food costs to the economy and point out how the democratic policies have destroyed our country. Obama is shallow and works issues in a stove piped fashion. McCain needs to show his depth of knowledge and show the connections and complexities of our economy.

Thus far McCain has not done the heavy lifted for his campaign. It has been his supporters and right wing blogs that have done the heavy lifting. I am not sure what McCain is waiting for but the pathetic pawns will not come to their senses. I know McCain believes he is the media darling of the Republican Party and that maybe true. However in this election cycle the pathetic pawns are bent on destroying the republican party. It is time for McCain to do more of the heavy lifting and take Obama to task for his socialist ideals. Let America know what Obama intends to do if he is elected. There is no doubt our country is on the wrong track. We have moved to far right. America needs to move back towards our ideological center. McCain has always represented that center. Know he needs to fight to show the center of the country he is not a third George Bush. As a country we need an alternative to the far left Obama represents. Hillary Clinton represented an ideological base center left. This would have been appealing and she would be winning this election hands down at this point. McCain needs to show that he can govern from the center. He is the underdog because of party affiliations. McCain needs to show he is the middle of the road candidate the can unite our country. McCain is the only one capable of working across the aisle. Obama has never worked across the aisle.

Let there be no doubt that there will be a democratic controlled congress. There will be no need to work for compromises. Democrats will take this country far to the left and we may never recover from the entitlement programs the democrats will implement. Come on John start doing some of the heavy lifting and win this election. America needs you.

Obama: Disrespectful Of America's Heroes

Last night Barack Obama disrespected the sacrifices of our country's heroes. When Obama tried his "me too" approach to the wristband it failed miserably. John McCain laid out a touching and heartfelt story regarding the wristband of Matthew Stanley. Not to be outdone Barack Obama claimed to have a wristband also. The problem is that Obama could not remember the name on the bracelet. Barack Obama tried to make points with a shameful comment "I have a bracelet to". Poor Obama could not remember who gave him the bracelet let alone tell any type of story about the circumstances surrounding the bracelet.

This is very disrespectful towards the family and mother of the fallen soldier who's wristband Obama wears. The behavior exhibited by Obama was disrespectful of the fighting men and women of our great nation. Obama does not care about the wristband. Obama is trying to get cheap political points by wearing a wristband of someone Obama never supported.

George Bush in 1992 was castigated for looking at his wristwatch. Will Obama receive the same treatment from the pathetic pawns? Will the political pawns castigate Obama for not even knowing the name upon the wristband he bears? Will the mother of Ryan David Jopeck stand up and defend her son now that Obama disgraced her family's name? Will America defend our fallen heroes or allow Obama to give our rights as a sovereign nation away to the United Nations? Let there be no doubt Obama was disrespectful toward our fallen heroes last night. Let there be no doubt that Obama disgraced a grieving family.

2004: Republicans Call for Oversight

In 2004, the Republicans called for more oversight of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Democrats failed to see that the housing bubble was going to burst. The democrats were more interested in making this a political issue. They framed the debate as being the "lynching" of Franlin Raines. The democrats cite the progress of Freddie and Fannie. They continuously say Freddie and Fannie were meeting goals of getting loans into the hands of those who really could not afford the mortgages. I wrote about this in an economics class in 2004. I understood in 2004, while in a Freshman economics class that this housing bubble would cause great harm to our economy. I predicted that by 2006 we would be in serious trouble. I was slightly off in that analysis as it took to 2008 to be in serious trouble. However, I was dead on in the analysis as this mess started its downward spiral in 2006.

In 2005, John McCain sponsored a bill to rein in Freddie and Fannie. McCain wanted more government regulators to ensure our government maintained oversight over our financial institutions. Barack Obama opposed this bill. Obama was too busy taking in huge donations from Freddie and Fannie. In fact Obama has the corrupt CEO's of Freddie and Fannie advising him in housing and mortgage crisis. All of the democrats were against instituting regulations on Freddie and Fannie. The Democrats were drunk on the power of these corrupt organizations. The Democrats goal was to put as many people into houses as possible. This effort to place people in houses regardless of ability to repay did not matter to them. They always knew in the end they would come to the rescue and bail them out. The middle class would have to be responsible and shell out more tax dollars to bail these irresponsible borrowers and irresponsible lenders out. They are getting their wish. The democrats want to pass a $700 billion bail out. Plus the democrats want to add another $53 billion in wasteful tax giveaways. In addition they want to provide the corrupt organization ACORN with 20% of any profits from this bailout. This is a shame. We the taxpayer bails out the Democrats mess and then rather reap the profits we have to turn them over to another corrupt Democratic lobbyist organization. Please watch the Video. It shows the disdain the Democrats have for American and the lengths they will go to protect their corrupt lobbyists.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama: Licking His Wounds

It sure is a good thing that the Obama campaign lowered expectations for his debate performance starting yesterday and leading into the debate because Obama got his clock cleaned. John McCain was able to get the young inexperienced candidate to look immature and childish. All Obama could do was interrupt with bogus claims of "lying" and looks of frustration and despair.

On Iraq Obama keeps looking to the past instead of the future. McCain understands the next president has to look to the future and secure not only victory but also stabilizing a fledgling democracy. Obama stuck to the Monday morning Quarterbacking by saying the war in Iraq was wrong to begin with. The problem is that two wrongs do not make a right and McCain understands that while Obama embraces the idea that because we may have been wrong in the first place we can be wrong and withdraw and maybe it will be right.

Obama said no less than seven times that he agreed with McCain. Well that should be good for McCain because when McCain is President Obama can work with McCain to get needed reforms through a failed Congress. McCain displayed a thorough knowledge of world affairs. Obama tried to talk in circles and had really no coherent thoughts other than his main talking points from his campaign speech.

Yes it is a good thing Obama lowered expectations. Obama got his clock cleaned but because of the lowered expectations maybe Obama got across the finish line. Obama definitely finished dead last but because of lowered expectations. Bottom line McCain had a great night while Obama is going home licking his wounds.

Crisis: Who and What is the Root Cause

There was a lot of finger pointing today over the financial crisis. In my opinion we need to know what the root causes of the problem really are in order to make sure we never have to endure this type of crisis again in the future. I came across this video that really puts this crisis into perspective and places the blame where it squarely belongs. The crisis belongs squarely on the shoulders of our corrupt career politicians. The corrupt politicians have allowed our financial infrastructure crumble. Take a look at this video and vote out any and all incumbents. Bring in a true leader to the presidency that sponsored bills to keep this corrupt behavior from getting out of hand and send the inexperienced corrupt politician home.

Dems Play Games with Bailout Talks

Barack Obama wanted no part of the bailout talks, as is his habit, Obama tried to leave the controversial decisions to other politicians so he could remain free to play both sides of the issue. Mr. Obama, who refused to appear with McCain in a series of Town Hall meetings, attempted to use the Friday debate as a conveinient excuse to stay removed from Washington and far away from the dirty business of these economic discussions.

With many of our financial institutions in ruin, and the economy on the brink of implosion, Obama the professional candidate prefers to stand in front of an adoring University crowd and talk about himself and his ideas. Imagine his shock when McCain suspended his campaign and left for D.C. Obama has stated that the American people deserve to hear how the man who will be President in forty days will handle this mess. Obama also said that a President must be able to do more than one thing. McCain taught Obama an important lesson, a President must be able to prioritize, and that is exactly what McCain did when he stopped campaigning and went back to work. Obama chose words, McCain chose action. Obama chose the easy way out, McCain took on the challenge. That's the difference between a man who has been handed everything in life, and a man who had to fight to survive.

Obama comes back to work like a scolded child, campaigning is his strength, not fixing problems. But good friend Harry Reid is doing his corrupt best to help Obama and hurt McCain. Reid at first called for McCain to return and work on this issue, then when it became obvious McCain was going to call his bluff, Reid shifted gears and said that McCain would inject election politics into the bailout discussions. Reid's plan was to reach a decision on the bailout without McCAin, then McCain would not have been able to claim that he had been part of the process. With McCain now in attendance, the Democrats are forced to hamper the discussion for political purposes, and make McCain look like the bad guy. Business as usual for Harry Reid.

