Monday, June 30, 2008

Lock-Down of Anti-Obama Blogs Gaining Attention

NewsBusters' Warner Todd Huston reports today on the recent shutdown of anti-Obama blogs on Google. As reported previously on this blog and many others, there has been a concerted effort by Obama supporters to silence blogs that do not agree with Obama's plan to ruin our nation and subjugate Americans to his socialist policies.

The actions of his supporters have only reinforced my belief that Obama and the malignant mass that follow him are willing to use any means necessary to get this toxic ideologue in the White House. The use of Chavez-like tactics to silence opposition seems to be part of the Obama game plan.

Although a temporary inconvenience, the locking of these blogs has been beneficial in exposing the left-wing for their intolerance and total disregard for free and open political discussion where their candidate is concerned. Google, whose flawed spam reporting architecture was exploited, should have been quick to realize that they were being used by deviant political operatives to close down selected blogs with a similar theme. Google possesses the technology available to avoid this type of abuse. They chose not use it in a timely or effective manner. Therefore Google, despite repeated apologies and excuses, remains complicit in these events.

Lock-Down of Anti-Obama Blogs Gaining Attention

NewsBusters' Warner Todd Huston reports today on the recent shutdown of anti-Obama blogs on Google. As reported previously on this blog and many others, there has been a concerted effort by Obama supporters to silence blogs that do not agree with Obama's plan to ruin our nation and subjugate Americans to his socialist policies.

The actions of his supporters have only reinforced my belief that Obama and the malignant mass that follow him are willing to use any means necessary to get this toxic ideologue in the White House. The use of Chavez-like tactics to silence opposition seems to be part of the Obama game plan.

Although a temporary inconvenience, the locking of these blogs has been beneficial in exposing the left-wing for their intolerance and total disregard for free and open political discussion where their candidate is concerned. Google, whose flawed spam reporting architecture was exploited, should have been quick to realize that they were being used by deviant political operatives to close down selected blogs with a similar theme. Google possesses the technology available to avoid this type of abuse. They chose not use it in a timely or effective manner. Therefore Google, despite repeated apologies and excuses, remains complicit in these events.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama Surrogate Attacks John McCain Credentials

Wesley Clark unleashed an unwarranted and unfounded attack on John McCain today. Clark is reportedly a Vice Presidential possibility for Obama. The Obama campaign has painted a picture where Obama is above the politics as usual. Yet he has his surrogates on television attacking a true American hero. John McCain has provided a lifetime of service to his country. Obama has a very short resume and most of his rise in Chicago politics is due to corrupt politicians, convicted felons, and admitted American terrorists.

Obama has never served militarily in America. His lame excuse is that Vietnam had drawn to a close and the draft had ended prior to him becoming draft age. He has stated America instituted a volunteer force before he could be drafted. But if he had ever considered serving America in the military why would it have to be only as a draftee? Why did he not "volunteer" his time? Why would Obama allow his surrogate attack John McCain on his military credentials? John McCain has a resume. John McCain "volunteered" for military service; he was not drafted. He served his country in Vietnam. He did not lose faith in his country even though he was held as a prisoner of war for five years. John McCain has a resume demonstrating bi-partisan compromise. John McCain has his name attached to bills he has sponsored in the Senate. John McCain served 4 years in the house of representatives and 24 years in the Senate. Yes John McCain does have a record. His record demonstrates his ability to lead, to compromise, and to develop bi-partisan plans. Obama has no such things in his background.

The Obama attack on John McCain was totally uncalled for, inaccurate, unwarranted, and unfounded. Obama the candidate for change who promises to be a different kind of politician has resorted to the politics of fear mongering and attack. This attack though is as empty as the Obama campaign itself. Obama represents change we can not believe in.

Three Down One To Go

During the January 2002 State Of The Union Address President Bush denounced the "Axis of Evil". The axis included three rogue nations. Three Nations that did not wish to play with the world community. Three nations intent on gathering and developing weapons of mass destruction. Today as we look back two of the three nations are no longer in the axis of evil.

President Bush liberated Iraq from a ruthless dictator. Saddam Hussein had previously engaged chemical weapons on his own countrymen. The people that were rioting and protesting The Baath party and were executed en mass. The Iraqi's were exercising a right that all Americans enjoy. Americans take their constitutional rights for granted while citizens in other countries are summarily executed for demonstrating. Bush would not back down in his demands of North Korea. We would not accept the North Korea demands of two country dialog. Bush stood his ground and imposed economic embargoes. Bush would not appease the communist dictator in North Korea. Last week the North Koreans turned over documents of the nuclear ambitions and destroyed the cooling tower in Yongbyon. On June 26, 2008, the tower came down. The reactor had been shut down for one year and now it has been destroyed. The US has since eased restrictions on North Korea. This is a demonstration of diplomacy at work. Through strong leadership and pushing lower level dialog and establishing preconditions we were able to get the North Koreans to back off their nuclear ambitions. This is two of the three original members of the "axis of evil" being brought back into the international community. Isolation will also work in Iran. We do not have to always resort to military solutions. However, we can never take the threat of military action off the table either. It was through the strength of our military and threat of its use that persuaded Libya to denounce its nuclear ambitions. It was the strength of our military that toppled Saddam Hussein. It was the strength of our military that civil unrest in Iraq has receded. It is the strength of our military that has Al Queda on the run. Why would we denounce one of our greatest strengths in an effort to appease the Iranians.

Obama continuously denounces our projection of power. He has stated he would meet with our adversaries unconditionally. Obama has stated he would systematically dismantle our military. Obama has said military research and development monies for future combat systems would dryup. His appeasement philosophy is to use diplomatic negotiations from a position of weakness. He feels he can talk loudly and carry no stick. Obama would sell the farm instead of fighting for it. Obama would rather stick his head in the sand than negotiate from a position of strength. Under Bush America is safer then we were before. There have been no attacks on American soil since 9/11. Saddam Hussein has been vanquished. Al Queda is on the run. Iraq has turned a corner. North Korea has stopped its nuclear weapons ambitions. Do we really need a change back to the 1970's? We need to change course for the future we do not need a change back to the failed policies of the past.

McCain Has an Energy Plan

Who's to blame for our high energy prices? Last week Obama placed all the blame of the greedy oil companies and oil speculators in the market. McCain spread the blame around to the speculators and the politicians. The problem is that our politicians are too busy passing blame. We need leadership in our government that will tackle the problem. The problem is not speculators because they work the market both ways. Right now there is a supply problem and our government should be looking for ways to increase supply and stop looking for someone to blame. The blame lies squarely on our politicians who have done nothing to increase supplies.

McCain has developed a coherent energy plan. McCain would like to repeal the ban on offshore drilling. McCain supports increasing refining capabilities and is open to reconsider opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. McCain would invest in our future energy needs. McCain wants to develop nuclear power plants to produce much of our energy requirements. McCain's energy plan will reduce prices tomorrow. Now Obama says McCain is flip flopping on ANWR. While it may be true McCain is looking to increase production in the US it is out of necessity. Not political necessity but rather the necessity to move our country forward. McCain is looking out for the best interest of Americans in his energy plan. Obama is looking out for the best interest of himself.

Speculators understand the free market and the laws of supply and demand. They understand that there is a global supply issue. There is not enough oil being produced to meet demands. There is a price where oil demands will meet the supply demands. This is called the equilibrium point. As long as the market has a shortage of supply the speculators will continue pushing the price up searching for this equilibrium point. This is how investment strategies work. Just like businesses are in business to make money; investors are in the market to make money. Speculators will continue bidding the price up because they are making money. The oil bubble is very similar to the housing market. The low interest rates allowed more people to get home mortgage loans. Not only were more people qualified; they were qualified at higher amounts than necessary. This caused a run on houses. There was not enough houses on the market (Supply) to meet the number of buyers (Demand). The price of homes increased almost 100% in two years. The housing speculators kept the market going and the prices kept going up. However, when the payments became due, the prices crumbled. The same will happen to oil. Increase supply and the market will crumble. By the way, I never heard Obama say we shoul punish the speculators in the housing markets. No he wants the taxpayers to pay for the "unscrupulous speculators". He wants Americans to bail out both lenders and borrowers who invested over their heads and lost.

Obama is wrong to say it will take 10 years to reduce oil prices. The promise of increased oil supplies will chase the speculators. They will quit bidding the oil prices up if they know supply will increase. Obama does not understand this. It is easier to pass the blame than it is to develop a coherent energy plan. Obama's energy plan is to play the victim. Obama believes we are a victim of speculators. Obama believes we have fallen prey to the oil companies. Obama believes we are complacent in our habits. Obama's plan is to punish oil companies, punish investors, and punish the American people. Obama wants increased taxes on oil company profits. This appeases the liberal left because they want to be a victim. They always punish the opportunists. Obama plans a $1,000 tax credit for the middle class. This is another gimmick. What Obama doesn't tell you is that at these prices it cost twice as much to heat our homes this winter as it did last year. The $1,000 tax credit will not even put a dent into the total increase in oil costs. Obama is on record saying he believes in higher energy costs. We need to change our habits in his opinion.

McCain has a coherent energy plan. Obama's energy plan is smoke and mirrors. There is nothing substantive in his plan. Obama's plan is empty rhetoric just like his entire campaign.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama's Economic Plan: 2 Trillion in New Taxes

Barack Obama is proposing 2 trillion dollars in tax increases as his economic plan. Obama claims he will tax the rich guys and provide a $1,000 tax credit to the middle class to help pay for higher energy costs. It is becoming painfully obvious that Obama lacks a basic understanding of economic theory.

