Monday, January 14, 2013

We Must Pay Ours Bills

The President today said we must pay our bills. Obama is correct in that we wouldn't go to a resturant, eat all we want, and than not pay the bill. However as usual that is not the proper framing of the issue. What the republicans are saying is that we have no more money, therefore we shouldn't be in the resturant in the first place. See the debt ceiling is about increasing debt limit. It is not about paying for debt already incurred but for debt not yet incurred. See President Obama wants to continue going to the candy store and purchase lots of goodies even though he knows we have no more money. Obama is greedy and wants everything today in exchange of a promise to repay later. Every month we asa country take in tax receipts. In the event, the country can not borrow any more funds than we only have so much we can spend. That of course would be enough to repay for the expenses already incurred just not everything we want to incurr in the future. We would have more than enough to cover the indebtedness and interest on that debt. Ie we could pay our bill. What we couldn't pay for are the payouts today in exchange for tomorrow's promises. Get over it Obama, we are running out of options. The government is not being held hostage. We have runaway spending. You knew about this problem and have done nothing to prevent it from happening. We need to stop kicking the can down the road. We have reached our credit limit. Responsible people never borrow to their limit. We gave you a 2.1 trillion increase in debt limit less than 2 years ago. You blew through that and show no remorse. This is not, let me repeat, this is not for stuff we already purchased, this debt limit is for future spending, spending that the country needs Congress to evaluate ands assess as to what is needed. Your spending has been reckless Mr. President. The Republicans are turning off the faucets. You have wasted enough already. We no longer want you to go out to the fancy resturants. it is time you stayed at home and ate some leftovers.

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