Saturday, January 12, 2013

What to Ban

As long as the media is into banning things why shouldn't we have a discussion on banning political parties? Our two party political system is broken and broken badly. The two main political parties have ceased the power away from the people. Politicians are more inclined to write and pass legislation along ideological political party lines than it is by the will of the people. It is the career politicians that have ignored their constituents and relegated the people to the sidelines with the exception on campaign trails and election day. The President once said he was going to ram his health care ideas through Congress with or without Republican support. Obama stated that is what elections are for. See Obama didn't care what the public wanted he would let future elections figure that out. The people do not matter to the career politicians who only really care about the people during the campaigns and elections. Now we have a Senate unwilling to take unpopular votes. Reid doesn't want to discuss the debt ceiling in a "common sense" manner so he is begging Obama just to ignore republicans. Republicans made a fiasco of the fiscal cliff by not negotiating a "balanced" approach. So insistent were the republicans on not raising taxes that not only were taxes raised but no cuts to spending were enacted at all. So much for balance. The Senate won't pass a budget because the only poll tested words they can use is balanced approach to fixing the deficit. The democrats will refuse to cut spending but know that is unpopular with the American public. It was funny that Obama and Democrats said here is the tax increase we want, know you mean republicans figure out the cuts you want. See the shift? The Democrats went with what was popular in the polls "tax the rich" but refused the cuts the public knows a necessary but doesn't want to see go away. We will never fix what ails the American economy as long as their are career politicians in charge of our government. As long as politicians only want to be in government for life, it is impossible to change a course. See government entitlements and even defense spending is popular. "free stuff" always is. Americans knows they need the government to reign in spending but they also want the free stuff. America knows the problem and it needs the politicians to give us our medicine straight up. The problem is the political parties protect ideology and forsake common sense to kick the can down the road. We are meandering through while our government officials are only worried about their next cause so they can win an election. The big problems are always pushed off. The political parties push party lines, the parties won't compromise, the politicians want their job and so we have a dis-functioning government looking to control the lives of the people. The career politicians don't care about anything more than their job. It is supposed to be a representative government. Our politicians are supposed to represent us, instead they represent their party ideals. The first thing that should be banned in this country are political party's. They have become a special interest group made up of smaller special interest groups. The leaders of the special interest groups rule this country for their special interest groups and not the common person on the street. This is to the detriment of representative government.

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