Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hillary is The Mother of All Hypocrites

You know things are getting tough for Hillary when even staunch Clinton supporters like the New York Times [blog] report on her face-to-face apology to Barack Obama. Clinton and her campaign personnel have stated that she knew nothing about the comments made by campaign organizer Bill Shaheen concerning Obama’s teenage drug use. This might be a bit more believable if she had not already attacked Obama over a story he wrote in kindergarten. It’s hard not to look desperate when you are cloaked in desperation.

TIME also ran a report on "The Apology". If Hillary is upset, it's probably for one of two reasons;
A. The media and public opinion have both reacted negatively to this latest smear tactic, (her plan backfired and the MSM no longer rubber stamp her actions).
B. She wanted to save this particular tactic for later in the primary race, Shaheen in a fit of sycophantic exuberance, jumped the gun on a pre-approved plan.

It is hard to imagine that in Clinton's tightly controlled campaign, anyone would dare issue such a statement without the candidate's approval.

Update: Bill Shaheen has resigned from his NH campaign position for Team Clinton.

Clinton spokesman, Howard Wolfson, has resurrected an old claim that Obama operated a slush fund he used to grease palms in important primary states. Clinton operatives floated this rumor in the past but it didn’t gain any traction so they dropped it. Now that the Hillary Machine is beginning to misfire, Wolfson has dug it up again. Funny they should speak of violating campaign finance laws…remember Norman Hsu, how many more like him are contributing to the Clinton campaign? One of Hillary’s biggest problems with throwing mud is that she is guilty of almost every impropriety that has been leveled against her opponents…including, I’m sure, recreational drug use.

Next debate, I’d like to hear this question;

“Senator Clinton, if elected President, do you promise to return everything you stole from the White House the first time?”

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mayday, Mayday…My Campaign is in Trouble!!

Is the Hillary Express running out of steam? Maybe Oprah’s influence is helping Obama…or are voters beginning to see through Clinton’s say-anything-to-get-elected campaign strategy?

Can Bill convince Iowans that Hillary is not a cold, calculating, egomaniacal politico? Probably not, and why would anyone believe Bill anyway? If she loses Iowa, will we see Monica Lewinsky in NH telling the crowds what a kind, forgiving soul is Hillary?

The Clinton campaign is attempting to make Obama’s past drug use an electoral issue. At least the man had the courage to admit that he DID inhale. In the 21st century, it is hard to find anyone under the age of 60 that has not experimented with drugs of some kind, and most voters understand that fact. Democrats should be relieved that Obama’s first inclination was to tell the truth, not lie, the standard Clintonian response. This type of honesty is foreign to the Clinton mind, and just may prevent the GOP from making an issue of drug use if Obama becomes the party nominee.

Jonah Goldberg discusses why a vote for Hillary is a vote for the establishment. Voters may be looking to Obama for hope…something Hillary doesn’t offer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hillary’s Checkered Past Points To A Troubled Future

William Safire reminds us why we should be wary of anything Hillary says in this NYT article from 1996. Safire shows just how truth-resistant the anointed one can be when confronted with questions regarding her actions.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Silence is Deafening

Last year the media reported extensively on Iraq. All the news revolved around the failed policies of the current administration concerning Iraq. We heard daily about the atrocities being committed and the US was involved in a civil war. We heard that America was losing and that the war could not be won. We heard this everyday and every evening for the entire year. The Republicans lost control of both chambers of the legislature in large part because of the media focus on Iraq war effort.

The Democrats were outright excited at the prospects of not only winning the 2006 election but also turning the impending withdrawal from Iraq into even more gains in the Congress and perhaps even turning the executive body. The democratic party was going to force American troops to surrender and the US was going to have to admit defeat. Most of the democratic leadership was willing to force a surrender to the extremist in order to win elections. The democratic party was willing to sell out America in order to gain power. All through this summer all the media would play is how the surge had failed and there was no way America could win. The democratic party would not even condemn a liberal organization for slandering an American soldier. Moveon.ORG used a preemptive strike in the New York Times accusing an American General of Betraying our country. The Democratic Party just knew Iraq would carry them through 2008 and beyond.

However, since the report to Congress by General Petraus there has been very little news out of Iraq. We no longer hear daily about sectarian violence. We no longer hear AlQuaeda has control of major provinces in the country. We no longer hear how we are involved in a war America can not win. The media has refused to report on anything out of Iraq. We no longer have the daily polls showing how disgusted the Americans are with the war effort. Where is all of the news? Why is the media not reporting?

I believe the surge is working. While the political process is slow in moving on a National level in Iraq there has been political movement at a grass roots level in Iraq. Local Iraqis and Tribal leaders are forming coalitions and are actively participating in the political process and are determining a way forward for their own country. Violence in Iraq has declined dramatically. The death toll in Iraq has declined. US soldier losses in OCT and NOV have been the lowest since the beginnings of the war. Sensational attacks have declined. Al Queda is on the run. The political process is taking hold at the local level but yet our MSM will not report on it.

The developments in Iraq show the problem with the democratic party. The Democrats believe only big federal government can fix the problems of a nation. Only by socializing everything and using an entire village will make the democrats happy. The problem is that local problems need to taken care of locally. It is the grass roots that are innovative and will work the issues to ground. Iraq has demonstrated that it does not take a big government. It only takes a local grassroots effort to resolve local issues which will unite a nation.

America is a divided country. We need to come together at a grassroots level and take responsibility for our actions. We will then be able to come together locally and fix the problems. What will emerge is a Nation that is united with a National government that will again become a government of the people by the people. We need to take our government back. This all starts one person at a time. As individuals come together and form a group and issues are fixed and more people are taken under the umbrella we will be able to rid ourselves of corrupt career politicians. The career politicians are interested in lining their own pockets and forcing their ideas onto the American Public. It should be the other way around. We need to tell the government what to do. After all it is our government. It needs to be brought back home and again be a government for the people.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Harry has lost his compass

Harry Reid has decided to keep the Senate in session of the Thanksgiving holiday. On the surface this is the right thing to do. After all, the Congress has not been able to get any of their work accomplished for the year. There have been no appropriation bills passed and signed into law. The government is still languishing in a sea of red ink and operating on a continuing resolution. The politicians we elect and pay should work to catch up on missed suspense's. The fiscal year started 50 days ago. The Congress should be held accountable when they missed their suspense by over 50 days.

A deeper look at the reasons for keeping the Senate in session though shows that staying in session has nothing to do with accomplishing the work of the Congress. This extended session is "Pro Forma" meaning the session is a non voting session. This extended session is not intended to get our government on track it is intended to ensure the President does not make any recess appointments. Senator Reid says "the nominations need to get on track, and Bush has not met the Democrats halfway".

The problem with this argument is that nominations have been stalled in Senate committees. For instance three nominations for the Federal Reserve are held up in the Banking committee because the committee chair has neglected the duties of position held. Senator Dodd has been to busy running for the Democratic presidential nomination to actually conduct the business that we the people pay him to do.

Senator Reid has lost his way. He gained the Senate majority leader position on promises to make the government work for the people. Instead what we got was a contemptuous Congress that neglects its duties. The 110th Congress had a historic opportunity to change the direction of our government. The democratic leadership campaigned on changing the way government does business. The Democrats promised longer work weeks. They promised fiscal responsibility, they promised to instill ethical behavior in its members, and they promised a change to the procedures for the controversial earmarks attached to appropriation bills. The Congress did work longer weeks and still accomplished nothing. Now they have decided that longer workweeks did little so they have reverted to shorter work weeks. They promised fiscal responsibility but instead only considered raising taxes. Responsibility means living within ones means, not busting the budget and then raise taxes. This Congress passed legislation to improve ethics but then watered it down to the point where it was meaningless. The promised changes in the earmark promise. They enacted reforms but then reneged. This has been one of the worst Congresses for attaching earmarks and pork to appropriations bills. House member Jack Murtha provided an earmark for a fictitious company in an effort to launder money back into his campaign war chest.

The 110th Congress was voted in to accomplish the peoples business and change the direction of our country. Instead all we got was more of the same. The government is almost at a standstill with no finalized budgets. This Congress has been just as unethical as any in the past. Instead of changing direction this Congress started running for reelection. The Democrats have been on a constant campaign for office since they lost in the 2000 presidential election. The democrats have accomplished absolutely nothing.

One of the reasons the Democrats are so enamored with the prospects of picking up seats in both chambers of Congress is because they are picking up candidates that lost in the past. America needs new blood in the political circle and not the same old retreads from the past. Career politicians need to step away. Career politicians have lost their compass and as a result have no clue where they are at. Continuing to elect career politicians will not change the direction of America. The people have elected democrats and republicans for years and nothing changes. We need innovative and creative minds that will break down the paradigms. America is on the wrong track and no incumbent is capable of bringing America together. Voting for an incumbent is not a a vote to unite America. A vote for incumbents and career politicians will only further divide Americans and ensure we stay on the wrong track. Lets find our compass and vote the idea challenged out of office.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Squandered Revenue

In the midst of one of the greatest economic downturns the world has ever seen an American President looked forward and developed plans to bring America through the depression stronger than ever. In 1935, Congress enacted the Social Security Act. This act provided federal assistance to the elderly. Social Security taxes have been collected ever since. Each generation of workers paying for the elderly of the previous generation.

