Friday, August 31, 2007


Political leaders are supposed to be just that; leaders. However, our career politicians have become nothing more than followers. Today Senator Harry Reid announced that he is willing to compromise and talk to the Republicans. Harry Reid said that he understands that there are other ideas about the war and that Congress should not make the Iraq war a Democrat versus Republican issue. Where in the world did that come from? Just a short 5 months ago Harry Reid said that the war was lost. America was defeated and needed to immediately withdraw from Iraq with its tail between its legs. In July Harry Reid staged a political show in the US Senate. He made the Senate stay in session all night in a grandstanding effort to point out the difference between the two parties. All Summer Harry Reid said he was going to continue to make the Republicans vote against the withdrawal effort to highlight the differences. Now after the August recess Harry Reid went back to Washington with a conciliatory tone. One must question why the change of heart. Is this a display of leadership? Is this an effort to reconcile differences? Or is this more political pandering from a career politician incapable of providing direction?

Harry Reid supported the go to war effort. He voted for the resolution authorizing the use of force. This happened when 70 percent of the American people supported the war. Later, when the anti-war crowd grew in strength Harry Reid became an opponent to the war. Harry Reid claimed that he was fooled by the Bush Administration even though he had access to the same intelligence reports that the Executive office had access to. When the hard line "netroots" claimed responsibility for the turnover of power in Congress, Harry Reid went as far as saying the US has "lost" the war and it was time to withdraw. Today Harry Reid has again changed his position. Today he tried to claim he would like to see compromise. What happened today to make him change his mind. Could it be the polls that show Congress has a 22 percent approval rating? Could it be that a recent poll shows 54 percent of the American public believes we are making progress? Could it be that recent poll shows 42 percent of the public thinks the US was correct in engaging Iraq?

This is another example of the floundering Democratic party that has no Ideas. Most of the leading Democrats are not leaders. Most of the leading Democrats are followers. As polls shift so do the stances of our politicians. None of our politicians have vision. They follow the lead of emotional opinion polls. This is not what is needed by our government. Our political leaders need to lead by example and sway public opinion. Politicians need to develop real ideas and real plans and present them to the American public for approval. We do not need politicians that lag behind the American public. The American public will always have opinions and those opinions will change overtime. Sometimes these opinions will change rapidly. We do not need reactive leaders that are always behind. We need leadership that will stay out front and prevent issues from developing in the first place. A leader will change direction when needed. A leader will listen to advice and perhaps even consult opinion polls for data. This however, does not provide an excuse for following rather than leading. Leaders will always lead. Leaders are often faced with unpopular decisions. It is a responsibility of leaders provide direction and leaders must not change positions just because the mood has changed and the going gets tough. Following opinion polls due to a lack of initiative and ideas is just another reason why all career politicians must go home. America needs to use the inherent term limits in our form of government. Please use the power of the vote and vote against all of the incumbents. Place America first and vote for candidates that understand leadership and place the needs of America first. Career politicians place their own self esteem needs ahead of the country. There is a reason why the American citizenry believes America is on the wrong track. It is because our elected leaders no longer represent the people. Career politicians represent themselves and will do or say anything for reelection. Returning America to a prosperous Nation will begin when we decide it is time for the career politicians to return home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Couric Sent To Iraq. Why?

Last year when Katie Couric took over as anchor of the CBS Evening News, she probably never imagined that she would be marking the first anniversary of that event from Iraq. Sinking ratings and the upcoming Patreaus report have conspired to take her out of the safety of her New York studio and place her smack dab in the middle of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This appears to be an attempt to shore up her ratings against the more successful ABC and NBC news programs, and to lend her some credibility as a hard news journalist. CBS denies this, insisting instead that Katie’s mere presence in the most violent country on earth has persuaded a few previously camera shy [for survival] Iraqi politicians to come forward and sit down with Katie for a chit-chat.

Never mind the obvious absurdity of that contention… this is a fools-errand, exposing this single mother of two young children to horrific dangers simply to add another voice to an already endless stream of journalists reporting from the region. It may also place these publicity-averse politicians and their families directly in the cross hairs of vengeance seeking insurgents.

All in the name of ratings…shame on you CBS.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Major Blow for the Left

The Main Stream Media was disappointed yesterday. They demanded that President Bush answer questions surrounding the Alberto Gonzales resignation. However, the president announced that a major development occurred in Iraq. The Iraqi's announced that a compromise on the debaathification process in Iraq was reached and would be presented to the Iraqi Parliament. This is a major breakthrough and represents a move forward for the Iraqi people. This compromise is representative of a country struggling through its infancy. The going has been tough and the civil strife in Iraq is high. However, by reaching an agreement and presenting this sweeping reform to the Parliament is a historic step towards establishing an effective democracy.

This law is a problem for the Liberal left. This is yet another sign that the current strategy of providing security and space for the Iraqi government to operate is working. It has been slow and tedious at times but this sweeping law is representative of what may happen. The far left extremes and even the Democratic Party have staked their existence on an American defeat in Iraq. The MSM would not even provide limited exposure to this major development. This development is one of the 18 major benchmarks the Democrats decided must be worked towards and met in order continue receiving support from America. The MSM has failed its responsibility by refusing to pay any attention to this major development.

