Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Democrats are Furious

Barack Obama and the democratic party are reeling this weekend. They were blindsided by the wily “old guy”. Who says experience doesn’t matter. McCain selected a game changer and the democrats are furious. The Democrats are furious because in their heart of hearts they believed they had demagogued women and minority issues. They could nominate whomever they wanted because this was their year and they owned the votes that really were going to matter (women and minorities).

Then along comes John McCain. McCain has the audacity to select a woman to second chair his administration. How dare he. This is not the way it was supposed to be. The Republicans are not for women’s reproductive rights. There is no way a woman could ever vote for a republican. Hillary voters would have no choice but to come home to the democratic ticket. But alas the bold move was made by McCain not them.

The democrats chose to nominate an inexperienced political novice to become president. Obama was going to be able to race bait and play up the fact that a vote against Obama was a vote for racism. Obama played this up in his acceptance speech. Obama said the republicans would run a campaign that said Obama did not have the same pedigree as other Presidents. What he was saying is that he did not look like other presidents. It was just his code for race baiting the electorate. McCain took this line away from Obama. If Obama is going to race bait now he will have to use another line that will be even more apparent than the lack of pedigree line. Newsweek will no longer be able to say we are racist if we do not vote for Obama. There is now another tack to take to combat the media bias towards Obama. When the media race baits McCain can now say a vote against him is vote in favor of sexism.

The truth is that the democrats have only one issue for women. The only issue for women is the abortion issue. The democrats always felt that they could ignore the women vote because most women favor the right to choose and that is what they stood for. There was no way a democrat could ever lose the woman vote. So the democrats chose to ignore the women and even told them to fall in line and shut up. This was Obama’s chance and not theirs. The democrats felt they could never lose this election and this was going to be the year they would tackle race issues. After all they had an eloquent speaker that brought visions of Martin Luther King. They had a candidate that was young and good looking in the mold of John F. Kennedy. The party would be united because they believed that even though they took the women vote for granted they had no other choice but to fall in line.

Now along comes wilyMcCain and his cagy selection of Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin fits the mold that rallies the conservative Republican base. Palin is a social, economic, and national security conservative. She is pro life. She cut wasteful spending including selling the governors private jet on ebay. She supports a comprehensive energy plan that provides short term relief and long term alternative energy ideas. She supports the war effort and desires we win this war. In fact, both candidates on this ticket will have children in the zone. On the democrat side only half the ticket can claim the same. Yes the shoe fits and Palin can not only talk the talk she has walked the walk.

There are so many issues that are important to women. No longer is abortion the sole women issue. Women have come up against the glass ceiling. America seriously lags behind the rest of world when it comes to government roles for women. Equal pay and equal rights for women is just as important as if not more than abortion. Women desire to be treated as equals in the workplace. They are tired of not getting the same pay as their male counter parts for the same work. John McCain does in fact provide women campaign and senate staffers the same pay as males on his campaign and senate staff. In fact he actually pays them better than he does the men. Obama on the other hand pays the women on his staff much less their counter parts. Obama chose to ignore women because he took it for granted that they had no where else to go. John McCain provided them a new place to go. Granted many women will not vote for McCain/ Palin simply because of the abortion issue. But some women will give John McCain another look and see if there are any other positions that are represented by McCain that they could support. No McCain did not put Palin on the ticket just to pick a woman. He selected Palin because she counters the Obama campaign meme.

Obama is running on hope and change. Obama is running on a pessimistic outlook of America. Palin takes this issue away from Obama and the democrats are angry. The democrats have attacked Palin. However, every attack on Palin is an attack on their own candidate. The democrats say Palin has zero experience but she has more experience then their top of the ticket. They portray Palin as being another Dan Quayle but Obama has less experience than even Dan Quayle. Palin is the Governor of the largest state but is denigrated because it is not an elitist state.

The Democrats are furious because they were caught flatfooted. Palin was not brought on the ticket to bring all of the Women Hillary voters. Some of the Hillary supporters are untouchable to any Republican. Many Hillary voters in California, New York, or Massachusetts will vote for a Republican. But these are not the target for Palin. Palin will be targeting both men and women Hillary voters in Nevada, Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. That is why the democrats are furious. The democrats ignored the women in swing states that Palin will be able to appeal to. The Obama attacks on Palin in these states will not play the same way as it would in the more liberal states. The democrats are calling this a political move by McCain. This is just a little disingenuous in light of the fact that is why Joe Biden was selected by Obama. Obama knew he would get hammered for lacking experience so he selected a democrat from a blue state. The hope was that Biden could help in swing states with the blue collar workers by portraying Biden as a Scranton, PA guy. This would have worked but Palin diminishes Biden’s role because unlike Biden who only lived in Scranton up to the age of 10, Palin has lived in the wild frontier her whole life. She represents middle America. She was a union member. Her husband is in the union. Biden and Obama are lawyers and Obama is Ivy League educated;neither were ever in a union. We know have two contrasting Presidential tickets. We can vote for the status quo ticket with two partisan senators (Obama 96%, Biden 97%) or we can vote for the ticket with two mavericks that put their country ahead of themselves. McCain and Palin are proven reformers. Obama and Biden are more of the same. Yes the democrats were caught flatfooted and their demagoguery of women issues will come to an end. The Democrats should never have abandoned their roots. Traditional blue collar workers and women now have a clear choice and that is why the democrats are furious.

McCain Gets It

In spite of what Obama says, John McCain gets it. Obama claims McCain is out of touch because he doesn’t know how many houses his wife owns. Obama claims that he feels our pain because like the rest of us Obama only has one house. Obama claims that McCain doesn’t get it because for the last thirty years we have known about the energy issue and McCain was in the Senate for 26 of them. In reality these are baseless claims and it is Obama that is an out of touch elitist.

First look at experience. Obama graduated from Harvard. Obama was a professor, community organizer, State Senator, Freshman US Senator, and Presidential candidate. McCain graduated from Annapolis. McCain was a fighter pilot, a commander, a US house of representative, a US senator, and Presidential candidate. Obama has no bills with his name on it that shows he works across the Aisle. How can someone unite our country if they have never worked with people with differing viewpoints? John McCain does have a history of working across the Aisle. There is the McCain-Feingold Act. Which was meant to take corruption and money out of our politics. McCain also worked with Ted Kennedy on immigration reform. What bills can Obama claim. The answer is none because Obama has been to busy running for President since 2005.

Now look at the choices for Vice President. Obama reached out to the status quo. Joe Biden is a classic inside the beltway politician. Biden has been in the Senate since 1972. John McCain was sitting in a Vietnam POW camp in 1972. McCain may have been around 26 of the 30 years since the energy crisis started but Joe Biden has been around for all thirty of them. Sarah Palin on the other hand is an outside the beltway choice. She is about as far away from Washington one get and still be able to govern a State. Palin is the mother of five and has been able to juggle home life and professional life. Palin ran a successful business. Palin ran a the largest state in the country; Biden is a Senator from one of the smallest. Palin has worked to cross the partisan divide. She has both independents and democrats in her administration. Biden led the fight in two of the most partisan debates in recent memory. He led the fight to derail the nomination of Robert Bork. Biden also led the failed attempt to derail Clarence Thomas.

Obama and Biden are elitists. Obama for all of his race baiting claims that the Republicans will scare Americans because Obama does not have the same pedigree as our past presidents is ridiculous. Obama comes from the same elitist pedigrees as our past Presidents. Obama received a law degree from Harvard. Is this not the same pedigree as most of our previous presidents? No it is McCain and Palin that do not have the same pedigree. McCain and Palin neither one is a lawyer. Neither is ivy league educated. Obama claims that he will go through the budget line by line and cut failed programs. Yet Obama has been one of the most guilty when it comes to supporting failed programs. Just look at the $100 million dollars Obama spent with his corrupt and terrorist friends on the failed Annenberg challenge. Biden’s son is a lobbyist that has benefited from both his father and Obama. John McCain has never accepted an earmark and Sarah Palin has fought big oil in her state.

