Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nifong Dives into an Empty Pool

He lost his job, his law license, his credibility…and now Mike Nifong has lost his latest attempt to squander even more taxpayer money. The NC Attorney General’s office today refused a request filed by Nifong to provide him legal representation in a federal lawsuit filed by attorneys for the three falsely accused Duke Lacrosse players.

Not named in the lawsuit of course is the one person most responsible for the Duke Lacrosse hoax. The woman Nifong repeatedly referred to as “my victim”, Crystal Gayle Mangum. It is bizarre that this woman has so easily escaped prosecution of any kind for her actions in perpetuating this terrible hoax. Next time she breaks the law; will the PC force-field still protect her?

Friday, October 12, 2007

More Bad Noose at Columbia U

New York police have been called in to investigate anti-Semitic graffiti found drawn on a Columbia University bathroom stall. The drawing depicted a yarmulke with a swastika hanging above it.

Just how do you investigate bathroom graffiti? Take DNA samples? Interview people who frequent that restroom? Look for individuals who fit the “bathroom stall defiler” profile? Watch for those with toilet paper stuck to their shoe? I know…take toilet seat casts, call in CSI and run it through the FBI database to see if you can get a butt match, that’ll crack the case!!

Isn’t this getting a bit ridiculous? Any thirty-seven year old janitor working on his GED could have told these highly educated Ivy leaguers just how to handle this…get some 409, clean it off and forget about it. All this publicity is only going to result in more incidents such as this one. This is after all a University, inhabited by young people who enjoy such things as binge drinking, frat parties, recreational drug use, and just plain raising hell. Now all anyone has to do to cause a major media event is get creative with a pen in a bathroom stall. What fun!!! Take a few minutes out of your busy day to drive the administration crazy, monopolize NYPD resources, and then laugh it up with your buddies when you see it on the news. You’re an instant celebrity.

The noose incident at Columbia is an event to be taken seriously; connotations of death by lynching are truly chilling. However if they wish to report bathroom artisan’s vile renderings the school will be forced to employ “stall checkers”. These Stallinists would be equipped with rubber gloves, a digital camera, and a can of Lysol. They would be responsible for checking each stall after every use for vandalism, and of course proper flushing. I would suggest using freshmen for his task. People could leave tips upon exiting if so inclined.

The campus does not exist in America where someone looking for offensive material, ESPECIALLY in restrooms cannot find a plethora of evidence (if you want to believe it) that rampant racism, sexism, or religious bigotry has infected your institution. There’s probably some stuff about your mother there too, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s true.

University president Bollinger must realize that he is helping to create a hyper-sensitive atmosphere at Columbia. An environment where soon, if not already, people are looking for even the slightest transgression in mood, gesture, nuance, statement, clothing, so they can run to the administration and claim to be a victim. “Victim” has become a badge of honor, and Columbia University is doing all it can to advance that dubious status.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Columbia Noose Incident: Hate Crime or Hate Hoax?

Venturing to a place the MSM would never dare to tread…

hate crime
Function: noun

: any of various crimes (as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation)

In March 2004, Kerri Dunn, a visiting professor of social psychology at Claremont McKenna College reported to police that her car had been spray painted with racial slurs, and her tires slashed in an apparent hate crime committed while she was on campus delivering an anti-hate crime speech. Ms. Dunn’s opinions on racism and sexism were well known on campus. The allegations garnered nationwide media coverage.

The ensuing investigation discovered witnesses that testified they saw Ms. Dunn arrive on campus with the car already covered in spray paint, and watched her as she slashed two of her tires. Classes were cancelled the following day at satellite campuses around the state because of student protests against hate crimes. Ms. Dunn intimated that students were the culprits.

Investigations by the FBI lead to Ms. Dunn being convicted of two counts of insurance fraud, and one count of filing a false police report. She was sentenced to one year in a state prison.