The MSM is a failure. There is a reason why the American public trusts the military commanders more than the MSM. It is because the military tries to report on facts as they see them. The military is not pushing a political agenda. The MSM is a major propaganda machine for the liberal left. It will always report "Bad News" from Iraq. The MSM will sensationalize setbacks in Iraq. The MSM will always back the extreme left side of any issue and ignore anything from the right. "Good News" from Iraq is non existent in the MSM. To the MSM good news is not news. To the MSM only bad news will sell. This my friends is yellow journalism. What a shame. The MSM has decided that a major defeat is the only way forward in Iraq. Please turn the propaganda machine off and tell the whole story. Americans demand truth from their media outlets.

Media Ignores Major Iraqi Benchmark Accomplishment

Monday, August 27, 2007

Educating America

America is often called the land of opportunity. We wish our children to be better off than we have been throughout our lives. This is a very noble goal and one that everyone should achieve. We are a land of great resources and have the world’s best innovators and yet we are unable to level the playing field and allow everyone the opportunity to succeed. The key to success and leveling the playing field is through education. Our high school dropouts rates are too high. According to the Editorial Projects in Education, nearly 1/3 of high school students will drop out. Just think about it; thirty three percent of high school students will drop out of high school. How are these people going to live the American dream? How are these people going to receive medical insurance? How are these people going to become productive members of society?

In order to overcome poverty our nation will have to reduce these rates. We will have to increase spending on education. John Edwards speaks of a divided America and of “two Americas”. There is one country that is rich and prosperous and another that is poor and downtrodden. We must ask ourselves what can be done to overcome poverty. We must address this very vital issue in a mature and rational manner. The issue has to be addressed through higher education and national service.

I found it interesting that all of the Democratic Presidential candidates talk about the need for education. They know education is a key to overcoming this disgraceful poverty in America. The problem is they do not have any well thought out plans. In the debate on 19 AUG 2007, all of the candidates addressed the issue of education. They spoke of funding pre-school and making kindergarten an all day affair. My question is how is this going to provide an opportunity, lower high school dropout rates, and level the playing field? The plan to increase funding for pre-school and all day kindergarten is a shortsighted view that does not address the issue. These plans are inherently doomed to failure. These plans will ultimately lead to a greater deterioration in the “Nuclear Family”. These plans focus on the front end of education. They sound good however they are fatally flawed. Placing our Nations future in school for an additional year will lead to an increase in High School dropout rates not fewer. Our K-12 education system would have to change curriculum in order to accommodate the higher education level of the youth or all will be lost. With the K-12 education system staying the same, our youths will be faced with similar decisions in High School that they are today. Children will be more apt to become frustrated and dropout rates will have a tendency to rise.

So what are we to do? My suggestion is to focus on the backside of our education system. Provide the poor and underprivileged with hope of a future. Provide the future of America with an opportunity to succeed. Provide all of American youth with an opportunity to excel by leveling the playing field. The US should provide every child with the opportunity to attend the college, university, trade school, or vocational school of their choice. Our politicians will need to establish guidelines and fully fund higher education for everyone with a need. This would be an expensive endeavor. However, the US could establish a public service corps. After attending the higher education source the recipients of taxpayer funding would be committed to serving in the public service corps. For every semester paid for by the taxpayer a recipient would owe 6 months of public service. This corps could be utilized to benefit society. The use of our most valuable resource would reduce the budget. We would be able to address issues through human resources rather than the almighty greenback.

By leveling the playing field and providing an opportunity for all, the young will be more apt to see a future in their lives and continue on with education. This would tend to lower our shameful dropout rates. A focus on the backside of the education issue will provide everyone with opportunity to succeed and excel.

A better educated American public will reduce poverty. It will help alleviate some of the health care crisis. Education will also provide additional resources to overcome issues related to law and order, environmental, and diplomatic relations. Educating America will push America forward. No one will be left behind. Please leave the short sighted plans at the door. The current presidential hopeful’s plans are designed to keep poor people poor and making the middle class poorer. The Democratic plans will create two classes of people: the ruling elite and the ruled labor. Let prosperity return to America and educate the public.

Illegal [?] Immigration

Seems that Bernard Shaw, formerly of CNN, has this immigration thing all figured out. If you have problems with people coming into the US and bypassing the legal immigration process, you are a racist.

Shaw states, "Look at the immigration battle right now. We have about 13 million people who have been living in this country for years, raising their children, educating them, and there's actually an argument about whether they should be here. They are here, and they are a vital part of the American fabric.

"The battle is never won. There are some people who still believe that people of color are not needed in this country. And yet people of color have been the essence of this country since its beginning. So there's a great education requirement, and all of us are educators and we're going to make this country work."

It’s like saying people who are skeptical about global warming hate the planet.

I would really like to know who, besides some radical hate groups, think people of color are not needed in this country. We are all “people of color”, every single one of us, the ethnic diversity of America is what makes it so great. No other nation in history has successfully absorbed such a wide mix of ethnicities and enjoyed the freedoms and level of prosperity that we have had during the last 231 years.

News flash for Bernie, this country does work, and will continue to do so.

Now using Shaw’s flawed logic, if I stole a car five years ago, but have had no moving violations or traffic infractions and then the DMV or police discover that I stole said vehicle, I should not only be granted amnesty, but also be allowed to keep the car, because it’s been in my driveway for years, and it’s a vital part of the fabric of my life.