Obama you are wrong. It is you that does not get it. John McCain recognizes the American people are ready for a change. We desire knew leadership with new ideas. We do not desire the same old repackaged ideas of the past. Barack Obama and Joe Biden represent the failed Jimmy Carter Politics. John McCain gets it. He represents outside the beltway ideas. Ideas that start in middle America. John McCain true to his outside the box thinking brought in new blood. John McCain brought in fresh new ideas. John McCain now represents change and reform while Obama represents the failed policies of the status quo.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama Was Right!!!!!!

I have to admit there is one thing Obama was right about. I would never have thought I would agree with Obama on anything but there is one thing in his acceptance speech that I will always remember.

Obama said "Change doesn't come from Washington, it comes to Washington". This statement is absolutely true. The problem for Obama is that both he and his running mate are from Washington. Governor Palin will come to Washington. Obama talks about change but McCain showed his maverick style and will bring change to Washington.

There is no doubt Palin will represent change. Instead of passing some watered down ethics reform for Congress, Palin actually sat on ethics commissions and brought changes within her state and even her party establishment. Instead of talking about the evils of earmarks like Obama and Biden; McCain has never been a part of the unscrupulous earmarks and Palin actually turns some down that are supposed to go to her state.

The democrats have been quick to pick up on Palin's firing of her public safety commissioner (Walt Monegan). The issue will just show how tough Palin really is. Palin desired moving in a new direction. She asked her public safety Commissioner to move to a different position. He refused and was subsequently fired. The accusation made says that Palin was upset that Walt Monegan would not fire her State Trooper Brother in Law Michael Wooten. Michael Wooten had been accused of child abuse. In fact Michael Wooten was suspended from his job as a State trooper for five days because of the child abuse. I am not sure about you but I would think Michael Wooten deserves to be fired from his State Trooper job if he abused children. The Police are supposed to protect and defend their communities. It is difficult to protect and defend while busy committing child abuse against the innocent. This is really a go nowhere story for the Democrats and really will only show that Palin is tough and demands accountability.

Obama talks about government working together. McCain has a history of working across the Aisle. Obama talks about change. McCain and Palin represent change and have proven track records of bringing change. Obama talks about less influence from lobbyists; McCain has a history of ridding our government influence by lobbyists. Obama talks about energy; Palin knows about energy. Obama talks about unifying a divided country; Palin has Democrats and independents in Her administration. No I don't agree with Obama much.

As I said Obama and Biden talk about change. McCain and Palin bring about change. I must adamantly agree with Obama change will not come from Washington; change comes to Washington. The only candidate of the four that will come to Washington is Palin. Obama has made the case for Change. Obama has made the case for change coming to Washington. Lets bring change to Washington and put McCain/Palin in Office.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama: Attacks Palin as Another Dan Quayle

The Obama campaign and many left wing political pundits are trying to make Sarah Palin out to be another Dan Quayle. This coming from a first term Senator with zero experience in executive positions. Obama is the first term Senator. Obama pales in comparison.

Palin has a proven track record as reformer. Palin has a proven track record of changing the politics as usual. Palin has a proven track record of balancing budgets. Palin has a proven track working across the aisle. Palin has independents and democrats working in her administration. Obama has never had an administration in which to work across the Aisle. Obama is closer to being another Quayle than is Palin.

Obama is a first term senator. Quayle was at least in his second term as Senator. Quayle was prone to gaffes. Obama says we have 58 or 59 states. Quayle can't spell. Obama doesn't realize Russia has veto power in the UN Security Council. Quayle was with in a heart beat of the Presidency. Obama is within the margin of error of the Presidency.

There is a huge difference on the experience issue. Palin does have limited experience. Obama has zero experience. Palin can be mentored under John Mccain. Obama would have to go the on the job training route. Experience at the top is what really matters. Obama is the top of the ticket. Obama as less experience than the disastrous Quayle had as Vice President. Palin is on the under card. Palin has more experience than Quayle and Obama combined when it comes to executive experience. Palin is no Dan Quayle. Palin is no Obama. Palin is an excellent choice that will help move our country forward. Palin will help unite our country and help McCain give the government back to the people.

McCain: Absolutely Brilliant

John McCain upstaged the naive senator from Illinois today. John McCain displayed his absolute brilliance today when he named Sarah Palin as his Vice President nominee. What a choice. This selection shows McCain is serious about change. This selection also shows McCain has the skills and knowledge necessary to lead our country.

Immediately following the selection of his running mate the Democrats went wild. They attempted to undermine the selection by saying she was not qualified to be vice president. The problem with this line of undermining is that it is untrue. Sarah Palin is not at the top of the ticket. John McCain is and he has unquestionable qualifications. On the other hand Obama is on the top of the ticket for the democrats. Obama has no qualifications that even compare to Palin. Palin is the governor of the largest state in our great republic. Palin was the mayor of a small town within commuting distance of Anchorage. As mayor she was elected President of the conference of mayors. Obama on the other hand was elected President of the Harvard Law review. Obama was a community organizer while Palin was President of the conference of Mayors. Obama was a state senator funneling ill advised taxpayer fundng to Bill Ayers for a failed education program in Chicago while Palin was an ethics commisioner for the State oil and gas conservation commission. Obama run for President during his US senatorial first term while Palin was busy fighting corruption in Alaskan politics as Governor of a state. Not much of a comparison when it comes to qualifications for President and Palin is only vying for the vice presidency.

Another Democratic attack on Palin is that she has a 4 month old baby with Downs Syndrome and will not have enough time to care for the child. But again lets make the comparison. Palin is a pro-life woman. She decided to have this child and made that choice. Obama on the other hand supported a Chicago doctor, nurse, and hospital when they allowed a baby with Down Syndrome to die without medical attention following a botched abortion. Obama could have supported the Born Alive Infants Protection act. Instead Obama said it would put to much strain on he system to allow these babies to live. The only reason this mother wanted an abortion was because the baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome before it was born. When the abortion attempt was botched the Doctor left the baby to die. A nurse laid the baby in a soiled utility closet to die. Another nurse cuddled the baby and sat and held this innocent child until the baby died 45 minutes later. Not much of a choice here either. Palin makes the tough choices and lives with the consequences. Obama supports allowing the innocent to die all the while protecting the guilty.

Again this move was a brilliant move by McCain. McCain manuevered Obama into making a poor decision. As the vice preseidential selection process was heating up McCain started showing Hillary's 3:00 am ad. McCain started airing ads proclaiming the weakness of Obama and the lack of experience. Obama was pressured into making a selection that would bolster his Foreign policy credentials. Obama the candidate of change selects Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a Washington insider. Joe Biden has been Senator of Deleware for 36 years. So when Obama talked about the energy crisis being around for the last 30 years and stating that McCain has been around Washington for 26 of them he failed to understand that his candidate has been around for all thirty of them plus a few years. Then after McCain forces Obama into a poor decision McCain picks a woman to be on his ticket. This is agreat pick for McCain.

