Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Petraus Affect

General Petraeus is the military commander on the ground in Iraq. He has been criticized by political extremists lately. The far left extremist netroots have criticized the General for being a puppet for the Bush Administration. They claimed there was minimal success in Iraq and that the General would only parrot what the President wanted him to say. MOVEON.ORG, another left wing extremist group placed a political ad in the New York Times on the eve of the "Petraeus Report" criticizing the General and even going as far as calling the General "General Betrayed Us". Senator Harry Reid went as far as calling General Petraeus incompetent. I have to wonder why all this venom would be directed at a military commander that is doing his job.

I have found that the General has managed to change the outlook for Iraq. In Al Anbar Province the Sunni's have turned against Al Queda. The US Military has manged to gain greater control in Baghdad and in Diyala Province. Not only has the US managed to gain greater control but they have also managed to maintain the control. Just last month Al Sadr order the Mahdi Militia to stop the violence for at least 6 months. The US has been making military progress. No political progress can be made until Iraq is free from radical Islamists from outside the country. I suspect that as security in Iraq improves, the political outlook for Iraq will improve. There is another report today out of Iraq. It seems that the Shia in the south also want to join forces with the US. "Sheik Majid Tahir al-Magsousi, the leader of the Migasees tribe here in Wasit province" has had discussions with other Sheiks to side with the US and provide a brigade of soldiers to help guard against outside influences. These Sheiks have discussed the possibility of joining the US forces and provide community policing and border patrol on the Iranian border.

When the US invaded Iraq and toppled the Iraqi government a power vacuum was created. Many different factions attempted to gain power through violence. For four years the US forces defended their positions. In January 2007, President Bush announced a troop surge. General Petraeus was charged with waging a counter insurgency offensive. The offensive has allowed the US to gain control of security in Iraq and provide breathing room for the politicians to make their deals and move Iraq forward. However, now that the US is finally gaining the upper hand the left wing extremists demand an immediate withdrawal. Hillary Clinton says "Its to little to late" even though she also said "the surge is working". The problem with the democratic leadership is that they demand defeat. They have no ideas to move the Iraq effort forward. For a leader to say it is to little to late says that leader is more than willing to demand a withdrawal to ensure defeat in order to gain politically. With all of the anecdotal evidence that the surge is improving the security environment in Iraq I am more than willing to let the General continue his effort. I have full faith that General Petraeus will provide leadership and honest evaluations. I am sure the General will make decisions based on insight gained from the ground rather than the insight gained by following the media polls in the US. The Petraeus affect will lead the country in the right direction.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Headline Inaccuracy

The USA Today reported on the health of the economy today. The title of the Article was" Reports point to economic weakness; autos a bright spot". When I read the headline I believed there was economic data that would back up this headline. Instead what I found was mostly positive news about the economy. The reports out today said that retail sales were up. The article went on to say that industrial production was also up. The article went further and stated that the current account in trade was better and our trade deficit problems are improving. All this news pointing to an economy that is still growing. The economy may not be growing by leaps and bounds but it is still growing.

The only bad news was mixed reports on consumer confidence. A Reuters/University of Michigan survey says consumer sentiment increased from 83.4 to 83.8, but the article calls this flat and steady. Another report on consumer sentiment showed a decline in consumer confidence. Nothing in this reports shows that the economy is weakening. Consumer confidence is not necessarily a good way of judging the health of the economy. When an economy is growing and still searching for the inevitable peak before a decline this article is stating the economy is weak. Clearly the economic numbers showed further increases and positive news on the economy.

This irresponsible journalism is part of the problem with the economy. The MSM constantly berates the economy. The Media claims that the economy is not good. Every time a statistic about the economy is released the media spins the information into a negative. The media can not stand good news. This is an article that demonstrates the irresponsible MSM conducting yellow journalism. The headline leads the consumer to believe the economy is doing poorly. In reality the report shows predominately positive news and yet the propaganda media machine is proclaiming this as bad news. The writer (Martin Crutsinger) of this article and the editor of this newspaper should be fired. The right to free speech does not give the media the right publish propaganda designed to panic the American public. A panicked public is part of what caused the great depression. Is that what the media is trying to do now? Are they really trying to panic the public into crashing the American economy? If they do create a panic will they take responsibility for their action? Or will they take a cheap shot and run away? This article is not journalism. This article is propaganda designed to promote panic. This is just another example of why the MSM is viewed in a negative light. These types of erroneous headlines will certainly be a part of the demise of the MSM.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where's the Outrage

There is a scandal brewing in the State of New Jersey. Corruption has hit the state after 12 people were arrested. The arrested include eleven public officials and one civilian. The scandal involves bribery. The eleven politicians are accused of taking cash payments ranging from $1,500 to $17,500. The cash payments were in exchange for influence in the letting of public contracts. The corruption in New Jersey politics is not what is new. New Jersey has a history of corrupt politicians. What is different is that this scandal is getting very little MSM new coverage.

