Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day After

Yesterday South Carolinians voted and provided an enormous victory for Obama. Over 80% of the African American voters dumped Hillary Clinton and voted for Obama. An overwhelming 58% of voters thought Bill Clinton's inflammatory racist remarks affected the way they voted. Most of these decided it was time to rid themselves of a candidate that represents what is wrong with America. Hillary is a divider that is attempting to undermine the African Americans. Bill and Hillary are wolves in sheep's clothing. Historically, Bill claimed to represent the African American voting block. Bill was hailed as the "first black president".

What a crock. Bill is representative of the divisive politics that have placed America on the wrong track. Bill's true colors are coming out and Hillary is cut from the same cloth. The Clintons will say or do anything if they believe it will get them elected.

Bill again has interjected divisive racial politics into the nomination race. Bill now claims Obama is like Jesse Jackson. This is a subtle attack on Obama's credentials. Bill claims it is only in the context that Jesse won South Carolina in 1984 and 1988. However, what underlies the comment is that Bill is trying to gather the democratic party together under the guise that Obama can not win. He wants to get the white middle class voter to believe that Obama can not win. Bill understands that his dream of a third presidential term with Hillary as the presidential figure head is in jeopardy and that Obama really can win the nomination.

Bill has been a vocal advocate for Hillary. Obama is correct, he is running a campaign against both Bill and Hillary. Hillary is incapable of running the country. She has zero experience and can not even rely on her skill as a senator. Last night I heard Hillary say there are two kinds of senators. There are show horses and work horses. Hillary claims to be a work horse. I must say really Hillary! Where is your examples of positive legislation? What legislation have you sponsored? We all know you voted for the war before you voted against it. We all know you failed your duties in not reading the Nation Intelligence Estimate prior to voting for the war. Hillary, your only claim to fame is that you were the first lady for eight years and the wife of a governor in Arkansas. Your politics are a failure. Just look at the failed attempt to socialize our medical system. So really Hillary what have you done except divde Americans along racial lines?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Night of the Long Knives

Hillary and Barack took off the gloves and went Balboa on each other during the latest democratic debate in Myrtle Beach S.C. It had to come to this, nice doesn’t win elections and the Clintons don’t do nice.

Barack made one excellent observation; he pointed out the fact that he is running against not only Hillary, but also Monica’s old boyfriend, Bill. Obama has had to deal with attacks from both the Clintons who are old hands at this election business.

Ignoring the army of skeletons in her own closet, Hillary tied Obama to indicted fund raiser Antoin Rezco. A Clinton accusing someone of ties to dishonest fund raising is hilarious. The only half-way honest member of the Clinton clan was Socks the cat…and I heard Socks was one of the only things Hillary didn’t take when she left the White House.

What’s next? Bill accusing Michelle Obama of infidelity?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Race, Gender, and Hillary

Today is a holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King. What better day than to discuss race relations and politics. Prior to the New Hampshire primary Hillary and Bill Clinton sank to new lows when they brought race into the 2008 election cycle. Hillary always run her campaign based on gender. She even had a slogan proclaiming to be "your girl". Two weeks ago Hillary attacked Obama and attempted to undermine the legacy of Martin Luther King. Hillary claimed that King was but a messenger and not a leader. She claimed that only Lyndon Johnson was capable of carrying the torch for civil rights. Bill came to her rescue and accused Obama of offering false hope. Both of the Clintons then claimed that it was Obama who brought race into the campaign. Of course Hillary said she hoped this election cycle was not about either race or gender even though it was Hillary that brought both into the campaign.