The baby boom generation started with babies born in 1946. This generation is now just entering minimum retirement age for drawing minimum social security benefits. They paid in a great deal of money and more than paid for the previous generation. There should have been a huge surplus in the social security barrel. Unfortunately, our politicians have squandered this away. Every administration has raided the social security trust fund in order to pay for pet projects.

We have all been told that entitlement programs will increasingly encompass a greater share of the federal budget. As the baby boomers start retiring in higher numbers the social security bank will be broken. We need to find an answer to this impending disaster.

The answer is not to further increase taxes. Senator Barack Obama has proposed raising social security taxes as the fix. All this will do is provide more money for the Washington politicians to squander. They will not leave the money in the trust fund. Rather they will continually fund other projects and run up American debt. Americans have been told we are mortgaging our children's future. Unfortunately, not only are we mortgaging their future we are providing a disservice to those that have already sacrificed for America. Our elderly will not be able to receive the benefits that our government has said they are entitled to.

One way to fix social security is to allow some privatization. Allowing the social security trust fund to be invested in private companies and corporations is a must at this point. There is no lock box that is safe from the criminals in Washington that have stolen revenue that our aging population is entitled to. What the government did to Social Security is no different that what ENRON did to its employees. ENRON promised a retirement for employees. The stock was riding high until the bubble burst. Now former employees that gave their entire life to ENRON will have no retirement benefits. Our government will not be able to provide retirement assistance for our elderly either. We need forward thinkers to resolve the social security fiasco. We do not need more career "in the box" politicians taking more of our hard earned money. They have already proven to be irresponsible with our money. We need to elect a new breed of people into office. We need real Americans that understand the needs and desires of real Americans. Today's politicians only pay lip service to working Americans and have no new ideas. We need a "new deal" period in American politics. We need revolutionary leaders that are willing to address the problems facing America. Our politicians do nothing to change the direction of America. We elect house members every two years along with 33 Senators. After the election Congress starts running for reelection. This new Congress started running for the 2008 election as soon as they were sworn in.

Now we have a Congress that has not passed one appropriations bill for the 2008 fiscal year. All of the bills are sitting in committees and we are 42 days into the fiscal year. Our Congress can't pass the bills we pay them to pass and yet they can dream up news ways to raise taxes and squander it away. We all need to stand up and make our voices heard. Throw the yoke of the two party system and elect real people that will accomplish the business of the people. We can not allow "in the box" thinkers to continually raise taxes. We give the Federal Government more than enough. It is time they live within a budget just like the rest of Americans.

Disenfranchised Voters

The democratic republic that is America is being torn apart at the seams. The two major political parties are making a mockery of the process. The Democratic party has punished the State of Florida for moving its primary election up into the month of January. The Democratic party sought out and received pledges from presidential candidates not to campaign and spend money in states that do not follow their arcane rules. All democratic candidates made this pledge with the exception of Hillary Clinton and she will do anything to become president. The republicans have now joined the fray. The Republican party is punishing five states by slashing 50% of the convention delegates from states not following the Party's wishes.

Whatever happened to "for the people, by the people"? Does the American political establishment care so little for the people they represent? The people have a right to be heard. The primary process needs to be fair. The party establishments should not be disenfranchising voters simply because it does not fit into their schedule. Punishing states because they do not follow party rules is absurd. The voters of the States should control the process and not the party establishments.

The political parties are manipulating the system in an effort to determine the nominee on the parties terms and not the electorates terms. The party has manipulated the system in an effort to have the nominee selected shortly after super Tuesday. This allows the candidates to use funds for the general election that are to be used solely for the purpose of gaining the nomination in the primary process. This practice of manipulating the primaries and disenfranchising the electorate must be stopped. The career politicians no longer realize that it is a privilege to serve America. The career politicians believe it is a birthright. The career politicians are loyal to their party and not the voting constituents. The American voter needs to punish career politicians and throw all of them out of office. We are becoming a country where a ruling class (read majority party) is in power with a opposition party. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned. The founding fathers did not want a strong ruling class. They envisioned a political system that was truly for the people. We have to take back our government and rid ourselves of the parasitic career politicians.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Victim for President

Hillary Clinton has decided she is incapable of winning the next presidential election without whining she is a victim. Hillary has been the victim of the vast right wing conspiracy. Now it seems Hillary is the victim of the boys club. Hillary has stated an all women college is what made her tough enough to stand up and break through the glass ceiling. Hillary will be the one to ensure women are fairly represented. Hillary is "your girl".

Hillary Clinton's platform seems to only have two planks. The first plank is the "I'm your girl" plank. The second plank is the "I am a victim" of the all boys club. Everything is great when Hillary attacks Barack Obama and calls him inexperienced or naive. However, when someone calls her experience into question it is nothing more than a bully picking on someone less fortunate. The undertone of the Hillary platform is that America may not be ready for a women President. Hillary portrays herself as an underdog. The underdog role will get her sympathy vote. Politics in America have really reached the bottom of the barrel when an elected politician believes playing the victim and sympathy votes can win elections.

When Americans consider voting for Hillary simply because she is a female we will have lost our country. Voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman is no better than voting against Hillary because she is a woman. Both are wrong and should not be tolerated. America needs to tell Hillary to run for President on merit and ideas. We do not want a President that plays the victim. Does Hillary believe the leaders of foreign countries will give her a break because she is a woman? What is Hillary going to do when foreign leader calls her abilities in question? Is she going to stand there and let the world know America will not stand for Bullies? Or will she run away and hide?

This whole game of playing the helpless victim is sickening. Hillary is no more a victim than anyone else. She was born with a silver spoon and has been an opportunist her whole life. She has not had to endure the trials and tribulations of Average Americans. We can not lose sight of the facts. Hillary is not a victim. Hillary is skilled politician that is playing the victim game in order to win an election. She is hopeless. If Hillary can't stand questions regarding her abilities and capabilities she needs to seek other employment. Hillary can not win this election without playing the victim. Her negatives are way too high. In what should be shaping up as another democratic sweep Hillary can not get 50% in any of the polls. She has been going up and down averaging about 46% of the vote. Most polls show that over 50% of the populous will not vote for her. This is not because she is a victim. Rather it is due to her polarizing nature and her socialist ideals. Hillary complaining that she is being picked on and playing the victim card only goes to show that Hillary is unready to lead a nation. The world is real and the world is not fair. We need a true leader that will guide the nation down an uncertain path. We need strength at the helm and not a victim that is only in it for some self serving need.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nifong Dives into an Empty Pool

He lost his job, his law license, his credibility…and now Mike Nifong has lost his latest attempt to squander even more taxpayer money. The NC Attorney General’s office today refused a request filed by Nifong to provide him legal representation in a federal lawsuit filed by attorneys for the three falsely accused Duke Lacrosse players.

Not named in the lawsuit of course is the one person most responsible for the Duke Lacrosse hoax. The woman Nifong repeatedly referred to as “my victim”, Crystal Gayle Mangum. It is bizarre that this woman has so easily escaped prosecution of any kind for her actions in perpetuating this terrible hoax. Next time she breaks the law; will the PC force-field still protect her?

Friday, October 12, 2007

More Bad Noose at Columbia U

New York police have been called in to investigate anti-Semitic graffiti found drawn on a Columbia University bathroom stall. The drawing depicted a yarmulke with a swastika hanging above it.

Just how do you investigate bathroom graffiti? Take DNA samples? Interview people who frequent that restroom? Look for individuals who fit the “bathroom stall defiler” profile? Watch for those with toilet paper stuck to their shoe? I know…take toilet seat casts, call in CSI and run it through the FBI database to see if you can get a butt match, that’ll crack the case!!

Isn’t this getting a bit ridiculous? Any thirty-seven year old janitor working on his GED could have told these highly educated Ivy leaguers just how to handle this…get some 409, clean it off and forget about it. All this publicity is only going to result in more incidents such as this one. This is after all a University, inhabited by young people who enjoy such things as binge drinking, frat parties, recreational drug use, and just plain raising hell. Now all anyone has to do to cause a major media event is get creative with a pen in a bathroom stall. What fun!!! Take a few minutes out of your busy day to drive the administration crazy, monopolize NYPD resources, and then laugh it up with your buddies when you see it on the news. You’re an instant celebrity.

The noose incident at Columbia is an event to be taken seriously; connotations of death by lynching are truly chilling. However if they wish to report bathroom artisan’s vile renderings the school will be forced to employ “stall checkers”. These Stallinists would be equipped with rubber gloves, a digital camera, and a can of Lysol. They would be responsible for checking each stall after every use for vandalism, and of course proper flushing. I would suggest using freshmen for his task. People could leave tips upon exiting if so inclined.