When politicians raise taxes they never see the proposed return. This is the law of diminishing returns. As taxes are raised there is less money in the pockets of consumers, workers, and the merchants. Corporations, businesses, and merchants are all in business for one reason. They are in business to make a profit. When expenses rise (taxes are an expense) businesses cut back. When the businesses cut back they layoff workers. The workers that are laid off find it difficult to find new employment. Much like the housing market when the supply of workers increase and are in excess of demand real wages fall. As the real wages fall, unemployment increases, and production is reduced revenues fall. As these revenues falls so does the ability to take in taxes.

So Obama will never see his 2 trillion dollars and America will enter a stage of stagflation. All of our worldly possessions will depreciate including our homes. Homes are already experiencing this. Real estate historically appreciates. However, right now homes are worth les today than many owners have left to pay. Our National debt will continue to increase as revenues fail to meet demands. Bush has an excuse for deficit's. We are in a war and this is not in the treasury. It was not planned for. Without the war supplementals we would balance our budget or be much closer. With Obama's plan to withdraw at any cost you would think we would have money in the treasury. Our revenues into the treasury are higher today than they have ever been. If Obama wins our treasury may have record shortfalls. The economy is currently close to being in a recession. Obama's economic policy will push the economy over the edge and we will not be in a recession but more accurately on the brink of depression. We have had stagflation in the past. Obama's policies will take back to the era of high unemployment, high inflation, high interest rates, and high energy costs. This is change I refuse to believe in.

The Lizard Lives in spite of the Obama minions efforts to silence dissent.

The Minions

Obama must take notice of the tactics his minions are using. The minions have a concerted effort in effect to have anti-Obama sites silenced. Isn't it ironic that the minions of the leader of the dissent actually disapproves of dissent. The immature Obama supporters have started a war they can not possibly win. All the childish antics will fail.

I will be starting a petition looking for blogs that have been affected by the childish antics. I believe it is high time we get together and form a class action suit against the blogger team, google, and the Obama campaign. The blogger team is negligent in the way they handled the situation. The blogger team found sites guilty of being a spam blog without representation and without the ability to defend our sites. The blogger team found we were guilty until we could prove our innocence. This goes against everything we believe in as a civilized Nation. It is un-American to silence dissent. It is unconstitutional to silence dissent. Google is liable for the attempts of the Obama minions to silence the American public. Google allowed the minions to utilize spam to shut down blog sites as being spam, what irony. The Obama campaign has known about these attempts and has remained silent. The Obama campaign is quick to say their opponents should renounce comments made be their supporters and yet remain curiously silent when the Obama minions use illegal tactics to silence the opposition.

There is no doubt in my mind that all three organizations are liable for these actions. The blogger team and google should have noticed the trend that anti-Obama sites were being reported as spam in unrealistic numbers. This created an environment where the robots blocked these sites. Yet instead of investigating the complaints and the reports of the robots first; they decided to just turn the site off. All three organizations should have to pay massive punitive damages. They have attempted to silence the dissent. We need to come together and strike back. We need to use the legal for our advantage.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

In August of this year, the democrats will stage their convention in Denver. They have picked a left wing ideologue who will say anything to get elected. This political “hollow man” stresses that he will bring change to our nation and abandon the Bush administration’s foreign and domestic policies.

I have no doubt that Obama will bring change. That’s the real problem. Obama talks a lot about change but provides very few details. It’s too easy to point out the problems of a sitting President, especially when we are involved in a fierce global war against terrorism, the economy is shaky, and oil prices are skyrocketing.

So what the hell will Obama do to change any of that? He can’t tell us, and the democratic controlled Congress won’t help him either. Since the democrats took over congress in 2006, oil prices have soared, the housing market has collapsed, and their only response is to go after the oil companies, which don’t set oil prices, propose amnesty for illegal aliens, obsess over athletes on steroids, try to impeach Bush for war crimes, and declare defeat in Iraq. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Jack Murtha, the three top dems in congress, have been exposed as fools.

Obama wants to pull our troops out of Iraq. Sounds great, but in the last year the US military and the Iraqi government have made huge strides in securing that country. Does Obama really want to abandon those people and declare defeat for the US? How can you diminish our stature like that and still expect to sit down with the leader of Iran and be respected? This junior Senator will get eaten alive, and he’s too arrogant to realize that fact.

Obama as president will never have the chance to enact major domestic change because he will be assaulted early in his term by those bent on our destruction. His attentions will be focused on fighting those forces because he is weak-willed and pandering to those who oppose the US. And they are lying in wait. Israel may even be considering an attack on Iran if Obama is elected because they fear Obama will be a reincarnation of Jimmy Carter impotency.

The truth of the matter is that Obama actually stands for nothing. His message of change is as hollow as his personality. He is a slick politician who has attained “rock star” status in the Senate because of media hype, not because of achievement. Barack is a shallow opportunist who will say anything to get elected. I didn’t support Hillary, but I’d vote for her in a minute if I had to choose between the two.

Let’s not elect a straw man to the presidency, face it, even Perot would be a better choice than Obama…at least he’s accomplished something.

Obama Supporters Attack Anti-Obama Blogs


Being Hassled By The Man!!!

In the true communist spirit, Comrade Obama’s mindless minions are attacking anti-Obama blogs in a coordinated effort to silence any criticism of the hollow one. These Obama sycophants are using Google’s anti-spam mechanism to shut down blogs that expose Obama as the manipulative liar and smooth political con-man he truly is.

In an effort to silence any criticism of their candidate, some very confused Obama supporters have been reporting our sites as “spam blogs”. Numerous reports to Google results in the site being locked down until further review. This has happened to numerous sites already as reported on the “Hillary or Bust” web site.

Google must examine their anti-spam practices and policies so this type of activity can be stopped immediately. Any system that is this vulnerable to sabotage is in dire need of a major overhaul. Google must remedy this situation quickly or risk accusations of collusion.

To the juvenile, sandal licking Obamaphiles doing this; know that you can never shut these blogs down permanently; you demonstrate that a vote for Obama is a vote for turning us into the Marxist States of America.

The Lizard will fight on !!!

Obamamaniacs in Action?

The Political Lizard

This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.

This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.

"The Political Lizard" as well as many other blogs on Google that appear to be anti-Obama in nature, have been suddenly identified as "spam blog" sites and shut down while a review is in progress.

In response to these actions, The Lizard has moved to this site in order to continue the political dialog and address this most serious issue. In recent months "The Political Lizard" has posted numerous blogs critical of Obama, his policies, and his associations with controversial far-left personalities that bring into question not only his judgment, but his underlying beliefs.

As a candidate for the presidency, Obama is deserving of this type scrutiny and should not be shielded from criticism by overzealous supporters in a position to suppress discussion of the candidate, his words, and his actions.

"The Political Lizard" is not, and never has been a spam blog. The blog exists only as a forum for free and open discussion of ideas. If that is a problem for Google...then the Lizard will find a new, more tolerant home.

Please join us in fighting for our right to free speech.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Do The Outlier Polls Tell Us?

Last week Newsweek rolled out a shocking poll that showed Obama was up 15%. Yesterday the LA Times rolled out a poll that also had Obama up 15%. These polls show two things. One the methodology is probably flawed in their party affiliation makeup. Two they show Obama is in a lot of trouble on election day.

In light of these polls I believe they spell trouble for Obama. Both polls reported independents leaned towards McCain. This has to be troubling for Obama. In order to receive a 15% lead both polling organizations have to have a 10-12% lead in political party affiliation in favor of the Democrats. In the 2004 election cycle the two main political parties were essentially tied. Now the LA Times and Newsweek believe there has been a 10-12 point swing in 4 years? That is really out of touch with reality. It is true that the Republicans have dropped and yes the Democrats of increased their ranks. However, the biggest gain has been in people identifying as independents.

In closed primary states like Pennsylvania there were huge increases in the Democratic Party ranks. This was not due to this many people wishing to vote the Democratic ticket in the general but rather due to this many people wishing to have a voice in the closed primary. The only real primary was on the Democrats side. It is no wonder the Democrat party increased party affiliation. In the general these numbers will normalize and recent Rasmussen polls show Obama up only 4 points in Pennsylvania. With all of these new Democrats and at least a 10 point party affiliation difference should not Obama be up 20-25 points in Pennsylvania?

As long as McCain maintains a lead with independents he will win the general. If McCain maintains an 8 point lead in the independent voters McCain will win the election in a landslide. If the independent vote is closer to 1-2 points we will have a close election.

What these polls show is that Obama has problems. The only way to have the lead is to have a party affiliation difference of 10% in favor of the Democrats and have more democrats than independents. This polling methodology goes against what common sense says should be happening. Commonsense says independents should outnumber both Party's. Commonsense says the difference between Democrats and Republicans should be 5-7 points not 10+ points. Bottom line is that both of these outlier polls actually show problems for Obama. These polls show Obama trailing in the independent voter block. This spells serious problems for Obama in the general.

Obama: No Plan, No Ideas, No to America

Here is a video of Obama saying no to every energy proposal from the other side of the aisle. Yet the Democrats led by Obama offer no energy plan whatsoever.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Columbia Professor to Lose Job after Noose Incident

Back in October, Columbia University professor Madonna Constantine came to work and allegedly found a noose hanging from her office door. Despite the ensuing furor and an intense investigation by both state and federal law enforcement agencies, the perpetrator was never found.