The Question is why did Hillary bring race into the campaign? The answer is obvious. She took a calculated risk. African Americans are taken for granted by the democratic party. Hillary believes that if she can divide the democratic party along racial lines in the primary; she will be able to secure the democratic nomination. She used the Bradley effect. The Bradley effect says that there is a hard limit or ceiling on the number of non African Americans that would vote for an African American for President. She takes for granted that the African American voting block will ultimately unite around whoever is the democratic candidate. She took the risk of alienating the African American voting block now all along knowing they will return to the democratic nominee. It is a shame that a leading candidate for President would bring race and gender into an election cycle. What is Hillary saying? What I hear is a candidate that has egotistical ambition and zero ideas. All I hear is a candidate that wants votes based on gender because after all she is "your girl".

Maybe this will be the year when African Americans wake up and decide the democratic party does not represent them. Sure the democratic party promises handouts. Sure the democratic party assures African Americans that only the democrats will look out for their communities. But really, what has the democratic party done for the African American community lately? The last time the democrats did anything for the African American communities was over 40 years ago. The value and belief system of a majority of the African American communities more closely resemble conservative social values and beliefs. The African Americans attend church and balance their checkbooks. They are socially and fiscally conservative an yet they vote in large part for the democratic party. Americans have to look at the democrats for what they are. The democratic party divides Americans into small voting blocks. They divide these blocks by race, gender, age, and ethnicity. Then they promise the world to each of the individual groups. The will promise better safety nets, they promise amnesty to criminals, they promise to pass blame onto everyone else, and they promise a village to raise our children. The democrats promise everything and deliver nothing.

Martin Luther King had a dream of a colorblind society. He wanted a society where everyone treated people with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, creed, or gender. The democratic party loves a divided electorate. Hillary Clinton sank to new lows by interjecting both gender and race into this election cycle. She took a risk of alienating the African American voting block knowing full well they will support whomever the democrats nominate. She owes America an apology, she owes African Americans an apology, she will probably secure the democratic nomination. What a shame that one of the two major political parties would take a voting block for granted.

The Iraq Debate

The debate on Iraq has been remarkably silent for the past few months. This summer that is all that was in the news. The surge was a failure. The war was lost. We must withdraw. This is all the democratic leadership would talk about. In September many in the democratic leadership said they would not trust or believe GEN Petraeus when he reported to Congress. The house and senate leadership castigated Mr. Crocker and called him a puppet of the administration. ran an ad in the NYT that called the theater commander GEN Betray us.

As summer turned to fall there were signs the surge was working. Violence was reduced and Al Queda was on the run. US forces managed to control 75% of Baghdad (an increase from 8% pre surge)and civil strife abated. The democratic mantra changed from the war was lost and the surge was a failure to well violence is down but there is still no political progress. To the democratic leadership the surge was failure because while it reduced violence it did not solve political issues. The democrats expected that within 90 days of full surge implementation that a country at war would miraculously lay down arms and reconcile politically.

However, just this month the Iraqi parliament just passed major de-baathification legislation. This was one of the major political benchmarks the democrats insisted on. This along with other political reforms such as allowing Sunni volunteers in the security forces and improvements in the legal and penal systems show that the surge has thus far been a major success.

This war has been largely unpopular. Progress was slow and mistakes were made. However, the pandering democratic party that sways with the political polls have been wrong every step of the way. Obama's rhetoric about always being consistently against the war is nothing more than pandering to liberal left extremes of the party. Hillary voting against funding the troops this Spring was an attempt to make the anti war folks forget she voted to authorize the war. Harry Reid's "the war is lost" comments were nothing less the treasonous.

Is this the party we want to be in control? A party that can not make the tough decisions? A party that will change depending upon the political winds? The democratic party is a party that stands for nothing. They pander to ever minor issue constituency possible and break when the going gets tough. They are the child with good intentions that will start projects but in the end they finish none of them because they are just to hard or they lose interest. Simply put the democrats have no principles they stand firm on. There are no guiding principles that will make them strong. They are easily distracted and easily swayed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

No Morals in the Dem Party

Americans are pondering who to vote for during this election cycle. The politicians are pandering to every group they believe will vote for them. The front runners for President on the Democratic side are pandering to every morally challenged group you could ever dream up.

All of the democrats are pandering to the Latino vote by using the immigration issue. The leadership of the party want nothing less than absolute amnesty for over 12 million illegal aliens residing in the United States. The illegals are criminals and have no business in our great country. Hillary backed a plan in New York to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Of course when the illegals go into the local Department of Motor Vehicles they will be able to register to vote. The democratic party sees nothing wrong with allowing illegal aliens an opportunity to vote. They see the downtrodden illegals as fertile ground for votes. In the process of pandering to illegals, the democrats attempt to make this an issue with the legal aliens and citizens of the United States. They portray Americans that are against such things as being anti immigrant and prejudice. What a shame that a major American political party would pander to people that are committing crimes against the American government. No wonder we have such a high budget deficit when illegal aliens take funds away from honest tax paying legal aliens and citizens.

Here we have a democratic party that secretly pray for a weakened economy. They campaign about jobs and protecting labor unions. Yet they pander to a group of criminals that undermine the strength in the economy. These criminals take employment and jobs away from honest hard working Americans. The democratic party is quick to raise taxes but yet they want to give the tax dollars to criminals that have no business being in our country.

It is a lame excuse to say the only crime most of the illegals committed was enter the US illegally. This excuse is bogus. It plays on the emotions of the American public. What a shame it would be to deport an illegal alien that has other family members in our country. Look at the hardships this may cause this family of criminals.

America is a land of laws. These laws are made to protect the citizenship. They are not made for the criminals to flaunt. I am all for changing the way America allows immigrants into our country. I have no problems with any immigrant that is in our country legally. The legal immigrants have made our country great. America was built on the backs of the immigrants. However, these immigrants were here legally.

America needs to enforce our laws. We need to enforce laws requiring employers verify the legality of their workforce. Employers that hire illegal immigrants need to be held accountable and be put out of business. When America takes away the employment of illegals they will leave of their own volition. No jobs and no income makes it difficult to make ends meet. If employers are made to verify the legal status of employees or face losing their business we would have a class of people more than willing to rid our country of the parasites that live off our economy. We would have more jobs for the unemployed citizens.

Of course the democratic party would fight this every step of the way. A strong economy capable of employing everyone would be the demise of the democratic party. The democrats are a party of the poor and downtrodden. The only way a democrat wins any election is to ensure there are enough of the poor and downtrodden to get them elected. That is why the democratic party is devoid of meaningful ideas that would strengthen America. It would go against everything they stand for. Without a poor and downtrodden class the democrats are finished. It is a conflict of interest for them to push forward ideas that really benefit their constituents so they push for handouts designed to give them something in the short term but not enough to move them forward. As long as the democrats keep promoting rights for criminals they are destined to become an obsolete political party.

ESPN’s Dana Jacobson; A Drunken Fool Who Hates Jesus

This type behavior would never be tolerated if she had mentioned Allah or an African-American. But apparently Jesus is fair game for Christian hating liberal blowhards. The drunken idiot still works for ESPN.

If they do nothing else, ESPN should at least get her help for her drinking problem. People who reach the drunken state she did [without passing out] are professional power drinkers, not occasional social drinkers.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Divided America

Ever since the 2000 election, the media has reported that America was divided along idealogical lines. The electorate supposedly was evenly split between liberal and conservative idealogical values, beliefs, and attitudes. The 2004 presidential election did nothing to stem the media portrayal of a divided public.

Both political parties have moved decidedly away from the center. The Democrats used the anti war sentiment and moved towards the extreme fringes of their party during the 2006 election. The Republicans moved towards the religious conservative fringes of their party. In 2004, the turnout was extremely high in swing states like Ohio. The high turn out was due in large part to the religious conservatives who opposed same sex marriages and civil unions. As both parties have moved away from the idealogical center of the public, the large independent voting block is left unattended. Neither the republicans nor the democrats have anything to offer middle America. This is evidenced by the large increase in the number of people that have identified themselves as independent. Both major political parties have lost high numbers of people that once identified themselves with one political party or the other.