The campus does not exist in America where someone looking for offensive material, ESPECIALLY in restrooms cannot find a plethora of evidence (if you want to believe it) that rampant racism, sexism, or religious bigotry has infected your institution. There’s probably some stuff about your mother there too, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s true.

University president Bollinger must realize that he is helping to create a hyper-sensitive atmosphere at Columbia. An environment where soon, if not already, people are looking for even the slightest transgression in mood, gesture, nuance, statement, clothing, so they can run to the administration and claim to be a victim. “Victim” has become a badge of honor, and Columbia University is doing all it can to advance that dubious status.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Columbia Noose Incident: Hate Crime or Hate Hoax?

Venturing to a place the MSM would never dare to tread…

hate crime
Function: noun

: any of various crimes (as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation)

In March 2004, Kerri Dunn, a visiting professor of social psychology at Claremont McKenna College reported to police that her car had been spray painted with racial slurs, and her tires slashed in an apparent hate crime committed while she was on campus delivering an anti-hate crime speech. Ms. Dunn’s opinions on racism and sexism were well known on campus. The allegations garnered nationwide media coverage.

The ensuing investigation discovered witnesses that testified they saw Ms. Dunn arrive on campus with the car already covered in spray paint, and watched her as she slashed two of her tires. Classes were cancelled the following day at satellite campuses around the state because of student protests against hate crimes. Ms. Dunn intimated that students were the culprits.

Investigations by the FBI lead to Ms. Dunn being convicted of two counts of insurance fraud, and one count of filing a false police report. She was sentenced to one year in a state prison.

On October 9th, Madonna Constantine, a well respected professor of psychology and education at Columbia University, reported that a noose had been tied to her office door at the school. Professor Constantine, who has written extensively on the subjects of ethnicity and racism, stated she wants the perpetrators to know that she will not be silenced.

The incident prompted a student walkout and campus demonstrations against hate crimes. Members of the city’s hate crime task force were sent to the campus to investigate the incident. The New York state AG office has also sent members of it’s civil rights bureau to look into the alleged hate crime. The incident has attracted widespread media attention.

Columbia University officials have refused to turn over a security videotape that could help police identify the perpetrator/s. Police will be forced to get a court order before the school will release any security tapes from Professor Constantine’s building.

Now if they can just find three white lacrosse players...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Senile Leader of the Left

Former President Jimmy Carter calls Dick Cheney a disaster. Jimmy Carter is a one term former president that allowed Iran to take 66 hostages in 1979. Iran held these hostages for 444 days. The President's only response was the ill fated Operation Eagle Claw. The failed military operation was directly caused by the systematic dismantling of the American military under the Carter administration. President Carter governed with a 70% marginal tax rate, 22% interest rates, and 16% inflation rates. President Carter created an energy crisis in the late 1970's with his "malaise" speech. Hard Working middle class Americans were forced to endure waiting in lines for hours just to fill up their automobiles. Finally, who could forget the failed grain embargo and boycott of the 1980 Olympics against the Soviet Union.

America was forced to endure a long four year display of pure ineptitude. American Foreign Policy was a joke, the economy was a disaster, and diplomacy was at its lowest point in history. Back in May the former President claimed the current President to be the worst ever. Now he says the current Vice President is a disaster. Indeed it would take a senile incompetent to forget the truest disaster of American history. Jimmy Carter has committed the cardinal sin of former presidents. There is an unspoken code between former presidents. Former presidents historically do not call out the current administration. Mr. Carter please return home. America has thanked you for your service however your services are no longer required or accepted. Your actions and words have disgraced your country. Mr. Carter you are a disgrace and will always be the worst President in American History. Please take your legacy and go home. America is tired of your failures.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A [Real] Phony Soldier

What a coincidence that in the middle of all the concocted fury over Rush Limbaugh’s phony soldier remark, another phony soldier scandal, this time a real one has presented itself to the media.

Atlantic City mayor Robert Levy, who has been missing since September 26, is accused of embellishing his military record in order to receive increased veterans benefits. Last year the Press of Atlantic City, after reviewing Levy’s service record, accused him of lying about his claims of being a member of the Army’s elite Green Berets. Levy has claimed throughout the years in numerous statements and in print, that he served two tours as a Green Beret in Vietnam.

Under scrutiny were not only Levy’s claims to have been in the Army Special Forces, which he has admitted are false, but also his claim to have received the Combat Infantryman Badge. The Stolen Valor Act of 2005 makes it a federal offense to falsely claim either verbally or in writing to have been awarded medals or decorations authorized by Congress for the armed forces of the United States. Levy’s records indicate he served as a signal soldier in Vietnam; soldiers with a signal military occupational specialty are not eligible to receive the CIB. Federal authorities are investigating whether Levy made the claim to significantly increase his veteran benefits payments.

Unfortunately there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of individuals making these false claims in order to obtain benefits they never earned, all at taxpayer expense. These phony heroes not only steal the valor of our real military heroes, but also steal millions of dollars in benefits payments and take advantage of the valuable resources offered by the Veterans Administration.

Organizations such as The POW Network have dedicated themselves to exposing these imposters. Many, such as Levy have served honorably in the armed forces but feel the need to exaggerate their military experience. Many others have never served a day in uniform but make wild claims of heroism under fire either to impress listeners, steal benefits, or both.

A favorite ploy of the phony hero is to proclaim that his combat exploits are top secret, or that his service records burned up in a fire or are sealed by the government. A great many of these people will claim service in one of the elite units such as Special Forces, Navy SEALs, or Army Rangers.

Sadly, Mayor Levy thought it necessary to embellish an otherwise honorable 20 year military career. All indications are that he served his nation well, serving in Vietnam and advancing to the rank of Master Sergeant before he retired. Whether it was financial need, political gain, or feelings of inadequacy that caused him to lie, this high visibility exposure of a phony hero should make us all aware that veterans benefit fraud is indeed a widespread problem in our country and that these phony heroes harm us all.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Back to the Criminals

Sandy Berger is an advisor to the Hillary Clinton Campaign for president. Hillary obviously sees no issue with the fact that Sandy stole highly classified documents. Hillary is not worried that Sandy does not have a security clearance. In fact Sandy is not even eligible to apply for a security clearance until at least September 2008. Sandy Berger is on the Hillary team as a Foreign Policy specialist. In the event that Hillary were to win the Democratic nomination it is expected that she will be receiving classified briefings and reports on US foreign policy. Yet her senior foreign policy advisor is not allowed to receive these briefings. Does that mean Hillary will circumvent the laws and risk National Security in an effort to bring back days of the first Clinton presidency? Is Hillary that deviod of National Security expertise that she would risk everything on a criminal that has already been found guilty of stealing and destroying documents? I find it odd that Hillary would condone such illegal activities.

Hillary has attempted to cast her image as being an agent of change. Hillary often says she is the only one with the experience to change the ways of Washington. I find this laughable. Hillary is the Queen of earmarks. Hillary hires criminals. Hillary will pander to any group that will vote for her. Is this experience or manipulation? Is Hillary really ready to change America? Or is Hillary just going to change us back to the corruption and scandals of the first Clinton Presidency.

Hillary is right about one thing. It will take a village. An entire village will have to ensure her corruption does not again return to the Whitehouse. We can not allow this two-faced liar to again sell America out for a few votes. Her ties to corruption, her ties to the Chinese, and her ties to illegal activities must be stopped. This is a call for everyone to cast a pro America vote. This is a call to vote with a conscious and vote for anyone that will move America forward and not take us back to the days of the biggest American sellout ever.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Phony Soldiers and Phony Democrats

Why have the democrats taken a seemingly innocuous remark by Rush Limbaugh and attempted to create a scandal from it? Because they need to divert attention from’s “General Betray us” debacle and Hillary’s ties to MediaMatters. The liberals have figured out that the ad was disgraceful and backfired on them. So they had to create the “phony soldier” hoax, accusing Rush of calling any soldier against the war a phony. In fact he called Jesse Macbeth, a kid that never even completed basic training but claimed to have committed numerous atrocities as an Army Ranger in Iraq, a phony soldier. A completely true statement. I would add wanna-be, loser, criminal, POS, among other things.

Of course it doesn’t matter to the Dems that the “phony soldier” scandal is itself a phony, don’t ever let facts get in the way of a good smear campaign. They need to make people forget the “Betray Us” ad, and Rush is a convenient target.

Now Elizabeth Edwards weighs in with some inane diatribe about Limbaugh being 4F (does anyone even remember what that means?), during the Vietnam War. Why do the democrats keep dredging up Vietnam? A war JFK and LBJ got us into in the first place. John Kerry was insane to use his four month tour in Vietnam as proof he was qualified to serve as president. “I’m John Kerry and I’m reporting for duty”, what a joke. Kerry still has not released all of his military records… the guy has more skeletons in his closet than Jeffrey Dahmer. But I digress.

Ms. Edwards makes the absurd observation that the same medical condition that kept Limbaugh out of the draft during Vietnam should also prevent him from sitting in a chair for hours during his radio show. She also deviously contends that the “phony soldier” hoax should cause advertisers to seriously consider pulling their funding dollars from the Rush Limbaugh show.