On October 9th, Madonna Constantine, a well respected professor of psychology and education at Columbia University, reported that a noose had been tied to her office door at the school. Professor Constantine, who has written extensively on the subjects of ethnicity and racism, stated she wants the perpetrators to know that she will not be silenced.

The incident prompted a student walkout and campus demonstrations against hate crimes. Members of the city’s hate crime task force were sent to the campus to investigate the incident. The New York state AG office has also sent members of it’s civil rights bureau to look into the alleged hate crime. The incident has attracted widespread media attention.

Columbia University officials have refused to turn over a security videotape that could help police identify the perpetrator/s. Police will be forced to get a court order before the school will release any security tapes from Professor Constantine’s building.

Now if they can just find three white lacrosse players...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Senile Leader of the Left

Former President Jimmy Carter calls Dick Cheney a disaster. Jimmy Carter is a one term former president that allowed Iran to take 66 hostages in 1979. Iran held these hostages for 444 days. The President's only response was the ill fated Operation Eagle Claw. The failed military operation was directly caused by the systematic dismantling of the American military under the Carter administration. President Carter governed with a 70% marginal tax rate, 22% interest rates, and 16% inflation rates. President Carter created an energy crisis in the late 1970's with his "malaise" speech. Hard Working middle class Americans were forced to endure waiting in lines for hours just to fill up their automobiles. Finally, who could forget the failed grain embargo and boycott of the 1980 Olympics against the Soviet Union.

America was forced to endure a long four year display of pure ineptitude. American Foreign Policy was a joke, the economy was a disaster, and diplomacy was at its lowest point in history. Back in May the former President claimed the current President to be the worst ever. Now he says the current Vice President is a disaster. Indeed it would take a senile incompetent to forget the truest disaster of American history. Jimmy Carter has committed the cardinal sin of former presidents. There is an unspoken code between former presidents. Former presidents historically do not call out the current administration. Mr. Carter please return home. America has thanked you for your service however your services are no longer required or accepted. Your actions and words have disgraced your country. Mr. Carter you are a disgrace and will always be the worst President in American History. Please take your legacy and go home. America is tired of your failures.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A [Real] Phony Soldier

What a coincidence that in the middle of all the concocted fury over Rush Limbaugh’s phony soldier remark, another phony soldier scandal, this time a real one has presented itself to the media.

Atlantic City mayor Robert Levy, who has been missing since September 26, is accused of embellishing his military record in order to receive increased veterans benefits. Last year the Press of Atlantic City, after reviewing Levy’s service record, accused him of lying about his claims of being a member of the Army’s elite Green Berets. Levy has claimed throughout the years in numerous statements and in print, that he served two tours as a Green Beret in Vietnam.

Under scrutiny were not only Levy’s claims to have been in the Army Special Forces, which he has admitted are false, but also his claim to have received the Combat Infantryman Badge. The Stolen Valor Act of 2005 makes it a federal offense to falsely claim either verbally or in writing to have been awarded medals or decorations authorized by Congress for the armed forces of the United States. Levy’s records indicate he served as a signal soldier in Vietnam; soldiers with a signal military occupational specialty are not eligible to receive the CIB. Federal authorities are investigating whether Levy made the claim to significantly increase his veteran benefits payments.

Unfortunately there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of individuals making these false claims in order to obtain benefits they never earned, all at taxpayer expense. These phony heroes not only steal the valor of our real military heroes, but also steal millions of dollars in benefits payments and take advantage of the valuable resources offered by the Veterans Administration.

Organizations such as The POW Network have dedicated themselves to exposing these imposters. Many, such as Levy have served honorably in the armed forces but feel the need to exaggerate their military experience. Many others have never served a day in uniform but make wild claims of heroism under fire either to impress listeners, steal benefits, or both.

A favorite ploy of the phony hero is to proclaim that his combat exploits are top secret, or that his service records burned up in a fire or are sealed by the government. A great many of these people will claim service in one of the elite units such as Special Forces, Navy SEALs, or Army Rangers.

