Sunday, November 18, 2007

Harry has lost his compass

Harry Reid has decided to keep the Senate in session of the Thanksgiving holiday. On the surface this is the right thing to do. After all, the Congress has not been able to get any of their work accomplished for the year. There have been no appropriation bills passed and signed into law. The government is still languishing in a sea of red ink and operating on a continuing resolution. The politicians we elect and pay should work to catch up on missed suspense's. The fiscal year started 50 days ago. The Congress should be held accountable when they missed their suspense by over 50 days.

A deeper look at the reasons for keeping the Senate in session though shows that staying in session has nothing to do with accomplishing the work of the Congress. This extended session is "Pro Forma" meaning the session is a non voting session. This extended session is not intended to get our government on track it is intended to ensure the President does not make any recess appointments. Senator Reid says "the nominations need to get on track, and Bush has not met the Democrats halfway".

The problem with this argument is that nominations have been stalled in Senate committees. For instance three nominations for the Federal Reserve are held up in the Banking committee because the committee chair has neglected the duties of position held. Senator Dodd has been to busy running for the Democratic presidential nomination to actually conduct the business that we the people pay him to do.

Senator Reid has lost his way. He gained the Senate majority leader position on promises to make the government work for the people. Instead what we got was a contemptuous Congress that neglects its duties. The 110th Congress had a historic opportunity to change the direction of our government. The democratic leadership campaigned on changing the way government does business. The Democrats promised longer work weeks. They promised fiscal responsibility, they promised to instill ethical behavior in its members, and they promised a change to the procedures for the controversial earmarks attached to appropriation bills. The Congress did work longer weeks and still accomplished nothing. Now they have decided that longer workweeks did little so they have reverted to shorter work weeks. They promised fiscal responsibility but instead only considered raising taxes. Responsibility means living within ones means, not busting the budget and then raise taxes. This Congress passed legislation to improve ethics but then watered it down to the point where it was meaningless. The promised changes in the earmark promise. They enacted reforms but then reneged. This has been one of the worst Congresses for attaching earmarks and pork to appropriations bills. House member Jack Murtha provided an earmark for a fictitious company in an effort to launder money back into his campaign war chest.

The 110th Congress was voted in to accomplish the peoples business and change the direction of our country. Instead all we got was more of the same. The government is almost at a standstill with no finalized budgets. This Congress has been just as unethical as any in the past. Instead of changing direction this Congress started running for reelection. The Democrats have been on a constant campaign for office since they lost in the 2000 presidential election. The democrats have accomplished absolutely nothing.

One of the reasons the Democrats are so enamored with the prospects of picking up seats in both chambers of Congress is because they are picking up candidates that lost in the past. America needs new blood in the political circle and not the same old retreads from the past. Career politicians need to step away. Career politicians have lost their compass and as a result have no clue where they are at. Continuing to elect career politicians will not change the direction of America. The people have elected democrats and republicans for years and nothing changes. We need innovative and creative minds that will break down the paradigms. America is on the wrong track and no incumbent is capable of bringing America together. Voting for an incumbent is not a a vote to unite America. A vote for incumbents and career politicians will only further divide Americans and ensure we stay on the wrong track. Lets find our compass and vote the idea challenged out of office.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Squandered Revenue

In the midst of one of the greatest economic downturns the world has ever seen an American President looked forward and developed plans to bring America through the depression stronger than ever. In 1935, Congress enacted the Social Security Act. This act provided federal assistance to the elderly. Social Security taxes have been collected ever since. Each generation of workers paying for the elderly of the previous generation.

The baby boom generation started with babies born in 1946. This generation is now just entering minimum retirement age for drawing minimum social security benefits. They paid in a great deal of money and more than paid for the previous generation. There should have been a huge surplus in the social security barrel. Unfortunately, our politicians have squandered this away. Every administration has raided the social security trust fund in order to pay for pet projects.

We have all been told that entitlement programs will increasingly encompass a greater share of the federal budget. As the baby boomers start retiring in higher numbers the social security bank will be broken. We need to find an answer to this impending disaster.

The answer is not to further increase taxes. Senator Barack Obama has proposed raising social security taxes as the fix. All this will do is provide more money for the Washington politicians to squander. They will not leave the money in the trust fund. Rather they will continually fund other projects and run up American debt. Americans have been told we are mortgaging our children's future. Unfortunately, not only are we mortgaging their future we are providing a disservice to those that have already sacrificed for America. Our elderly will not be able to receive the benefits that our government has said they are entitled to.

One way to fix social security is to allow some privatization. Allowing the social security trust fund to be invested in private companies and corporations is a must at this point. There is no lock box that is safe from the criminals in Washington that have stolen revenue that our aging population is entitled to. What the government did to Social Security is no different that what ENRON did to its employees. ENRON promised a retirement for employees. The stock was riding high until the bubble burst. Now former employees that gave their entire life to ENRON will have no retirement benefits. Our government will not be able to provide retirement assistance for our elderly either. We need forward thinkers to resolve the social security fiasco. We do not need more career "in the box" politicians taking more of our hard earned money. They have already proven to be irresponsible with our money. We need to elect a new breed of people into office. We need real Americans that understand the needs and desires of real Americans. Today's politicians only pay lip service to working Americans and have no new ideas. We need a "new deal" period in American politics. We need revolutionary leaders that are willing to address the problems facing America. Our politicians do nothing to change the direction of America. We elect house members every two years along with 33 Senators. After the election Congress starts running for reelection. This new Congress started running for the 2008 election as soon as they were sworn in.