Motivation behind the hoax now becomes crystal clear. It serves a dual purpose; make it appear as if the Democratic Party actually cares about our troops (at least those against the war), and just as important, try to intimidate advertisers into pulling their ad dollars from Limbaugh’s show, a man who commands a daily audience of millions and is the biggest conservative voice on the airwaves of America. These are the components of the “Betray Us” distraction.

This is an ambitious endeavor at best. The democrats are generally not perceived as being supportive of our troops. Especially when democrats such as Jack Murtha accuse Marines of cold-blooded murder in Haditha, Harry Reid states that the war is lost, and in true “Winter Soldier” form, John Kerry accused American troops of terrorizing Iraqi citizens and of being too stupid to get better jobs. They would now have us believe by their phony indignation over this hoax that they are offended by criticism of US soldiers. So where was this indignation when the “Betray Us” ad originally appeared in the New York Times on September 10th?

On September 26th The House voted to condemn the ad by a vote of 341 to 79. In a frightening display of loyalties, Hillary was one of the 79 “nay” votes and Barack Obama didn’t even cast a vote. The two democratic front-runners thought it better to slander the American commander in Iraq (and thus all his troops), than to anger their supporters at Money talks, candidates listen, and in this case indignation doesn’t pay.

The Democratic Party’s obsession with silencing Limbaugh or at least limiting his influence has been going on for years. It always flairs up during election cycles, but Rush has become an institution and attempts at shutting him down only make him more popular. Besides, the democrats overestimate his influence. They simply cannot accept the fact that many people do not share their views and need to believe Limbaugh is poisoning voter’s minds. He’s their boogey-man, and democrats consider it their duty to protect the unsuspecting American public from this one man conservative juggernaut.

The “phony soldier” hoax is a transparent attempt by democrats to damage Limbaugh and deflect attention from their predominant supporter’s scandalous actions. The people pulling the strings in this party are not Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but those representing MoveOn, the DailyKos and George Soros. This is a party for sale, a party devoid of ideas and unable to pass any meaningful legislation, whose leading candidates are loyal only to the highest bidder, and are terrified not of terrorists, but of offending their big donors. Bill is already taking reservations for the Lincoln bedroom, and Hillary is putting together a list of pardons. The rich get richer.

Durham-In-Wonderland Winds Down

In his latest blog entry, Professor KC Johnson has announced that he will be going to a weekly, rather than daily posting schedule. Anyone who followed events in the Duke Lacrosse case will know that KC’s blog was required reading not only for those of us across the internet, but also for many of the individuals personally involved in the case. This list includes defense attorneys, family members of the accused, the accused themselves, and even the contemptible Mike Nifong himself. In an e-mail received from KC, I learned that Mr. Nifong had an assistant print out the daily editions of DIW and put it on his desk every morning. This was most likely a depressing read for Mike.

The DIW blog provided a daily sanity check to readers about events happening in Durham during the 18 months this travesty of justice lasted. Johnson used this forum to expose Nifong’s political motivations, his gross mishandling of the case from day one, the illegal photo lineup, and the complicity of the Durham police department and city government in the rush to judgment that could have resulted in putting three innocent young men behind bars for decades.

The blog dissected events, explored and explained the facts of the case, and made it clear to any objective reader that the three accused were being railroaded by an out of control DA and incompetent local officials to appease race baiters and win an election for Nifong. It became evident through DIW more than any other case coverage that Nifong clearly knew he had no case but was more than willing to sacrifice innocent men to advance his career. The sociopath DA only needed to avoid a change of venue and get these suspects in front of a Durham jury…the racially charged atmosphere would do the rest. DIW aided greatly in preventing this disastrous outcome.

KC also took on the Group of 88 Duke Professors and exposed their repulsive “Listening Statement” for what it was…a lie filled screed created only to divide and enrage citizens and to promote their own agenda on race/class/gender relations that had absolutely nothing to do with the rape allegations. He showed them to be cowardly opportunists, and in some cases, outright racists. DIW examined the academic background and teaching practices of many of these activist professors and the results should cause many parents to think twice about sending a child to Duke University.

The blog was a kill zone for biased media coverage of the case. Johnson took aim at everyone from Duff Wilson of the New York Times, to CNN’s despicable Nancy Grace. KC attacked the often slanted and inaccurate reporting with facts and logic, providing a much needed counter balance to the misguided sensationalism of the main stream media.

The true victims of this judicial nightmare are the accused players and their families, but Duke University can also be counted as a victim. This case illustrated how activist faculty in a university with little or no oversight can erode the foundation of an institution. Hiding behind racial identity, these outspoken professional victims are developing some highly questionable curricula that only serve to advance their own race/victim based agenda. Disturbingly evident at Duke is the fact that many of these faculty members, because of their victim mentality, harbor deep seated feelings of resentment and dislike for a large part of the student body they were hired to educate. Unfortunately Duke President Richard Brodhead lacks both the courage and competence to confront these issues. This is diversity run amok and Duke is suffering because of it.

There are certainly other outstanding blogs covering the Duke Lacrosse case. Liestoppers, John-in-Carolina, Friends of Duke University, just to name a few. However DIW was there at the beginning and in my opinion no other blog offered the same in-depth reporting of events. This includes the detailed background profiles of most of the major figures in the case, and Johnson’s uncanny ability to obtain information about the case, and then present it in clear, well written manner. I still feel that Johnson had a much better understanding of events than Nifong or his police cohorts.

Thank you KC for your excellent work in this effort, I can’t wait until Amazon sends me your book.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What The Hell Is Wrong With People In California?

First the Marine Silent Drill Team was barred from filming a recruiting video on a street in San Francisco, and then on September 27th a chartered North American Airlines jet carrying Marines from Kuwait back to their home base in Hawaii was not allowed to deplane at the Oakland International Airport terminal. The 200 plus Marines were forced to wait out on the tarmac for hours without access to any facilities. This while friends and relatives of some of the returning Marines were inside the terminal hoping to see their loved ones during the two hour refueling stop. The incident was reported by one of the Marines via e-mail.

The Marine told lawmakers that when they asked why they were not allowed inside the Oakland airport, "they gave us some lame excuse that we hadn't been screened by [Transportation Security Administration]."

Airport authorities claim it was a security matter, because weapons were on board, even though the Marines had previously landed at JFK and waited in the passenger terminal while refueling. The passengers were screened by the Customs Bureau upon landing in New York from overseas. According to a TSA spokesman, that was sufficient;

Christopher White, TSA spokesman, said the troops were screened by U.S. Customs Bureau officials and that no additional screening by TSA is ever required.

"In no way did we prohibit those soldiers and Marines from being in the sterile area at Oakland. There is no difference in our eyes on this flight or any other airline flight from JFK to Oakland. They are absolutely allowed to go into the sterile area," Mr. White said.

So if the TSA didn’t bar these Marines from entering the terminal who did? Was it some activist member of the Airport Authority, or do the geniuses employed by Oakland Airport somehow consider New York a foreign city? This does not appear to be an isolated incident at Oakland International Airport either. The Transportation Department Inspector General has been asked to investigate.

Why do so many of these uber-liberal Pelosi-ites vigorously demand full rights and benefits for criminals and illegal aliens (redundant), yet seek out every opportunity to debase and humiliate the courageous men and women of our Armed Services? They certainly seem to appreciate the military when they need the Coast Guard to save them or when the National Guard is helping to stop a wildfire from consuming their over-priced homes. I can only hope that those responsible are identified and publicly subjected to the scorn they so richly deserve.

One side note; weapons on board a charter military flight in layover status are secured inside the aircraft by members of the unit and are never carried into a civilian passenger terminal. Ammunition is not transported on these flights…especially when returning to the non-hostile [?] United States.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Petraus Affect

General Petraeus is the military commander on the ground in Iraq. He has been criticized by political extremists lately. The far left extremist netroots have criticized the General for being a puppet for the Bush Administration. They claimed there was minimal success in Iraq and that the General would only parrot what the President wanted him to say. MOVEON.ORG, another left wing extremist group placed a political ad in the New York Times on the eve of the "Petraeus Report" criticizing the General and even going as far as calling the General "General Betrayed Us". Senator Harry Reid went as far as calling General Petraeus incompetent. I have to wonder why all this venom would be directed at a military commander that is doing his job.

I have found that the General has managed to change the outlook for Iraq. In Al Anbar Province the Sunni's have turned against Al Queda. The US Military has manged to gain greater control in Baghdad and in Diyala Province. Not only has the US managed to gain greater control but they have also managed to maintain the control. Just last month Al Sadr order the Mahdi Militia to stop the violence for at least 6 months. The US has been making military progress. No political progress can be made until Iraq is free from radical Islamists from outside the country. I suspect that as security in Iraq improves, the political outlook for Iraq will improve. There is another report today out of Iraq. It seems that the Shia in the south also want to join forces with the US. "Sheik Majid Tahir al-Magsousi, the leader of the Migasees tribe here in Wasit province" has had discussions with other Sheiks to side with the US and provide a brigade of soldiers to help guard against outside influences. These Sheiks have discussed the possibility of joining the US forces and provide community policing and border patrol on the Iranian border.

