Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tax Breaks for the Rich?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted against the Bush tax cuts. They said that these were tax cuts for the rich and the middle class saw zero benefits from the tax cuts. In the primary campaign for the Democratic Party nomination both of these candidates railed against the Bush tax cuts and promised to let them lapse. Both candidates rail against the special interest groups and lobbyists. Yet both of these candidates have sold their souls and introduced what else but tax cuts for the rich.

Obama provided for a targeted tax cut that cost the US government $800,000 in revenue. This is $800,000 that could have been used to reduce our National debt. How much did it take to get Obama to sell his soul for? Just $54,350. That's right folks all it takes to receive 15 times what you invest is to give it to Obama. What's worse is this tax break did not go to an American company that may have reinvested it in our economy and create more jobs. No it went to a Japanese firm that has operations in Illinois. This $800,000 raping of the American tax system mostly went back to Japan and paid a foreign fat cat. This little known tax cut was enacted in 2006. Just as America was bouncing the Republicans, the Democrats were taking advantage and providing tax cuts to their campaign contributors.

For Hillary's part she sold her soul for $162,800. It definitely takes a rich person to buy Hillary but nonetheless she sold her soul to the tomato industry. She did this all the time she railed against tax cuts for the rich. It must be hard to keep a straight face when you rail against the rich all the while you advocate providing tax cuts to the rich.

It is truly a shame when our politicians will say or do anything to get elected. They promise the fat cat donors that they will be taken care of; that they have nothing to worry about. It surely did not take Obama very long to learn how to take care of his big donors. After all he is still in his first term as a senator. Bill and Hillary were already known for selling the Lincoln bedroom for their big donors.

Is this the type of change Obama talks about? Obama is very vague about what he would actually do as President. He is big on rhetoric and speaks eloquently about change. However, it sure seems to me that if we change to the democratic party for leadership we will get more of the same. All that will be different is the set of crooks that benefit from the American Public.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Hatchet Job

The New York Times attempted to derail yet another Republican Presidential candidate last week. The Times decided to run a 3,000 word essay on John McCain's past practices with lobbyists. They decided facts were an unnecessary evil and instead used rumor and innuendo. The Times used unnamed sources and had no proof. This brings back recent memories of a Main Stream Media inserting their liberal bias onto the political stage.

In 2000 the MSM media wanted Al Gore to win so badly they called the state of Florida for Al Gore before the Florida polls even closed. The heavily Republican panhandle of Florida was still voting when the networks decided it was time to insert Al Gore as the winner of Florida. This ill fated attempt to derail the American political system went largely unnoticed. Instead of focusing on the illegal act of calling States before all of the polls close, the liberal left instead decided to focus the attention on how the Supreme Court decided the election and stole it from the popular vote winner AL Gore. We need to focus a little more on what the likely result of calling Florida was.

First Florida still had polls open in the pan handle. Bush ended the night with a slim 500 vote majority in Florida. The question is not whether Bush won Florida or not. The question is what was the impact of the illegal actions of the main stream media. How many voters were disenchanted with their first choice and went home before actually voting because their candidate had already lost? We went through months of recounts and investigations and Bush always seemed to come out on top. The winning margin always changed in Florida but the final result never did. Again though, how many Florida voters were alienated by an over zealous media?

There were other more far reaching questions that are required to be answered in order to put the 2000 election into focus. It was very evident that Bush could not win the Presidency without winning one of the following three states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan. The media called all three States for Gore at approximately the same time. The question here is how many voters were disenfranchised nationwide when these states were called for Gore? How many Republicans in California, Washington, and Oregon decied Bush had lost and decided to stay home? There was little doubt that Gore was going to win these western states so why would Republican go vote when their candidate was going to lose the state and worse yet lose the national election. How many independents decided to change their vote to Gore simply because they wanted to vote for a winner? But alas the media has never been made to answer for these improprieties. They pushed there agenda and were not held accountable. We will never know for sure what the margin in Florida or nationally actually was. The media desperately wanted Gore to win and attempted to influence an election. All these illegal acts and no one to account for them.

Another bruising example of the media pushing their agenda was the Dan Rather fiasco. Everyone knows that Dan utilized forged documents to paint Bush as a deserter. Dan's answer for using forged documents? It should not matter the thrust of the story is true so he should be able to use whatever necessary to print a story. Dan is a bitter person today simply because his hatchet job failed. His attempt to influence the 2004 election was yet again ill fated. Dan used an identified source for his scoop on documents proving Bush was a deserter. When the source was found out it was another liberal hatchet man that would have had no credibility for the story in the first place. Dan ended up resigning but CBS was not held accountable for their actions. CBS went on as if nothing happened. No Harm, No Foul.

Now we have the Times doing the same sort of hatchet job. They used unidentified sources and insinuated a romantic affair. The thrust of the article was about an imagined affair between McCain and Vicki Iseman. The Times attempted to tie Iseman to a letter McCain sent to the FCC asking for a decision. He did not try to influence the decision he just wanted them to make a timely decision. So what is the story really about? Is it about influence peddling? Probably not, as the letter McCain sent to the FCC only asked for a speedy and timely decision and did not influence one way or the other on the merits. Was this about an affair? Probably. This is the innuendo. No one has stepped forward and said there was an affair. It was only the Times and their innuendo that alluded to an affair.

The Times wonders today why people reacted the way they did. This comes from a paper that defended Bill Clinton for his lies under oath by saying it was just an affair. Now they attempt to derail McCain for an dreamed up affair with no proof.

It is high time the media is held accountable. The first amendment guarantees the freedom of the press. However, I do not think our forefathers envisioned a media that would use yellow journalism to sell a paper. I believe they wanted the press to be free so they could remain unbiased and print facts so the people could make informed decisions. When the media decides to forgo with honesty and integrity they should be banned from reporting ever again. The media should not be influence peddling anymore than the lobbyists.

Over the course of the last three presidential elections the Main Stream Media has attempted to undermine our form of government. The media is unethical and probably needs to regulated more. The media encourages regulatory reform for many industries. I think it is high time the media is regulated. America can not afford a media that would sell their souls for a sensational story. The media has too much power. Most of their stories are one sided and uneven. The media refuses to report anything good and they will bombard the public with everything that supports their own agenda. We need to hold these unethical reporters accountable for their stories. There are far too many stories that are dishonest and one sided. We need honest open reporting.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Children Pay the Price of Illegal Immigration

No doubt some people will view the tragic deaths of four children in Minnesota as yet another reason to give illegals a driver’s license. A 23 year old illegal alien, I can’t give her name because she is using an alias, ran a stop sign and broadsided a school bus, knocking it on its side and killing four young passengers.

Apparently young Miss X is under the impression that our laws, whether immigration or traffic, do not apply to her.

Her victims:

Hunter Javens 9
Jesse Javens 13
Emilee Olson 9
Reed Stevens 12

The illegal alien has no valid license, and had been charged for driving without a license in 2006. There is no better reason for vigorously enforcing our borders than those four names listed above. We are harboring a large class of people in this country who are here illegally, and show a complete disdain for our laws, and it can not be tolerated.

I have no doubt that the sympathetic media will bombard us with tales of how this woman grew up dirt poor in some third world hellhole, has six kids to support so she just HAD to illegally drive a van that she probably doesn’t own, to one her three minimum wage jobs so she can make money to support her kids and send some of her measly earnings back to her family in wherever the hell she’s from. I don’t care.

What we should care about are those four children she killed and the three grieving families. We should care about enforcing our borders; we should care about deporting people who have so blatantly violated our laws.

We should care about taking care of our citizens first, if we had done that, maybe this article would never have been written.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

Jorge Lopez-Orozco was an illegal immigrant living with his wife and children in Idaho. In all likelihood he would have been one of the estimated 12-20 million illegal immigrants that were granted amnesty in the failed immigration bill last year. This is a man that wanted to engage in an extramarital affair with an unmarried mother of two. When she spurned his advances because she did not want to carry on an affair with a married man he murdered her.

This lunatic was distributing meth and worked on a family farm in Idaho in order to make a living. He was in our country illegally and had an arrest record. He was arrested in a traffic stop and used an alias. Now he is one of the FBI's most wanted criminals.

When the mother of two decided to drop the relationship, he decided it was time to murder her and her two children. He shot and killed the victims prior to burning them in an abandoned vehicle. The bodies were so badly charred and decomposed that the only means of identification was DNA.

This lunatic decided it was time to high tail back to his once forsaken country of Mexico. This is the type of individual that makes it imperative that we seal off our borders. We do not need to allow amnesty and the path to citizenship for these type of people. What we need to do is start enforcing our immigration laws.

We need to bring the heat down on businesses that hire illegal aliens. We need to deport illegal aliens immediately if they are caught. We need to tell the illegals that they need to go home. If they were to leave voluntarily we won't hold it against them and they can try to legally enter the United States through the immigration laws.

Former Mexican President Vincente Fox needs to stop the fear mongering. The Liberal left needs to quit playing on the fears of legal aliens and stop saying America is anti immigrant. We are not anti immigrant. Americans understand that immigration made our country what it is. However, these were legal immigrants. They were not border jumping criminals looking to live off the American system. I have no issues with countries sending us their poor and downtrodden. I just expect them to come here legally and become productive members of society. We do not need to have tragedies like this happen just because we did not have the backbone or wherewithal to send the illegal immigrants home with no chance of coming here legally. They are after all committing a crime against society or did the liberal left forget that.

Special Interests rule the DEMs

I always knew the trial lawyers were dangerous for America. After all, it is the trial lawyers that sent health care costs through the roof. It was the ambulance chasing likes of John Edwards who capitalized on the misfortunes of others. The John Edwards types who sit in 28,000 square feet houses while the victims they represent took in peanuts in comparison. America will always be paying through the nose for health care until the trial lawyers are reigned in and tort reform is instituted and enacted. Always remember that while the DEMs talk about mandatory health care coverage they will not do what is necessary to reform what ails the system. What ails the system is the frivolous lawsuits brought on by unscrupulous trial lawyers. However, even with understanding the issue with health care I never thought the trial lawyers would make it less safe to live in America.

The trial lawyers are why Nancy Pelosi and the house democrats would not vote for extending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). America is now living under the same rules that were incapable of keeping us safe on 9/11. We have reverted back to a system that was developed out of the cold war. The previous act is a relic that protected us against an enemy we knew was there, an enemy we saw coming, and an enemy that was a sovereign State. We were all taught a valuable lesson on 9/11. We know America is now fighting an enemy we can not see, an enemy that came from no where and yet everywhere, and an enemy that would stop at nothing in an effort to have Americans live in fear. The DEMs are responsible for sending us back to where we came. The same policies that failed us miserable on that day of infamy. The extension of FISA sailed through the senate. There were few exceptions because it is what is right for America. However, the trial lawyers interjected themselves and did some behind the scenes lobbying. They influenced the Democrat party caucus and forced the DEM leadership not to extend FISA.

The trial lawyers are a huge financial base of the DEM party. They did not like one minor provision in the bill that protected and provided immunity to telecommunications industry companies. After 9/11 some of these telecommunications companies may have inadvertently committed a crime in an effort to do what was right. In the interest of protecting Americans, they may have invaded the privacy of citizens. If it happened it was not done out of malice but rather ignorance. Now the trial lawyers want this immunity removed from the bill. The trial lawyers want an opportunity to sue some of the telecommunications companies. They will risk destroying the telecommunications infrastructure in the United States in an effort to make even more money of which to buy even bigger houses.

Congress is in recess for 12 days. For a minimum of 12 days America will be much less safe then we were last week. All of this for the sake of the special interest trial lawyers. The trial lawyers are responsible for destroying staples of the American fabric. Destroying American infrastructure. Destroying the American Dream.

The trial lawyers are responsible for destroying the American health insurance industry, destroying the American telecommunications industry, and now destroying American safety and security. It is the same trial lawyer group that purchase 28,000 square foot houses and then preach energy conservation. Of course these bogus preachers have enough of our hard earned cash that they can purchase carbon credits so that they feel good about themselves.

Maybe if the trial lawyers settled for smaller houses and smaller vehicles, and commercial airplanes like the rest of America they would leave the American infrastructure alone. America desperately requires tort reform. The only reason we have not been able to enact tort reform is the financial impact the trial lawyers have on the democratic party. For America's sake the trial lawyers need to let this bill pass and allow our infrastructure to stand.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Year Later

In January 2007, President Bush detailed a plan to increase American troop presence in Iraq. For years, some Republicans and a majority of the Democrats ridiculed the SECDEF and the President for not having enough troops on the ground to effect the changes necessary for Iraq to become an Arab democracy. In 2007, the President moved forward. Bush sacked the Rumsfeld and installed Gates. On the ground, Bush provided GEN Petraeus with the resources and decision making authority to effect necessary changes.

Through the buildup of "the surge", the leadership of the Democratic Party ridiculed the buildup plan. Many of these leaders, who for years clamored for more troops, claimed the surge would not work. The Democratic leadership clamored for an immediate withdrawal. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said "the war is lost". The Democrats claimed a massive civil war was taking place in Iraq and that the US had no place interjecting themselves in the civil war. The media reported daily how the surge was not working. Iraq was a front page story into the summer of 2007.

This all started to change when the New York Times printed an OP-ED that said Iraq is a war we just might win. The Democrats of Congress decided they needed to derail any progress our troops may be making. They tried to thwart the progress by forcing decisions in JUL instead of waiting for the Petraeus report in SEP. The media fell right in line by printing story after story of how Petraeus would not report the truth. Petraeus would be a puppet for the Administration. Liberal groups like moveon.org went as far as running an advertisement that said GEN Petraeus will betray America.

Now one year after the start of the troop buildup, there has been significant changes in Iraq for the better. Iraqi President al-Maliki has stated that al-Qaeda no longer enjoys stronghold in Baghdad. Al-Qaeda is on the run and their last stronghold in Ninevah province is shaky. Violence has decreased 60%. US causalities have steadily declined. The Iraqi government has had time to effect change to move Iraq towards becoming an effective democratic country. De-Baathification laws have been passed. Provincial elections have been enacted and will be held in October. The major benchmarks that the democrats have insisted on are coming to fruition. Although just last week Nancy Pelosi again stated the surge has not worked and Hillary has stated the benchmarks were not being enacted. Both of these comments are simply lies. The surge did buy time for the Sunni's and Shiite's to work together. They have passed major national laws that show progress towards the benchmarks. The Iraqi security forces are taking responsibility for the country. Anbar Province is being turned over to the Iraqis one village at a time. Anbar was a hotbed of violence less than one year ago and now it is relatively safe and operating effectively without Al-Qaeda influence.

All this good news on progress is underreported. None of the major MSM outlets have even addressed the political reforms and progress Iraq has made. Now that progress is making progress it is not in the news daily. The MSM is desperately attempting to keep the American public left uninformed of the progress. Simply the media is not doing their job. They understand that good news in Iraq is bad news for the antiwar left. The media has changed their focus to the economy. Since SEP the media has attempted to turn America's attention toward a slowing economy. They have lost Iraq as an issue and now they are deliberately attempting to derail the economy in an effort to appease the liberal left.

Everyone understands that if the media places enough emphasis on an issue they will sway public opinion. In the case of the economy public opinion has a dramatic effect. If enough people believe it is a bad economy they consumer will tighten their belts and create further economic woes. The media needs to start reporting facts and stop trying to sway public opinion towards the liberal left agenda.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Failure Faithful

The Speaker of the House has announced that the surge is a failure. Queen Nancy would have everyone believe that the surge has not succeeded. However, we must look at the recent news to see if this is true or not. A couple of days ago the Pentagon released papers from Al Qaida in Iraq that spoke of despair and mass defection. Many of the foot terrorists of Al Qaida have deserted and became members of the awakening councils. Over 75% of Baghdad is now secure. Prior to the surge we only had secured about 8% of Baghdad. Over half of the 18 benchmarks are somewhat successful. The grassroots Iraqis are taking their country back as their own. The common Iraqis are taking responsibility and Al Qaida is on the run. Unlike the Democrats, I do not believe the war is lost and I do not believe the surge has failed. I believe we made mistakes and the Bush Administration prosecuted this war poorly. However, we as country must take responsibility for our actions and allow Iraq to become a productive member of the world body. Nancy is again wrong and has nothing to offer our country. Nancy needs to go back to San Francisco until she grows up and has something intelligent to say.

A Certainty

The Main Stream Media asks the question "Will the Democratic Party Nominee be selected by the super delegates"? At this point the answer is certainly Yes! There is almost no way for the nomination to be settled by people. Obama would need to win 77% of the remaining delegates and Hillary 79% in order to have this settled by the electorate. Short of either winning by almost 80% neither will be able to secure the nomination without using the super delegates. Don't let the media fool you into thinking otherwise. The only way a candidate is selected prior to the convention is to have either Obama or Hillary stop their campaign immediately or have some back room deal cut among the party establishment.

The voice of the people will not be heard in the democratic party. It does not matter who someone voted for in the caucuses or primaries. It is all but certain the nomination will be decided by an insignificant body of 796 individual political party hacks. The establishment will select the nominee regardless of the people. There are no rules for the super delegates. They can vote any way they desire. I would like to believe that many will vote for the one with the most pledged delegates. In the case of Hillary, I believe they will. If Hillary wins the most pledged delegates even if it is by one pledged, I believe the establishment will overwhelmingly support her candidacy. However, I believe Obama will need to have won the majority of the pledged delegates by a much larger margin. Obama will probably need to win more 200 pledged delegates than Hillary in order to take the nomination.

The arcane rules of the Democratic Party are part of what's wrong with politics in America. The two party system has failed us. Neither of the two parties represent average Americans. Many states do not allow independents to vote in primaries and their voices are left behind until the general election. The independents have to accept the leftovers. Independents only get to decide which political party receives the opportunity to steal from the American public. Over the course of the last 20 years we have had to vote for the lesser of two evils.

This is the year of the independent. There is no doubt that a quality independent could win the presidency. America desires a change in our government. Our choices have now been limited to three senators. One has been around since the Reagan revolution. One claims to have previous executive experience while actually having none, and the third is a first term senator with no leadership experience whatsoever. A true independent with leadership skills and little to no political experience is the only way to achieve a change of direction. The democrats will take the country down the path of socialism and the republicans will continue down the same path Bush has been leading the country down. A Colin Powell type independent could lead the country down a path through the middle of America. With no political party allegiance an independent could strike the appropriate compromises that lead the country forward. Independents of America need to unite and vote for a candidate that will put America first for a change. A candidate that places America first will lead the country down the righteous path and begin to unite a very divided country.

Oh No! Not Again.. Hillary Tears Up

Tearing must be rather habit forming. For the third time in less than month Hillary has publicly teared up. First she cried because the going got rough after Iowa. The Hillary campaign was verge of imploding and she was watching her dreams go up in flames. Her answer was to go after the sympathy vote and tear up before a public audience. As the national polls tightened just before the super Tuesday voting Hillary again teared up publicly. Obviously she interpreted the results of New Hampshire to mean that people would take sympathy on her and vote for her because she was capable of showing emotion. Now she is up to the same old garbage. She teared up yet again in Maine. Hillary was swamped yesterday. Her campaign lost big in Nebraska, Washington, and Louisiana. Obama is on the verge of taking the front runner status away from Hillary. Obama is gaining momentum before the Potomac primaries. In all likelihood, Obama will have the overall delegate lead going into the March 4, primaries. Obama will have the lead in delegates in spite of Hillary currently enjoying 60% of the super delegates from the party establishment. What is Hillary's answer? Her answer is to yet again show contrived emotion in an effort to receive the sympathy vote.

Hillary would not show emotion when her daughter was publicly humiliated by MSNBC. Hillary came out strong and slammed the reporter and forced his suspension. Yet, when the going gets tough in her endeavor to win the Democratic nomination she shows emotion. Most mothers will get emotional wen their family is attacked. Not Hillary! The only time she is able to show emotion is when her dreams of turning American into her own personal Socialism start showing signs of going up in flames. Her contrived emotion is all about her and her losses. She could care less about anyone else. If she isn't emotional when her family is attacked we all know that the emotion shown on the campaign trail is just another attempt to receive the sympathy vote. This is not leadership. I can assure everyone that the leaders of Iran, China, and North Korea will not provide comfort and sympathy to Hillary just because she gets teary eyed. Hillary needs to grow up and quit crying; it is beginning to get old.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Government

Hillary has announced that she would garnish the wages of hard working Americans and force her socialized health care agenda. Health care is a major issue. Many people can not afford health insurance. It is difficult to comprehend why Americans can not afford health insurance. However I do not think a country with the resources America has at its disposal should have the government garnishing wages and forcing people to purchase health insurance.

Many Americans for whatever reason choose not to insure themselves. Many young Americans feel they do not require insurance. Many Americans without insurance are under 25 and single. They feel their money is better spent on other personal items. Why would a government that is for the people by the people force a person to spend their hard earned wages on what the government wants the people to purchase. Our government simply does not have this right. We do not need government intervention in our lives. Believe it or not the average American is able to make informed decisions on their own.

In order to fix our health care system and make it affordable for everyone our government has to enact tort reform. Our country simply can not allow ambulance chasing lawyers that live in massive houses the encompass 28,000 square feet. We can not allow the unprofessional lawyers guild to continue robbing our health care system. Every time an unscrupulous lawyer bilks the system we the people have to pick up the tab. The crackerjack box lawyers are one of the root causes to rising health care costs.

I know the democratic party is backed by the trial lawyers and they would not dare enact tort reform or risk alienating a large donor group. It is far easier to garnish the wages of hard working Americans and do nothing to bring the costs of health care down. Health care costs will spiral out of control unless we get a handle trial lawyers. We have to be able to curb the penchant for ambulance chasing. America must enact tort reform now. As long as Hillary is more focused on the symptoms of health care failures and not the causes America will lose.

America is obligated to ensure access to our health care system is available to everyone. We need to open the federal health care insurance system for those that can not afford health insurance. We do not need to garnish the wages of those that choose not to insure themselves. It is not the American way to have our government intrude in our lives and force the people to allow the government to make decisions for them.

Hillary please stay out of my pocketbook. Please fix the root cause of the issue and not the symptom.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Where's the Kleenex?

Hillary is at it again. Her lead in the national polls show her lead slipping away. Barack is again on the verge of upstaging Hillary and taking the Democratic Party nomination. What is her response? The same as it was a couple of weeks ago after her embarrassing third place finish in Iowa and just before a New Hampshire shocker. Today while at the Yale Child Study Center she started to cry. I assume this must be the way Hillary intends on capturing the nomination. Whenever she is uncomfortable with her perceived inevitable nominee status she breaks down and shows emotion.

This strikes me as rather contrived. Sure some people may accept her behavior as a normal human emotion. Some would say she is showing her strength by allowing her emotions to show. Some people will undoubtedly fall for her contrived emotion. We have to analyze facts in order to conclude her emotion is untrue. Hillary has been around Washington DC for years. Her life has been dissected and spread to the world. Her cheating husband was caught lying under oath. Her husband was impeached. She was continuously attacked by the right wing conspiracy. Her socialized health care initiative in the mid 1990's was destroyed. Did she "tear up" during these very emotional events? No! All Hillary did was accept these emotional train wreaks and drive on hollering and screaming that the world was conspiring against her. Her ego would not allow her to succumb to emotion. She had to be strong in order to feed her ego.

Now however, Hillary has seen that she can get sympathy votes by shedding a few tears. Americans will always come to the aid of a victim. All Hillary has to do is make it appear as if she has emotions and is somehow the victim of some perceived mischief. In this election cycle every time the all boys club gets close enough to snatch victory Hillary has shown a penchant for tearing up and crying.

Is this the quality of a leader. When the going gets tough do we want the President to fight or take flight? In time of need would Hillary have the intestinal fortitude to do what was necessary? I for one do not mind a little emotion. I just believe the tears have to be real.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random Thoughts on Saturday

If I were going to rob a bank, I think I’d try one of two ways:

A. Get two huge glass jars and fill them up with bees. Walk in and smash them both on the floor. During the ensuing chaos as the bees swarm the place, grab as much money as possible and haul ass. Maybe not the best way to do it, but can you imagine watching the security video? It would be hilarious. Can unleashing bees in an enclosed area during the commission of a felony be considered assault with a deadly weapon?

B. Dress up like Barney the dinosaur, get a bunch of balloons that read “happy birthday” and walk in the place singing. People will automatically assume it’s a birthday prank. Now that you have everyone off guard, go to work. The tricky part is getting away; you have to lose the Barney suit without being seen but once that’s done, it’s impossible to be identified.

Both of these can result in huge problems with local law enforcement and the FBI, I’m certainly not advocating bank robbery. I can just picture John Walsh talking about the “bee robbery” or the “The Barney bandit” on Americas’ Most Wanted.

German doctors went on strike in 2005, can you imagine that ever happening in the US? Socialized health care may sound like a great idea to some people, but do you really want the federal government running our health care industry? This is what we have to look forward to if Hillary gets her way. Doctors will spend half of their time filling out government forms, their salaries will drop, and the good ones will either go into private practice or leave the country.

Of course the American taxpayer will be forced to foot the bill for “Universal Health Care”, and it won’t be cheap. If many of our best doctors flee the hospitals for better salaries, it exposes the younger, more inexperienced physicians to an overly litigious clientele ripe for exploitation by TV lawyers after government dollars. Will the government pick up the cost of malpractice insurance for hospital employed doctors, or pay the huge court awarded judgments? No way in hell, that money will come from the ever increasing taxes needed to fund socialized medicine.

Did anyone really think that John Edwards ever had a shot at getting the nomination for President? This guy is a poster boy for scumbag, ambulance chasing lawyers. He and his ilk drool at the idea of the government getting involved in health care. I loved it when he spoke about the Two Americas, he lives in a six million dollar, 28,000 square foot house paid for by suing physicians and hospitals…his America sure must be nice, and the people of North Carolina pay for his law suits everyday through increased health care costs brought on by Edwards’ abuse of the legal system.

Fred Thompson was a joke as a candidate, a non-inspirational, D- list TV celebrity who demonstrated an almost complete ignorance of all issues concerning our country.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cowards “R” Us

It must be getting hard to recruit martyrs these days. Iraqi officials report that two mentally disturbed women were used as human bombs to kill scores of people in two Baghdad markets on Friday.

Maybe next time the “heroic” terrorists can strap some explosives to toddlers.

What Happened to The Surge?

The number one indicator that the Iraq troop surge has worked is its’ almost complete absence as a topic for the MSM. No one hates good news more than our beloved news anchors. Even the great American defeatist John Murtha had to admit after his return from a visit to Iraq, that the influx of almost 30,000 US troops was producing results. And while that is truly good news for most Americans, it is something the MSM would rather ignore.

Now the good people at TIME magazine have written an article attempting to explain how and why the surge has reduced violence and helped the US and Iraqi people establish some semblance of stability in many regions of Iraq. There is no doubt that the addition of five American combat brigades helped quell violence in otherwise murderous areas of the country. But the American presence however powerful, is only temporary, and true progress can only be realized when the Iraqi people decide enough is enough and take control of their cities, towns, and villages.

The success of the surge has given this administration, the US military, and most importantly the Iraqi people, some breathing room. The leaders of Al-Qauda and other terrorist organizations know only too well that their most important ally is our left-leaning, anti-administration, media. They are spurred on to commit ever more horrific acts of violence knowing full well that the American media will instantly blame George Bush or the US military for these atrocities. This in turn will motivate many elected officials [predominantly democrat], to insist on immediate withdrawal of US combat forces. This cascade of events if acted upon, results in victory for the terrorist forces not only in Iraq, but worldwide.

So right now while the media is focused on Hillary, Barack, and Britney, the US has its’ best chance to succeed in Iraq. The insurgents are not only being systematically hunted down by US and Iraqi forces; they are being all but ignored by the MSM. Without media support in the US, the terrorists in Iraq have been deprived of an important ally. The lessons of how North Vietnam manipulated the American media during the Vietnam War are not lost on these people.

Terrorists can only triumph when weak-willed people back down in an attempt at appeasement or all out surrender in the hope that the violence will end. Terrorists hope that their grisly acts will force decent people to cave to their demands. But history demonstrates that appeasement or surrender to evil almost always results in oppression and suffering. If our forces leave Iraq tomorrow, the violence will not only continue, it will increase. And our media, while always in favor of complete withdrawal, will accuse the military and the administration of abandoning the Iraqi people and blame both entities for the carnage.

George Bush has shown that not only will he not back down from media and political pressure that he withdraw US forces from Iraq, he actually increased forces to stabilize the region. It was a calculated risk that seemed to pay off. More importantly though he demonstrated that he is confident that American military power and leadership is capable of crushing this insurgency when given the chance. This confidence, and the superb performance of US troops, serves as an important deterrence, it proves that the US is not just a paper lion dependent on advanced technology; it shows that our military is more than willing to fight in urban and close quarter combat and prevail. They can get down and dirty with the most ruthless terrorists…and win. Don’t think for a minute that Bin Laden and his buddies aren’t scared by that fact. They never expected us to stick it out this long.

Of course if it was up to the MSM or some Senate leaders, we would have surrendered long ago.