While the economic discussions go on, Reid is trying to use that distraction to extend the ban on shale oil exploration. This ban affects western states where most of the estimated 800 billion to 2 trillion barrels of oil lie in the shale depositories. Reid wants to add the shale ban amendment to a resolution that will keep government functioning while Congress recesses for the November elections. The congressional ban on offshore drilling and shale exploration will expire on September 30th, so if the amendment goes through, the ban on shale exploration will be still be in effect.

It has become obvious that the Democrat's solution to the energy crisis is simply to make Americans change their "habit" of driving cars. They want to close off domestic energy assets, and in so doing, they intend to make the price of gas so high that most Americans simply will not be able to drive their cars. The logic here is once that happens, someone will come up with a viable alternative to oil, and the Democrats will be hailed as protectors of the environment, and the political party that solved the energy crisis. It's all voodoo and black magic, never mind the fact that exploration of domestic oil assets will lower gas prices, ease our dependence on foreign oil, and create thousands of good paying jobs.  Harry Reid can afford pandering to the environmental lunatics, no matter how high gas prices become, he will not be affected. The smarmy Reid is chauffeured around in government supplied vehicles fueled at taxpayer expense.

McCain is probably fighting a losing battle, the Dems will never allow a meaningful outcome of the economic talks as long as McCain is present, even if his involvement is minimal. But McCain should stay in Washington, not only to work on this issue, but to allow Obama to go forward with his plan to appear at Ole Miss tonight. Minus McCain, the debate will transition to a town hall setting. This is Obama's worst nightmare, an unscripted question and answer session with voters. No teleprompter, no fawning media types to feed him softball questions. I'll be watching.




Thursday, September 25, 2008

3:00 am: Who Received The Call

The American economy is currently in the midst of a crisis. Barack Obama says the economy is the worst of our times and may be close to another depression. There is no doubt we are having a crisis in the financial sector and some type of action is a necessity. Yesterday Henry Paulson made a call; who did he call? Not Obama.

In fact even the Senate Majority leader made a call and it was not to Obama either. John McCain got the calls. Reid wanted McCain as did Paulson. It became clear yesterday that the greatest economic crisis since the great depression would not be resolved without the leadership of John McCain. John McCain answered those calls and suspended his campaign. Now this is not the first time John McCain put AMerica ahead of Presidential aspirations. John McCain suspended his campaign and all but canceled he first day of his convention, leaving only necessary tasks to be completed, in order to address a potential disaster in New Orleans.

Obama has had the same opportunities. But when there was a hurricane approaching New Orleans Obama decided to it was more important to campaign in Michigan. Yesterday when it was time to act and unite with McCain in the name of bi partisanship for the good of the country Obama hung the phone up. He told the caller to call back some other time when it was more convenient. Obama said he could do more than one thing at a time. Yet when Bush does similar things by carrying on different tasks and leaves the most important issues of the time to themselves the democrats vehemently complain how out of touch Bush is with the American Public.

There are two instances of where Bush appeared indifferent to our nations problems. The first one was 9/11 where the left wing nut cases say Bush ignored the country by first finishing what he was in the middle of and cutting short a visit with elementary school students. Here is Bush attempting to get some facts and back away from elementary school students gracefully without scaring the young children while dealing with the magnitude of the problem all the while being attacked from the left for not abruptly leaving and scaring the youngsters. The other time was obviously Katrina. According to the democrats Bush should have dropped everything and immediately landed in New Orleans. Bush is out of touch and doesn't care about the citizens of the country the left wing nit cases presume. Yet when Obama does the same thing with the economy yesterday the left believes the messiah is on the right path. It is Obama that is more similar to Bush than is McCain.

McCain was the one that answered the call. Today Harry Reid told McCain to stay away after he called on McCain to come to Washington to reign in the Republicans. Now when it became clear that McCain was going to take a bi partisan approach and do what is right for the country Reid tells McCain to stay away. Why? Simply because Obama doesn't believe this crisis warrants any attention. Obama said "if you need me call me". Well we do not need you Obama. All we need is for you to return your paycheck for performing Senatorial duties for the last two years because you have been AWOL. Reid is upset today because McCain is going to provide leadership. McCain is not simply going to strong arm Republicans but negotiate a deal for America. McCain is not going to sell out his country for a few votes. Obama is hiding and yet again voting present when true leadership is required.

Is this how Obama is going to lead? Will he just sit there and sign Bills into law without providing the leadership necessary to shape them? If the answer is as it appears than Obama will only be a figure head that accomplishes nothing. This is the type of behavior the democrats have accused the Bush administrations. The Republicans would just rubber stamp everything without really looking out for the country. Obama is closer to being a third Bush term then would McCain. McCain has a history of bi partisanship. McCain will lead the country. Obama is the partisan hack that has zero leadership skills. The choice could not be clearer: Do we want the one that answers the crisis calls or the one that tells the crisis caller to call back when it is more convenient.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Country First vs Me First

The Nation is in a crisis. Our economy is on the verge of failure. The financial infrastructure is in meltdown mode. We have high energy costs. We have unemployment climbing. We have a government intent on destroying our country. There is partisan bickering going on in Washington and no one willing to stop the madness and bring the parties together to resolve our issues except for one. There is only one government official even attempting to put partisan politics aside for the good of the country and that is John McCain.

Many Obama backers are saying this is a political stunt. This is a lie and the left wing freaks know it. The last presidential candidate to skip a presidential debate was Jimmy Carter and the results were disastrous. McCain is taking all of his ads off the air and has suspended his campaign at his own risk. McCain has decided that fixing our economic issues are more important than winning an election. Obama taken the "Me First" approach. Obama refuses to suspend his campaign and refuses to return to Washington until everyone else works out a plan. Then and only then will Obama come to the table to take credit for a plan he has nothing to do with.

John McCain did not ask to cancel the debates; he asked to reschedule the debates. Obama has decided he would not allow a reschedule and will show up to the debate to further his partisan politics. I thought Obama wanted to unite the country? Are these partisan ideals uniting the Country? I think not. Obama is all about himself.

Obama has shown he is incapable of developing his own plans. He is waiting for someone else to develop a plan that he can take credit for. McCain is showing leadership and no doubt will do what is right for the country. Just another fine example of one candidate taking actions to prove his words while the other canddate only offers words. The choice could not be clearer Obama will say anything to get elected. He is the "me first" approach. John McCain puts country first.

Obama Is Hiding Something

What is Obama trying to cover up? Let there be no doubt that he is hiding something. Over the summer Obama's qualifications for the Presidency were called into question. In late August a lawsuit was filed questioning Obama's credentials. The response to the original inquiries and the lawsuit are evidence that Obama is indeed hiding something. I'm not saying he is ineligible; no I'm saying there is something in Obama's past that he is attempting to hide.

This summer when the questions first arose that perhaps Obama was not eligible to become President, Obama released a certificate of live birth. However, Obama did not release this certificate of live birth to the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) or through the FEC, or through any official channels. No, Obama released it though the daily Kos and his own fight the smears website. The fight the smears website is not the official Obama campaign website. Now this certificate of live birth became questionable. It appeared that it may have been faked or forged. So now we have a questionable certificate of live birth released through a questionable source and we are just expected to let go of the issue. The Pathetic Pawns are not paying attention to any of this and just accept that Obama is eligible. The Pathetic Pawns refused to even investigate or demand evidence of eligibility.

The late last month a lawsuit was filed by a Pennsylvania lawyer. Today was the due date to answer the lawsuit. Obama decided not to bother himself with submitting documents proving his eligibility. No, Obama decided to file for dismissal on technicalities. Obama and the DNC are refusing to come clean or show the required proof of eligibility. The constitution is clear on the eligibility requirements and Obama has failed to provide the necessary documentation through legitimate sources. The begs the question: What is Obama hiding?

Could he be hiding his real birth place? Perhaps not Honolulu but in a foreign country?

Could he be hiding that he lost his eligibility when he became a citizen of another foreign country? He did live in Indonesia with his mother.

Could he be hiding his religious identity? He was enrolled in a school that listed his religious faith as Muslim on the registration.

Could he be hiding evidence of who his father really was? Maybe he was born to Soertoro and really is not a natural born citizen.