When the US invaded Iraq and toppled the Iraqi government a power vacuum was created. Many different factions attempted to gain power through violence. For four years the US forces defended their positions. In January 2007, President Bush announced a troop surge. General Petraeus was charged with waging a counter insurgency offensive. The offensive has allowed the US to gain control of security in Iraq and provide breathing room for the politicians to make their deals and move Iraq forward. However, now that the US is finally gaining the upper hand the left wing extremists demand an immediate withdrawal. Hillary Clinton says "Its to little to late" even though she also said "the surge is working". The problem with the democratic leadership is that they demand defeat. They have no ideas to move the Iraq effort forward. For a leader to say it is to little to late says that leader is more than willing to demand a withdrawal to ensure defeat in order to gain politically. With all of the anecdotal evidence that the surge is improving the security environment in Iraq I am more than willing to let the General continue his effort. I have full faith that General Petraeus will provide leadership and honest evaluations. I am sure the General will make decisions based on insight gained from the ground rather than the insight gained by following the media polls in the US. The Petraeus affect will lead the country in the right direction.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Headline Inaccuracy

The USA Today reported on the health of the economy today. The title of the Article was" Reports point to economic weakness; autos a bright spot". When I read the headline I believed there was economic data that would back up this headline. Instead what I found was mostly positive news about the economy. The reports out today said that retail sales were up. The article went on to say that industrial production was also up. The article went further and stated that the current account in trade was better and our trade deficit problems are improving. All this news pointing to an economy that is still growing. The economy may not be growing by leaps and bounds but it is still growing.

The only bad news was mixed reports on consumer confidence. A Reuters/University of Michigan survey says consumer sentiment increased from 83.4 to 83.8, but the article calls this flat and steady. Another report on consumer sentiment showed a decline in consumer confidence. Nothing in this reports shows that the economy is weakening. Consumer confidence is not necessarily a good way of judging the health of the economy. When an economy is growing and still searching for the inevitable peak before a decline this article is stating the economy is weak. Clearly the economic numbers showed further increases and positive news on the economy.

This irresponsible journalism is part of the problem with the economy. The MSM constantly berates the economy. The Media claims that the economy is not good. Every time a statistic about the economy is released the media spins the information into a negative. The media can not stand good news. This is an article that demonstrates the irresponsible MSM conducting yellow journalism. The headline leads the consumer to believe the economy is doing poorly. In reality the report shows predominately positive news and yet the propaganda media machine is proclaiming this as bad news. The writer (Martin Crutsinger) of this article and the editor of this newspaper should be fired. The right to free speech does not give the media the right publish propaganda designed to panic the American public. A panicked public is part of what caused the great depression. Is that what the media is trying to do now? Are they really trying to panic the public into crashing the American economy? If they do create a panic will they take responsibility for their action? Or will they take a cheap shot and run away? This article is not journalism. This article is propaganda designed to promote panic. This is just another example of why the MSM is viewed in a negative light. These types of erroneous headlines will certainly be a part of the demise of the MSM.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where's the Outrage

There is a scandal brewing in the State of New Jersey. Corruption has hit the state after 12 people were arrested. The arrested include eleven public officials and one civilian. The scandal involves bribery. The eleven politicians are accused of taking cash payments ranging from $1,500 to $17,500. The cash payments were in exchange for influence in the letting of public contracts. The corruption in New Jersey politics is not what is new. New Jersey has a history of corrupt politicians. What is different is that this scandal is getting very little MSM new coverage.

The MSM has been trying to ignore this scandal. In the article 11 N.J. officials arrested on corruption the writer glosses over the fact that the eleven politicians were Democrats. For the last couple of years the MSM has focused on scandals in the Republican party. Larry Craig was a sex scandal, Jack Abramoff was a Republican activist, and David Vitter was another scandal. Everyone in the country knew about these scandals and knew the culprits were Republicans. The MSM has decided that it is unimportant to list party affiliation when a Democrat is the culprit but the party affiliation is extremely important when a Republican is the culprit. What a shame.

The shame is that the MSM does not care about scandal ridden career politicians. They seem to only care about Republican scandals. It sure appears as if the MSM is trying to push an agenda. Their agenda is to promote Democratic candidates and hide the corruption in the Democratic Party at the expense of the Republican Party. The MSM needs to be fair and unbiased and provide Americans with the true nature of American politics. The truth of the matter is that America's career politicians are corrupt. They take the oath of office and make a career instead of taking the oath and moving the country forward. America needs an independent grassroots effort that prevails. The independents have to do more then scare the major political parties. The independent movement needs to put forward candidates that can win elections and start moving America forward. Just switching political alliances from one party to another is not working. The same career politicians win year after year.

The Lunacy Left and Osama Bin Laden

Six short years ago America was attacked. The radical Islamists of the world declared war on America. Nineteen radicals betrayed their hosts and flew four commercial airliners into America's heart. Americans were instantly horrified and came to realization that terror had reached its shores. The Arab world cheered and celebrated the brazen attack on America. The obvious reaction initially was horror. True to American form though the citizens of this great nation would rally. Everyone became a patriot and supported the 3,000 plus victims. The date will live along side other infamous dates. Dates that include April 15, 1865, December 7, 1941, and November 22, 1963. These are dates that made Americans stop and think about what it is to be an American. Like the previous dates, September 11, 2002, is a date that will be remembered by all. It is a date that shall not be forgotten. The horror of this day brought Americans together in a patriotic stance against the radical Islamists that would attempt to destroy the Nation.

However, in these six short years much of America seems to have forgotten the events that happened. Today, many "truthers" are stomping around hallowed ground claiming that the American Government attacked its own. The conspiracy theorists are claiming the terrorist attack on our country was a cover story to hide the truth. Even though the conspiracy myths have been debunked and proved to be false, they are still perpetuated by the media and the left wing bloggers. Instead of remembering the victims of the brazen attack these left wing conspiracy theorists would disrespect the hallowed ground. The theorists would disrespect the innocent victims rather then honor the victims and remember the day for the attack that occurred.

Last week Osama Bin Laden releases a video tape that many claimed was right out of the left wing playbook. The talking points seemed an awful lot like the left wing blogs and liberal politics of America. The Daily Kos even had the nerve to liken Osama Bin Laden to Ronald Reagan. One diarist attempts to make a hero out of Bin Laden. Basically, the diarists claims Bin Laden is a freedom fighter. The writer States "In short, bin Laden does not rail against the U.S. and other Western countries because they are "free," because they are "modern," because they are "Christian," or even because they purport to be "secular" (though he asserts that Americans would be more happy if they were to adopt Islam). He rails against them because of specific U.S. (and allied) policies--military, political, and economic--that he and his followers believe harm ordinary people in the Islamic World." This is a dangerous and naive viewpoint. This writer obviously lacks real world experience. This type of viewpoint is destroying the fabric that is America. This writer is elevating Bin Laden to hero status instead of the despicable coward that is Bin Laden.

The diarist must know that Bin Laden is no hero. Bin Laden is a man that will send young indigent Muslims to their suicidal death in the name of religion. Unfortunately, the goal of the Muslims is to convert everyone to their religion. Anyone that does not hold their values and practice their religion will be unceremoniously executed. The terrorists will not have peace until they rid the world of divergent views and religion. It really makes a person stop and think. How could our liberal left embrace Bin Laden as a hero when he would kill anyone that disagrees with his philosophy. Supposedly, Bin Laden ideals go against the very ideals the liberals say they believe in. What a shame that on a day of remembrance we would have the liberal left disrespecting American hero's all the while embracing an Arab terrorist.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Hillraiser Scandals

Hillary Clinton is busy presenting herself as a change agent that has the experience to work within the system. Hillary says she has always been an agent of change and will bring this attitude back to Washington. However, there is yet another scandal involving her fund raising. Mark Rich a convicted felon has contributed to her campaigns. Norman Hsu has donated thousands to her campaigns and bundled millions for the democratic party; this all the while a fugitive from justice. Bill Clinton was shocked that Mr. Hsu was a fugitive. Now there is yet another unscrupulous bundler for Hillary. Sant S. Chatwal is an Indian American businessman. Mr. Chatwal it seems refuses to pay his bills. The IRS has pursued this scoundrel for over $4 million. New York State has pursued him for over $5 million. Mr. Chatwal forfeited a building because of back taxes in New York City. Mr. Chatwal has even been sued because of a bank failure where he was a director. This irresponsible citizen is a good friend of none other than Bill Clinton. I am sure somehow Bill will say he is shocked that Mr. Chatwal can't seem to pay his bills even though Mr. Chatwal was out on bond in India in 2001 when Bill showed up in India.