The MSM has been trying to ignore this scandal. In the article 11 N.J. officials arrested on corruption the writer glosses over the fact that the eleven politicians were Democrats. For the last couple of years the MSM has focused on scandals in the Republican party. Larry Craig was a sex scandal, Jack Abramoff was a Republican activist, and David Vitter was another scandal. Everyone in the country knew about these scandals and knew the culprits were Republicans. The MSM has decided that it is unimportant to list party affiliation when a Democrat is the culprit but the party affiliation is extremely important when a Republican is the culprit. What a shame.

The shame is that the MSM does not care about scandal ridden career politicians. They seem to only care about Republican scandals. It sure appears as if the MSM is trying to push an agenda. Their agenda is to promote Democratic candidates and hide the corruption in the Democratic Party at the expense of the Republican Party. The MSM needs to be fair and unbiased and provide Americans with the true nature of American politics. The truth of the matter is that America's career politicians are corrupt. They take the oath of office and make a career instead of taking the oath and moving the country forward. America needs an independent grassroots effort that prevails. The independents have to do more then scare the major political parties. The independent movement needs to put forward candidates that can win elections and start moving America forward. Just switching political alliances from one party to another is not working. The same career politicians win year after year.

The Lunacy Left and Osama Bin Laden

Six short years ago America was attacked. The radical Islamists of the world declared war on America. Nineteen radicals betrayed their hosts and flew four commercial airliners into America's heart. Americans were instantly horrified and came to realization that terror had reached its shores. The Arab world cheered and celebrated the brazen attack on America. The obvious reaction initially was horror. True to American form though the citizens of this great nation would rally. Everyone became a patriot and supported the 3,000 plus victims. The date will live along side other infamous dates. Dates that include April 15, 1865, December 7, 1941, and November 22, 1963. These are dates that made Americans stop and think about what it is to be an American. Like the previous dates, September 11, 2002, is a date that will be remembered by all. It is a date that shall not be forgotten. The horror of this day brought Americans together in a patriotic stance against the radical Islamists that would attempt to destroy the Nation.

However, in these six short years much of America seems to have forgotten the events that happened. Today, many "truthers" are stomping around hallowed ground claiming that the American Government attacked its own. The conspiracy theorists are claiming the terrorist attack on our country was a cover story to hide the truth. Even though the conspiracy myths have been debunked and proved to be false, they are still perpetuated by the media and the left wing bloggers. Instead of remembering the victims of the brazen attack these left wing conspiracy theorists would disrespect the hallowed ground. The theorists would disrespect the innocent victims rather then honor the victims and remember the day for the attack that occurred.

Last week Osama Bin Laden releases a video tape that many claimed was right out of the left wing playbook. The talking points seemed an awful lot like the left wing blogs and liberal politics of America. The Daily Kos even had the nerve to liken Osama Bin Laden to Ronald Reagan. One diarist attempts to make a hero out of Bin Laden. Basically, the diarists claims Bin Laden is a freedom fighter. The writer States "In short, bin Laden does not rail against the U.S. and other Western countries because they are "free," because they are "modern," because they are "Christian," or even because they purport to be "secular" (though he asserts that Americans would be more happy if they were to adopt Islam). He rails against them because of specific U.S. (and allied) policies--military, political, and economic--that he and his followers believe harm ordinary people in the Islamic World." This is a dangerous and naive viewpoint. This writer obviously lacks real world experience. This type of viewpoint is destroying the fabric that is America. This writer is elevating Bin Laden to hero status instead of the despicable coward that is Bin Laden.