We as a voting public must demand that Obama come clean. There is no reason that Obama can't show the world the documents necessary to prove his eligibility. The Pathetic Pawns need to investigate and come clean with us. They have a responsibility to be objective. We will know shortly if they have any sense of duty or if they truly are as corrupt as the politician they support. Let there be no doubt that Obama's actions regarding this issue are not honorable. These actions are not the actions of someone with nothing to hide. These actions come from the criminal mind and from people with something to hide.

2008: MSM Establishes Race Narrative

All year the head to head heats in the presidential election show Barack Obama underperforming the generic candidate heats. The Pathetic Pawns, the Liberal Left hate websites, and the Democratic National Committee are having difficulty understanding the dynamics of this election cycle.

Going into the 2008 election cycle, this was shaping up to be a democratic landslide. The pathetic pawns shaped the race in this light ever since the 2006 election cycle. During early polling when there were 8 candidates running, the pathetic pawns inquired to the satisfaction of the candidates. The pathetic pawns stated emphatically that the overwhelming majority of Democrats were excited by their choices while the Republicans seemed dissatisfied with their choices. The pathetic pawns pushed this meme throughout the primaries. The pathetic pawns always assumed that the democrats would back any candidate on the democratic ticket no matter who was selected and the republicans would remain frayed.

When the primary season started to drag out with no clear favorite in the Democratic Party nomination process, the pathetic pawns ignored John McCain who was actively attempting to heal the wounds and scars within the Republican Party. The pathetic pawns kept pushing the meme that the Democrats were satisfied and happy with their choices. They made it clear that party unification was absolutely going to happen no matter who won the nomination.

This summer when Obama failed to close the deal, the press started blaming the Clinton Democrats. While Obama was the clear favorite and the polling internals showing Obama having a clear cut edge, the poll numbers still showed Obama in a dead heat with McCain. Obama recognizing his issues with closing the deal, played the race card every time the polls started closing the gap. Obama made statements like “they are going to strike fear into the voters because Obama does not look like the other presidents on the dollar bill.” As Obama closed his convention in Denver he was on a high. It appeared that the delegates had finally come home to the Democratic Party. The following day John McCain destroyed Obama’s fantasy world by selecting Sarah Palin as his VP selection.

The Pathetic Pawns and left wing hate sites went into a feeding frenzy. How dare McCain pick a female for the number two slot. The democrats always believed they had the divine right to have the first minority President and the first female President. They were the ones that had been pandering to these groups for so long that according to them it was inevitable that they would be first in both categories. John McCain slapped them down and brought in some reality to the mix. Yes there are female and minority Republicans. Yes minorities and females have leadership qualities and the Republicans recognized this fact. The Republicans do not have token representation they have leaders. The democrats felt they could place forward token representation as figureheads all the while the white male elitists in the party would make all the decisions. This is the reason for the shock and disbelief shown by the Obama campaign, left wing hate sites, and the Democratic Party.

The pathetic pawns are now setting up the narrative in the event that Obama loses. The narrative is going to be that Americans are racist. There was a poll out from AP/Yahoo that showed 25% of the Democratic Party is racist according to their polling results. The pathetic pawns are submitting that there will be a “Bradley Effect”. The meme is that Obama can not lose unless there are some nefarious reasons after all this is shaping up to be a democratic year. The pushing of racial discord does two things for the Obama campaign. First it gets the idea out there to the public that people should vote for Obama because he is a minority; forget the facts that Obama is the least qualified candidate in a century, forget that Obama has socialist ideas that do not sit well with a center right country, and forget that Obama has been sitting idle allowing McCain to develop plans and ideas to solve our nations issues only to later come in and claim the ideas as his own. No there must be some other nefarious reasons for this close election so lets push the race buttons to see if we can garner votes based on pity. Second the Pathetic Pawns are setting the stage for race riots in the event Obama loses in November. After all if Obama loses it will be solely based on his race.

The Pathetic pawns have jumped on the Obama bus. They refuse to properly vet Obama yet feel it is their divine right to smear and bury Sarah Palin. The pathetic pawns have allowed Obama to make this election about two things: race and gender. Obama claims he is being held back by the racists and Obama is trying to run against the Republican VP. I think it is hilarious that the pathetic pawns in the media believe Sarah Palin is more inexperienced than Obama yet Palin is the only person on either ticket that has executive experience. Sarah Palin could not vote “present” on difficult decisions; no she had to make a decision. Obama’s greatest claim to experience is that (in his words) he has run for president for 19 months so he has more experience than Palin. But there is a problem with this logic. John McCain has experience and dwarves Obama in real life experience. The campaign is between McCain and Obama not between Palin and Obama.

It is difficult for the pathetic pawns to understand why their chosen candidate is within the margin of error. They refuse to look into the real reasons and would rather establish the narrative that somehow race will play a part. The real reason has nothing to do with race but rather qualifications and ideas or in the case of Obama the lack thereof. This election will go down in history as the one that destroyed the yellow journalism of the pathetic pawns. The pathetic pawns will become irrelevant after this election and then be left to wonder how this could happen. Our media has lost sight of their central tenet: Remain unbiased and objective in their approach. The pathetic pawns are subjective and push their opinion rather than facts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pathetic Pawns: Feign Outrage

Today Sarah Palin met with world leaders and the Pathetic Pawns decided to play politics and feign outrage. The McCain campaign would not allow reporters with the exception of one editorial person. The media decided to protest this be refusing to report on the event. The pathetic pawns are crying that the McCain campaign is shielding Palin. This is the real outrage. Our pathetic pawns refuse to report news because of the lack of access but it was them that created an atmosphere that warranted the limited access.

The Pathetic Pawns have been attacking Palin ever since she was announced as the running mate of John McCain. The pathetic pawns advanced outright lies produced by the daily Kos. They attempted to smear Palin without investigating. When Charlie Gibson interviewed her he tried to bait her into a gotcha moment. The pathetic pawns have not been fair and balanced to Sarah Palin yet scream bloody murder when their access is limited. How ironic that the pathetic pawns who have set out to destroy Sarah Palin by advancing outright lies and pushing a biased opinion are crying abut being left out in the cold.

The Pathetic Pawns have been much harsher on Palin for VP then they have ever been on Obama the Presidential nominee. Palin has more qualifications than does Obama yet the media pushes lies and gotcha moments in order to destroy her. Why would anyone subject themselves to the unruly, unprofessional, and irrelevant pathetic pawns? Now they will not even report the news because they were limited. The pathetic pawns were not shut out of the visit they were just limited in how many had access. What a shame that our pathetic pawns believe it is more important to feign outrage then it is to report the news. Go ahead and protests pathetic pawns it is you who are out of touch. The pathetic pawns are digging their own grave with their outlandish bias. Good for the McCain campaign. The news will get out with or without the pathetic pawns. Do not let them steal the election. We no longer need a biased and out of touch media.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Death Of A Political Party

Mark this election year as it will make history. No matter who wins this election America will witness the death of a political party. There is no doubt that win or lose the democrats will splinter into two factions. The radicals from the likes of the Daily Kos have hijacked the party and there will be no where for one faction or the other after this election.

Should Barack Obama win this election the country will move too far left. The country is a center right country in poll after poll. Barack Obama is no moderate. Obama is incapable of working across the aisle. Sure he says he is a uniter but the facts are in and he is not uniting his own party let alone the country. Should Obama win he will have to repay the likes of William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and George Soros. None of these individuals is main stream or could even be considered main stream. The Daily Kos would force Obama to move towards communism. There will be no room for Socialism it will move so far left that the moderate democrats will have no choice but to leave the party.

Should Obama lose there will be riots in the streets. The left wing loons will split the party and ransack, pilfer, and loot our cities. The left wing loons will demonstrate but it will not be peaceful. The left wing of the democratic party will split off from the party and form their own party. Let there be no doubt that the democratic party will split should Obama lose.