Surely the Clinton machine has a vetting process that researches major contributors. There is a history of questionable fund raising conducted by previous Clinton campaigns. Seems the Democratic party in general and Hillary Clinton specifically draw a large number of white collar criminals. Mark Rich, Norman Hsu, and Sant Chatwal are criminals. President Clinton pardoned Mark Rich, Norman Hsu pleaded no contest for grand theft, and Sant Chatwal is a bankrupt tax evader. Are these the type of individuals that are going to be renting the Lincoln bedroom? The old saying is "birds of a feather flock together". It would appear that the Hillary flock is supported by the same criminals from the past. Is this the type experience we need in the US? Is this the change we need (a change back to the scandal ridden Clinton Presidency)? This is neither the change nor experience I want to see in the Whitehouse.

Bin Laden as Jesus and Mary in A Burqa

Two works of art [?] in an exhibition at The National Art School in Sydney have offended quite a few Australians. The exhibit contains an image of Osama bin Laden in a Christ-like pose, and Mary wearing a burqa. Even Australian Prime Minister John Howard voiced his displeasure, "The choice of such artwork is gratuitously offensive to the religious beliefs of many Australians”.

The Kabul Times has condemned a drawing depicting Mohammed as a dog, calling for the imprisonment of the editors of the Swedish newspaper that printed the drawing. The sketch was used to illustrate an article on the freedom of expression. Two years ago a Danish newspaper outraged Muslims world wide when it published a series of cartoons featuring Mohammed.

In November 2004 Dutch film director Theo van Gogh was attacked and murdered on the street in Amsterdam by a vengeance seeking Muslim man of Dutch and Moroccan descent. Dutch TV had shown a film by van Gogh that portrayed violence against women in Islamic societies. Van Gogh had received numerous death threats before he was stabbed and shot to death while riding a bicycle.

The artists of the offensive works in Sydney have received no death threats.

This Day In NFL History

On September 3rd 1970 coaching legend Vince Lombardi passed away at age 57. Lombardi was head coach of the Green Bay Packers from 1959 to 1967 and had a 89-29-4 record. The Pack won 5 NFL championships and the first two Super Bowls under Lombardi’s leadership.

Lombardi was voted into the NFL Hall Of Fame in 1971. Ten of his Green Bay players followed him into Canton:

Bart Starr
Forrest Gregg
Willie Davis
Ray Nitschke
Willie Wood
Henry Jordan
Paul Hornung
Herb Adderley
Jim Taylor
Jim Ringo

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mr. Schumer you are wrong.......

The Republicans today are touting the tough stance they took in forcing Senator Larry Craig to resign. Larry Craig is a despicable person that betrayed the trust of residents of Idaho. Larry Craig admitted guilt and took a plea deal. Larry Craig was dealt with quickly. The so called scandal ridden Republican Party displayed leadership and rid themselves of a Senator that was ineffective. However, Senator Charles Schumer took a cheap swipe of the Republicans and said "What the American people are looking for is not a blame game, but who is trying to clean it up," Schumer said. "For six years, there was no ethics reform.". I have news for you Mr. Schumer the Republicans have shown they are willing to rid the party of corrupt career politicians that believe they are above the law. What has the Democratic Party done? Congressman William Jefferson has been indicted and likely will be taken to prison and yet he is still sitting in Congress. I have not even seen as much as a censure resolution come up regarding this ineffectual congressman. What about Congressman Jack Murtha; Mr. Schumer? Jack Murtha earmarked $1 million for a company that does not exist which should be investigated for money laundering. Jack Murtha earmarked more pork than other congressman. Much of this earmarked money goes to his campaign contributors and essentially provides "no bid" government contracts for his friends and contributors. Jack Murtha is one of the main culprits for ethics reform. However, the final bill in ethics reform ensures that this dirty earmark business will continue on. What about Alan Mollohan; Mr. Schumer? It appears the FBI is investigating him for profiting from over $.5 Billion ear marks that went to his non profit organizations. What about Hillary Clinton? She is involved in a lawsuit involving illegal campaign contributions. It seems Hillary violated federal election laws when she knowingly had Peter Paul set up a fundraiser called event 39 or the Hollywood Gala.

Today Mr. Schumer you claimed to have returned contributions from Mr. Hsu. You know this is an outright lie. Hillary received over $1 million from Mr. Hsu and only "returned" $23,000. This "returned" money was not even really returned. It was given to charity. While charity is a an honorable cause it seems rather disingenuous for a candidate to receive credit for charity donations when the donations are from questionable and probably illegal sources. Mr. Schumer you have it wrong. There is corruption in both political parties. Career politicians are often corrupted by our system. There is a difference though between the two parties. The Republican seem to rid their party of the most corrupt. The Democratic Party seems to raise their corrupt politicians to higher levels of Party Leadership. Jack Murtha is number three in the house leadership, Alan Mollohan is on the ethics committee, and Hillary Clinton is running for President. It seems that all that happened in 2006 was that the American people changed which party would have the opportunity to indulge in their corrupt activities. Mr. Schumer you are wrong. Very, very wrong.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pass the Toilet Paper Please

Republican Senator Larry Craig, a guy with two first names and a disturbing fondness for public restrooms, will announce his resignation today.

Craig was arrested June 11th at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge on August 8th. He was accused of attempting to engage in sex acts in an airport men’s room. He has repeatedly denied that he is gay. But it was a men’s room…and he pleaded guilty.

This is not the first time he has been accused of restroom malfeasance. The Idaho Statesman conducted a five month investigation into Senator Craig’s alleged liaisons.

“The most serious finding by the Statesman was the report by a professional man with close ties to Republican officials. The 40-year-old man reported having oral sex with Craig at Washington's Union Station, probably in 2004.”

In 1982 Craig issued a statement denying he engaged in sex acts with male congressional pages. The Statesman also discovered several allegations that were not credible.

This is disgusting behavior from an elected official. In fact the arresting officer stated as much on the taped encounter in the airport bathroom. "I'm just disappointed in you, sir," the officer said. "I mean, people vote for you." The officer could not have chosen better words to describe Craig’s behavior. Elected officials are in a position of trust, and must be held to a higher standard.

Trolling for sex in public restrooms is never excusable, and Craig is right to resign, but this type of behavior is occurring with disturbing regularity among our politicians. So many of our elected officials have been or are currently involved in some type of scandal. It is a betrayal of public trust that erodes the American people’s faith in our nation’s leaders and damages the country as a whole.

Good-bye and good riddance to you Mr. Craig, I hope you work this all out and have a good life. I also hope that the people who trusted you are not so disgusted by your perfidy that they lose their faith in all politicians and simply decide not to vote in the next election.

It's About Time

Jack Murtha has perhaps opened his mouth once to often. The irresponsible remarks Mr. Murtha made regarding the marines in Haditha has landed him in a lawsuit. Chris Matthews led the influential Congressman around like a lap dog and Jack Murtha fell into a diatribe of insults towards the marines in a failed attempt to tie war time atrocities to the President. Unfortunately, Jack Murtha sounded off without all of the facts. It seems after a full investigation all criminal charges against the marines have been dropped. The case against the marines has fallen apart. American citizens demand more out of their political leaders than being paraded around by the liberal media chanting the extremists mantra. The American public demands political leaders to be responsible. Jack Murtha has sprayed his venom around in an attempt to undermine the President. These are not the first remarks made by Jack Murtha that are irresponsible. Jack Murtha called the President a traitor, a deserter, and AWOL. Jack Murtha says things without proof in an attempt to further his corrupt career. It is now time for the Democrat leadership to follow the Republican leadership and purge this Congress of corrupt politicians. Republicans have forced Larry Craig to resign because of his despicable behavior. Now the Democratic leadership should call for the resignations of Jack Murtha, Alan Mollohan, and William Jefferson. All three of these lawmakers have disgraced themselves, the legislative body, and the United States of America.

Harry Reid Runs His Ship Aground

The winds of August have blown afoul for the Democrat’s “Surrender Now” cruise. Attempting to steer their way through murky political waters lacking a clear course or competent leadership, and using a broken compass their ship has hit the rocks and is quickly taking on water.

Captain Nancy, out on shore leave, left the helm to first mate Harry trusting him to navigate the “Surrender Now” garbage scow through treacherous waters and come home with a defeat for the US military in Iraq. But the first mate has proven himself a poor navigator…unable to read the currents of public opinion or the tide of events in Iraq until his ship had already run aground. Horrible Harry, Scourge of The Hill, has finally figured out it’s time to chart a new course before he loses his last shred of credibility.

Course miscalculations are nothing new to this desperate scow master. On April 19th Harry declared “…this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday”. He then set off on a journey that [he hoped] would end with the defeat and surrender of the US Armed Forces in Iraq. However, trying to navigate by the stars when you can’t see the sky often ends in disaster. The delusional first mate was sure of only one thing and steered his ship of fools with Nifong-esque certainty in that direction, defeat in Iraq is a victory for Democrats.

In April the surge of troops into Iraq was not yet complete, so judging it a failure at that point was extremely premature but the statements were part of his strategy for defeat. Throughout the summer Harry and shipmates like Crooked Jack (cabin boy and all-around stooge), maintained this misguided course until the polls, developments in Iraq and his complete failure to pass any troop withdrawal legislation conspired against him. The Patreaus Report, due in a few weeks also looms large on the scow’s horizon and Harry is worried that it may not be as bleak as he would prefer.