Mr. Shaw employs a time-tested strategy. When you have nothing to support your views, no logic behind your arguments, throw out the "R" word and hope people cave.

Nice try Bernie...but most Americans have stopped listening to race-baiters like you.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Irresponsible Defeatists

Liberals, Democrats, and the Main Stream Media are all upset that President Bush would have the audacity to compare Iraq to Vietnam. The left is appalled that after years of denying America was engaged in a quagmire the president would have the audacity to compare the killing fields of the Vietnam era with what would happen to Iraq if the US was to withdraw our military precipitously. Senator John Kerry even had the nerve to say that internment in retraining camps in Vietnam was not that bad. The revisionist historians and liberals would have the American people believing that the mass executions that happened in South East Asia after the US left an enormous power vacuum in Vietnam really did not happen or are greatly exaggerated.

The real issue is that Iraq is a losing issue for the liberal left and the Democrats. The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. The only way they look good on this issue is for the US to be defeated and be forced into a withdrawal plan. Anything short of a humiliating defeat and the left loses. The reason they dislike the comparisons the president made to the killing fields is because that is even a losing issue. The liberal left claims to be the voice for the little people. The left supposedly speaks for the humanitarians, the environmentalists, the poor, and the downtrodden. Unfortunately, the parallels with Vietnam are present and this would be a humanitarian crisis for the ages.

The US created a power vacuum in the Middle East when Saddam Hussein was toppled. Saddam Hussein posed a threat to his neighbors. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and Saddam Hussein utilized chemical weapons (WMD) on his own people. However, the brutal Baathist regime was also held at bay by the US and the regional Arab states. Even though Iraq was one of the most powerful of Arab States, Iraq could not have ruled the entire Middle East. Let there be no doubt that Iraq posed a threat and Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. Saddam was a powerful leader and the Iraqi military had the capability to create unease and tensions in the area. Toppling the brutal regime created a power vacuum. There are many factions in Iraq that are currently vying for power. The Kurds in the north, the Sunnis in the West, and the Shiites in the South control vast expanses and have no desire to share power with each other. All of these factions have an interest in gaining the upper hand in the power struggle. When the US invaded Iraq the government, industry, and infrastructure were destroyed. Iraq is unable to defend itself and is not a major player in the Arab world at this point. Iraq is vulnerable to civil war, invasion, and corruption. The Middle East has been totally destabilized. The US is the only reason pure anarchy and civil war has not taken a strong foothold in Iraq.

A precipitous withdrawal would change everything. The Iranians would seek to install a brutal Iran style Sharia law government. The Turkish army may invade the north to stop the formation of a Kurdish state. Al Qaeda would want to unite the Sunnis and create a terrorist State. In all likelihood mass killings would occur. The civil war may become the greatest catastrophe of the 21st century. Millions of deaths of innocent people would in all likelihood happen in the blink of an eye. All of this is the likely result of a precipitous withdrawal. The threat of the mass murders and executions should shame all of the defeatists in the US to take another look.

America has a responsibility to prevent such a massacre. Over 70% of the American people supported the president in the war plans. The US Congress overwhelmingly approved a resolution allowing the President to send in the US military. This is an American war and not a Republican or Bush war. The war was supported by the public and now there is a responsibility. We can not turn our back on innocent civilians just because the war is no longer popular. We can not allow an impending massacre to occur just because we have a short attention span. We can not allow a wider regional conflict occur just because the liberal left and democrats have staked their future on defeat. The defeatists in this country would have Americans believe that the killing fields did not really exist or that they are exaggerated. How dare the President compare Iraq to the killing fields.

War is unpopular. There has not been any war the US has been involved in that was popular throughout. American society was deeply split during the revolutionary war, the US was deeply split during the civil war, and America was deeply divided over World War I. America was united immediately after Pearl Harbor but by 1944 the public had turned decidedly against World War II. In each of these drawn out wars America stood its ground and saw an end that ultimately benefited American society. Unfortunately, the finality of the last war left America divided for a decade. The wounds and scars of the last war are still not fully healed. Is America going to again repeat the failures of the last war? Or is America going to see this through to the point of a stable Iraq. Will America finally allow itself to again be united and finish a war? Or will America skip out on its responsibilities and create another killing field?

President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld prosecuted this war poorly from the start. Both should have realized that the Iraqis were not going to welcome America as liberators. Both should have planned for the eventuality of a long drawn out insurgency. America should not have allowed the Baathists and Saddam loyalists to melt back into the Iraqi cities in order to fight another day. The problem is this is Monday morning quarterbacking. The problem with history is that we can not change it. What is needed now is for America to take responsibility for its actions. We need open debate that addresses a responsible plan for stabilizing Iraq. We need leadership; not political rhetoric and political pandering. America is a great Nation with many resources. We need to start using the resources and quit running away from our problems. A stabilized Iraq will equate to a united America.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

History Repeats?