Win or lose the death of the democratic party is a certainty. The democrats may win this election but they will lose their identity. Obama has no chance no matter the outcome. Even if he wins it would be impossible to govern because the left wing liberals would lead Obama too far left. Obama after all will owe the George Soros/Michael Moore wing of the party. Should Obama lose the democratic coalition will be broken. So long Democratic Party you are witnessing the death of a political party. Maybe after this death spiral our candidates will start governing for America instead of for themselves. No matter what happens America will owe a debt of gratitude to the Democrats. As they self destruct America will rally to the center and our government will return to a government for the people by the people instead of for the elitists by the corrupt politicians.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama: Votes "Present" On Economy

This week the pathetic pawns have hailed Obama on his steady course regarding the economy. Obama's steady course is to allow the administration, Congressional Leaders, and the FED to develop a plan to solve our financial infrastructure crisis. Rather than lead Obama wants to follow. What this really means is that Obama does not have any idea of how to correct our economic course.

Obama is too busy deriding McCain for saying the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Of course this is being taken out of context making the statements by Obama outright lies. What McCain said was actually presidential. What McCain said was that the fundamentals of the economy are strong but we have some major problems that need to be resolved. What McCain said was actually leadership. McCain's words were intended to calm a jittery public and point out that there was work to be done to move the country forward. Obama on the other hand wants to institute the failed policies of the past. Obama is not smart enough to understand that energy is inherently tied to our economy. Even when you search Obama's website we can see just how shallow Obama's knowledge really is. He ties energy to the environment not the economy. If we fix energy we will make drastic improvements in the economy.

John McCain developed a six point plan to resolve the financial crisis. The democrats are attempting to say McCain is incoherent and all over the map. But the truth of the matter is that McCain pushed legislation to reform Fannie and Freddie way back in 2005. Obama voted against the proposal. Why? The fact is that Obama is in bed with the likes of Bank of America; the same bank of America that wrote the bailout of Countrywide. Obama was too busy taking in millions of dollars from CEO's such as Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines to bother with looking out for the country. The democrats have been asleep at the economic wheel for years. Now Obama says he wishes to wait for someone else to develop a plan.

Today on Fox the question was asked "Who has been more Presidential?". The answer could not be clearer. John McCain was in front of this issue since 2005. John McCain is ahead of Obama, ahead of the democrats, and ahead of the republicans. John McCain soothes jittery feelings and remains optimistic. Obama chastises McCain's optimism and remains pessimistic. Obama remains on his steady course of making the rich "Patriotic". Obama touts his tax giveaway as the end all cure all. When Obama is criticized he resorts to the gangland politics. Obama acts like a gang leader. He is thin skinned and has no ideas. When crisis hits Obama follows the leader. When crisis hits Obama votes Present. Obama is weak and ineffective. McCain is strong and optimistic.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama: Lost on Economy

John McCain laid out a comprehensive economic plan yesterday that would move our country forward. Today Obama says McCain is flailing. But the reality is that Obama has no plan to resolve our current financial crisis. Obama even admits he has no plan. As per Reuters "Obama said he would present his own detailed recovery blueprint once the Treasury and Federal Reserve plan is known, as McCain proposed a trust to intervene before financial institutions approach bankruptcy. "

A presidential candidate that would rip into McCain for having a plan while staying on the sidelines s sickening. A presidential candidate that says McCain is panicked for coming up with a plan all the while the chosen One is awaiting for the FED and Treasury to come up with a plan first. Who is displaying leadership? The candidate that presents a comprehensive plan or the one that is waiting for a plan to be developed.

Obama is absolutely lost in the crisis. Obama would like to say McCain is out of touch but Obama is the one having difficulty planning not McCain. I am not saying McCain has the best plan. What I am saying is that having a plan is essential to leading into the future. Waiting for someone else to develop a plan is following. DO we want a leader or a follower? The choice could not be clearer. If America desires a proven reformer capable of providing leadership McCain is the choice. If America desires a follower incapable of developing plans then Obama will get your vote. I am not sure about the rest but I desire someone that can lead and develop a plan for a way forward. Followers should stay home and do the cooking and cleaning for those that can actually make decisions. Obama is weak and ineffective.

Its 3:00 am again: Where's Obama

Another 3:00 am moment has reared its ugly head. Our financial infrastructure is in ruins right now. It has been a long time coming and it is here. The meltdown of Fannie, Freddie,, Lehman Brothers, AIG, and others is a startling reminder of what is wrong in America. The excesses of the 1990's and early 2000's are wreaking havoc on our financial institutions. John McCain has a six point plan to help resolve the crisis. Obama is said to be on the verge. We need leadership not followers. McCain is out front on the crisis providing leadership. Obama is following and is on the verge of developing a plan. Who's out of touch?

The main issues with our economy are high energy costs, foreclosures, and our failing financial infrastructure. Barack Obama and the Democrats derided John McCain for saying "the fundamentals of the economy are strong", but came up with no plan to move us forward. Harry Reid says "no one knows what to do". Obama is saying hey I will tax the rich and give it away. The Democrat led Congress may adjourn without doing anything. John McCain on the other hand recognizes the complexity of the economy and understands that energy, jobs, wall street, and mortgages in crisis are intricately tied. McCain developed a comprehensive plan that will move the country forward. Obama is sticking his head in the sand and hoping this crisis just goes away.

Obama says wages are stagnant. This is not entirely true. The one thing they democrats do was raise the minimum wage. This increase in the minimum wage also raised the wages for the union workers. The August unemployment number jumped to 6.1%. How many unemployed workers are unemployed due to rising direct labor costs? On JUL 24th, 20008, the minimum wage was raised over 10%. This 10% rise in the minimum wage not only increased the hourly wages of minimum wage workers but also union workers. Union contracts have language in the contract that says whenever the minimum wage is increased the union members wages will also raise accordingly. The Democrats should have recognized the economy was on the brink of recession and curtailed or postponed the minimum wage increase? Why you might ask? Just look at the number of jobs in our economy that were lost in August due to rising direct labor costs. The policy of increasing wages is the leading culprit of sending our jobs overseas. Our ability to compete is further eroded and even more jobs in our economy will be lost. This must be the bottom up approach. Let's increase wages to the point no one can work because there are no jobs to be had.

Obama's economic policy is to increase taxes on the wealthy. In return for making the rich "patriotic" in order to give money away to people that do not even pay taxes we as the middle class will be afforded to opportunity to pay even more for our goods and services. We will be forced to support foreign economies because Americans will not be able to purchase American made goods. Increased taxes on the wealthy does two things: Increased taxes creates inflation and creates unemployment. This is due to the rising tax costs being passed on to the consumer and cutting costs in an effort to offset the costs being passed along. Is this really change we can believe in? This is the same failed policy of Jimmy Carter. The misery index will go through the roof.

Obama's energy policy is tied to the environment rather than the economy. Obama does not understand that the rising energy costs are eating away at the infrastructure of our economy. Rising energy costs have cost people jobs. Companies are unable to pass all energy costs onto the consumer. Companies have to cut corners in other areas. Some of the areas where corners can be cut are in customer service and basic labor. America's customer service has become a joke. Many customers service reps are rude and obnoxious but we either have to conduct business through these people or go through endless automated menus that never quite get us to where we want to go. Obama does not really care that rising energy costs are eating away our infrastructure. Remember he ties it to environmental policy. Obama has a plan to tax the oil companies which will increase our energy costs and hope that the shotgun approach to research and development pans out. He does not know which direction to take. All Obama knows and understands is that fossil fuel is bad for the environment so we need something else. No matter that there is no technology there yet. Rather than focus developing technology, Obama will waste billions on unrealistic pipe dreams and spread out the billions so broadly that nothing will really have enough funding to accomplish anything. Obama's plan is to spend billions and hope for something.

Obama has remarkably remained AWOL on the financial crisis. Obama cozy relationship with Fannie and Freddie, has clouded any judgment Obama may have had. John McCain knew Freddie and Fannie were in trouble as far back as 2005. McCain sponsored legislation to reform Freddie and Fannie. It was opposed by both democrats and republicans. In 2005 it sounded like a great idea to give people homes and mortgages even though they were never going to be able to afford them after the mortgages reset. After all it is far better to give people the American dream rather have them realize the American dream. Now the rich tax payers are going to have to bail out not only our financial infrastructure but also faithless borrowers. So Obama has stayed on message and sticks to his talking point "95% of the people will receive a tax cut". Nothing new in his policy simply because Obama does not have a plan. The Senate leader said it himself "No one knows what to do". This is great, we have elected partisan hacks that admit they have no idea what they are doing. We have corrupt politicians like Chris Dodd allowing Bank of America to write the bailout plan for countrywide. We have corrupt politicians like Charles Rangel writing our tax policies while they evade those very same taxes. We need to reform Washington not just change which political party reaps the money and returns it to a different set of corrupt lobbyists. John McCain offers that reform.