The Republicans do not have to worry about a divided convention. McCain made a pick that will unite all of the party. McCain made a pick that will pick up former Hillary supporters and and that possesses broad appeal to independents. Palin is a proven agent of change. Obama is an empty suit that speaks of change. Hillary Clinton made the case back in February for Obama to stop the campaign and join Hillary as Vice President. Obama backers said why should he quit when he was winning. The Democrats divided their party and had to go to their convention in effort unite. The Republicans are now united and go to the convention with a proven maverick with the utmost experience and a proven fighter of government corruption. McCain represents leadership and Palin represent change. Obama represents inexperience and Biden represents more of the same. McCain was absolutely brilliant today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic Claims About Poor Economy and Iraq Failure Greatly Exagerrated

For the last four days we have been subjected to an Obama love fest. Now as every Presidential Nominee deserves it should be a love fest for the faithful followers. I have no problem and truly congratulate Barack for his historic emergence as the Democratic Nominee. However, the false claims that have been going on for the last four days need to be addressed.

Yesterday Joe Biden had the audacity to claim the Obama was right on the war and McCain was wrong. Biden uses as his example the timeline that the Iraqi's imposed for US withdrawal from Iraq. Now there is a big difference between what happened in the Democratic government in Iraq and what Obama and the Democrats were saying just a few short months ago. A little over a year ago the Democrats led by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were saying that Iraq was a quagmire. Iraq was nothing more than another Vietnam. "We have lost the war" said Harry Reid. Obama said that we needed to withdraw and withdraw now. There was no reason to stop the civil war that ensued the US invasion. The Democrats even attempted to undermine the Petraeus report from Iraq. The Democrats could not wait to see what the report had to say. even went as far as to say General Petraeus was betraying his country. This summer after Obama visited Iraq he went as far as to say the the surge did not work and undermined our soldiers. Obama even snubbed our wounded soldiers when Obama's campaign advisors and reporters were denied being on the visit. Now Biden says Obama was right all along? The fact is the surge worked. The surge created the space necessary for the Iraqi government to operate. Al Gueda is on the run and unable to mount any real threats. The fact is that Iraq demanded a withdrawal of US soldiers because of the successful surge. We won the war in Iraq because of the courage displayed by John McCain. We won the war in spite of Obama and Democrats call for failure.

Bill Clinton claimed the mantle of being a better President than George Bush. Clinton said he lacked experience just like Obama and look how his presidency turned out. Yes we should look. Clinton is still only the second President to ever be impeached. Clinton not only lied but he lied under oath. Clinton allowed the terrorists like Bin Laden to strengthen. Rather than show strength when terrorists attacked Clinton hid his head in the sand and offered only a minimal response. Clinton claims record surpluses in the government under his watch. However, that is more than just a little disingenuous. The budget was not exactly balanced as the surplus was only in the fact that we were not completely draining the social security trust fund. Now Clinton would never had balanced the budget except the Republicans demanded it. Remember in 1994 Clinton lost control of the Congress. It was the Republicans that reduced the budget. Now I will even give Bill some credit. He did have the savvy to realize that he had to work with the Republicans are risk his legacy.

Now the Democrats are running on the economy and Iraq. If these are anyone's issue than the choice could not be clearer. Do we want a President that would talk to the worlds most oppressing dictators without preconditions or someone that would stand up to these dictators and demand compliance with the will of the rest of the world. Obama will talk and take our diplomacy to the UN. McCain will take action and make coalitions in spite of the UN. Just look at the responses to Russia concerning the invasion of Georgia. Obama said he would take it to the UN security Council and McCain condemned the Russians and demanded withdrawal. Obama's response was ridiculous. Especially in light of the fact that Russia has veto power over any resolution in the security council. McCain's response was clear and concise. Hitting and condemning the Russians showing strength.

How about the economy? Obama is for raising taxes on the wealthy. This makes great soundbites. The evil corporations are making a killing. So we will tax them more and give it to the poor and needy. The problem with this theory is that the evil corporations and small businesses in America create the jobs that are necessary to provide the poor an opportunity. McCain offers across the board tax cuts that make sure the evil corporations are in a position to research and develop new technology that will move the country forward. Now in this horrible recession we are in (oh by the way grew at rate of 3.3%) we need to raise our taxes and inflate out tires. The greatest detractor from our economy currently is the high energy costs. Obama says inflate your tires, wait for emerging technology, and do nothing as his energy policies all the while claiming he will provide a middle class tax cut. Seems like this is exactly what Bill Clinton said in 1992. Of course that prior to being elected. However, the first thing Bill did as President is raise the most regressive Tax in America; the gasoline tax.

Yes it is true the Democrats take credit for all of our successes and pass the buck on our failures. The surge was successful and Obama attempts to make the claim Iraq agrees with him. I wonder why the Iraqi's did not agree with him before the surge? Was it because he was wrong all along. Yes. Obama is change we can live without.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dissent: Lawsuits, Jail, and more lawsuits.

The party of dissent has sunk to knew lows. Earlier in the week Obama filed a complaint with the justice department and filed a lawsuit against a Republican 527. It seems Obama does not like the fact that he has befriended a known terrorist as the following video depicts.

Now Obama can not dispute the fact that he decided to make friends with Bill Ayers. Obama made a counter argument that McCain is stuck in the sixties while he is thinking of the future. Obama accurately says he was only eight years old when Ayers committed heinous terrorists acts. Obama also says that Ayers is just someone that lives in the neighborhood. These are false portrayals. The connection between Ayers and Obama runs deep. The Annanberg files were just released that prove Obama lied when he said it was a casual relationship. Obama lies when he claims that Ayers was just another neighbor. The reality is that Obama chose to make friends with William Ayers. Even after the unrepentant terrorist told Americans that his only regret was that he did not do enough Obama decided to remain in a close relationship. This is a display of poor judgment. Now when he gets hit with a political ad from a 527 (similar to Obama decides tosue to keep it off the air. Obama threatens the broadcasters and seeks relief from the department of justice. So tell me just what is wrong with an ad that shows the truth?

A months ago the democrats led by Obama threatened to sue OPEC because of high fuel costs. What a joke that is. Sure lets go ahead and sue foreign countries simply because the free market shows a lack of supply and the price of fuel raises finding an equilibrium. Sure lets sue these countries. Please tell what this lawsuit will do to lower fuel costs. The lawsuit against OPEC was of course the democrats answer to the American people that are demanding with overwhelming support to drill off shore of America. What a joke. When the party of dissent sees dissension against their policies they seek out to file lawsuits to shut the dissenters out.

Now just today the democrats had a Reporter thrown in jail for doing his job. Now I am not a big fan of the MSM and feel that the MSM has neglected its responsibilities but throwing a guy in jail for doing his job is ridiculous. Asa Eslocker was doing some investigated reporting. The reporter was investigating the corruption with Senior Democratic Senators and Wealthy donors. The answer was not transparancy in government but rather throw the guy in jail for exposing corruption in the Democratic party.

What a shame that the Democrats have no answer. They are very good at saying we can not afford another 4 years of George Bush. I may even agree with that idea. The problem though is George Bush is not running. Constitutional term limits have already determined this. So why are the democrats so busy filing lawsuits, throwing Reporters in jail, and campaigning against George Bush. The answer is really simple. The Democrats have no ideas, no answers, and Nobama. What a disgrace the democratic party has become.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Equality vs Fairness

Our great country was founded on the premise of equality for all. We are a country with a foundation in individual freedom and equality for all Americans. All Americans have the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These words have meaning. I have found that that meaning is very different depending on party affiliation.

The Republicans are about equality. They desire a level playing field where everyone is provided equal opportunities. They believe in honest open competition. That is why they are for the market system. The free market system helps ensure the playing field is level and the deck is not stacked. When businesses are unable to compete they go out of business. When companies can compete effectively they reap benefits in the form of profits. The Republicans want to teach people to fish. They do not want to give someone a fish. The Republicans are not for free handouts and redistribution of wealth. They are all about hard work paying off with one opportunity leading to the next.