Prof. Constantine is now embroiled in another controversy, but this one has nothing to do with hate crimes. Ms. Constantine has been suspended indefinitely for the most grievous of academic transgressions; plagiarism. An investigation by Columbia officials determined that the esteemed Prof. Constantine not only pirated the works of three colleagues, but that she also lied when she claimed the material as her own and accused her colleagues of plagiarism in an effort to obstruct the investigation that will eventually lead to her dismissal.

When the noose incident occurred in October 2007, it was not widely known [or at least reported] that she was being investigated for stealing the intellectual property of her colleagues. Certainly this fact would have caused at least some degree of suspicion as to the timing and cause of the noose. Constantine has demonstrated that she is not above taking credit for the work of others, and then falsely accusing those same individuals of plagiarism. Recognizing this moral and ethical deficit, are we to believe that she is not capable of staging a racial incident in an attempt to hide behind her ethnicity and play upon the emotions of the hyper-sensitive, PC worshipping, academic community? My guess is that this ethically bankrupt professor thought she could dampen the plagiarism charges by playing the victim.

In the end professor Constantine has been exposed as a liar and a thief. Her dismissal should effectively end her career as an educator, and rightfully so. One has to wonder if such a person ever had anything of value to offer her students, or did she just pass on her own twisted values to those eager minds?

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Democrats Are Asleep At The Economic Wheel

Last summer the news media starting portraying America's economy as beginning a significant downturn. Gas prices were high and the housing bubble had burst. Our economy has shown its remarkable resiliency but it is teetering on the edge. The Democratic Party promise of an energy plan that would reduce our fuel costs has never been presented. Now the "Populist Party" goes against the will of the populous.

Obama and the Democrats have only been able to produce fringe energy plans that do nothing to help the ailing economy. The democrats have offered to increase the federal tax on gasoline by 56 cents per gallon. The democrats have attempted to tax the evil oil companies. The democrats have threatened to take over our oil companies. The democrats have proposed eliminating the Bush tax cuts. Obama has pushed for alternative fuels like ethanol (more on that in a minute). Obama has proposed a $1,000 tax break for the middle class to help pay for higher fuel costs. All of these ideas and none of them help reduce costs. Obama has proposed investigating charges of speculators increases the price of fuel. Obama has said we need to change our habits. Obama has advocated higher fuel prices in effort to force Americans to change their habits. Today the Democrats said there are no short term fixes. We will have to live with higher prices. All of these plans and none of them address the real issue. The real issue is that the high cost of energy and fuel is crushing the economy.

Our transportation companies are cutting jobs. Truckers are paying $4.648 per gallon for diesel fuel. This is a 256% increase from one year ago. Airlines are reducing the number of routes and laying off pilots. Commuters are finding it difficult getting to and from work. All this and the Democrats and Obama push for alternative fuels like ethanol.

Unfortunately, Obama's ties to the ethanol industry are causing the price of food to increase. Ethanol is the main ingredient for ethanol. We are taking food products off the market. Increased production of corn due to the laws of supply and demand are taking other commodity crops off the market in order to make the profits from selling corn as fuel. The price for a bushel of corn is also causing meat products to increase in price. Corn again is the main ingredient for feeding our nations livestock. While this is not the first time food products have been taken off the market and sold as fuel products, it is the first time where food and energy inflation is coupled with reduced capital in the depreciating housing market. Americans are losing wealth everyday on their real estate capital all the while the cost for basic sustenance increases.

It is unclear why the democrats have failed to accomplish anything since the 2006 elections. Maybe it was "Bush Derangement Syndrome". The democrats have been trying to beat Bush since 2000. The Main Stream media has attacked Bush from day one. It is remarkable that Bush still has a 30% approval rating. I do not know of too many people that could be bashed daily for 7 years by the MSM and still retain a 30% approval rating. Maybe the democrats were too busy receiving sweetheart deals from the mortgage lenders to notice the growing housing bubble. Perhaps Senator Dodd should have been working for Americans rather than working his elitist credentials. Perhaps Obama was to busy playing president and designing a pseudo presidential seal rather than act presidential. Perhaps the democrats were too busy intentionally derailing the war effort to notice Americans hitting hard times. Perhaps the democrats really do not have any substantive ideas.

It is apparent that the populist party will go against the populous. They will not allow further drilling in America even though a recent survey showed 78% of Americans back more exploration and drilling. A full 64% of Americans strongly back drilling now. What are the democrats waiting for? Public support is there. We have vast oil resources in our own country. The democrats excuse is that we can't get the oil tomorrow so why start? Let me tell you why we should start now.

First drilling now will force the speculators out of the market. Second, we would offer more supply than demand, thus reducing the cost of fuel until an equilibrium is reached. Third we would create more jobs and reduce inflationary pressures. Obama and the Democrats are offering raised taxes, raised unemployment, raised inflation, raised mortgage defaults, and raised homeless rates. Is this Obama's vision of change? Instead of a resilient society we would become a vanquished society. The democrats have been asleep at the wheel for too long. They believe in their inevitability of winning election in 2008. They have become complacent and arrogant. Their elitist views will destroy all self respecting Americans.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Newsweek Poll Skewed Hard Left

Late last week Newsweek published a poll that showed Obama with a 15% lead (51-36). It came at the end of the week and seemed to allow Obama momentum. Many have questioned the validity of this poll. I have investigated the polling data and find that perhaps the reason for the outlier poll is methodology.

In Newsweek's polling methodology there were 25.7% Republican, 36.1 % Democrat, and 34% independents. Additionally, only 22% of the respondents backed Hillary Clinton. I see these numbers as a problem in methodology. First of all, I do not believe there are 10% more Democrats than Republicans. That number is certainly only 7 or 8% difference. Most believe that the voting electorate is made up of 28-30% Republican, 30-33% Democrat 35-40% independents. Independents are certainly the biggest makeup of the electorate. Independents have registered in record numbers this year. Additionally, many democrats across web land have renounced the membership to their party since the nomination process as a result of disenfranchised Hillary voters and voters feeling left out of the process in Michigan and Florida.

What this means is that the sample was skewed hard left. In the grand scheme of things this means the poll is less than accurate and paints a much better picture for Obama than is really the case. Anti-Obama rhetoric is growing louder by the day. It is easy to see that Obama is losing traction and at a minimum is not gaining anymore followers. The talk of the internet is "buyers remorse". The gaffe machine is losing support amongst evangelicals even though earlier reports thought Obama may garner 36-40% of evangelicals. There is no doubt the hearts of the electorate are hardening against Obama. The drumbeat is getting louder and lines are beginning to form. Perhaps Newsweek sensed this building wall against Obama and tried to push a skewed poll in an effort to disguise serious problems in the Obama campaign.

It certainly appears that opposition to Obama is getting louder if not stronger. This outlier poll by Newsweek in all likelihood due to hard left skewing of the respondents. This is usually not a good methodology to provide an accurate picture of the race at hand. I believe the race is much closer than 15%. I believe the race is closer to the 5-7 points in other polls. This also coincides with the electoral projections and state by state polling. If Obama was truly winning by 15% McCain would be lucky to have 100 electoral votes. Right now most polls show McCain garnering 170 electoral votes. I would say put this poll outside the box and considered garbage in garbage out.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's All About Energy

The 2008 election may very well come down to the candidate that can offer real solutions to our energy problems. Gasoline is at over $4.00 a gallon. This is having a ripple effect on food and other commodities. Former Maine Governor Angus King say catastrophe awaits this winter when we start thinking about filling the heating oil tank to keep warm. I think we need to look at the energy policies being pushed forward by our Presidential Candidates.

First we will look at Obama. Obama has said he would like to provide for a $1,000 middle class tax cut. Will this lower the cost of oil? No, Obama does not want the price of oil to decrease. He wants Americans to change "habits". Obama also is pushing for higher taxes on oil companies. Will this lower the price of oil? No, this will in all likelihood increase the cost of oil. Obama also says he would like further tax rebates to help us pay for high energy costs. Will this reduce the cost of oil? No, it will only allow us more money to pay higher prices all the while inflation further erodes our pay checks. Obama is on record as saying he thinks gasoline prices should rise. Obama is on record saying Americans need to change their habits. Obama believes Americans should not be able to afford heat for their homes. After all it is only a habit that we keep our homes warm. Obama believes Americans should quit working. After all it is a habit commuting to work. I guess we need to stay at home and freeze to death. After all, we can not afford to commute to work, we can not afford vacations or other activities, and we can not afford to keep our homes warm. Obama says John McCain is offering gimmicks. We will have to see if the gimmicks offered by John McCain are better that freezing to death under Obama's plan.

John McCain wants to ease the federal tax for gasoline this summer. Will that decrease the cost of oil. Yes, it will lower the pump price for gasoline. It may not be permanent but it will offer reduced costs today and perhaps help the fragile economy. McCain proposed lifting the moratorium on coastal drilling. Will this lower costs. Yes, right now the oil prices are higher than they should be due to speculation. If the US says it is going to be producing more oil the speculators will not bid the price higher because supply will increase. McCain proposed increasing capacity in our home refineries. Will this reduce the cost oil? Yes, we will increase supply to meet demands. When supply meets or exceeds demand the price of oil will reduce to find the equilibrium point. John McCain says is is open to reconsider ANWR. Will this reduce oil costs? If we were to start drilling in ANWR certainly prices would lower accordingly. In addition we would create jobs which would help the fragile economy.