The current Democratic Party is starting to look a lot like the 1992 and 1996 Republican Party. The Democrats are a party that is split. The hardcore fringe elements of the liberal left are hijacking the party. This hijacking of the Democrat party is reminiscent of the Pat Buchanan movement in the Republican Party. In 1992, Pat Buchanan led a primary fight against the incumbent George Bush. This allowed for the entry of an Independent to enter the race as a solid contender. Ross Perot garnered 18.91 % of the popular vote. Ross Perot was able to set the agenda for the presidential campaign and ultimately turn the tide of the electorate against the Republican Incumbent and ultimately in favor of the Democratic contender William Clinton. Many naysayer’s do not believe Ross Perot actually won the election for William Clinton. There is the belief that Ross Perot took as many votes from William Clinton as George Bush. America will never know. However, what is apparent is that Patrick Buchanan was able to mount a credible primary challenge that fractured the Republican Party. George Bush was forced to allow Pat Buchanan an opportunity to speak in a key prime time slot. In this slot Pat Buchanan gave the famous “fire and Brimstone” speech that splintered the Republican Party. The shocking primary challenge left many moderate republicans in a state of panic. The Republican Party was unable to unite in a single movement. The speech continued to ignite the religious right and inflame the moderates in the party. This fracturing of the party left the door open for Ross Perot.

Today many of these same fault lines are being displayed by the Democrats. The three top tier candidates are sniping at each other. The liberal diarists have marginalized the moderates within the party. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga will undoubtedly have a prominent role in the Democratic National Convention. Mr. Zuniga is a polarizing liberal extremist that has been a leader in the crusade against the moderates and centrists within the Democratic Party. When the far left socialist and communist viewpoints come to the forefront chances are that the Democratic Party will splinter. Rather than unite the political party the liberal diarists will ultimately seize the party and open the door for an independent. Right now Sam Nunn is pondering an independent run under the Unity 2008 umbrella. Ultimately, a candidate of Sam Nunn’s stature will take votes from independents and both parties similar to what Ross Perot did in 1992. What is uncertain is if America is ready to vote for an independent. I believe if America is ready they will vote for the right independent and change the politics of division. However, what is certain is that 2008 looks similar to the 1992 election and we may be in for yet another 4-8 years of a president that does not have the support of a majority of Americans. We are in for another president elected with a plurality rather than a majority. The 2008 election is looking to be a continuation of the divisive politics America has endured for the last 16 years.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Politics of Fear

A great American once said "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety". However, in light of today's political climate we are all going to be forced into giving up our liberties and rights as Americans in one form or another. It does not matter which political ideology one follows. Our politics have gone from great parliamentarians that worked compromises to benefit the country as a whole to a country where the politicians divide a great nation. The politicians of today rule out of fear. There is the fear of terrorism, the fear of global warming, the fear of higher taxes, the fear of guns, the fear of free trade, and the fear of health care amongst others. Both political parties are promoting the politics of fear to get elected in 2008. No matter which candidate wins the next presidential election, we will have rights and liberties infringed upon. We could lose the right to bear arms, the right to privacy, and the right to free thinking. Our politicians no longer talk about issues that will benefit the citizens as a whole. They no longer talk about issues facing middle America. Both political parties would ensure dissenting viewpoints are stamped out. Our politics has turned from being a place to deliberate and find compromise that is in the best interest of the country. Both parties have turned toward the view "my way or the highway". All of the politicians have passed the blame on the other party for the failures of our government. Our politicians no longer govern for the people but rather for the special interest groups. Economic collapse, global warming doom and gloom, foreign relations nightmare, and other political buzzwords have taken the place of such buzzwords as hope and prosperity. The career politicians just run on the people's fears in order to produce a 51% majority. Once elected with the 51% majority these same career politicians start campaigning for the next election cycle and yet another 51% majority. These political parties are no longer representative of middle American but rather representative of the fringes of society. Our government does not govern from the middle for the benefit of all but rather govern from the fringes for the benefit of the few (or the 51% of backers). The great divide in America is caused by the extremists in both parties. Moderates are crushed and forced to follow party lines. This is a philosophy that will destroy the American dream.

Thus far in this election cycle I have found only two presidential candidates from either party that speak to moderates and middle of America. First there is Joseph Biden. Mr. Biden is speaking from experience and talks about legislative successes. He speaks from the heart when he talks about our country's responsibilities in Iraq. He understands what ails America and seem to be rather moderate in his views. The second candidate is Ron Paul. Mr. Paul is a libertarian running as a Republican. Mr. Paul promotes fiscal responsibility and social liberties. He is against higher taxes, bigger government, entitlement programs and other governmental excesses. However, neither of these candidates is gaining much national attention. The MSM has anointed Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards as the standards bearers for the Democratic party and Rudolph Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and John McCain as the standard bearers for the Republican party. In all likelihood two of these six individuals will be chosen to square off against each other for the prize of biggest fear mongerer. All six of these candidates have pandered to any group that they believe will gain them the 51% majority. Moving towards the party extremes will leave the middle unrepresented.

I am waiting for another independent run at the presidency. In my belief if an independent is ever going to win the presidency, 2008 will be the year. America is looking for a correction. We are a Nation that is on the wrong track. However, lurching towards the left or solidifying the religious right is not the correction we are looking for. The middle is not looking for a change that will move the country radically. We are looking for a change that will unite America. The country is looking to move the country more towards the middle. America has issues and problems. However, under the leadership of a centrist the politics of fear will diminish. When our government no longer rules out of fear but rather for the country America will again be a country united. With a united and orderly America we will not forsake our liberties. A united America will again become the envy of the world.