The diarist must know that Bin Laden is no hero. Bin Laden is a man that will send young indigent Muslims to their suicidal death in the name of religion. Unfortunately, the goal of the Muslims is to convert everyone to their religion. Anyone that does not hold their values and practice their religion will be unceremoniously executed. The terrorists will not have peace until they rid the world of divergent views and religion. It really makes a person stop and think. How could our liberal left embrace Bin Laden as a hero when he would kill anyone that disagrees with his philosophy. Supposedly, Bin Laden ideals go against the very ideals the liberals say they believe in. What a shame that on a day of remembrance we would have the liberal left disrespecting American hero's all the while embracing an Arab terrorist.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Hillraiser Scandals

Hillary Clinton is busy presenting herself as a change agent that has the experience to work within the system. Hillary says she has always been an agent of change and will bring this attitude back to Washington. However, there is yet another scandal involving her fund raising. Mark Rich a convicted felon has contributed to her campaigns. Norman Hsu has donated thousands to her campaigns and bundled millions for the democratic party; this all the while a fugitive from justice. Bill Clinton was shocked that Mr. Hsu was a fugitive. Now there is yet another unscrupulous bundler for Hillary. Sant S. Chatwal is an Indian American businessman. Mr. Chatwal it seems refuses to pay his bills. The IRS has pursued this scoundrel for over $4 million. New York State has pursued him for over $5 million. Mr. Chatwal forfeited a building because of back taxes in New York City. Mr. Chatwal has even been sued because of a bank failure where he was a director. This irresponsible citizen is a good friend of none other than Bill Clinton. I am sure somehow Bill will say he is shocked that Mr. Chatwal can't seem to pay his bills even though Mr. Chatwal was out on bond in India in 2001 when Bill showed up in India.

Surely the Clinton machine has a vetting process that researches major contributors. There is a history of questionable fund raising conducted by previous Clinton campaigns. Seems the Democratic party in general and Hillary Clinton specifically draw a large number of white collar criminals. Mark Rich, Norman Hsu, and Sant Chatwal are criminals. President Clinton pardoned Mark Rich, Norman Hsu pleaded no contest for grand theft, and Sant Chatwal is a bankrupt tax evader. Are these the type of individuals that are going to be renting the Lincoln bedroom? The old saying is "birds of a feather flock together". It would appear that the Hillary flock is supported by the same criminals from the past. Is this the type experience we need in the US? Is this the change we need (a change back to the scandal ridden Clinton Presidency)? This is neither the change nor experience I want to see in the Whitehouse.

Bin Laden as Jesus and Mary in A Burqa

Two works of art [?] in an exhibition at The National Art School in Sydney have offended quite a few Australians. The exhibit contains an image of Osama bin Laden in a Christ-like pose, and Mary wearing a burqa. Even Australian Prime Minister John Howard voiced his displeasure, "The choice of such artwork is gratuitously offensive to the religious beliefs of many Australians”.

The Kabul Times has condemned a drawing depicting Mohammed as a dog, calling for the imprisonment of the editors of the Swedish newspaper that printed the drawing. The sketch was used to illustrate an article on the freedom of expression. Two years ago a Danish newspaper outraged Muslims world wide when it published a series of cartoons featuring Mohammed.

In November 2004 Dutch film director Theo van Gogh was attacked and murdered on the street in Amsterdam by a vengeance seeking Muslim man of Dutch and Moroccan descent. Dutch TV had shown a film by van Gogh that portrayed violence against women in Islamic societies. Van Gogh had received numerous death threats before he was stabbed and shot to death while riding a bicycle.

The artists of the offensive works in Sydney have received no death threats.

This Day In NFL History

On September 3rd 1970 coaching legend Vince Lombardi passed away at age 57. Lombardi was head coach of the Green Bay Packers from 1959 to 1967 and had a 89-29-4 record. The Pack won 5 NFL championships and the first two Super Bowls under Lombardi’s leadership.

Lombardi was voted into the NFL Hall Of Fame in 1971. Ten of his Green Bay players followed him into Canton:

Bart Starr
Forrest Gregg
Willie Davis
Ray Nitschke
Willie Wood
Henry Jordan
Paul Hornung
Herb Adderley
Jim Taylor
Jim Ringo

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mr. Schumer you are wrong.......

The Republicans today are touting the tough stance they took in forcing Senator Larry Craig to resign. Larry Craig is a despicable person that betrayed the trust of residents of Idaho. Larry Craig admitted guilt and took a plea deal. Larry Craig was dealt with quickly. The so called scandal ridden Republican Party displayed leadership and rid themselves of a Senator that was ineffective. However, Senator Charles Schumer took a cheap swipe of the Republicans and said "What the American people are looking for is not a blame game, but who is trying to clean it up," Schumer said. "For six years, there was no ethics reform.". I have news for you Mr. Schumer the Republicans have shown they are willing to rid the party of corrupt career politicians that believe they are above the law. What has the Democratic Party done? Congressman William Jefferson has been indicted and likely will be taken to prison and yet he is still sitting in Congress. I have not even seen as much as a censure resolution come up regarding this ineffectual congressman. What about Congressman Jack Murtha; Mr. Schumer? Jack Murtha earmarked $1 million for a company that does not exist which should be investigated for money laundering. Jack Murtha earmarked more pork than other congressman. Much of this earmarked money goes to his campaign contributors and essentially provides "no bid" government contracts for his friends and contributors. Jack Murtha is one of the main culprits for ethics reform. However, the final bill in ethics reform ensures that this dirty earmark business will continue on. What about Alan Mollohan; Mr. Schumer? It appears the FBI is investigating him for profiting from over $.5 Billion ear marks that went to his non profit organizations. What about Hillary Clinton? She is involved in a lawsuit involving illegal campaign contributions. It seems Hillary violated federal election laws when she knowingly had Peter Paul set up a fundraiser called event 39 or the Hollywood Gala.