Both political parties are showing signs of fracturing. The democrats have a racial divide this election cycle. The Clinton campaign has brought race into the nomination process and looks to divide the democratic party along racial lines. John Edwards has tried to make this election cycle about the have and have nots. This philosophy further divides an already fractured party along economic lines. The republicans are divided into three distinct groups. There is Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson courting the religious conservatives. Mitt Romney and Rudolph Giuliani are courting the the fiscal conservatives. Giuliani and John McCain are courting the anti terror, strong National defense crowds.

America has spoken. In 2006, the republicans were thrown out of office in large numbers. The democrats now control the legislative branch. However, they have low approval ratings and are at risk of further dividing America. What America needs is a President that will unite the country. Right now there does not appear to be a candidate that will be able to unite the country. None of the candidates appear able to court middle America. These politicians do not know what middle America wants. The voting public understands that these politicians will pander to everything and promise the world in order to get elected.

I believe a grass roots effort is required to recruit a candidate that can appeal to the middle of the country. I have to believe America can do better than this group of candidates. Both parties will more than likely nominate one of these candidates and they are represent the divisive politics of the past. These candidates that represent what is wrong in America. To these candidates politics is a job and career and not public service. These candidates are in politics for their own gain. They all have an ego and arrogance believing they are better than the rest of America. I would support and advocate a independent ticket that included Colin Powell and Sam Nunn. I am sure there are other qualified tickets that could unite Americans. There has to be a figure that represents the middle that can bring the political parties back towards real Americans. Partisan politics and pandering to the fringes has to stop. Career politicians have done nothing for America except divide the public.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Green Bay Owes the Giants in More Ways Than One

Green Bay picked up their new running phenom Ryan Grant this season in exchange for a sixth round draft pick to the Giants. New York was heavy in the running back position and a sixth round draft choice seemed like a great deal to the Giant front office. Seemed like a good deal to Green Bay too, but no one could have predicted the spectacular success Grant would have since he entered the Packer starting line up in week seven.

Grant’s performance in Saturday’s game against the Seahawks was simply amazing… 201 yards rushing and three TDs, this after two early Grant fumbles that put Seattle up 14-0 barely four minutes into the first quarter. Grant and the Pack rebounded and destroyed the Seahawks 42-20 in blinding snow that saw GB score touchdowns on six consecutive drives.

Green Bay has certainly benefited in myriad ways from the Grant acquisition, but the Packers owe the Giants an even bigger debt of gratitude after New York knocked off the number one NFC seed Cowboys in Sunday’s divisional playoff game held in Dallas.

Dallas is to Favre what kryptonite is to Superman, it saps his strength and makes him do weird things. Brett is 0 and 9 in Texas stadium and if not for the Giants 21-17 victory, Green Bay was headed back to Dallas for the NFC championship game and almost certain [I can’t be optimistic when GB plays in Dallas] defeat. In their last meeting on November 29th, Brett was 5 / 14 for 56 yards with two interceptions, and was knocked out of the game in the second quarter. It was a disastrous 37-27 defeat that would give the Cowboys home field for the playoffs.

The Giants came into Dallas stadium on Sunday having lost two regular season games against the heavily favored Cowboys, and simply took control of the game. Their constant pressure on Dallas QB Tony Romo unnerved him to the point where he was yelling at his offensive line to give him more protection; this may have had the opposite effect. To a life long Packer fan, it was pure heaven. Terrell Owens’ teary post game breakdown was just icing on the cake.

Of course I will be cheering for a Packer victory on Sunday; Brett deserves another shot at the Super Bowl. But you have to respect what Manning and the Giants did to the Cowboys, and the favor they did the Packers. I just hope Sunday isn’t the time for the Packers to return the favor.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where the nominating process stands

Iowa and New Hampshire have really shaped the nominating process for both parties. The democrats have seemingly made this a race between Hillary and Obama. The republicans have made this a race between Huckabee and McCain.

