Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Wrong Path

America has avoided going over the fiscal cliff. Obama got his wish and raisd taxes on the wealthiest amongst us. The libeals in this country have succeeded in class warfare. The main problem is Obama and his liberal cohorts raised taxes and increased spending. What the liberals refuse to tell you is that this is the same old liberal tax and spend philosophy. The liberals won't tell you that taxes were increased on every working American. That's right folks, taxes were raised on all working class Americans. Liberals continue spending money they don't have and just increased the deficit by another 4 trillion dollars over 10 years. The worst thing is that I doubt that will be anywhere close to the total deficit this rotten bill will cause. America is on the wrong path. We are spending money we simply don't have. We are going to make Greece look responsible. See the problem is that everyone believes in America and continues to loan us money. It was always a secure place to stash excess cash. Now though with the liberals spending money irresponsibly, this easy money will eventually lead to higher interest rates and less actual investors. Investors in the American debt have become complacent, they believe America will always overcome and prosper. The problem is that the liberals are attacking wealth. Once that happens the wealthy will stop investing and no one will prosper. The liberals sold America on "free stuff". I can tell everyone nothing is free. Everything has a cost and the cost of taxing the job creators and investors is going to cost jobs and prosperity for evryone. Another issue with the tax the rich philosophy is that none of the increase in revenue will go towards paying down debt. Instead it will be spent like all other dollars. Americans voted for the government to do everything. Americans voted to be provideed for by the government. What America must come to realize is that government wll never be a substitute for family, friends, and religion. The left just doesn't understand that it is family, friends, and religion, that provide the social norms. These three necessities are where our sense of morality come from. But the left doesn't believe in morality. They don't believe in people. They only believe in being given everything for free. We are in trouble as a nation. We are on the wrong path. All taxes do is increase government spending. Never will our debt come down. In all liklihood America will forever be in debt to someone. Sooner or later these blls will come due and we don't have the money to repay. What the liberals are destroying in America have been the downfall of every great civilization. We are losing our moral compass. We have lost our sense of right and wrong. We are headed towards becoming a nation of parasites. A Nation where the people live off the elites. How do you think that is going to work out? We will be given the crumbs and told we have a safety net. There will never be a ladder to get to the next level. The void between the have and have nots will simply be too large to cross. We are becoming a nation of Political elites and the poor minions. A paternal government that "gives free stuff" will eventually take away every freedom we once enjoyed.

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