Global Warming and the Final Frontier

Recently our space shuttles have had problems associated with the insulting foam on the shuttles. Columbia was a disaster created when the insulating foam broke free and damaged the heat protecting tiles. This tragedy cost the lives of all seven astronauts on board. Today the space shuttle Endeavor has experienced similar problems. There is a deep gouge in the heat shielding tiles. The National Aeronautics Space Administration is deciding the fate of the Endeavor astronauts. NASA has developed three plans to repair the damaged tiles however, all three methods have flaws. The fate is in the hands of NASA engineers. If nothing is done Endeavor's fate could be sealed during re-entry just as Columbia's fate was determined when nothing was done. The repairs are dangerous and again put the lives of the astronauts at great risk. This is a sorry state of affairs. The fate of our astronauts in the final frontier is being determined by the damaged caused by insulting foam that has already been proven to be dangerous.

Environmental concerns prompted NASA to alter the foam from a freon based foam to a more environmental friendly non freon based foam. This new environmental foam caused 11 times more damage than the freon based foam caused. The freon based foam was banned during by the biggest global alarmist of all, Al Gore. The EPA regulations that banned this foam were enacted under the direction of the Clinton administration. The EPA refused to provide an exemption to NASA even though the new material caused more damage and placed the lives of our generation's explorers at a much greater risk. The global warming alarmists have absolutely gone to far. We should not knowingly place anyone at risk for the sake of a few votes from the global warming alarmists. At a minimum an exemption should have been allowed until NASA found a better insulting foam. It is obvious that this current foam does not work and it is placing our country's explorers at great risk. It was always a proud moment watching these launches. I personally watched in horror when the first shuttle (Challenger) accident happened in 1986. The shock of the Columbia disaster leaves one to wonder. However, when the same problem rears its ugly head and then to find out that this is a known problem just makes my stomach turn. The politics of fear are ruling the day and ruining America.

Never in the issue of global warming has there been open and honest debate. The results of testing conducted by both proponents and opponents yields only the results the researcher intends. The results are skewed to provide "proof" one side is right. As I said in an earlier article there is no doubt human excesses have created environmental issues. However, putting political gain ahead of honest debate and worse yet ahead of the lives of true American heroes is an outrage.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Internet Killed The Video Star

Some people yearn for the days when television and print media were the only sources of news and information. These people are of course, those employed in the television and print media industries. For decades these individuals wielded almost unlimited power, that elite group decided what was newsworthy, what was important, and they also decided how to report it.

News anchors became celebrities, drawing huge salaries to read teleprompters, look good and feign intelligence. These vapid talking heads continue to pollute the airwaves of America with their inane, slanted commentary disguised as news…but they are floundering.A recent Pew Research poll reveals that "people who rely on the internet as their main news source express relatively unfavorable opinions of mainstream news sources and are among the most critical of press performance". These people also tend to be better educated and younger than the majority of the viewing public and represent a quarter of all Americans.

Network news is quickly becoming an anachronism, disconnected and out of place in present day America, dedicated not to reporting events but to promoting an agenda. The multi-millionaire anchors eagerly latching on to any trendy, chic, or politically correct topic that attracts their interest and then presenting it as a subject of importance to an ever shrinking viewing audience.

NBC, CBS, and ABC count on the gullibility and laziness of the viewing public to keep their evening news programs in the black. These networks also rely heavily on the transference theory, the idea that beliefs, opinions and habits are transferred between generations. The nightly news was once a staple of American society. When Dad came home from work “The Andy Griffith Show”, “Leave It To Beaver” or “Gilligan’s Island” was switched off…the hilarious Barney Fife gave way to the gravely serious Walter Cronkite and the CBS Evening News.

These days when Mom or Dad come home from work, they rarely go to the television to view one the big three’s news programs. Through internet, Pod casts, or 24 hour news channel, they are already up to date on the news events and topics that interest them. Time to watch “American Idol”, cruise the internet and eat take-out. Katie, Brian and Charles are increasingly unheard entities, with little or no relevance in modern society.

We will all be better off once the networks realize this fact and remove these self-important, overpaid, and opinionated windbags from the television landscape. To paraphrase Shakespeare, evening news truly has become “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. Thank you Bard.

I’m The Lizard, and that’s the way it is, Saturday August 11th 2007.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Global Warming Hoax?

The media has placed great emphasis on the effects of global warming lately. The heat wave across the country is a sign of global warming. The bridge collapse in Minneapolis is blamed on global warming. The floods in Great Britain, the heat wave in Southern Europe, and the increased intensity of hurricanes have all recently been blamed on global warming. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration claimed 1998 was the warmest year on record. Recently, supporters of global warming including Dr. Heidi Cullen (climatologist for the weather channel) have castigated opponents who say that global warming is being oversold. One global warming advocate has even offered a $100,000 reward to anyone that can prove global warming. The alarmists would have many Americans believing impending disaster is on the doorsteps. However, a responsible society needs all of the information to make intelligent decisions. While the alarmists have attempted to silence opposing views here are some harsh realities that cast doubt on the alarmists:

1. Blogger finds Y2k bug in NASA data.

2. Roy Spencer UAH Scientist and Researcher disputes Global Warming Cloud Theory.

3. Latest Scientific Data Suggests Greenland Glaciers Expanding Not Melting.

The MSM has continuously blamed global warming for every weather related event this entire summer. Certainly odd is how the MSM blamed the tragic bridge collapse in Minneapolis on global warming. However, nowhere in the MSM is an article found that refutes the global warming alarmists. Perhaps that is why global warming alarmists are finding so little traction. The alarmists are trying to prove their point by shouting louder and utilizing the great American MSM spin machine. It has become fashionable to blame CO2 emissions and energy requirements for the ills facing the nation. However, just blaming climate conditions on global alarming without hard science creates a problem.