So after all his failed partisan attempts to attain a military defeat, Harry is now willing to work with members of the GOP on a troop withdrawal compromise. However with his credibility in tatters and the elections fourteen months away, he is not likely to find much traction on the GOP side.

Progress definitely needs to be made concerning the military presence in Iraq, but the unethical strategy of emboldening our enemies and discouraging our troops is not only a severe miscalculation, but as Harry found out, it is extremely damaging to one’s reputation. A United States Senator openly declaring the war is lost merely for political gain is a sickening sight, and one that should not be tolerated. The stench of his floundering scow has poisoned this congress and made it near impossible to accomplish any meaningful legislation regarding this war. Hopefully he will be increasingly marginalized and allow some real bi-partisan progress to occur. Harry Reid has proven himself a disgrace to his country, the people of Nevada, and the United States Senate.

The Little Green House

The Democratic Party leads the Republican Party in fund raising this election cycle. The Main Stream Media has ensured their audience knows this fact and seems to push the idea that because the Democrats lead in the money race Americans should vote for them. However, upon closer analysis we find that convicted felons are some of the biggest fund raisers. Norman Hsu is a major contributor to both the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton donated $23,000 to charity that was directly contributed to her campaign from Norman Hsu. However, Norman Hsu has raised over $1 million for her campaign. Mark Rich is another major campaign contributor for the Clinton campaign. Mark Rich is another convicted felon that received a back door last minute pardon from President Bill Clinton. What is it about the Democratic Party that they are magnets for high profile convicted white collar criminals?

This week a story broke in the MSM regarding Norman Hsu and a little green house in San Francisco. A family of six donated $200,000 in the last two years. The top money earner in the family makes under $50,000 per year. The MSM calls this questionable? This is an outrage. It is painfully obvious that these are illegal campaign donations. It is painfully obvious that Norman Hsu is funneling money through this family. Norman Hsu even once listed this house as his address.

Hillary Clinton also received political donation from Mark Rich. Now she plays up the victim and claims she did not know Norman Hsu is a Felony fugitive. What a shame. It has become painfully clear that this is another Clinton American sellout. Norman Hsu supposedly fled the US and returned to Hong Kong after pleading "No Contest" in a case of Grand Theft. He shows back up in the US and is able to donate large sums of cash and funnels money through a family of moderate means. Hillary Clinton expects the American people to believe there is no connection between the 1996 scandal involving the Clinton's and the Chinese foreign nationals and Norman Hsu and his Chinese connections. The Clinton Campaign has shown contempt for our campaign finance Laws and for the US public. Hillary should not be allowed to donate this to charity. By donating the illegal money Hillary looks good through illegal activity. This is an outrage that Hillary will illegally raise money and when caught provide limited donations to charity. Hillary needs to come clean, return the money to its source, and become responsible. The American voter needs to hold Hillary accountable and send her home; wherever that is.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Political leaders are supposed to be just that; leaders. However, our career politicians have become nothing more than followers. Today Senator Harry Reid announced that he is willing to compromise and talk to the Republicans. Harry Reid said that he understands that there are other ideas about the war and that Congress should not make the Iraq war a Democrat versus Republican issue. Where in the world did that come from? Just a short 5 months ago Harry Reid said that the war was lost. America was defeated and needed to immediately withdraw from Iraq with its tail between its legs. In July Harry Reid staged a political show in the US Senate. He made the Senate stay in session all night in a grandstanding effort to point out the difference between the two parties. All Summer Harry Reid said he was going to continue to make the Republicans vote against the withdrawal effort to highlight the differences. Now after the August recess Harry Reid went back to Washington with a conciliatory tone. One must question why the change of heart. Is this a display of leadership? Is this an effort to reconcile differences? Or is this more political pandering from a career politician incapable of providing direction?

Harry Reid supported the go to war effort. He voted for the resolution authorizing the use of force. This happened when 70 percent of the American people supported the war. Later, when the anti-war crowd grew in strength Harry Reid became an opponent to the war. Harry Reid claimed that he was fooled by the Bush Administration even though he had access to the same intelligence reports that the Executive office had access to. When the hard line "netroots" claimed responsibility for the turnover of power in Congress, Harry Reid went as far as saying the US has "lost" the war and it was time to withdraw. Today Harry Reid has again changed his position. Today he tried to claim he would like to see compromise. What happened today to make him change his mind. Could it be the polls that show Congress has a 22 percent approval rating? Could it be that a recent poll shows 54 percent of the American public believes we are making progress? Could it be that recent poll shows 42 percent of the public thinks the US was correct in engaging Iraq?

This is another example of the floundering Democratic party that has no Ideas. Most of the leading Democrats are not leaders. Most of the leading Democrats are followers. As polls shift so do the stances of our politicians. None of our politicians have vision. They follow the lead of emotional opinion polls. This is not what is needed by our government. Our political leaders need to lead by example and sway public opinion. Politicians need to develop real ideas and real plans and present them to the American public for approval. We do not need politicians that lag behind the American public. The American public will always have opinions and those opinions will change overtime. Sometimes these opinions will change rapidly. We do not need reactive leaders that are always behind. We need leadership that will stay out front and prevent issues from developing in the first place. A leader will change direction when needed. A leader will listen to advice and perhaps even consult opinion polls for data. This however, does not provide an excuse for following rather than leading. Leaders will always lead. Leaders are often faced with unpopular decisions. It is a responsibility of leaders provide direction and leaders must not change positions just because the mood has changed and the going gets tough. Following opinion polls due to a lack of initiative and ideas is just another reason why all career politicians must go home. America needs to use the inherent term limits in our form of government. Please use the power of the vote and vote against all of the incumbents. Place America first and vote for candidates that understand leadership and place the needs of America first. Career politicians place their own self esteem needs ahead of the country. There is a reason why the American citizenry believes America is on the wrong track. It is because our elected leaders no longer represent the people. Career politicians represent themselves and will do or say anything for reelection. Returning America to a prosperous Nation will begin when we decide it is time for the career politicians to return home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Couric Sent To Iraq. Why?

Last year when Katie Couric took over as anchor of the CBS Evening News, she probably never imagined that she would be marking the first anniversary of that event from Iraq. Sinking ratings and the upcoming Patreaus report have conspired to take her out of the safety of her New York studio and place her smack dab in the middle of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This appears to be an attempt to shore up her ratings against the more successful ABC and NBC news programs, and to lend her some credibility as a hard news journalist. CBS denies this, insisting instead that Katie’s mere presence in the most violent country on earth has persuaded a few previously camera shy [for survival] Iraqi politicians to come forward and sit down with Katie for a chit-chat.

Never mind the obvious absurdity of that contention… this is a fools-errand, exposing this single mother of two young children to horrific dangers simply to add another voice to an already endless stream of journalists reporting from the region. It may also place these publicity-averse politicians and their families directly in the cross hairs of vengeance seeking insurgents.

All in the name of ratings…shame on you CBS.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Major Blow for the Left

The Main Stream Media was disappointed yesterday. They demanded that President Bush answer questions surrounding the Alberto Gonzales resignation. However, the president announced that a major development occurred in Iraq. The Iraqi's announced that a compromise on the debaathification process in Iraq was reached and would be presented to the Iraqi Parliament. This is a major breakthrough and represents a move forward for the Iraqi people. This compromise is representative of a country struggling through its infancy. The going has been tough and the civil strife in Iraq is high. However, by reaching an agreement and presenting this sweeping reform to the Parliament is a historic step towards establishing an effective democracy.

This law is a problem for the Liberal left. This is yet another sign that the current strategy of providing security and space for the Iraqi government to operate is working. It has been slow and tedious at times but this sweeping law is representative of what may happen. The far left extremes and even the Democratic Party have staked their existence on an American defeat in Iraq. The MSM would not even provide limited exposure to this major development. This development is one of the 18 major benchmarks the Democrats decided must be worked towards and met in order continue receiving support from America. The MSM has failed its responsibility by refusing to pay any attention to this major development.

The MSM is a failure. There is a reason why the American public trusts the military commanders more than the MSM. It is because the military tries to report on facts as they see them. The military is not pushing a political agenda. The MSM is a major propaganda machine for the liberal left. It will always report "Bad News" from Iraq. The MSM will sensationalize setbacks in Iraq. The MSM will always back the extreme left side of any issue and ignore anything from the right. "Good News" from Iraq is non existent in the MSM. To the MSM good news is not news. To the MSM only bad news will sell. This my friends is yellow journalism. What a shame. The MSM has decided that a major defeat is the only way forward in Iraq. Please turn the propaganda machine off and tell the whole story. Americans demand truth from their media outlets.

Media Ignores Major Iraqi Benchmark Accomplishment

Monday, August 27, 2007

Educating America

America is often called the land of opportunity. We wish our children to be better off than we have been throughout our lives. This is a very noble goal and one that everyone should achieve. We are a land of great resources and have the world’s best innovators and yet we are unable to level the playing field and allow everyone the opportunity to succeed. The key to success and leveling the playing field is through education. Our high school dropouts rates are too high. According to the Editorial Projects in Education, nearly 1/3 of high school students will drop out. Just think about it; thirty three percent of high school students will drop out of high school. How are these people going to live the American dream? How are these people going to receive medical insurance? How are these people going to become productive members of society?