This is a change versus reform election. Obama wishes to change political parties; McCain wishes to reform Washington. The pathetic pawns and democratic pundits are pushing the idea that McCain is bouncing all over the place. They say he looks lost and out of touch. But here is the reality. Obama has no ideas so he is allowing our financial crisis to play out. John McCain is actively pursuing plans to save our economy and all of its infrastructure. Yesterday McCain came out with a comprehensive economic plan that saves the financial infrastructure, fuels jobs and employment, reduces energy dependence, and resolves the mortgage crisis. McCain understands that none of these issues work in a vacuum. McCain has shown he understands these issues and crisis' are intricately tied. Obama believes they are stove piped issues. Obama represents a change of political parties. The pathetic pawns are pushing this meme by saying "Republicans have had their chance". McCain offers a reform of Washington. McCain promises bi partisanship to resolve our issues. McCain has a history of actions that prove he is bi partisan. Obama talks about bi partisanship but has never reached out to be bi partisan. Obama is a partisan hack that only knows the two party system. McCain understands there is a middle. Middle America needs to stand up and be heard. There is only one candidate that will work across the aisle to resolve our problems. McCain is the only candidate that will look out for middle America. This is yet another 3:00 am moment and Obama is no where o be found. Obama is showing he has zero ideas and is waiting to see how the financial crisis plays out so he can come in at the end and claim it was his idea all along. Obama is AWOL.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Economic Crisis: Obama No Clue

Today was a bad day for the democrats. They finally got exactly what they have desired. They have clamored on and on about had poorly the economy was performing. Now that we are a country that is in crisis mode what do the leading democrats do? The answer is absolutely nothing.

Yesterday Senator Harry Reid said "no one knows what to do". There is a danger that the Democrat controlled Congress will adjourn and do nothing. This has been the democratic response with all crisis' America has faced since they were in power. In 2007, Harry Reid said "the war is lost". More recently, the Georgia/Russian crisis was weakly responded to by Obama. He said the US should engage the UN security council to rebuke Russia even though Russia is a permanent member and has Veto power. The Obama went on vacation. America has been fighting an energy crisis all summer. The democratic response was to shut down government and turn out the lights. This week the financial crisis reached a peak. Now Obama says nothing except to try and pass the blame on Bush. Although the collapse of Freddie and Fannie was a direct result of mismanagement by the likes of Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. Both are ardent Obama supporters and in fact are advisors to Obama. Is this the kind of change we can believe? Obama would take advice from failed CEO's and calls that sound economic policy.

Obama stayed on the stump today and had no answers for the troubled financial sector. All Obama did was blame Bush and say hey we need to change. He provided no plans, no ideas, and no commitment. Yet John McCain did come up with an crisis plan. John McCain say the financial issues in 2005 and proposed legislation to correct the problem. The democrats opposed the proposal and we have the crisis today. John McCain offers a real plan today and the stock market rallies for a 400 point gain. The largest one day gain in over 6 years.

This is yet another 3:00 am moment and Obama is AWOL. John McCain answered the bell and the rally today was a direct result. Just like his vacation in the Georgian crisis Obama decided to stay on the sidelines. McCain engaged and provided leadership. Obama wants to change the crooks in Washington; McCain wants to reform Washington by providing leadership and ideas. DO we really desire a Democrat government when all they do is take vacation when America faces a crisis?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama: Unrepentant Felon

Barack Obama went to Iraq this summer and committed a felony. Obama was supposed to go to Iraq on a fact finding mission. Instead he entered into negotiations with Iraq that undercut the The United States of America. The New York Post reported that Obama entered into negotiations to delay talks with the current administration regarding a security agreement that would potentially damage his position on the Iraq issue. Today a Obama spokeswoman (Wendi Morigi) admitted that Obama did interfere with American attempts to stabilize Iraq. Now Ms. Morigi believed Obama was in the clear because it was not about a status of forces agreement but rather a strategic framework agreement. However, regardless of what Obama cultists believe, Obama committed a felony.

The Logan Act was enacted in 1799. It is a bill that is almost as old as the country and has been updated and amended as recently as 1994. This act says

" Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects."
There is no doubt Obama committed a felony.

Obama may claim that he went over as part of is Congressional duties so therefore he may be immune to the act. This is a false statement. It is not part of a Senators duties to negotiate. That is solely the responsibility of the executive branch. What Obama did was undermine the Presidency and the constitution by negotiating against the wishes of the country. In negotiating such a deal with a foreign government Obama put politics ahead of judgment. The only benefit that could have possibly come out of these unauthorized negotiations was a few more votes in an election.

Yes Obama is nothing more than a common criminal. In light of these facts and statements by his own campaign Obama should be forced to reimburse the American taxpayer for this entire trip not just the European vacation part. There is no doubt this whole trip was a campaign trip around the world. American taxpayers that do not support Obama should not be forced to pay for his unauthorized and felonious behavior. Obama like his associates is nothing more than a common criminal. He is an unrepentant and unconvicted felon just like his associate William Ayers. We need to make him an unrepentant and convicted felon like his friend Tony Rezco.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Press Wanted a Quagmire, Now They Have One

For at least two years beginning around 2004, the American people were assaulted by our media with countless references to the quagmire that was Iraq. America was stuck in the quagmire of Iraq, it was just like Vietnam, and the only way out was immediate surrender. Luckily no one told the US military or the Iraqi people of their imminent defeat, and both have prevailed heroically. No Vietnam here, just a bunch of defeatist media types [wishfully] thinking out loud.

As much as the press and the Democrats [same thing] yearned for an American defeat in Iraq, the only quagmire these days is the one that Obama is experiencing. After eighteen plus months of campaigning for President, Barack Obama is stuck in a political quagmire of his own making.

Even before Sarah Palin became a part of the political landscape, Obama and his message of change had become tiresome, and was running out of gas. Devoid of details, his habit of presenting vague references to change in Washington had lost its impact with many Americans, although his cult of personality kept him ahead in the polls. Obama built a campaign based on persona and feelings, designed to beat George easy task until you consider the fact that Bush is not seeking a third term. He underestimated McCain, and thought it would be easy to link McCain to Bush, and then McCain chose Palin as a running mate. Enter quagmire.

Obama has lost a step or two since Palin entered the race. He understands that he was outmaneuvered by McCain, but doesn’t know how to deal with it. With both feet now entrenched in quicksand, Obama seems confused and unable to decide who he needs to attack, McCain or Palin. His instincts tell him that Palin is the bigger threat, but his advisors tell him that he shouldn’t directly battle the number two on the GOP ticket.

Obama is in a quagmire of his own making, unable to maneuver around McCain/Palin and saddled with doubt. Is there a good way to attack someone who seems so common, yet represents so many? The media may despise Sarah Palin, but they can’t deny her appeal. Obama’s success is directly connected to the good graces of the media, and only the fawning reports of the media can extricate him from this quagmire. You wanted a quagmire…you got it.


The Pathetic Pawns Are Willing Accomplices

The pathetic pawns have jumped on the Obama bandwagon and accused McCain of lying in his ads. The latest ad is one concerning Sex Education for Kindergartners. Obama has said it was not sex education but rather age appropriate sex education. Obama says it was about teaching kindergartners about sexual predators. But here are the facts:

Obama backed a bill that would have allowed level 1 sexual education to kindergartners. Below are some details of the level 1 sex education that Obama backed:

1. Touching and rubbing one’s own genitals to feel good is called masturbation.
2. Some boys and girls masturbate and others do not.
3. Masturbation should be done in a private place.
4. Human beings can love people of the same gender and people of another gender.
5. Some people are heterosexual, which means they can be attracted to and fall in love with someone of another gender.
6. Some people are homosexual, which means they can be attracted to and fall in love with someone of the same gender.
7. Homosexual men and women are also known as gay men and lesbians.
8. People deserve respect regardless of who they are attracted to.
9. Making fun of people by calling them gay (e.g. “homo,” “fag,” “queer”) is disrespectful and hurtful.