Man is definitely affecting the environment. It would be irresponsible to believe that human excesses are not effecting the environment. However, we need valid studies that probe for answers. We require facts pertaining to causes and effects. Political and fashionable rhetoric is no substitution for factual evidence and research. What are the MSM and global alarmists trying to hide? Why would they want to silence dissent? True problems will have supporting evidence without having to silencing critics or resorting to shouting louder than the opponents. The alarmists should calm down and make a case with whatever evidence and research they have. The MSM should report all available facts without adding their overvalued and biased opinion. The alarmists and MSM look rather foolish when they make unsubstantiated wild accusations that are refuted by scientific evidence.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Pandering to the soon-to-be-foreclosed, Ms. Clinton is calling for a billion dollar federal bailout fund to assist those home buyers that did not understand ARM is an acronym for “Adjustable Rate Mortgage” not “All Right Man”!

Yes, I know it’s misspelled, but I’m upset.

The New York senator's proposal includes a $1 billion federal fund to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, an end to prepayment penalties and more affordable housing options.”

Is it the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure that sub-prime borrowers make their mortgage payments? I don’t remember being consulted before any of them signed the loan papers.

Is there a time limit on this “avoid foreclosure” idea, or do we just pick up the tab for those in trouble for the next thirty or so years? And what does “more affordable housing options” mean, surplus Katrina trailers? More affordable housing is an option that should have been explored before the loan papers were signed.

Could this billion-dollar fund also be used to help people who are at risk of losing their homes because they lost their jobs, or were recently widowed? Probably not.

It’s unfortunate to lose your home to foreclosure (or anything else for that matter) but sub-primers shouldn’t look to the federal government to pay their mortgage…and Hillary shouldn’t troll for votes in this manner. The American taxpayer should not be expected to act as a safety net for high-risk homeowners.

The problem here is not really the “predatory” lenders. Of course these companies are aggressively recruiting customers, but they are not deceiving these high-risk borrowers. The contractual obligations are spelled out, the numbers listed, and one would hope, the conditions understood and accepted before the pen hits the paper. The alternative to taking on a sub-prime loan is not living on the streets, it is paying rent.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Censure Resolutions and the Disingenuous Congress

The resolutions involving the censuring of the President, Vice President, and Attorney General are very disturbing. The democrats appear to be guilty of political pandering and are being very disingenuous. The democrat led congress has two pending censure resolutions. The first resolution states the Executive office misled the nation regarding the threat posed by Saddam Hussein as well as misled links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, did not plan adequately for the war, and misled the nation about the strength of the insurgency. These are accusations based on Monday morning quarterbacking. First of all it was an evenly split Senate that voted overwhelmingly to approve the resolution to send combat troops. There is a foreign intelligence committee in the Senate. It may be convenient for the leading democratic senators to claim they did not read the intelligence reports, or that they would not have voted for the resolution if they knew then what they know now, but that will not change the fact that they had the same intelligence that the President had when the decision was made. There are known ties between Al Qaeda and Iraq prior to the war. In the summer of 2002 the original leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi settled in northern Iraq. Bottom line with this hypocritical point is that there were significant ties to Al Qaeda and the misleading of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein is nothing more than Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

The second point is that the administration did not adequately plan for the war. I have to disagree with this point. There were Iraq war plans on the books every year since the early 1990’s. These plans were worked on by the first Bush presidency, the Clinton presidency, and the start of the second Bush presidency. Again it is disingenuous to suggest that the planning was inadequate. One has to admit that the war was poorly prosecuted and certain assumptions were wrong. The Bush administration believed the Iraqi’s were ready to free themselves of a brutal tyrant. Unfortunately, the Iraqi’s were not ready to welcome the US as liberators. However, the administration is not guilty of inadequate planning. They may have underestimated the resolve of the extremists in the region but the plans were in place for well over a decade.

The third point in the resolution is that the administration misled the nation about the strength of the insurgency. Again this is disingenuous. It is difficult if not impossible to judge insurgent strength. After Saddam was toppled a great power vacuum was created. There were many factions vying for power. The average Iraqi’s were more afraid of the insurgents and Al Qaeda then they were of the US. Political correctness forced the US to take a defensive position. The military leaders were unable to determine friend or foe. This happens in the fog of war.

This first censure resolution is nothing more than a political strategy to deny responsibility, pass blame, and pander to the democratic extreme left wing party base. If congress wants to reprimand, condemn, or rebuke anyone it should be themselves first. Congress approved the legislation. Congress followed the polls and passed a resolution that was popular with the citizens. Now that popular support has shifted towards the anti-war sentiment the weak Democratic leadership is trying to pass the blame solely on the Bush administration and deny their own involvement.

No one wants a war. It is an inhumane act. However, it is disingenuous for the Democratic Party to run away from their own vote. The congress is trying to deny any responsibility. Unfortunately, both the congress and the Bush administration are responsible for the Iraq war. This censure measure is nothing more than a strategy to shore up the party base and mislead many centrist independent voters.