Today Mr. Schumer you claimed to have returned contributions from Mr. Hsu. You know this is an outright lie. Hillary received over $1 million from Mr. Hsu and only "returned" $23,000. This "returned" money was not even really returned. It was given to charity. While charity is a an honorable cause it seems rather disingenuous for a candidate to receive credit for charity donations when the donations are from questionable and probably illegal sources. Mr. Schumer you have it wrong. There is corruption in both political parties. Career politicians are often corrupted by our system. There is a difference though between the two parties. The Republican seem to rid their party of the most corrupt. The Democratic Party seems to raise their corrupt politicians to higher levels of Party Leadership. Jack Murtha is number three in the house leadership, Alan Mollohan is on the ethics committee, and Hillary Clinton is running for President. It seems that all that happened in 2006 was that the American people changed which party would have the opportunity to indulge in their corrupt activities. Mr. Schumer you are wrong. Very, very wrong.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pass the Toilet Paper Please

Republican Senator Larry Craig, a guy with two first names and a disturbing fondness for public restrooms, will announce his resignation today.

Craig was arrested June 11th at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge on August 8th. He was accused of attempting to engage in sex acts in an airport men’s room. He has repeatedly denied that he is gay. But it was a men’s room…and he pleaded guilty.

This is not the first time he has been accused of restroom malfeasance. The Idaho Statesman conducted a five month investigation into Senator Craig’s alleged liaisons.

“The most serious finding by the Statesman was the report by a professional man with close ties to Republican officials. The 40-year-old man reported having oral sex with Craig at Washington's Union Station, probably in 2004.”

In 1982 Craig issued a statement denying he engaged in sex acts with male congressional pages. The Statesman also discovered several allegations that were not credible.

This is disgusting behavior from an elected official. In fact the arresting officer stated as much on the taped encounter in the airport bathroom. "I'm just disappointed in you, sir," the officer said. "I mean, people vote for you." The officer could not have chosen better words to describe Craig’s behavior. Elected officials are in a position of trust, and must be held to a higher standard.

Trolling for sex in public restrooms is never excusable, and Craig is right to resign, but this type of behavior is occurring with disturbing regularity among our politicians. So many of our elected officials have been or are currently involved in some type of scandal. It is a betrayal of public trust that erodes the American people’s faith in our nation’s leaders and damages the country as a whole.

Good-bye and good riddance to you Mr. Craig, I hope you work this all out and have a good life. I also hope that the people who trusted you are not so disgusted by your perfidy that they lose their faith in all politicians and simply decide not to vote in the next election.

It's About Time

Jack Murtha has perhaps opened his mouth once to often. The irresponsible remarks Mr. Murtha made regarding the marines in Haditha has landed him in a lawsuit. Chris Matthews led the influential Congressman around like a lap dog and Jack Murtha fell into a diatribe of insults towards the marines in a failed attempt to tie war time atrocities to the President. Unfortunately, Jack Murtha sounded off without all of the facts. It seems after a full investigation all criminal charges against the marines have been dropped. The case against the marines has fallen apart. American citizens demand more out of their political leaders than being paraded around by the liberal media chanting the extremists mantra. The American public demands political leaders to be responsible. Jack Murtha has sprayed his venom around in an attempt to undermine the President. These are not the first remarks made by Jack Murtha that are irresponsible. Jack Murtha called the President a traitor, a deserter, and AWOL. Jack Murtha says things without proof in an attempt to further his corrupt career. It is now time for the Democrat leadership to follow the Republican leadership and purge this Congress of corrupt politicians. Republicans have forced Larry Craig to resign because of his despicable behavior. Now the Democratic leadership should call for the resignations of Jack Murtha, Alan Mollohan, and William Jefferson. All three of these lawmakers have disgraced themselves, the legislative body, and the United States of America.