I do not see much in these level 1 categories that could even remotely be considered being related to sexual predators. In fact most of these are pushing the socialist ideals of the left wing freaks. Yet the pathetic pawns say push the Obama meme without even looking into the facts of the bill. So far this election cycle there has been the following meme by the pathetic pawns:

1. Obama is always right. No matter what Obama says it is the gospel no need to investigate.

2. McCain is a liar. Anything McCain puts on the airwaves is either a lie or negative campaigning.

3. Palin is inexperienced. Compare the glorious noble act of community organizing to being the mayor of a small town. That Palin is a Governor is to be ignored. Anytime Palin offers depth to an answer leave it on the cutting room floor.

Is it any wonder Americans feel the pathetic pawns are out of touch. The pathetic pawns have been very condescending towards middle America. The pathetic pawns have been busy pushing the Obama rhetoric that middle American voters are stupid. The pathetic pawns have been busy scolding the small town Americans. To the pathetic pawns it is small town Americans that are out of touch and don't understand. The patheti pawns help start the message of class warfare. Then they turn around a scold McCain for starting cultural wars. Well there is not much difference.

The difference is that the pathetic pawns live in an urban world and then turn around and claim to know what is best for the poor and underprivileged. They forget all about the suburbs and rural Americans. The pathetic pawns do not believe the rural and suburban voters are sophisticated enough to understand. Now the pathetic pawns are trying to push that Palin is not sophisticated enough becasue she did not go to an IVY league school. The pathetic pawns claim they are innocent but they are still being unfair. They are accomplices with the left wing hate groups. That is where they get their news from. No longer to the pathetic pawns find a need for investigative reporting. All they have to do is search the daily Kos and Huffington post. They will have all the news they need. The pathetic pawns need to be run out of business. The pathetic pawns are accomplices in the destruction of the political process.

The Lying King

This is a must see video. The video is an excellent depiction of how the Pathetic Pawns and the like of the daily KOS are attempting to steal an election. The video shows the lengths the pathetic pawns are willing participants in the pushing of the lies from the left. The pathetic pawns believed they would be able to just provide glowing editorials on Obama and ignore McCain and the election would be won. When McCain made the bold move of selecting a change agent it undermined their "Messiah". The pathetic pawns regrouped with the left wing hate groups. Watch the video coutesy of Newsbusters. This is great.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Watch Out for That Bus Joe!

Is Joe Biden about to become the next associate that Obama throws under the bus? Given Obama’s history of unloading political baggage like close friend Jeremiah Wright, and even his own grandmother, VP candidate Joe Biden should be careful not to stray too close to the curb.

Of course Biden can’t help himself. Foot-in-mouth closely follows microphone-in-hand for Joe. He recently asked a paraplegic State Senator in Missouri to stand up so he could be applauded by the crowd. Biden was actually looking at the guy when he said it. Then he goes out and tells another crowd that Hillary Clinton probably would have been a better VP pick. Humility is an admirable trait, but not when you use it to embarrass the Dem’s nominee for President, and by extension, your own party.

As Obama struggles to deal with Hurricane Sarah and a rejuvenated Republican party, Biden looks less like a shrewd VP pick, and more like a microphone wielding boat anchor. Is the “candidate of change” about to change the ticket and throw Joe under the wheels of the Obama Express?

The only politically feasible way to dump Biden is to have him bow out for health reasons. Biden has endured two operations to repair cerebral aneurysms, so the “health excuse” may be a viable option if Obama continues slipping in the polls and gets desperate. It would result in political suicide if Biden was dumped from the ticket for any other reason.

This scenario would of course depend on Hillary Clinton’s collusion and willingness to accept the VP slot after Biden’s departure. The only reason Obama would ever consider dumping Biden is so he could pick up Clinton and gain back ground lost after Palin took over center stage in this election. It is doubtful that Clinton would be willing at this point to help Obama by accepting the VP slot. Both Clintons are no doubt relishing in the fact that Obama is now struggling to combat a GOP resurgence brought on by naming Sarah Palin to the McCain ticket. Hillary, had she been offered and accepted a VP slot, would have probably prevented McCain from selecting Palin, and would have unified the Democratic party.

The fact that Obama was blindsided by Palin’s selection speaks volumes about his political immaturity. McCain spent months decrying Obama’s lack of experience and in so doing manipulated Obama into selecting a man he felt made up for that lack of experience. But if you want to wear the mantel of change, don’t pick a guy that’s been in the Senate since 1973. McCain pulled the strings, Obama reacted.

Obama the neophyte was shrewdly outmaneuvered by a more experienced, better qualified Washington politician. Anyone who denies the brilliance of the Palin selection should be considered delusional at best. Obama and his team were caught flat-footed; an entire staff of sycophants that have committed themselves 24/7 for at least the last 19 months to getting Obama elected President never saw this coming.

Perhaps the best and most glaring indicator of Obama’s lack of Presidential credibility is the fact that he now finds himself directly battling the GOP’s VP pick, and not doing so well. Obama is being forced to prove that he’s at least as good as the number two slot on the GOP ticket, a huge political blunder.

Obama is in a bad spot, though he may recover. The problem is that America may never recover from an Obama Presidency. Don’t let that happen. Vote Nobama.


Pathetic Pawns: Upset McCain Refuses To Play By Their Rules

The pathetic pawns have been busy trying to discredit McCain in his ads. McCain did an ad comparing Obama to the celebrities of Britney and Paris. The Pathetic Pawns did not like this ad. Why? Because it undermines the Chosen One. The media has decided that McCain is untruthful in the ad regarding Obama's support of sex education in kindergarten. Next the pathetic pawns were upset about being accused of bias. Now the pathetic pawns are upset because of the pigs and lipstick comment was called sexist and inappropriate. The pathetic pawns just do not get it. The American public understands they lost their objectivity a long time ago. Americans now fully understand that the grandstanding pathetic pawns are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. This has been pushed by Republicans for a long time but now that the pathetic pawns let the veil down a little they were fully exposed.

First the celebrity ad was on target. Obama is full of himself. McCain offered Obama a chance to go on a fact finding trip to Iraq. Obama flatly refused and called the idea a gimmick. Two months later Obama says he had a trip planned all along and decides to make a victory lap across Europe. Obama played up to the largest audience he could. Obama had a free rock conference from those that attended. Obama even in his speech to Germans wanted to be the leader of the world rather than the leader of America. Obama said he is the one everyone is waiting for. How much more hubris can one person get. The celebrity act was on target and pointed out the Obama hubris.

Next the media attacked Sarah Palin after she was announced. The pathetic pawns spread rumors and lies about Palin and then attacked her. They attacked her daughter. They attacked her credentials by saying she was just the mayor of a small town. Even though Palin is the Governor of our Nations largest state. They went after her for false accusations of affiliation with the Alaska Independence Party. Sarah Palin was not a member of the AIP. They spread the false rumor that Palin was the grandmother and not the mother of Trig. This was a dishonest report from the pathetic pawns that they picked up from the hategroup daily kos. Next they attacked Bristol Palin for being pregnant. Bristol is taking responsibility and the pathetic pawns are upset because that does not fit their agenda. Then when the media finally gets a chance to give Palin a fair shake they take her out of context and offer trap questions that the questioner did not even know. First of all ABC left the meat of the interview on the cutting room floor. They intentionally made Palin look weak to fit in line with the agenda they were pushing. Palin actually smoked Gibson and made him look old, out of touch, and immature. Next Gibson derided Palin for not knowing the Bush Doctrine. Gibson said it was OK for middle America not to know but Palin has to know what it is. Well Gibson himself did not even know what the Bush Doctrine is. Why? Because it is something made up by another reporter. The reference Gibson made to the Bush Doctrine is not even current. Palin won this round. Unfortunately, many Americans who do not have internet and get their news solely from the pathetic pawns will be hard pressed to get the real deal. Shame on you ABC for attempting to steal this election. I could go on forever showing the obvious bias by the pathetic pawns.