The second censure resolution nothing more than political grandstanding. In this measure the democrats are going on record as condemning the patriot act which many incumbent congressional members voted for. The resolution also condemns the wiretapping that was conducted. However, this congress just passed legislation that approves of the wiretapping that was conducted and even goes further than the President requested. Who are the Democrats trying to fool?

This is the worst congress I have ever had to endure. This congress has been unable to accomplish anything significant. The only issue they have is the unpopular war and an unpopular president. The democratic leadership has no ideas, no direction, and a 3% approval rating on their handling of the Iraq war. It is high time this congress realizes they are inadequate. Both political parties have bankrupted American society. There are no morals or ethics shown by the career politicians. The problem is that political office is their job. They are not in office to work for the people. They are in office fill some psychological void.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Blogger's Union?

Leave it to the left leaning bloggers to want to ruin the blogosphere. The innovators of the country started political blogs in the late 1990's. Most of the original political bloggers presented the conservative side of issues. When the copycat liberals noticed the potential influence in the blogoshere they started their own blog sites. Many of these liberal bloggers have banded together under the umbrella of the daily KOS and call themselves "netroots". Although the liberals (or self annoitted progressives)call themselves "netroots" in hopes of misleading others into thinking it was their idea, most free thinkers know it was the innovative right that started political blogs forming the "roots". The daily KOS is a special interest group that promotes the hate-flled extreme left side of issues. Now the liberal bloggers believe they need to form a labor union. They want a labor union governing free thinking. The liberal bloggers want to be able to get health insurance through a labor union for sitting down and writing opinions and also have the union establish "standards". This is ultimately a very bad idea. Labor Union representation would limit the work of free thinking Americans. Labor union representation would impose rules that bloggers would have to follow. This goes against the very ideals that brought the blogosphere into prominence in the first place. True bloggers desire a place to communicate ideas. The blogsphere has brought back the lost art of written communications. Unionization will ruin the blogosphere just like it ruined the American manufacturing base. It will impose rules that will limit free speech and free thought. A union will impose its will and ensure only the union ideals are brought forward. Typical of the left extremists: impose rules for their own benefit. Leave the unions out of the blogosphere and allow true free thinkers a place of our own.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Politics Of Victimization (Or How To Get Paid In 21st Century America)

Everyone wants to belong to something, whether it’s a family, fraternity, sorority, club, or team. It’s only human nature to want to fit in somewhere, and be with people that share your beliefs, ideals, or enthusiasms. We all want to feel that sense of belonging… no one really wants to be alone do they?

One group I have no desire to be a part of is the ever-growing and always trendy subculture of “victims”. It’s cool to be a victim, that way you can always blame someone else for all of your problems. Victims are alleviated from responsibility. They can act with impunity (they think); their actions are only a result of events that they have no control over. The victim creed… “It’s not my fault”.

Many victims are taught at a young age that they are not expected to achieve, that they will follow a generational path of apathy and accept the fact that the pathway to success, for whatever reason, has been denied them. They are taught not to improve their situation through education and hard work, but to use their victim status to demand special treatment and to obtain money, goods or services because they are victims and can not be expected to help themselves. To buck that system invites the scorn and derision of the very group that they were born into, and everyone wants to belong.

The 21st century victim paradigm:

Race/Class/Gender = Money/Goods/ Services

Usually you only have to meet one of the qualifiers in the race/class/gender model to be a good victim candidate.

It’s really all so simple; align yourself with a victims group and hope that you can organize, publicize and exploit enough guilt from the American public or some organization or company, to get paid. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the perception of victimization is potentially worth millions of dollars. Good luck.

Race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have turned victimization into
a profitable venture…they are entrepreneurial victim’s advocates. Jackson bastardized MLK’s dream and traded integrity for cash… extorting guilt funds from corporations to line his own pockets. Sharpton is a buffoon, indulged by politicos when it serves their needs. They use him as evidence of their racial tolerance, and he uses them to get his face on TV allowing him to pretend he has some kind of legitimate agenda. If either one of these individuals was Asian, Indian or Caucasian, they would be forced to seek other employment …can you imagine a Japanese Jesse? It won’t work when plugged into the formula.

A quick review of the Duke lacrosse case demonstrates the race/class/gender political equation at work:

Minority female sex worker accuses three Caucasian males of brutally raping her at a team party.

• Financially challenged minority female = automatic and unassailable victim status
• Caucasian male athlete (from wealthy family) attending elite university = guilty

This was a no-brainer for the MSM, Jackson or Sharpton. Once you apply the individuals to the race/class/gender formula, there can be only one result. These young men were publicly vilified by the DA, the press and a large part of the Duke faculty (Group of 88- full time, professional victims). The race/class/gender equation proved their guilt, it was inconceivable that a drug addicted prostitute with a criminal record and a history of mental problems could have made the whole thing up in some ill conceived plot to obtain victim’s comp.

The charges were eventually dropped, the woman exposed as a delusional fraud, but she did receive a limited amount of (pseudo) victim compensation. Jesse showed up and promised to pay for her college education from his vast pool of extortion money, (it doesn’t bother him that she lied, why should it? It’s not his money anyway). Further proof of the benefits of being perceived as a victim is the fact that the woman will not be charged with any crime – victims don’t have to follow the same laws that apply to everyone else.