Are these the gimmicks Obama talks about? John McCains proposals would reduce the cost of oil. Obama clings to the idea that we would not be able to increase supplies for five years or more. Should just wait around and do nothing? If we don't start doing something now we will be learning to live an Amish life style sooner rather than later. We will be reading by candle light. We can be back to time of our forefathers in less than a year and be back living in the stone ages in five years. Obama will return us to the dark ages. He has no plans or ideas. All he talks about is increased taxes. Unfortunately, all he will accomplish is to raise the unemployment rate, raise the interest rate, raise the inflation rate, and make the American life style a miserable one.

Yes I believe this election will come down to energy. The candidate that proposes a realistic plan to ease short term energy pains and resolve long term issues will win. Right now Obama does not have any clue. He offers increased prices for food and energy. He offers increased taxes. Now he has the audacity to say John McCain offers gimmicks?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama Lacks Three Key Leadership Traits: Honesty, Loyalty, and Judgment

Barack Obama had the opportunity to live up to his promises yesterday. That is until he opted out of public financing. For a candidate that consistently says listen to my words and not the opponents spin this current move shows that the American Public can not trust the words of Obama. Obama is fast becoming the "Great Liar". The Great Liar will say anything to everyone to gain their vote. The Great Liar has no loyalty towards those who got him where he is at and the Great Liar has shown a distinct lack of Judgment.

Obama once claimed in a speech that he was the product of the Selma Marches. He claimed in MAR 07 that he would not have been born without the Kennedy's and their aid to the air lift. This turned out to be nothing but a lie. It made for a great speech line but was in reality a lie. Obama claimed he was against NAFTA in the debates; then promptly sent his advisors to meet with the Canadians and tell them not to worry. Obama's stance was that he would say things on the campaign trail that were simply untrue. Another instance of a flat out lie is when he said his Uncle helped free the concentration camp at Auschwitz. This lie was due to truth not being nearly as impressive or known. Obama also has conflicting statements on his stance on the issues. Obama tells Americans that he will enact a middle class tax cut but yet he falls far short of the revenue required to pay for his Marxist social programs. How are we to believe Obama when all he does is lie, cheat, and steal.

Obama blames everyone else for the lies and coverups. Obama will throw anyone under the bus that is not politically convenient. Obama showed no loyalty towards his curch. Obama shows no loyalty to his family. He threw his cousin under the bus for saying that Obama was raised in a muslim family environment. He threw his staffers under the bus for filing questionnaires in his behalf. The questionnaires were in an effort to gain the endorsement of a anti-gun agency. Obama said he would like to ban guns on that questionnaire; now he says he is not for a ban. Obama blamed unpaid volunteers for not allowing Muslim women to stand behind him rather than take responsibility.

Finally, Obama has a distinct lack of judging people. Obama's known associate's include a convicted felon, an anti American pastor, a bigoted spouse, a wanted embezzler, an admitted terrorist, and other shady characters. Why would anyone vote for a candidate that will stand for nothing? Why would we vote for a candidate that would lie for a better speech or lie for political convenience? Why would we vote for a candidate that has displayed a lack of judgment and has no experince to say otherwise?

Obama is a disaster. His empty rhetoric is just that. He plagiarizes lines from other people's speeches. He changes his tune for every audience. He stands for nothing. He is backing off his withdraw at any cost platform in Iraq. He backed off his appeasement philosophy in Iran. Obama is quickly becoming the biggest clown in America. Obama is a disaster America can live without. Obama represents change we will not believe. Obama is not loyal, lacks judgment, and a proven liar.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Most Ethical Congress In History

In 2006, Queen Nancy and Prince Harry told us they would run the most ethical congress ever. The Abramoff scandal had exposed many of our politicians as being corrupted by the money. The democrats demonized the lobbyist community even though they were and are a big part of the scandals surrounding lobbyists. While many republicans were caught up in the Abramoff scandal democrats like Prince Harry Reid were left alone. But lets look into some of the more recent scandals in the news and see just how ethical and transparent the democrats have been since they have been in power.

William Jefferson was caught with over $80,000 in his freezer. He has been indicted in federal court and is facing prison time for bribery. Has he been censored by Congress? No, the only thing the democratic leadership did was strip him of chairmanships. Was he forced to resign? No, in fact he is again running for reelection even though his family members are starting to plead out in federal courts.

Jack Murtha tried to hide ear marks hat he set up and sponsored. Last year he received over $1 million for a fictitious organization. Jack Murtha was not even made to answer for this corruption. Murtha constantly plays a game with ear marks and says other congressman must pay to play. The king of ear marks also beared false witness against the Haditha Marines. He called them callous murderers. Yet thus far 7 of the 8 marines he accused of heinous crimes have had charges dropped or have been acquitted.

Harry Reid took money from Abramoff in exchange for voting on Indian reservation issues that would have benefited Abramoff. What happened to Harry Reid? He was elevated to Senate Majority Leader.

Now we have two sitting senators taking sweetheart mortgage deals from countrywide. Senator Dodd sits as Chairman of the Senate Banking committee and is in the process of sending historic legislation to bailout countrywide to the Senate floor. This legislation will benefit Bank of America and Countrywide. Bank of America donated over $20,000 to the Senator. Countrywide donated another $20,000 to the Senator. Bank of America is in the process of buying Countrywide out. The proposed legislation benefits Bank of America in this bid and places the taxpayer at risk of paying increased taxes to bailout Senator Dodd contributors. Senator Dodd should have recused himself during committee hearings and negotiations while writing this plan. Instead his contributors will gain financially at the taxpayers expense. Senator Conrad from North Dakota is also involved in this scandal. In fact 9 out of 10 people involved are democrats who will vote unanimously for this legislation to bailout mortgage companies as payback for being good contributors.

Are these the ethics Queen Nancy was talking about? They will rid the corrupt politicians as long as they are not Democrats? The problem with corruption will only get worse. Obama today reneged on his promise to take public funds. No one since Nixon has forgone public funding. Campaign financing is a serious issue that allows corruption and yet the Great agent of change wants to add more secrecy by forgoing the public financing. How corrupt can the democrats get? Americans must take action and vote all these corrupt politicians out of office. It does not matter which political party the politicians belong to. They are all corrupt and are beholden to the contributors. We must exercise our right and rid ourselves of the self serving politicians. This corruption is not change we can believe in. All we did in 2006 was change which corrupt politicians got the biggest slice of the pie. These people waste away our tax dollars to the benefit of their major contributors. Every day we hear more unethical behavior by our politicians and all this corruption after Queen Nancy promised the most transparent and ethical congress ever. Yeah right.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Democrats Following In Hugo Chavez's Communist Shadow

Today President Bush outlined a four point energy policy. Bush proposed lifting the moratorium on off shore drilling. Bush proposed opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Bush proposed lifting restriction on shale exploration in the Green River Basin. A final proposal was to ease regulatory processes to open more refining capabilities. John McCain proposed earlier in the year to place a moratorium on the federal gasoline tax. All of these proposals will reduce the price Americans pay at the pump for gasoline.

Gasoline is running at over $4.00 per gallon. Democrats promised an energy plan that would reduce pump prices if only we would get them the majority in Congress back in 2006. They never delivered on this promise. Earlier this month Obama said he wanted the price of gasoline to rise. He believes that Americans need to change their habits. Commuting to work and taking family vacations are habits Americans need to change.

The party of no ideas rejected the Presidents energy plan outright. Obama said "This is not something that's going to give consumers short-term relief and it is not a long-term solution to our problems with fossil fuels generally and oil in particular". What Obama does not understand is that the economy is being crippled by rising energy and food costs. Obama does not understand that oil is over priced due to speculation; reduce the speculation that oil costs will continue to increase and we can burst the oil bubble. However, the Democrats do not want the bubble to burst. They need the economy to tank in order to make gains in their majority. If only we were to pass legislature promising the increase of oil supply we could stop the speculation and oil futures would move lower. Actually start producing more oil and increasing supply and refining capabilities and oil cost would reverse course. However the new Communist Party of America (Democrats) reject the energy plans outright.

The Democrats would rather follow in Hugo Chavez's footsteps. They wish to Nationalize our oil companies. Government would then control Americans. Our government would no longer be for the people by the people. People would not control the government. The true Communist beliefs are coming through. This is not a proposal to socialize our country but rather an attempt to make our Republic a Communism.

Europe has many Socialist governments and none of them Nationalize their businesses. The only countries that nationalize businesses are Communist regimes like Hugo Chavez. We already know Obama and the Democrats want higher energy costs. Now Obama and the Demcrats want to control the flow of oil. In this way, they will be able to play politics with our economy and energy. The Democrats have no idea how to develop a coherent energy plan so they demonize the oil companies and then try to take them over. What is going on in the democratic party. Are they that certain of election in 2008 that they feel making Communistic overtures will go by unnoticed?

One thing is certain; in 2008 Americans are demanding change. But can America live with the change desired by Obama and the Democrats? This type of change is not change we can believe in.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hope and Change or Back to the Future?

In November 1979, 52 Americans were taken hostage by Iran and held for 444 days. In February 1993, The World Trade Center was attacked for the first time by Islamic Fundamentalists killing 6 Americans. In June 1996, Khobar Towers was bombed a 19 Americans died at the hands of terrorists. In August 1998, two US embassies were bombed by followers of Osama Bin Laden, killing 23 Americans. In October 2000, The USS Cole was attacked by a suicide attacker, killing 17 brave Americans. In September 2001, The US was attacked again by Islamic fundamentalists and 2,998 Americans died as a result. In all over 3,000 Americans deaths at the hands of the fundamentalists.