The democrats are in for a longer than anticipated fight for the party nomination. Here is how I see the race shaping up:


Hillary is the establishment candidate. The democratic party has established rules to prevent an insurgent campaign to overtake the establishment pick. The democrat members of congress and the DNC have super delegates that will inevitably sway the nomination to their chosen candidate. Hillary also has Bill campaigning for her. Eight years has made the public to forget the embarrassing moments in Bill tenure as President and the Democratic party longs to have the Clinton years back. There is a nostalgia within the democrats and that should help Hillary secure the nomination.


Obama needs to capitalize on his win in Iowa and narrow defeat in New Hampshire. If Obama is able to secure wins in Nevada and South Carolina the nomination process could take longer than anticipated. With a few wins under his belt Obama may be able to stay in the race past Tsunami Tuesday. Obama may be able to secure victories in such states as Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, and New Mexico among others. The longer Obama can remain a viable candidate the greater his chances. Hillary has high negatives and poses risks in the general election. If Obama can prove his viability he maybe able to overtake Hillary and secure the nomination. The road is more difficult for Obama than it is Hillary but it is possible. If Edwards drops out sooner rather than later Obama chances again increase. The typical Edwards voter is closer to Obama than Hillary.


I see no chance for Edwards to secure the nomination. Edwards needed Obama to win in New Hampshire and he needed a stronger finish there. Taking a distant third behind Hillary and Obama wreaked havoc on his chances. I think Edwards will be gone shortly after South Carolina. He does not have the money to compete and taking second in Iowa and third in New Hampshire is not going to improve his fund raising.

As this shakes out I believe Hillary will be the ultimate nominee. I think Hillary will tap Bill Richardson as her Vice President. Richardson would bring credibility to any Hillary cabinet. Hillary has no real executive experience and Richardson would be a great benefit to her. I believe that is why Richardson dropped out before Nevada. It is my belief that Hillary is looking for Richardson voters in Nevada and asked him to drop out of the race with the promise that he would be the VP nominee.

On the republican side I see a much shorter nomination process. Mitt is a damaged candidate, Guiliani is no where to be seen, Huckabee appeals to one plank of the republican triad, which leaves us with McCain as the leading contender.


John McCain seems to be the establishment candidate. His maverick style and views on immigration have damaged his credentials in some republican circles. However, he appeals to independents and can appeal to social and fiscal conservatives. He is a hawk in the war on terror and no one can question his ability to lead in the face of crisis. He was the lone voice in support of the surge that now seems to be taking hold, providing an opportunity for Iraq to move forward.


Huckabee is kind of a wild card in this race. He appeals to the evangelicals and should perform well in Southern States. I think he needs to fare well in South Carolina. He either needs to win the primary or at least be a close second (within 2-3 points). If he is close in South Carolina then he should be able to continue into super Tuesday.


Mitt needs to win in Michigan on Tuesday. Another second place finish will all but finish his campaign. He has his own money and would be able to continue for quite sometime. However, if he does not get a win in Michigan there appears no viable way to win. Mitt will not do well in the South and he will have to contend with Guiliani in larger more liberal states.


Guiliani has staked his entire campaign on winning in Florida. If he loses Florida he will be history. If he hangs on in Florida he may be able to make some noise on super Tuesday when his home State of New York votes along with New Jersey and California among other big state possibilities for Guiliani.


ROn Paul really has no chance of gaining the Republican nomination. He is a libertarian that appeals to many younger voters and some independents but that will not gain you the nomination as a republican. I think Ron Paul will drop out in the near future and perhaps explore an independent run perhaps with Michael Bloomberg or on the Unity 08 ticket.

All this being said I think by the end of Super Tuesday the Republicans will know their nominee. If this happens the republican will have a chance in the general election. This is shaping up to be another democratic year. However, if the republican nominee is known after super Tuesday and the democrats have a drawn out nomination process then the republican nominee has a chance. The republican could start running a general election national campaign on primary funds. The republican could then move to the center and make an attempt to appeal to the independent voter.