Politicians love victims and sometimes can claim victim status. Al Gore is in this category, having wrestled defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2000 presidential election. Al is now basking in the accolades heaped upon him for representing possibly the leading victim of all time, Mother Earth. Gore has an Oscar, a movie; a book, a concert event, and possibly a Nobel prize for making sure we all know that he is certain man-made global warming is victimizing our planet. Quite the turn around for Mr. Gore…see, just find your victim and run with it!

Hillary Clinton and her campaign managers have this all figured out. Her campaign has seized upon last week’s cleavage remarks to paint Hillary as a victim. This feigned fury was quickly put to good use on the internet when her campaign used the cleavage incident to ask for more money. Money makes victims feel better, and don’t you feel better after giving money to a victim? Hillary certainly hopes so.

In todays hyper- sensitive, politically correct society, almost any remark or action can be considered offensive by someone. It’s chic to be offended, to present oneself as a victim. Not only will people like you, (everyone is nice to a victim, it violates PC etiquette to confront them), but you may even profit from it.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Left Wing Radicals

The Democratic Presidential hopefuls all decided against attending the moderate left of center Democratic Leadership Council a couple of weeks ago. They all decided that they did not have to attend because of other pressing campaign issues. However, they all decided that in order to shore up their base they would move towards the radical left wing of the party. All of the major Democratic hopefuls are attending a convention put on by the most left leaning hate organization in the country. The daily KOS is a special interest group that represents the far extremes of the left sided issues. They publish posts daily that are hate filled. The progressive left propaganda is supposed to be open minded and tolerant of dissenting viewpoints. However, they have had a disrespectful, hateful, and despicable picture showing Senator Lieberman on his knees in front of President Bush displayed prominently on the daily KOS website for over a year. The liberals and democratic party are supposed to espouse viewpoints that recognize opposing viewpoints. However, they only want opposing viewpoints discussed that fit into their narrow minded transactional viewpoints. The Daily Kos as an organization is worse than the far right hate groups. At least the far right hate groups let the public know they are hate groups.

It is understandable that every society has extremists groups. The main difference between the far left extremist groups like the Daily Kos and the far right extremists groups is that the Republican party does not attend conventions put on by the far right extremist groups while the Democratic party not only attends the far left extremist groups they also defend the hate filled extremist groups. Senator Dodd actually told Bill O'Reilly that the only reason he did not like the Daily Kos is because of the political viewpoint. I say no. It is not about politics and political viewpoints but rather about human decency. Many people disagree with political views but as adults we usually all agree to disagree and have good political debate. However, by pandering to hate groups our Democratic party is sending the message that hate is OK as long as it divides the country and gets them elected.

The fact of the matter is that it does not matter what part of the political spectrum average Americans come from. What matters is that hate groups are put in their place and left at the fringes of society. By attending hate convention the democratic party is supporting hate and pandering to the fringes of society. The democratic party is providing the fringes with a voice and telling everyone that it is OK to hate as long as it follows their philosophy and gets them elected. What a shame.

Check out the disrespect shown to our uniformed soldiers by the left wing hate group.

Kos censors soldier

Friday, August 3, 2007

Career Corruption

In the last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed credit for the huge ethics bill the house passed. Democratic Senators such as Dianne Feinstein and Russ Feingold hailed it as sweeping legislation that would change the way of politics. Feingold actually said "the bill must be considered landmark legislation." However, what they did not tell you is that the final bill stripped many of the tough points. The points that would have indeed changed politics in a positive manner. The following tough points that the senate passed are gone in the final bill:

1. Prohibition against Senators trading earmarks for votes
2. Prohibition against Senators from promoting earmarks that would financially benefit themselves, their immediate family, their staff, a [sic] their staff's immediate family.
3. Allows the Senate parliamentarian to determine compliance with the new earmark disclosure rule.
4. Prohibition of consideration of bills, joint resolutions, and conference reports if earmarks are not disclosed.
5. Requires earmarks attached to a conference report to be publicly available on the Internet in a search able format 48 hours before consideration.
6.Requires 67 votes to suspend the earmark disclosure rule
7. Requires a full day's notice prior to attempting to suspend the earmark disclosure rule.
8. Requires all earmark certifications from Senators to be posted on the Internet within 48 hours after an earmark is placed into legislation or its accompanying report.

The failure to pass these points in the final bill makes the ethics bill that passed a sign of the do-nothing congress.

This bill still allows Congressman Jack Murtha to funnel funds through a fictitious organization to his cronies. Jack Murtha still received over $150 million in pork spending in the defense budget. This bill allows Murtha to continue stealing taxpayer money and providing for family and friends. Another unethical Congressman had to pull three earmarks. Congressman Mollohan from West Virginia is under investigation for his "Cheat River" deal. The wall street journal reports that Mollohan has real estate and financial dealings that are directly tied to his earmark recipients.

Americans need to wake up. They are being bilked out of billions of dollars yearly by corrupt career politicians that are only interested in lining their pockets and getting re-elected. I would suggest voting all incumbents out of office. We need a new fresh crop of politicians that truly want to accomplish the business of the people. The current crop of corrupt politicians are in it solely for themselves, family, and friends. America has serious problems that need to be addressed. Not the least of which is career politicians and political corruption.