Sadly, Mayor Levy thought it necessary to embellish an otherwise honorable 20 year military career. All indications are that he served his nation well, serving in Vietnam and advancing to the rank of Master Sergeant before he retired. Whether it was financial need, political gain, or feelings of inadequacy that caused him to lie, this high visibility exposure of a phony hero should make us all aware that veterans benefit fraud is indeed a widespread problem in our country and that these phony heroes harm us all.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Back to the Criminals

Sandy Berger is an advisor to the Hillary Clinton Campaign for president. Hillary obviously sees no issue with the fact that Sandy stole highly classified documents. Hillary is not worried that Sandy does not have a security clearance. In fact Sandy is not even eligible to apply for a security clearance until at least September 2008. Sandy Berger is on the Hillary team as a Foreign Policy specialist. In the event that Hillary were to win the Democratic nomination it is expected that she will be receiving classified briefings and reports on US foreign policy. Yet her senior foreign policy advisor is not allowed to receive these briefings. Does that mean Hillary will circumvent the laws and risk National Security in an effort to bring back days of the first Clinton presidency? Is Hillary that deviod of National Security expertise that she would risk everything on a criminal that has already been found guilty of stealing and destroying documents? I find it odd that Hillary would condone such illegal activities.

Hillary has attempted to cast her image as being an agent of change. Hillary often says she is the only one with the experience to change the ways of Washington. I find this laughable. Hillary is the Queen of earmarks. Hillary hires criminals. Hillary will pander to any group that will vote for her. Is this experience or manipulation? Is Hillary really ready to change America? Or is Hillary just going to change us back to the corruption and scandals of the first Clinton Presidency.

Hillary is right about one thing. It will take a village. An entire village will have to ensure her corruption does not again return to the Whitehouse. We can not allow this two-faced liar to again sell America out for a few votes. Her ties to corruption, her ties to the Chinese, and her ties to illegal activities must be stopped. This is a call for everyone to cast a pro America vote. This is a call to vote with a conscious and vote for anyone that will move America forward and not take us back to the days of the biggest American sellout ever.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Phony Soldiers and Phony Democrats

Why have the democrats taken a seemingly innocuous remark by Rush Limbaugh and attempted to create a scandal from it? Because they need to divert attention from’s “General Betray us” debacle and Hillary’s ties to MediaMatters. The liberals have figured out that the ad was disgraceful and backfired on them. So they had to create the “phony soldier” hoax, accusing Rush of calling any soldier against the war a phony. In fact he called Jesse Macbeth, a kid that never even completed basic training but claimed to have committed numerous atrocities as an Army Ranger in Iraq, a phony soldier. A completely true statement. I would add wanna-be, loser, criminal, POS, among other things.

Of course it doesn’t matter to the Dems that the “phony soldier” scandal is itself a phony, don’t ever let facts get in the way of a good smear campaign. They need to make people forget the “Betray Us” ad, and Rush is a convenient target.

Now Elizabeth Edwards weighs in with some inane diatribe about Limbaugh being 4F (does anyone even remember what that means?), during the Vietnam War. Why do the democrats keep dredging up Vietnam? A war JFK and LBJ got us into in the first place. John Kerry was insane to use his four month tour in Vietnam as proof he was qualified to serve as president. “I’m John Kerry and I’m reporting for duty”, what a joke. Kerry still has not released all of his military records… the guy has more skeletons in his closet than Jeffrey Dahmer. But I digress.

Ms. Edwards makes the absurd observation that the same medical condition that kept Limbaugh out of the draft during Vietnam should also prevent him from sitting in a chair for hours during his radio show. She also deviously contends that the “phony soldier” hoax should cause advertisers to seriously consider pulling their funding dollars from the Rush Limbaugh show.