What do these attacks have in common? The answer is they all occurred prior to America instituting a policy of taking the fight to our enemy. They happened at a time of uncoordinated intelligence gathering by our National Security Organizations. These attacks occurred because of our extremely light security measures. We had taken for granted that we were safe. We never believed anything "big" would happen in the US. 9/11 changed that for Americans. The enemy of freedom brought the fight to us. We were unprepared and limited our response. Prior to the 9/11 attacks we did little. We sent a few misguided missiles into abandoned terrorist camps. We searched for the culprits and sent them through our court system. In reality we did nothing. The lack of strong leadership and a strong response prior to 9/11 did nothing to lesson the resolve of the Islamic extremists to destroy our freedoms. They kept attacking and brought the fight to us. Since our strong response in the aftermath of 9/11 we have not been attacked.

Now Obama wishes to bring back the failed policies of pre-9/11. Obama said today that he sees no reason for strong responses. He believes that arrestin the culprits and putting them in prison worked just fine. He does not believe the weak responses prior to 9/11 emboldened our enemies to more brazen attacks. Obama's National Security Advisor Richard Danzig suggests we should follow the Winnie the Pooh doctrine. The Obama man likely to be the National Security Advisor in an Obama administration would resort to children's stories to run our National Security. Are these the practices we should be following? The war on terror hurts too much so we should just quit? It is better to have blood running down our city streets than to face our enemies on ground of our choosing? Mr. Danzig shows a distinct lack of maturity. Obama again shows his lack of understanding, experience, and judgment. Obama the "Great Appeaser" would rather have smaller attacks that become more and more brazen than face our enemies head-on. Obama is a foreign policy disaster. Obama would CHANGE us back to failed policies and HOPE for the best. So much for hope and change. Obama's change we can believe in is no change at all. His change moves us back to a time of failure and provides no hope for the future.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama Wooing Michigan

Obama campaigned in Michigan today. The chosen one says he plans to assist in transitioning Michigan workers into a competitive global workforce. Obama blasted McCain for not having plans to revitalize an area hard hit by economic woes in the auto industry. But what does Obama offer them?

Obama has plans of destroying the auto industry as we know it. Obama favors rising fuel prices in order to force a change in Americans "energy habits". Obama derided McCain for not having a plan. Obama derided McCain for saying we can not bring back the auto industry jobs of the past. But Obama offers no plan whatsoever. All he provides is more rhetoric. His campaign stop today was nothing more than a stop to say "hey vote for me. I am not George Bush and McCain will certainly bring George Bush Plans".

How does this rhetoric help the unemployed in Michigan? Under a Democratic State Congress and a Democrat GOV what help has been provided to the middle class voters? Unemployment in Michigan stands at 6.9% as of April 08; this is almost 2% higher than the rest of the US at the end of April. I find it difficult to believe that the "Messiah" can not bring something to the table besides his "cowboy diplomacy" and empty rhetoric. McCain spoke in JAN about transitioning Michigan's economy from the auto industry to manufacturing for the future. The industry base in Michigan needs to change. McCain is right when he said he would not promise to bring back the auto jobs that have previously been lost. These jobs are not coming back. McCain wants to move Michigan forward with an eye to the future. Obama wants us to change our habits. His philosophy will place more blue collar jobs in jeopardy. Obama's energy plans will increase the unemployment rate of Michigan. So I leave with this one question: Why should Michigan vote for Obama?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008: A Major Setback In Race and Gender Relations

This primary season made history. Barack Obama is the first minority candidate for President to gain the nomination from one of the two major parties in the US. Hillary Clinton could have been the first female to gain that lofty status. After New Hampshire it was apparent America would make history. The first African American or the first female would be at the top of the ticket of a major political party. On the surface there is the appearance that America is healing the deep wounds of racism and gender bias. On the surface there is the appearance that America came to terms with the divisive issues of the past. However, as it turns out this is quickly becoming a major set back for race relations and gender bias.

There is evidence that the Barack Obama campaign is creating an atmosphere with racial tensions and gender bias. In an effort to quell female voter dissension Obama will have a platform filled with wedge issues. The candidate for change will have a platform that divides America. Obama has stated that his number one priority as President will be to provide women the right to abortion no matter the circumstances. Obama will attempt to win over women voters on just this one issue. Obama's supporters have continuously disparaged and trashed the women that voted for Hillary. The Democrats would like to kick a female delegate out of the convention for dissenting. Obama's attack dogs have belittled and berated the women voters. Obama's cult like following has stated they do not need the Hillary supporters. Seems to me that Obama has the same kind of "cowboy" diplomacy that George Bush has. Obama's attitude of your either for me or against me is eerily similar to Bush's statements regarding terrorists. The tone of the Obama campaign is dangerous for America. The politics of division is alive and well within the democratic party. The courting of the women vote by utilizing wedge issues and trashing those that do not fall into the trap of divisiveness will set back the womens movement 50 years. It will take generational change to heal the wounds being created by the Obama campaign tactics.

On race relations it will even be worse. Obama has already interjected race into the general campaign. It has not even been a week since Obama became the presumptive nominee and he already has started the race baiting. Obama came out and said the Republicans will make him and Michelle "Scary". Obama has said the republican tactics will be to tell Americans he is not "black enough". The racist undertones of the Obama campaign will set American race relations back two or three generations. Liberal blogs like FireDogLake have already begun the race baiting. That particular blog says if Obama is elected there will riots in the streets by the American Right. However, my concern is the riots that will be started should Obama win or lose. If Obama wins, his marxist ideals will create a racial divide. Obama's failed policies of the past will make him the second Carter administration. Similar to Carter, Obama will be a one term failure. When the Obama presidency fails, race relations will rise to the surface and further divide America. If Obama should lose in November, the racial tensions will erupt. Representative Clyburn has already promised open rebellion should Obama lose. Obama and his fanatics have placed race front and center into his campaign. Many of the Obama hit squad participants already visit independent and right leaning political blogs and scream racism. If you are not for Obama you must be a racist.

This campaign season will do more damage to race relations and gender bias than ever before. Obama is a divisive candidate that is using race baiting and gender wedge issues to win an election. Obama has no substance behind his rhetoric and therefore resorts to claiming victim status and further creating wedge issues. This campaign season should be about change. Americans are demanding change. Obama has claimed the change mantel. The only problem is rather than move the country forward Obama is moving backwards on serious race and gender issues. It will take multiple generations to heal the wounds Obama and his cult followers are creating. Obama's "cowboy" diplomacy is dangerous. Making comments like "don't bring a knife to a gunfight" is not change. It is eerily similar to George Bush.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Eloquent One: Obama Frightened of McCain Refuses Townhall Debates

Barack Obama refuses to accept John McCain's proposal of 10 Townhall style debates. At first Obama said it was a great idea. A few Days later Obama said while the idea was great but he would propose a counter offer. Today Obama has his counter offer. The offer is one townhall style debate. One must ask how the idea of having ten townhall meeting is a great idea but then only offer one? Usually if the idea is great the stakes would have been raised. Instead of having a counter offer of one Obama should have countered with 20. Alas, the eloquent is showing his true colors.

Obama is simply afraid to debate McCain in a townhall style. Obama has not fared well when he is unable to speak from a canned speech or a teleprompter. When Obama has been forced to speak off the cuff he gets in trouble. His off the cuff remarks got him in trouble with his philosophy of appeasement and unconditionally meeting with Iran. His off the cuff remarks regarding Jim Johnson and his stance that Johnson should not have to be vetted got another body thrown under the bus. Obama was trounced in the ABC debate when he did know what questions they were going to ask. Obama constantly gets in trouble when he speaks without the aid of a teleprompter.

Obama is frightened of McCain. Obama is afraid that he may actually have to explain his idea of change. Obama is afraid he may have to answer how he intends on paying for $3 trillion dollars in government programs and handouts. Obama is frightened that he may have to answer questions regarding the Countrywide developing controversy. Botom line is the eloquent one is only eloquent when someone else develops his speech. When all Obama has to do is speak someone else's words he becomes the messiah to his legions. When he has to speak his own words he becomes a bumbling marxist.

The human gaffe machine is afraid of McCain. He is frightened of his own unique ability to be a walking talking gaffe machine. Is this what we want as President. An eloquent speaker with no ideas? A gifted orator as long as he is speaking the words of others?

Americans need to wake up. The MSM is not going to vet Obama. We must demand the opportunity to vet him ourselves. Obama wants to hide from McCain. The eloquent one is afraid of debating. What a shame.

Ethcial Lapses in the Democratic Party: Change We Can Believe In?

Change We Can Believe In. This is the theme of Barack Obama's Presidential campaign. Obama has never outlined what changes we are in store for. However, one thing Obama is not changing is the unethical behavior of our politicians. Yesterday it was learned that 2 democratic party senators were provided "sweetheart" deals from Countrywide. Now Obama hads spoken out against Countrywide as creating the mortgage mess but now we find that it is the democrats that are in bed with the unscrupulous lenders.

Senator Dodd from Connecticut and Senator Conrad of North Dakota received favorable loans from Countrywide. They received deals that are not possible for most Americans. Senator Dodd speaks vehemently against the lending practices of Countrywide and has led the call for investigations and mortgage bailouts and yet unethically received favorable loan consideration simply because he was a friend of Angelo Mozilo.

