Monday, September 30, 2013

The 540: Recall and Replace

There is a problem gripping the United States. Our partisan politics have paralyzed the country. We the people, have begged our government officials to work together and compromise and yet neither side of the political divide moves toward the middle. The Republicans are intent on not funding Obamacare. The Democrats are intent on not compromising. The Republicans supposedly have many bills with various poison pills waiting to pass in case the current continuing resolution doesn't pass in the senate. Nancy Pelosi didn't even care enough about the looming shutdown to show up and vote against the House Bill. There is an easy compromise: Follow the President's lead and delay the individual mandate for a year just like the business mandate is delayed. What is good for business will also be good for the people. We need to recall the 540 Officials responsible for this looming shutdown. This includes the President, Vice President, 100 Senators, 435 Representatives, and the three Washington DC delegates. I have heard the arguments from both sides. The arguments are always the same, the only thing that ever changes is which party is in the seat of power. All these politicians have the same thing in common. Our current crop of politicans, believe they are entitled to tell us what is good for us. In the minds of the political class, we the people, only have elections in which to have our voices heard. President Obama let that mask slip when he said "that is what elections are for". The media constantly reminds of this aspect when they say "people are not respectful of the Representatives in town halls". The politicians have forgotten they work for the people. Our government is designed to give the people the power not the government. There are 435 representatives in the House. The 435 representatives are supposed to represent the will of their disctrict; The peoples rights, and not the will of the party or the principle of the politician. The House is the people's vote. Then there are 100 Senators. The Senate is supposed to represent the will of the States. That is why originally, it was the States that selected the Senators and not the people. The Senate was supposed to protect States Rights. Finally, the President represents the country. This is how the constitution is laid out. Does anyone really believe that is how it is working? Somehow, we the people are relegated to the sidelines except for election day. That is why tough votes happen in off election years. Battles over bills that are divisive always happen in the first year of a Congress. This is because the politicians want the tough votes out of the way so they have time to bamboozle the people they represent into believing the politicians represent them. We the people are to blame for this. We do not pay enough attention to what our politicans are really doing. We listen to the spin and rhetoricl punch lines. We allow the politicans to talk down to us. We the people need to recall and replace the career politicans. Poll after poll shows we the people are dissatisfied with our elected officials yet incumbents usually win. We are often to ready to blame the other guys representative rather than our own. This is the problem when districts are allowed to be gerrymandered in such a way as to ensure a congressional delegation tilted in one direction or another. For instance, in Maryland, there are 8 congressional districts. The distrcits are gerrymandered in such a way that 6 will always be held by a Democrat one that will be democrat most of the time and one that should be mostly solid Republican. The State has at best 60-40 tilt towards the Democrats. Yet the House of Representatives is tilted 87.5-12.5 towards the Democrats? We have reached a point in our representative democracy where we are no longer represented. Our politicans are beholden to their parties because of the money required to win elections. Our politicans believe they know what is best for us and will only represent us as we draw closer to the election. The further away the election the more politicans will represent the party and the less they will represent the people and states from which they come. I believe we could recall all 540 elected federal officials (including the VP) and send in a bunch of High School Upperclassmen and do better than the clowns sitting in Washington DC today. We have the potential government shutdown looming and the Senate didn't feel it was important enough to stay in town over the weekend. A government shutdown is looming and Harry begged the President off a meeting with Congressional leaders. A government shutdown looming and Nancy Pelosi didn't even vote on the bill. A government shutdown is looming and the republicans are discussing healthcare. In the end, I blame all of the politicians for the shutdown. Just ask one question: Where is the budget? We are discussing a shutdown because of a continuing resolution to fund the government. Our politicans have not passed a budget in 4 years. Rather than fund the 13 appropriations bills, the Congress runs the government on continuing resolutions. This is no way to run the government. We wouldn't be having this conversation if the Congress would sit down and do their job and thre President would stop dividing America. Pass idividual appropriations and then at least those portions of the government would be funded. There may be pieces left to argue about but the country would not be held hostage by two political parties that are more interested in political theatrics than really governing.

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