The pathetic pawns are also deriding McCain for his Ad saying Obama was for sex education for kindergartners. This is not misleading or false. It is accurate. Obama is for age appropriate sex education for all ages. Not sex education taught by parents. No sex education taught by our public school system. Now I'm not sure I want the failing public school system teaching my children anything about sex. The school system has failed to teach our young the basics necessary for keeping our nation strong. Educators have failed in teaching students to read, failed to teach them how to write, and failed to teach them basic math skills. Our young keep falling behind the rest of the world. Now that they failed in their primary mission they want to branch out and teach social skills and development. Yeah that's what we really need. A failed system teaching our Nations future social development.

Now Obama makes an inappropriate sexist comment and the pathetic pawns rush to Obama's side. They bring up past people including McCain using this comment. The problem is simply this: The audience thought it was a poke at Palin. The pathetic pawns know the audience took it that way. Even Obama knew the audience took it that way before he even told the punchline. No matter how Obama and the pathetic pawns frame this it was a thinly veiled attack on Palin. Obama is supposed to be the great orator. Are we to believe that Obama did not understand the crowd would understand his veiled attack? Obama knew what he was saying. Obama knew people would take it as an attack on Palin. The pathetic pwns need to understand Americans are on to them. Once the facade was dropped Americans pounced. There is no way to get that genie back in the bottle.

If the pathetic pawns had properly vetted Obama then maybe Americans would have taken these attacks as just part of the pathetic pawns doing their job. But the pathetic pawns did not do their job. They gave Obama a free pass. They refuse to dig into Obama's past. I can not understand why they would leave the William Ayers connection alone.

The pathetic pawns have relegated themselves to be nothing more than tabloid journalism. Their sensationalism has led them to their own destruction. Most Americans will never allow them off the mat. Most Americans understand the media is biased. MSNBC even had to get rid of their two anchors because it became obvious. The pathetic pawns will never be trusted again. They are no longer the voice of America. They have become part of the Obama cult.

The Race: Not as close as the Polls Indicate

The race for the Presidency is not as close as the Polls are showing. Looking at the poll methodologies it has become clear that the only reason the race appears close is the slant towards the Democrats. Rasmussen has McCain leading by 3 in spite of the slant; an eight point differential 39 (D) 31 (R) and 30 (I). The Hate Group Daily Kos has a tie in spite of a nine point slant; 35 (D), 30 (I), and 26 (R). Hotline has McCain by 1 in spite of an eight point slant; 42 (D), 34 (R), and 20 (I). Newsweek has a tie in spite of a 8 point slant; 35 (D), 27, (R), and 31 (I). Most polling agencies are using an 8 point advantage for the democrats. Herein lies the issue with polls.

There is no doubt Republicans have lost party identification. Last election cycle (2004), the breakdown was 35 (I), 33 (R) and 32 (D). Clearly this has changed. The question is how much. From all reports Republicans have declined and Independents have grown. The problem I see with the polls is that they show Republicans and Independents declining and Democrats increasing their ranks. At best this should be a 5 point differential between Democrats and Republicans (probably 35 (D) and 30 (R).

Recent generics help provide the data. Recent generics give Democrats a 4-5 point lead. This represents a three point differential between polling data and reality. If the polls were representative of a 5 point difference between parties, McCain would be up 5-6 points and well outside the margin of error. State Polls back up the data that the difference is much closer in party identification then these polling companies are using. If we look at competitive battleground States many of the States that are true battlegrounds are solid Blue States. Wisconsin (last voted Rep in 1984), Pennsylvania (last voted Rep in 1988), Michigan (last voted Rep 1988), Minnesota (last voted Rep 1972), and Washington (last voted Rep 1984). Most of these states are not traditional battleground states. These states have been solidly Blue and yet McCain is close and within the margin of error in these states. McCain has solidified his base and RED states are solid. Ohio and Florida have been battlegrounds recently and are again battlegrounds. So the only really solid red state in play is Virginia. Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada have been very close in recent elections. So as I see it there are 5 solid blue States in play, 1 solid red state in play, and 5 traditional battleground states in play. I would have to say this race is not as close as the nationwide polls are reporting. Obama can not get a majority of electoral votes without a majority of the popular vote. I'm not so sure McCain needs to win the popular vote in order to win the electoral college. Bush already showed it was possible.

The only reason this appears to be close in the polls is the large slant. We will find out NOV 4th what the model should have been. However, conservatives and the Republicans are unified. Many of the democratic party pickups have decided to either swing independent or went home to the Republican party. Eventually this race will turn decidedly one way or the other. Since the convention Obama has been running against Sarah Palin. The longer this continues the more the race will swing towards the Republicans. Obama will not win running against Sarah Palin or George Bush. Neither Palin nor Bush are at the top of the Republican ticket. Bush will be retired and Palin is the VP choice. Obama has attempted to make this race between him and Palin. At the end of the day this race will be between McCain and Obama. The only way Obama wins is by solidifying his base and swaying independents. Right now Obama is losing both. Only 80% of democrats are in favor of Obama and McCain has 52% of the independents. Obama is weak with blue collar workers and women. This race better become more about the real issues Americans with why Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. The country is on the wrong track because of corrupt career politicians. Americans want bi partisan compromises. Unless Americans start believing Obama can work across the Aisle he will be in for a long night on NOV 4th.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Robin Hood Ticket: Only your money

The Obama/Biden ticket is all talk. The have a grand redistribution of wealth plan that will do nothing to help the truly needy. Their tax scheme will increase taxes on the rich to give to the poor. Yet Joe Biden gives less than the average Americans he pretends he supports.

Joe Biden has not donated $1,000 to charity in any given year for the past decade. His average over the last decade is $369 per year, less than .2% of his income. Both Biden and Obama speak lofty words and rhetoric yet again their actions prove they are nothing more than hot air. Why would these elitists not be more willing to give to charity?

I could really care less how much they donate. It is a personal choice. However, when you push for taking even more money from the rich to give to the poor why not set the example and give more yourself. Obama has a plan to give $1,000 to people that do not pay any taxes. Yet his running mate refuses to give $1,000 of his own money.

Both of these elitists who claim to understand "our pain" in the middle class will not give up their million dollar homes or their extravagant life style to help out the poor but they expect others to do it. They both believe that their intelligence is higher than average Americans and because of that they believe they can spend our money more wisely. Only government bureaucracies can provide for the poor. Robin Hood is a folk hero for taking from the evil rich and giving to the poor. These clowns are rich and refuse to give to the poor. They are hypocrites.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama: Pathological Liar???

There is absolutely no doubt Obama is a pathological Liar. Obama lies about the littlest things. For instance Obama during the ABC George Stephanopoulos interview said he registered for the draft in 1979. I am not sure when Obama registered or even if he did but it certainly was not in 1979. By Presidential Proclamation 4360 the selective service registration was suspended in 1976. On January 23, 1976 there was a press release announcing the registration suspension would start in early spring. Then on January 27, 1976, just four days later the registration requirement was terminated. There was no more registration until JUL 21, 1980. This started a two week period of registration for anyone born in 1960 and 1961. That means that by law Obama would have had to register by 05 AUG 1980. So Obama obviously lied. Now I think we should be able to know the exact date Obama registered. Did Obama really follow the law? We can not know unless Obama releases records documenting the date. Obama made this an issue by lying in the first place. Had Obama told the truth or said "I registered in 1980" no one would have questioned it. But now that Obama is a proven liar he should be forced to release records showing he followed the law. Especially, since he so adamantly said he actually thought about going into the military.

Next we look at the O'Reilly interview. It was obvious Obama lied when he said " I have far right friends." When immediately asked to name one Obama sheepishly turned away and started stuttering and stammering. Obama could not even spout a fictitious name in order to get out of the outright lie. He could do nothing and O'Reilly mercifully allowed Obama to to escape the lie by asking another question that took Obama away from his outright lie.

Part of being a pathological liar is narcissism. This is obvious from Obama. He took a victory lap to Europe and paraded in front of a cheering crowd of Germans who were invited to a free concert. What about the fake Greek Columns? Obviously Obama is more impressed with himself than most Americans.

These are just the most recent examples. Look into these facts for yourself; I did. There is no way Obama is fit for the Presidency when he lies about the littlest things.