This corruption scandal comes on the heals of learning that Laura Richardson defaulted not on one mortgage but three mortgages. Laura Richardson then voted in favor of a mortgage bailout bill. Senator Dodd and Senator Conrad are also in favor of bailing out home buyers. All this pseudo outrage when the democrats are in bed with the lenders. When these corrupt officials take what is essentially a bribe from corporations they became a part of the problem. By receiving special deals they increased the burden on individuals that were not able to get these sweetheart deals. By taking these "gifts" others had to pay higher fees and higher interest rates. The average American subsidized these corrupt politicians. Average Americans made it possible for Dodd and Conrad to milk the system.

Is this the change Obama envisions? Is this the transparency in government the democrats spoke of in 2006? Are these the ethics Nancy Pelosi spoke of? Obama says he is for change we can believe in? All he has shown is that we will change which set of corrupt politicians bilk the American taxpayer. All of Obama's change rhetoric is nothing more than allowing another set of special interest groups to ruin our government. We as Americans must stand up and take our country back. Vote all the incumbent corrupt politicians out of office. We need to start fresh. Obama is not the One. He is for the corruption just like his friends in the Senate.

Social Security: Another Tax Plan

Barack Obama is using fear tactics in describing Republican plans to fix the social security issue. This in spite of the fact that the only plan Obama and the Democrats have is to increase taxes. Increasing the social security tax on people making over $250,000 sounds like a great idea but....

Obama has already proposed taxing the so called "rich". He plans on allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. He plans on a costly socialized medicine plan that would tax the rich. Obama plans a environmental program that would further tax the "rich". Obama's energy plan would increase the gasoline tax by 50 cents a gallon. Every time we turn around Obama wants to further increase taxes.

Our economy is a mess right now. I do not believe it is as bad as the alarmists would have us believe but we do need real plans to reduce energy costs and food costs. Yesterday's CPI shows that energy and food are making up the brunt of our inflationary concerns. The core rate of inflation is relatively flat and under control but food and energy are creating chaos.

Obama has no real plans to fix any of these issues. His plans are to fear monger seniors on social security. He asked yesterday "imagine if your social security was invested in the dow jones". Yes please imagine this. While the market is in a state flux right now the trend over the last 100 years is always up. In the last 30 years the market climbed from 1000 points to over 13,000 points. This means that $1,000 invested 30 years ago would be $13,000 today. Does not this increase over the long term make more sense than the democrats plan?

The democrats plan is to tax more. In order to fix social security without investing funds one has to raise taxes. Why you ask? This is because social security as we know it is a pyramid scheme. Todays workers are not paying into their own account but rather into an account for today's retirees. The baby boom generation has more people than the current workforce. There is no possible way of staying ahead of the game without further increasing taxes and even that will not be enough to keep social security solvent. Allowing younger workers to pay less into the pyramid and pay into their own account would change the pyramid. It would allow people to be in control of their own retirement rather than the government. Investment will assist in allowing the system remain solvent.

Now if the democrats would stop trying to scare our seniors and think about the future they could be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. They could raise taxes for social security while allowing younger workers to invest a part of their social security into private retirement accounts. This would be a win for the American people. It would make social security a real program instead of a pyramid scheme.

I am not sure how much Obama believes the rich will absorb in the form of taxes. Taxing the "rich" makes great rhetoric but poor policy. The increased taxes on the "rich" reduce jobs, reduce incomes, and reduce revenues. This year was a record year for the Treasury Department. America collected more in taxes than ever before. Yet we pay a lower percentage of our incomes in taxes than in the 1990's. Taxing is a policy that comes from a lack of imagination. Leaders have vision and fix problems. The Democrats lack vision and will implement a future in the image of their past failed policies. Talk about back to the future.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Wants Preconditions

Barack Obama has established that his foreign policy would include sitting down with discussions with the likes of Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Yet when John McCain offers 10 town hall style debates Obama sets preconditions. Obama will sell the farm to our sworn enemies yet refuses to discuss real issues on a national stage with John McCain. I must ask the question " what gives?".

Obama said just last month that Iran is no real threat. He says the threat that Iran poses is smaller than the Soviet Union. Obama believes we should open high level discussions with terrorist organizations and rogue nations. But yet refuses to take on John McCain in a simple town hall style debate. Does this mean that McCain poses a greater risk to Obama than does Iran?

Iran seeks to destroy the US and our allies. Iran spoke with the Japanese Prime Minister and spoke of a world without the United States. Yet Obama does not see this as a threat to our National Security. Why does the "eloquent one" believe that John McCain is a bigger threat than the Iranians?

I believe that Obama views John McCain as a threat to his electability and Iran as only a threat to National Security. Obama does not have much to worry about in terms of Nuclear war or dirty bombs if he is president. After all he will be wisked away to some bunker in the event of a unconventional nuclear attack. He will be safer than the masses he presumes to defend. After the masses are decaying in our city streets Obama will be able to negotiate away our strengths as a way to heal the country. He will be able to get get Americans to cower away from retaliation and tend towards appeasement. However McCain is different.

McCain is a real person with real ideas. McCain represents Americans that believe America's best days are ahead of her not behind her. Obama will bring us back to the days of the misery index while McCain offers hope and prosperity. Obama offers the country the second Carter term while McCain offers us a move towards the future. Obama offers us a government filled with corruption while McCain offers a way forward. The DEMs have controlled congress for 18 months. They have done nothing to help the economy. Yesterday the Republicans offered a way ahead for the economy. While grown adults may agree to disagree, what can Obama offer? He and the DEMs have no plans for energy. In fact Obama wants fuel prices to rise just not so quickly. The DEMs and the MSM have wished for and created the environment of economic woes but have no plans to cure our economic woes. Yes Obama is afraid.

Obama is afraid that McCain may make a town hall debate about McCain's vision of "peace through strength" and Obama's vision of "peace at any cost". Obama is scared that McCain may have an idea or two about resolving our energy crisis, while Obama can only hope the price of gasoline increases so Americans "change their habits".

The eloquent one is afraid. The gaffe machine knows that when pressed to speak impromtu he is about as eloquent as a fish out of water. The Messiah is afraid of McCain but yet unafraid of destroying American strengths in the name of peace. What a shame that the gaffe machine would be more afraid of a political opponent than an enemy of the state.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Body Under The Obama Bus

The public learned yesterday that Obama selected the former CEO of Fannie Mae Jim Johnson to be his lead for the committee in his Vice Presidential search. Today we learned Jim Johnson resigned and Obama accepted.

Seems Obama shows no loyalty to anyone. Yesterday Obama said it did not matter that Johnson had ties to Countrywide. Obama said the VP selection committee members were volunteers and therefore immune from vetting. However, as the controversy boiled over Johnson decided to write his resignation letter. Now if Obama truly meant what he said yesterday he should have come to his friends aid. He should not have allowed his friend to be scapegoated if there was any once of truth and belief behind Obama's words.

Of course Obama has a history of throwing people under the bus that get into the way. Obama had a chance to endorse a candidate for change in Chicago. This candidate was a friend of Obama. However, his friend was not the establishment candidate. So what does Obama do? He throws his friend under the bus and never looks back. Obama tried to defend his racist and anti American Pastor. When the heat got to hot what did Obama do? He folded. Obama had the opportunity to defend his church? At first he admirably defended the church tooth and nail. In the end though Obama quit his church when the church was no longer a political advantage. Obama could have come clean with the Rezco relationship. However, Obama said this is not the person I knew after he was convicted.

Obama will not stand up for anybody. He shows that he is not loyal to anyone or anything. He will change his church, change his friends, and dismiss associates when they are no longer politically convenient. Does America really need a President that is disloyal, that stands for nothing, and lacks judgment? Is this the change Obama speaks of? Just another day and another body under the Obama bus.

Have The DEMs Lost Their Minds?

A gallon of gasoline costs over $4.00 per gallon and yet all the DEMs can do is discuss impeachment proceedings against the setting President. Never mind that the Bush administration has only 7 months left. Dennis Kucinich introduced impeachment articles that must be dealt with in two days.

Have the DEMs lost their minds? Why would Congress be worried about impeachment articles on bogus charges when the economy in the US is in the words of the left "tanking hard"? Is this what the American taxpayers shell out tax dollars for? The DEMs see no problem trying to stifle what little economic growth we do have by trying to increase the regressive gasoline tax but now they become negligent in their duties in an effort to embarrass the President. Everyone knows there are no grounds for impeachment. If committing perjury is not grounds for convicting the impeached then whatever thoughts Kucinich has on impeachment are frivolous at best.

I know the DEMs require an issue to run on in 2008. They can not run on their record as the only thing they were able to pass from their agenda was a minimum wage hike that is complicent in our current economic crisis. They can't run on their energy policy because they do not have one. They can't run on Iraq because with the current improvements in the theater to withdraw now would be an utter mistake and a humanitarian disaster. The party of no ideas is showing just how out of touch they really are. They have nothing to run on and zero ideas to improve the economy so fall back blame Bush and threaten to impeach. Throw the bums out. America deserves better than our current crop of politicians. Vote out all incumbents and show the career politicians that the people own the government.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama's Judgment Problem

Barack Obama has a serious judgment problem when it comes to his associates. Obama sees no issue with his lead person for the Vice Presidential search committee. Former CEO of Fannie Mae Jim Johnson is the chair of Obama's VP search committee. Johnson received a "sweetheart" deal from Countrywide. Countrywide has been criticized by the Obama campaign for unscrupulous lending practices. According to Obama companies like Countrywide and Fannie Mae are the reason for the mortgage crisis. However, Obama defends Jim Johnson because well "he is not a paid advisor". Johnson is a volunteer. It does not matter to Obama that the VP position is an important decision. Obama has monumental poor judgment.