The best opportunity for a independent run would be if McCain and Hillary are the party nominees. Hillary has high negatives and probably could not garner much over 50% of the popular vote. A unity 08 ticket with someone like Sam Nunn on the top creates an opportunity for the independent to win. No one is enamored with their choices this year. Sure the democrats seem happy with their choices but the candidates are not that appealing to the independent middle of the country. I believe an independent run by either Bloomberg or Ron Paul would create a disadvantage for the democratic party. Either one would appeal more to the left leaning independents and younger voters. Both of these groups would otherwise lean towards the democratic ticket. The best chance for America is to have a strong and viable independent run. A strong Unity 08 candidate could create the atmosphere necessary for an independent to win. America desires change and none of the party candidates would be able to produce the changes in government the public wants.

Pass the Blame Please-Racism is Alive and well in the DEM Party

Hillary Clinton is blaming the Obama campaign for interjecting race into the democratic party nomination process. She made the accusation during an interview with Tim Russert during the Sunday Morning "Meet the Press" broadcast. Hillary said "I don't think this campaign is about gender, and I sure hope it's not about race". Hillary says her comments about Martin Luther King have been distorted. This is a classical Clintonism. Hillary and Bill have a habit of telling people what they want to hear regardless of whether it is true or not. Then they will pass the blame and deny, deny, deny. Both will continue to lie and misrepresent their own statements until such time as they are more palatable to the American public.

Hillary would have the public believe her campaign is not about gender. Yet while on a campaign stop to her alma mater she proclaimed "I'm Your Girl". Is this not a sexist remark? Has not Hillary proclaimed she is the first viable female candidate for President? I believe this shows that she is at least attempting to interject gender into the race for President. Was it not Bill Clinton who said he could not make Hillary a male? Did not Hillary complain about the boys club that has become the Presidency. Was it not Hillary who proclaimed she is carrying the mantle to break through the glass ceiling facing women? Yet Hillary has the audacity to say her campaign is not about gender.

Hillary says civil rights would not have been possible without Lyndon Johnson. According to Hillary Martin Luther King was nothing but a messenger. Martin Luther King was not the civil rights leader; Martin Luther King did not carry the torch of change; all Martin Luther King was is a messenger. Bill Clinton had to chime in and say that Barack Obama was telling a fairytale. Both Hillary and Bill have had to backtrack and regroup. Both misspoke and now they are blaming Obama for interjecting race into the campaign. Both are denying they made racist remarks. Both are trying to cover their tracks by blaming Obama. For years Bill Clinton has been a hero to the African American community. Hillary took this voting block for granted. But now that Barack Obama has shown he is a viable candidate that can appeal to people of all colors, Hillary made an attempt to undermine Obama and used race to accomplish it.

I fail to see why the African American communities fall in lock step with the democratic party. The democrats have done nothing to improve the quality of life in the communities. All of the democratic hand outs do nothing except make the African American communities feel good for a day. The hand outs are designed to give the community something in the short term. In the long term none of the handouts improve overall quality of life. Now the Clintons have disparaged Martin Luther King in an attempt to undermine the candidacy of Barack Obama because of his race.

What a shame! Hillary should be made to apologize for her insensitive remarks. Hillary should not be allowed to continue with the lies and denials that the Clintons are famous for.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Obama is the Perfect Clinton Rival

Could Bill and Hillary have ever imagined that the political correctness they so embraced and promoted during the ‘90s would come back to haunt them at such a critical time? The whole PC/multi-culture/diversity mind set came into fruition during Bill’s eight years in the White House. This movement makes it social suicide to question and or criticize anyone of color for any reason…if you are Caucasian. The PC revolution also declared open season on the white American male, for any reason. And Bill was OK with this, until recently.

Obama has denied Hillary the use of her most potent weapon, the “us against them” platform. If she were only running against a bunch of staid white male politicians, she would stand out, she could use her status as the lone female to represent change, to appear as an underdog, to offer something new to the American voter.

Obama’s presence in the race has altered this dynamic. Instead of Hillary, he has become the agent of change. Obama has emerged as a formidable foe, extremely intelligent, well spoken, and comfortable with spontaneity, he makes Clinton look like just another career politician going through the motions. Obama seems to offer hope and change, Clinton offers…well, she offers four more years of having a Clinton in the White House.

So how does Clinton successfully attack Obama without violating the ever sacred PC code she so fully embraced? Well she must tread lightly. Husband Bill is no help either, he had to call into Al Sharpton’s radio show the other day to explain his “fairy tale” remarks about Obama’s candidacy. Can you imagine him doing this if Obama was a white guy? This is certainly unfamiliar ground for the nation’s first “black president”. Because Obama has become a serious contender, and he is black, the Clintons must be very careful in their criticisms of him. PC rules dictate that any attack on a person of color must be based on racial bias.

Any Clinton attack on Obama has the possibility of turning voters against her. In South Carolina this is certainly true, and it may play out the same way in other states. The hilarious irony in all of this is the fact that Clinton and her liberal friends are always prepared to give mouth service to PC related issues, they are the first ones to step up and defend the [supposed] underdog so they can appear politically correct/diverse/enlightened. Now she finds herself on the wrong side of the PC equation, she wants to be the underdog, but she isn’t…and diversity doesn’t necessarily include an establishment based Caucasian woman in the White House.

Hillary has become the rich, white, established, empowered, presidential candidate, everything she despised in a male politician, add to this the fact that her husband was president and it only makes it worse. Irony is truly a bitch, and all of the PC rules she helped put into place are now working against her. I love it.


Hillary’s Fatal Flaw

Watching Clinton campaign this last year I am always reminded of John Kerry in his 2004 presidential bid and how he attempted to use his amazingly brief Vietnam War experience to prove he was qualified to lead the nation.

Likewise, Hillary has constantly declared that her eight years as spouse to a president give her the experience and qualifications to serve as president. She has used Bill in much the same way Kerry trotted out his Vietnam buddies who gave testimony to his leadership skills and courage. Bill has called her a genius, a person who is ready to assume the duties as president on the first day.

Kerry suffered immensely at the hands of the swift boat vets, a large group of veterans who had served with Kerry and shot down almost all his claims to combat gallantry and heroism. They portrayed him as a poor officer, self-serving and lacking in leadership skills, sound familiar? A book and video released by these veterans did a horrific amount of damage to his campaign. Especially because Kerry never really took on these charges, in fact he has never fully released his service records.

Clinton’s swift boat vet equivalent is the American voter. Too many of us remember the harsh, confrontational White House version of Hillary. A figure that operated in Bill’s shadow, one who used her husband’s power to actively pursue all enemies, real or perceived. Clinton, like Kerry, has chosen to down play her years as a senator to prove her experience. Instead she reaches back to the time when she was married to power, this is something she clearly believes places her ahead of her rivals; more time as a resident of the White House.

Can Clinton’s theme of [imaginary] experience trump Osama’s theme of hope and change? There is little doubt that Barack is the clear choice for change in this election, and Hillary’s claim to White House level decision making experience is weak, one that is most difficult to prove. While Obama is largely unproven, Hillary brings along a Titanic’s worth of baggage. Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, FBI files, the health care debacle, shady investments…the list goes on. One should wonder how she became a central figure in all these events as first lady [some before]; imagine what she could do as President!!

Hillary may want to take a look back at Kerry’s failed 2004 presidential bid. Sometimes the things that you think make you strong actually weaken you. Kerry’s focus on his four month tour in Vietnam exploded on his campaign like a forgotten thirty year old land mine. Hillary’s focus on her years as first lady may end doing the same thing to her.

