Monday, July 30, 2007

Where's the Beef? Center left unattended

Everyone knows center America elects the President. The old saying is nominees run to the party bases in the nomination process and run for the middle in the general election. This is an issue that needs attention. Right now both political parties are trying to rally their extreme bases. The issues being addressed are not the mainstream issues that Americans are facing. Immigration and border control are a joke. Tort reform is required for any health care plan to be successful. Education reform needs to be addressed. However, both political parties do not take on the tough issues. They continuously pander to their bases until the general election comes around. Next summer all of the candidates will be espousing policies that betray their bases in an effort to fool the middle of who is best suited for President. The problem is that no one is looking out for the middle right now. The Democratic candidates are not even showing up the the Democratic Leadership Council. This council is a moderate, slightly left of center organization. This council is representative of many left leaning independents and moderate democrats.

Next summer the nominees will be stepping all over themselves trying to court the middle. Yet they do not know what is in the middle. No one will attend anything that is remotely centrist. Why should the moderates of the parties or the independent voters pay any attention to these candidates. The centrist's of America should band together and rally behind a candidate that has no ties or loyalties to the far extremes of the country. The middle needs to step up and find a candidate that has broad appeal to the center. It is time that we vote for a candidate that runs from the middle for the middle. Many elections in the past have come down to voting for the lessor of two evils. The two political extremes have divided this great nation. Both the liberal left and religious right have spoken loudly and gotten their candidate's elected. I believe it is high time that the middle got a voice and supported a candidate that will appeal to the middle. This candidate can add the beef and attend to the middle.

Liberal Censorship

The first Amendment provides for freedom of speech. The Democrat controlled Congress however, is trying to get a fairness in broadcasting law passed that would limit the right to free speech to popular conservative radio talk shows. Additionally liberals are now going after Fox advertisers. Liberal political action committees like and the sierra club are trying to censor a MSM media outlet. These groups are trying to pressure corporations like home depot to stop advertising on Fox. These groups say it is hard for home depot to claim they are environmentally responsible and support fox news channel. These liberal groups say that fox is one sided. The problem is I do not hear these same groups say the same thing about the other MSM outlets who are obviously biased towards the liberal left.

The liberal left is all about free speech so long as it is patterned after their own opinions. The liberal agenda is to destroy the very ideals that make America great. The essence of America is the freedoms people have. Now it would appear that the liberal "populous" agenda will do anything it can to silence dissenting viewpoints. Is there any doubt that the liberal left will destroy this great country? The liberal left will stop at nothing in an effort to turn this great Republic into a great communism.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vick-timized in Atlanta

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has barred Mike Vick from attending the Falcons’ training camp which begins Thursday. The NFL will investigate whether Vick has violated any league policies and issue a report as to their findings before he is allowed to train with the team. Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of sponsoring a dog fighting operation on property he owned in Virginia. Vick is scheduled to be arraigned in Richmond on July 26Th, the same day training camp begins. If convicted the Atlanta QB could face up to six years in prison and some hefty fines.

There have been grisly reports coming out of Surrey county Virginia where Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels was located. Tales of gruesome animal abuse including the beating, electrocution and hanging of pit bulls that had been involved in organized dog fights, have brought statements and protests from PETA and the ASPCA, and demands for Vick’s immediate suspension from the NFL.

Vick faces some extremely serious charges, and although the burden of proof is on the federal prosecutors, his lawyers will still have to convince a jury that he had no knowledge of the dog fighting activities taking place on his property. Good luck with that.

Vick is just the latest in a string of players that are being accused of felonies these days, and while he must be presumed innocent, the accusations are already having a negative effect on the team, the town, and the Vick brand name. He is their number one quarterback and play maker and an enforced absence will no doubt damage the team’s chances for success this year. The Vick jersey was the number one seller in the NFL, and NIKE has delayed the release of the new Vick shoe. A whole lot of fallout already and he hasn’t even been arraigned yet.

The Atlanta Falcons are a company inside the corporation of the National Football League, it’s a huge business and it’s all about making money. Incidents such as this have the potential to cost the team and the NFL a lot of cash. Given the gravity of the charges against Vick, the Falcons or the NFL may be inclined to suspend him for PR sake.

If the accusations are true, Vick deserves to lose his reputation, his career, and his freedom. How a sane person could engage in these activities is beyond comprehension. If he is found innocent, he certainly deserves to regain his position on the team and the NFL. However he must realize that his actions have far-reaching effects. He is a sports super star paid millions of dollars a year to produce winning results on the field. He has team mates, fans, and business partners depending on him to act responsibly. It’s all a business, and when you don’t hold up your end of the deal you get let go. Even if you’re Mike Vick.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Best America Has to Offer?

It is difficult to believe that the current crop of presidential candidates are the best America has to offer. Hillary Clinton is a closet Socialist and a hero to the likes of Hugo Chavez and the new Argentine President. Barack Obama is an opportunist who is running towards the left wing of the Democratic party, John Edwards is a pretty boy pandering to the poor even though he is a millionaire because he exploited the poor. Rudolph Giuliani's only claim to fame is that he was mayor of New York City on 9/11. Rudy is a philanderer that has nothing else to offer. John McCain is out of touch with real America and is no longer the maverick he once was. Mitt Romney has not seen a policy yet that he could not play on both sides.

What we need is a truly independent run for the presidency. It can not come from the likes of Michael Bloomberg who was a Democrat when it was convenient, A Republican when it was convenient, and now an independent because it is convenient. I believe grass roots America needs to take back their country. It starts with using our system of elections to enforce natural term limits. We need to vote out all career politicians. The problem with career politicians is that politics is a career. Their heart is not in it. They only play politics to fulfill some egocentric need. We need a middle America candidate. One that has no ties to a political party. A candidate that is not necessarily ivy league educated but rather educated through the school of hard knocks. A candidate that truly understands what ails America because they live it everyday. America believes their candidates must be "Qualified". What does that mean? Does it mean we want candidates that part of the status quo government that has done nothing for middle America?

I say no. We need a true American that has experience dealing with real problems. Stay away from candidates that are CEO's, lawyers, and career politicians. Recruit a candidate from the grass roots level that can actually accomplish something. A candidate that works with both political parties and works compromises that are win/win situations for average Americans.

A recent Fox Poll finds over half the American public wants an independent to win. The article "FOX News Poll: Third Party President Good for Country" says 67% of Americans would consider an independent for President. The time is now for an independent that represents middle America to run for president. We have to take our country back. It has been stolen from us by career politicians and a media that caters to the status quo.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Political Corruptness

Federal charges need to be brought against Representative Murtha. Congressman Murtha sponsored an earmark to a fictitious organization. He tried to say the Department of Energy knew about the earmark. However, it remains unconfirmed by the DOE. This certainly smells like money laundering. There is a fictitious organization set to receive $1 million of taxpayer money. The parent company of this fictitious organization is a big donor to the Representative's campaign. This is brings to mind many questions, the first of which is "how much of a kickback does the Congressman receive for his earmarks?" Another is how many of his votes are bought and paid for by his donors? Another question is "Who does this Congressman represent, his constituents or his donors?

It certainly appears that Representative Murtha is a good investment. He provides $1 million for every $7,000 invested. I thought this was supposed to be the most ethical Congress ever. Nancy Pelosi said that was the mantra for the new Congress. However, she has done nothing about Congressman Murtha and his heavy handed methods or his corruptness. The Speaker of the House could in fact make a statement by starting an investigation into the earmarks Murtha has sponsored. When Murtha has no plausible explanation as seems to be the case in this example then he should be censored. If this is truly a fictitious organization then Murtha should be indicted and tried on federal money laundering charges.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lions And Tigers And Liberal Bias In The Media – Oh My!

I can’t lie…. I enjoy the fact that Katie Couric is struggling and CBS Evening News is hemorrhaging viewers while going down like the Titanic. I can’t understand why anyone would even waste their time watching any network news, CBS, NBC, or ABC. They are dinosaurs on the brink of extinction.

Today’s technology allows us instant access to countless news sources via TV, internet, even cell phone. So why wait until 6 o’ clock for that stale network news program? The three stooges, (Katie, Brian and Charlie) are certainly no wealth of knowledge or information, no insightful views there, just one-sided, agenda - driven rhetoric disguised as news.

A recent survey shows that by an almost 2 to 1 margin, Americans believe that the three-network news shows display a liberal bias. This is probably not news to anyone with three or more functioning brain cells. NBC just committed an astounding 75 hours of coverage to the Live Earth concerts. Would they have done that if Al Gore weren’t involved? Of course not. Interviewed by Ann Curry afterward, she practically begged Gore to run in 2008. Gore is another liberal media darling, much like Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan in years past. The media seem to have forgiven him for his loss to Bush in 2000.

People must recognize today’s media for what it is, an interest group with their own agenda that they are working hard to advance. Whether it’s fawning over Hillary or Obama, begging Gore to run for president, or harping on the evils of global warming, the mainstream media are working overtime to make sure we all see things their way.