The gaffe machine is unable to judge character. He has surrounded himself with an anti American bigoted spouse, and anti American bigoted spiritual advisor, an admitted terrorist, a convicted felon, a Clinton advisor that allowed Marc Rich to receive a pardon, and now Jim Johnson. How many more corrupt, anti-American, terrorists is Obama going to be allowed to associate with before the MSM decides enough is enough and starts to vet Obama. Obama is not the messiah. He is nothing more than an empty suit incapable of making wise decisions. Obama has an issue with judgment. Most of his decisions are poor because of this lack of judgment. Is this the change America is seeking?

Monday, June 9, 2008

When in doubt Tax

Barack Obama has never introduced an energy policy. Today he unveiled an attack on McCain and the oil companies. Obama lacks the vision needed to turn our energy woes around. His only answer is to jump on the victim bandwagon and blame Bush. The problem with that theory is that democrats have no idea of how to solve the problem.

In an earlier post I suggested that the DEMS need to implement a energy plan as promised or implement the McCain ideas. At least McCain and president Bush have ideas. They may not be what the DEMs want to hear but they are ideas. What is the hangup with drilling in ANWR? What is the deal about not forsaking the gasoline tax for the summer? Is it easier to play the victim? Is it easier to blame the oil companies?

The impending disaster concerning energy is an American problem. It is not the fault of Bush and the oil companies. It is the fault of short sighted politicians that attempt to smear everyone else.

Obama's great energy plan is to tax oil companies. What do you think will happen there? I guess the oil companies will just say OK mate here is more of our money. No! they will make Americans pay even more for gasoline plus layoff employees to cover the additional expenses.

The DEMs are wholly to blame for this crisis. They came into power on the promise of providing cheaper energy. They do not have a plan on how to accomplish that in 18 months. Now Obama falsely accuses Bush and McCain for the high energy costs. This in spite of the fact that in less than a year the gasoline costs have doubled. This in spite of the fact the DEMs have offered no energy plan with the exception of the failed Global Warming farce bill that would have further increased the gasoline tax. Obama your rhetoric may be bought by the ignorant but your when in doubt tax theory is not going to work. 5 months is a long time. In that five months I would suggest better energy plans.

Taxing the oil companies and moving towards ethanol will destroy the economy. Ethanol will increase the cost of food. Higher energy costs will create more unemployment. Your policies are designed to crash the American economy. Is that the only way a DEM can win? Crash the economy and we win? What a shame that power is all that matters to the elitist DEMs. How out of touch.

Where's The DEM Energy Policy?

In 2006, the price for a gallon of gasoline was rising. When the democrats took over in JAN 2007 our gasoline prices averaged $2.18 per gallon. Americans believed this was a high price to pay for gasoline. Democrats ran a national campaign for Congressional seats on returning normalcy to our fuel prices. They promised an energy policy that would reduce gasoline prices. Yet today the price we pay is over $4.00 per gallon. It has been a long 18 months with the DEMs in control of Congress.

With gasoline prices almost double what they were when the DEMs took office we see evidence of the plan the DEMs had. Their plan was never to implement an energy policy that would alleviate fuel prices in the short term. No they are so desperate for power that they would risk the American economy on rising gasoline prices. They will be intent on blaming the Bush administration and greedy oil companies for the high prices all the while pushing our economy to the brink of depression. The results of Obama's energy ideas are already coming to light. Obama sponsored the ill fated ethanol E85 plan in conjunction with Jim Talent. This has led to inflationary pressures. The Consumer price index is rising. Food products and energy make of the majority of the increase in CPI. Using food products is never a good idea when it comes to renewable energy. Ethanol was a bad idea in the 1970's and it is a bad idea today. Recycling failed 1970's era ideas is no way to change America.

This is the answer from the democrats. Let’s recycle the energy policies of the Carter administration and raise not just the price for gasoline but also the price for food. The Democrats are devoid of realistic short term ideas. They refuse to allow more oil drilling in the United States even though there is a supply and demand problem. Simple basic economics says there is more demand than oil companies can currently supply. As such, the price of oil increases. Allowing more oil to be drilled in the United States would increase the supply, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and reduce our requirement for the ethanol folly.

John McCain and the Republicans are generating ideas that will reduce energy costs in the short and reduce the price increases of food products. This would keep the CPI under control and allow the Federal Reserve more leeway in dealing with the credit crunch that is affecting the housing market. McCain has pushed the idea of a gas tax holiday. Yes this would reduce the revenues and increase the deficit but it would move the economy forward. The Bush administration and McCain have pushed for opening more of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The oil in ANWR would increase supplies and lower energy prices.

I read an article yesterday by Debra Saunders that the Europeans were not upset by the high fuel prices. In fact she stated that Europeans were proud to pay these high prices. I am not sure who Ms Saunders talks to in Europe but they have lied to her. Most Europeans complain just like Americans that the price of gasoline is too high. The Europeans can not afford the high gasoline prices anymore than we Americans can. The European economy is being hurt just like ours. Ms. Sauders needs a new outlook on life. High energy costs are not the joy of Europeans anymore than they are for Americans. No! Europeans are not proud of the fact they pay high prices for gasoline.

Charles Krauthammer suggests $4.00 per gallon should be the floor price for gasoline. He stated Americans did not bat an eye at three dollars per gallon. Maybe at $4.00 we would change our habits. Obama also stated that high gasoline prices would change our habits. I did not know that commuting to work was a habit. I did not know cooling our house in the summer or heating our home in winter was a habit. All of these liberals need to look at reality. Reality is America is on the brink of economic collapse due to high oil prices.

Rather than find responsible energy policies the liberal would rather sink our economy in order to win an election cycle. The high energy costs are creating inflationary pressures and undermining the labor market. Again, I ask, where is the DEMs promised energy policy? Where is the policy that will reduce our energy costs? The DEMs are solely responsible for the current economic crisis. It is their lack of ideas that is killing the economy.

The DEMS would rather look to the 1970's for policy rather than generate new ideas. The policy initiative to provide a gasoline tax holiday and opening up ANWR for drilling may not be the best ideas in the world but they are ideas. Ideas are something the Democratic Party is devoid of. The DEMs need to either pass the tax holiday and open ANWR or at least come up with plausible ideas that will reduce energy costs today not in 2050. Our economy can not handle the failed policies of the past. We must move forward and find responsible ways of reducing energy costs. DEMs you are in charge of Congress. You promised the world in 2006. You came through with nothing.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Polls Show Signs of Trouble for Obama

Barack Obama should enjoy his time in the sun. Right now he is enjoying the proverbial bounce from winning his party's nomination. Rasmussen tracking poll shows Obama is enjoying an eight point bounce since Tuesday. Last Tuesday both McCain and Obama were tied at 46%. Today Obama has an 8 point lead (48%-40%). However, the poll also shows some results that should be disturbing to Obama and his followers.

The number 1 issue in the minds of the American voters is the economy. This usually spells trouble for the incumbent party. However, the tracking poll shows that 44% believe McCain will do a better job with the economy than would Obama. Only, 40% of the voters believe Obama will do better. When the economy is the issue candidates that win the race usually win the battle of the number 1 issue.

Another troubling sign is the differences in terrorism. McCain enjoys a comfortable 14 point lead when it comes to who would be better at protecting Americans against terrorism. The ostrich syndrome that Obama suggests is not working out very well in the minds of the voters.

Iraq is another losing issue for Obama. 81% say that Obama is more interested in withdrawal and defeat than he is for finishing the mission. On the other hand 74% say McCain is more interested in finishing what we started. This is troubling because while an earlier Rasmussen poll showed 51% of Americans favored returning the troops home the facts on the ground are improving. As long as the facts on the ground keep improving and Americans see an end to the mission the defeatists in our country will be defeated in this issue.

Enjoy the bounce Obama. You won the nomination battle fair and square. However, unless you start specifying the details of your plans you will be painted as a tax and spend liberal that is out of touch with real Americans. Economically, America is in a fragile period. Your support of raising the gasoline tax rather than implement a tax holiday my come back to haunt you. The vision you have of increased spending has to be paid for somehow. Your plan to gut the military will save you some however, even if you cut military spending in half there is still a budget deficit. Your plan to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire will only create more unemployment and less revenue.

America took in a record amount of revenues this past tax year and that was with the Bush tax cuts. Raising taxes does one thing. It will decrease the amount in the budget coffers. So my question is where is the cash coming from needed to pay for your big government programs? Yes Obama this polling data shows some troubled waters ahead of you and your campaign. Enjoy the bounce while it lasts.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obama's Change: A Bridge to the Past

The great thing about America is that we have changed with the times. Our country has constantly met the challenges and moved into the future. We are a forward looking country filled with optimism. We are a country of inherently good people that rally behind causes that affect the future. Our Presidential candidates have always provided their vision of the future. Their vision for keeping America on the cutting edge. All winning candidates saw an America with its better days in front of it. That is until this year.

Barack Obama is the democratic nominee but he talks in pessimistic ways. His vision is one of the past. His direction of change is not change directed at moving America forward but rather directed at moving America backwards through time. Obama is a recycler of failed polices from the past. He sees America as entering a 1930's depression era. He sees American race relations as there were in the 1960's. He sees the best path for American foreign policy as the same appeasement philosophy Carter had in the 1970's. He loads his VP search committee with the same corrupt lawyers that usurped the American constitution and provided pardoned for the likes of Marc Rich.