The democrats on the other hand are about fairness. They say it is not fair when someone works hard and it doesn't payoff. Instead of looking for the next opportunity the democrats would rather provide a free handout. Take for instance the mortgage bailout. Many people got into loans they could not possibly afford. Interest rates were at historic lows and yet people went with adjustable rate mortgages. These mortgages were bound to increase payments after they reset. The interest rates at the time had no where to go except up. The Republicans would have allowed the market to settle itself out. The only exception would have been to ensure our financial infrastructure did not crumble. The democrats could only think about "fairness". It wsn't fair that some people reaped the benefits and some people were facing problems. Herein lies the problem.

Republicans believe in equal opportunity for all and the democrats desire fairness. If one person is rich democrats believe it is only fair that everyone is rich. The problem is that life is not fair. There will always be winners and losers. Competition is human nature. Democrats do not desire equal opportunity for some will inevitably fail. Republican do not desire "fairness" because that destroys competition. A society without competition is doomed to failure. All we have to do is look at the failed socialist and communist states. America is the envy of the world because of equal opportunity not because of fairness. America was founded on the principle of equality and individual freedoms. America was not founded on fairness and societal institutions.

The Farce That is The Democratic National Convention

The democrats are putting on quite a show. They are making false claims that McCain is pursuing a $4 billion tax break for big oil companies. They claim that Mccain is against alternative energy plan. They claim McCain is against energy independence. These are lies and the democrats know it.

First of all the tax break McCain has proposed is an across the board tax cut on all corporations. Why is this good for America? The answer is simple. Less taxes on corporations means more jobs for Americans. High corporate tax rates as Obama intends increase joblessness. We must face some tough realities. Businesses are in business for one reason and that is to make money. If a business is not profitable that business will go out of business. Higher tax rates mean less profits. Less profits equals less jobs. With our economy on the brink of recession is less jobs really in our best interest? Our economy has lost jobs for the past 6 months. Do we really want to increase unemployment rates? The farce going on in Denver will spread lies and untruths.

The Democrats are also claiming McCain is against alternative fuels. This is another outright lie. McCain has proposed increased initiatives in alternatives fuels. McCain is for furthering our nuclear energy technology and focusing on alternatives in which we have current technology. Obama is only for solar, wind, and biofuels. The problem with these alternatives is the same that Europe faces. Europe has Wind farms. The German people hate them. They hate them for two reasons. One the wind farms are an eyesore. No one wants to see these monstrosities in their backyard. It is no different in America. There is no way Americans want to ruin their scenic National parks to be used for this purpose. The second reason is that the windmills are expensive. The wind farms are not cost effective and never pay off their costs. This is an unprofitable business and will constantly drain resources from the treasury. Solar Energy is great as long as the sun is shining. However, again people do not want to see the battery packs that are necessary to store the energy in their back yard. Biofuels is a waste of time. Using food stuffs to make energy is not the brightest idea in the world. One of the reasons inflation is on the rise is because both energy and food prices are rising. Food prices are rising because of the drain on food products used to make biofuels. McCain desires alternative energy resources that available now. Alternative sources that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil now. Alternative sources that will reduce the cost of gasoline today. Obama wants the price of gasoline to increase to the point of being unaffordable. Obama has proposed increased taxes on oil companies. Obama has proposed increasing the gasoline tax the consumer pays at the pump (a regressive tax by the way).

The Democrats stated that McCain is against America obtaining energy independence from foreign countries. Nothing could be further from the truth. McCain has proposed lifting the ban on off shore drilling. McCain is for America using its own oil to relieve the pressure of being dependent on foreign oil. McCain is for an all of the above energy plan. He wants to increase research into alternative fuels. McCain wants to use the resources we have today to move us toward the future. Obama and the democrats are against using the resources we have today. They would rather we wait 10 years to reap the benefits of emerging technology. We do not have the technology today to get where we want to be tomorrow. The democrats would rather have Americans feel the pain until we get alternative fuels to sustain our economy. The democrats refuse to even vote on drilling even though an overwhelming majority of Americans want drilling. This begs the question " who are the democrats governing for?" It is certainly not the American people.

The problem with the line of attack on McCain is that it is based on lies. The energy crisis will make or break our economy. Follow the Obama tax and wait philosophy and we won't have to worry about energy to fuel our economy because we will not have an economy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama: Don't Make Me Come Up There and Kick A**

I just viewed the following video posted courtesy of Rudi Stettner. The video shows how Obama would deal with dissension. Rather then act presidential and politely tell the dissenter that grown people can agree to disagree, Obama resorts to condescension, mocking, and profanity. Rather than Obama provide an answer with substance in defense of his policies, Obama answers with threats and more profanity. Is this really leadership?

Obama, his campaign, and democrats have always derided McCain for his legendary temper. Yet Obama responds to a questioner with profanity and childish antics. Obama shows in this video that he is an ego maniac perfectly capable of belittling and brushing off anyone that does not agree with him. As Russia has shown over the last couple of weeks the world is an ever changing and unpredictable place. There will be diplomatic disagreements. Is this how Obama plans on responding to Putin? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah? I can assure you that is not the way to proceed through diplomacy. What would Obama do if Ahmadinejad responded this way to Obama? Would he really go kick Ahmadinejad A**. Obama is a loose canon that offers childish antics in place of statesmanship.

Why is the Media so quiet on this issue? They have made McCain's temper an issue, yet they leave Obama and his childish antics alone. This is not the first time Obama has resorted to childish tactics when surrounding by his cultists. Obama is nothing more than a cult leader. In this video he acts like a typical bully that talks big when surrounded by his friendly goons and attacks a much smaller opponent. Nothing in this video shows Obama is capable of being a leader. Quite the opposite it shows Obama is incapable of leadership and shows how shallow his views really are. Obama has neither the breadth or depth of knowledge on how to be President.

I must warn everyone the following video may not be suitable for everyone. It contains profanity and inappropriate behavior.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama: Biden Has Decades of Working Across the Aisle. Really?

Today while introducing his choice for Vice President Obama said Joe Biden has decades of history working across the Aisle. This is a bold faced lie. Joe Biden has been one of the most divisive partisans of all time.

Remember it was Joe Biden that led the charge in two of the most partisan attacks in American history. It was Joe Biden that made the term "Bork" a verb. As in you just got Borked. Biden led the charge in undermining Robert Bork's nomination for the Supreme Court. It was Senate Democrats led by Biden and Ted Kennedy that undermined this nomination from the start. This was nothing more than partisan attacks. The Senate democrats were determined to undermine whomever President Reagan selected because they felt any Reagan nomination would not favor their one sided liberal views. The partisan attacks started even before Bork was nominated. Biden ambushed Bork due to partisan necessities.

Also remember that it was again Biden who led the charge against Clarence Thomas. This led to another partisan attempt to undermine the President's choice for the Supreme Court vacancy. Joe Biden allowed partisan politics get in the way of National duty and service. Joe Biden has a history of partisan politics.

Obama promised change in his words. In his deeds he nominates a status quo Washington insider. Joe Biden is a partisan hack. Barack in words describes Biden as having decades of experience working across the aisle. Biden's action show decades of experience in partisan politics. Again Obama is all talk and no substance. His great lie today shows that Obama will say anything to get elected.

The MSM has Already Started Playing the Race Card

Slate magazine has decided that the only way Obama loses is if race plays a major part of the loss. According to Slate Obama has every natural and structural advantage and is running against McCain a sub par Republican candidate. Jacob Weisberg equates the dead heat we currently have to racism. Weisberg claims American voters are willfully ignorant. How dare we question the eloquent one. After all Obama has inspired millions. He has raised large sums of money and has a crack operation. How in the world could this be a dead heat without racism?

