Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Sequestration Hill

Sequestration is the hill upon which the Republicans must plant their flag. Republicans have lost every battle of brinksmanship. Any threat of Government shutdown or fiscal calamity will result in blame going to the party perceived to have caused it. Sequestration has barely even been talked about. It doesn't raise taxes on anyone and 80% of the people understand the government spends too much. Defense spending was supposed to be the poison pill that would get republicans to back off any demands in entitlement spending cuts. However the truth of the matter is this: Defense agencies have grown to new heights because of fighting two wars. Findings $500 billion in spending cuts over 10 years should be very hard at all. If an agency came into existence because of the war, would it make sense that organization could be scaled back to keep core functions and capabilities but yet not a resource hog? Certainly there are responsible cuts that should be made and can be made without really hurting our National Security. So why wouldn't the republicans force the cuts to entitlement programs? This is the real poison pill. It was the Democrats who agreed to the entitlement cuts because they were certain Republicans wouldn't allow the defense cuts. It is the American people that understand we must cut spending. We have a law on the books that can't be claimed as something Bush did. Democrats and Republicans agreed. The is the Obama Sequestration not the Bush tax cut. It is Obama that told the American public during the debates that the cuts called for in sequestration would never happen. Obama's statement should become :the biggest lie of the year". There is really no other hill upon which to gain the spending cuts that must happen. Brinksmanship with the American line of credit isn't getting the Republican party anywhere. I believe the smart think was done yesterday. Pass a House Resolution and extend the credit limit to a date, and tax day seems an appropriate date. State that in order to get another increase in the debt limit it has to be included in the budget. Yes make the debt ceiling a part of the budget and then the idiot left will no longer be able claim it is a separate issue that should be considered separate. That is simply not true. Use Obama's own words against him. This promise of not allowing us to go into default and only asking for a budget that is required by law is a battle Republicans can win and lead the idiot left to the Sequestration hill. Republicans must explain that responsible cuts can and will be made to defense. The throw the entitlement programs to the left and have the Democrats what they will do to meet the sequestration mandated cuts. Watch them squirm and wiggle. See they have no plan what so ever to meet these cuts. The idiot left just believe the Republicans are so pro defense that they would never have the stones to make these cuts. If Republicans are to remain a National Party, they must plant their flag on the sequestration hill. They must win this battle. Republicans lost on taxes and had them raised, Republicans are losing the debt ceiling battle and have no other choice but to allow the increase. These are guaranteed cuts. They are the law of the land. There is no need to refight these battles. Never will there be another opportunity to gain cuts in entitlement spending that is so easy. This is a battle Democrats must defend. They will have a difficult time demonizing the entitlement spending cuts if the Republicans are willing to cut defense spending. Plant the flag on that hill right now Republicans. Don't even think of negotiating. Make Obama and the Democrats understand that you are willing to make those cuts in defense and state that without a better plan that is what will have to be done.


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