In order to overcome poverty our nation will have to reduce these rates. We will have to increase spending on education. John Edwards speaks of a divided America and of “two Americas”. There is one country that is rich and prosperous and another that is poor and downtrodden. We must ask ourselves what can be done to overcome poverty. We must address this very vital issue in a mature and rational manner. The issue has to be addressed through higher education and national service.

I found it interesting that all of the Democratic Presidential candidates talk about the need for education. They know education is a key to overcoming this disgraceful poverty in America. The problem is they do not have any well thought out plans. In the debate on 19 AUG 2007, all of the candidates addressed the issue of education. They spoke of funding pre-school and making kindergarten an all day affair. My question is how is this going to provide an opportunity, lower high school dropout rates, and level the playing field? The plan to increase funding for pre-school and all day kindergarten is a shortsighted view that does not address the issue. These plans are inherently doomed to failure. These plans will ultimately lead to a greater deterioration in the “Nuclear Family”. These plans focus on the front end of education. They sound good however they are fatally flawed. Placing our Nations future in school for an additional year will lead to an increase in High School dropout rates not fewer. Our K-12 education system would have to change curriculum in order to accommodate the higher education level of the youth or all will be lost. With the K-12 education system staying the same, our youths will be faced with similar decisions in High School that they are today. Children will be more apt to become frustrated and dropout rates will have a tendency to rise.

So what are we to do? My suggestion is to focus on the backside of our education system. Provide the poor and underprivileged with hope of a future. Provide the future of America with an opportunity to succeed. Provide all of American youth with an opportunity to excel by leveling the playing field. The US should provide every child with the opportunity to attend the college, university, trade school, or vocational school of their choice. Our politicians will need to establish guidelines and fully fund higher education for everyone with a need. This would be an expensive endeavor. However, the US could establish a public service corps. After attending the higher education source the recipients of taxpayer funding would be committed to serving in the public service corps. For every semester paid for by the taxpayer a recipient would owe 6 months of public service. This corps could be utilized to benefit society. The use of our most valuable resource would reduce the budget. We would be able to address issues through human resources rather than the almighty greenback.

By leveling the playing field and providing an opportunity for all, the young will be more apt to see a future in their lives and continue on with education. This would tend to lower our shameful dropout rates. A focus on the backside of the education issue will provide everyone with opportunity to succeed and excel.

A better educated American public will reduce poverty. It will help alleviate some of the health care crisis. Education will also provide additional resources to overcome issues related to law and order, environmental, and diplomatic relations. Educating America will push America forward. No one will be left behind. Please leave the short sighted plans at the door. The current presidential hopeful’s plans are designed to keep poor people poor and making the middle class poorer. The Democratic plans will create two classes of people: the ruling elite and the ruled labor. Let prosperity return to America and educate the public.

Illegal [?] Immigration

Seems that Bernard Shaw, formerly of CNN, has this immigration thing all figured out. If you have problems with people coming into the US and bypassing the legal immigration process, you are a racist.

Shaw states, "Look at the immigration battle right now. We have about 13 million people who have been living in this country for years, raising their children, educating them, and there's actually an argument about whether they should be here. They are here, and they are a vital part of the American fabric.

"The battle is never won. There are some people who still believe that people of color are not needed in this country. And yet people of color have been the essence of this country since its beginning. So there's a great education requirement, and all of us are educators and we're going to make this country work."

It’s like saying people who are skeptical about global warming hate the planet.

I would really like to know who, besides some radical hate groups, think people of color are not needed in this country. We are all “people of color”, every single one of us, the ethnic diversity of America is what makes it so great. No other nation in history has successfully absorbed such a wide mix of ethnicities and enjoyed the freedoms and level of prosperity that we have had during the last 231 years.

News flash for Bernie, this country does work, and will continue to do so.

Now using Shaw’s flawed logic, if I stole a car five years ago, but have had no moving violations or traffic infractions and then the DMV or police discover that I stole said vehicle, I should not only be granted amnesty, but also be allowed to keep the car, because it’s been in my driveway for years, and it’s a vital part of the fabric of my life.

Mr. Shaw employs a time-tested strategy. When you have nothing to support your views, no logic behind your arguments, throw out the "R" word and hope people cave.

Nice try Bernie...but most Americans have stopped listening to race-baiters like you.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Irresponsible Defeatists

Liberals, Democrats, and the Main Stream Media are all upset that President Bush would have the audacity to compare Iraq to Vietnam. The left is appalled that after years of denying America was engaged in a quagmire the president would have the audacity to compare the killing fields of the Vietnam era with what would happen to Iraq if the US was to withdraw our military precipitously. Senator John Kerry even had the nerve to say that internment in retraining camps in Vietnam was not that bad. The revisionist historians and liberals would have the American people believing that the mass executions that happened in South East Asia after the US left an enormous power vacuum in Vietnam really did not happen or are greatly exaggerated.

The real issue is that Iraq is a losing issue for the liberal left and the Democrats. The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. The only way they look good on this issue is for the US to be defeated and be forced into a withdrawal plan. Anything short of a humiliating defeat and the left loses. The reason they dislike the comparisons the president made to the killing fields is because that is even a losing issue. The liberal left claims to be the voice for the little people. The left supposedly speaks for the humanitarians, the environmentalists, the poor, and the downtrodden. Unfortunately, the parallels with Vietnam are present and this would be a humanitarian crisis for the ages.

The US created a power vacuum in the Middle East when Saddam Hussein was toppled. Saddam Hussein posed a threat to his neighbors. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and Saddam Hussein utilized chemical weapons (WMD) on his own people. However, the brutal Baathist regime was also held at bay by the US and the regional Arab states. Even though Iraq was one of the most powerful of Arab States, Iraq could not have ruled the entire Middle East. Let there be no doubt that Iraq posed a threat and Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. Saddam was a powerful leader and the Iraqi military had the capability to create unease and tensions in the area. Toppling the brutal regime created a power vacuum. There are many factions in Iraq that are currently vying for power. The Kurds in the north, the Sunnis in the West, and the Shiites in the South control vast expanses and have no desire to share power with each other. All of these factions have an interest in gaining the upper hand in the power struggle. When the US invaded Iraq the government, industry, and infrastructure were destroyed. Iraq is unable to defend itself and is not a major player in the Arab world at this point. Iraq is vulnerable to civil war, invasion, and corruption. The Middle East has been totally destabilized. The US is the only reason pure anarchy and civil war has not taken a strong foothold in Iraq.

A precipitous withdrawal would change everything. The Iranians would seek to install a brutal Iran style Sharia law government. The Turkish army may invade the north to stop the formation of a Kurdish state. Al Qaeda would want to unite the Sunnis and create a terrorist State. In all likelihood mass killings would occur. The civil war may become the greatest catastrophe of the 21st century. Millions of deaths of innocent people would in all likelihood happen in the blink of an eye. All of this is the likely result of a precipitous withdrawal. The threat of the mass murders and executions should shame all of the defeatists in the US to take another look.

America has a responsibility to prevent such a massacre. Over 70% of the American people supported the president in the war plans. The US Congress overwhelmingly approved a resolution allowing the President to send in the US military. This is an American war and not a Republican or Bush war. The war was supported by the public and now there is a responsibility. We can not turn our back on innocent civilians just because the war is no longer popular. We can not allow an impending massacre to occur just because we have a short attention span. We can not allow a wider regional conflict occur just because the liberal left and democrats have staked their future on defeat. The defeatists in this country would have Americans believe that the killing fields did not really exist or that they are exaggerated. How dare the President compare Iraq to the killing fields.

War is unpopular. There has not been any war the US has been involved in that was popular throughout. American society was deeply split during the revolutionary war, the US was deeply split during the civil war, and America was deeply divided over World War I. America was united immediately after Pearl Harbor but by 1944 the public had turned decidedly against World War II. In each of these drawn out wars America stood its ground and saw an end that ultimately benefited American society. Unfortunately, the finality of the last war left America divided for a decade. The wounds and scars of the last war are still not fully healed. Is America going to again repeat the failures of the last war? Or is America going to see this through to the point of a stable Iraq. Will America finally allow itself to again be united and finish a war? Or will America skip out on its responsibilities and create another killing field?

President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld prosecuted this war poorly from the start. Both should have realized that the Iraqis were not going to welcome America as liberators. Both should have planned for the eventuality of a long drawn out insurgency. America should not have allowed the Baathists and Saddam loyalists to melt back into the Iraqi cities in order to fight another day. The problem is this is Monday morning quarterbacking. The problem with history is that we can not change it. What is needed now is for America to take responsibility for its actions. We need open debate that addresses a responsible plan for stabilizing Iraq. We need leadership; not political rhetoric and political pandering. America is a great Nation with many resources. We need to start using the resources and quit running away from our problems. A stabilized Iraq will equate to a united America.