Fortunately for America we want more out of our politicians than lofty rhetoric. Eventually we require our candidates to provide substance to their rhetoric. This has nothing to do with racism. Obama has run into problems not because some believe he is a closet muslim. No these folks were never going to vote for a democrat to begin with. The 5% of voters that say they would not vote for an African American (quoted by Weisberg for a CBS/NY Times Poll) were never going to vote for a democrat to begin with. Unfortunately for Liberal rags like Slate, Obama is in a dead heat because he is an arrogant elitist.

Obama has an ego that won't quit. Obama elected to go on vacation instead of addressing the Georgian crisis. Obama went on a victory tour of Europe but he forgot our wounded heroes. Obama claims America has 59 States. Obama offers an energy plan consisting of higher oil costs and inflating tires. Obama childishly flips off Hillary at a campaign event. None of these facts has anything to do with racism. They have to do with Obama being a immature out of touch politician.

Obama lied about his vote on the infants alive act saying that the language of the bill was not the same as the unanimous federal. Obama claims he would have voted for the federal bill. However, in 2003 Obama derailed a bill in Illinois that would have protected botched abortion victims. Instead Obama railed against it because it would have over burdened doctors. Obama now lies about this vote. Is it racism that made Obama lie about his record? I think not.

Here is the Bottom line, Slate, Obama does not have that great of organization. When Obama does not have a teleprompter in front of him, Obama stutters and stammers and spouts some of the most ridiculous utterances ever heard. Yes Obama does has raised unprecedented campaign funds and has inspired millions. This sounds more like a cult leader though and not the most Presidential. America needs a leader that will inspire a country not just the selected few. We need a leader that has ideas to move America forward not someone who speaks lofty rhetoric with no real ideas. Obama is in a dead heat and in danger of losing because of Obama's lack of maturity. Leave the race card at home liberals and stay focused on the issues.

Obama Makes A Decision At 3:00 am

Barack Obama finally shows America the type of decisions he would make at 3:00 am. Obama had the opportunity to make a statement in the midst of a 3:00 am crisis two weeks ago but left that decision to the big boys while he sauntered off on vacation. However, to give Obama some credit he had these vacation plans before Russia decided to invade Georgia. The Georgian crisis would have to wait because Michelle told Barack he was not to take Georgia seriously because she wanted to go to Hawaii.

So Obama would have to wait to show the world that he could indeed make a decision at 3:00 am. What decision does he make at 3:00 am? He selects Joe Biden as his Vice President. Obama was unable to make 3:00 am decisions when necessitated by events due to vacation plans instead he creates a 3:00 am moment just to show that he could make well thought out decisions in the wee hours of the morning.

The problem is that Joe Biden represents everything Obama is not. Joe Biden has experience and previously ran for President twice. The problem is that Joe Biden is a career politician and the poster child for Washington Insider. The current congress has managed to do less than any other congress in history and Biden is a part of that. Obama promised hope and change; his 3:00 am decision provided more of the same.

Obama had an opportunity to provide a strong response during the Georgian crisis. It took him three attempts to get the message right. In his first opportunity to show Americans how he would react in a 3:00 am moment Obama failed. So Obama being the great showboat makes his own 3:00 am moment and announces to the world the his Vice President was Joe Biden. This is another shining example of Obama's prowess at making poor decisions.

Yes this is a poor decision. Why wait until America was sleeping to announce his selection. This selection should have been made just before a news cycle in order to receive the biggest bounce. Instead the news is 6 hours old before anyone really notices. Obama did make a decision at 3:00 am it just that it wasn't necessary for this decision to be made in the wee hours in the morning. This was the wrong type of decision to make at 3:00 am. We need a President that will take the position seriously. Not one that will make it a show. When provided a perfect opportunity to act Presidential Obama went on vacation. To make up for that Obama creates his own news at 3:00 am. Obama just does not get it. Obama is too immature to be President. The Presidency is not a game; American lives are at stake.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Chosen One Chooses to Sell Out America

Today the chosen one shows just how patriotic he is by selling out his country. In Lynchburg, Virginia, Obama tells a crowd of faithful cultists that American needs to lead by example and not charge into other countries. Never in my life have I heard a Presidential candidate that was so down on America.

American Presidents are supposed to be the optimists that lead a country through the tough times. Yet Obama only offers pessimism. Obama offers little in form of substance only capitalizing on the problems and issues facing America. We are in a tough war where our fighting men and women are dying in an effort to establish a democracy in Iraq. Obama has the audacity to compare America toppling a tyrant that flaunted the UN Security resolutions. For the 12 years building up to the Iraq war Saddam continuously flaunted the resolutions in front of the toothless UN security council. Saddam continuously tried to break the no fly zones. Saddam continuously fired Anti Aircraft Guns at our airmen patrolling the UN recognized no fly zones. Saddam continuously threw out weapons inspectors in an effort to conceal clandestine weapons development. Yet Obama sells out his country and tells the world America has sinned.

Obama's initial response to the Georgia crisis was to send the issue to the UN security council. Did Obama really believe that would work? After all Russia has a permanent seat on the council and has absolute veto power over any resolution. Does Obama really believe the UN security council is the answer? After all they were toothless in their efforts to secure compliance of their resolutions with Iraq.

Obama is a pessimistic apologist. As evidenced by his selling out of America it is obvious he is trying to apologize for America. Obama's statements about engaging our sworn enemies without preconditions takes on a whole new light knowing that Obama will simply apologize for America's past transgressions. Obama has made reparations a staple of his campaign. On one stop he said America needed to atone for its sins with more than just words. Again by focusing on our past failings he is apologizing and displays his pessimistic views. Is this what we want as President?

An Obama presidency would be a disaster. Obama would be running around the world apologizing for America's past transgressions. He would tell the leaders how he feels their pain. If America were again attacked by either terrorists or rogue nations would Obama respond with more apologies? Would he tell our attackers we needed to lead by example and would not strike back. America will never be the same again if Obama is elected. America would be a burning uninhabitable place for a million years as Obama would emboldened our sworn enemies by showing he has the lack of courage necessary to defend our great nation. America can do better. We need a President that will lead us into the future. A leader that will recognize our strengths and improve our weaknesses. We do not need a pessimistic apologist. We do not need a president that would sell out his country.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain: Momentum as Race Draws Even

There is no doubt that there has been a recent tightening of the race. Today a Zogby poll shows McCain with a five point lead. A battleground Poll today shows McCain with a one point lead. Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls are also showing a narrowing race. These results show McCain has momentum entering the conventions which does not bode well for Obama. State Polls are also narrowing showing that this movement towards McCain is real.

McCain has narrowed the gap and is out performing the Republican party generics. The Rasmussen daily tracking poll is polling 40 % democrats with 30% independents and 30% Republicans. I believe these polls are shifted in Obama's favor yet Obama leads by only 2 %, well within the margin of error. I am not sure where the 40% democrat voter makeup comes from. The democrats certainly have picked up some but the overwhelming trend has been movement from Republicans to independents. Democrats are also moving towards leaning independent. Yet the pollsters are still polling more Democrats.

The spin from the Democrats and Obama is that they only care about the poll results with the economy and change. As long as those two polling samples favor Obama he believes he is in good shape. The problem is that the pollsters are probably over selling the strength of the Democrats and underselling the strength of independents. This does not bode well for Obama.

If my hypothesis is correct McCain is actually the leader in this race. For instance, if Democrats are polled at the 35% area and independents at 35% the net reult would be a 2-3 point swing in McCain's favor. McCain is in great position to pull the upset. This is a democratic year by all accounts yet the democratic presumptive nominee is in a race for his political life. Being in a dead heat this close to the conventions gives McCain the edge and momentum.

