Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who's Extreme?

Since 2000, all we have heard from the media, democrats, and liberal left is that the Republicans are extremists unwilling to compromise. The media has been busy pushing themselves as voice of reason, fair and balanced in every way. Obama for his part, demonized Bush, blamed every bad economic stat on Bush and the Republicans, he even went as far as to blame the American people for his problems. So Obama blamed the right, and the complicit media pushed the meme that it is the republicans that are extreme. I must ask who really is extreme? The people that pass a broad budget measure or the people that refuse to pass a budget? Could it be the people that want to reduce federal outlays as well as raise revenues (through tax reform) or the people that raise revenue (through raising tax rates alone) and increase spending? Are we to believe the extremists are those that defend basic rights or the people that would break to law to prove their self-gratifying needs? Do we find it extreme, to want to discuss "commonsense" budget responsibility or the abdication of responsibility? Is it extreme to want a discussions or extreme to propose trillion dollars gimmicks to avoid making tough decisions? In my opinion, the real deal is this: the people that find it extreme to have protect the individual rights and freedoms are not the ones that are extreme. The extremists are those that would abdicate to rights and provide the government the power to dictate. To me this is all about power, competition, and responsibility. The American left, including the media pawns, democrats, liberals, progressives, and anyone else the left may call themselves desire the power to enforce their group will on the sheep, abhor competition, and refuse responsibility. The left will abuse power to get their way and then claim others are extremist. David Gregory, brandished a 30 magazine on his "Meet The Press" show. Gregory saw nothing wrong with this, even though it was obviously against the law. How do we know Gregory knew it was against the law? NBC and Gregory farmed around various government agencies to obtain an ambiguous legal reading on whether it would be permissible to use it as a prop to push his myoptic liberal viewpoint. When the DC Police advised against, NBC and Gregory went to the ATF. Bottom line is Gregory broke the law, knows he broke the law, understood the law before breaking, yet because the American left considers him to be part of the power of Washington, he walks away completely free of any responsibility. In short, Gregory is an extremist, exhibited extremist and criminal behavior, a got away with it all simply because he believed he was and is right in his extremist viewpoint. DC might just as well throw that law off the books now. Why? Well they have now opened themselves up to a huge lawsuit from everyone else that was punished for the same crime? The left never sees how their actions are childish, immature, deceitful and dishonest becauue they believe the end justifies the means. The left also abhors competition. Diane Feinstein says the Senate would work better if their wasn't so much testosterone in the Senate body. Early age city baseball leagues refuse to keep scores because it might make a child feel bad if the lost. The left makes it easier for the parasites of society to obtain their public dole dollars. The EBT reduces the stigma attached with being on the dole is what the left tells us. My opinion we need competition in youth, and we need their to be a stigma to living off the public. Don't get me wrong, there does need to be a safety net for the poor. I don't want anyone living in streets begging for food. But I also don't want the poor living a better life than someone earning $50,000 a year. Certainly we should reward someone for being poor? Rewarding poor performance only begets more poor performance. We need to provide incentives to improve the poor station in life and not simply reward them with increased public assistance because they are poor. We should be developing prograsm designed to provide help and assistance in getting the least productive more productive rather than just a public giveaway. We need to instill at an early age that life is hard, life is not fair, but through hard work and effort, we can all compete as long as the playing field is level and we remain the land of opportunity rather than the land handouts. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Obama set the tone early in his first term. Obama run up trillion dollar deficits every year and somehow blamed Bush for all the spending. Obama blamed the rich yet punished the middle class with his gimmicks. Sandra Fluke wants the taxpayer to pay her to have sex. See she isn't responsible enough to pay her own way, it should be the rich that allow her to have sex anytime she wants while someone protects her from getting pregnant, someone pays for her to exercise her abortion "right" if the taxpayer funded protection doesn't work, and then pays for her hospital bills when all else fails. See no where with Sandra fluke or Obama is there any hint at taking responsibility. We even know have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi telling the President to ignore Congress and raise the debt limit by executive fiat. This is an abdication of responsibility. Reid doesn't want to work in a bi-partisan way. The left hates compromise, it is their way or the highway. To the left freedom is all about the freedom of government to control the citizens. The "Government Knows Best". There are no individual freedoms unless the government says so. Seems the right the left wants to provide the people is the right to be free from responsibility. I don't see how it is extreme to cherish individual rights, what I find extreme is the "end justifies the means" approach and the government knows best paternal method of granting gifts to the people. We are sunk as a Nation unless individuals take back the country, individual take responsibility, and individuals stand up for their own rights.

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