Harry Reid Runs His Ship Aground

The winds of August have blown afoul for the Democrat’s “Surrender Now” cruise. Attempting to steer their way through murky political waters lacking a clear course or competent leadership, and using a broken compass their ship has hit the rocks and is quickly taking on water.

Captain Nancy, out on shore leave, left the helm to first mate Harry trusting him to navigate the “Surrender Now” garbage scow through treacherous waters and come home with a defeat for the US military in Iraq. But the first mate has proven himself a poor navigator…unable to read the currents of public opinion or the tide of events in Iraq until his ship had already run aground. Horrible Harry, Scourge of The Hill, has finally figured out it’s time to chart a new course before he loses his last shred of credibility.

Course miscalculations are nothing new to this desperate scow master. On April 19th Harry declared “…this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday”. He then set off on a journey that [he hoped] would end with the defeat and surrender of the US Armed Forces in Iraq. However, trying to navigate by the stars when you can’t see the sky often ends in disaster. The delusional first mate was sure of only one thing and steered his ship of fools with Nifong-esque certainty in that direction, defeat in Iraq is a victory for Democrats.

In April the surge of troops into Iraq was not yet complete, so judging it a failure at that point was extremely premature but the statements were part of his strategy for defeat. Throughout the summer Harry and shipmates like Crooked Jack (cabin boy and all-around stooge), maintained this misguided course until the polls, developments in Iraq and his complete failure to pass any troop withdrawal legislation conspired against him. The Patreaus Report, due in a few weeks also looms large on the scow’s horizon and Harry is worried that it may not be as bleak as he would prefer.

So after all his failed partisan attempts to attain a military defeat, Harry is now willing to work with members of the GOP on a troop withdrawal compromise. However with his credibility in tatters and the elections fourteen months away, he is not likely to find much traction on the GOP side.

Progress definitely needs to be made concerning the military presence in Iraq, but the unethical strategy of emboldening our enemies and discouraging our troops is not only a severe miscalculation, but as Harry found out, it is extremely damaging to one’s reputation. A United States Senator openly declaring the war is lost merely for political gain is a sickening sight, and one that should not be tolerated. The stench of his floundering scow has poisoned this congress and made it near impossible to accomplish any meaningful legislation regarding this war. Hopefully he will be increasingly marginalized and allow some real bi-partisan progress to occur. Harry Reid has proven himself a disgrace to his country, the people of Nevada, and the United States Senate.

The Little Green House

The Democratic Party leads the Republican Party in fund raising this election cycle. The Main Stream Media has ensured their audience knows this fact and seems to push the idea that because the Democrats lead in the money race Americans should vote for them. However, upon closer analysis we find that convicted felons are some of the biggest fund raisers. Norman Hsu is a major contributor to both the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton donated $23,000 to charity that was directly contributed to her campaign from Norman Hsu. However, Norman Hsu has raised over $1 million for her campaign. Mark Rich is another major campaign contributor for the Clinton campaign. Mark Rich is another convicted felon that received a back door last minute pardon from President Bill Clinton. What is it about the Democratic Party that they are magnets for high profile convicted white collar criminals?

This week a story broke in the MSM regarding Norman Hsu and a little green house in San Francisco. A family of six donated $200,000 in the last two years. The top money earner in the family makes under $50,000 per year. The MSM calls this questionable? This is an outrage. It is painfully obvious that these are illegal campaign donations. It is painfully obvious that Norman Hsu is funneling money through this family. Norman Hsu even once listed this house as his address.

Hillary Clinton also received political donation from Mark Rich. Now she plays up the victim and claims she did not know Norman Hsu is a Felony fugitive. What a shame. It has become painfully clear that this is another Clinton American sellout. Norman Hsu supposedly fled the US and returned to Hong Kong after pleading "No Contest" in a case of Grand Theft. He shows back up in the US and is able to donate large sums of cash and funnels money through a family of moderate means. Hillary Clinton expects the American people to believe there is no connection between the 1996 scandal involving the Clinton's and the Chinese foreign nationals and Norman Hsu and his Chinese connections. The Clinton Campaign has shown contempt for our campaign finance Laws and for the US public. Hillary should not be allowed to donate this to charity. By donating the illegal money Hillary looks good through illegal activity. This is an outrage that Hillary will illegally raise money and when caught provide limited donations to charity. Hillary needs to come clean, return the money to its source, and become responsible. The American voter needs to hold Hillary accountable and send her home; wherever that is.