Past Democratic candidates that actually won in November had larger leads heading into the conventions. Polling after the Democratic convention had Bill Clinton up big (20+) after his conventions and Carter was up 30% after his convention. All three of these elections ended up rather close. Carter won by less than 1 % and Clinton won both with a plurality rather than a majority. Both Clinton wins were less than 6 points.

McCain has the momentum and can ruin Obama's convention bounce. By all accounts the Denver convention will be a zoo. The protestors are many and Denver even has "secret jails" in store for unruly democrats. McCain is set to announce his Vice President nominee the day after Obama accepts the nominee. McCain then immediately enters his convention. None of this bodes well for the chosen one. If ObM is not up 20+ points at the end of his convention and the beginning of the Republican convention Obama will sink and McCain will win a small but significant victory for all Americans.

Obama: Big Lies and Ethical Issues

The arrogant One dreamed of filling a stadium in which he would provide a King like performance. He claims to have opened it up free to the public. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth of the matter is that Obama sold these tickets one way or another. Nothing illegal with selling tickets to a speech but highly questionable. The campaign concocted a method in which to engage free labor by forcing the public to volunteer for Obama's campaign. Then Obama withholds a number of tickets in which to sell in an underground fundraiser. In all likelihood Obama would not have reported this fundraiser because as he stated the tickets were free to the public.

Obama not only lied but what he did was unethical. It may have been within the law but it was not the right thing to do. This definitely shows Obama's character and judgment. Obama claims the tickets were free then forces the recipients to work for their free tickets. Then Obama claims all the tickets were taken yet he with holds some for a private fundraiser to sell to deep pocketed donors. By having this underground fund raiser there is an increased potential for abuse in our campaign finance system. We aleady know Obama has questionable donors from the Gaza strip. Now we have Obama in covert operations to hold a fundraiser without having to report that income through the FEC.

Obama has claimed to be a different kind of politician. But utilizing secret codes and handshakes in an effort circumvent the FEC is more of the same. Is this the change we are supposed to believe in? We have to work (volunteer) for something that is free and then some lucky people actually are paying up $1,000 for the free tickets.
Obama is nothing more than an empty suit that will skirt the laws with unethical behavior.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Above My Pay Grade

It has been a terrible last couple of weeks for Barack Obama. First, Russia attacked Georgia and Obama offered a weak response and left for vacation. Second, Tim Kaine took credit for a cease fire that still hasn't taken hold. Third he faired poorly at Pastor Rick Warren's forum.

When asked a simple question about when he felt life began, Obama offered it was not for him to answer; it was above his pay grade. Now this may have been a cute way of trying to deflect a powerful question but it showed the distinct lack of leadership that surrounds the Obama campaign. Is this how Obama is going to respond when tough decisions need to be made? If Iran were to threaten America with nuclear weapons is this how Obama is going to respond? Is Obama going to shrug his shoulders and say well it is above my pay grade? Is Obama going to say oh well it must be gods will? This is how Obama answered the tough question on when life begins. Obama shrugged it off and simply states it is above his pay grade. This implies only God knows.

As Obama struggles hiding his far left leaning tendencies he has to resort to distortions of the truth and lies. Obama knows full well he torpedoed a Bill as State Senator because he thought the bill undermine abortion. Obama believed it was within his pay grade to determine that even when a baby is born live during a botched abortion procedure, the baby could still be aborted. Regardless of what side of the abortion issue one finds themselves there is no way that someone could consider a baby nonexistent after it takes that first breath of air. However, Obama did not believe so in 2002. He torpedoed a bill because it might undermine abortions. Obama resorts to lies to cover these tracks. Obama was wrong on this issue in 2002. His "Above My Pay Grade" comment shirked his responsibilities in 2008. This is a cop out and Obama knows it. Obama is weak and represents change we can do without. We do not need 4 years with a President that is weak and unprepared. This is the only change Obama represents. Obama stands for nothing and only stutters and stammers his way around tough issues.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kaine Short List Candidate; Short on Crisis

Today Tim Kaine gave Obama credit where no credit is due. Kaine was interviewed on Fox News and announced that the cease fire between Russia and Georgia was due to the strong response by Obama. Only Obama's "tough and smart" words were able to create space for an immediate ceasefire. The problem is that Russia never recognized the cease fire and Obama required three chances to finally deliver an appropriate tough and smart response.

As posted in an earlier blog entry, Obama's initial response was weak kneed and called for UN security council action. The problem with this response from Obama is that the UN is toothless. Especially when Russia holds permanent membership and veto authority. Please Mr. Kaine explain how that response was either tough or smart. Russia certainly would have vetoed any resolution that was against their aggressive actions. Not too smart to trade barbs with the aggressor in the security council. Obama also did not initially call for a ceasefire. His only recommendation was direct talks between Russia and Georgia. We all see what good direct talks did. A ceasefire is negotiated that goes unrecognized by the aggressor. Finally on Obama's third response he sounded like McCain and came out strong. Obama had a 3:00 am moment and missed an opportunity. It was McCain that said the European Union and NATO needed to involve themselves to negotiate a truce, not Obama. Obama suggested the UN security council where Russia has veto power.

Now Russia will not even recognize Georgia's sovereignty. The French actually led the way in truce discussions. There was no UN involvement as suggested by Obama. The Kremlin says the US must choose between a partnership with Russia or the US ties with Georgia. It's a moment of truth. It takes strength to deal with international incidents and crisis'. What would Obama do? Tim Kaine said the crisis was averted because of Obama's smart and tough response. The surrogate was wrong. Kaine was on Obama's short list for VP. That list just got shorter because Kaine was shorter than Obama on the Georgian crisis. Obama was weak and showed his ignorance on international relations. Kaine attempted to gain favor by giving credit where none is due. Obama represents leadership the US can do without.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

USA Takes France in the 4 X100

Alain Bernard bragged that France was going to "smash" the US in the 4 x 100 free relay. But in a thrilling finish, American captain Jason Lezak came from behind to catch Bernard and bring home the gold for the US team. Lezak touched the wall eight one-hundredths of a second before the trash talking Frenchman who seemed to be in complete shock after the race.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

MSM: Zero Credibility

Over the years the MSM has been losing more and more credibility. In the 1960's, it really mattered what Walter Cronkite said. People were listening and he shaped American mindsets. His biases were evident but there were no alternate sources of information. We only had network television and independent thought processes were squelched. This has all changed. Today Americans understand the MSM is greatly biased and intentionally attempts to bend AMerican will to their point of view.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, CBS went as far as fabricating stories and forging documents. Dan Rather truly believed he was right in his thought process and therefore it would not matter how he retrieved his evidence. To him the end justified the means. Even if the document was a known forgery it did not matter because the story in his mind was true.

Now we have two stories that recently developed. One the MSM attempted to squelch the story by ignoring the story and ordering mdeia bloggers from reporting on it or investigating it. The other story is not even on their radar screen. The LA Times ordered their bloggers not to write or blog about the Edwards story. The claimed the the tabloid magazine "National Enquirer" was the only paper reporting it so it must not really be a story. Unfortunately, it was a story. John Edwards abandoned his wife when he was most needed. Affairs of the heart happen all the time. However, what Edwards did was inexcusable. Edwards spouse Elizabeth was undergoing a stressful event in her life. She was diagnosed with cancer and needed someone to lean. Hopwever, John could not handle the pressure and decided to seek out an adulterous affair in an effort to escape from the family he claimed to adore. The media did not want this story. Their bias is such that any Republican issue is a scandal but the Democrats can do no wrong. The media refused to do their job. There was an important story developing and the MSM refused to vet the candidate simply because it did not fit their agenda.