Pathetic Pawns: Lie in Effort to Attack Palin


That was the headline from the pathetic pawns over at ABC. This teaser line takes what Sarah Palin says totally out of context and the left wing blogs are saying this is a hard line stance on foreign policy. But here is the reality of what the interview question and answer was:

"GIBSON: And under the NATO treaty, wouldn't we then have to go to war if Russia went into Georgia? "

"PALIN: Perhaps so. I mean, that is the agreement when you are a NATO ally, is if another country is attacked, you're going to be expected to be called upon and help.

But NATO, I think, should include Ukraine, definitely, at this point and I think that we need to -- especially with new leadership coming in on January 20, being sworn on, on either ticket, we have got to make sure that we strengthen our allies, our ties with each one of those NATO members.

We have got to make sure that that is the group that can be counted upon to defend one another in a very dangerous world today. "

Here is another reality. Any country that is a member of NATO has the guarantee of protection from the other member states. This is a basic tenet of the agreement with NATO countries. So while Gibson, the pathetic pawns, and the left wing propagandists try to take this out of context and smear Palin is another outrage. Either they are completely out of touch with the reality that America has responsibilities under that treaty or they will do anything to attack Palin. The truth is out there and the facts are clear.

McCain and Palin will put America first and fulfill our commitments while the left will leave our allies to fend for themselves while we break our word. There is a saying which says my words are my bond . America's word was to defend the member states within NATO, so yes if a NATO member State is attacked by Russia we may have to aid in that war. The left wing bloggers make the false attachment to all "Russian Satellite States". One of them had the audacity to cite Armenia. Palin never said anything about Armenia. Palin did not say anything about any satellite state. What she said was she would indeed enforce America's words and aid in the defense of NATO member States.

It is clear Palin has taken a tough stance on Russia for attacking and attempting to annex South Ossetia. Georgia is an ally whether they are in NATO or not. We have an obligation to take a tough stance. Gibson followed that up by asking if it was in our Nations National Security interest to defend Georgia. The answer is obvious. Yes it is in our best interests. Georgia is an ally whether or not the left, Obama, and the pathetic pawns believe it or not. America supports her ally's and does not turn her back on them.

Obama turned his back on one of his friends in Chicago. When one of his friends who was an ally for Obama ran for office Obama decided to support the status quo by remaining silent. Is this what the left desires? Should we as a proud nation really turn our backs on our friends? The answer is obviously NO. We can not turn our back on our friends. We have to stand up for what we believe in. We have to stand up for freedom. Our nation was founded on these principles. To do anything less would lead to our ruin.

Sarah Palin made the pathetic pawns at ABC look uninformed and out of touch. They tried to attack Sarah Palin on her foreign policy credentials. Palin showed she had a better grasp of foreign policy than the weak candidate they are actively supporting. Obama was weak and misunderstood our roles and the roles of the United Nations in his response to the Georgia crisis. Palin showed she not only understood our responsibilities but that she would take responsibility.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama: New Lows

Obama always looked to immature to be president. Remember when he sheepishly flipped off Hillary in front of his supporters. Remember him mocking Hillary and brushing her off his shoulders. Remember when he claimed McCain had gone negative. Well, Well, I wonder who the public believes is the most negative now.

I now see the new lows that Obama is willing to sink to. Obama had his hatchet men in the liberal blogs spread lies. Obama had his propaganda wing spread these lies as truths. So what does Obama do when his air is taken out of his over inflated ego? Well he makes a bad joke.

Sarah Palin made a joke about the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom. This joke was not personal but rather told the story about herself. Today Obama told a crowd about lipstick and pigs. This thinly veiled joke was sexist and inappropriate. This was a personal attack on Sarah Palin. I thought Obama the change agent was above that? Obama has truly sunk to all time lows with this blatant attack and sexist joke.


Many of the pundits are trying to say this is just an old saying and Obama never meant anything with it. This is obviously "Hogwash".

Watch the video. It is clear that the audience understood him to be talking about Sarah Palin. At a minimum that is how is cultists took it.

This comes on the heels of Palin's harmless joke. This comes after Obama sends his goons to dig up dirt. When the media failed in protecting him and getting the goods he then sends his goons and makes this sexist joke. Obama is scared and Obama did this to fuel the fire and bring in sexism into this election.

This Joke comes after Joe Biden says this is a backwards step for women.

This is how Obama and the left react to failed messages. They start name calling. Awfully funny that Both Biden and Obama would bring in lipstick jokes and than say they are not meant to mean anything. Does Obama really believe Americans are that stupid?

Obama: Big Trouble

Barack Obama is in big trouble. His campaign has already foregone the 50 state push. His campaign now states they will target a handful of red states. In reality it means Ohio, Colorado, and New Mexico will be seeing a lot of Obama in the near future. But there is trouble in the water.

First it is being reported that Obama is not meeting fund raising goals. On the surface this might not mean much. But here are some facts. McCain and the RNC have $220 million in the bank if they do not raise another dime. Unless Obama and the DNC raised in excess of $125 million in August he will be behind that total in the bank. Obama has mismanaged his millions in donations and the effects are shown in his daily burn rate. The propaganda wing has been destroyed by their "coming out" party when Palin was announced. The Pathetic Pawns were put in the place. Now Obama and the DNC have sent 30 lawyers to Alaska to dig for dirt. This does not come cheap.

Obama will have to continue raising money as a candidate. This poses risks because he has to be partisan. He has to show his liberal roots in an effort to draw out the liberal cash. Comments like "bitter Americans Clinging to Guns and religion" could yet again surface. Funding raising is a tricky business in the midst of a campaign. It is fr better to have all the cash you need prior to the general election.

The second problem for Obama are the battleground States. New Jersey has a poll out today showing the race at +6 for Obama. This does not bode well. New Jersey is a Blue State and has been trending more blue every year. Republicans are scarce in New Jersey with the exception of a couple of counties. In a Democratic year, for Obama only to be up +6 in a State where McCain has not been seen is a sign of trouble. If New Jersey is a +6 I would like to see a poll in Connecticut. If Connecticut is within the margin of error as it is in all likelihood with Joe Lieberman backing McCain so strongly at the convention Obama will have to reallocate resources to blue states that should already be solidly in his column. New Jersey and Connecticut are very expensive to compete in and if McCain shows this strong Obama will be forced to campaign in New Jersey. Pennsylvania is also a traditional blue state (since 1992). Obama will have to campaign there just to keep it recent polls have it Obama +2. I am sure McCain would trade Ohio for Pennsylvania. Next we have Michigan. Another blue state since 1992. Mighigan is Obama +1. Next we move to Minnesota. Minnesota is the bluest of blue states. Historically Minnesota votes democratic. It has not voted for a Republican president since 1972. It is the only State not to have voted Red at least once since 1972. I have not seen recent polls but because of the Republican convention being held there and the reception Sarah Palin received there I am assuming it is close. Now we go to Wisconsin. This has been reliable democratic recently but the election have been close. Obama is currently up +3. Then the shockers come in to play Washington State is +4.

Obama is in trouble if he is forced to defend blue states. David Plouffe even said today they were going to focus on a few red states. I am assuming they will be Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, and New Mexico. However, if over the next two weeks Obama doesn't make some progress in the polls his funding will dry up. It becomes more difficult to defend your home turf when you don't have the resources. If we start seeing Obama in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania every day we will know Obama is in trouble. If we see him in Connecticut or New Jersey it will all be over.

Obama: All Talk and Hot Air

Barack Obama is all talk. He never stood for anything. While Americans were sweltering in the heat this year unable to take vacations in our big SUV's, unable to cool our homes because "WE need to change our habits". Obama had a chance to do something with high energy costs this summer but instead decided side with his party and go on vacation.

Today Obama chastised a proposal to provide severance pay for the CEO's of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Will he do the same for his salary? Will he call for all these vacationing congressman to return their paychecks to the government coffers. After all Obama says Frannie and Freddie failed America. He says we should not reward poor performance. By these very same standards our congress should return their checks. This Congress has passed fewer bills than any in history. They only have 294 bills passed so far and only have three weeks left. This congress refused alleviate energy problems. This congress has yet to pass any appropriations bills even though that is their job. So by Obama's own standard please return your salary to the American people. Taxpayers should not have to pay for your ineptness.

Video Courtesy of Hot Air: