Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why the Race Card?

John McCain is running a campaign on the issues; Obama is running a campaign based in racism. Yesterday Obama played the race card saying McCain and the Republicans will scare Americans by saying "I do not look like other Presdents on the dollar bill". Today Obamabots on the Huffington Post have the nerve to claim John McCain's recent celebrity ad is racist. Why has Obama resorted to playing the race card?

John McCain's ad compared Obama to Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears. In the Huffington Post Bill Press asks why not compare to Tom Cruise, Arnold, Oprah, or Trump? The answer to Press is because all of the ones he mentions still have some self respect. They are not so arrogant that they flaunt the laws of the land. Spears and Paris believed they were above the law because of their celebrity status. Just like Obama believes he is beyond reproach because he is "the One" the world has been waiting for. There is nothing racist in John McCain"s ad. It is an ad that paints Obama as the self aggrandizing elitist that he is. Obama on the other played the race card.

Obama intentionally scared left wing apologists with his race baiting. This is not the first time Obama has done this little trick. Remember he said similar things back in May when he believed he had the nomination clinched. I must ask why play the race card?

My thoughts are this. When Obama needs a bounce in the polls he will play the race card. He did it in May to start the general campaign. Obama had apparently vanquished his last competitor for the Democratic Party nomination and he comes out swinging stating that Republicans will run a campaign to scare Americans. The Republicans will paint Obama as someone different, Someone that does not look like everyone else. Again yesterday as it appeared his short lived bounce from his European vacation evaporated he needed to interject race in the campaign. Obama needs something to run on. It is painfully clear that Obama only has lofty rhetoric and empty plans. Obama can not run on issues because he has no ideas.

The left claims that McCain is running a smear campaign. Yet McCain has offered plans to reduce our energy costs today. Once Bush lifted the off shore drilling ban the price of oil dropped sharply. Now Congress adjourned for a summer vacation while the rest of us live with high energy prices. What has Obama offered? Higher gas taxes. A lawsuit against OPEC. Alternative fuels in 2018. Windfall profits tax. None of these schemes reduces the price of oil. In fact most of these schemes will only hurt the American economy and raise the price of gasoline.

Yes the recent McCain ad is true. It compares Obama to two celebrities that believed they held an elite status. Their celebrity aura will shield them from reality. This is more than adequate to describe Obama. Obama believes if we would just change our habits and inflate our tires we will reduce fuel prices. Obama believes his celebrity status shields him from criticism. Obama believed he should be able to have a photo Op with our wounded heroes. When he was not allowed the press and campaign staff Obama no longer had the time to meet the soldiers.

John McCain has offered to debate Obama in town hall forums. Obama has denied the requests. Obama feels he has already debated enough. After all he has debated 22 times while seeking the nomination. Only problem is that Obama failed miserably when asked the tough questions. Obama has been unwilling to debate ever since that miserable showing with George Stephanopulous. So while McCain offers ideas and offers to debate ideas; Obama tries to hide behind his celebrity status and hide from America.

Mr. Press you are wrong. John McCain's ad was not racist, it was the truth about Obama. John McCain has attempted to engage Obama in debates. Obama has run away and hid behind his celebrity clothing. Obama has resorted to play the race card every time McCain climbs the polls. I would like to offer Obama some advice: Please do not cry wolf to many times or no one will be there when you really need them. Obama get over it, get over yourself. Most Americans could care less what race you are. Most Americans transcend race and desire to be colorblind. You on the other hand insist on bringing in race every time you slip in the polls. My question to you Mr. Obama is why can you not transcend race like most Americans?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blind Love

In the eyes of the Main Stream Media Barack Obama can do no wrong. The are in love with him and will do anything in an effort to sell the shallow viewpoint. All we have to do is look at what the media pawns say and do concerning the Obama campaign and then compare that to the facts on the ground.

The media have touted Obama's foreign campaign through Europe as nothing less than sensational. Last weekend one of the media pawns went as far as to say Obama is running the perfect campaign. To go along with that the media has pounced on McCain for running a blunder filled campaign. The Obama pawns in the media say Obama did not commit any gaffes while on his latest excursion. Yet Obama received a pass from this same media when he said he would be President for the next 8-10 years. The media gives Obama the benefit of the doubt when he cancelled a visit with our wounded heroes.

However, the polls do not bear out the message the media is trying to sell. One poll today had McCain with a four point lead. The real clear politics has an average of polls with Obama having a 4.6 % lead. I have no doubt Obama has a slim lead. I would call this a dead heat leaning towards Obama right now. The polls are showing a close race yet the media tries selling the Obama campaign as being the "perfect" campaign. How can this be? This is a Democratic year by all accounts. We have an unpopular President. We have an unpopular war. We have a poor economy. All of these facts lead American voters to the Party out of office. History bears this out. In 1968, America was tired of the Vietnam war. Hubert Humphrey represented the Party in Power. It was an electoral college landslide (301-191) for Nixon. In 1976, the economy was in the tank. America was still stinging from the Watergate scandal. Gerald Ford lost the election. In 1980, America was living with the misery index. Reagan beat an incumbent President in a landslide (489-49). In 1992, America was yet again in the midst of economic turmoil. Bill Clinton won in another landslide. Yet Obama can barely hold a lead in the polls. In a year when the chips are down the Party that does not hold the executive power wins the executive branch in a landslide. Obama is barely holding his own with what the media sells as the perfect campaign.

I am not sure what the media is taking but it must be good. There are so blindly in love with Obama that they do not even recognize Obama for the failure that he is. Generic Democrats beat generic Republicans by 10-15%. Yet Obama is behind in one poll and only averages a 4.6% lead. If Obama were truly running a perfect camoaign he would be holding a 15-20% lead. The lead would almost certainly show him running better than a generic candidate. The media is guilty of pushing an agenda.

The media has destroyed the Presidency. First they interfered with an election in 2000. There rush to proclaiming Gore as the winner of the election created a circus. We as Americans will never know what might have been. Had the media minded their own business, Bush may have been able to pull out the victory in both the electoral college and the popular vote. Gore may have been able pull even more votes out west if his supporters had thought Gore was going to lose and won the election outright. We will never know what the results would have been had the media not rushed to judgment. What we do know is that the media altered the course of history. After the interference created a circus the media lambasted Bush for 4 years. They never let up. During the 2004 election cycle the media fabricated and forged evidence to portray a President as AWOL when his country called. This again created a circus and undermined the Kerry candidacy. The fabricated evidence created the swift boat ads that brought up questions about the honesty and integrity of Kerry. All of this created by the media. After Bush won yet again the media continued to bash and and spin lies about the Bush administration. All of this an effort to destroy the American Presidency.

For the last two years the media is relentless in the pursuit of destroying an American President. Their blind love for Obama is nothing more than the media attempting to subvert the will of the people. They will spin any Obama gaffe, flip flop, or lie, as being a racist attack on Obama. They will spin McCains gaffes as being major catastrophes. Yes it is a good thing to see what the polls say.

Polls this early are not good predictors of future events. They paint a picture and are a snapshot in time. What the recent polls show is that the main stream media is obviously blindly in love with Obama. Pushing an editorial agenda is not the job of the media. The media is supposed to be unbiased and search for the truth. All our media does is push their own idealistic agenda.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama's Judgment

Barack Obama returned from his foreign campaign tour through the Middle East and Europe yesterday. During the campaign tour (under the guise of a Congressional tour), Obama touted his judgment. He made claims that it was his policies that created the space for the Iraqi government to solidify its position. Obama claims only his judgment was correct with regards to providing no support to soldiers in a combat zone, only Obama's judgment was right on the withdrawal at any cost plans, that Obama's plan created the Anbar Awakening, and only Obama has the judgment to save the world from itself.

Take a deeper look into Obama's judgment and we will find his judgment is seriously lacking. First of all Obama in his infinite wisdom and judgment was against the surge. In fact even after the campaign visit to Iraq, Obama does not believe the surge worked. In Obama's judgment it was the Democrats who were right on Iraq and it was the Democrats that deserved credit for saving Iraq. The soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines were valiant in their efforts but were failures in Iraq. Only Barack and his "we have lost" minions were able to save Iraq from itself. For in Obama's judgment it was the threat of withdrawal, the threat of cutting off funds, the threat of quitting that forced the Iraqi's to respond in a responsible way. What a crock, Obama has consistently been on the wrong side of the issue. Obama and his loyal minions can not even admit that the surge worked. Even the AP has recognized that we are winning, but alas the chosen one does not even have the judgment to admit he was wrong. In Obama's judgment it is far better to steal the thunder from the military and spread the wealth of praise on himself and the Democratic party.

Another example of Obama's poor judgment deals with his energy policies. As gasoline moved past an average of $4 a gallon, Obama proclaimed that John McCain's plan to drill more oil domestically would not lower gas prices. Obama called McCains plan on drilling a political stunt. In Obama's judgment McCain's plan was a gimmick. Only Obama's plan to increase the gasoline tax, increase the windfall profits tax, and increase the price at the pump would move the markets. Well the facts are in. When President Bush rescinded the executive order banning off shore drilling the price of oil began to decrease. In the 12 days since Bush lifted the executive ban the price of oil has dropped 14%. As predicted on this blog the mere movement towards more oil production and supplies chased speculators away. Oil prices are falling in spite of the efforts of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats to derail a real energy policy. The Democrats have obstructed all efforts by McCain, Bush, and the Republicans to reduce costs of energy and help the economy. Obama's judgment on oil and energy is non existent. Obama claims only he has the judgment necessary but his judgment is in the tank.

Another example of Obama's judgment was his neglect of our wounded heroes. Obama was scheduled to visit our heroes in Landstuhl Regional Medical Center while on his campaign trip through Germany. Yet Obama decided against visiting troops. He decided it was much better to ensure the Europeans were on board the Obama express than it was visit wounded heroes he claims to support. In Obama's judgment it is important to get the Europeans on board. In Obama's judgment America's military men and women will not be seen and will not be heard.

Obama was wrong on Iraq, wrong on the surge, wrong on funding, wrong taking credit, wrong on not visiting, wrong on oil, wrong on energy, yet his cult like following believe he has the judgment necessary to become the President of the United States. All of these wrong headed positions have come about in the past month or two. I find it difficult to believe that one candidate could be so wrong yet claim the judgment mantle. As usual Obama's judgment is wrong. Obama does not have the judgment necessary to be dog catcher let alone the Presidency.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama: A Third Bush Term?

Obama could very well represent a Bush third term rather than being the uniter as claimed. The chosen One has floated the name of a Bush Administration official for the Office of the Vice Presidency. Why would any anti- Bush candidate turn to the Bush administration for a Vice President? Is it because Obama is searching for a candidate that will allay voters concerns that Obama is a full fledged in the closet communist? Does he believe having a Republican on the ticket will make it easier for conservatives to swallow the kool aid offered by Obama?

Ann Veneman has been floated by Obama's Vice Presidential search committee. Veneman is a low echelon Republican that often alienated farm state democrats and environmentalists. Obama is searching for someone that can win a constituency. He wants to court independents and women. Obama has been unable to close the deal with Hillary supporters and has yet to unite his own party. Now his search committee is floating the name of a Bush administration official. Does Obama really believe he can alienate ardent democrats in states like Iowa and still win that state in the fall? Floating the name of a Republican is a rouse. Obama plans on relegating his VP to nobody status.

There is no doubt that this rouse is just another political stunt by a candidate that has no message. The unification message has fallen on deaf ears as Obama has shown he stands for nothing. It is impossible to change the culture of Washington without a true message. It would be prudent for Obama to select someone that brings credibility to his campaign. Obama is seriously inexperienced and politically naive. Even floating the name of a Bush Administration official goes to show just how out of touch Obama really is. It is apparent that the voting electorate suffers from Clinton and Bush fatigue. It is painfully obvious that America does not want either another Bush or Clinton in office. We have had 20 years of these type of politicians and America wants a change.

Obama's change message worked to fool members of his party. Obama won a slim delegate majority in the nomination process. Now Obama searches for recycled officials from the Bush era. Why would America want to vote for Obama more with a republican as VP. If we want a republican at the reins we will vote for the real Republican running for President. We will not be voting for the rouse of a republican as VP. This represents more of the same and is not something we can believe in. Obama offers only political stunts because there is no substance to his rhetoric. There are no plans behind his unification and change message. America is waking up to the empty rhetoric and what does Obama do to quell the defections? He floats the name of Ann Veneman offering nothing more than a third Bush term.

Obama's Political Stunt and The Great Lie

Barack Obama is finishing his overseas campaign swing. Obama was shamed into actually visiting war torn Iraq instead of railing against the war effort without visiting Iraq since JAN 2006. Back in May when John McCain suggested that Obama and McCain go on a fact finding mission to Iraq, Obama said he would not accept the offer and called the thought of going to Iraq a political stunt. Today Obama claims his great political stunt was already being planned prior to McCain's offer.

This is a strange sequence of events. First Obama says visiting our commanders on the ground was a political stunt. He had no intentions of going to visit the soldiers that guarantee his very freedom to lie to the American people. Yet when it became apparent that he was outfoxed by a veteran politician he claims that his trip was not a political stunt and that he thought of it all by himself. Obama's campaign Spokeswoman's exact words on May 28th were “A trip abroad is under consideration, but there are no plans at this point,”. Today Obama claims “He was telling me I was supposed to take this trip,” Obama said. “Although I’ve got to admit we had it planned before he made the suggestion.” If this is not an outright lie I do not know what is considered a lie. Obviously Obama is trying to cover his tracks for his lack of vision and leadership.

Obama lacked the vision to plan a trip to Iraq. He found it much easier to Monday morning quarterback from the comfort of his couch. Obama never intended to visit our soldiers on the ground. He found it easier to speak of the failures in Iraq without knowing the facts on the ground. While it is obvious that the surge has produced positive results Obama still fails to recognize our soldiers efforts.

Obama claims he is for improving veterans care and veterans benefits and yet fails to meet with our wounded soldiers during his overseas campaign stop. Obama found it much easier to lie about planning this trip, negotiating as if he were President, and speaking to 20,000 Europeans and claiming it was 200,000 than is was to visit our wounded warriors and heroes in Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Obama grandstands on issues but offers nothing of substance. When presented an opportunity to show action Obama reverts to words. There is an old saying "actions speaks louder than words". We need to scrutinize Obama's words more closely and than search for action that display Obama really believes in his words.

The problem is that Obama is on all sides of all issues with his words. It is impossible to find actions to support his words because Obama has a habit of not standing for anything. Even this taxpayer paid campaign event showed how Obama will change his position depending on the audience. Obama had no prior plans before he had prior planning. Obama was against taking advice from military commanders before he was for taking advice from commanders, before he was yet again against taking advice. Obama is a corrupt politician that will say anything to gain power. Obama is an elitist that believes the American electorate is unintelligent. We need Obama to be up front and honest. Yet this political stunt displays more lies.

I will be filing a FEC complaint to Obama next Monday. Obama made this trip as US Senator yet it had nothing to do with senatorial duties and everything to do with a political campaign stop. Obama should have to pay the entire bill for this trip out campaign funds rather congressional taxpayer funds. I do not support Obama and do not feel I should be forced to fund this campaign trip. Everyone that is against Obama needs to file an FEC complaint. This is an obvious campaign stop.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama: The Presumptuous Nominee

Barack Obama crossed the line in his “fact finding” mission. Obama decided he had to visit Iraq if he was ever to gain any credibility on the Iraq war issue and foreign policy. However, this “fact finding” mission turned out to be just another campaign stop that was funded by all taxpayers. Once Obama crossed the line and strayed from his official duties as a United States Senator this trip should have to come out of campaign funds and not taxpayer funds.

Obama was negotiating with the Iraqi leader. This is not in his job description. Negotiations are performed by the executive branch and Obama undermined the powers of the Presidency. Obama’s conduct is unbelievable, unconscionable, and unconstitutional. Obama was supposed to get the facts on the ground surrounding our war effort. He should have been gathering facts so that he could vote in the Senate on what the best course of action for America is pertaining to the war. He should not be out there grandstanding for his political constituents. Obama should not be out there campaigning at taxpayer expense.

This veiled attempt to undermine the current elected President should not be allowed to continue at taxpayer expense. Obama should be forced to finance his campaign visit out of his war chest. It is obvious that Obama is not visiting Europe and South West Asia as a Senator. He has made it painfully clear that this trip is as presumptive nominee of his party for the Presidency. Obama is really showing how little he grasps of the political system in America. The cult followers have made the presumptive nominee rather presumptuous. Obama is really showing himself as an out of touch elitist.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Feinstein Just Doesn't Get It

Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Harry Reid, Representative Pelosi and a handful of other Democrats just don’t get it. America is in the midst of a major energy crisis. We are paying over $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline. The price for a barrel of oil was over $145.00. The economy is on the brink of collapse. Yet Senator Feinstein says there is no way to immediately lower our rising fuel costs.

Senator Feinstein penned an editorial for the LA Times and claimed there was no way of providing the much needed immediate relief. Senator Feinstein offered no ideas for resolving the energy crisis. All she added to the conversation was rhetoric based in outright lies and whines. Perhaps Former Senator Phil Gramm was on to something when he said America has turned into a country of whiners. Perhaps he was really aiming that claim at the democrats who are big on whining but have little of substance to offer in the form of a strategic plan to deal with the energy crisis.

Senator Feinstein called off shore drilling a distraction. Representative Pelosi called off shore drilling a hoax. The Democrats have refused to allow a floor vote on drilling even though an overwhelming majority of Americans want drilling and they want it now. The case that drilling now will not lower gasoline prices is a lie. I have repeatedly stated that speculators are driving the price of fuel up right now. However, in the last three days since President Bush announced he is lifting the executive order banning off shore drilling oil has fallen $14 a barrel. This is a 10% decline in just three days on just removing one of the obstacles for to shore drilling. Moving forward with removing the rest of the obstacles will only further the drop in oil that has occurred over the last three days. America could be energy independent. We have oil reserves larger than the Saudi’s. We have resources in oil that are unmatched. The Chinese have been drilling off shore in the Caribbean and yet our democrats in office continue to lie to the American people.

Senator Feinstein and the democratic ilk have continuously said we require energy independence. This same group says we need to focus on alternative fuels. Yet they refuse to support alternative energy solutions that are available today. They would rather support the Al Gore plan that says we could have the “green technology” for alternative fuels by 2018. The Democrats would rather we suffer through a major economic downturn for at least a decade. That is the plan offered by the democrats. Wait another 10 years for the technology to catch up to our energy needs. In the meantime our entire economy will collapse.

Already our economy is suffering the effects of the lack of energy plans and policies. The Democrats promised in 2006 to lower the cost of energy if they were elected into office. Since we fell for the democratic lies in 2006 our energy costs have nearly doubled. Auto makers are laying off people in record numbers because sales are non existent. Airlines are laying off personnel in an effort to reduce costs. Airlines are also scaling back flight operations and even canceling some routes. Airlines are also charging for taking more than one bag of luggage. Truckers are not able to move our goods around the country and still make a profit. More and more the high energy costs are being passed on to the consumer. Americans are already cash strapped and the democrat desire we feel more pain.

The Democrats led by Barack Obama have no energy plans. Their plan is to make Americans feel the pain until we can develop “clean technology”. This is pie in the sky thinking. Yes it would be great to have low cost energy in the form of “clean technology”. However, we can not get there from here. We are not ready to transition. The alternative fuel technology the Democrats dream of is not mature. Right now it is not even in the emerging technology category. The American economy will not survive the fall if we do not start to reduce energy costs today. We can not wait for ten years for alternative fuel. We must use what is available to us now and move into the future.

The McCain plan to permit Off shore drilling is working in the near term. When President Bush lifted the executive order the price of oil dropped 10%. Just think what would happen if Congress followed suit and allowed off shore drilling. That would drive speculators from the market and oil will drop another 20-30%. Imagine oil at $100 a barrel and pump prices under three dollars. This could be the reality if the Democrats would just allow a floor vote.

There are ways to regulate the American oil industry. We have to enforce our environmental laws. We have to ensure we are selling our oil to Americans. We could establish a price ceiling for the cost of fuel. We could force investment in alternative fuels. We could do a lot of things if the Democrats would just get off their lies and admit the true desire is to drive the economy into a recession/depression just to gain more power in the 2008 election cycle. The Democrats understand that they are losing this argument. The Democrats understand they have been outmaneuvered by the Republicans. Now the Democrats are more than willing to allow our economy to fail. Average Americans will be unable to afford to heat our homes this winter and the Democrats still do nothing hoping to blame President Bush for their failings. This is the hope and change Obama brings to the table. We will change our thermostats and hope we can stay warm. Hope and Change we can’t believe.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Barack Obama’s Flying Circus

When Barack Obama takes off to Europe and the Middle East next week, he will be accompanied by three very desperate, pseudo journalists. While network news is dying a slow death much like the NYT, these three grossly overpaid Obama sycophants are tagging along in the hopes of raising the ever decreasing ratings of their decrepit news programs.

It is guaranteed to be a grotesque display of Obama idolatry masquerading as journalism. Katie, Brian, and Charlie are all tingly in anticipation of the large crowds they are sure will be there to greet the magnificent Obama at every stop. With backdrops in historic locales and adoring audiences, each of the three masters of vapidity are ready to kick their bias into full gear in order to make sure that all Americans know just how much their favorite candidate is loved overseas.

We are sure to be subjected to endless, stomach-churning comparisons of Obama to John Kennedy. Katie will do her perky best to insure that Michelle Obama is perceived to be every bit as popular in Europe as Jackie Kennedy was as First Lady. And of course there will be enough references to the “New Camelot” to make even your dog beg you to turn off the television.

What we are seeing here is nothing less than the three anchors becoming active participants in the Obama campaign. They have decided to travel with their candidate in an effort to promote him on a global scale, and in doing so, they use their networks as a vehicle to provide free campaign ads for Obama.

John McCain traveled to France, Britain and Israel in March, but none of three bothered to travel with him. He went to Canada last month and none the three networks even covered it. At most, McCain gets a correspondent on his trips, none of the big guns. Of course these anchors aren’t interested in McCain, he's a republican.

If you ever had any doubts that the MSM is in the tank for Obama, this event should clear them up. The networks are trying to send the not-so-subtle message that they already consider Obama the President, and so should you.

Monday, July 14, 2008

McCain Right on Energy; Obama No Plans on Energy

John McCain has pressed for off shore drilling to ease America's pain at the pump. Today President Bush acted and lifted the executive order banning offshore drilling. Now it is up to the Democrat led Congress to act. Senator Obama and the Congressional Democrats are against lifting the ban even though a majority of Americans support more drilling. The party of no ideas has been out maneuvered once again. Barack Obama and the rest of the do nothings offer pathetic and untruthful excuses.

One of the excuses is that drilling in the US will not lower the cost of energy tomorrow. This is simply an untrue statement and Obama knows of his deceit. Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have announced recently that oil could go for 300-400 dollars a barrel. These irresponsible statements by dictators is causing speculators to bid the price of oil higher. If our own Congress would act and lift the ban on drilling speculators would shy away from bidding the prices higher because drilling will increase supply. Increased supply will lower prices.

Another excuse from Obama and his ilk is that it would take 10 years to produce oil from offshore drilling platforms. This is another untruthful excuse by Obama. Oil producers say they could have oil flowing in 6 months and be at full capacity in 5-7 years. Think about that. More drilling will start easing the supply problem in 6 months. Full capacity in half the time Obama says it would take to produce anything.

Another statement on why drilling is a bad idea is that Obama and the MSM has accused McCain of flip flopping on the issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. Times have changed since the First President Bush signed the executive order to ban off shore drilling in 1990. Gasoline was selling for under a dollar at the pump. Today the average is $4.11 at the pump. Eighteen years ago it was the right decision. Today banning off shore drilling is the wrong decision.

Yet another excuse is that Obama and his followers push for alternative fuels. Right now there are no viable alternative fuel sources available. Bio fuels and ethanol are not the answer. Right now the ethanol is causing food prices to rise exponentially. Corn is selling for $8.00 a bushel. It is a cash crop that farmers are willing to produce. Producing more corn that is going into fuel products rather than on the table. More corn production means farmers are reducing the production of other cash crops that are not as profitable. This means the cost of all food products will increase. And by the way with fuel prices rising even higher cash crops such as rice and wheat are even less profitable.

Under Obama's energy plan America will have to freeze this winter. Many people will not be able to heat their homes. The elderly will keep their homes in the 50's and 60's. They will inevitably catch pneumonia and many may end up dying all because the Democrats wish to have high energy costs to force our economy off track.

The Democrats need an issue to run on. They no longer have Iraq because the surge is working and America despises the "we have lost" mentality of the left. It is my belief that the Democrats led by Obama are intentionally derailing our economy. Senator Schumer caused a run on a major bank leading to IndyMac becoming a failed bank. Obama has stated he wants higher energy costs to force Americans to change their "habits". Obama has been harping on how poorly the economy has been performing. Yet he must understand that our economy is driven by energy. It requires fuel to transport our goods around the country. It takes planes to transport people. It takes electricity to power our manufacturing plants. Bottom line is we need lower fuel costs. Our economic infrastructure relies on cheap transportation costs. Right now Obama and the Democrats are the sole reason our economy teeters on the brink of collapse.

John McCain is right on energy. McCain has shown he is a leader that understands our economic infrastructure. Obama must follow suit and allow more off shore drilling. Off shore drilling will reduce the amount of speculation which will stabilize the price of oil. In six months as the oil begins flowing in earnest the price of oil will begin to fall. This would be just in time for the winter heating season. Obama and the Democrats are all that stand in the way of easing the energy crisis. Obama and the Democrats are all that stand in the way of heating our homes in the winter and saving lives. Do the right thing Obama and support more drilling.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Senator Schumer Should Be Expelled For Conduct Unbecoming An American

Senator Charles Schumer incited a run on IndyMac and should be ashamed of himself. Schumer used his position in the Senate to send a public letter to the Office of Thrift Supervision causing patrons of the bank to withdraw 1.3 billion dollars in 11 days. Had this been a private letter or phone call the public would not have been scared and would not have made the run. The bank would still be solvent and Americans would not have to fund the insurance bailout.

What was Mr. Schumers motive? Our economy is on the brink of a recession. People are worried. Consumer confidence is currently at the fifth lowest reading ever. Our mortgage crisis is hurting the economy. Foreclosures are at record highs. Yet Mr. Schumer throws fuel on the fire. Mr. Schumer started a nasty rumor that created a frenzy amongst account holders. This is the direct cause of the bank failure. Yet the smug Schumer accepts no responsibility.

The main question we should ask is Why did Schumer stoke the fire? In his position as head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; did Schumer decide a recession was not enough? Did the Democrats so desperate for power, intentionally attempt to create a depression?

The economy has been teetering on the brink of recession. Any bad news further creates an environment of fear. Anyone with a basic understanding of economics understands that Banks do not carry enough cash on hand to cover every account. If account holders withdraw accounts in large numbers every bank in America is at risk. There is no doubt Mr. Schumer understood this basic concept. There is no doubt Mr. Schumer picked a bank in trouble and made comments intended to scare account holders. I believe an investigation is in order.

The Senate should immediately censure Mr. Schumer and send the case to the ethics committee for investigation. We as a country need to know if our politicians are intentionally derailing this economy for political gain. I have little doubt in my mind that the Democrats are intentionally destroying our infrastructure in an effort to strike fear in the hearts of hard working Americans. I have little doubt that the Democrats are using the poor economy as a stepping stone to push the economy into another depression. The Democrats long for the FDR years. They yearn for power. The Democrats have not held the Presidency in successive administrations since the 1960's. The democrats and Mr. Schumer have failed America. This thinly veiled attack on America and its economy should not be left to die on the vine. We need to hold Mr. Schumer responsible for his reprehensible attack on America's infrastructure. He started a rumor and allowed the rumor to swell into a run on a large US bank. This run will have a ripple effect; causing runs on other banks. Do not let Mr. Schumer escape from his responsibility. He should be expelled from the Senate for conduct unbecoming an American.

McCain In Good Position; Obama Not So Good

Most polls show Obama has a slight lead over McCain in the general election. Obama is enjoying a 3-6 point lead in most polls. However there is some disturbing news. McCain is running better than Obama with independents. McCain is running better with his party than is Obama with his party. McCain ran a centrist primary campaign while Obama ran a far left primary campaign. McCain wrapped up the nomination in March while Obama was unable to secure the presumptive nominee status until JUN. McCain is able to stay moderate while Obama has lurched toward the middle.

Obama received the proverbial bounce after securing the nomination. According to Rasmussen Obama and McCain were tied at 46% each just before Obama secured the nomination. However, within a week of 03 JUN when Hillary suspended her campaign Obama enjoyed an 8 point lead (47-39). Newsweek polled the public and reported Obama with a 15 point lead towards the end of JUN. A few days later the LA Times had a similar poll showing Obama with a 12 point lead. Yet yesterday and today Rasmussen is showing Obama and McCain tied at 43%. When leaners are considered McCain and Obama are again tied at 46%. The bounce enjoyed by Obama has evaporated.

Most analysis of the State by State polling show Obama with a slight lead. However, this gives Ohio to Obama which is sure to be a battleground to the end. It also gives Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire to Obama. All three of these states will also be serious battleground. McCain does well with independents which will create problems for Obama in New Hampshire. In Michigan, the DNC disenfranchised many voters and told the voters their votes would not count. Obama did not campaign there for the primary and this will certainly make it a difficult Kerry State for Obama to hold. Pennsylvania has had ethics, corruption, and legal issues with their Democratic party leaders. Twelve were recently brought up on corruption charges. Like 2006 in Ohio these corruption scandals do not bode well for the party in power. It could be a difficult state for democrats and Obama during the election.

This started as a banner year for democrats. President Bush has dismal approval ratings. The Republicans have similar dismal approval ratings. Generic Democrats are out polling generic Republicans by 10-15 points. Yet in the presidential race Obama averages a 4 point lead over McCain.

None of this polling data bodes well for Obama. Historically, undecideds move towards the experienced candidate. Late deciders move towards the candidate with the best foreign policy credentials and right now that candidate is John McCain. The last two Democratic candidates to be elected to the presidency enjoyed 20-30 point leads on Labor day. President Carter enjoyed a 31 point lead and won by a mere 1 percent. President Clinton enjoyed a 22 point lead and won by 6 percent.

Obama has been unable to unify the democratic party. Obama continues to alienate the women voters by telling them to get over it. Obama has alienated his liberal far left base by shamelessly taking new positions that are to the right of John McCain. Obama can not win by acting like a moderate Republican. John McCain is receiving 85% support from Republicans while Obama is only receiving 80% support of Democrats. Obama has alienated the Jewish vote. Obama receives 60% of the Jewish vote but usually the democratic candidate receives 80% or higher of the Jewish vote. Obama is in a tight race in New Jersey. The Republicans have placed a strong contender in the senate race with Frank Lautenberg. Should Zimmerman give Lautenberg a race and perhaps pull an upset Obama will be in serious trouble.

Yes it is true John McCain may be losing currently but the polls are showing he is in good position. The 2008 election cycle was supposed to be a democratic landslide. However, with Congressional approvals ratings in the single digits and Obama not having the ability to close the deal with Democrats the Republicans have a chance to keep close.

John McCain has an Economic plan that will spur economic growth. Obama has a plan that will stifle small businesses. John McCain has an energy plan that will reduce energy costs today and help spur economic activity. Obama offers an energy plan that increases our energy costs that will further drain the economy. John McCain wants to finish the Iraq mission. Obama wants to surrender all gains made in Iraq and pray the terrorists leave us alone. I believe it will be a close election that goes to the wire but McCain is currently in good position to pull off the upset.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Should Favre Come Back?

I know that this blog is usually committed to political commentary, but sometimes [non-political] issues come up that are just too important to ignore. I must admit, I am a huge Brett Favre fan, and more importantly, a Packer Backer from way back. The Packers certainly have their share of NFL legends…Lambeau, Lombardi, Starr, Gregg, Hornung, Kramer, Nitzske, Hutson, Sharpe, and many others that have made Green Bay and Lambeau Field, the holy shrine of the NFL.