Motivation behind the hoax now becomes crystal clear. It serves a dual purpose; make it appear as if the Democratic Party actually cares about our troops (at least those against the war), and just as important, try to intimidate advertisers into pulling their ad dollars from Limbaugh’s show, a man who commands a daily audience of millions and is the biggest conservative voice on the airwaves of America. These are the components of the “Betray Us” distraction.

This is an ambitious endeavor at best. The democrats are generally not perceived as being supportive of our troops. Especially when democrats such as Jack Murtha accuse Marines of cold-blooded murder in Haditha, Harry Reid states that the war is lost, and in true “Winter Soldier” form, John Kerry accused American troops of terrorizing Iraqi citizens and of being too stupid to get better jobs. They would now have us believe by their phony indignation over this hoax that they are offended by criticism of US soldiers. So where was this indignation when the “Betray Us” ad originally appeared in the New York Times on September 10th?

On September 26th The House voted to condemn the ad by a vote of 341 to 79. In a frightening display of loyalties, Hillary was one of the 79 “nay” votes and Barack Obama didn’t even cast a vote. The two democratic front-runners thought it better to slander the American commander in Iraq (and thus all his troops), than to anger their supporters at Money talks, candidates listen, and in this case indignation doesn’t pay.

The Democratic Party’s obsession with silencing Limbaugh or at least limiting his influence has been going on for years. It always flairs up during election cycles, but Rush has become an institution and attempts at shutting him down only make him more popular. Besides, the democrats overestimate his influence. They simply cannot accept the fact that many people do not share their views and need to believe Limbaugh is poisoning voter’s minds. He’s their boogey-man, and democrats consider it their duty to protect the unsuspecting American public from this one man conservative juggernaut.

The “phony soldier” hoax is a transparent attempt by democrats to damage Limbaugh and deflect attention from their predominant supporter’s scandalous actions. The people pulling the strings in this party are not Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but those representing MoveOn, the DailyKos and George Soros. This is a party for sale, a party devoid of ideas and unable to pass any meaningful legislation, whose leading candidates are loyal only to the highest bidder, and are terrified not of terrorists, but of offending their big donors. Bill is already taking reservations for the Lincoln bedroom, and Hillary is putting together a list of pardons. The rich get richer.

Durham-In-Wonderland Winds Down

In his latest blog entry, Professor KC Johnson has announced that he will be going to a weekly, rather than daily posting schedule. Anyone who followed events in the Duke Lacrosse case will know that KC’s blog was required reading not only for those of us across the internet, but also for many of the individuals personally involved in the case. This list includes defense attorneys, family members of the accused, the accused themselves, and even the contemptible Mike Nifong himself. In an e-mail received from KC, I learned that Mr. Nifong had an assistant print out the daily editions of DIW and put it on his desk every morning. This was most likely a depressing read for Mike.

The DIW blog provided a daily sanity check to readers about events happening in Durham during the 18 months this travesty of justice lasted. Johnson used this forum to expose Nifong’s political motivations, his gross mishandling of the case from day one, the illegal photo lineup, and the complicity of the Durham police department and city government in the rush to judgment that could have resulted in putting three innocent young men behind bars for decades.

The blog dissected events, explored and explained the facts of the case, and made it clear to any objective reader that the three accused were being railroaded by an out of control DA and incompetent local officials to appease race baiters and win an election for Nifong. It became evident through DIW more than any other case coverage that Nifong clearly knew he had no case but was more than willing to sacrifice innocent men to advance his career. The sociopath DA only needed to avoid a change of venue and get these suspects in front of a Durham jury…the racially charged atmosphere would do the rest. DIW aided greatly in preventing this disastrous outcome.

KC also took on the Group of 88 Duke Professors and exposed their repulsive “Listening Statement” for what it was…a lie filled screed created only to divide and enrage citizens and to promote their own agenda on race/class/gender relations that had absolutely nothing to do with the rape allegations. He showed them to be cowardly opportunists, and in some cases, outright racists. DIW examined the academic background and teaching practices of many of these activist professors and the results should cause many parents to think twice about sending a child to Duke University.