Barack constantly talks of bringing back domestic policies from the depression era. The great deal type reforms that were necessary to bring a country out of depression. He clings to issue that housing investments are decreasing. Even though this housing bubble was created by faithless borrowers like representative Laura Richardson (D). Obama offers no real ideas just rhetoric. He will recycle the idea that "Government Knows Best".

Obama has defended his black liberation theology by saying race relations have not moved forward in recent years. Obama clings to the civil rights activism of the 1960's. His beloved church preaches the evils of "white America". Obama's civil rights policies look to the 1960's for guidance with claims of bridging Obama to Robert F. Kennedy.

Obama policies in foreign affairs are a mirror image of Jimmy Carter's failed policies. Obama plans to gut the military. He says he will cut military spending and quit funding future combat systems. He plans on unconditionally surrendering in Iraq. He plans on unconditionally sitting down for talks with known supporters of terrorism.

Obama economic policies also mirror Jimmy Carter's. Obama has very similar plans for energy as Carter. Obama supported a bill that would have increased the cost of a gallon of gasoline by 50 cents. I remember the gas crisis of the 1970's. Under the traitorous Carter there were huge lines at filling stations awaiting for fuel. This has to sound familiar to todays high gasoline prices. Obama backs plans to "nationalize" the oil industry. These socialist ideas have not moved forward with the times. They are mired in the 1970's.

Obama is also using Clinton cronies. Eric Holder used his influence to secure a pardon for Marc Rich from Bill Clinton. Holder used his position in an attempt to leverage the Attorney General position in a Al Gore cabinet. Henry Waxman called the actions of Clinton and Holder as "an end around the judicial process".

Obama does promise change. The change Obama promises are a bridge to the past. A bridge between the infamous Clinton years, a bridge to the failed Carter administration, a bridge to the failed 1968 democratic convention, and a bridge to the depression era of big government. These bridges to the past are changes America can do without.

McCain/Thompson A Formidable Ticket

There have been many names kicked around regarding potential running mates for John McCain. Many pundits are kicking around names like Charlie Crist, Tim Pawlenty, Tom Ridge, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee. These are some capable running mates. However, many of the aforementioned names do not necessarily help much in the electoral college math.

Crist is the govenor of Florida. Having Crist on the ticket may secure Florida but in all likelihood Florida will vote for McCain anyway. The DEMs really messed Florida up in the delegate battle. Pawlenty may be able to swing Minnesota. However, he did not win reelection with a strong showing. Ridge may be able to help in Pennsylvania and may help actually swing the state. However, Pennsylvania has not voted Republican in the last four elections. Romney will not help carry MA and Huckbee comes from a State that should vote for McCain.

So who does the Political Lizard think would make the perfect running mate? Thompson!!! No not Fred Thompson but rather Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin. Tommy Thompson was the very popular Governor of Wisconsin. He was elected Governor an unprecedented 4 times with almost 60% of the vote in a progressive state. Thompson was instrumental in developing a plan to reform welfare. He started Wisconsin Works program and showed that welfare reform was possible. Thompson's welfare reform was the blueprint used by none other than Bill Clinton in his welfare reform package. Thompson reformed the education system in Wisconsin. He was the national leader in developing a school choice program that worked in Milwaukee and became the blueprint for other States to follow. He also developed Badger Care. This was a State program that offered medical insurance for those workers that were not covered in an employer insurance program but yet made too much to be covered by medicare. This program was still a free market system and not the same tired socialized medicine that the left offered. Tommy Thompson would bring Wisconsin into the Republican fold. Thompson has credibility throughout the Midwest. He could garner enough Twin Cities voters to turn Minnesota. He could bring Michigan in the fold. Tommy Thompson could solely campaign throughout the Midwest. Thompson would bring the social credentials the conservatives are demanding. Thompson would bring credibility to economic, school, and medical issues. Thompson may be able to swing enough Midwestern States that McCain just may be able carve a new electoral map. The McCain/Thompson ticket may be the formidable ticket that puts America back on the right tracks.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Polls Show Obama May Be Unelectable

After perusing the Daily Kos site I find it interesting that in recent gallup polls Obama loses or is tied in every age category with the exception of the younger voters. Now the Kos site suggests that the enthusiasm Obama has created in the younger voter may be enough to push him over the top however, I would have to disagree.

First of all the 18-29 age category that Obama wins is unreliable on election day. They tend to not get out and actually vote. Younger voters also tend towards short attention spans. Now this election cycle has been going on for almost two years. How much longer will these younger voters keep the enthusiasm up? If these voters do not show up at the polls does Obama stand a chance?

The answer really is that unless Obama makes tremendous strides in other age categories he will be the big loser in this campaign. The simply are not enough young voters to make up for the aged group that supports John McCain. This aged group are reliable voters. They will show up at the polls.

The folly that is the Obama campaign have established a losing coalition of voters. The coalition is made up of rich liberal elitists, young 18-29 years olds, and African Americans. This will only create a landslide victory for John McCain.

There are signs that the Republicans and John McCain will fair Ok. John McCain raised 21.5 Million in May. McCain currently has 10 Million more in the bank than does Obama. The RNC has far out raised the DNC. In the end the republican donors will come home. They may not be enthusiastic right now and may believe they will show the republicans a lesson and not show up. However, with an anti-American racist on the Democratic ticket it may just be enough to bring the conservatives on board. After all they do not really have a choice. In the lessor of two evils philosophy they will have to enable John McCain.

There is no spin available for the daily KOS. Obama only wins in one age category. This will not be enough and really makes Obama unelectable unless he can convert more of the forty somethings. The may just be the end of the road for the great appeaser.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama Needs A Clue


The following link has been added by request:

Obama Clarifies Remarks on Jerusalem

Obama told a a pro Israeli lobbyist group (4 JUN AIPAC)that Jerusalem should be the site of the US Embassy. Obama also said that Jerusalem should be the undivided Capital of Israel. A day latter after Mahmoud Abbas rejected Obama's comments the great appeaser backtracked on his promise to the Jewish community. Just one short day later the Great Appeaser know says Jerusalem is open for negotiations.

Is this the kind of unconditional talks Obama envisions? Will he bend whichever way the wind blows? Obama is on course to negotiate away our friends and allies. Obama's foreign policy seems to be ever changing. Obama has already discussed deep cuts in our military strength. He plans on negotiating away even more of our strengths in an effort to "restore credibility" for America.

Obama the great appeaser finds it difficult to understand that our enemies do not wish for peaceful interaction. He does not understand that Ahmadinejad does not want peace with America. Ahmadinejad spoke with the Japanese Prime Minister yesterday and declared that they needed to statrt preparing for a world without America. Ahmadinejad continuously declares that Israel will be non existent. The Europeans have been negotiating with Iran for years to no avail. In fact the Europeans begged for US intervention once the political negotiations stalemated. Obama the great appeaser has a foreign policy problem.

The problem is that Obama is naive. His policies stances are ever changing and show his lack of leadership. His lack of leadership will negotiate our strengths away. His inexperience in foreign affairs will do nothing except leave America in a weakened state. His inexperience and lack of leadership will leave our allies hanging. Obama is weak and will not make a definitive decision. All of his decisions are open ended and ever changing. Obama's lack of vision is a failed vision of the 1970's. America will be worse off tomorrow then we were with Carter at the helm. America can not afford a weakened liberal figurehead. The peace at any cost philosophy is naive. Obama needs a clue.

I Don't Know Really Means I Don't Care

When I was a young lad being chastised by my parents for committing some boneheaded sin I would always answer the questions "why did you do that?" or "what were you thinking?", with the response "I don't know". This always raised the ire of my parents and they would retort that saying I don't know equated to saying I don't care.

Is that what Obama is saying when he dismisses the actions of his loyal inner circle. A couple of months ago when Barack's self proclaimed spiritual mentor was in the news for spouting anti-American sermons Barack proclaimed he did not know that his church was capable of such kind of hate language. A month later when Jeremiah Wright spouted off again, Barack stated that this was not the Jeremiah Wright he knew for the last twenty years. Then Obama decided to disown his Pastor after saying he could not disown Wright anymore than he could disown his own grandmother. Yesterday, after his confident and political partner in Chicago was found guilty of government corruption, Obama yet again says this is not the Rezco that he knew.

It always makes me wonder when a "know it all" politician says "I don't know". This is a cop out. It is an avenue of escape. Obama is really saying he does not care. Obama has friends that have corrupted the Chicago Political system. Obama has friends that are overt racists and anti-American and quite frankly Obama does not give a damn. He does not care that he is as corrupt and anti American as his friends. Obama does not care what we think of his associations. Obama does not care about America. Obama is an egomaniac that only cares about himself. Oh he gives a great speech. His oratorical skills are unmatched. Yet he does not believe in the garbage he spews. He only believes in the black theology his religion spews and the corrupt political ways of Chicago.

Obama does not care about the plight of the American Middle class. Obama is backing legislation that would add .50 to the price of gasoline. Obama is backing plans to bail out faithless borrowers like Laura Richardson in the mortgage fiasco at tax payers expense. Obama backs a plan to raise taxes to pay for a socialized medical program that will decrease the benefits of the middle class. Obama says he does not know. However, what he is really saying is he does not care.