In March, Brett Favre announced his retirement in front of the world. As a 38 year old, three time NFL MVP, one time Super Bowl winning QB, and holder of ALL the important QB stat records, the time had come to quit the game. Or so it seemed,

Now that Brett is feeling the itch to come back, I think the Packers should take him back. Make him work for the position, but definitely, take him back. Brett took the youngest team in the league to the NFL championship game and a 13-3 record…and he’s Brett Favre. So you take that guy back.

I simply cannot picture him in another uniform, and I don’t think he’ll do that to the Pack. If Brett decides to come back, I sincerely hope that the Packers will take him back and let the legend continue for at least one more season. Love him or hate him, he’s still the best.

Congress Hits Rock Bottom

Looks like ratings for the do-nothing congress have sunk to single digits.

Please tell me it isn’t so! I could have sworn that Nancy and her apparatchiks, Reid and Murtha were doing a great job…at accomplishing absolutely nothing. For the last two years these three clowns have been running around like the Hansen brothers from that movie Slap Shot. Except the Hansen brothers, despite their goofy antics, had a purpose… they wanted to win. Pelosi and company perfected their clown act after they won in 2006, and two years later there still seems to be no real purpose behind their actions.

Giddy from mid-term election success, Nancy, Harry, and the dangerously senile and corrupt John Murtha immediately picked up where John Kerry and his “blame America” coalition left off after their defeat in 2004.

Some of the more infamous missteps of this axis of stupidity include Pelosi’s trip to Syria in an attempt to undermine administration foreign policy, Reid declaring the war is lost, and Murtha [with no evidence] accusing a group of US Marines of cold blooded murder in Haditha. And who can forget the ridiculous, repeated attempts to impeach George Bush, going after Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, and just about anyone associated with the Bush administration? Apparently the Dems chose to adopt revenge politics instead of actually accomplishing anything during their majority. Great job Nancy, quite a legacy for the first female Speaker of the House.

Not many will argue the fact that Bush, like any leader, has made mistakes. And many Republicans are also to blame for this congressional debacle. However the Dems have continually tried to portray America as a declining, corrupted super-power, attacking not only our political and military leaders, but even our front line soldiers. All of this in a transparently pathetic attempt to gain political power. It’s no wonder that most Americans feel that our congress is doing a very poor job indeed.

Unfortunately, the Democrats decided in 2006 that it was more important to attack the Bush administration than to attack the problems facing Americans. In the last two years gas prices have skyrocketed, the mortgage and housing markets are in ruin, and no word from Nancy Pelosi. The Dems pinned everything on losing [or surrendering] in Iraq, and when American body counts declined and stability in the region improved, Nancy, Harry, and Murtha, all but disappeared from the news. Let’s hope it stays that way.

What new lows will they stoop to if Obama is elected? Don’t wait to find out, vote Nobama in November.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama's Political Stunt

About one month ago John McCain proposed that both he and Barack Obama visit Iraq to assess the situation. The proposal made sense. Both candidates are the presumptive nominees of their party. Both candidates are Senators. John McCain has been an active supporter of the surge. Barack Obama has continuously derided McCain on Iraq. McCain has been to Iraq recently to see yhe surge results first hand. Obama has not visited Iraq for over two years even though he sits on the Senate Armed Services committee.

Obama derided McCain's proposal as being nothing more than a political stunt. Obama saw no reason to visit Iraq. Obama had a stated policy of withdrawal from Iraq at all costs no matter the circumstances. Yet today Obama has his surrogate deride McCain regarding his lack of judgment on Iraq. Yes John Kerry "swiftboated" McCain. Kerry claims that McCain was wrong about the surge. Yet the results of the surge could not be clearer. Iraq has somewhat stabilized. 15 of the 18 benchmarks have been met satisfactorily. Yet Kerry has the audacity to say John McCain lacks the judgment to be president. John McCain consistently backed troop increases to quell the violence. John McCain stood up to George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and told them they were wrong. John McCain has shown he is the only candidate for president that got the judgment right.

In addition to sending his surrogates to trash John McCain, Obama has started to plan a trip to Iraq. This even though one month ago Obama told everyone that visiting Iraq was nothing more than a political stunt. Part of Obama's plan is to visit the Brandenburg gate and make a speech in Berlin Germany. Obama's handlers believe this speech will follow in the footsteps of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Now who is planning a political stunt?

Obama has spoken that he is the only candidate that has consistently been against the war. Obama has pledged to withdraw from Iraq immediately (two brigades per month). Yet Obama earlier in the week said he would listen to commanders on the ground and that Obama was refining his position. Who lacks judgment? The candidate that recognizes we are in a war and that we have responsibilities or the one that will say anything to gain a vote? Obama accuses McCain of political stunts, Obama sends surrogates out to demean McCains character, and Obama plans his own political stunt. Obama lacks the integrity, judgment, character, and truthfulness to be the local dogcatcher. Is this the messiah the left has been waiting for? A candidate that stands for nothing, a candidate with no principle, a candidate that smears his opponent all the complaining of smears himself? Obama is a childish egomaniac. Obama has an inferiority complex and masks that with his elitist ego. Obama is a political stunt.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Up The Middle

Obama is making his run for the middle. Many of his policies are now changing to be more appealing to the center. Obama's claim to be a different kind of politician is definitely ringing hollow when you take into consideration running for the middle is the same play book that is always used. Obama is not moving to the center but rather abandoning his primary promises of a marxist world and picking up conservative values.

The playbook says pander to your base and move to the middle. The candidate that mobilizes his base and wins the center will win the election. The theory works like the following: Pander to the party base during the primary. This will solidify the base and energize your hard core believers. After the base is mobilized the candidate then slowly moves toward the center. This slow deliberate move to the center keeps the base mobilized and picks up supporters along the way. The candidate that successfully keeps the base mobilized and picks up the independent middle America will be the ultimate victor.

Obama's playbook is following the basic theory. However, he has a problem. Obama did not methodically move to the center. No, Obama lurched to the right of center. Obama abandoned his base. Obama ran a primary well left of Hillary. Obama was able to energize the far left extreme of his party. Communist and Marxist followers were mesmerized by the chosen one. After securing the nomination Obama morphed into a pseudo Republican. Obama now publicly backs faith based initiatives rather than big intrusive government. Obama just yesterday backed off his lose at all cost Iraq policy to one of flexibility and listening to military commanders. Obama was against NAFTA in the Primary (although his surrogates promised Canada it was all campaign rhetoric) and now is a free trade advocate. Obama through his votes and actions showed he was a staunch supporter of abortion rights no matter the circumstances. Now he is not so sure. All these policy refinements have alienated his base. Obama's move is not a smooth transition from party base to center.

All Obama has done is shown he is a typical politician unable to grasp the nuances of a national campaign. The move to the center must be a smooth transition picking up supporters along the way. Obama jumped over an important constituency. Obama could have done wonders by talking at the Democratic Leadership Council last week. Instead Obama stayed away getting a haircut and playing basketball. Obama has given up on half of his own party. Obama believes his reversal of spoken policy will go unnoticed. Obama believes the democrats will all come home regardless of what he says in the general. Obama feels he can successfully run to the middle all the while abandoning his base and running over the 18 Million that voted for his primary opponent.

The problem is that his policies changes were not morphed. There was no gradual, deliberate move to the center. Obama reversed his policies and now stands to the right of center on most issues. This does not follow Obama's past actions. Obama is the most liberal Senator in the Congress. Obama even made Ted Kennedy appear to be moderate. Obama's past actions and policies stances during the primary were well to the left Hilary. In a matter of days Obama has been able to move to the right of John McCain. It is no wonder the American people ask "who is Obama" or "What does Obama stand for" for it certainly seems Obama has no principles and will say anything to win election. His policies change continuously depending on the audience. Which Obama are we expected to believe in; The liberal senator, the marxist nominee, or the pseudo evangelical? Obama is change no one can believe in.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've Always Said.......

When Obama starts a sentence off with "I've always said" we need to listen carefully to what he is saying. We need to listen closely because Obama is changing his stance on something. Today Obama started a sentence off with "I've always said" and started down the path of "refining" his position on Iraq.

Now Obama has said he has always been against th war in Iraq. Obama has said he would start an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Obama has said he believes it not unreasonable to withdraw at least 2 brigades per month. Obama has said the surge was a failed policy. Obama has said Iraq was a quagmire. Obama has said just about everything imaginative that was negative in regards to the Iraq war. Yet today he says he would listen to commanders.

Today Obama says he is refining his position. A month ago Obama said it was a political stunt to visit our troops in Iraq. Today he is in the midst of planning a trip to Iraq. I wonder how Obama is going to "refine" his position that it is a political stunt. We all know by now that the surge has produced results. Iraq has successfully met 15 of the 18 benchmarks in less than a year. Last year this time Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were threatening to abandon our troops in a time of war. Reid in fact said "the war is lost". Reid staged a pizza sleepover party in the Senate in an attempt to abandon our troops. Obama railed against the surge. Yet today Obama says "I've always said" and starts to "refine" his position.

The position refinement is nothing more than an attempt to change his position to the opposite of what he has always said. This is an attempt at spinning an admission that he has always been wrong. Obama understands that the current facts in Iraq do not fit his stated position. Obama understands that his foreign policy positions are behind the times and out of step with mainstream America.

Obama stands for nothing. He has always said he was against the war. Now he is not so sure. Obama has always said there is nothing wrong with black theology. Now he says he has abandoned his church. Obama has always said he was against telecom immunity. Now he is for it. Obama has always said he was against free trade. Now he is for it. Obama's run to the middle abandons everything he ever stood for. This just goes to show everyone that he has no principles. Obama will do or say anything to win an election. He will change his position depending on the audience and then have the audacity to say "I've always said". Obama words are as empty as he is shallow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


In the last few weeks Baracks wacky cult followers attempted to shut down dissent. The used SPAM to have Anti-Obama blogs locked out. Google issues an apology with the lame excuse that SPAM was used against them in their effort to keep SPAM blogs from operating.

The internet is no place to have SPAM. I applaud the efforts to keep SPAM blogs off the net. However, google should employ techniques that verify the the truthfulness of the attacks. There is no doubt that had google not been blindly following the chosen one they could have prevented this fiasco. Where is the investigation into the complaints? Has google backtracked the SPAM email effort? Has Google done anything to prevent this in the future? Following is a list of blogs affected by the marxist SPAM Artists of the chosen one:

There certainly are more out there and I will update as applicable. Please visit these sites. These sites all come from different perspectives but one thing rings true; we all believe ANYBODY BUT OBAMA.

Here at the lizard we believe in free and open debate. We believe in all constitutional rights. We do not limit our view to believing in a few rights and freedoms. We believe in all the rights and freedoms afforded to us under the constitution.

The Lizard Lives.