Now we have a Congress that has not passed one appropriations bill for the 2008 fiscal year. All of the bills are sitting in committees and we are 42 days into the fiscal year. Our Congress can't pass the bills we pay them to pass and yet they can dream up news ways to raise taxes and squander it away. We all need to stand up and make our voices heard. Throw the yoke of the two party system and elect real people that will accomplish the business of the people. We can not allow "in the box" thinkers to continually raise taxes. We give the Federal Government more than enough. It is time they live within a budget just like the rest of Americans.

Disenfranchised Voters

The democratic republic that is America is being torn apart at the seams. The two major political parties are making a mockery of the process. The Democratic party has punished the State of Florida for moving its primary election up into the month of January. The Democratic party sought out and received pledges from presidential candidates not to campaign and spend money in states that do not follow their arcane rules. All democratic candidates made this pledge with the exception of Hillary Clinton and she will do anything to become president. The republicans have now joined the fray. The Republican party is punishing five states by slashing 50% of the convention delegates from states not following the Party's wishes.

Whatever happened to "for the people, by the people"? Does the American political establishment care so little for the people they represent? The people have a right to be heard. The primary process needs to be fair. The party establishments should not be disenfranchising voters simply because it does not fit into their schedule. Punishing states because they do not follow party rules is absurd. The voters of the States should control the process and not the party establishments.

The political parties are manipulating the system in an effort to determine the nominee on the parties terms and not the electorates terms. The party has manipulated the system in an effort to have the nominee selected shortly after super Tuesday. This allows the candidates to use funds for the general election that are to be used solely for the purpose of gaining the nomination in the primary process. This practice of manipulating the primaries and disenfranchising the electorate must be stopped. The career politicians no longer realize that it is a privilege to serve America. The career politicians believe it is a birthright. The career politicians are loyal to their party and not the voting constituents. The American voter needs to punish career politicians and throw all of them out of office. We are becoming a country where a ruling class (read majority party) is in power with a opposition party. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned. The founding fathers did not want a strong ruling class. They envisioned a political system that was truly for the people. We have to take back our government and rid ourselves of the parasitic career politicians.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Victim for President

Hillary Clinton has decided she is incapable of winning the next presidential election without whining she is a victim. Hillary has been the victim of the vast right wing conspiracy. Now it seems Hillary is the victim of the boys club. Hillary has stated an all women college is what made her tough enough to stand up and break through the glass ceiling. Hillary will be the one to ensure women are fairly represented. Hillary is "your girl".

Hillary Clinton's platform seems to only have two planks. The first plank is the "I'm your girl" plank. The second plank is the "I am a victim" of the all boys club. Everything is great when Hillary attacks Barack Obama and calls him inexperienced or naive. However, when someone calls her experience into question it is nothing more than a bully picking on someone less fortunate. The undertone of the Hillary platform is that America may not be ready for a women President. Hillary portrays herself as an underdog. The underdog role will get her sympathy vote. Politics in America have really reached the bottom of the barrel when an elected politician believes playing the victim and sympathy votes can win elections.

When Americans consider voting for Hillary simply because she is a female we will have lost our country. Voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman is no better than voting against Hillary because she is a woman. Both are wrong and should not be tolerated. America needs to tell Hillary to run for President on merit and ideas. We do not want a President that plays the victim. Does Hillary believe the leaders of foreign countries will give her a break because she is a woman? What is Hillary going to do when foreign leader calls her abilities in question? Is she going to stand there and let the world know America will not stand for Bullies? Or will she run away and hide?

This whole game of playing the helpless victim is sickening. Hillary is no more a victim than anyone else. She was born with a silver spoon and has been an opportunist her whole life. She has not had to endure the trials and tribulations of Average Americans. We can not lose sight of the facts. Hillary is not a victim. Hillary is skilled politician that is playing the victim game in order to win an election. She is hopeless. If Hillary can't stand questions regarding her abilities and capabilities she needs to seek other employment. Hillary can not win this election without playing the victim. Her negatives are way too high. In what should be shaping up as another democratic sweep Hillary can not get 50% in any of the polls. She has been going up and down averaging about 46% of the vote. Most polls show that over 50% of the populous will not vote for her. This is not because she is a victim. Rather it is due to her polarizing nature and her socialist ideals. Hillary complaining that she is being picked on and playing the victim card only goes to show that Hillary is unready to lead a nation. The world is real and the world is not fair. We need a true leader that will guide the nation down an uncertain path. We need strength at the helm and not a victim that is only in it for some self serving need.