If you have nothing to offer for the future, always refer to the past.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Let the Implosion Begin

What was Hillary thinking? I was appalled when a candidate for President would start to cry when the going got a little rough. Leaders find ways to rally followers, they do not start tearing when "it's not easy". Hillary, nothing in life worth having is easy. The tearing was just the beginning. Now she has the audacity to say the civil rights movement was a false hope of change. Hillary's revisionist historians have told her that Martin Luther King was nothing but a messenger. Hillary tried to make the comparison that Obama is just a messenger of change and that only she (like Lyndon Johnson) could institute change.

Hillary is unbelievable. She tried to relegate the leader of the civil rights movement to being nothing more than the messenger change. According to Hillary, only Johnson could bring about the change. Hillary's statement is just more evidence of her inexperience and lack of leadership skills. She does not even know how our government works. Many of the great changes to shaped our country were not the idea of the President. The great changes were caused out of a popular uprising and a groundswell of support from the people. We the people own the government. We elect the leaders that move the country forward. Martin Luther King was a leader in the civil rights movement. Johnson was just the benefactor. He just happened to be in office at the time the legislation passed. This is similar the the Berlin wall. The fall of the symbolic wall happened on George Bush's watch but the wall fell because of the leadership of Ronald Reagan. Johnson signed the laws but it was the leadership of King that made civil rights possible.

I do not know how the Hillary campaign can continue. Certainly she should immediately apologize to Obama and then quit the campaign and have a good cry. Her campaign is in shambles and the American public should not give her a second chance. The implosion has begun and is a historical collapse. This implosion is worse than the "scream" by Howard Dean. The implosion is worse than the "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty" campaign slogan. What a joke Hillary turned out to be. Hillary believed it was her birthright to win the nomination. Once reality set in, she found the American people were smarter than she ever was. The American voter has seen through her moderate charade. America has found that the shrill Hillary is alive and well. I did not think she could stoop so low as to play the race card. After all, this year America has the first credible African American presidential candidate. I thought America also had a credible woman candidate. Hillary showed that she was not credible. I am sure America is ready to vote for any credible candidate that shares the voters values. The American public is ready to vote their conscious regardless of color, creed, sex or age. What America is not ready for is a victimized prejudice cry baby. Hillary please have some decency and apologize for your insensitive remarks. Please take Bill and go home.

I'm All Broke Up

Oh how things change. One week ago Hillary was slamming Obama for his lack of experience. Today she was crying because "it's not easy". What did she expect? Certainly with all of her "experience", she must have known that she would face numerous challenges as president that were not easy. Certainly Hillary must have known that the United States is a democratic republic and not a monarchy. Americans do not anoint the president. We elect our leaders based on principles, values, beliefs, and other basic leadership traits.

Hillary did not display much leadership today. She was in tears because the campaign was not going as planned and was not an easy undertaking. Hillary believed for years that she would be the chosen one. Hillary had plans of returning to the White house. Many books have been written of Hillary's ambition to be President. Hillary has been running for the President since 1992. She has done everything in her power to become president. She has been consumed by her ambition. But what happened when the going got tough? Did she fight forward and onward? Did she dig her heels in and take the fight to her competitors? The answer to these questions is a resounding NO!. Hillary succumbed to her greatest fears. She broke down and lost control. The going got tough and she broke down. What would happen if Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or Bashar al Assad were to get tough and strike at the hearts and minds of all Americans? Would she take a stand and fight for American Freedom? Or would she break down in tears and allow the worlds evil dictators take it to Americans? Would she fight or take flight. Would she be able to reach down and rally Americans or would she have to take a time out to cry?

Hillary displayed that she has serious flaws. She is not ready to lead the worlds greatest country. She is not ready to lead the greatest power the world has ever seen. Today she showed she is not even ready to lead a slumber party. We need to elect a leader. A leader that is able to bring America together and move our country forward. Hillary you are not a leader.