The other story involves Obama. There are suggestions that Obama may not be qualified to be President. There is evidence that the Certificate of Live Birth on Obama's anti smear website and the Daily KOS website is an outright forgery. There is evidence that Obama may either not be a natural born citizen or may have dual citizenship. I for one want to believe that there is nothing to the stories. The problem is that again our MSM refuses to investigate.

Our MSM is refusing to vet Mr. Obama. Most negative stories surrounding Barack Obama are first aired by bloggers and amateur reporters. The MSM will not allow discussion on negative Obama insights until the bloggers and amateur journalists start investigating and digging on their own and make the story. I would like to believe there is nothing to the story but the MSM has lost all credibility.

A tabloid magazine scooped the MSM. The MSM attempted to bury Larry Craig for his shenanigans with endless investigative reporting but refuses to investigate the democrats. We in America have a free press. Our media is supposed to be unbiased report the facts. Our press is not supposed to only select biased stories that support their one sided socialist viewpoints. Our media has not been charged with forging documents and ignoring stories. Our media has been charged with writing about news events that effect real Americans. If not for the bloggers and amateur journalists we would never have fair and balanced news. We would only be allowed to hear the one sided biased liberal viewpoint of a MSM that has zero credibility.

McCain: Courage and Leadership

This week has provided opportunities for both John McCain and Barack Obama to act presidential. John McCain displayed his knowledge and abilities while Obama decided a vacation was more important.

The Democrats adjourned the People's house a little over a week ago. Republicans stayed behind and debated the merits of Off Shore drilling. America is in the midst of a energy crisis and Nancy Pelosi adjourned the people's house with nary a vote on energy proposals. Last week, I wrote a piece stating that Obama has lacked leadership on energy but had a historic opportunity to display that he was more than an empty suit and show he truly is a leader. Obama could have taken his campaign to Washington DC and demanded that Nancy, Harry, and the rest of the lame excuse ridden Democrats back to work to accomplish the people's business. Obama decided he also needed to take a vacation even though the Senate has not adjourned. McCain yesterday, went to Washington DC and implored Obama to lead. McCain joined John Boehner and requested Obama to rally his Democratic Party that he leads to reopen the people's house . McCain displayed leadership when it matters most.

Yesterday, Russia attacked Georgia. Again both candidates had a historic opportunity to shape American Foreign policy. McCain strongly condemned Russia and demanded an immediate withdrawal. McCain went as far as calling for the European Union and Nato to get involved in an effort to resolve the Georgian crisis. Obama on the other hand gave a half hearted condemnation and suggested the two sides have direct talks. There was no call for the European Union diplomats nor the NATO diplomats to aid in conflict resolution. No Obama decided the UN Security Council needed to resolve the issue. Obama deferred a strong US response to the weak United Nations. Obama turned his back on the world when the world needed America to lead with a strong unified condemnation.

America needs a leader who leads in both the good times and the bad times. We do not need a leader that turns his back when America is facing a crisis. Average Americans will be unable to afford to heat their homes this winter unless comprehensive energy policies are passed immediately to reduce the cost of oil. We can not wait for the prices to rise and offer tire gauges and $1,000 tax credits to fix the problem. Neither of these energy proposals will do much to reduce the cost of oil. America requires leadership when volatile world events erupt. McCain displayed strong leadership and demanded Russia immediately withdraw. Obama lacked leadership and only suggested the two sides sit down and have direct talks.

McCain has displayed courage and leadership under fire. McCain never backed away when the going got tough. McCain stood by his surge philosophy and understood that Iraq was a war we could not lose. McCain has offered energy proposals that incorporate long range alternative fuel development with short term supply increases. In the short term off shore drilling will reduce the cost of oil until McCain's long range plans will dimish our dependence on foreign oil. McCain shows his courage and leadership. Obama shows his back and walks away from problems. McCain understand America. Obama takes vacations.

It's 3:00 am; Where's Obama?????

Yesterday, Russia attacked a sovereign nation. This violence erupted with little forewarning and showed how quickly events can lead to armed conflict around the world. This attack is the 3:00 am moment Hillary Clinton discussed during her primary campaign. It's 3:00 am and where is Obama?

Obama provided prepared remarks that showed his lack of experience and his disastrous approach regarding foreign policy. Obama then decided to display his lack of leadership and shove off for the warmer climate in Hawaii. Is this Obama's leadership? When the world turns volatile will Obama be there. Again using his own actions rather than his empty promises we see he will turn his back and leave. Obama should have displayed his courage and leadership. He should have canceled his vacation plans and starting working with the current administration on a plan to resolve the situation. Obama solemn remarks were not a strong condemnation. His idea to work it out with the UN security council is inappropriate. Obama even in his words show his weak-kneed approach to foreign policy. Carrying on with original vacation plans and leaving the work to others shows Obama is not a leader who has ideas. Obama as President would be nothing more than a figurehead. His hands off foreign policy will allow an already volatile world to become even more unpredictable and volatile than it already is.

Obama sounded weak and sappy yesterday in his remarks. His condemnation of Russia was weak. He did not demand an immediate withdrawal. Obama only offered the idea of direct talks. What Obama does not understand is that it is difficult to talk to with a country that just invaded your sovereignty. There is no doubt that Russia invading Georgia. There is no doubt that Russia plans on occupying Ossetia. Obama looked tired in his response. Obama sounded weak in his response. Obama appeared disinterested in his response. It's 3:00 am and Where's Obama? He is disinterested, uncaring, and on vacation.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who's Ignorant?????

That is the question of the day. Barack Obama claims the Republicans are ignorant for ridiculing his energy policy. Obama claims we would save more oil by inflating our tires then we could ever by increasing our drilling. Obama claims that we would be able to wait for alternative fuels if we would just change our habits. Obama claims that increasing oil supplies would do nothing to reduce the cost of oil but of course increasing the tax burden on oil producers would decrease the cost of oil. Obama and the Democrats are seriously out of touch with average Americans.

Let's face it. Obama and the Democrats he leads are ignorant when it comes to the pain Americans are facing today. The facts are that Americans are unable to afford the increasing oil prices. The entire American infrastructure is based upon black gold. In Obama's chosen city of Chicago there would not be many brand name clothes without the truckers that move the goods from the coasts. Average Americans are having a tough time just filling their tanks to go back and forth to work. The blue collar union workers that the Obama led Democrats claim to be protecting are being bilked out of funds due to the Democrats ignorance. The one thing that rings true is that the Democrats are ignorant of the facts.

They believe they are untouchable. They have been led to believe that they are infallible and can't lose this election cycle. The media has pushed the liberal agenda and informed the Republic that we all might as well vote for a Democrat because a Republican can not win. Pelosi went as far as to tell "blue dog" Democrats to go ahead and voice their support for off shore drilling. Why we might ask? Well it is because she is in a safe seat. She can afford to take the hit because she is assured of reelection. The ones that are not in such a great position are free to voice support because Queen Nancy has no intention of ever allowing a vote on this issue. Queen Nancy is providing political cover. The lying Democrats will say anything for power. What the ignorant Queen is saying is this "Go Ahead and tell your constituents you are for drilling; we will never have a vote". Nancy is telling the Democrats to blame her. All the while she has no intention of allowing a floor vote. Queen Nancy is not even allowing debate on the issue. She calls drilling for oil a hoax. The Democrat talking point is we will not get the desired oil for 10 years. Well the Obama led Democrats are wrong.

We as Americans were duped in 2006. Queen Nancy and King Charles (Schumer) lied to Americans when they promised lower fuel costs. In 2006, they ridiculed Bush because the price of a gallon of gas was over $2.00 a gallon. They promised that their plans would lower the price of oil. Instead we now have fuel prices over $4.00 a gallon. Queen Nancy and King Charles now clamor that it is the Republicans thwarting their plans and they need a fillibuster proof Senate in order to accomplish anything. The problem is this.