The blog was a kill zone for biased media coverage of the case. Johnson took aim at everyone from Duff Wilson of the New York Times, to CNN’s despicable Nancy Grace. KC attacked the often slanted and inaccurate reporting with facts and logic, providing a much needed counter balance to the misguided sensationalism of the main stream media.

The true victims of this judicial nightmare are the accused players and their families, but Duke University can also be counted as a victim. This case illustrated how activist faculty in a university with little or no oversight can erode the foundation of an institution. Hiding behind racial identity, these outspoken professional victims are developing some highly questionable curricula that only serve to advance their own race/victim based agenda. Disturbingly evident at Duke is the fact that many of these faculty members, because of their victim mentality, harbor deep seated feelings of resentment and dislike for a large part of the student body they were hired to educate. Unfortunately Duke President Richard Brodhead lacks both the courage and competence to confront these issues. This is diversity run amok and Duke is suffering because of it.

There are certainly other outstanding blogs covering the Duke Lacrosse case. Liestoppers, John-in-Carolina, Friends of Duke University, just to name a few. However DIW was there at the beginning and in my opinion no other blog offered the same in-depth reporting of events. This includes the detailed background profiles of most of the major figures in the case, and Johnson’s uncanny ability to obtain information about the case, and then present it in clear, well written manner. I still feel that Johnson had a much better understanding of events than Nifong or his police cohorts.

Thank you KC for your excellent work in this effort, I can’t wait until Amazon sends me your book.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What The Hell Is Wrong With People In California?

First the Marine Silent Drill Team was barred from filming a recruiting video on a street in San Francisco, and then on September 27th a chartered North American Airlines jet carrying Marines from Kuwait back to their home base in Hawaii was not allowed to deplane at the Oakland International Airport terminal. The 200 plus Marines were forced to wait out on the tarmac for hours without access to any facilities. This while friends and relatives of some of the returning Marines were inside the terminal hoping to see their loved ones during the two hour refueling stop. The incident was reported by one of the Marines via e-mail.

The Marine told lawmakers that when they asked why they were not allowed inside the Oakland airport, "they gave us some lame excuse that we hadn't been screened by [Transportation Security Administration]."

Airport authorities claim it was a security matter, because weapons were on board, even though the Marines had previously landed at JFK and waited in the passenger terminal while refueling. The passengers were screened by the Customs Bureau upon landing in New York from overseas. According to a TSA spokesman, that was sufficient;

Christopher White, TSA spokesman, said the troops were screened by U.S. Customs Bureau officials and that no additional screening by TSA is ever required.

"In no way did we prohibit those soldiers and Marines from being in the sterile area at Oakland. There is no difference in our eyes on this flight or any other airline flight from JFK to Oakland. They are absolutely allowed to go into the sterile area," Mr. White said.

So if the TSA didn’t bar these Marines from entering the terminal who did? Was it some activist member of the Airport Authority, or do the geniuses employed by Oakland Airport somehow consider New York a foreign city? This does not appear to be an isolated incident at Oakland International Airport either. The Transportation Department Inspector General has been asked to investigate.

Why do so many of these uber-liberal Pelosi-ites vigorously demand full rights and benefits for criminals and illegal aliens (redundant), yet seek out every opportunity to debase and humiliate the courageous men and women of our Armed Services? They certainly seem to appreciate the military when they need the Coast Guard to save them or when the National Guard is helping to stop a wildfire from consuming their over-priced homes. I can only hope that those responsible are identified and publicly subjected to the scorn they so richly deserve.

One side note; weapons on board a charter military flight in layover status are secured inside the aircraft by members of the unit and are never carried into a civilian passenger terminal. Ammunition is not transported on these flights…especially when returning to the non-hostile [?] United States.