The Democrats can not lead. Never in recent memory has there been a fillibuster proof majority for either party. Yet the Democrats can not lead without one? Why? The reason is that they have very little in the form of ideas. When they do have an idea it is from the far left and totally unacceptable to Average Americans. The only way they are capable of winning is to resort to lies. They Democrats are lying when they say we will be unable to get to our oil for ten years. The Democrats are lying when they say they will have a comprehensive energy plan that will reduce the cost of heating our homes. The Democrats tell their loyal party politicians to lie to Americans when they speak of drilling. The democrats are the ignorant ones.

They are ignorant to believe that we as Americans will believe their lies. We need to vote all of these incredible liars out of office. We need to send them home. Maybe if we send the incumbents home we will get our country back. We do not need politicians that would outright lie in an effort to gain power. Our politicians have corrupted the Republic with their lies. The Republicans are not much better. However, they have shown an understanding of our energy woes. We need to send a message this election cycle and vote out any politician running for reelection that has been in Congress longer than 4 years. Vote out incumbents and save America. Our politicians are ignorant to the issues facing Average Americans.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama: Lacked Leadership When it Counted

Barack Obama could have displayed leadership back in May when John McCain called for off shore drilling. Barack Obama could have shown leadership when John McCain called for an Obama/McCain visit to Southwest Asia. Barack Obama could have displayed leadership and visited our wounded heroes in Germany. Obama could have shown leadership and transcend race. Obama could have displayed leadership when it was found that his web site was responsible for shutting down blogs that dissented from his views. Instead Obama was always behind and off the mark. Finally, when the polls showed he was wrong he flip flops.

Today the New York Times affiliate the International Herald came to Obama's aid and entitled an article "McCain joins Obama on Off Shore Drilling". What a load this rag is trying to sell. First of all I recall Obama claiming that McCain ideas including a summer tax holiday, off shore drilling, relooking ANWR, nuclear energy options, and other policies that would greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil, were gimmicks. Obama instead offered plans like increasing the gasoline tax, increasing windfall profits tax, suing the OPEC Cartel, inflating our tires, and changing our habits. Obama lacked leadership when it came to offering a coherent energy policy that would help Americans.

Instead Obama waited until the House adjourned before he changed his mind on off shore drilling. Obama waited until the house was on vacation so he could test his message. Obama wants to ensure he can get out a message of compromise when it means nothing before the convention. Obama knows full well that no matter what there will be no votes on energy until after the next election. The Congress is on vacation until after both parties hold their convention. Then it will be nothing but posturing for reelection and running for the presidency out of our Congress. Obama knows he can now tell lies about being open to drilling because there is no one around to hear. Obama lacked leadership when it mattered most.

Now Obama does have one chance to prove he is willing to compromise. The Republicans are returning to the scene of the crime and are willing to debate the issue on Monday. Obama if you are a leader call Pelosi and tell her to go open the people house for business. Show that you really believe in what you say and force the Democrats to vote on this issue. Show Americans that your words really matter. Take action and prove to Americans that you are not just taking advantage of the timing and election cycle to voice your compromise deal. Show us that you are more than a typical politician pandering for votes. Take action. Show us you have integrity. Do what is right and force Nancy to reopen Congress in a special session that will help average middle class Americans. Obama show far you have shown you lack leadership when it counts. Now you have an opportunity to show us you are more than an empty suit. Put your money where your mouth is and show us some leadership.

Obama: Shut Down Dissension

Obama and his loyal cultists are still attempting to shut down honest debate. In the latest round of using spam to shut down Anti Obama sites was tracked by law enforcement officials to three IP addresses registered to The site that was able to track this down is Macsmind. The IP addresses in question are,, and

This was reported by "Death By a 1000 papercuts". DBKP was also shut down. It seems that Blogger and google are trying to cover this up and tell the public it is a browser problem. Now it seems that google needs to come clean and file charges against the Obama campaign for their malicious attacks. Last month no less than seven sites were shut down due the childish behavior of the Obama cult following. I believe a class action lawsuit is in order against Google and the Obama campaign for allowing and even encouraging malicious attacks against concerned Americans.

The only MSM network to give this coverage was Fox News. The had an article in early July that addressed the issue of Obama using spam to shut down other Blogs as being SPAM. Now it seems that Google should be shutting down because it is now readily obvious that it is truly a SPAM site. The site sends out SPAM in hopes of shutting down anti Obama Blogs.

Where is the Obama judgment. This is the nominee that said he would debate John McCain anytime anywhere. Yet when the going gets tough Obama attempts to silence the dissension and uses illegal means in which to do it. Obama and his campaign claim to have the tamed the internet and harnessed its power. The reality is that they have let the cult following to abuse the internet at will. As long as dissension is silenced Obama does not care.

How ironic that the party of dissension would resort to silencing dissension when it comes to the Chosen One. Obama represents a weak leader with no judgment. If he had any leadership ability he would have forced his campaign to shut down illegal SPAM activity. He would have issued an apology to Bloggers affected by his abusive and childish tactics. Instead Obama encourages the behavior by his silent acceptance. What would a presidency for Obama look like? I think there would be a total shutout of transparency. Obama represents the radical extreme of his Party and would enforce radio silence. His administration would be for Obamabots by Obamabots.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Failed Government

Our government has just failed us. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats escaped Washington with out a vote on energy proposals. For weeks the Democrats knew they were losing the battle and yet they were determined to run out the clock. It appears they have succeeded.

The Republicans stayed on the floor and debated even though the Democrats adjourned and turned off the lights and Mics. They shut down the C-Span feed and left a few aides behind while they shirked their responsibility to the American people. The Democratic aides were outraged that there were reporters covering the story of Republicans staying in session debating energy in an adjourned house. One senior Democratic aide quipped to a reporter "your not covering this are you". Another democratic aide called the Republicans "morons".

The Republican Party understands Americans are feeling the pain at the gas pump. They understand that unless something is done now to reduce fuel costs average Americans will be unable to heat their homes this winter. On hot humid day like today who is thinking of winter. Well the Republicans are. They understand that it takes time to enact real legislation that will help reduce energy costs. They understand that unless we act now we will be unable to afford heating oil. Unfortunately, the Democrats have run out the clock. It is far too important for them to have a five week vacation than it is to actually vote on real legislation to reduce the high cost of energy. Pelosi is too busy claiming she is single handedly saving the planet to worry about the republic. Obama is too busy pushing his $1,000 tax credit gimmick to worry about real policies.

Why did Obama wait until after the house adjourned to announce his gimmick? Where was he this summer when we needed energy policy? Oh I forgot he was too busy schmoozing foreign citizens to concern himself with energy or our soldiers. He was too busy playing the race card and too busy telling Americans we need to inflate our tires. Wow what brilliance. The chosen "One" is so intelligent yet his plan so simple. Provide $1,000 relief to assist people pay for oil that cost twice as much today as it did when he took office. Provide a plan for inflating our tires and develop plans to force Americans to change their habits. This is the change Obama brings. He plans on taking us back to the stone age in an effort to save the planet.

We need to vote out all incumbents. We need new politicians. People that truly believe in American tradition. Americans that are proud to be Americans. Americans that really can transcend race. Unfortunately we have no politicians currently that fit that bill. Obama is not the "One". Obama is change we can not believe in. Today the Democratic Party led by Obama and Pelosi failed America. Our government is an utter failure. I thought our government was for the people by the people? It seems that our government has become for the political power brokers by the corrupt scammers.